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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 21, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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challenge tfrnths fda's out with a new warning against exactly what you think it is, chicken cooked in nyquil t fda said it could make somebody accidentally take a dangerously high dose of nyquil without realizing it because when you boil something it makes it more cons traited. >> laura: you >> todd: fox news alert, president biden set to address the united nation adversaries -- >> carley: the white house grapples with a messaging crisis how the u.s. would respond to chinese invasion of taiwan and russia talks about escalating war in ukraine. >> the president will be
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speaking to the un general assembly delivering remarks to the 77th session of the asem blee around 10:35 this morning. the events are close to on time, although it is expected the timing will slide down as the day goes on. the president will take part in bilateral with the un secretary general and shortly after 1:00, give or take, expected to host with the new prime minister of the u.k. beijing considers response to the president's insistence that the u.s. will step in if china invades taiwan. >> to be clear, sir, u.s. forces, u.s. men and women would defend taiwan in the event of chinese invasion? >> president biden: yes. >> that is news to folks on the
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white house team. he has addressed, he is expected to place china and iran front and center in the comments and despite comments to the contrary, have not shifted vis-a-vis taiwan and china listen to this. >> when the president of the united states wants to announce policy change, he will do so. >> believe what we say and not what we say. this as economists and market watchers on both sides of the atlantic ponder new bilateral trade agreement between washington and london. there are not negotiations taking place with the u.s. and i don't have expectation those will start in the short to medium turn.
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the president will take part in a bilat with the secretary general of the un, that will happen at some point during the day, we suspect around 12, 12:30. we'll let you know and have full coverage on fox news channel. >> carley: busy day for world leaders and traffic will be terrible getting home. >> stay away from the east side, if you can. >> carley: i can't. congressman michael waltz joined "fox and friends" yesterday ahead of the president's remarks. >> we don't need gaffes, it further undermines the presidency and the u.s., leaving the world wondering who is in charge? we see why biden has gone so long without having an
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interview, his staff doesn't want him to, he goes off script. >> todd: putin ordering more to join the -- threatening enemies as accuses the west warning russian weapons are more modern than those of nato countries, he says he will protect his country's territory. ukraine makes gains on the battlefield and russian soldiers are estimated to have lost more lives in the war. president zelenskyy set to appear at the general assembly in a pre-record address. >> carley: and ron desantis is firing back for a lawsuit he is facing. >> todd: desantis has proof the border crossers volunteered to go to the ritzy town.
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>> brooke: ron desantis is dending himself, he is fighting back against accusations he gave migrants false promises. it says migrants agree to be transported to sanctuary states. listen. >> on the border, why is the border moreoverwhelmed under your watch, mr. president? >> there are three countries, there are fewer immigrants coming from central america and from mexico, this is totally different circumstance. >> do you have response to that, sir? >> he should come visit, we have a beautiful shoreway. >> president biden did not seem concerned when asked about the migrant flight headed for his vacation home in delaware.
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watch this. >> when biden is flying these people all over the fruited plain in the middle of the night, i didn't hear a peep out of those people. they were provided ability to be in the most posh sanctuary jurisdiction maybe in the world and obviously it is sad martha's vineyard people deported them the next day. >> brooke: number of fugitives being caught on the terror watch list is up 400% and republicans sound the alarm on the drug crisis caused by the biden administration policies. >> how about the dead americans? like four students in haze county who died from fentanyl poisoning or 72,000 who die from fentanyl poisoning in the last year, more than all of the american casualties in the vietnam war. >> brooke: democrats say the answer is humane reform.
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back to you. >> todd: like to know what those are. bring in former ice director, jonathan fahey. jonathan, if 78 is the number of terror suspects caughts, how many actually made it through and are potentially plotting an attack on our homeland? >> jonathan: as man as wanted to get through, the number stopped at the border or gone through the border, there is number of gotaways, 600,000 or so that have gone through the border, there could be so many in that group and this administration doesn't care, their highest priority is open borders and
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they are willing to sacrifice national security. they don't care about drugs coming through, their only priority is open border, that is a hill they are willing to die on. >> carley: what do you have to do to get on that list? >> people that come up intelligence sources and things like that, associated with certain groups of terrorism or peep they'll have convictions or arrests or things like that, whole host why somebody could be on the list and scary thing is like todd was saying, we don't know who is here and the american people should be concerned about this. >> todd: i don't understand as your president, your number one job is to protect the homeland, that is why you're there. time after time again, president
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biden is confusing. and florida governor ron desantis is fighting back against a class-action lawsuit. his office says migrants signed this consent form before boarding that trip to board that flight. on what grounds could they certify a class? there is that release form, really they went to a nice island and were treated well, what harm to certify a class, jonathan? >> jonathan: that's really the funny thing about this, picture this in court, somebody is describing people in theory fleeing persecution of their country, they haven't seen anything until they went to martha's vineyard, it is beyond
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ridiculous. the democrats and liberals are so embarrassed that ron desantis expose their hypocrisy in such a way. as soon as illegal immigrants, 40 something show up on martha's vineyard, they kicked them out so quick, it was amazing. the idea they were harmed ridiculous. most people would love to go to martha's vineyard, they at least got to stay 48 hours and now they're in this country and i think somewhere in massachusetts. they should be happy they got a nice vacation along the way. >> carley: for first time in his presidency, he is facing questions about border policy and one reporter asked why the border is moreoverwhelmed now
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under his watch and he says the circumstance is different, fewer people coming from central america and mexico and the ability to send them back to those countries is not rationale. what is your reaction to that, what does he mean by that? >> jonathan: i think he's again, not telling the truth. to say it is not rationale to send them back, they are inviting these people in. every sign they sent is welcome -- you're welcome to come here and if you get here, you will never be deported. it is absolute nonsense. people all over the world know we have an open border and the idea they want to send people back, they were not sending people back. this is total nonsense, complete dishonesty, they should take this issue seriously, some point the american people deserve to
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be heard, nobody wants an open border, even martha's vineyard people, it is an extremist position and the american people deserve safety and security and administration that wants to follow the rule of law. >> carley: thank you for joining us this morning. >> todd: thanks, jonathan. >> carley: police in colorado have arrested an illegal immigrant who killed a sheriff's deputy in a hit and run. she was riding a motorcycle to work at the county jail at the time of the crash, she was killed a week before herth birthday. >> todd: james comer says he has evidence hunter biden sold american natural gas to a chinese energy company.
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>> we have information that hunter biden sold to cefc and said his father would be a major investor in the company and he wanted keys to an ofgs headquarters negotiating the deal. >> todd: democrats on the house committee vote down -- he was on the show. they say democrats would be national security concern to investigate the biden business dealings. house oversight committee nancy mace the join us to discuss that vote. >> carley: republicans on house judiciary committee says fbi suspended a whistleblower for refusing to carry out the agencies investigation that the agency is m nipalate i--
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manipulating -- wray produce douchls on policy and procedure impacted by the agent political narrative. >> todd: that is not how whistleblower works, you blow the whistle and get unlimited protection. >> carley: concern over the issue. >> todd: concern over this, nikki haley hitting back at the view after one host said this. >> nikki haley -- >> what is her real name again? some can be chameleons and decide not to embrace our ethnicity. >> todd: she is special. how nikki haley is responding this morning. >> carley: one party gaining momentum before election day and republicans got good news about races in georgia, we'll be breaking it all down for you next.
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>> todd: democrats gaining momentum, but republicans hold
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an advantage. >> carley: marianne joins us live. good morning. >> marianne: democrats are building momentum, but republican have -- gop forecasted to control 231 seats in the house and democrats 204. worst case scenario, the gop has a comfortable majority with 216. the best scen /* case scenario, democrats win 219 seats. the gop seems to be pulling ahead, in georgia, showman republican herschel walker leading warnock. and gop brian kemp pulling ahead of stacey abrams 50 to 42%. newt gingrich says democrats
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failed to deliver anything meaningful for the economy or border security. >> the democrats can dance, they can scream, they can pretend and lie, but the american people are seeing in their own lives a very simple fact. it is falling apart, they will not have a political machine to last for a generation and the average american looks and says this is stupid. >> marianne: latest analysis of potential red wave comes days after president biden would not give a firm answer if he will run in 2024. >> president biden: my intention, i will run go is just that, an intention and remains to be seen. >> marianne: issues are affecting american families, back to you guys. >> carley: thank you.
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to sum it up, democrats do have a pathway to victory in the house. republicans are still favored and that is because of inflation and the economy being the number one issue much "wall street journal" said the red wave turned into a red ripple. then other people say, you can't believe the polls and are skeptical of delivering political opinion in public, which is sad state of affairs. we'll wait to see. majority 218 to gain the house, republicans still in the lead, predicted lead, senate split 50/50 and could go either way >> todd: energy will be a key factor, gasoline, will gas prices rise? as weather gets cooler, natural gas, oil you use to heat your homes if that sky rockets, we
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hit a cold spell and people need to use that stuff, states like new hampshire, swing state, could be pressed. might look at number and say we are paying triple of what we paid last year and second, most voter registration occurs in september and october, curious if democrats can maintain momentum they had. will they get independent voters to vote, inflation is off the chart, we need change and republicans offer that change. >> carley: you have to wonder why president biden didn't just say yes, i plan onun aring again, i thought of gavin newsom chomping at the bit. >> carley: taking his jacket off, looking in the mirror practices that acceptance
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speech. >> todd: federal reserve expected to hike interest rates today in continued effort to combat inflation, anticipate three quarters of percentage point for the third consecutive quarter. federal reserve chair calling this unusually large, poised to make the hike later today. >> carley: fortune magazine tells americans they should be happy about inflation, economist brad delong argues there is economic shift taking place that people should welcome, has to do with strange, but wonderful post pandemic economy. he claims the historic inflation we've been struggling with is a skid mark on america's road to recovery while blaming the war in ukraine for complicated the picture. his perspective, i don't know if people struggling to buy groceries agree. >> todd: it's a money magazine,
1:25 am
part of liberal mainstream media, if you want numbers and cents "wall street journal." >> carley: tim allen is going viral for a joke made about president biden, if you haven't seen it, you will probably love it. >> todd: the u.s. might be facing another beer shortage, what it means for your favorite draft? it could be more expensive, head of american brewing company to tell us what is going on next.
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coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> carley: say it ain't so, a possible beer shortage on the horizon. an extinct volcano in mississippi contaminated the resser voir there and that is not the only challenge facing breweries as rising cost hurt
1:31 am
their bottom line. co-chief executive officer joins us now. i don't think anybody saw a co2 shortage coming. how is that impacting your brewery? >> well, it's something we're keeping closing attention to. we have to figure out some way to continue to source co2 and for now we're just staying ahead of it, it is certainly a big concern for us. >> carley: so will there be a beer shortage? will beer prices go up? what are you predicting? >> well, i'm predicting more likely we're going to see maybe some increase prices, might be some slight reduction in availability, but it comes down
1:32 am
to how bad the situation gets. like everyone else we are doing whatever we can to source co2, finding alternative suppliers, sometimes that means paying more money, if we have to, i am sure there are situations where we'll have to do that and that will probably end up causing prices to go up. >> carley: you're a small business owner and it has been tough, the pandemic, labor shortage, supply chain issues, now the co2 thing, out of everything wla stands out as the most challenging? >> that's a good question. this one is challenging. it is a different type of challenge, there is a lot of -- it is unpredictable, we don't know if we'll have enough co2 next month. there are alternatives available to us.
1:33 am
i would say this has been a big challenge, there has been things we have to adapt to, changing operations month to month, so that was a big challenge for us looking at how the market has been changing. been a roller coaster in the beer market in terms of where people are buying beer, how much people are going out, how many bars are open, that has been unpredictable for us. >> carley: ron issue the grain shortage because of the war in ukraine, are you feeling the effects of that? >> absolutely. we are seeing both certain malts that we use for our product becoming less available or unavailable, having to look at different suppliers, especially european malts and prices have gone up in the last year,
1:34 am
biggest driver of increased cost for the actual product. >> carley: we love our small businesses and beer, where can people find your beer? >> we sell our beer throughout massachusetts, a lot in the greater boston area and limited in vermont and new hampshire. >> carley: you have live music and arcades. ronn, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> todd: people of massachusetts enjoying this, not this, aaron judge hits major milestone, hitting his 60th home run of the season. >> three infielders on the left side for judge and here is the
1:35 am
3-1. and to left field. there it goes, number 60. slide over, babe, you have some company. >> todd: and giancarlo wins it on walk-off grand slamming. only five players in history launched 60 homers in a season, here is giancarlo, the hopeful m.v.p. ties the babe ruth 60th home run in the regular-season campaign, judge one homer away from tying roger maris and two away from making american league history and judge on pace to win the triple crown, he will win the derby, preak ness and -- i worked on that joke, itten moos home run rbi and -- former short
1:36 am
stop, wells winning world series with dodgers in 59, 63 and 65 during his 14-year career, the dodgers will wear patches in memory of wells for the rest of the season. very fast, changed the game. white house trying to walk back this claim from president biden. >> president biden: a pandemic is over, we still have a problem with covid, we're doing a lot of work on it, the pandemic is over. >> todd: hear from a group of americans impacted by democrat covid policy including that salon owner who exposed nancy pelosi. >> carley: kyrie irving is ripping mayor eric adams, what he's saying coming up next.
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>> carley: brooklyn nets star irving is blasting mayor eric adams decision to end the mandate for private sector and leaving in place for city
1:42 am
workers. irving was forced to sit on the bench because he didn't get vaccinated. new york police are also being forced to get the shot, criticizing adams. calling out the double standard saying this announcement is more proof it is arbitrary and demanding reinstatement of officers who were fired for refusing to get the jab to get back pay. new york city teacher who was fired for not getting vaccinated said mayor adams is failing hard-working people in the city. >> he is not governing the city as he should, why is eric not doing his job and not letting city workers back to work? you have teachers willing to go back to work, firefighters, city workers are impacted greatly. people are getting homeless, why
1:43 am
is he holding on to us? do you have a personal vendetta because we made our decision? what is the problem? it seems personal. >> todd: president biden and his white house staff are completely at odds again. watch. >> president biden: the pandemic is over. >> he was clear in his 60 minutes interview covid remains a problem and we're fighting it. >> the president reflecting the fact we made tremendous progress against covid-19. >> we are not where we need to be if we are going to be able to "live with the virus." >> todd: what a messaging mess. the salon where speaker nancy pelosi got her -- join us and a mom fighting against mask mandate. erica, who is telling the truth, biden or his handlers?
1:44 am
>> i have no idea. i mean, i thought to myself when i heard that, maybe there was some truth to that and the white house back pedalled because i feel they need this pandemic to still have control and power. >> todd: doctor, who the heck is running our country? >> look, that is a really good question. the president was in a rare moment of candor when he made that statement, he was away from his handlers, he was speaking the truth as he saw it. when he said that, i think for the first time americans could trust what he was saying, there was no one around to tell him what to say. his staff will keep him from doing walking interviews, they will not be there to intercept him. there are many others aside from the president who are running the show and many are asking
1:45 am
why. >> todd: i hear that sound bite and think can anyone blame you as a parent for taking your child's health into your own hands completely when the people giving us instructions and the "answers" contradict themselves not only on a minute by minute basis, but month by month and year by year basis. they don't have a clue, what do you do as a parent? >> well, i fight and i don't give up and i certainly don't listen to them anymore. you don't know how many times i've been judged and looked upon like it is her, a lot of people that see my interview with you a few weeks back, but i'm gaining so much strength. this plus what the president said, i was like, wow, he's finally saying it, like i think he meant it.
1:46 am
he made other claims during the interview, like lowering the cost of prescription drugs, did he mean it, not mean it? did he mean some of it or all of it? it makes you wonder, you know. >> todd: you were dragged through mud for trying to defend your family. erica, you were pointing out hypocrisy of nancy pelosi, getting haircut at your studio, she was unmasked while telling the country, you need to mask. it is all over the place, what goes through your mind thinking what you went through trying to prove they are hypocrites. >> what goes through my mind almost everyday, it is time to let us be free of this pandemic, we know the precaution and knew the precaution after a few months of the pandemic coming
1:47 am
out. let the people go back to work, let us work without sitting on pins and needles and wondering if they will shut us down tomorrow. >> todd: never consequences for people who do mixed messaging and attack you. the white house says president's comments do not mark a change in policy and no plan to lift the public health emergency. i hear that and worry that democrats are worried they will lose emergency power which give them power and the money to do what they want to do, bring socialism to the united states. your reaction, doctor? >> we see this where i live in california with governor newsom having perpetual emergency powers he uses to impact policy, happening on national level, as well, whether with student loans
1:48 am
or how we are doing things. it is a slippery slope and sets dangerous precedent. you have a president that acknowledges that the pandemic is over, the virus may linger, but the pandemic emergency justify emergency powers is over, it makes no sense for the government to act like they are in an emergency, whether the fda or the other government, time for people to vote with their feet and say we are not accepting this, move on from this and begin to vote for people who acknowledge we're no longer in an emergency pandemic is over, we're going to live with covid in an endemic state. >> todd: democratic power, they don't want to let it up. thank you so much, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: turning to this, actor tim allen going viral for
1:49 am
a joke about president biden 60 minutes interview, tweeting biden was on 60 minutes and i heard he asked how long the show was. many are accusing allen of being disrespectful to biden. to me, tweet from a comedians. >> todd: a dad joke. >> carley: nikki haley hitting back at "the view" over what she is calling a racist comment during yesterday's show, watch this. >> love to see nikki haley, liz cheney. >> nikki haley -- what is her name again? >> some of us can be chameleons and decide not to embrace our ethnicity -- >> sunny, i don't think that is fair. >> you go by a different name. >> nikki haley writing, thanks for your concern, it is racist for you to judge my name, nikki
1:50 am
haley is my name and i'm proud of that. more to come on that with joe concha. democrats are melting down over 50 migrants flown to martha's vineyard, where was outrage when 15,000 migrants flooded the town of del rio, texas. who could forget? >> todd: next guest was the mayor of del rio and was dealing with a true humanitarian crisis, he will respond to democrats next.
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>> todd: did you hear about this? north dakota man charged with using his vehicle to kill a teen he claimed was part of right wing extremist group. he called 911 on himself reporting he struck and killed that child. he was arrested at his home, the
1:56 am
incident was part of a political disagreement. he is being charged with vehicle lar homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident. lee zeldin calling out kathy hochul after ax-wielding attacker was released without bail. >> when i was calling for repeal of cashless bail, she was saying there was not data to support it, she's been wrong on crime and i believe new yorkers in all walks of life, you don't have to be republican, everybody wants safe streets. >> todd: lee zeldin calling for kathy hochul to repeal cashless bail policy. hochul called the bizarre crime disturbing, but she still hasn't toughened the bail law, what will it take? meantime, the cause of luke bell's death last month revealed to be a fentanyl overdose, found
1:57 am
unresponsive in a park after he had gone missing. he had blood alcohol concentration of .076. those close to bell say he was struggling from bipolar. he was just 36 years old. >> what these republican governors are doing again is a political, they are using people, using desperate people who are trying to come here because they are fleeing communism themselves as a political pawn, horrific and shameful. >> this is horrific when you think about what governor is doing, the governor of texas, it is unimaginable that what the governor of texas has done. >> it is a manufactured crisis by ambush to be very clear.
1:58 am
>> but where was that outrage exactly one year ago when the world saw heartbreaking images of 15,000 migrants camped under an overpass in del rio. a former democratic mayor of del rio gins me now. bruno, the border is getting attention, but not for the clear humanitarian crisis taking place over where you live. what do you make of this? >> good morning, thank you for having me, i agree, it is hard to believe a year ago to the day, we had 17,000 people underneath the border crossing in del rio, texas. we call an urgent call then and now. 1500 people cross unlawful points of entry, crossing the
1:59 am
entry now. it is heartbreaking to see this crisis hasn't been given the attention it needs and that is something border communities face everyday. >> carley: 8000 migrants have been sent to washington, d.c. mayor bowser says they do not have the infrastructure to care for these people. how much drain on your area? >> we had 17,000 people inunidate the border, we had to pull resources from all over the state and president biden -- nonprofit across the border and bringing in water and food and fema was activated to provide
2:00 am
assistance. we have 12 times our population crossing over, makes you wonder how important is immigration reform right now. >> carley: great question. thank you for joining us this morning. the next hour of "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> carley: we begin with fox news alert, president biden will address the general assembly this morning in new york city as threats from adversaries russia and china intensify. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro, that speech coming as white house grappling with messaging crisis how the u.s. would respond to chinese invasion of taiwan and russia i


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