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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 21, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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assistance. we have 12 times our population crossing over, makes you wonder how important is immigration reform right now. >> carley: great question. thank you for joining us this morning. the next hour of "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> carley: we begin with fox news alert, president biden will address the general assembly this morning in new york city as threats from adversaries russia and china intensify. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro, that speech coming as white house grappling with messaging crisis how the u.s. would respond to chinese invasion of taiwan and russia is ukraine.
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>> kevin: the president will speak at the un general asem blee a few hours from now, he has collected what he wants to say and sources say this will be a seminole moment in the short biden presidency. he is expected around 10:35 this morning. these things tend to slide as the day goes along, 10:35, could be closer to 11 or 11:30. we'll be watching. he will participate in meeting with un secretary general and have a bilat with the brand-new prime minister of the united kingdom. beijing considers its response to the president's repeated insistence that if china does invade taiwan, the u.s. will
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act. >> would u.s. forces defend the island? >> yes. >> to be clear, u.s. forces, u.s. men and women would defend taiwan in event of taiwan invasion? >> yes. >> kevin: surprised the reporter and many on the team at the white house. the address is expected to place china and taiwan issues front and center today and no, despite his previous comments to the contrary, no change in u.s. policy, taiwan and china. >> he was asked a question, hypothetical question in this interview, when the president of the united states wants to announce policy change, he will do so and has not done so. >> kevin: no policy change, by what he said in the interview. this is all happening as economists on boths sides of the atlantic look at what could be
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bilateral trade agreement between washington and london. there aren't any current negotiations taking place and i don't have expectation those will start in the short to medium term. this is important. i mentioned the president will have a meeting with un secretary general, there is funding to consider and strategic initiatives the global community will discuss, we'll have it for you as we have coverage on fox news channel. back to you. >> carley: thank you, kevin. busy day for world leaders. thank you. russian president vladamir putin calling on reservists to join the war in ukraine, his invasion nears seven months.
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putin accuses west in engaging in nuclear blackmail, claiming their weapons are more modern than nato countries and he says he will protect russia's territory. ukraine has made gains on the battlefield and tens of understand thiss of russian soldiers have lost their lives so far in the war. ukraine president zelenskyy will appear at the un general assembly in an address. >> todd: proof that hunter biden sold gas to a chinese energy company? >> we have confirmation that hunter biden told ceshgsz fc his father would invest in the company and wanted keys to office headquarters that was going to negotiate the deal >> todd: stunning development as
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comer's request is shot down for biden -- business dealings. house oversight committee and south carolina congresswoman nancy mace will join us to discuss that vote. >> carley: special master laying out plan for independent review of records seized at mar-a-lago. deary held meeting with president trump and doj admitting there is not a lot of time to get the work done and time is of the essence with deadline set for november 30th. trump's legal team told the judge they should be given more time to determine the document classification status. >> todd: and suspending a whistleblower for carrying out investigation 6789. the whistleblower claims the agency is manipulating case
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files. house judiciary ranking member jim jordan writing a letter to wray demanding he produce documents on policy and procedure around the january 6 probe and others impacted by the political their tichl. >> carley: fox weather alert, hurricane fiona upgrades to a category 4 storm will as it churns over the caribbean. six people have been killed, there is shelter in place order and stunning video from purto rico shows multiple power lines exploding. 80% of puerto rican in the dark after the storm dumped 20 inches of water on the island. >> todd: that is scary, fiona expected to sideswipe bermuda before going to canada this
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weekend. >> the storm keeps getting bigger and stronger, sitting over warm water and winds continue to intensify, winds at 130 miles per hour. do minnian republic and puerto rican, and the bahamas. turks to the south catching the wind and heavy rain. hurricane warnings and tropical storm warnings, bahamas stretch north and west and this will be moving north and to the east away from the island over the next couple days. winds climbing. hurricane is well off the coast of the united states, seas will be choppy, rip currents high, you will not see rain reaching
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the coastline. s by friday and saturday, bit of a swipe there as we'll target new finland with this system. in bermuda, winds will get up to 80 or 90. it will not make landfall in bermuda, but will be a big storm for them. >> carley: thank you so much. turning to the midterm, power rankings show one party getting momentum in final weeks before luxury day. >> todd: and republicans got good news about must-win races in georgia. sean duffy on deck to break it down. ♪ ♪
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>> todd: fox news power ranking show democrats gaining momentum for the midterm, but republicans hold advantage and are projected to claim 13-seat majority in the house this november.
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>> carley: sean duffy joins us now. good morning. big headline, democrats have pathway to victory in the house according to fox news power ranking, but republicans are favored toin with. how do you see this all playing out? >> sean: this is time, snapshot, we're a couple months away from the election. i think democrats will not win the house, they don't stand a chance. look at polling numbers, most intense issues is inflation, they can't afford prices at the grocery store, border, crime. they are poorer today than a year and a half ago. that is the driving issue. as we have seen, the abortion issue allowed a crack to drive in and expand and pick up ground
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from republicans. republicans have to respond. when you are attacked and call extremism, you have to respond and say democrats are the extremists and extremism comes from the border, defunding the police. you have to pivot and i don't think republicans are done a good job taking on what democrats are lodging their way and therefore seen slippage in the polls. >> todd: points well taken, you have seen democrats jumping up and down, it is fox, look what they said about democrats gaining momentum. question for you, if the stock market continues to go down, don't they lose the momentum heading into november? >> sean: you said republicans
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win house by 13 seats potentially, that is 18-seat victory, i think that is low. i think it will be 25 to 30 point seat victory. here is the deal, gas prices are going down, americans see on a weekly or twice a week basis is how much they put into the pump and into cars and gas, that feels better and numbers have improved. wait until winter when people pay winter heating bills, they will sky rocket and joe biden will be to blame. prices keep going up issue not good for democrats and intensity matters. abortion is a driver for some voters, but massive driver in this election is inflation and prices people are paying and that intensity brings people out and issues around which they vote and that favors
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republicans. >> todd: my lockin rate almost triple what it was last year and that is the lock-in rate. >> carley: on 60 minutes, the president was unclear if he run for president again and new report claims gavin newsom will run for president if president biden does not. that report says from a california fundraiser, he told the rap, after this midterm election is over, he absolutely is going to announce he is running for the presidency once biden announces he is not running. the big question, will he run, will he not run? how do you feel about gavin newsom being show sure he will run? >> sean: it is interesting, joe biden months ago was crystal clear he would run and now it is not crystal clear, clear as mud,
2:17 am
his whole presidency. it is hard for joe biden to give up the presidency, he spent his whole life trying to get there. if he doesn't lose too many seats in the house and lose the senate, if democrats stick with him, i think he stays. if that pivots, he will be gone and gavin newsom is a hand some man, not in the business of comments on men's looks, he's well spoken. the problem is, if heun ares for president, has to respond to the record in california. people are not moving to california because of the economy, the weather is beautiful, but the economy is horrible and has to answer for why do people leave our state? why do we have rolling blackouts? what have we done on crime? those are big issues and i don't think gavin newsom can answer and i think he would have a
2:18 am
tough time winning because the record is so rough for him. >> carley: looks can only get you so far when you have crisis, rules for me, not for thee. tobing another hand some man, sean duffy, thank you. >> carley: he got it in. president biden and ron desantis in a border showdown. >> todd: the governor says he has proof the migrants volunteered for the trip, we'll bring you that proof next. migr- 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more - can be overwhelming. so, ask your doctor about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start. it's the #1 prescribed branded chronic migraine treatment. so far, more than 5 million botox® treatments have been given to over eight hundred and fifty thousand chronic migraine patients.
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-- obviously it is sad martha's vineyard people deported him next day. >> carley: president biden didn't seem too concerned joking about migrant flight headed toward his vacation home in
2:24 am
delaware. >> why is the border moreoverwhelmed under your watch, mr. president? >> three countries, fewer imgrantss coming from central america and mexico, totally different circumstance. >> do you have comment to that, sir? >> he should come visit, we have a beautiful shoreline. >> carley: number of fugitives at southern border is no laughing matter, that number is up 400% and sparking concern as republicans sound the alarm on the drug crisis being caused by biden administration policy. >> how about the four students in haze county that died from fentanyl poisoning or americans that have died from fentanyl poisoning, more than all casualties in the vietnam war.
2:25 am
>> carley: the answer to the border crisis is humane reform. >> carley: thank you, democrats are outraged over the 50 migrants sent to martha's vineyard, where was that outrage when migrants flooded the town of del rio, texas. we spoke with the mayor of del rio, here is what he had to say. >> there were 12 times our population crossing. this ongoing crisis has not been given attention it needs and that is something border communities answer to face eve everyday. >> todd: officials arrested illegal immigrant in an accident that killed a deputy one week before her birthday. it is believed the immigrant
2:26 am
under the influence at the time. her captain joins us now. thank you for being here. the bad guy was arrested for dushg ui, failure to appear warrant. he was here illegally, why wasn't this guy behind bars or why was he in the country at all? >> it is near impossible for our people to investigate the crime. they had no clue who was behind
2:27 am
the wheel because he fled into a corn field. why wasn't he behind bars? from our perspective, it is frustrating, from the law enforcement perspective, it is frustrating. how frustrated is the community about it? >> todd: entire country, 62% of americans are concerned about illegal immigration and cases like this bring that point home. she was just trying to go to work, she did happen to be in law enforcement, but she was like everybody else trying to go to work and was killed, that shouldn't happen. when this guy was arrested, they arrested him with her handcuff, that is a beautiful sentiment. what can you tell us about her? >> i'm holding her handcuff
2:28 am
right now, that speaks to her being a member of a team. i used the word community, she was a member of the community. she was an energetic person and one thing that speaks to the loss, some inmates she supervised had reached out and said my family would like to donate to the funeral, how do they do this? or we'd like to write a letter or draw art to show how much we miss her. she did her job with integrity and with a goal in mind. i know it shows everyday. she's missed by us and her family and everybody. >> todd: highlight what you just
2:29 am
said, the inmates, not necessarily the greatest relationship between inmates and the person there to keep them inmates, the inmates wanted to honor her. that is amazing. how can the public help the family? >> actual ly i want to issue soe thanks, the colorado patrol, fort collins police department and weld county sheriff's office came together to make this happen, that was because of tips from the weld county community. we've had dramatic amount of help, to help more, get on the facebook post and look for details, they can donate to the auxiliary fund through the weld
2:30 am
county posse. her name, alexis. captain, thank you for being here, best of luck, prayers and thoughts are with you. >> carley: turning to this, nikki haley is hitting back at "the view" after whereon of the hosts said this. >> nikki haley incredibly effective governor. >> what is her real name again? >> some can be chameleons and decide not to embrace our ethnicity. >> carley: joe concha here with nikki haley's response coming up next. holding me back. but asthma has taken enough. so i go triple... with trelegy. with 3 medicines in 1 inhaler,... it's the only once-daily treatment for adults that takes triple action against asthma symptoms.
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>> todd: "the view" co-host is attacking nikki haley falsely claiming she uses a fake one to hide her indian heritage. >> nikki haley the chameleon. >> want to be careful critiquing her >> we can be chameleons and decide not to embrace ethnicity and go by -- >> you go by a different name. >> carley: nikki haley is an indian name and on my birth
2:35 am
certificate and i'm proud of that. joe, you heard one co-host say you go by a different name because her real name iscummings hostin, what do you think about this? >> that was sarah haines, who noted that. >> sunny hostin accuses nikki haley of not using her real name and attacks her when sunny does the same thing. the whole cast has more aliass than jason bour bourne. whoopi goldberg and joy behar go by different names. i think the network might want to rethink that, carley and
2:36 am
todd. >> todd: this is high up there and high bar to meet, this one -- >> carley: silly. >> todd: actor tim allen, comedian, going viral for a dad joke about president joe biden 60 minutes interview claiming biden was on 60 minutes, look, an absolute dad joke, not the greatest joke in the world issue not the beginning of world war iii, did it warrant hyperventilating from the left? >> joe: look at the trump years, they can't get away. people celebrate tim allen for doing the voice of buzz lightyear. if you make a joke about a president, you deserve nonot to work and earn, that is a joke,
2:37 am
it ain't funny. >> carley: associated press just updated a story on trial for murder, murdering a vegas reporter. the ap changed the story without editor noit identifying telles as democrat and noting he lost the primary in june. the question is if this guy was a republican, would they have left out the party affiliation? >> joe: fun game to play early of any morning or any time of day, what if a conservative lawmaker had been accused of murdering a reporter, entire community would be up in arms talking about the dangers of domestic terrorists daily, almost no one is talking about
2:38 am
this story outside of this network, whole ball of wrong. >> todd: joe concha joins us everyday, we appreciate it. >> joe: i appreciate carley's hair, keep going with that look, people talking about it. >> carley: comments on my part, thank you. >> todd: don lemon silenced after expert on british royals take him to task when he demands king charles iii pay reporations. >> there are those asking for repairations. >> we need to go back to the beginning of the supply chain and say who was rounding up their own people and maybe descendants of the families receive something, too. >> lemon switched topics after the unexpected rebuttal.
2:39 am
>> carley: controversy, meghan markle sent king charles formal letter for one-on-one meeting in attempt to clear the air, hoping to explain rationale behind her and prince harry distancing themselves. the family gathered for the queen's funeral, unclear if the meeting will take place, late to try and clear the air there, also no time like the present. >> carley: the fed is expected to raise interest rates, tell you what you need to know and how it will affect your family? >> and irving ripping eric adams over changes to new york city vaccine mandate. cheryl casone has details next.
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2:44 am
pandemic is over. >> todd: cheryl casone has more on that story. >> cheryl: white house quickly saying this question about that comment. the president's comments do not mark a change in policy toward handling of the virus and no plan to lift the public health emergency. several americans fought against the mandate, here is their reaction. >> the president was in rare moment of candor. >> wow, he's finally saying it, like did he mean it or did he not mean it? >> i heard maybe he was, there was truth to that and the white house back pedalled because i feel they need this pandemic to still have control and power. >> cheryl: evalfrustration with the never-ended pandemic.
2:45 am
this announcement is proof the mandate for new york city police officers is arbitrary, brooklyn nets kyrie irvings said this one of the biggest violations of human rights in history. >> carley: fed interest rates, big announcement today. >> cheryl: it is fed day, markets bracing for a hike that will impact mortgage rates to auto loans. the fed may hike three quarters of point after hikes in june and july and raises in april and may. fed wants to achieve inflation objective. you will see a lot of pressure on everything that you pay for. >> todd: we'd all the like money
2:46 am
to buy our dream home, you interviewed people who already have. >> cheryl: fun to watch folks look for their dream home. it is competitive, look for your dream house. tonight join dan and suzie searching for a no rules property to roam free. they wanted a gun range. and this family wants to stay in the area with more spacious country feel. tonight 9 p.m. >> carley: thank you, you're the best. bring in robert, executive director of texas public policy foundation. what do you think will happen later today when it comes to the fed and interest rates? what can we expect? >> good morning, great to be with you, we are looking at bad news for the american worker today with chairman powell and
2:47 am
federal reserve expected to raise interest rates by three quarters of a percentage point, represent third such increase since june bringing interest rates back to george w. bush administration. >> todd: what else do you expect to hear from the fed when it comes to inflation and impact on seven weeks from now big midterms? >> well, that is right. the market predictors are looking at this being for the long-term, instead of what was hoped to be hike in cut position taken by the fed, instead a hike and hold. we'll look at this for the long-term into next year as rising interest rates are their effort to pour water on the rising inflation being caused by the biden administration and out
2:48 am
of control spending. >> carley: in california democrat congressman ruez is blaming republicans for making the border crisis worse? listen to this. >> important to draw contrast, the republican approach to the humanitarian crisis is to create a larger crisis through ridicule, deceit and mockery for political gain. >> carley: tough to make that argument, what do you make of that? >> it is a new record, here in texas, i've been to the border to see for myself, it is out of control. the mockery was what was seen in martha's vineyard this past week over the true left's reaction to 50 illegal migrants. this is not something caused by
2:49 am
republicans, this administration revoked every single border security policy that president trump put in place and had secured the border at the end of his administration that has caused this new crisis. what governor desantis and abbott have shown is glimpse of daily reality of the border communities in texas. >> todd: hypocrisy, the numbers account for themselves. two million encounters so far this fiscal year. this gaslighting, is this the best the left has to offer to counter this hypocrisy move by governor desantis? >> it seems to be the talking point from the white house press secretary, republicans are
2:50 am
causing this be prosecute, that is not the case. migrants being interviewed and dropped off in front of kamala harris's residence are saying president biden told us to come, this is an open border. we're seeing the surge continue, the surge causing humanitarian crisis because while persons are coming over here illegally, they are being trafficked by the cartels and not being trafficked by a bus taking them to other parts of the country, they are brought in illegally and what was just shown here today was way of raisine awareness of the rest of the country. >> carley: that is wrong. robert, thank you for joining us. democrats denying republican request for documentss in the hunter biden investigation, congressman nancy mace was there for the vote and we'll ask her
2:51 am
about it coming up. >> todd: ask steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> steve: thank you, coming up on "fox and friends" in nine minutes and 12 seconds, the president is going to as you can see there, address the united nations today as russia president calls up troops in the war on ukraine and threatening nuclear war fare. putin says, i'm not bluffing, we'll be talking about that. the president heads to new york. crime crisis in chicago is set to get worse, how a bill will upend law and order making the streets more dangerous if that is possible. governor youngkin of virginia making good on campaign promise to put parent's in power. that is coming up. look at this all-star lineup, larry kudlow, ramshamwe, and
2:52 am
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>> todd: house democrats seeking out a resolution seeking documents on the biden family international business dealings it all comes as the top republican says he has evidence proving that hunter biden sold american natural gas to a chinese energy company. listen. >> we also have confirmation that hunter biden told cefc that his father was going to be a major investor in the company. he wanted to have keys to an office headquarters that was going to be negotiating the deal.
2:57 am
>> carley: nancy mace was on the house oversight committee and joins us now. congresswoman, good morning to you. we had james keith olbermann on ton the show yesterday how familiar spent investigating trump and his family without any concrete evidence. >> when you look at what is happening over 150 will transactions hunter biden and his associates being flagged for suspicious activity. that is something that we should investigate. if you are selling the office of the vice president to the highest bidder, and you are related to the vice president, we should be investigating you, whether you are republican or democrat. and so, that's what that hearing was about yesterday. i was disappointed to see the outcome. but i appreciate ranking member comber, leader comber's leadership. we know who the big guy is in
2:58 am
all those emails and that's joe biden. >> todd: the democrats really scared of looking under the hood of biden deals. a commitment to america plan later this week to be introduced later this week focuses on the so-called table kitchen issues that americans are facing. what are the key take aways from this plan, congresswoman. >> we are looking at how we can get out of inflation, looking at jobs and the economy, looking at keeping america safe. keeping our community safe. we have seen over the last two years violent crime, increasing exponentially and also protecting freedom and government accountability. and those things, when we roll that out on our website, we're going to have information on nancy for everyone to learn more about that commitment to america. where republicans can do when in the majority next session. >> carley: according to the latest fox news power rankings, republicans are still favored to win the house. regain control of the house. but, for the first time ever, there is a pathway to victory
2:59 am
for democrats to maintain their seat in power. does that concern you at all? >> i know that i represent a swing district where republicans are outnumbered almost two to one. we have been working really hard for months because in purple districts you cannot take anything for granted. we have leaned into issues for some republicans that might be controversial because i want the people and the voters in south carolina to know i'm not going to shy away from controversy, i'm not going to shy away from votes. i will answer any questions about what is happening in washington, d.c. and how it effects the first congressional district. how it effects voters in the state of south carolina. i think that's very important. i know as republicans, because we meet often, that we are all rolling up our sleeves, we are raising as much as we can and working as hard as we can to ensure that we can win the majority. when you look at what is happening in this country, joe biden has been on the wrong side of every single issue facing our nation. that's what we have got to communicate and how we are going to climb out of this mess come
3:00 am
november. >> todd: republicans, including yourself, have a plan to get the american people out of the financial mess that we are in. thanks to inflation caused by the biden administration. we will see if the voters agree with that nancy mace, thank you very much as always, we appreciate it. of. >> thank you. >> carley: thank you congresswoman. we appreciate it. good to be with you this morning, todd, as always. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> the most posh sanctuary jurisdiction in the world. >> ron desantis firing back at a lawsuit for migrants that he flew to martha's vineyard. >> a number of terrorists being caught at the southern border is up 400 percent. >> todd: president biden is set to address the united nations this morning. >> the white house grapples with a messaging crisis how the u.s. would respond to a possible chinese invasion to taiwan. >> would u.s. forces defend the island? >> yes. >> battle for the house ramping up. >> republicans are expected to take a 13-seat majority. >> meanwhile it's a certainly


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