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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 21, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> steve: we start with fox news alert vladimir putin picture they are threatening to use nuclear weapons declaring "he's not bluffing" which meansu are bluffing. >> steve: the threat as hunter biden heading to address the leaders gathered in new york. >> ainsley: that is right. jacqui heinrich from downtown new york city, good morning to you, jackie. >> good morning, ainsley, steve, brian. the head at the summit was food shortages from the war in ukraine but that statement that
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speaks putin a threatening use of nuclear weapons and partial mobilization of the country's reserve troops. the first of its kind since world war ii. putin basically claimed nuclear threats of its own and framed a statement as a defensive move accusing the rest of nuclear blackmail and saying the last encourage ukraine to show the russian controlled nuclear plant in southeast ukraine. he accused the west also trying to divide and destroy his country. speak with those who tried to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know the prevailing winds can also blow r direction. >> it follows russia's efforts to organize referenda to annex parts of ukraine to give putin more expansive definition of territory that he could baselessly claim to be protecting. he has vowed to use all means necessary to defend these new territories. >> if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we
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will without doubt use all means to protect russia and our people. this is not a bluff! >> all of this follows a pretty successful ukrainian counter defensive last week that affect russia into a corner. the ukrainians made considerable headway there. putin is not attending the u.n. general, he is a pariah and will be represented by a deputy. but we will hear from president biden and other topics of interest were the chinese aggression and also iran's nuclear agenda but a lot of focus on biden after those comments u.s. troops would, in fact, thief in taiwan with a u.s. invasion in these comments overnight shifting the focus quite a bit, eyes. >> steve: we will see if this heat changes at all. thank you so much. do you think it is just a coincidence that vladimir putin said "yeah, i'm not bluffing the
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same day that the president is showing up there in midtown? >> i don't think it is any coincidence at all. i also think we should note this is not the first time we have heard something like this from putin. it was a few months ago he made a similar threat to use nuclear weapons and there has been chatter about possible use of tactical nukes, which are obviously different than the kind of nuclear weapons we think about not that it's in a more acceptable at all, it's not. but head of state gathered here in new york, he is not here and trying to make a statement. we will see what biden says. >> ainsley: they went to the queen's funeral and now coming to new york. >> steve: and tying up the traffic. >> brian: thanks, jacqui. and a lot of what vladimir putin has been saying, he will be constricting his army. he's not having a massive draft, but scramble the reserves of 200,000, 300,000 and his quote
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"fully adequate to the threats we face to protect homeland, the integrity to the security of our people and liberated territories." there you go, september 20th, he will have a phony and these occupied areas of dawn boss. he will say, hey, do you guys want to be part of russia and of course they will rig the vote and say yes, and certainly, donetsk, these territories will be part of russia that they have to protect and 300,000 troops to get there. the troops, are they ready and the pass troops where they don't know how to fight and the leadership is terrible? he fired his less commanding general in 18 days. how do we think the next one, the ones in civilian uniforms possibly work at the local tap pulled out. the call next door will be better soldiers. the ukrainians are motivated, organized and at least we are fulfilling our obligation to a degree there. we might even give them tanks.
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what it is said, a tenth of what they are supposed to give them, especially germany. france keeps going, hey, please give us the gas back. what if i don't give everything to ukraine? will you then let the pipeline flow with natural gas this winter? and make it seem like a bargain hunter when he is showing weakness. >> ainsley: putin said his weapons of mass destruction many are more modern than those other native countries. >> brian: 1980s tank situation. >> steve: one of the other thing putin said in the address broadcast live in russia is, he heard nato officials say it is okay, it is okay to use nukes. nato use nukes on russia. >> ainsley: i think this is -- don't you think this is putin's a way acknowledging they have faced some of the setbacks the last few weeks? this is supposed to be quick and our calling in reserves? >> brian: he is trying to looked up in the same day the president takes the stage at the
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u.n. general assembly. let's talk a little bit about this. 2:15 we will hear from the federal reserve and how much pain they are going to inflict on americans because it is expected they will raise the interest rate from about either .75 or three quarters of a point to a point. some people are saying may be even more pure the danger is, the more they slam the brakes on the economy by checking up interest rates, the more people will lose their jobs. and the more pain there will be around the country. >> ainsley: there is a recent poll where they asked individuals, "do you think your family's income has either if it is going further than the cost-of-living, or is it staying even with the cost of living or is it falling behind?" look at this, 63% said it is falling behind. even if you got a raise, it is not enough to cost the cost of inflation. 8.3%, inflation, but eggs have
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gone up 40%, meat has gone up, and then high electric bills. people are saying almost double in their electric bills. >> brian: guesses up, electricity, 15% across-the-board in some places higher and some places slightly lower. here is the thing. you might with the price is at the supermarket, steve i don't want to hurt sales but the price of the supermarket may be more affordable depending on the restaurant. can you believe that? well, that is what they are saying. >> ainsley: mcdonald's. >> steve: to breakeven. >> brian: right. >> steve: will you loan me about? >> brian: at home i don't have to jack up the price on my family. two scrambled eggs, $8. eggs are up 40%. but at home, it is still a good deal. the whole thing why are we in the spiral right now question with the federal government has meant so much money. remember at the end of last year
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at the federal reserve of san francisco said, and this is when inflation was 6%, they said, you know what we calculated in about 3%, half of the inflation is due to this gigantic government outflow of cash into everybody's pocket. so, it is the government to blame, and other government is trying to bail us out. think about this, if you buy a house you are backing out. a record rate, people are not signing because the interest rates are 6.75%, so you would think that may be your savings will get the interest rate. but i don't think... be too if you can lock it in, lock it in today. they could increase it later this afternoon. i talked to one lady who thought she locked it in when it was three or 4%. then the interest rate went up and they called their guy in there guy said, "we haven't looked at him because she didn't sign the paperwork."
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i thought he did appear to have the higher interest rate and we cannot afford this but we put down money and we cannot afford to lose the money. >> steve: and all these stories... >> ainsley: i have to put my condo on error b'n'b occasionally to make more money. >> brian: one of our kids bought a house the day before they started jacking up but one of our other kids is still looking and they are going to get screwed by the interest rates. but listen, while detailing how much you're paying for stuff these days then you did a year ago, according to "forbes" magazine, you should actually be happy inflation is so bad appear the headline, why you should be happy about inflation and worried about something else and what he's talking about is how the economy is changing. this is actually going to be a good thing for you. so don't feel bad. it is good, not bad. >> brian: you can afford the house to plug in your electric car which you can afford anyway. >> steve: you don't need a car because so many people are working online that you don't have to leave the house.
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>> ainsley: the "fortune" magazine if you have a fortune, you won't feel the effect. >> brian: you need a fortune. my paperboy was late today, and he tosses on the stoop. so here is the headline, little paper bag "inflation in the u.s. is currently serving two functions that could help the economy in the long run and helping with poise for big growth, and uncovering and optimizing supply chain snags that have been with the u.s. since the beginning of the pandemic." which means order less enough mike stuff so no snags. and figuring out how to produce more of what we need or less of what we don't. >> ainsley: bred along is the economist. and she has eight children. she says her food cost for her children in her family and her light bill combined more than her monthly mortgage. >> brian: it is crazy. remember a year ago, rotisserie
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chicken at the grocery store was what $4, $5? $5? the rotisserie chicken at the grocery store where peter doocy used to be the stock boy is $14. it is $14! it is a big chicken. $14! speed when i was shocked to see 7-eleven has rotisserie chickens, what an investment. they will focus on fruit and candy bars. >> steve: skewer through a chicken and spin and make hot dogs. >> ainsley: they have everything there, muffins, scones... >> steve: a cavalcade of deliciousness. >> ainsley: you just to go when they were to pay gas but many don't sell gas anymore. >> steve: you can buy wood, beer and cigarettes. >> brian: that was refreshing. by the way... >> ainsley: right next to the ice outside. >> brian: that is how people will heat their homes, by the way. >> steve: everybody in florida has it, just saying. >> brian: after saying
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everything we just said and think about 60 minutes, the president dismissing it saying inflation is barely up, but high as 40 year high but it hasn't gone up since. now, if you think about that and you are one of the americans who 60% of americans carrying a balance on your credit card and it used to be 10%, how do you feel about -- it seems as though the president is not watching the back or putting hands on the steering wheel. >> steve: it is the number one issue to determine balance of power in our congress this fall. >> brian: run out and get some wood and chicken on a spin-the art. fox weather alert, hurricane fiona intensifies with category 4 overnight as it turns to bermuda. >> ainsley: at least five people killed by the storm which soaked puerto rico. more than 20 inches of rain there. >> brian: look at the floods in puerto rico. >> steve: fox is live on the ground in puerto rico with the latest and we have seen a lot of
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flooding on the island, nicole. >> good morning, and you likely hear the worry from the handful of power plants on the island of puerto rico. we just learned in the last 24 hours, this plant in particular fully restored. it is sending to nearby communities, nearby hospitals around the san juan metro area in particular. but unfortunately, there is still more than 80% of the island of puerto rico in the dark this morning. meanwhile 600,000 people remain without running water days after fiona moved over the island as a category one train storm. unfortunately, it continues to strengthen. turks ordering residents to shelter in place as fiona has claimed the lives of six people between guadalupe, puerto rico and the dominican republic. unfortunately, fiona could intensify as it approaches
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bermuda over the next 48 hours. here in puerto rico, the most important question is how long will the island be without access to its critical resources? energy and water comic things that people need to survive. there are so many relying on generators to get by at this point after all the wind and flood waters sent power lines crashing down into an absolute fiery explosion. it is a site many and puerto rico are used to seeing, especially the blackouts in particular. but of course, they are tired of pure to paint a picture, some examples what we have seen on the island as we have driven town to town. we have come across families trapped in their homes unable to leave, impassable roads in and out of their communities. when pregnant woman now struggling to her two young children and the last month of her pregnancy. we are watching other step on the side of the road to find water. unfortunately, the need is top
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of mind. >> steve: absolutely, it is good they have power on for that part of puerto rico. nicole bell, thank you so much. >> ainsley: it reminds me a few years ago they didn't have power for a long time. >> brian: meanwhile, you can follow that story and the latest developments by downloading fox weather app to any of your connected devices. >> ainsley: it's handed over to carley with headlines for us hi, carley. >> we will begin headlines with this new video into the newsroom from new york city port authority showing migrants boarding a city bus after arriving from texas. but it is unclear exactly where the bus is headed. this is the number of people caught trying to get into the u.s. on a terror watch list. it is up 400% from last year, last month alone, seeing half as many over the past five years combined. experts are warning extremists may already be in america plotting a major attack.
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a memorial for queen elizabeth is happening today at the nation's capital at the washington national cathedral. the guest list includes former president donald trump and barack obama as well as george w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter. it is not clear if they will be in attendance. the surface comes as president biden attended the queen's funeral in london on monday. mayweather and conor mcgregor set for a rematch. mayweather confirming to sports mail that he and macgregor actively negotiating a fight that will take place sometime next year but details need to be ironed out, including weather exhibition or professional flight, but mayweather said the fight will take place in two starts previously thought 2017 with mayweather winning by tko in the tenth round. could happen again? the hollywood sign a fresh paint in preparation for next year's 100th birthday. the process is estimated to take about eight weeks and will
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require 250 gallons of paint and primer. if you want to watch paint dry, you can follow along on the signs 24/7 news feed and speaking of birthdays, we all want to wish a very happy belated birthday to ainsley. we are so glad you were born. >> ainsley: thanks. >> steve: the one-man birthday machine! >> ainsley: how do you top this one? >> brian: weekend. we can't! >> gorgeous flowers. >> no kidding. >> beautiful. >> brian: look at that. [laughter] >> ainsley: thank you! i love you all. >> brian: when she had watch ted lasso on her birthday on a plane. >> ainsley: listen, i got to one of the queen and remember her. thank you. >> steve: why are we not
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eating? >> ainsley: we want some cake. thanks, y'all. >> brian: when we are so glad you were born. >> ainsley: yes, steve's wife did write a few years ago and said i got the name for the children's book. i'm so glad you were born because we all say that. so thank you to kathy, the name of my next children's book. >> brian: which comes out next week. >> what a great time in your life, love you. >> brian: went too much standing around. can we sit down? >> brian: a society, don't give her a free book, all right? >> ainsley: inflation is up. >> i'm buying your book. >> brian: full price. >> ainsley: geiser lilies are the best. >> brian: that is way sealed to them. >> ainsley: are you allergic
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to them. >> steve: this is wrapped in plastic like my grandma's couch. >> are like brian's "fortune" magazine. >> brian: right, it comes in a blue bag but coming up straight ahead on the show glenn youngkin has a new plan for parents to have their say in the classroom. i will stop now. >> this is about restoring power to parents. let's be clear, children do not belong to the state. >> i thought we all knew that, douglas murray will talk about thatto and react. ♪ ♪ t y every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling. hiv pills aren't on my mind. a quick change in my plans is no big deal. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines,
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♪ ♪ >> this is about restoring power to parents. and let's just be clear, children do not belong to
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the state. people belong to families. when a child is wrestling with this kind of decision, a parent should absolutely be the primary counselor, visor, and help her and wrestling with this decision. that is why we pressed forward with these model policies that put parents in the primary role. >> ainsley: that is virginia's governor glenn youngkin preaching empowering the parent in the classroom. >> brian: that is what got him elected including more transparency on gender identity with pronouns that appear on record. parents to object to gender counseling. >> steve: douglas murray, fox news contributor and national review institute fellow. you know, douglas, nothing is apparent. you take nothing more personally than your family and in particular your children. so going forward, this general election, question, people clearly want parents to have rights. >> one of the rules congress had was that everyone is concerned
4:26 am
about the things they know about, right? all parents know about their kids. so when parents start to think that the school knows better than the parents or the government knows better than the parents, then they start to react. that is what has created the wave that has come into office. >> steve: it has not been a major issue so far. inflation, crime but not many people talk about schools right now. >> no, but they will be again come midterm. i'm pretty sure about that. what is interesting about glenn youngkin, he got in on this issue and seems to be a new generation of republican politicians. the very front footed and obviously for example governor desantis in florida. they are front footed on the stuff. and sort of complain, no the education system... we have been complaining about the education system for how many decades now? they are not just doing that and
4:27 am
bellyaching but actually taking most like this one to say, we will put power back in the hands of parents. it is a very interesting change of approach among republicans of this generation. >> ainsley: we have heard stories in the school was helping our child change their identity, their gender. but we were not notified until later. but this prevents that and will prevent that from happening in the state of virginia. >> i have spoke to many parents that have reported that exactly this. the school for instance won't tell them that their child is claiming to be of the opposite gender but accuse the parents of miss jan drink their child when the child has never raised the issue with the parent. and also contagion effect which is an unpopular thing to say, but there is a lot of data now that shows when a child in a class starts to did the stuff effectively acting up for a lot of kids, they start to do the same thing. parents should be involved. most schools have to ask permission to give an aspirin to a child. but the idea you can change
4:28 am
allegedly. >> steve: where did this whole miss jan drink and pronoun stuff, who was doing this? it came from the american universities and the 1970s and played stupid academic games and things like nonbinary which i always say just means look at me. they claimed instead of having male and female, nonbinary and then less people, what are these genders? they don't know, they don't know the answer to the woo woo they are making up. so we shouldn't either. >> steve: glenn youngkin is onto something politically because the republicans are trying to say we are on the side of parents whereas the democrats for the most part on the site of the teachers union. >> it is a dead winter no doubt about his on the right of the issue. >> brian: school choice unless other parents get that opportunity.
4:29 am
thank you. we appreciated. >> ainsley: we have a fox news alert, nuclear war on the west, russian president vladimir putin issuing a torque, new threat and he says, "i'm not listening" appeared all ahead of president biden's united nations address today. lee zeldin on what the world needs to hear next. >> tech: bye! don't wait, schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ for adults with generalized myasthenia gravis who are positive for acetylcholine receptor antibodies, it may feel like the world is moving without you. but the picture is changing, with vyvgart. in a clinical trial, participants achieved improved daily abilities with vyvgart added to their current treatment. and vyvgart helped clinical trial participants achieve reduced muscle weakness.
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♪ ♪ >> the and territorial integrity of the country is threatened. >> it is against the west with the invasion of ukraine and world leaders and the u.n. appear the army message comes as president biden to address the world leaders today beurre the gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin lee zeldin with a lot of foreign affairs experience and also member of the reserves and house foreign affairs committee member. your reaction to vladimir putin's boast. he has humiliated, correct, congressman? >> listen, the first thing i would do and credit to u.s. intelligence. my experience as a member of congress has been the united states government does do a good job collecting intel on russia. now, there have been plenty of other examples where it is a
4:34 am
tough job to be in the intelligence community and to get it right every time. i do believe that as a member of congress for me and for all of our colleagues, we should sit down in a classified setting with the u.s. intelligence community to find out what they know. president biden will be going into his speech of the united nations already but that briefing at the highest possible level. a retreat this seriously before anything else. and president biden gets to the united nations, understanding vladimir putin is known to be homicidal and not suicidal. you need to be strong and consistent, and effective understanding the principle that when you are there giving that speech, you should be messaging to the nation's friends, treating them as our friends, communicating to adversaries and understanding and communicating to them as our fs series which seems simple. in the past, we see iran treat her like israel.
4:35 am
i hope president biden is on top of his game because at the end of the day he might be a republican, you might be democrat but i'm always rooting for the president. >> brian: everything is correct and i agree and unanimous to say that but somebody had it wrong. they said zelenskyy should get out of there and ukraine will fall in three days. they never gave the proper to defend themselves until it actually started. or else might not have lasted this long. and the world community has not come across all they promised. that is, indeed, a problem. you are running for governor in new york city and you were closing in and a very blue state simply because the incompetence and corruption of andrew cuomo and governor hochul, she refuses to push legislature stop with zero cash may appear to be so horrific results again. this lunatic goes to a mcdonald's with backpack and swings it and break stuff and almost kills people.
4:36 am
18 hours in jail, and out again. you called a press conference and a panicked governor hochul followed you. what is your message to crime in new york? >> it is out of control we need to take back our streets. we need to remove alvin bragg. we need to back our men and women in law enforcement. our streaks should belong don't belong to law-abiding citizens instead of criminals. you see the mcdonald's in lower manhattan this guy swinging his acts, chopping down walls and swinging customers. this guy was released on cashless bail before the price got colder. you need the governor of the state of new york to be leading this date. it doesn't matter whether republican, democrat, independent people are desperate for safety and security and are not getting it. spell congressman, the republicans to take on the new cash bail. you have democrats backing your candidacy.
4:37 am
since governor pataki 12, six years ago. he did when my three terms but we left sense. governor hochul also turns out more evidence of corruption. it turns out this contractor got $637 million deal take a bus rapid test" price of california is pegging for code days prior he threw a fund-raiser and this is no bid contract. that should be a disqualifier. >> exactly. governor hochul signed off on this covid emergency power where she unilaterally got rid of the competitive bidding law. so this is corruption. as far as the democrats, we need balance here at the state is heading in the wrong direction. kathy hochul is in over her head and she has still not accepted a single debate request. >> brian: by the way, she did set a record, give her credit, 5,838 switched driver's license from new york to florida. that beats the january mark she
4:38 am
set herself. new york has been impossible to live in. so somebody's got to help. maybe you are the guy. congressman lee zeldin, thank you so much. >> thank you so much brian. >> brian: new data reveals terrorist arrested at the border, it doesn't just in august. former director of ice removal says it is the result of the president's open border policie. until now. kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant... in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's proven to delay disease progression. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain... a change in your heartbeat, dizziness,
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don't get flublok quadrivalent if you've had a severe allergic reaction to its components. tell your healthcare professional if you've had severe muscle weakness after a flu shot. people with weakened immune systems may have a lower vaccine response. this flu season, you do have a choice. choose the protection of a sanofi flu vaccine. ask your pharmacist or doctor which sanofi flu vaccine is right for you. ♪ ♪ >> steve: troubling new numbers said terrorist were arrested at the southern border in the month of august bringing the total to 78 for the year so far. that is triple the previous five years combined. here to react former director of new york ice removal, tom. >> good morning, steve, thank you for having me.
4:43 am
>> steve: you know what, joe biden has opened the southern border but it's open for migrants and it's open for terrorists. how many are getting through that we haven't even seen? >> probably a lot, right? so if we say we have come across 78 known terrorists, that means using biometric measures, we have come across them somewhere before and know they are terrorists here at the know this is like our own trojan horse on our own. the numbers coming across the border, the border patrol does not have the capability or time to do a good thorough screening with everybody they encounter so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if the people who want to do harm to this country, they will keep flowing unknown terrorist across the border and we will never know that they are here and two it is probably too late. >> steve: sure. yesterday, joe biden started something new. he said, one of the reasons we have so many people is because they are pulling communist regimes and is talking about
4:44 am
cuba, venezuela, nicaragua. when you look at those numbers, those three countries only account for about one-third of the total number of migrants. so, it is an interesting, new spin to it, but it does not dispute the fact that there could be some bad guys getting in because the border patrol guys have their hands full of processing people. >> right. and we want to talk about illegal aliens coming across the border because it is a political topic. what we are not addressing is the tons and tons of fentanyl coming here killing americans and think closely behind that are people that are coming to this country that do harm that we can simply not identify with the numbers and the strategy that is currently in place. for the current secretary of homeland security to take the risk of being on the watch when the next attack occurs, i just do not understand why he's not more engaged. he knows better. i know him from the obama
4:45 am
administration. he was a good guy. i believe he loves america, but to keep turning a blind eye to this man-made self crisis on the border and let bad people come to this country and do harm. it doesn't matter if democrat, republican, white, pink, they don't care. we have to remember 9/11 the terrorists were on visas and we knew them and couldn't stop them. now, we are looking at not knowing anybody and how many are here? >> steve: tom, i wish this president would get us met at the cartels making this happen as he is at governor abbott and governor desantis. >> right. at least these governors will ship people across the country in the day, right, broad daylight until you but they are doing. when our country does it, they do in the middle of the night at airport centers that are not even open. who will you blame here? >> steve: exactly, tom feeley, thank you for joining us on this wednesday.
4:46 am
>> thanks, steve, have a great day. >> steve: scary numbers, carley, good morning to you. >> some headlines a special master legging out his plan for the independent review of records seized at mar-a-lago. judge raymond holds his first meeting with the doj and former president trump's legal team yesterday. the special master warning time is of the essence with the court mandated deadline set for november 30th. trump's attorneys also asking the judge for more time to determine the documents classification status. turning out to america's crime crisis, smash and grab robbery at a t-mobile store in southern california is caught on camera. the police are asking the public to help them identify these thieves that you see on the screen right now, but then rushing items off of the wall before hopping in a getaway car. the police say the robbers made off with about $4,000 worth of goods. and check this out. a driver in new york city is
4:47 am
lucky to be alive after a crane collapses and lands on the windshield of her car. my cost, just look at that. the woman amazingly only suffered a hand injury. a second person was hospitalized with the extent of that person's injury still unclear. general motors is partnering with grocery store giant kroger on a new lineup electric grocery carts. they contain nine waterproof temperature controlled compartments to keep food fresh. that is huge. they can also be locked and customers to pick up through an app like a verification code. kroger says you can expect to start seeing the carts in 2024. those are your headlines. steve, over to you, what do you think about the cards? >> steve: i don't know. two they take the step to your house or stay at the store? >> do they cook the food with you? i think it is a delivery service actually. >> steve: we will see how well that works. let's find out what kind of the
4:48 am
day we have in store whether rights in new york city. adam, it was beautiful 68 degrees when i came to work this morning. >> stephen it is still beautiful on fox square as you are looking at really pleasant fall like temperatures but of course the big weather story continues to be hurricane fiona. that is 130-mile hours of when and if he is continuing to live to the north but we see hurricane warnings, tropical's warnings across the bahamas this morning. where what the storm track? think about bermuda as we get close to party, wins 140 miles an hour. wait off the coast of the east coast but still choppy seas and perhaps rip currents over the course of the week ahead before eventually turning into nova scotia, newfoundland and i want to leave you with this puritan area to watch, when little system that could become a tropical storming in the next five days. a chance running into the southern system to watch. those are the weather headlines
4:49 am
now, steve, tossing back to you. >> steve: coming up on this thursday, the message for apple and disney for preaching politics over profits. vivek ramaswamy, his story is coming up next. with tremfya®, most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 years. tremfya® is the first medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis... and it's 6 doses a year after 2 starter doses. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®... ask your doctor about tremfya® today.
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: strife asset manager founder vivek ramaswamy's pending letters to major companies to keep the wokeness out of the workplace. demanding disney to drop the politics, "unrelated to core business operations." while writing to apple herring should be based on merit not on race, or politics. the author of upcoming book "nation of victims." good morning, vivek ramaswamy. you wrote these letters to disney and apple but first of all, why did you do that? >> there is a major problem in the industry and it is simple. if you are a hardworking american chances are you have an investment account of some kind. chances are the investment account has funds invested in managers like black rock state street or vanguard. they use your money to tell companies to adopt so-called esg
4:54 am
values. telling companies like chevron to cut oil productions and focus on caps. companies like apple to adopt racial equity audits for hiring standards. the problem is many americans don't want to deliver that message with their money. for those who do, they are free to do that but everyone else come i want to create a new option. what we did, what we announced yesterday is a launch of a new fund as trv, the largest u.s. public companies. and the message to corporate america is to focus on excellence over politics here that letter to apple, i said forget about that racial equity audit. your hiring should be focused exclusively on merit without regard to race, or politics. disney, we called out palpable business created by his disney's actions over the course of the last year. asking why that serve the best interest of disney stockholders. we believe it does not. i hope this new conversation in the boardroom by bringing in new
4:55 am
shareholder mandate to the table actually changes the conversation. hopefully, it changes corporate titan corporate america where they focus on value creation rather than political value creation. >> ainsley: i know disney responded with the statement, we regularly receive input from the shareholders who hold a wide variety of viewpoints and we listen to their perspectives. they say they are listening to you. how much clout do shareholders make when disney makes decisions like this? >> welcome at the back of the shareholder gets the more clout they will have. if you months ago i was sent a letter to chevron. and they responded and set up a dinner in new york city when i was there for my book tour last week and i think engaging as a shareholder and bringing this diverse voice to the table is important. what they were doing for the asset managers is focus on climate change, to focus on racial ethnicity and systemic racism but we say focus on product and not policy. the lunch is drill and this is
4:56 am
strife. but whatever the fund is, the messages to focus on anything but politics. >> ainsley: maybe this is why stock prices have fallen for disney year-over-year down 36.6%, which is drastic. thank you so much, vivek. congratulations on the new fund. he reached out to apple for a new statement and they declined to comment. i'm glad you heard from disney, thank you. felons walking free while washington state jails are allowing crime without the time because of staffing shortages. ♪ ♪ . it disrupts my skin with rash. but now, i can disrupt eczema with rinvoq. rinvoq is not a steroid, topical, or injection. it's one pill, once a day, that's effective without topical steroids. many taking rinvoq saw clear or almost-clear skin while some saw up to 100% clear skin.
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visit and get started today. >> this is not a bluff. >> vladimir putin threatening to use nuclear weapons. >> president biden is heading to the united nation to address the general assembly. >> when president biden gets to the united nations, he needs to be strong, confident, consistent. >> firing back at a lawsuit from migrants he flew to martha's vineyard. >> numbers are feeling 78 suspected terrorists were arrested at our southern border for the year so far. >> this is like our own trojan horse. >> the battle for the house ramping up. >> republicans expected to take a 13-see majority. >> it's a toss-up in the senate. >> momentum is gaining on their democrat side. >> the high cost of everything. >> the federal reserve is expected


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