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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 21, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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visit and get started today. >> this is not a bluff. >> vladimir putin threatening to use nuclear weapons. >> president biden is heading to the united nation to address the general assembly. >> when president biden gets to the united nations, he needs to be strong, confident, consistent. >> firing back at a lawsuit from migrants he flew to martha's vineyard. >> numbers are feeling 78 suspected terrorists were arrested at our southern border for the year so far. >> this is like our own trojan horse. >> the battle for the house ramping up. >> republicans expected to take a 13-see majority. >> it's a toss-up in the senate. >> momentum is gaining on their democrat side. >> the high cost of everything. >> the federal reserve is expected to hike in its effort
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to combat surging inflation. >> and are the rising price is going to stop? speak of the 3-1. deep to left field. there it goes! aaron james judge has tied babe ruth with 60 home runs! ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: we start with the fox news alert. russian president vladimir putin now threatening to use nuclear weapons, declaring he is not bluffing. >> brian: the threat comes as president biden is heading to the united nations later today to speak at about 10:30. he's going to address world leaders. we think they'll listen. speak when he's going to tie up traffic on the east side. >> brian: which is more important. steel and that's where we find jacqui heinrich, joining us by the east river and the united nations. hey, jacqui. >> good morning, steve, ainsley, and brian. this was supposed to really hinge on food insecurity as a
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result of russia's war in ukraine, but putin threat to use nuclear weapons and his call-up of the country's 300,000 reserve troops has really sent a chill, and that partial mobilization would be the first of its kind since world war ii. according to reports, one-way flights out of the country to other countries that allow russian citizens to enter without a visa have been selling out fast, and russia parliament making hasty changes that would make it a crime to dodge the draft. but putin has framed his nuclear threat as a defensive move. he is painting a tale as the aggressor and accusing the west of nuclear blackmail. he falsely claimed that the west encouraged ukraine to shella nuclear plant in the southeast and now control. >> the territorial integrity of our country is threatened. we will without doubt use all available means to protect russia and our people. this is not a bluff. >> this follows russia's efforts to organize sham referenda to
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reportedly annex about a fifth of ukraine under russian control. that would give putin a more expansive definition of the territory he could claim to be protected. it's a possible answer to president biden's warning over the weekend that any use of chemical or nuclear weapons would be met with a consequential response. >> you think i would tell you if i knew exactly what i would be? of course that were not going to tell you. but it will. they'll become more of a pariah in the world than they ever have been, and depending on the extent of what they do will determine what response will occur. >> the president was expected to address brushes were on ukraine today and iran's nuclear agenda and chinese aggression, especiay really wrinkling chinese authorities. but pro-kremlin voices have been encouraging putin to ramp up his invasion in ukraine and use tactical nukes, especially after a successful ukrainian
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counteroffensive gained steam last week, guys. >> steve: there are a lot of the world stage that would like to punish russia for ukraine. any suggestion they get kicked off a committee or anything like that? >> there has been a lot of pressure to boot russia from the u.n. security council, but this is a problem vexing world leaders because there's no process to do this. russia has veto authority, so that has really created an issue they'd have to discuss. right now, they are just aiming to put pressure on russia to do the right thing, as we've been watching for the last several months that has not happened yet. that's under discussion. >> brian: but the u.n. looks relatively good in the situation. they did protect that nuclear power plant, they went in there with the iea. and they got the grain out, they are shepherding the grain out, so they want to get more cubic tons out, but it is allowing africa especially to survive
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this winter. it could have been a lot worse. the u.n. has actually unbelievably been effective. >> they have, and they think that any effort to destabilize the u.n. and undermine its charter, through which russia has a seat on the security counsel, could potentially undermine future efforts to get grain out of ukraine or to encourage peace talks and that kind of thing. so there is a lot of different issues in addressing that problem, but it's going to be discussed today. we are told by the white house that we might not hear details of those discussions because it might happen in private. >> brian: thanks so much, jacqui. >> ainsley: putin is saying to his reservist that they'll have to go to war, hundreds of thousands of them. he thought this would be over in a matter of a few days. all the setbacks, ukraine has pushed back in a mighty way, which is wonderful, but now he is saying that the western nations were encouraging ukraine to hit this russian controlled nuclear power plant, and ukraine
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is saying that's not true, that russia was the one responsible for the shelling, and he's also accusing officials in nato countries of speaking about using weapons of mass destruction against russia. nato officials say that's absolutely false, they have not threatened russia with nuclear weapons. and putin says he has more modern weapons that many of the nato countries. >> steve: the reason putin is talking about his nukes is because he said in his address to russia that nato officials have said it would be acceptable to hit russia with nukes and that's why he talks about which direction the wind goes. for the most part it goes from the west to the east. but he's going, sometimes it goes the other way. "if you hate me, next thing you know, paris is glowing." >> brian: they were told after their big meeting with china, he said, i'll be honest, the president had a lot of questions about ukraine. a meeting with india, these two
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clients that keep buying their oil cheap, modi came out and says, "that's not the way we do things, what happened in ukraine is not acceptable." and that's a major rebuke in the same country. pretty significant. and you have 3,000 square miles lost to the ukrainians as well as starting to make progress. they want to take odesa by now, so they basically lost the black sea, they lost a lot of that area. they don't have any shot at odesa at this moment, and they are starting to get pushed back and they are being surrounded because, believe it or not, ukrainians are blowing up the bridges to isolate what is left of the russian army. they don't want to fight. they are flowing down the uniforms and running. what a disaster. lee zeldin who has international experience is on the house foreign affairs committee and said this. >> as a member, we should sit down in the classified setting with the u.s. intelligence community to find out what they
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know. i would treat this seriously before anything else. when president biden gets to the united nations, understanding that vladimir putin is known to be homicidal, not suicidal, you need to be strong, confident, consistent, and effective. i hope president biden is on top of his game today, because at the end of the day, he might be a republican or democrat but i'm always rooting for the u.s. president. >> steve: now it is different is putin the saying, "i'm not bluffing," but he has blessed before. >> brian: if nothing is modern about his fighting force, what makes you think he has the most modern nuclear weapons in the world? nothing he has said has been accurate so far. steel and he's just saying it today because joe biden is that the united nations with everyone else. we have to talk about russia now. >> ainsley: and his invasion has been harder than he thought, so he wants to look tough. >> brian: what they are doing, right now they have power when it comes to energy, but now europe is looking for other ways
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to get natural gas from us, oman, qatar. they will not have any customers in western europe. i don't care who leaves this country, no one will ever trust russia as an energy source again for a long term, he's devastating his country. as john mccain effectively said, they are a gas station with nuclear weapons. if you're not buying their gas and oil, they don't have a lot to export. not tourism. >> ainsley: let's talk about it's happening on the border. we were just remembering 9/11 not too long ago, a few weeks ago. >> steve: sunday. >> ainsley: two son days ago. we were all worried this could happen again. we pledged we would never forget, but we have these open borders and we learned that terrorists are getting into our country more now than we ever thought were coming through. the number of fugitives on the terror watch list apprehended at the border has soared 400%.
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in august, there were 12. fiscal year of 2022, 78. that's more than the past five years combined, which was 26. >> brian: one of tucker's big documentaries coming out, he spent months at the border and bill melugin was his find, using him out in the west coast. did you see the cut last night of two pakistanis at the border? he's like, "what are you doing?" they didn't say anything, but "where you from?" "pakistan." what would they come to our border for? that's the same country that said, with isis in the country, that the number one goal was attacked the u.s. in the u.s. how could this not be the top of the charts on joe biden things to-do list? >> steve: because he wants everybody in. i know he and kamala harris said the border is closed, we know it's wide open. ainslie, to your point about the giant number of people on our "don't let these people into the
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country for any reason" list, when somebody hires the cartel to get them into this country, they don't say, "hey, i'm a terrorist," the cartel doesn't care. they just want the money. absolutely, it's all about the money. we had tom feeley on, former director of new york i.c.e. removals, and he said he wished the president was half as angry about the cartels as abbott and desantis. here is tom. >> we have come across 78 known terrorists. that means using biometric measures we have come across them somewhere before and that's how we know they are a terrorist. the terrorists no, this is like our own trojan horse you're doing on our own. with the numbers coming across the border, the border patrol does not have the capability or time to do a good thorough screening on everybody they encounter, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that, if the people who want to do harm to this country are going to keep flowing unknown
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terrorists across that border, we will never know that they are here until it's probably too late. for the current secretary of homeland security to take the risk of being on the watch when the next attack occurs, i just do not understand. >> brian: it's not anyone's advantage to have a terrorist attack here, even politically. the texas sheriff yesterday who said he would pursue charges on governor desantis, i mean, you should turn in your badge. you know that border is falling apart. you know how jeopardize your own community is. you probably got the call from the white house after their friday meeting saying, "would you call out to desantis and make that a priority?" you're letting down the people in office. that's why there's a recall on you in that area and why so many in that area are totally let down by the fact that you're supposed be watching their back. ron desantis owns this issue along with governor abbott. they have made the country talk about and examine it, and no one likes the autopsy being revealed right now. here's the president trying to explain away his unexpected
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surge at the border. >> reporter: on the border, why is the border more overwhelmed under your watch, mr. president? >> because they are three countries that never it -- there are fewer immigrants coming from central america and from mexico. it's a totally different circumstance. what is on my watch now is venezuela, cuba, and nicaragua. and the ability to send them back to those states is not rational. >> are you planning on sending migrants to delaware? any comment on that? >> steve: the white house says they are monitoring reports that ron desantis may send some migrants via airplane or some other mode of transportation to delaware. but that -- we are going to start hearing a lot of what the president just said, because we heard it from the podium with karine jean-pierre, as well. she said we are seeing "a new pattern." that they are skipping communism.
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we are not seen any pattern, we are seeing a new excuse. they are saying we can't turn on the other way otherwise they'll be killed, and that the new spin, given though only about a third of the people coming in from those three countries. >> brian: and guess where they're coming in? the southern border with mexico. i don't care whether coming from, they need to come in in an orderly fashion. there's a big push in the country from business owners to get people willing to work to come here, so there's appetite for people who want to work. there is not appetite for people who want to storm in. if you enforce the mexican southern border and our own southern border, we can g get -- cuba has been communist for a while. when fidel castro wanted to empty his prisons, he give us their prisoners. just because you are a communist doesn't mean we want your prisoners, and just because you are fleeing communism doesn't mean you get in here. who knows what you've been doing? >> ainsley: a few years ago they were zero on the terror
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watch list that came across, and you might say why. when people come over, we took the fingerprints, their biometrics, and then we cross-reference them, and the fbi or border patrol is notified if someone could be suspicious of terrorism. and that's not happening as much now, because they say they are so overwhelmed, and the numbers -- they can't do it. >> brian: the numbers are still high and yet we can't do an adequate job because you don't have the manpower, and we certainly don't have the i.c.e. they've basically destroyed i.c.e. >> steve: it's troubling, that's why we brought you that number. a quarter after the hour, carley joins us with news. currently someone had paint in d.c. >> carley: they did, and u.s. park police have arrested a man for vandalizing the washington monument. they spray painted a vulgar message in red ink on the white marble and it could take weeks before that washes away. the monument is closed for now and it remains unclear when it
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will reopen for tourists. former south carolina governor and u.n. ambassador nikki haley hitting back at "the view" host sunny hostin over what she's calling a racist comment during his today show. >> i love to see nikki haley and liz cheney. >> nikki haley the chameleon. what is her real name again? there's many of us who can be chameleons and decide not to embrace our ethnicity so we can pass. >> i don't think that's fair. >> you go by a different name. >> ainsley: that's not a real first name. writing on twitter, "thanks for your concern. it's racist of you to judge my name. nikki is my indian name and it's on my birth certificate, and i'm proud of that." yankee slugger aaron judd hits a major milestone with his 60th home run of the season. >> three infielders on the left side for judge, and here's the 3-1. deep to left field! there it goes!
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number 60! slide over, babe -- you've got some company! >> ainsley: judge joins rare company, only five other players in history have gone 60 times in a single season. those are your headlines, guys. >> brian: it's very important to follow up fans, they were trailing by four in the ninth. he hits that shot, they load the bases, and a grand slam for stanton. they win the game. >> ainsley: when he played baseball or softball, did y'all ever hit a home run? i never did, i always tried to pin you played volleyball, right? >> carley: there's always today. >> ainsley: i think i was better in the field then at bat. >> brian: you don't remember exactly? pt when i was pitching, or catching, or playing outfield, when i wasn't picking the grass. [laughs] >> steve: thank you. >> brian: i would say this, and steve notes come through my youth i looked up to jose
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canseco, so i was juicing, so i hit a lot of home runs. >> ainsley: [laughs] that's fake news. he was just drinking orange juice. >> steve: listen, thank you very much for making the simply happy cookbook the number one cookbook in the world for the second week. it was four years ago when our first cookbook came out, and my son, peter, had an idea. he said, "you can get people talking about the cookbook if you knock on a random door somewhere in america and ask the people, total strangers, if you can go in and make them breakfast." >> ainsley: you better hope they watch fox. >> steve: i did it for years ago, and before i knocked on the door, i was terrified. watch. ♪ ♪ >> we have such a big surprise. it's either going to be great or a disaster. we are going to go to somebody's house. they don't know we are coming. we hope they are wearing clothes! i'm going to knock on the door and asked to come in and make them breakfast.
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>> the address right there is a name we are looking for. [doorbell ringing] >> are you peter? >> i am peter! are you steve? >> i'm steve! we're going to make you breakfast. wears a kitchen? when is the last time you had puff pastry? >> never. >> this is going to be fun. we will put this in quickly. this is a baked eggs benny. how does that taste, peter? >> wonderful! >> good answer! >> steve: tomorrow, to mark the brand-new cookbook, i'm going to knock on somebody's door somewhere in america. i'm not going to tell you where. >> brian: can you tell me the state? >> steve: i can't tell you. i can tell you it's probably in the eastern time zone. for the people in the eastern time zone, you might want to tidy up your kitchen today if you're watching fox, because i'm going to be stopping by to make you, out of the new cookbook, red velvet waffles and also the
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little brunch pigs in a blanket. >> brian: it says on the door, "this is guarded by a guard dog and a slim and shield." i still going in? >> steve: absolutely. you will find out the town and at 8:00 i'm going to knock on somebody's door. >> ainsley: i remember that day per that was a lot of fun. >> steve: meanwhile, there is if you can pick up the cookbook, simply happy >> ainsley: put your makeup on the night before. still ahead, some washington state jails are folks to forced to release fellows because of massive staffing shortages. jason rantz lives in seattle and breaks down how residents are reacting, next. >> brian: i'll take it from here, ainsley. don't rise in prices make you smile? "fortune" magazine says you should be happy about inflation, like the guy singing. the outrageous claims, still ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: a terrifying warning in washington. the jails in one of the counties they are refusing to take in felons because of staffing shortages. according to the pierce county sheriff's office, the corrections department has 55 deputy openings, forcing them to limit how many people, how many prisoners, can be booked. here to react his seattle radio talk show host, jason rantz. good morning, jason. tell me why this is happening. >> you have a few issues at play here. it is both pierce county and king county, where seattle is located. they are effectively closing down there jails because of lack of staff. the reason why for both of them is a little different.
5:26 am
number one across the board, defunding has hurt law enforcement in general. frankly, no one wants to sign up for any job that is in the arena of law enforcement because they know they are going to be constantly attacked. on top of that, in both counties you have got a ton of retirements. some of the retirements are due to just wanting to get out of this industry and some are leaving washington state altogether. in king county you still have a vaccine mandate, and that let go a lot of people who are working for the jails. when you have already got a staffing problem, and then you're going to fire people because they're not getting vaccinated, obviously that doubles down on the problem. what ends up happening is a whole bunch of people who should be in jail or simply not. >> ainsley: they are just letting the back on the streets or shipping them to another jail? >> it's not even letting them back in the streets, they are not booking them to begin with in some cases. king county, for example, are still working on covert emergency protocol, which means that, unless it is a violent felony, they are not being
5:27 am
booked at all. pretty much every single misdemeanor crime is not being booked, which means -- especially because we are dealing with a lot of folks are prolific offenders, they made it legal back onto the streets and commit a crime again. >> ainsley: i do decide to stay there? have you thought about moving? >> i haven't thought about moving yet because someone has to cover this stuff. it's some level of job security. >> ainsley: i understand. i'm still in new york. thank you, great to talk to you. still ahead, hurricane fiona upgraded to a cat four overnight. we are tracking the storm. in the light has taking aim at republican governor's migrant students should increase cities, but our next guest is a democrat doing the same thing. the mayor of el paso, texas,yo joins us witurh his message for the president. or active psoriatic arthritis and... take. it. on. with rinvoq. rinvoq is a once-daily pill that tackles pain, stiffness, swelling. for some, rinvoq significantly reduces ra and psa fatigue.
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>> steve: we are back with a fox weather alert. hurricane fiona has intensified to a cat four storm overnight. at least six people have been killed so far. in puerto rico, stunning video shows multiple power lines exploding. an estimated 80% of the island is in the dark. fiona is expected to sideswipe bermuda later this week. meanwhile, our own meteorologist, adam klotz, is here with the fox cast, locally
5:32 am
where you are in america and also the hurricane. >> yes, beautiful out here on fox square, but as you mentioned, hurricane fiona a major story as a strength and overnight, now a category four storm, and it has been lifting to the north of the bahamas, just north of turks and caicos. the category four storm will likely hang in that range as it lifts the north. still, hurricane warnings across the aisle and, tropical storm warnings across the islands. it's going to sideswipe bermuda by friday morning, winds of 140 miles an hour. we see way off the coast of the united states, but still, choppy seas and when you see them i go to the beach you'll see rip current warnings. and nova scotia and newfoundland as you get into the weekend, depending where you are. and i do want to leave you with an area to watch, because it is still the tropical season. this is our next system, a 90%
5:33 am
chance of moving into the southern caribbean over the next five days in becoming our next tropical storm. as a make that move, of course will be watching. those are the weather headlines, tossing it back inside to you. >> steve: thank you very much. you can get all the information at, download the app. thank you very much, sarah. meanwhile, el paso, texas, is one of the many border towns bearing the brunt of the immigration crisis, with more than 250,000 migrant encounters so far this year. many of them finding shelter on the city streets earlier this month, that is why el paso's democratic mayor has joined republican governors in bussing migrants from his town to sanctuary cities, despite some criticism from the white house. and the mayor of el paso, oscar, joins us now from el paso. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: we are doing okay but we are worried about what's going on on our southern border. tell us why you decided to start
5:34 am
bussing migrants out of el paso to places like new york. >> this is really an important thing. being taken from our community to other communities is not something that just started a couple weeks ago. that is something that's been going on for a long time. it became very public when it became political, and i think it's important when talking about it this morning that we take the politics out of this and understand that we have a lot of people coming across into el paso. but they are not coming to el paso, the coming to the united states. it's important that we look and see where they want to go. there's a big difference. you talk about being bused, they are taking them to the next destination where they want to go. we are not picking where they want to go. do we pick when they come across with the destination is? absolutely not. it is something where we work together with them and a lot of
5:35 am
nongovernmental agencies to help us along the way, whether it's a new york or anywhere else. we will continue to work with them. go ahead, i'm sorry. >> steve: i was going to say, you're absolutely right, you are taking the initiative to move them to the next place, that the federal government is simply letting them into the united states and then you are on your own. at least you and the governor and others have said, "you know what? locally we are overburdened and we are going to move them to someplace, a sanctuary city where they say they are better equipped." the federal government really does not address this. they just say, "come on in. you're on your own." >> i went to washington last week and i met with the white house and we talked about the needs of our community, and what needs to happen. i'm looking at, you are showing people on the street. within a day, we were taking people off the street and putting them in shelters,
5:36 am
putting them in hotels, making sure we fed them. there's no one on the streets today in el paso, we want to make sure they're not on the street. every time they were released into the street, we would go out there and give them a ride to a hotel. we give them shelter. so we continue that, but you can't compare what we are doing to what's going on anywhere else. we are actually putting people to their destination. when they come across, we don't get to pick where they want to go. we don't get to pick what comes across. we don't go over there and say, "hey, send me 20 that need to go to new york. send me 50 that want to go to chicago." semisponsored and some are not, and that's a big difference. we talked about sponsored, three or four weeks ago we had 95% of other people that had many and responsive. today we have a big move from venezuela, we have less than 50% that have sponsors. that's where it comes into the city. this is a great city that has opened its arms to help people, to make sure they are fed and that they have a ride to their
5:37 am
next destination. and it's very important that we treat people the way we want to be treated, for the most important part is, let's forget about democrats and republicans and let's talk about what we do right. let's take the politics out of it, to be honest with you. >> steve: i completely agree. ultimately congress needs to change the laws, because when president decides to do it one way, the next president changes everything, and we've got what we've got right now. but it was lori lightfoot who, like you, is a democrat, up in chicago, and regarding greg abbott, you're sitting in texas. regarding his buses of migrants to the big century cities, she said that was racist. governor abbott is just trying to get the people out of texas closer to the ultimate destination. >> and what we are doing is working with the ngos. we put a manifesto on and we say -- we let them know what's coming so they can help them move on. some of the people that go to new york or to go to chicago, that's not going to be their final destination at the end of
5:38 am
the day, but that's where they are going, and the next destination will go from there. again, we want to make sure we treat people properly and with respect, and that's exactly what this wonderful community of el paso is doing today. >> steve: mayor leeser, we thank you for joining us today. we know you have your handful explaining why you are bussing migrants out of el paso into the big northeastern cities. thank you very much. >> thank you. have a wonderful day. >> steve: you, as well. later on today, the federal reserve expected to announce another historic rate hike is nearly two-thirds of americans say their incomes are lacking. larry kudlow on what this could mean for your wallet. it's probably not going to be good. ♪ ♪ some days, it felt like asthma was holding me back. but asthma has taken enough. so i go triple... with trelegy. with 3 medicines in 1 inhaler,... it's the only once-daily treatment for adults
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5:43 am
control inflation, they say. >> ainsley: this comes as a new poll is showing nearly two-thirds of voters say their family income is falling behind the cost of living. >> steve: despite this crippling costs, "fortune" magazine tells americans to be happy about inflation. somebody who is not happy about inflation is for a national economic counsel director and the host over on fox business, larry kudlow. hey, larry. >> hi. hello, good morning. >> steve: it's good to have you. the federal reserve is going to jam the brakes and try again, they're going to hit three quarters or 1%. they are trying to slow things down. unfortunately, when they do that, people lined up in a painful situation. things cost more and people lose their jobs. >> yeah, you are right about the pain. it's too bad the fed didn't start this about 15 or 18 months ago, because they never took it seriously. like the biden administration, they call it transitory.
5:44 am
so we are in a hole, we are in a tough pickle right now, a deeper dish. they are going to tighten, they've got their manhood back. jay powell has grown new hair on his chest. [laughter] his hero now is paul volcker, who was a boss of mine many, many decades ago. and they will go 75 today. that's the consensus. i believe they should go a full percentage point and they should go a full percentage point in november, and a full percentage point in december. in other words, rip the band-aid off, take this down. the faster they act, they will change expectations from high inflation to price stability, and the economic damage, i think, will be much less on much shorter. it would be helpful if we had tax cuts and deregulation and opening the oil spigots from fiscal policy. that would ameliorate the drop in the economy. but i don't think that is likely
5:45 am
until the cavalry comes in november. so the fed will be tough today, very tough. >> brian: let me ask something. if that's his hero, didn't paul volcker cut spending at the same time? >> he did. look, he worked with reagan. we had spending cuts, domestic spending cuts, tax cuts, energy deregulation, and of course he then pulled the money supply out and raised nominal and real interest rates a lot. so yeah, it would be nice if we had -- you know, this is a strange story because the federal government, congress and the white house, increasing spending. recent bills are going to increase spending by, i don't know, $2 trillion or some such. so they are putting money in and the fed is trying to take money out. that's a very bizarre situation which is probably going to make things even harder to accomplish. >> ainsley: larry, on fox nation you have the
5:46 am
unauthorized history of socialism, a live summit that will stream at 11:00 a.m. today. i understand brian will take part in this. tell us more about it. >> one of the big questions is which side brian will be on, socialism or freedom and democracy. [laughter] we will have to work that out later to attract the viewers. look, this is going to be a discussion essentially of totalitarianism versus freedom and democracy. between a state-run economy and a free market economy. between human action versus state action. we will look at all of the pros and cons. i can tell you right now, i am no friend to socialism. i think you all know that. one of the themes in this today is going to be, how do we stop the drift toward socialism that is going on in washington, d.c.? for example, the green new deal and all the climate change regulations, that is a very
5:47 am
powerful form, of regulatory state run central planning. it's being jammed down our throats. you probably saw the story yesterday when the interior department jammed it down the throats of the native americans and the navajos who would like to drill and the interior department all of them. the approach to covert, central planning, jamming it down our throats. the misinformation censorship, jamming it down our throats. so we will walk through that. we have got a lot of outstanding people. newt gingrich is going to be on. i mentioned brian, sandra smith, steve moore, mary o'grady. it'll be a terrific crowd. and we are going to hear from one of my idols, a famous economist who talked about freedom versus socialism. even though he died in 1950, he is going to commune with us later in the show and tell us whether we are in the right
5:48 am
direction or not. >> brian: but i remain the headliner, that is clear. [laughter] >> that was a joke! asked megan i went got my joke! golly, i was working on that. sorry. >> brian: will get it later when we watch the show back. 30 minutes before the top of the hour. meanwhile, still ahead, kylie ke irving crying over a new york snit latest vaccine guidance. let's talk to dana perino to figure what's on her show exclusively. >> dana: thank you very much, and happy birthday, ainsley. >> ainsley: thanks, dana. >> dana: putin said he's going to use nuclear weapons and is not bluffing. but instead to respond at the u.n. assembly speech, and white house spokesman john kirby will be here on set with the preview. senator marco rubio joins us after migrants are now suing the
5:49 am
governor's forgiving them free transportation to sink three cities. litigation, i guess that the american way. plus, two republican women running for congress. the races are very tight as we are seven weeks to the midterm election. what is that competitive edge? we'll find out. we'll see you at 9:00. for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because it's not just for kids.
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♪ ♪ >> brian: kyrie irving blessing mayor eric adams decision to end the mess mandate while leaving the municipal workers out of luck. he says the mandate is one of the biggest violations and human rights history. it might be an overstatement, but i understand the sentiment. clay travis, joins us now. 850 teachers are off, a couple of thousand cops are fired. let alone the military that were told to take a hike. >> and it's not just new york city, brian. i'm going to keep hammering this, because it is so incrincredibly frustrating to m. he's right about new york city but here's the reality, military, teachers, so many federal employees, so many private sector employees, as well, all for covid shots that, brian, they told us would prevent you from getting or spreading covid. that is now not true.
5:54 am
effectively, in my opinion, these covid shots are like used cars that didn't work. we have lemon laws everywhere. the american taxpayer has enriched pfizer, moderna, johnson & johnson, to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. i give credit to kyrie irving, novak djokovic, and aaron rodgers. everyone in the military and everybody who lost their jobs for refusing, all those teachers, everyone who lost their jobs for refusing to get the covid shot should get their jobs back with back pay, funded by the profits that the american taxpayer paid for all these covid shot that didn't do what they told us they would. >> brian: we knew that already, and we are three variants into this. the new variant booster, they want to sell that after telling us the pandemic is done? forget it.
5:55 am
aaron judge made history last night, home run number 6060, he ties babe ruth, and meanwhile a grand slam wins it for the yankees. put in perspective, his 60th home run, as we watch it. >> first of all, this started a late rally for the yankees to come back and win a game. they were in the big deficit situation in the ninth inning. you can see the crowd going crazy. i can't help but think, and i imagine there's a lot of baseball fans like me, that wish we had not had the barry bonds and mark mcgwire and sammy sosa cheating scandal. assuming he's clean, can you imagine how electric the sports world would be, and yankee fans of the top of that list, if this were finally happening? not only at babe ruth's record, but also roger marist's record?
5:56 am
inset is polluted by that cheating scandal. >> brian: 73 is not the number. 70 is not the number. it should be this number. they should've made it easy. instead he says the number 73 because baseball doesn't have the courage. they put his equipment in the hall of fame, but they don't put him in the hall of fame. thank you, clay. we'll be right back. back in a moment. that's our graphic and our logo.
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>> good morning, cleveland. maybe i'll go to cleveland tomorrow and show up and knock on someone's door. >> clean your kitchen, cleveland. he might be coming to you. >> i will wind up at somebody's front door tomorrow. >> shower, he could be there. >> bill: president biden getting ready to address the u.n. when putin made a speech that amounts to a major escalation of war in ukraine. he says he is not bluffing on the possibility of nuclear weapons. this as moscow calls up as many as 300,000 reservists. president biden speaks later this morning. we'll get reaction on that from john kirby momentarily. first there is more bedlam at the border. we learned in the month of august alone, border patrol stopped a dozen suspected terrorists from entering the country whic


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