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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 21, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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services like apple and amazon turned down the chance to be their media partners. so it seems like today greg norman's visit is trying to put a pretty pros face on the liv tour. a big p.r. push among lawmakers. >> bill: see how it goes. hillary vaughn. >> dana: fox news alert the grim warning from putin as global leaders gather at the united nations are president biden is set to speak later this hour. he raises the threat as he calls up hundreds of thousands of troops and saying his warning of using force is not a bluff. i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. putin's announcement coming with the u.n. general assembly, where the u.n. secretary general says the world is in big trouble. putin clearly stating he will not hesitate to use any and all
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means necessary to protect what he considers russian territory after a string of humiliating setbacks in ukraine. white house advisor john kirby with dana and me last hour calling putin's comments irresponsible. >> he is definitely under more pressure now internally and externally and increasingly clear he is not doing well in ukraine. why else call up a mobilization of 300,000 troops? we have said from the beginning and you would see the rhetoric last night is consistent with this from him. it is irresponsible for a nuclear power to speak that way about the possible use of nuclear weapons or any weapons of mass destruction. >> dana: greg palkot is live in london. hi, greg. >> yes, tough words from russian president vladimir putin as his going gets tougher in his war against ukraine. in a rare televised address he called for the partial mobilization of reservists, 300,000, to bolster the ranks of his forces hit harder than
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expected by ukraine military counter offensive. most disturbing is a not so veiled threat he made to the west about his possible use of nuclear weapons claiming unnamed nato states were engaged in nuclear blackmail against russia. here is a bit of what he had to say. >> if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will without doubt use all available means to protect russia and our people. this is not a bluff. >> this is not a bluff. what makes the threat more alarming is putin's backing are sham referenda in four areas of ukraine now occupied by moscow starting later this week and expected to rubber stamp joining russia for that unofficially expand russia's territory. ukraine war has already been central. the peach -- speech is given by president biden a strong message later this hour. president zelenskyy speaking to the body virtually this
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afternoon. vladimir putin is a no-show. no chance of a reprieve of a -- >> dana: dan hoffman, former c.i.a. chief of station in moscow. when you heard this, what was your thought? >> well, i think vladimir putin is change to perception of this war by illegally annexing more of ukraine's territory. the reality is that following ukraine's blistering counter offensive, russia is in dire straits in danger of losing. putin's only way to try to induce the west not to give ukraine what they need to finish the job. >> bill: so he is calling for a draft. how will that mobilization go over among the russian people? >> this is the first mobilization since world war ii. look, way back a few weeks ago we all felt like nothing says
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his special military operation isn't exactly going according to plan here, having to rely on north korea for artillery. the threat to putin is less from the democrat pro-liberal folk who he snuffed out in russia. it's the ultra-nationalists who are wondering why russia failed to top el ukraine's government in the amount of time putin said it would take, three days. if the ukraine government is really governed by nazis and a threat to russia, why isn't russia doing more to topple it? his own inner circle and the ultra-nationalist hawks. >> dana: we also heard today that flights are full to leave russia. the third time in russian history. putin had this to say. watch this. >> russian citizens can be sure
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the territorial integrity of our homeland, independence and freedom will be protected. with all a means at our disposal those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know the winds can turn their way. >> dana: we understand president biden it will be a speech talking about world hunger and things like that. however, this is going to be what everyone will pay attention to, how should biden deal with this when putin is ratcheting things up? >> vladimir putin's threats to use nuclear weapons and his demands that ukraine not take the fight to russian territory induced the biden administration to provide artillery with limited change, not to agree to a no fly zone or allow poland to allow the aircraft. if i could suggest writing a piece of president biden's talking points i would say look, if ukraine chooses to fight for its territory no matter what russia calls it, this is ukraine's territory
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we'll support them. we need to continue to do that even if vladimir putin is calling kherson parts of russia they're not. we should not allow putin to prevent us from doing the right thing. we'll see what the president says. i'm sure the president's advisors are huddling with the intelligence community now to assess vladimir putin's plans and intentions and the seriousness of the threats he delivered today. >> bill: i don't think anyone is going to agree to this in this administration. are we effectively at war with russia and putin now? >> well, that's the way vladimir putin is framing it because how else could you explain that russia is losing in a war that they claimed they could win in a short amount of time. putin's defense minister said russia is at war with the west. at the very most a proxy war. the united states is the arsenal for democracy.
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the ukrainians are fighting and dying throughout ukraine and they are the ones we can owe a debt of gratitude for standing up to democracy on a fault line between vladimir putin and liberty and freedom. that's a fine line and vladimir putin -- >> bill: you would agree these rockets have allowed ukraine to go on the offensive. without our weapons and without the weapons of nato countries, ukraine would not be battling back the way they are, would they? >> no, you're right about that. so that -- vladimir putin certainly recognizes that and may have assessed that the united states and the west would never have provided ukraine the weapons that they needed. but we are. only to a point, bill. we haven't gone far enough for ukraine to actually win this. putin knows that. if we were to give ukraine the artillery with the longer range, and we were providing them with aircraft and earlier on if we considered a no fly zone ukraine might have been
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able to take the fight to the enemy in a speedier fashion and avoided the catastrophe we've experienced in ukraine. ukraine lost millions of people displaced and innocent civilians killed in this barbaric war that needs to end with ukraine's victory as soon as possible. >> dana: dan hoffman, thank you so much. the speech is a half hour away and we'll check back in with you. thank you. >> bill: a look at the all-important swing state of pennsylvania. we're within seven weeks from mid-terms. democratic senate candidate john fetterman adopting a strategy called every county, every vote against his republican opponent dr. oz. rich edson is in washington with more on the race and where it stands today. rich, good morning. >> good morning, bill and dana. a massive shift away from the democratic party among blue collar workers in states like pennsylvania. lieutenant governor john fetterman claims he will win the senate seat by blowing up
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the margins in ruby red counties and bringing his message to places where it's not always popular. how about indiana county? 68% of the voters backed then president trump in 2020. fetterman says he needs to flip the voters to beat his trump-endorsed opponent. he drew more than 500 supporters there last night hitting his themes of abortion, unions and republican oz's former new jersey residency. >> the candidate doesn't show up. you will have a doctor in your life for the next six years. [booing] >> if you don't live in pennsylvania, how can you fight for pennsylvania? >> oz lives in pennsylvania now. fetterman had a stroke this may. while recovers has refused to debate oz until two weeks before election day. he caught broad criticism for
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only agreeing to one debate late next month. oz has been campaigning where voters typically support the other party. this week in philadelphia. >> there is no way anyone can look at what is happening in philadelphia and not feel like we are giving up the lives of hundreds of thousands of people without a little compassion and love. >> bill: polls have tightened in the race over the summer with most showing fetterman with a single digit lead. early absentee voting started this week in pennsylvania. bill and dana. >> bill: nice to see you, rich edson in washington >> you need the governor of the state of new york to be leading this state. it doesn't matter whether you are republican, democrat or independent. people are desperate for safety and security and not getting it. >> bill: lee zeldin putting out an s.o.s. call. he wants to be governor. does the current governor hochul need tougher laws to get
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>> bill: southern border crisis continues hitting cities like el paso hard. organizations there, including shelters, food banks and advocacy groups say they're running out of resources to help the massive influx of migrants by the day. casey stiegel live in el paso
7:17 am
with details on how the city is coping with this challenge. casey, hello. >> good morning to you. leaders here in fact say they have been forced to come up with not one, but several different plans to address the flood of large groups of migrants that have been coming to this city recently. a few weeks ago they opened up a makeshift welcome center designed to link migrants with resources like shelter and transportation. but the city has also secured a $2 million contract with a charter bus company and since august 23 at least 60 buses have taken more than 3,000 migrants from el paso here to places like new york, and chicago. the system is running more smoothly now after last week. migrants were camping out on city sidewalks here near the bus station. officials say they are working more closely with ngos and volunteers to get them off the
7:18 am
streets temporarily to get them in hotels and shelters. >> the federal government is releasing them with little warning to the cities. it is not a safe environment for the migrants or especially those migrants with families to be sleeping on the streets. so our roving teams have gone out and moved them either to the shelters or to hotels. >> u.s. border patrol tells fox they are working to quote quickly decompress the el paso area adding that this sector specifically is experiencing a surge of migrants from cuba and venezuela, which presents its own unique set of circumstances and challenges because they cannot be returned to mexico as you know. >> bill: thank you, casey stiegel in el paso. >> dana: eagle pass, texas in the del rio sector now emerging as the new epicenter of the
7:19 am
migrant surge. this as new fox flight team video shows another large group of more than 150 migrants crossing in the intense heat. shocking new numbers from a customs and border protection source show migrant encounters crossing more than 463,000 this fiscal year. the rio grande valley's total of just over 461,000 border apprehensions. >> here in new york city the mayor eric adams says new york city is struggling with the influx of migrants arriving by bus from the southern border. happening for some time now. i believe we're into the number of 6,000 or 7,000 who have arrived in total. former new york governor david patterson is with us in studio. good morning to you. >> been a long time. >> bill: thank you for making time for us. the new mayor, eric adams, from a few days ago saying new york remains a sanctuary city and
7:20 am
state and he is looking for federal help. >> well, i believe our legal and moral responsibility of being a right to shelter city is something that we live up to. but this is a sanctuary country. i would say to them that we can coordinate our way as americans to deal with this crisis. this is a humanitarian crisis that was created by human hands. >> bill: he has blamed a lot of border state governors for the problems in new york. do you think that's justified? >> i think the point that the mayor made is well taken that it's a humanitarian crisis that we as a whole country are going to have to get involved and for a period of time the migrations is coming only into texas, arizona and places like that. so i think that if we are going to maintain the same policy that we have about immigration, then we will have to spread out the migrants so that they are
7:21 am
treated respectfully and at the same time they don't overload our systems that are already in many ways refracted by the covid virus over the past couple of years. >> dana: would you advocate that president biden needs to do something different in terms of the policy that they have -- >> i'm not sure what the policy has been because there have been reports that migrants are being flown into different cities even new york in westchester county for several months. so to a certain extent i think the president may have actually addressed partially the fact that all the migrants were going to two or three states and was trying to spread them out. if that's the case, i would not have kept that secret. i would have made it clear that we are going to have to send some of the migrants to different places because these few states can't absorb the strain on their budgets. >> bill: it appears there will be new places and we're waiting
7:22 am
to hear when that happens and where. meanwhile in new york city you are still a resident of this town. it changed quite a bit. i know you are aware of that. lee zeldin wants to be governor. here is him talking about crime and that issue for new yorkers. >> we have to take back our streets and repeal cashless bail and remove rogue district attorneys like alvin bragg. we need to back our men and women in law enforcement. our streets should belong to law-abiding new yorkers, not criminals. >> bill: what is the answer be it out of albany or here in new york >> well, the first thing we have to understand is what bail actually is. it doesn't relate to the crime that's being committed. it relates to the production of the defendant at the trial. now, i do think that the assessing the dangerousness of the defendant, which 49 other states other than new york are doing, has to be implemented.
7:23 am
but actually repealing bail itself demonstrates a lack of understanding of the law. so mr. zeldin really has to get that the issues are about the production of the defendant at the trial and the safety of the community, if the defendant is allowed out on bail regardless of how high the bail or low the bail is. >> dana: crime stats are pretty astounding. we live here and we see a lot of it. crime is up 34% overall. robbery up 38%, burglary 32%, assault 18%. murders are down a little bit but the feeling in the city of just uncomfortableness. you saw with the man with the hatchet in the mcdonalds. are you worried about businesses having to make a tough decision to say we can't stay here? we can't be able to be in new york? >> i'm extremely worried about that. businesses are closing. businesses are locking up all the supplies. you would think you were going into fort knox when you go to a rite aid.
7:24 am
this is the reaction we feared when the covid virus basically shut everything down. particularly the younger people who are involved in a lot of these criminal activities. they had no school to go to. they had no park to go to. they had no place else to go but into negative situations like gangs and crimes and these -- these attacks on people walking down the street for no reason. >> bill: if you knew the vast majority of crimes were being committed by the same small percentage of people, would you not make a decision to change that? >> absolutely. when you read about people that have been arrested 100 times, you realize that after about three times you kind of know who you are dealing with and stronger pen amounts should exist and they actually did in new york about 25 years ago. but got rescinded over a period
7:25 am
of time. i think that the number of chances -- there really isn't that many people committing the crimes. it is they are committing so many of them and they have frightened a city of 9 million people in a state of 19 million people. >> dana: right. governor david patterson, always good to get your wisdom. >> bill: thank you for your time. our best to you and come on back, okay? >> thank you. >> bill: thank you. >> the resulting numbers are absolutely staggering. 250 million dollars, a quarter of a billion dollars, all the investigation has been complex, the crime is quite simple. it's a massive fraud scheme. >> dana: federal prosecutors charging dozens of people with stealing nearly $250 million in covid relief funds. money earmarked for hungry children. how the alleged thieves got caught. plus illinois's 17th districts a key toss-up. esther joy king is the
7:26 am
candidate for republicans. the issues they is campaigning on next.
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. >> bill: live pictures of the u.n. president biden set to address the u.n. general assembly since the start of the ukraine war for the first time and deliver remarks on a firm rebuke to russia over its invasion. overnight putin made major headlines about that war and call on world leaders to stand firm in the face of that aggression. we'll take you there as soon as it begins for that message for us and the world coming up shortly. >> dana: our next guest is an army reservist and former attorney running to represent illinois's 17th congressional districts. it is one of 30 toss-ups so
7:32 am
could decide the majority in the house. no pressure. we have it listed as a toss-up. do you think you have an edge when you are on the ground talking to people? >> we absolutely do. we ran -- i ran in the 2020 election. this seat is currently held by the former chairwoman of the democrat congressional campaign committee. this is a democrat seat that we have all the energy and momentum in. this district was a redistricting year. we were also up against the corrupt springfield democrats led by prytzger in their way to make it a state democrat seat. we're still in an exact tie right now and nancy pelosi is not giving up her power easily. she is already spending $2.4 million in attacking me and as a captain in the army jag corp and the daughter of christian
7:33 am
missionary parents, when someone questions my character i have to say that's not right. i was talking with a number of friends from the united states military and he said esther, you know you are standing up for what's right when you get punched in the face. when i'm getting punched in the face by nancy pelosi i know i'm doing something right. >> bill: we want to show our viewers the old and new district. hard to tell. they shrunk it and made it skinnier. on the screen here there is your old district screen left. new district screen right. that's -- it appears to favor democrats based on the way they've drawn it. your slogan is battle ready leader with the heart to serve. last hour we had a republican on from colorado. she said it is drug abuse and -- what are the issues in
7:34 am
northwestern illinois? >> that is very in line with our district. so from rockford in the north to the quad cities to peoria, illinois, to bloomington going all over. my favorite campaign activity is to knock on doors and a really intimate experience to stand on someone's porch and ask them what matters to you. voters in the illinois 17th are deciding whether to fill my gas tank or grocery cart? recently talking with farmers. we're an agricultural district. farmers, their cost of diesel. it will affect our food supply and people are really concerned in illinois 17th congressional district and ready for change. whether democrat, republican or independent i find people who know the biden administration policies are directly hurting them now and my far left extreme opponent who is running
7:35 am
100% on a climate change agenda platform trying to tell them this is less important to me, you should care about it and i'm going to people and asking what is important to you and that's what i will champion in washington, d.c. >> dana: i have a feeling your whole life, you are a christian missionary, also a reservist in the military. you are probably tougher than you seem and they should not underestimate you. thank you for joining us today. good to have you. >> thank you. i would just close by saying the red wave is something we're creating. if anyone wants to help fire nancy pelosi go to esther for congress .com to donate. >> the indictment in this case alleges the defendants took money that was set aside to feed hungry children and instead fed their own greed. they focused on fraud instead of food. >> bill: a big problem. the feds taking a big bite out
7:36 am
of pandemic relief crime after uncovering a major fraud operations involving millions of dollars meant to provide meals for low income children. we have the details from mark meredith. >> in is a story leaving a lot of people outraged. prosecutors say they have uncovered the largest pandemic relief fraud yet. it was meant to feed hungry children. investigators laid out their case and say 48 people around the minnesota area were milking taxpayers $250 million. the case is still under investigation. the fraud allegedly began in april of 2020 as both the feds and state governments were scafmg to insure people especially kids no longer in school would be cared for during the pandemic and certain checks and balances were relaxed. the scheme involved billing the minnesota department of education meals and cut minnesota a check for the u.s. d.a. the government claims very few
7:37 am
kids got the food provided. want to show you an example what feeding our future claimed they were providing. if we show the graphic what they were showing on there. 2500 meals being served every day. there is so little detail provided it appears several groups submitted the same form without providing aid. >> they then submitted false rosters listing thousands of children who either did not exist or who did not receive meals. these false forms were critical to the success of the scheme. >> where did all the money go if not to the kids? prosecutors say the suspects spent millions on july reese, cars and property all the way out in nairobi, kenya. the defendants facing a variety of charges and there is a lot out there. >> bill: could be billions, right? >> yes, it could. >> bill: nice to see you, mark meredith in washington >> dana: president biden will arrive any minute at the united
7:38 am
nations where he is expected to make the case to world leaders that russia's aggression in ukraine is an affront to the international community. mike waltz, the latest threat by president putin, he will join us next.
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>> dana: with the u.n. general assemblyly underway critics are talking about the effectiveness of this organization as it struggles to deal with issues facing the global community. gillian turner has more with this. >> critics are saying the reality is that the u.n. today right now is failing over and over again to meet its mandated and fulfill its mission. the organization stood by as russia, china, north korea and iran thumbed noses at
7:44 am
international law. lawmakers in washington say it is more crucial than ever before that president biden get his speech coming up in a moment exactly right. >> when president biden gets to the united nations understanding that vladimir putin is known to be homicide all, not suicidal you need to be strong, confident, consistent and effective. understanding the principle when you are there giving that speech you should be messaging to our nation's friends. >> tony blinken has referred to the annual u.n. gathering as diplomatic speed dating. but it is not. just government officials taken on a critical view of the organization. >> i'm not a fan of the u.n. it is a money-making corrupt organization. >> i personally don't trust them 100% in all different aspects. >> i don't know why they exist to tell you the truth. >> the body that stood by as russia built up troops and
7:45 am
invaded in ukraine. genocide continues in china despite a council created to prevent it. north korea is thumbing its nose at all u.n. security council resolutions meant to stop its missile tests. all this inaction doesn't come cheap. in 2020, the most recent fiscal year with data available the u.s. contributed $11.6 billion to the u.n. dana. >> dana: all right, as that meeting gets underway. >> bill: president biden is about to take the world stage as we await his address at the u.n. after president putin made major headlines overnight. a draft, a 300,000 russian men under the age of 35. putin says he is not afraid and will not bluff in the event of nuclear weapons. florida congressman mike waltz, react to what we woke up with this morning and what does president biden say about it?
7:46 am
>> i think your previous reporting we need clarity. what we don't need at this crucial moment are any gaffes that biden's staff has to try to clean up that could result in misunderstood or even dangerous signals to our adversaries or allies around the world. we need to absolutely hear in response to putin's threats of nuclear weapons, we need to hear from the president, from the commander-in-chief absolute red lines on russian's use of tactical news and weapons of mass destruction and even any type of destruction or leak from ukraine's nuclear power plant in zaporizhzhya, that it will mean u.s. and nato involvement in some way, shape or form if russia goes there. they believe, the russians believe they can escalate to -- to de-escalate they can escalate to cause weak-kneed responses of the united states, this administration and europe
7:47 am
and we need to hear a clear demand from the united states to our european allies, particularly germany, they start delivering on their promises. i can tell you what they are actually delivering is a fraction in terms of military aid of what they promised. europeans have to do more. >> dana: very interesting. we asked john kirby about putin's belief that he is at war with us. here is what he said. >> he is at war inside ukraine. despite the rhetoric we heard from putin last night trying once again to make it about the west versus russia or the united states versus russia ornate owe versus russia, nothing can be farther from the truth. ukraine was invaded illegally and fighting to defend their country. >> dana: so you just said that the europeans haven't delivered all that they are supposed to deliver in terms of weaponry. so would this outcome right now be different if the ukrainians had what they were promised? >> i think it would be
7:48 am
different if the ukrainians had what they were asking for before the invasion even started. i do believe russia could have been deterred if they saw the coast of the black sea brimming with anti-ship missiles and stingers beforehand. i think it could have made a drive -- difference. the eastern europey answer are doing everything they can. the old europe of germany, france and others that are still tapping the brakes on this belief that they can deal with putin. putin has made his intentions clear as he cuts off gas to europe that is going to cause an economic crisis this winter and finally on china, we need to clear up the ambiguity that the president just caused again in his 60 minutes interview and i'm very interested to see what he says on iran and iran deal. >> bill: as we are. thank you, michael waltz, nice to talk to you. >> thank you.
7:49 am
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>> harris: with millions of illegal migrant encounters at our border. the frightening news of how many are on the terrorist watch list. russian dictator vladimir putin called up 300,000 reservists to fight in his war on ukraine and made a serious nuclear threat and president biden just moments from now expected to speak on it at the united nations. we'll carry that live. ambassador nikki haley, pete hegseth, jimmy failla, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: see you in a moment. a colorado deputy killed in a police is a hit and run crash as she was riding a motorcycle on sunday.
7:55 am
the suspect an illegal immigrant with prior d.u.i. arrests ordered to leave the country in 2013. we have the rest of that tragic story. good morning. >> good morning, bill. the deputy was just one week from her 25th birthday when she was killed. it happened on sunday when she was riding her motorcycle to work. the sheriff's department said she was struck by a van at an intersection. the suspect gonzalez is suspected of driving under the influence. law enforcement says an empty beer can and full beer cans were found inside the vehicle. the district attorney says gonzalez has a history of d.u.i. convictions since 2011 and after skipping probation in 2011 and two years later pleading to a d.u.i. and leaving the scene of an accident in another case he received a voluntary deportation order. he ignored it and also skipped out on a $5,000 bond.
7:56 am
he is also accused of running away from the scene on sunday and not helping deputy after she was hit, something her fellow sheriffs deputies call cowardly. the colorado state patrol on sunday. >> the individual took off on foot into the cornfield and why we used the drone technology, canines and aircraft to locate him but they caught up with him monday night. >> changed his appearance. the d.a. said the midst of planning an escape to mexico where he is from. the sheriff's department placed the handcuffs on the man suspected of killing her. the deputy is from north dakota and been with the department since 2018. gonzalez is being held on a half million dollars bond. >> bill: that did not need to happen in california. >> dana: schools across the country are receiving hoax calls about active shooters with a dozen in the last week
7:57 am
alone. incidents around the country. what's driving the calls known as swatting and their effects on schools and communities? it is real. we want to bring in the president of national school safety and security services. what is happening at the schools? >> good morning. the problem is that educators are on pins and needles already. students are afraid and parents upset because of the uvalde situation and the slightest type of threat or even a drop of a bottle on a floor in a hallway is sending schools into lockdown and creating massive police response. the threats come in two types. broad categories. those locally from students, former students, someone with a connection to the school. second coming from across state borders in many cases and internationally. robo generated calls, digital messages. shooting or bomb threats typically and it is creating a massive response and adding to an anxiety that's already
7:58 am
existing. schools need to have threat assessment teams training in protocols in place. advise schools to assess and react. not react and assess. putting an enormous amount of pressure on school come koun tease. those who make threats once you press send you can't put the threat into the smartphone and a ton of bricks with suspension and expulsion and criminal prosecution. the f.b.i. is investigating these swatting threats that are hitting nationwide. >> dana: very disruptive to students. talked to one mom today that it happened in her son's school and it was traumatic. local authorities come in, weapons drawn, advised to take cover and this is just the start of the school year. do you anticipate that this will continue to ratchet up because the pranksters or criminals that are making these
7:59 am
calls don't see any consequences yet? >> the good news is that law enforcement is much more adept today than in the past following the digital footprint. they will get caught. it takes time and may have subsequent threats that go along with it as they are waiting. we recommend schools have crisis communication, social media platform messaging to parents to help create some type of account. we're having to post uvalde effect where we see parents uncertain about law enforcement and school responses are now trying to break through police perimeters to go into the schools themselves creating a whole other problem for police trying to secure an area and make sure that they have a safe environment and neutralize any threat. it is extremely challenging. we expect it to continue and want schools to be pro-active and be as prepared as possible but not over react and put things in context.
8:00 am
>> dana: thank you so much. we'll stay in touch with you. good information to have. >> bill: the u.n. will be on the plate for harris when she takes over in a moment here. this is the leader and joe biden follows him. >> dana: he will be here and harris faulkner is next. "the faulkner focus" is next. >> harris: we begin with breaking news this hour. president biden is expected to speak at the general assembly of the united nations at any moment. he is next on the list there and they have been ticking along pretty expeditiously. we'll go to it live the moment that happens. we can tell you that we expect him to say something about russia because of what has just happened. we can't imagine that he won't address the nuclear threat from russian dictator vladimir putin today. putin mobileizing


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