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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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away having produced some of the worst software and the push of vaccine that doesn't work now he owns on the farmland though gates' can have genetically reengineer where the world's most important staple grants corn. we have high hopes for that project. that's it for us tonight will be back at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow and every night in the meantime here is sean. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" broadcasting for mar-a-lago in just a moment the 45th president of the united states donald j. trump who will join us for his very first sitdown interview since roughly 30 federal agents gun drawn storm through the doors right here in the president's own home. now in what was obviously an unprecedented rate historically, we begin with a few serious questions that everyone watching time, do we have america today
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with equal justice under the law? we have equal application of our light laws in this country. local, state and federal officials to investigate crimes or prosecute people? if america's justice system is ever weaponized and politicized beyond repair this country that we all love, we are in big trouble. now take a look at new york attorney general which he should letitia james. other entities claiming that they inflated the value of the donald trump organization. it is nothing short of very obvious political stunt is not a criminal case it is a civil c case. after 3 years of nonstop obsessive investigations into every aspect of the president's life letitia james she had to do something. because during her race for attorney general and the state of new york she seemed totally and completely uninterested with investigating crimes or keeping new york safe from violent offenders it's less safe than
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it's ever been instead her main campaign pledge was to go after one man. donald trump. and donald trump's family, and donald trump's organization. well today, and front of the infant tonic tarnation she fulfilled her campaign promise take a look. >> i will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate president. when our fundamental rights are at stake. the president of these united states can be indicted for criminal offenses. >> oh, we are definitely going to soothe him. to be a real pain in the bleed. >> that man of the white house. who can't go a day without threatening our fundamental rights. >> yes we need to focus on donald trump and his abuse we need to follow us money. when you find out where he is laundered money. we need to find out whether or not he is engaged in conspiracy. >> sean: now is it any wonder that these numbers came out today that the state of new york
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set a brand-new record for the month of august, 5,838 residents in the state of new york have now switched in 30 days, 31 days for drivers licenses from new york to florida. that is within one month the attorney general's name and trying to hide her efforts to weaponized justice in new york state. her conduct is deeply unethical at best, but she is not alone from the donald trump haters on capitol hill, high-ranking and deep state bureaucrats in the doj and the fbi. now we have witnessed one of many years the 45th president has been the subject of what is nonstop, never-ending, legal scrutiny focused on on a specific crime, but on the man himself. now this is an intense legal scrutiny that no democrat has ever faced: whoever president has ever faced. for example for the first time in history american presidents home was rated by the fbi. joe biden, his main opponent in 2020, maybe 2024 of his doj is
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accusing former president donald trump of holding onto 103 classified documents after his presidency. they have 11,000 that were not controversial anyway. and by the way a president can declassify any of these documents unlike for example secretary of state hillary clinton, she cannot. we will get to that in a minute. she stored over a hundred and ten classified documents on unsecured private servers. hillary clinton was never forced to endure a federal raid. she was never charged with any crime. now here is james comey's own words outline all the classified information that he and his fbi at the time that they found in an seating no reasonable prosecutor would ever bring a case against clinton take a l look. >> 110 emails and 52 email change have been determined by the owning agency to contain
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classified information at the time they were sent received. eight of those chains contain information that was top-secret at the time. they were sent, 36 of those chains contained secret information at the time. eight contained confidential information at the time. although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the healing of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in our handling of very sensitive and highly classified information. although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information. our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> sean: now keep in mind of what you just heard 33,000 emails on servers and hard drives remember nobody had ever heard of something called. she watched those servers, those
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hard drives clean with a bleach bit now the country knows what it is. also communication devices, they were destroyed with hammers. sim cards were removed from phones and blackberries. one set of rules for donald trump another for hillary clinton and we see the same thing by the way with the joe biden's. joe biden and his family as president donald trump was impeached over routine phone call with ukraine saying i hope you're not gonna be like your predecessors in abuse the money from a taxpayer fellow americans he accused president trump of the time -- go went one over an impeachment over that. apparently dell on the other hand was perfectly fine joe biden bragging on tape that he literally leveraged 1 billion of your taxpayer dollars to get a prosecutor if ukraine fired will find out why from investigating his son who's making millions with no experience. it's a equal justice question might take a look. >> president biden: they said
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if you're not the president, president said column. i'm telling you you not getting a billion dollars. i said you're not getting the billing goes what six hours look at him said will give them six hours the prosecutor is not fired for not getting money. son of a [bleep] he got fired. [laughs] >> sean: the prosecutor is gone. after six hours the son of a [bleep] is gone. for years been going on zero experience hunter that prosecutor was investigating with no experience in oil gas or energy or ukraine. he was traveling the world with his father selling access to the office that then vice president joe biden millions of dollars from communist china. a hundred and $50 billion deal there. again no experience. a russian oligarch former first lady of moscow. three and a half million
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dollars. kazakhstan, and every other corrupt country that they could on the face of the earth. and then by the way he then allegedly funneled that money back to the united states there are issues involving taxes there. tony bob linsky told the country that he was the big guy, he said the meanings and never to give him his percentage meaning joe biden meanwhile hunter was on video with a laptop that everybody said three weeks before the 2020 election was russian disinformation it wa wasn't. there is smoking crack, soliciting foreign and recording all of it on the laptop at the fbi now had for years. oh and he also lied on a gun application and lost track of that gun and ended up in a dumpster doing elementary sc school. his home was never rated. joe's home has never been rated. we now have all of the evidence that one could ever want that joe biden knew of and knowingly profited from his son hunter's
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foreign business dealings he lied to the country to set i've never one time talked to my son about his foreign business dealings. now the media mob i know you're watching it when you can him about why he lied all the evidence exists he did meet many of hunter biden's business partners for business partners and according to whistle-blowers we are expecting a lot of them in the coming weeks and months. high-ranking federal officials attended to either slow walk or in fact blocked investigations into these apparent crimes so tonight i asked the media mob i know you're watching. i asked the attorney general, i know you are watching. i guess fbi director, i'm sure you're all watching. is this really the america you want question markets is the justice system the american system people deserve? or political justice and doled out by those in power while others are protected and shielded from prosecution because the pendulum by the way
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i will remind you it will swing and right now we are headed down a very dark path. and i want to be very clear very clear i am a conservative and i would never want the united states of america i believe the greatest country god gave man, any democrat, every socialist to be treated unfairly. not to have equal justice for application of our laws. that would be unconstitutional. running is now for the full hour the 45th president of the united states donald trump, mr. president good to see you. >> president trump: that was a very good job. looks like you've done it before. >> sean: i have every once in a while. >> president trump: think you very much. >> sean: you saw letiti letitia james. okay what was your reaction? >> president trump: she campaigned on it four years ago it was a vicious campaign and she just talked about trump and how work and indict him and get him she knew nothing about me i know nothing about her eye say the statements that she was putting out without knowing anything. she said that we are gonna get
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him her whole campaign was based off that. then she came after us we have been going over this for years. i actually thought because our values are really high, the company is great i built a great company you take places like this in so many other places i have. like this frankly, just among the finest places anywhere in the world. i actually thought that they would never bring the case and she brought it. the reason i thought was because she didn't have a case. i was of the impression that she wanted to settle, but i had a problem because how do you pay something even if the small amount of money if you're not guilty. just was just a continuation of the witch hunt that began when i came down the escalator of trump tower with our who would no, our great future first lady who's done a great job and people love her. we came down the escalator and it started. i'm so proud of what we did, we have the strongest border in the country. we had the biggest tax cuts and regulation cuts it.
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we do best implement in the country. we were energy independent, we did things and nobody ever thought possible. we would been energy dominant throughout the world in very short period of time. much larger than russia come a much larger than saudi arabia put together. we were all set, and then they came along and they just dismantle that. they wouldn't finish the wall, the wall was completed the original section was completed they said let's do more. we did more we could of had that finished about three weeks. now you have millions, and millions of people pouring through. we do strongest border in history by the way that included drugs too. we had drugs down 19% from what they were the previous year and 20% from what they were that previous year. we were doing great, and other drugs are pouring into our country at a level that nobody has seen and the people you're emptying out their present. >> sean: them to go back to letitia james did you ever in your life fill out a loan application? >> president trump: we make loans but i very little debt.
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i might add one thing they have demeaned me for years with the stuff and now they find out that i have very little debt, very, very little. a lot of cash, we have a great company and we have among the bus assets anywhere in the world. i went through comedy were demeaning me constantly these people. there is something wrong with them. i really believe that they had our country. >> sean: i was told in your financial statement when you make a loan application i don't know if you can confirm or denied this or not? do you put in a caveat that actually says these are our valuations because i don't know a lending institution or bank or financial institution that will lend money to anybody and just go by the borrower's estimation or evaluation of a particular property. if you're buying a hundred million dollar property in your putting x, y, and seeks to estimate its value at this. don't they have a fiduciary responsibility before you'd they give you that amount of money?
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>> president trump: first of all these are banks of the best law firms in the world. they do your own work what they do is we have a disclaimer. we put together my people put together, i would look at it. it is not overly important what is important is the property. what happened sean is we would disclaimer run on the front. it basically says get your own people, you're at your own risk but this was done by management. it wasn't done, it was done by management. don't rely on the statement that you're getting. by the way it goes on for like a page and a half it's a very big disclaimer is a very powerful disclaimer. it basically says to an institution you are gonna loan money if they go out and make sure that you get your own appraisers, your own lawyers, everything. these are banks of the best lawyers in the world sean. and by the way, they got paid back. just so you know.
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>> sean: no harm? >> president trump: i paid it back because we have a lot of cash. i paid many of them off. i have very little debt. unbelievable little debt. >> sean: so there was no harm, no foul? so you told every institution what you believe the evaluation is? they have a fiduciary responsibility before they give you a hundred or 200 or $300 million to buy a property they have that responsibility to come up with their own evaluation because they have their own bosses and shareholders that they have to answer to? >> president trump: they would look like a property like this are even have a mortgage on his property i don't have a mortgage on most my properties. yet so much money, i'm saying what are talking about? actually the one good thing if people see what a great company i've built. i built a great company, a powerful company, a company that is very lowly leveraged amongst
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the best assets anywhere in the world. i mean you look at this as asset, -- i can tell you it's many times that number. she says oh, he valued it at 75 or whatever. what is letitia james no? i don't have a mortgage, if i wasn't up, up a mortgage on his property the institutions are to be coming over there to go through comparable properties all over palm beach or wherever it is or wherever it may be. miami, we have them all over and we have tremendous properties. again, we have very little debt. debt we did had it was paid current, the banks made a lot of money, she is trying to defend banks that got paid off. she is trying to defend banks that had unbelievable legal talent. i will tell you that they are very good. >> sean: there is no loan that you can think of where they did their own evaluation and their own vetting her own financial assessment? >> president trump: they have
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people in house they would too. you can't just say here's a financial statement. what we do is here is a financial statement, but be careful because it may not be accurate, it may be way off and we know i think it's close to a page and a half of all of these things. get your own people, use your own appraisers, use your own lawyers. don't rely on us. and then she sued us again i didn't think this would happen because they had no case. i met with them, actually thought that they want to settle but i didn't want to settle because unifi paid a very small amount sort of admitting guilt. >> sean: did she admit a settlement deal? >> president trump: and my opinion i could've settled the case. >> sean: we are just getting things started former president trump is here for the full hour tonight. here at mar-a-lago when we come back we are and ask him about the raid right here at mar-a-lago as we continue. ♪ ♪ sing fast.
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♪ ♪ >> a federal appeal for the justice department investigative access to classified documents seized from former donald trump's third estate. the three-judge panel overturning an earlier ruling
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which prevented the doj from using the records until special master finished reviewing them. the fbi last month collected roughly 11,000 documents from mar-a-lago including about a hundred with classification markings. hurricane fiona is expected to brush bermuda later tonight the category four storm already leaving a trail of destruction in puerto rico, dominican republic, and the turks. fiona dumped about 2 feet of water in puerto rico. roughly 70% of the people there lost their power and many are also without clean drinking water. as news breaks out we will break in i'm trace gallagher. now back to "hannity." ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity" here is more of my interview from earlier today with president donald trump. let's talk about where we are right now in mar-a-lago. we were you when you heard that
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your personal home was being rated? and what you think? >> president trump: i was in new jersey i got a call in the morning from somebody that is here person who works, stirred the fbi just came in. i said what? the fbi and i said, how many people? many, many people sir. i couldn't believe it. and they wanted to do it quietly and silently. i say what you mean silently they're not silent because i watch the way they were so horrible to so many people you know when i know that are good people with this attacked them at the house. they want to do it quietly and by 4:00 in the afternoon we started getting a little strange calls like the group called the media if you've ever heard of them? and it said something strange just happen in mar-a-lago. there are people standing at the gates with ak-47s some kind of a very sophisticated gun. and what is happening at mar-a-lago?
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and when i heard that said well let's put out a notice that we were attacked or rated, or broken in the fbi. i couldn't believe it. >> sean: they wouldn't allow your lawyers to go with them as they went through this entire facility? >> president trump: we sent the lawyers of the property. >> sean: but they did ask you to turn off your security camera but you didn't do it? we release those tapes publicly? >> president trump: they've asked me not to do because they feel the fbi agents might be in physical harm and danger because there is a further in this country this tire country so tired of the stuff. so i've not done it. >> sean: you could pixel out their faces to protect their identity. >> president trump: i guess i could do that, look i really believe that most the people within the fbi at the top groups was the people in the fbi they probably voted for donald trump i don't have anybody heard, but they came onto the site and it wouldn't allow any legal representation or
6:27 pm
representation. so they go into the rooms at my bedroom, my office, they go into the rooms wife's closet. my son's bedroom yes. there's a picture of hunter biden and barron trump you look so innocent and hunter doesn't look so innocent they said his room was rated but his wasn't. there were terrible thing. >> sean: so merrick garland said that he came out he said i authorize this. now it's interesting as they went to a magistrate right here in florida. magistrate who had already previously recused himself from a case involving you because of he was prejudiced against you. okay i understand those months earlier why then did he recuse himself in this case and the part to the question is this. it took your passport, the ticker medical records, they took her tax records, and probably the scariest part to me and this is why this to be
6:28 pm
dangerous you to the fourth amendment. he also took 500 pages of attorney client privilege information heavy on that back by the way? >> president trump: under no, they took a lot i think it took my will i found out yesterday where is it? >> sean: am i in it? i smacked [laughs] >> president trump: that could cause a lot of problems for people who won't be happy or will be very happy. i think they took my will is of horrible thing. they shopped. they went to a magistrate that hates me, a magistrate that recused himself not long ago in another case because he hated trump. he is a clinton person and an obama person. and i understand that, but he hated donald trump for a smaller case that was less meaningful he decided to recuse himself. for very important case for the
6:29 pm
country he decided i'll take this one. now he didn't do it because of his hatred of trump i know why he hates me what he hates me. maybe he doesn't like strong military and low taxes, a good education. >> sean: he must like $6 a gallon gasoline. lemme go through this before you left the white house please explain the process. my understanding from what i've read of the gsa they pack all the boxes okay. did you pack any boxes? >> president trump: no, they work together with people in the white house. i don't know how you would classify them, but gsa was involved they are fantastic people. and they pack them and not only that they brought them in along with people in the white house. i don't know who they are but a are a lot of people in the white house. they pack them up, but not clothing massive amounts of pictures they take so many pictures every day in the give you copies of all the stuff. and it's boxes of boxes of
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pictures. newspaper articles, tremendous even kitchen things. you've terminus amounts of different items. much clothing. shirts, and everything. a sports gear. all the stuff that just to show you their many pictures of the stuff standing on the sidewalk outside on the basement. not in the basement you're standing outside during a silly joke but decided not to so to be a very nice person. sean, standing outside in a way to be put by the gsa i assume into a truck and brought down to palm beach. there was nothing i was hiding. and if you look at the presidential records act this is what happens get together with gsa coming up to understand they bring it down, nara you talk and you work and you negotiate and they did it's not that in the 1970s exactly for this over
6:31 pm
having very nice discussions no problem. then all of a sudden we got hit very hard by the fbi. >> sean: let's backtrack a little in january of this year the national archives record a administration i guess they been negotiating they came and got 15 boxes. my understanding is the single letter thanking you and your team for your cooperation. >> president trump: yes they thanked us. >> sean: so at that point what was your involvement in the process? >> president trump: not much of an involvement other that we had boxes and many of these boxes had other things. many, many newspapers literally massive amounts of newspapers and pictures. there were a lot of boxes for a lot of different things. he actually wrote a letter for thank you very much for your cooperation effectively we were doing that which is exactly what was supposed to do based on the presidential records act. and sean we were doing that.
6:32 pm
we continue to do it and them got hit. >> sean: is because it was so luminous a number of papers. >> president trump: actually of pictures of it pretty much i think many pictures of people think they were gsa mostly people some people in the white house. standing outside of the white house other people were coming up and taking pictures. if you want to do this we do it to the basement and we wouldn't let anybody take pictures. we nothing to hide. >> sean: did you at any point deny any access from anyone in the national from nara, or for the dio ga or the fbi access because in june for my understanding is the doj and the fbi guys were here. they saw our amending meaning ten boxes which ended up taking in a couple days later they asked you and your team to put a padlock on it and that day with a free to take those documents with them? were there any disagreement
6:33 pm
about that? >> president trump: under oath he asked for access per se. i thought we were having a very good conversation even when they went downstairs to the attorneys went downstairs and showed them the room and the boxes. i thought was very routine thing and again if you look at the law of the act or whatever the presidential records act basically says everything that we were doing we should be doing. we can talk to him. when they are here we do lots of things. i think a good security we had as you know tremendous secret service. the unbelievable people and they are all over mar-a-lago this happens to a former president et cetera cetera. age is a former because there's a lot of problems happen. the fact is we wouldn't be having all these problems that we have right now by the way up with ukraine and russia talk about nuclear weapons now. and all of that because what is happening in the world is horrible. we had good discussions as per
6:34 pm
the whole records act. the presidential records act. and all of a sudden you're suppressed. i was very surprised and by the way we don't have good discussions, if you can agree with them physical process you go through i think of the president dominates in the end. it's his choice in the end. >> sean: let me stop here started the show with a monologue and that monologue pointed out hillary clinton which i guess is the closest case in modern history that this mirrors your case. except hers were electronic in her jim comey i just played it top secret classified information on the server all these email chains in the me of deleted emails, the bleach fit of the other 33,000 emails that hammers the devices in the sim cards and all those things and imagine. so we have a similar case and then you heard james say the prosecutor would ever prosecute.
6:35 pm
they threaten the prosecute you what is the difference what you're describing what having a phone apparently hundred and one classified documents the boxes that they found. if 11,000 pages in one classified. >> president trump: we don't know what they found because it wouldn't let any representative it was a hundred degrees day her lawyer standing not even allowing them into a building with better condition the big complex and you would hundred coming but a lot of people here and how many. you what a lot of people they would let anyone inside and if look at nara and the fbi over the last 10-15 years and if you look at all the things that the justice department that second-place when you look at what took place with a russia, russia, russia hoax. sean, they spied on my campaign. take obama if we spied on his campaign will probably be a
6:36 pm
death sentence. they spied on my campaign even when i was in the white house and who would think that this is possible? were not dealing with a lot of trucks here in the public is neither the american public is really angry. >> sean: this is a big part of what want to get into and that is okay, i mention for example 33,000 deleted emails. we talked about hunter biden's laptop, we talked about in that laptop jill biden is implicated many times by his own son. he didn't want to pay all of dad's bills, he didn't want to papers repairs. 20 bob lenski mentioned that the big guys joe biden. we now know about 14 of the foreign business partners which means that he lied during the campaign. you don't see happening there. >> president trump: nothing is gonna happen there. >> sean: so do we have equal justice in the country? >> president trump: it's unfair, it's a very unfair situation i'm think prosecute
6:37 pm
something this is prosecutable. presidential records act there is no retribution of prosecution. you're supposed to negotiate or talk about documents. were talking about documents actually are being watched over to a certain extent i would say to a large extent by the secret service if you think about it. i can imagine. i don't hear the word prosecution. >> sean: i'm saying that in prosecute them. th>> president trump: when hillary broke up all the phones with the hammers and they did the bleach all the things that happen were credible. you could also say that 33 million documents or pages or president obama. that's very questionable. 33 million not 33,000. the habs be very similar number 33 million. arguing over them. the problem that you have as i go into a rooms it will let anyone near them and when you
6:38 pm
let them in the same building. did they drop anything into those files? or do they do it later? does no chain of custody here with them. >> sean: would not be on videotape potentially? >> president trump: i don't think so they are in a room. >> sean: let me ask you this question because i think this is the next logical question because the president of united states you unlike say hillary clinton in her case a president has the power to declassify. okay, you would set on treat social a number of times you did declassify them. okay, is there a process what was your process? >> president trump: there doesn't have to be a process as i understand it. different people see different things. if you're the president of the united states you can declassify just by saying it's declassified. even if just by think about it because you are sending it to mar-a-lago or wherever you're sending it. it doesn't have to be a process, it can be a process but it doesn't have to be. you're the president you make that decision.
6:39 pm
so when you send it it's declassified. i declassified everything. now i declassified things were having a lot of problems you know nara is a radical left group of people running that thing when you send documents over there i would say that there's a very good chance that a lot of those documents will never be seen again. there's also a lot of speculation because of what they did severity of the fbi reading mar-a-lago. they are around someplace. were they looking for -- no, know they might be saying they may have thought that was in there. a lot of people said that the only thing i would give the kind of severity that they shone by actually coming in and reading with many, many people is that hillary clinton the russia, russia, russia stuff. or there's a number of things spying on trump campaign.
6:40 pm
they spied on my campaign so why did they come in and do that? especially since we were having such great conversations sean. >> sean: so let me go you mention russia numerous times a talk about that. the deputy of fbi director famously said without hillary's bought and paid for dossier i remember. she fumbled it through a law firm along from house fusion gps and op research firm it was in 2016 paid in higher christopher steele for mi6. christopher steele's main sources. he is now on trial for lying to the fbi. we know and we been able to confirm and report it widely believe first of all the media you all got it wrong on the russia issue. >> president trump: full of surprises and should be returned. they are 100% wrong they got it wrong. >> sean: this is important this drag this country for three years. i think you're watching some of
6:41 pm
the coverage so my next question is if, in fact, it couldn't get the pfizer warrant according to anja mccain that hillary's dossier because there was a connection you those back toward your campaign your transition team and your presidency here's my question. if the source for christopher steele he told the fbi in january of 2017. in fact it was all total b.s. bartok, none of it. then a few months later he's on the fbi's payroll. and yet they use his words as the source to spy on you as a president and candidate. he was on the payroll. >> president trump: another very high up in the fbi was working with the other campaign. think about this with the molar whwitch hunt.
6:42 pm
we have shown the people of this country that there was such corruption weatherby elections, open borders, the kind of things were talk about right now. the corruption is unbelievable. if a high man in the fbi and i think they just walked them out of the building a couple weeks ago right when they found it. they were paying he was in charge think of this. he was in charge of -- 18 radical left democrat haters. we said no collusion was no collusion after two years. he was in charge she works for the fbi. he walked them out of the building, they walked amount. the government of them. how was i fair to me? when some he says you're not very trusting of the fbi they have to be changes made sean, because our country is sick and has some new problems. our country is sick we really have a country that's going downhill and it's going dow
6:43 pm
downhill. i'll say we've a feeling country, but we have a country in decline. >> sean: i watch her rally in ohio and in pennsylvania. i want to about that. this is the last question on this topic and i was in court yesterday. it was about the issue of whether or not you can declassify. first of all i know why did anyone call what is you approve matt's special master sign one of the pfizer warrants question without surprising. >> president trump: i didn't know any of the people. if you look at it he was stung badly by that because the fbi lied to them the people and adjust department lied to them. so think about it yes he approved it and he got stung very, very badly by that. so we will see. >> sean: your lawyer said that they need to see the documents to answer whether there were declassified or not.
6:44 pm
the special master say you can't have your cake and eat it too. who is right? >> president trump: i think the lawyers are saying summing but i declassified them when they left the white house. when they left the white house there were declassified. >> sean: when we come back donald trump away and on jill biden's disastrous policies and tell us all about it straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity" reporting from palm beach mar-a-lago i asked president donald trump to weigh on and on joe biden's policy failures let's take a look. >> sean: when you left the presidency gas was $2 in my $0.20 a gallon. >> president trump: it was actually less if you go back to the date of the election to go back to november 3rd and go to january. it was less than $2, but during that period was a dollar 87 during that period it was also a dollar 50. we had gasoline aminos incredible. >> sean: our borders were secure energy was cheap you leave office the consumer price index the inflation measure is 1.4%, now it's like seven months in a row and 8.4%?
6:51 pm
>> president trump: i filled up the strategic reserves when oil was cheap about 75 million barrels very, very cheap price i filled it all up to the top for some inhabited 50 years was filled to the top and he taken that and are given it to people it's supposed to be meant for war and for the military. they are given to people to give the oil prices down before an election that's words being used when the election is over gasoline will go through the roof. so your heating bills, so will your electric bills. >> sean: what puzzles me and maybe you can ask it i can't figure it out for myself okay we have more energy resources, hundreds and hundreds of years of natural gas and oil and coal in this country. u.s. energy independence that the first time in 75 years he left office we were net exporter of energy i would argue especially in line of viner boudin and cutting off western union we should be
6:52 pm
energy dominant and providing western europe with their energy needs. >> president trump: we work to be dominant we were to be the most dominant in the world all of europe, we would been supplying china come up with it been supplying everyone. we had 500 years right under our feet. >> sean: western europe makes a mistake that i think were about to make and that is they gave in to the climate alarmists and religious cult i call it. they became dependent on vladimir putin, hostile actor, hostile regime you know them well. as a result germany was announced yesterday in italy so dependent hundred and 74% increase in their heating bills anticipated this year. speed to which i said would happen. >> sean: 32% of yearly income will go to heat people's homes. your real reports and fear the people will die and freeze to death in europe this winter. because fiber prudence cut them off. we have all these resources so
6:53 pm
explain this to me why is it okay to get oil from a ran joe biden's try to make a deal master when nobody was looking he imported a million barrels. he has been begging opec to increase production, they reject him every time. the saudis have rejected him. they sent 70 venezuela, why would we ever make those countries wealthy and rely on them for the lifeblood of our economy especially in light of what we seen in western europe because their dependency problem is now destroying their economies? >> president trump: to meet it's not complex. we are making vladimir putin rich as he does he is making money over and above because it's so expensive barrels of oil right now. we have reduced oil he is can have to stop you won't even have to negotiate the deal would never happen that horrible war
6:54 pm
or hundreds of thousands of people probably are dead alr already. >> sean: you believe it would never happen if you were president customer tell me why? >> president trump: he knew that i was in a take tremendous retribution or he felt that way whether it's 10% or 5%. >> sean: did you tell him in no uncertain terms that you would? >> president trump: i'd rather not say, but the answer is yes. >> sean: part two of the interview that will air tomorrow right here on the fox news channel. i will tell you what else we cover that is straight ahead. ♪ ♪ new astepro allergy. no allergy spray is faster. with the speed of astepro, almost nothing can slow you down. because astepro starts working in 30 minutes, while other allergy sprays take hours. and astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free allergy spray. now without a prescription.
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>> sean: it's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. we will have my exclusive interview, the rest of it with
7:00 pm
president trump, the 45th president. we talked about the upcoming midterm elections, biden's failing economy and what motivates him to want to get back in the game potentially. hope you'll join us tomorrow night. set your dvr. never miss an episode of "hannity." thank you for making the show possible. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham and "the ingraham angle" is next. see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" with a very big show tonight. let's get right to it. the day the happy talk died. that is the focus of tonight's angle. for all these months, the biden team basically waved off concerns about the economy claiming that things would kind of even out. that this was kind of a transition to more sustainable growth. >> we have a very strong economy. i know people ar