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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 21, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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is having produced some ofwo the world's worst software and then pushers d a vaccine that doesn't work now that he owns all that farmland, bill gates is going to have to geneticallys reengineer one of the world's project.ortant staple grainse g corn. that'se high hopes for that project . that'sr us tonig it for us toni. of course. be back eight p.m. tomorrow and every night. but in the meantime, here'sis s. ♪ sean and welcome to hannity. and tonight, we are in beautiful palm beach, florida. broadcasting from mar-a-lago, where in just a moment the 40 donald j. tr president of the united states , donald trump, he will joip who willfor hin us fot sit down interview sincey 30 roughly 30 federal agents, gunsh drawn, stormed throughe the pr the doors right hereesident' inn the president's own home in what was obviously an unprecedented rate historically. but we begin with a feunprecedds questions for everybodyone watc watching tonight. >> do we havhinge america todaye
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equal justice under the law? we have equal application, n ths our laws in this country c to our local , state and federal officials. crimes >> do they investigate crimes or prosecute people? >> if america's justice system is ever weaponized and politicized? d politibeyond repair? all lov this country that we all love, g we are in big trouble.k at new k now take a look at new york attorney general letitia james . now, today, she filed a lawsuit against donald trump and threetc of his children and other entities claiming that infla they inflated the valuted e of the trump organization. >> it is nothing short, butun a very obvious political stunt . >> it is not a criminal case.l e it is a civil but after three years of nonstop obsessive investigations, into every aspect of the president's life. bell, letitia james , she had to do something because during her race for attorney generaace in the state osef new york , she seemed totally, completelyletelh uninterested with investigating crimes or keeping new york safet from violent offenders.r been
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>> it' is less safe than it's ever been. instead, her main campaigno af pledge was to go after one man, donald trump, and donaldily, and trump's family and donald trump's organization. well , today, in front offant ton the entire nation, she fulfilled her campaign promise. >> take a look that will neverao chal be afraid to challenge thisent. illegitimate president when our fundamental rights atof the stake. unfelieve that the president ose these united states can be indicted for criminal offenses. you sue hi>>m over going to be real pain. >> i know my name personally. >e that man in the white house who can't go a day without threatening our fundamental rights. >> yes. we need to focus on donald need to follow u trump and his abuses. we need to follow his money. we need to find out where he is laundered money. weeed to need to find out whethc not he's engaged in conspiracyot . >> nowumbers c, is it any wondee numbers came out today? w recore
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the state of new york said a brand new record formo the montnth of august,t, 5,838 d five thousand eight hundred thirty eight residencein the in the state of new york have now switched in thirty days.n 30 da, thirty one day 3s, their driverd licenses from new york to florida, that's ina.that i one . the attorney general isn't even trying to hide her efforts. rk e he a weaponizes justice in new york state. her conduct is deeplr conducy ul at best, but she's not alones now from the trump hatersng and on capitol hill, high ranking deep state bureaucratsrats in ,j ,the fbi. now, w e have witnessed going t on many years a 40 foot president has been the subject of what is nonstop, neverspecif ending legal scrutiny, focused not on a specific crime, but i on the man himself. scrutiny that no demnse legas al scrutiny that no democrat has ever faced. >> no other president has everao facer d. his >> for example, for the first time in history, an americany th president's home was raided by the fbi. mai biden, hisn op main opponent, in
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twenty , twenty , maybe 2020 four, while his dodgedonald is accusing former president trump of holding on to one hundred an t d three classified documents after his presidency. now,presiden they have eleven tw that were not controversial then anyway, by the way, a president can declassify any of these documents, unlike, fore example, secretary of state hillary clinton. >> she cannointon,t. >> we'll get to that ind a minute. still, she stored one hundred and ten classified documents on unsecured privated. servers. rced to e hillary clinton was never forced to endure a federal raidy .cr >> sheim was never charged with any crime. now, hers e is james comey, inwu his own words, outlining all the classified information that he and his fbi at the time that they found and then stating no reasonable prosecutor would everould eve bring a case againk clinton. >> take a look.look. >> 110 emails and 52 one hundred , ten emails in emal 52 email chains have been
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determined by the owning agency to contain classifiefied infd information at the time they were sent or received. eight of those chains containedi information that wasn top secret at the time they were sent. >> thirty six of those chains contained secret information atm the time and eight containedinfm confidential information at the time. althoughatio although we di we did not findor clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues gover intended to violate lawsni governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless ind highly ca their handling of very sensitive, highly classified informoughinformation, althoughe is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, is thato reasonable prosecutor would bring such our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a cas a case. >> now, keep in mind with what s you just heard, thirty three thousand emails on servers and hard drives. remember, nobodyhardnobody h evf something called bletch bet. well, she washed the servers, sa
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those hard drives cleanuntry knh with bleach. but now the country knowats than it is also communication devices. they were destroyedwere r with hammers, sim cards removees from phones and blackberries a. one set of rules for trump,llar another for hillary clinton. and we seecl the same thing, joe biden's. by the way, with the bidens,bi joe biden and his familyden an as president, trump was impeached over a routine phonect call with ukraine's saying, i hope you're not going topred be like your predecessors and abuse the money ofr fellow my taxpaying fellow americans. >> well,us they accuseded pre president trump at the time of n a quid pro quo who went through an impeachment over that. >> apparentlachment apparenty, on the other hand , it wasjoe bi perfectly fine. >> joe bidenbragging bragging oe that he literally leveraged dols one billion of your taxpayer dollars to get a prosecuto tr in ukraine fired. we find out why. four, investigate his son ,s who's making millions with no experience. is this equa l justice? >> take a look. we're not going to give you preb the million dollarids. t,
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they said you have no authority. you're not the president. the president said i said, calln .g i said, i'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars. i said, you're not gettinghat sk the billion. i'm going to be leaving here. and i think it was, what,e pr six hours? i look, i don't believe in the six hours the prosecutors not fired. >> you're not getting the money. oh, son of a fired. r is now, the prosecutor joe wanted well, is gone after six . the son of a is gone when the investigation for hisfor ye son hunter for public corruption for years has been going on zero experienced hunter. >> that prosecutor was investigating. he went on "gma"prosec wi, no experience in oil or gas or energy or ukraine. >> and he was traveling the world with his father, selling access to the office.ofh and then vice president biden making millions of dollars from communist china. >>hundre one hundred fifty bill. dollar deal there. >> again, no experience. a russian oligarch, the formerdo first lady of moscow, three and
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a half million dollars, kazakhstan and every other corrupkazakht country they could on the face of the earth.e way e and then, by the way, hen then allegedly funneled that money back to the united states. there are issuesunited s involvo taxes there, tony. bob wolinsky told the country that he had the he was the big guy. he sat in the meetings.give they were going to give him hiso percentage, meaning joe biden. >> and meanwhile, hunter washree on video with the laptop that everybody said three weeksbe before the twenty it wasn't twenty election was russian disinformation. it wasn't. but there he is smoking cra wasn't.there isk, , soliciting foreign. and r >> and according and the recording, all of it on the laptop that the fbi is now had for years. lied ohon, and he also lied on a gun application, lost track of thatr gun. >> it ended up in a dumpster near an elementary school.his hs >> but on his home, his homee's was never raided. joe'homeees it's never been raie we now have all the evidencejoei that one could ever want that joe biden knew of and knowingly
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profited from his son . hunter's foreign business dealings. e ne he lied to the country when hesn said, i've never one time to now the me son about his foreign business dealings. >> now, the media mob, i knob iw you're watching tonight. >> welcome aboard. they won't even ask hien ym abot why he lied. all the evidence exists. he did. >> many of biden's business partners, foreign business partners, and according to whistleblowers, we're expecting a lot of them in the coming. weeks and months. high ranking federal officials attempted to eitheanking federak or, in fact, blockt blocked invs into these apparent crimes so investigations into these apparent crimes. so tonight, i ask the media monb ,i know you're watching. i ask the attorney general,know merrick garland. i know you're watchinging.. ll i ask fbi director . i'm sure you're all watching. y is this really the america you want? is this the justic e system the american people deserve where political justiceothers and vengeance is doled out by those in power, while others bee protected and shielded from prosecution becauscae
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the pendulum, by the way, i will remind you, it will swing. >> and right now, we are headed down a very dark path. >> and i want to be very clear . >> i'm very clear i'mneve a conservative and i would never war want in the united states of america, i believe the greatest country god gavey v man, any democrat, any socialist to be treated applirly, not to have equal justice or application of our laws that it wouldtutional. be unconstitutional. all right. ru forg us now for the full hour, the forty five president un of the united states , donald trump. mrent good. president , good too you.d >> that was a very good job.job. okay, so you've done that before? >> i have once in a while.a whi. but a number of years. thank you very much. sove your whole family, yoryu ss the leticia james there >> i saw. terrible. okay, whatle wastitia your rear >> well, she campaigned on it four years ago. is a vicious vicious campaign.p and she just talked about trump. and we're going to indict him. we're going to get him. she knew nothing about me. eye y punever heard of her, but i saw this woman. i sattinouw the statement she ws
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putting out without knowing anything. and she said, we're going to get him. . that's her whole campaign wasr based on that.ushave been going over this for and then she came after us . we've been going over this forhr years and i actually thought because our values are really valu high, the company is great. i built a great company. you take places like this, so many other places to have like this, frankly.t i mean, justam the among the finest places anywhere in the world. i actually thought tha ly thought that thtbrough the reasld never bring a caset and she brought it. and the reason i thought thoughu because she didn't have a case,p i was of the impressioressn she wanted to settle. >> but i had a problem becausefh how do you pay somethinge sm, eu if it's a small amount ofy if y money, if you're not guilty?ou just this was jus wast a continuatiof a witch hunt that began when i came down the escalator at trump tower with our who would know our great who wou future ft lady who's done a great job.her. and people love her. but we came down the escalatormo and it started. bu proudt i'm so proud of what t with the strongest border in the country. we had the biggest tax tax cuts
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and regulation cuts. we had the best employment ever in the country. we were energy independent, we did things we're energy independent. we did things that nobody ever thought possible. we would have been an energyn vy dominant throughout the world in a very short period of time,a much larger than russia, muchdia larger thabin saudi arabia putt, together. we were al thel set and then they came along and they justll dismantled that they wouldn't finish the wall. the wall was was completed. ai the original section was completed. i said, let's do more . we d weid morthat did more . now yo he could have had that finished in three weeks. and now you have millions ofo millions of people pouring through. we had the strongest border in n history and by the way, that d included drugs, too. we had drugst down 19% from what they were the previous year and 20 percent from whatthat they were that previous year.poo we were doing great. and now the drugs arure pouring into our country at a level that nobody's seen. and the people there out emptyit out their prisons intohe the unknown to these issues. letio letititia jamea james . >> did you ever in your life fill out a loan application when in trumplicatiop organizat? lo well, you know, we make loans, but i have very little
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debt. >> you know what i want to tell you? i might i might add onone thing they've demeaned me for years with this stuff. and now they find out i have lil very little debt, very, very little a lot of cash. we have a great company and wen have among the best assets anywhere in the world. but i went through thatmeaning e with demeaning me, you know, c constantly these people there's something wrong with them. i really believe that th they he our country. >> i was told that inwhen y your financial statementous, you make it a loan application and you can confirm if you know or not know us .ly says thes >> do you put in a caveat that actually says these are valuations?'t because, i don't know, kno a lending institution, a banwit a financial institution that would lend money to anybodyo and and justst go by the borrower'su estimation, evaluation of a parr a particular property. n so if you're buying one hundred million dollar property and you're puttin yougl y and z up for leverage, you estimate its value at this. they estimated this. before youy >> i don't think i have a fiduciary responsibility before you. they give you that amount of
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money so that they determine what the value of all these are. they do yourrst ofs that have tw firms in the world, the biggest and best, the most powerful. they do their own work. they don't rely on us. but what they do is we have pute a disclaimer and we put together my people, put itto together. >> i wouldgether, i would look t looked fine. t overlyit is not overlyt important. it's important is the propertyod of the best property. what happens is weer run have o. a disclaimer right on the front and it basically says, you know, get your own people.on you're at your own risk. this was done by management. e y manage it wasn't done by a it was done by management. so don't rely on the statement that you're getting. and it's and by the way, it goes on for like a page and a half. it's a very big disclaimer. it's a very powerfuls very pow .ton it basically says to an institution, you're going tou loan moneyare gogo out a. apprai you have to go out and make sure that, you know, you law get your own appraisals, ev, everything.s these are banks that have the best lawyers in the world. john . this is the only a, by the way, back. that got paid back ..
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so, you know, nobody got i never got a default. and i paid them back because we have a lot of cash. i paid them back . many of the i haid many of them off. i have very little debt, unbelievably little debt,ther the loans off. so so there was no harm, no noso bank.old ever >> they didn't lose money?y in no.stitut you told everyhe institution wht you believe the valuation is . they have a fiduciary fiduciarresponsibility before ti you one hundred or 200 or 30on0 million dollars to buy a property. e that they have that responsibility to come upto with their own valuation because they've gotn s their own bosses and shareholders that they have to answer to. so they would look atthey wou a property liklook lave a mortee i don't even have a mortgage on this property. i don't have a mortgage on most of my properties. you know, i usedrt ties.o read s overextended and he had so muchg what are money borrowed. and i'm saying, what are abo they talking about? but and actually, the one goodga thing is people see what built. a great company i built, a great company, a powerful company,ny, a co a company thaty lowly leveraged with among
11:16 pm
the best assets anywhere inhi the world. i mean, you look at this asset ,she has this down toou it's mas seventy five million dollars. >> i can tell you it's many times that.that num no, she said, ohber., he valuedt at seventy five or whatever it was or she valued at seventy .n? what is letitia james . no but if i were going i don't have a mortgage in this but if i was going to put a mortgagearo on this property, the institute kids are going to be coming pal over, they're going to go through comparable itoperties all over palm beachbe or whatever it is , wherever ite may be . have >> miami, we have them alltrem over. we have tremendous properties. and again, we have very little debt. the debt we did have, it was it was paid, the banks made a lot of money. banks she's trying to defend banks. they got paid off. she's trying to defend banks. that had unbelievable legalat te talent. i will tell you that they'rey very good. you don't there's no loan that you can think of where they can do their own valuation, their own vetting, their own financial says. people in ho
11:17 pm
you ll right, let me in. by the way, they have people in house that do it, too, right? but you can't just say, yous a know, here's a financial what w statement. but what we do is heree do is hs a financial statement. but be careful because may not be accurate. d it may be way's clo i mean, we go i think it's close to a page and a half of all of these things. get yourget your own people, use your own appraisers, use anur own lawyers, don't rely on us. she and then she sued us . now, again, i didn't think thisy would ever happen becausethough they had no case. to settle i met with them.ant to i actually thought they wanted to settle. but i didn't want to settleery l because how can you even ifl i paid a very small amount, >> s of admitting guilt that offer you a settlement deal , i could have that. >> in my opinion. i could havei settledcould' th. all right. e we're just getting thingstrum started form. our president trump is withis us for the fulthel hour tonighte here at mar-a-lago. when we come back , we're goingt to ask him about the raid righto here at mira largo as we continue 580 300 empire.
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. live. i'm anita vogel in washington. a federal appeals court granting the justice department investigative access to classified documents seized from former president trump's florida estate. the three judge panel
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overturning an earlier ruling that prevented the doj from using the records until a special master finished reviewing them. the fbi collected last month roughly eleven thousand documents from mar-a-lago, including about one hundred with classification markings. hurricane fiona, now a category four storm , could churn up dangerous surf and rip currents along the east coast. it's currently heading toward bermuda, packing maximum sustained winds of one hundred thirty miles per hour. hurricane fiona has already left a trail of destruction in puerto rico, dominican republic and turks and caicos. roughly 70% of puerto rico is still without i'm t i'm anita vogel. now back to "hannity". welcome back to hannity.elcome o reporting tonight from mar-a-lago. and here is more of my interview from earlier todayn with president trump. >> let's talk about wherale we e are right now, where mar-a-lago ,right? >> where were you when you heard that your personal homeasi
11:25 pm
was being raided? ngrated?and what did you think?a >> i was in new jersey. call in i got a call in the morning from somebody that's here. person works.i just c sir, the fbi just came in. i said, what?e fbi the fbi who an? and they go , the fbi. and i said, how many people? many, many people, sir. people i many, many people. and i couldn't believe it. i and they wanted to do it quietly, silently. and i said, what do you meane ni salad?lent because i watch the way they were so not salad?y peop because i watched the way they were so horrible to so many people that you know and that i know that are good he people where they just attacked them. and th. want toe and they wanted it quietly. and by four o'clock in the afternoon, we started getting a little strange calls, like from a group calledhe group the media, if you've ever heardi of them. and they said something strangse is happening at mar-a-lago. there are people standing at the gates with ak 47 orated some kind of a very sophisticated gun. and what's happening atg at mar-a-lago.
11:26 pm
and when i heard that, i said, well, let's put out a notice that we were attacked or raidedk or broken in by the fbi. >> sea yon: i was i couldn't believe i. they wanted they wouldn't allow your lawyers to go with them as they went through this entire they wouldn't say we lawyers to the property. >> so here's my question.hey diu but you they did ask you to turn off your security cameras, but you didn't do. >> that's right. will you release those tapes publicly? asked med me not ton do it because they feel the fbi agents might be in physicald dag there nd danger because therere is a fervor in this country. this country is so tired of this stuff. they're really and so they . pix so i have not done it. you could pixel out their facest to protect their identity. theiri guess they could do tha. >> i mean, look at this.k i reay i said, look, i don't want the i i really believe that most of the people within the fbi oute s was the people in the fb of the top groups, most of dona the people in the they probably voted for trump. i don't want to have anybody hurt, but they came ontodn't all the site. they wouldn't allow any legal representation or representation.
11:27 pm
sor they go into the rooms like my bedroom, my office. >> they go into the room closet ,wife's closet, your son's bedroom? there's a pictur my son's bedroom, yeah.e of is a picture of hunter biden and baron innoc baron looks soent innocent d and hunter doesn't look so innocent. they said his room was raided, l but his wasn't a terrible thing. okay, so actually so they went to a magistrate. came out he merrick garland has said he came out and he said,i i authorize this. >> now, what's interestingin is they went to a magistrate and right here in florida, a magistrate who had alreadyimsf previously recused himself from a case involving you because ofg he was prejudiced against you. >>ai okay, i understand that wa, what, months earlier? why then didn't he recuse himself in this case? and then part two of this question is this. they took your passport. they took your medical records. they took your tax records. and probably the scariest part to me, and this is why a broad
11:28 pm
warrant like this to me woulddar be dangerous. >> we do have a fourth amendment. they also took, what,es o five hundred pages of attorney-client privilege atton. atio >> pre >> have you gotten that back ,lh by the way? a lot. i don't will i don't know. they took a lot. yester >> i thinkda they took my will. i found out yesterday. i said i, where is it? am i ? and i think they took my will cacause a lot of that could because a lot of a lot oflot of problems if that gets published ,people that won't be so happyvp or maybe will be very happy. okay, but noi think thw i thinkk about well, no, it's a horrible thing. >> but wait a minute. but why qashqai? a mag they shopped they went tois a magistrate that hates me, a magistrate that recusedt long himself not long ago. another case because he hate in another case because hed hated trump. trum clinton person and an obama person. and i understand that. but he hated trump. a s and for a smaller case that was less meaningful, he decided to recuse himself for a very important case for the country.
11:29 pm
he decided that i'll take thissa one now. he didn't do it because of his hatred of trump. e whati don't know why he hateso but he hates me, maybe doesn't like strong military low taxes.x good education, like my like six dollars a gallon gasoline. >> well, he's got it. he's got he doesn't want it. >> let me let me go through the this. exfore you left the white house .th please explain the process.e from my understanding,proces u i've read , you have the gsa, they pack all the boxes. reside >> okay, didnt you pack any boxt now? they worked togetherogr with peu with people in the white house.b i don't knowut how you would classify, but gsa is involved. t that's government services. they're fantastic people. people and they packed them. >> and not only that, and they w they brought them in along with people in the white house. i don't know who they are, but a lot of there are a lot of pach people working in the whiteem house. they packed them up, but not that clothing, massive amountspt of pictures. you know, they take so manyurhee pictures every day s and theyes of give you copies of all thibos stuff. and it's boxes and boxes of
11:30 pm
pictures, newspaper articles,r r tremendo, even kitchen things. you have tremendous amounts of different items, much clothing, i mean, shirts and everything'st sports gear. so all of this stuff now justuso to show you, there are manyf sti pictures of this stuff standing on the sidewalsidek outside. not in the basement. not in the basement. the basemee they're standing outside. i was going to say like joe , bd but i decided not toec because i want to be a very nice person. but now this. is standing outside boxes. all these were getting ready to be put by the gsa, i assume, into a truck and brought down to palm beach.. there was nothing that was hiding. prd if you look atat the the presidential records act, this was what happens. bringet together with gsa. now, you have to understand they bring it down. >> but ngara and you talkat i and you work and you negotiate. 19 i mean, they did it. it's not that old.
11:31 pm
i think in the nineteen seventies exactly.r for this.y nice dis and we were having very nicecuss discussion. no problem. and then all of a sudden we got hit very harbyd by the fbi. >> let's backtrack a little in t january of this year, the national archives record administration, i guessnt they had been negotiating or they came and got fifteen boxesg . my understanding is that they sent you a letter thanking you and your team fordent trump their cooperation. actually thanked us . they thanked youthey d us. okay, and then so at that tha point, what wase your involvement in the process? >> did you have not much pr >> presi evidencedent involvement other n we had boxes? and again, many of these boxes ,other things, you know, many,mv many newspapers literally massive amounts of newspapers and pictures. >> but there were a lot of t boxes for a lot of different things. but they actually wrote a letter. thank you very much forcooper your cooperation effectivelyat and we were doing that, which be is exactly what we're supposed to do baseential rd on the presl
11:32 pm
records act and shown we were doing that and we continue to do it. and then we got hit by we got it. >> was this is it because it nue was so voluminous, the number >> papers where it was actually have pictures of it actually have pictures of it. yeah, pretty much. pic i think many pictures ofstly people, i think that were gsan mostly people, some people inth the white hous e standingsi outside of the white housede o,e co other people coming up pictures. if you and taking pictures, if we wanted to do this, would do it n through the basement. t and we wouldn't let anybody noti take we had nothing ever athide. anynyone in point deny any access fromth anyone in the national from neira or from the doj orcess the fbi access. ing is >> because in june, there were my understanding is the doj, ten fbi guys were here and they saw remaining ten boxes, which they ended up taking ind the raid. y as and a couple of days later, they asked you and your team tot put a padlock on it. d and that day, with a free tose c take those documents with them?
11:33 pm
>> pre >> was theresi any disagreement about that? you said? i'm not sure they askedent askedd. excess persay.e having i was shown that we were having a very good conversation evenn y when they went downstairs, the attorneys went downstairs, s showed them the room, showed them the boxes. ry routii thought it was a verye thing. >> and again, if you law look ae the law or the act or whatever the presidential records act, it basically said t everything that we were doingwhe we should be doing. we can talk to them now. when they are here, we could do lots of things. i think we had good security. we had, as you know, we hadus tremendous secret service. they are unbelievable people and they're all over mahlab, tof as happens to a former president , et cetera, etoret c cetera.eter a lote to use the former because i have a lot ofen. problems with what happened. but the fact is and we wouldn't be having all these problems that we have right nowhe way bye way, with ukraine and russia talking about nuclear weapons. now, i want to get told all of that, because what's happening in the world is horrible. bu t we had good discussions as per the whole records act,
11:34 pm
presidential records act, and then all of a sudden we were surprised. i wawas verys very surprised. hd by the way, if we don't havef yo good discussions, if you can't agree with them, there's like a process that you go through. t and i thinhik thatnk the presidt it's his c predominates in the end, it's his choice ihoicn the let me stp here. i started this this show with ae monologue. in that monologue, i pointed out hillary clinton, which is the i guess the closest casei mi modern history that this mirrors your case except hershei or and you heard jim call me. i just played yo u top secret classified information on her server. >> they goinformt all these emal chains. then we have the deleted emails, the bleach bit of the other thirty three thousand emails, the hammers, m card the devices, the sim cards, alsl those things that i mentioned. >> so we have a similar case. and then you heard james comey say no prosecutor would everr
11:35 pm
prosecute, but they'reprosec threatening to prosecute you. >> what is the difference between what you're describing with having they found apparently one hundred and one types of classified documents in the boxes that they found. clashey found 11000 pages that weren't classified, that, you know, i don't know what they found because let any reprt they wouldn't let any representative if they had our lawyers. it wasativeit was aed degrees 1b they had our lawyers standingui outside, not even allowing them into a building without air conditioning. >> it's a biang complex.d yo and you had one hundred you hadt a lot of people here. lot of pe i don't know how many, but you had a lot of people. t an they wouldn't let anyoned if inside. and , you know, if you look at ngara, and if you look at yea the fbi over the last 10 ,f yo 15 years and if you look at allt of the things that the justice department, what's taken placeys when you look at what took place with the russia, russia, russia hopes, sean, they spied on my campaign. what could be worse could you imagine take obama if we spied on his campaign, it wouldh sentn
11:36 pm
probably be a death sentence.cen they spied on my campaign, eve nink th when i was iatn the white house. and who would think that thispoe is possible? but they spied. not so, you know, we're not dealing with a lot of trust herethe amec and the public isn't either.ry the american public is really. >> sean: this is a b angry. int then this is a big part of what i want to get into. and that is okay. >> i mentioned, for example, thirty three thousand deleted emails. we talked about hunter biden's laptop. we talked about in that laptop . ma >> joe biden is implicated many times by his own son . he he didn't want to pay all of dad's bills. he didn't want to pay for his repairs.20 the big guy gets his cut. tony belinski confirmed. >> the big guy is joe biden. he met with we now know aboutfog 14 of the foreign businessn me lieand which means he during the campaign. >> you don't see anything happen there. for three . >> nothing's going to happen the there.. i don't believe so. do we have justice? the cou no, we don't. presi and it's very it's a very unfair situation. vr you mentioned the word prosecute.m thin i don't think prosecute.k prosec
11:37 pm
i don't think thisutmething is prosecutable under the presidential records act. there's no retribution or prosecution. you're supposed to negotiate. we'rd to negotiae talking aboutb we're talking about documents that actually are being watched over to a certain extent.ervicei and i would say to a large extent by the secret service, ca if you think about it. but i can't imagine the word you mentionen imagd the wordecu. prosecution. i don't hear the word prussic. no, i'm saying they didn't in prosecute them. prosecut but i don't see how they could prosecute me. how do you prosecute somebody? they didn't raid their homes. >> they raided they certainly didn't read their homes. they certainly didn't read homes. and when hillary broke them uprt broke up allnes our phones a with the cameras and they did the bleach bit, all the thingsuo that happened were incredible. well, you could also say thirty three million documents or pages with president obama. that's very questionable.that'se thirty three million at not 3 thirty three thousand happens to3, be a similar number. >> thirty three million th fighting over him or arguing over him. the problem that you have nea
11:38 pm
is they go into rooms. w they won't lethe anybodyn yo ner the wouldn't even let them indih the same building. did they drop anything drop an l those piles orat did they do iti later? there is no chain of custon of y here with them. >> wouldn't that be on videotape potentially right now? >> president trump: i don'i don. >> i mean, they're in a room. okay, so let me ask you this question. because i think this is the next logical question, because the president of the united states , you unlike, say, hillary clinton, in her case,to a president has the power tou wt declassify direct. okay, you saidreat on social nue of times you did did declassify . is there a process?wa what was your process to do? that doesn't have to be a process. as i understand it.t people s there's different people say different things. but as i said, there doesn't have to be if you'reyou can the president of the united states , you canjust b declassis just by saying it's declassified, even by thinking aboueven if by t because you'ra to mar-a-lago or to wherever itu're sending it. and it doesn't have to be ae a , it can be a process but it doesn't have to be. process. there caren be a the process, bt there doesn't have to be .
11:39 pm
you're the president. you make dec that decision. so when you send it, it's declassified. we i declassified everything.g. now now i declassify things. and we were having a lot ofknown problems with narrow, you knowa, is a radical left group of people running that thing. >> and whe n you send documentsha over there, i would say there'st a very good chance a lot of those documents will never be seen again. there's also a lot of speculation because of what they did, the severity of the fbi coming in, raiding mar-a-lago, were they looking for the hillary clinton emails that were deleted? but they are around someplace where they looking for the say you had it? >> no, no.w they m they may be saying they may have thought that it was indeed okay. >>in there. and a lot of peopled the only thing that would give the kind of severitof sevy, they showed by actually coming in and raiding with many, many people is the hillary clinton deal , the russia, russia, russia stuff, or i mean, thereso theya number of things,
11:40 pm
the spying on trump's campaign. so they spy to my campaign. com so why did they come in and do that? o thatespecially since we were t mech great conversations c on . >> all right.time so let ms ae let me go . you mentioned russia a number of times. let's talk about that. >> andrew mccabe, deputy fbi director , famously saidught ans without hillary's bought and paid for dossier, i remember she used her money ag and the rnc money. she followed it to a law firm, law firm, hires fusion gps.t wa anop research firm is in 2016. e they then hire christopherr steele, former mi6, christopher ristopher steele's main source n by the name of dan shinko. >> t he's now on trial for lyinn .port i >> the fbi, we know and we've been able to confirm and reported widely believe, first of all, the media, yout it all got it wrong. w >>rong o on the russia issue.n h >> my show got it right. pulitzer prizes to be returned,i i'll tell you. have they are 100% wrong.t wrong. >> s they got it wrong. they got it wrong. and that this is important. thiths drag this three country through for three years. and i am with ensemble y
11:41 pm
>> i think you were watching some of the coverage. so my my next questiont questioc fact they couldn't get the they couldn't get the fisa warrant, according tothat andrew mccabe, without hillary's dossier, they ruin carter page's life and because of his connection to you, that was a backdoor to your campaign, your transition team and your presidency. my question. here's my question. dan chanko was the source foroph christopher steele. >> he told the fbi inanuary january of 2017 that, in o fact, it was all total b.s. bartok., e >> not true. none of it.r he's >> and a few months later, he's on the fbi's payroll. >> and yet they used his wordsy as the source to spy on you as a president . >> candidate. he was on the payrolldent t and another very higruh up in the fbi was working with the mueller campaign. think of this with the mueller witch hunt, another one of the witch. at least i tell you what we'vepe
11:42 pm
shown the people of this country there is such corruption, whether it be elections, whethetherby eenrn borders, whether it be the kind of things we're talking about thright now. >> the corruption a is unbelievable. they have a high man in the fbio and i think they just walked him out of the building. >> a couple of weeks ago. right when they found it that they were paying he was in charge of think of this, he was in charge of four mueller for the mueller group of eighteenicl radical left democrat haters who said no collusion, there the fbi.ollusion after two he walke years. but he was in charge. he worked for the fbd them outi they walked him out ofd am the building. how walked him ouount they got rid of them. but how is that fair to me? so when somebody says, like,ingf you're not very trusting of the fbi, they have to be changes made becausey is s our country is sick. s our country hasos some manyblem. problems. righ our count. y is our country is sick. we we really have a country
11:43 pm
that's going downhill and it's going downhill. you know, i sag doy i havewn wn i give rallies, i'll say we have a failing country, but i say we have a we have a country in decline >> i get int.o your rally innnsv ohio. >> what's the one in pennsylvania?h and i want to ask you about this is the last question and on this topic, and that was ins. court yesterday. it was about the issue of whether or not you you can classify first of all, i don't know why why did anyone why didn you approve of special masterfi that signed one of the fisa warrants? that was surprising. wathouwell, the lawyers had a lo i didn't know any of the people involved. >> but, you know, if you look ws at it, he stung badly by thatlid because the fbi lied to him and the people the peo in the je department lied to him. about >> so if you think about it, yes, he approved it and he got stung very, very badly by that e . so, you know, we'll see. your lawyers are expecter d todo that they need to see the documents to be able to answer whetherde they were declassified or not.
11:44 pm
>> and the special master saying, well, you can't have your cake and eat it, too. >> who's right?o. well, i think the lawyers, you know, are saying something.e bulat i declassified the documents when they left the white house. in other words, when they left the white house, they were declassified y left the white h . come back >> and when we come back , donald trump will weigh in on biden's disastrous policies. >> he'll tell us all about it straight ahead. jp morgan, ceo. an economic hurricane is coming. goldman sachs warns of unprecedented economic shocks. and billionaire jim rogers says worst crash in our lifetime is coming since the start of the year. the s&p is down 22%. nasdaq down 32%. bitcoin down 58%. and now the housing market has hit a wall. are we on the verge of a historic recession? find out. paul lear capital for your wealth protection survival
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nine nine one . again, that's eight hundred three two five four nine nine sc one . welcome back to hannity, reporting tonight from palm beach and mar a lago. so -a-lag i asked president trump g weigh in on biden's policy failures. >> let's take a look.. when you left the presidency, w$ gas was a two dollars and like. twenty cents a gallon, well, its doubles. you have to go back toactu the e of the election and go back to november 3rd. >> don't go back to january . it was it was less than two dollars. but during that period, it was a dollar eighty seven . and during that period, it was also a dollar fifty . we had gasoline. i mean, it was incredible what was happening. so our borders were secure, gaee s was cheap, energy was cheap.leav >> you leave officeth the consumer price index, the inflation measure is , what, one point four percent now or what, seven months in a row at eight point four percent going to be much higher
11:51 pm
as soon as the election's over there. artificially. i filled up the strategics reserves when oil was cheap. i bought 75% barrels at a very, very cheap price, filled it all up right to the top. first time it happened in fifty years where we felt at th the top and they've taken thatso and they're giving it tofor people. it's supposed to be meant fowarr war and for the military. the oil they're giving to people toprica keep the oil pricen s down before an election. that's where it's being is when the election is over, gasoline roll go through the roof. >> all rightof.. so your heating bills, so will your electri and so will your heating bills. so will your electric bills. thing about i mean, what puzzles me and maybe you can't answer it. >> i can't figurfiguree out for myself, but okay, we havee eners more energy resource,s, hundredl and hundreds of years of natural gas and oil and coal in this country. you've you got us to energythe i independence. that was the first time inporter seventy five years you left office. we were a net exporter energy f energy. right. i would argue, especially in light of putin cutting off western europe, that we should l be use the word dominant, we should be energy dominant.
11:52 pm
gy dominproviding western europh with their energy needs. >> we were soon going to be d be dominant. we would have been the most dominant in the world. we would have been so gingrich e e, we would have beenryone. supplying china. we would have been supplying itg with five hundred years rightfet under our feet. >> yeah. okay, so western europe makes m the mistake that i think we'rean about to make and that is theyls gave in to the climatecu alarmists religious cult. lt ii call it. >> right. and they became dependentin on vladimir putin, hostile actor, hostile regime. you knew him wel l and asd yester a result, germany, it was announced yesterday and italy so dependent. oone hundred and 74% increase in their heating bills anticipated this year, which i said would happen. 30% ofd people's yearly income will go to heat people's homes. >> there are real reports and fear that people will die and freeze to death in europeprc this winter because putin has cut them off mostruto.
11:53 pm
>> so we have all these resources to explain this tos me. whit y is it okay to get oil from iran? biden is trying to make a deal.o and by the waybo, last year when nobody was looking, he imported four million barrels. six hundred and seventy four million from russia last year. he's been begging opec to increase production. ery ti >>me they reject him every time the saudis have rejected him. yeah, he sent an emissary to venezuela. >> why would ven he ever make ty countries wealthy and rely on them foifebloodr the lifebloi our economy, especially in light of what we've seen ine thi western europe, because their dependency problem is now ec destroying their economiesonomi so listen to it's sort of it'sin not to me, it's not complex. we a we are making putin rich as he does his war thing. he's making money over a and above because it's so expensive barrels of oil right now, if we have a reduced oil, he's going to have to stop. you don't even have to negotiate. >> the deal would have neverible happened that that horrible war
11:54 pm
wherofe hundreds of thousands od people probably are dead already. woul >> but we believe what would if happen if you were president . you told mene thatt cust i knowt wouldn't tell me why you used to talk t th him about it, because he knew that i was going to take tremendous retribution or he felt that way, whether it's 10% or 5%. >> did you tell him in noin ter uncertain terms you woulmsd? as >> i'd rather not say. but the answer is yes. yes. >> sean: part two of the interview that now, part two of my interviewr with president trump. that will air tomorrow righttomo u what here on the fox news channel.rat i'll tel al you what else. we covered that straight ahead.i nenews along, postulator, flaksn a super thin, flexible patch with maximum motoki strength. with maximum motoki strength. again, the contours to the body to relieve pain right where it hurts and we mention it really, really sticks. so long past. it's good medicine. >> meat to fox nation. exclusive first breakfast. we look at modern socialism. socialism seems dead and buried
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quarterbacks ever to play the going head to head. i think there's a lot at stake for aaron in this game. he knows every single time he goes against tom brady, it's tom brady, super bowl versus aaron rodgers super bowls. and you know, they want to be you know what that is ? it doesn't get better than this. i hope it's an absolute fireworks. the nfl sunday on fox football, super bowl. fifty seven america spends sunday night with trey gowdy. he's talking the biggest issues facing the nation. there's one thing to see. the problem is even better if you see a solution in defending your freedom with the facts still this sunday night, america with trey gowdy instead of only on fox news channel. when you can't watch, listen, get the latest news business and news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere. fox news audio on sirius xm america is listening, right? >> that's all the time we have left this evening.have lef as always,t this thank you for g with us. we're going to have my exclusive interview, the rest of it will have with presidentt trump, the 44th president . that's all coming up.
12:00 am
tomorrow, we tal k aboutdter the upcoming midterm elections, biden's failing economy and what motivates him to want h to get back in the game, set tentially. so i hope you'llyo joinss us tomorrow night. please set your dvr and never miss an episode of hannity. thank you for making this showet possible. in the meantime, let not not your be troubled laura ingraham and they will mangle this next.r see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingram . this is ingram angle with a very big show tonight. so let's get right to it. the day the happy talk died. that's the focus of tonight's angle. now, for all these months, the biden team, they basically waved off concerns about the economy, claiming that things would kind of evened out ,that this was kind of a transition to more sustainable growth. >> we have a very strong economy.