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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 22, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the upcoming midterm elections, biden's failing economy and what motivates him to want h to get back in the game, set tentially. so i hope you'llyo joinss us tomorrow night. please set your dvr and never miss an episode of hannity. thank you for making this showet possible. in the meantime, let not not your be troubled laura ingraham and they will mangle this next.r see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingram . this is ingram angle with a very big show tonight. so let's get right to it. the day the happy talk died. that's the focus of tonight's angle. now, for all these months, the biden team, they basically waved off concerns about the economy, claiming that things would kind of evened out ,that this was kind of a transition to more sustainable growth. >> we have a very strong economy.
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i know people are very upset and rightly so about inflation. but there's nothing to suggest that inflation is it? it's recession is in the works. i believe there is a path through this that entails a soft landing with the economy essentially stabilizing. >> well, how's that sock landing feeling to you guys out there tonight? how does that woman still have a job when so many americans are now at a risk of losing their jobs? well, we know why she became the first woman in the two hundred and thirty two year history of the u.s. department of treasury to hold that position. >> oh, come on . being a first was always more important to biden than someone actually being the best. and now we're all suffering for all the incompetence. now, the dow is seven hundred and forty six points lower than it was on inauguration day for biden. so that means all the gains that we made under trump, we're totally wiped out. and that's before you account
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for inflation. and by the way, things are about to get uglier. wal-mart announced that it would only hire forty thousand retail staff for the holiday shopping period. well, forty thousand sounds a lot, but until you realize that last year wal-mart hired one hundred and fifty thousand holiday workers, well, biden, with his team of incompetence, starring in the what grinches who stole christmas. it looks like it. but in the updated take on the old classic, instead of a growing part, biden just has a shrinking brain. russia shun the non of proliferation proliferation ideals embraced by every other nation. the fact is there is no biden brain trust. it's only brain rust. they somehow convinced themselves, i guess, that they could trust the fed to fix everything that was going on in the economy. no matter how much they spent
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that, no matter how much money they borrowed, printed in, wasted, they would just never be any consequences for americans. but larry summers, of course, the old obama treasury secretary, he saw this train wreck coming back in the spring of 2020 one . now, let's be clear, the former treasury secretary wasn't trying to undercut the biden team. he was trying to save them. he's a loyal democrat, but the left the regime, the adults in the biden administration, they didn't care. they just waved him off. they truly thought that they knew better. so they pursued reckless spending and grandiose plans to remake american capitalism. and now they're facing in november wipe out and the american people are facing a long period of decline and despair. tonight, meanwhile, reality is coming for biden's foreign policy as well. now, here again, we've been fed months of happy talk.
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remember when we were told that sanctions on russian oil are going to rob putin of all the funds he needed to wage this war? we are enforcing the most significant package of economic sanctions in history, and it's causing significant damage to russia's economy. it has caused russian economy 5%, frankly, crater of course, the opposite is true. foolish energy policies in the west cause energy prices to spike, spending more money and sending more money, of course, into putin's coffers. now, russia is getting a big assist at the same time from president gee and john kerry's friends at the ccp. while india is also keeping the russian energy markets humming. meanwhile, russia simply turns around and uses its nord stream pipeline as a leverage point. the french are suggesting that there should be a turn down in heating so that they're capping the amount of heating that energy is being used over
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the next few weeks. >> other plans in france include delaying heat for public buildings this winter. >> and now europe is facing its own recession and that's going to drag down the global economy into a very cold winter. and as for the actual progress of the war itself, the entire thing kind of is starting to remind me of iraq. lots of happy talk, no reality checks, ukraine is taking back territory from russia. >> is this a sign that the war is shifting? >> do you think this is indeed a turning point in the war for ukraine? i mean, if this isn't what would be was it? >> it's a very good sign. i'm normally fairly guarded and cautious about this, but the tide clearly has turned over and over. we're told the same message that we heard about afghanistan, which is a little bit more money from the united states . in this case, vladimir putin will crack.
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>> we're going to stay with them as long as they need our help. you're already north of 15 billion dollars in terms of those commitments. >> how far do you go ? as long as it takes iron clad commitment? >> yes, as long as it takes it could be many years because putin just announced he's calling up three hundred thousand reservists to send to ukraine three hundred thousand did our crack military leadership of austin and milley anticipate any of this? even tom friedman, the elites favorite global thinker, he's sounding the alarm, saying, how does this war end with a stable result? we still don't know. the eu is divided on how to deal with the war, especially where the populous backlash is emerge when people get totally stressed this winter, some european leaders will begin to ask, is there a way out through negotiations ? well, it's a little bit late, don't you think, for the establishment. and now tell us that the whole ukraine saga may not have
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a happy ending. remember, the angle was warning you in march about the risks of a biden proxy war because history shows that the longer a war lasts, the more costly it is . us policymakers have to be very careful to make sure we do not end up in a worse position when this is all over. but the american people must be told that the risks of escalating things with russia are not negligible. it may, in fact, draw us even closer to a direct confrontation with russia, which, as we all know, is a nuclear power. and today we inch closer to the nuclear cliff, deep within those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the prevailing winds can also blow in their direction if the territory integrity of our country is threatened, we will without doubt use all available means to protect russia and our people. >> this is not a bluff. >> now, amazingly, secretary austin and general mark milley,
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the same two who oversaw the debacle of our withdrawal from afghanistan, are still in biden's cabinet. but incompetence gets people killed here and the pentagon is still putting american lives at risk this time, not just dozens outside of an airport, but perhaps millions here at home. now, we all want the best for the ukrainian people. they've suffered greatly. it's a terrible tragedy. but you can't run us foreign policy on emotion alone. and by the way, one poll more than any other looking toward the midterms may be the bellwether for the prospects of the democrats. sixty four percent of the country now say that we're headed in the wrong direction and this is a good time to remember what biden promised on the campaign trail. >> i said run running for three reasons. one , to restore the soul of america. the decency and honor of this country, to to rebuild the backbone of the country. the backbone of the country, the work working women and men,
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the middle class, third, he's not was to unify the country, to unify the country, is getting unified all right. really united . we're getting united behind the idea that biden and the democrat are dragging us down a rathole. no amount of happy talk by them, by their press pals are going to change those facts . now, the voters may not agree with republicans on everything. >> we know that, but they hate what the democrats are doing to america. and that's angle. >> joining me now delighted is with us , former secretary of state mike pompeo, distinguished fellow at the hudson institute, and fox contributor. mr. secretary, i think more than anything else, here that is disturbing is this lack of accountability, which really offends me most given what's at stake. it's pretty remarkable. laura , you hear president biden talk about we're back , but america is back.
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it does feel like feels like nineteen seventy six , nineteen seventy nine people are now being told to turn down the thermostat. we're being told that we're not going to have enough energy. we're not being told that to solve the economic problems, we're going to have to lay off hundreds of thousands of americans get unemployment up to five or six percent to solve this problem. and every family in america can feel that. and when it comes to our national security, we lost the bubble. >> we lost the deterrence that we had for four years where the bad guys, xi jinping, vladimir putin, the taliban, they understood that they couldn't do what they've done to america these last 18 months, that i think every american. your point about unity, i think every american, not republicans, not democrats, every american can feel that they are less secure, less safe , that their borders are under threat, that crime is higher. those are those are things that come just just four weeks from now when people start voting in the midterms. i think the american people are going to reject exactly what it is president biden has given them. here was biden today, secretary pompeo touting one of his really big priorities at the un
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. >> what my administration is working with our congress to deliver more 11 billion dollars a year to international climate finance to help lower income countries implement a climate goals and ensure a just energy transition. now, mr. secretary, we are wasting more money on projects that do nothing to keep this country safe . nothing everyone remembers of solyndra seems like history just repeating itself from the obama years of the carter years where where we take taxpayer money and give it to some slush fund leftest to do something that will have no value for the american people. we can see it. >> we have trapped american energy in the ground. this was a deeply political decision. >> the president today kind of kind of said quiet part out loud in his speech. he talked about the inflation reduction act, but said this is the biggest climate project in american history.
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this is bad for the american people. it's dangerous for our security. i am confident that there's not a family in america who thinks that was a good idea or will serve their own family. >> well, the citibank ceo appeared at a congressional hearing today and she was answering a question about decoupling from china, which is something you and i have talked about a lot. watch what she says. here. >> and we look at the clients that we serve, many of them multinational clients in china. and we see that there is a high degree of interdependence. you've got to take a strategic view in america as to where it is that we need more strategic independence and to build that in a thoughtful manner, but also in a way that doesn't cause crises, economic crises. >> okay, so jane frazier there. mr. secretary, she doesn't want to pull back from china because they have a lot of chinese clients.
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i , i just did the quick summation of what she said. that's a pretty good summary, laura . one that you and i've heard from big finance here in the united states for an awfully long time. i will tell you, it also sounds an awful lot what i heard from chinese leaders, chinese leadership saying, oh, we're so connected, it'll be really bad for you. this is precisely the wrong headed thinking that for 40 years didn't recognize the chinese communist party has declared economic war on america. they built their economy on the back of america and we allowed them to do it. i hope our senior financial leaders will begin to truly understand that they are american companies with american interests and do the things that will defend american freedom and put real chinese across party to begin to behave. >> and i know they said today, oh, we don't, which is true. they said we don't make policy, but we consult with the u.s. government. i think it was jamie dimon who might have said that today. so, i mean, but they're making it clear like you can't decouple because that would
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cause tumult. and when i'd say to jamie dimon is , you wanted biden and now you've got biden. how does it feel? feel good, jamie. >> yeah. and don't forget, lura, when congress attempted to put some pressure on china about their human rights violations, the act, the banks lobbied against it. they went to capitol hill and said this bad idea to protect human rights, to say they don't shape policy, make policy and impact america is just silly, disgusting. >> mr. secretary, great to see you tonight. >> thank you. now another pillar in the left's dream world is this idea that the walls are closing in on former president trump. and today, the corrupt new york attorney general letitia james filed a lawsuit against former president trump. now, several of several of his family members, as well as associates and businesses, were also named and named in the action. and the allegation was that there were numerous acts of fraud and misrepresentation in financial statements. now, there are many reasons why this charade is an obvious act
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of political retribution. first, the timing. james is a political hack and dropping this just 48 days before the midterms just wreaks further. she herself is locked in a closer race than i should like in deep blue new york, she included the trump kids, which even bill barr, no fan of trump these days, called a gross overstep. and finally, she campaigned on this running for attorney general, because i will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate president when our fundamental rights are at stake. it's important that everyone understand that the days of donald trump are coming to an end. >> i look forward to going into the office of attorney general every day, going here, defending your rights and going home. what an odious individual. joining me now is michael henry, he's the republican challenging the new york attorney general. and obviously the race is coming in. but in november, michael
12:16 am
shouldn't trump's lawyers move to disqualify james , given her previous statements about targeting trump? >> right. like, i don't want to make any comment conclusion, a conclusion on an investigation that might hit her when i take office. but i would say what's most troubling about leticia james is in 2018. she literally ran for office saying she was going to find crimes to charge the former president with. and additionally, she went so far as to declare his guilt before she was sworn into office. so i do think she has an issue here and i think the timing of this correlates with some polling numbers that i think shocked her. >> well, right now, new york is lagging behind states of generally the same population. when you look at economic growth in florida, new businesses, new new people moving into the state. florida is just killing new york across the board, killing by beating them. and yet this is what the state is focusing on . we have a rampant violent crime problem in the state and the
12:17 am
corrupt state legislature, frankly, throw that into the mix. >> yeah, we have a cost of living crisis. we have a crime crisis. we have corruption crisis. i mean, we're in a situation where every day new yorkers right now understand that letitia james does not care about crime. she recently said she needs more credible data before she'd revisit the castro spell law. and more credible data means more victims. she turns a blind eye to the daylight. broad daylight corruption going on right now with kathy hochul ,where the taxpayers are apparently subsidizing her reelection campaign. there's a cost of living crisis. much of this has to do with the inefficiencies of the attorney general's office in many industries she oversees. and this is why she is suffering in the polls, because every day new yorkers understand this and this transcends party affiliation, which is why i have the best polling numbers right now of any statewide republican in over 20 years. >> well, i'm telling you, new york can't want this. i mean, i don't care what you think about trump, but new york state is not a function winning a state right now. it's not functioning.
12:18 am
and if you're beating letitia james in the new trafalgar poll ,i just saw it. now it's very close. only appoint one point two percentage points, but still excuse me, point eight on math isn't very good tonight, but that's pretty that's pretty cool. >> we hope and we hope it keeps up. yeah, look, we knew this was a winnable race when we got into this race. we seen a pathway to victory. it transcends party affiliation. republicans, democrats like independents, are all tired to letitia james . they understand that she's a complete and effective and the most political attorney general in the country. and they could go to my website to find out more . michael henry, for example. >> all right, michael, thank you so much. and good luck to you in new york . you've got to make a change there. backwell the clinton global initiative has resurrected its annual conference in order to promote their latest grift. what is it? we're going to tell you next. plus, a liberal nutcase admits to running down a conservative
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back . bill and hill are back with the return of their annual clinton global initiative. suar phil back wita tara palmerk noted that the initiative's muted return is evidence thatfi first family is doingfa some brand burnishing, brand. burnishing, maybe their pocketbooks. maybe that's wha it so they're burnishing. it just so happens thappoen be be something that we've warned you abou have warned t for over a i'm talking about esg invest that arbitrary rating system that globalists are using tot ar pressure companies to conformie their progressive energy practices. their diversity practices. now, this discussion would notcp be complete without blackrock ceo in china. stoogehout b larry fink gettingy a tongue bath from slick. >> i want to thank you for
12:25 am
urging people to consider of the social impact of their investments and try not just to go foror a quick right t return if it's damaging to society, but instead to try to build a future we can all share. >> i want to say one thingy about larry that i really admire, quite apart fromlly admi the fact that he's not a climate change denier, >> i a i'm the target of all those. oh, my god, i'm sorry.. i'm still laughing about the tongue bath. all right. of course, freak who is happy,ay though, to use this opportunityp to push his new talking point,uw talking tectonic shift is happening. we're seeing that in evidence by where crops are being bei produced and where they're not being produced. we shifts oreing big because of heat and drought,t we're seeing crops moving. we are and so we're seeing we're seeing evidence every day thaten climate risk is investment risk. >> and there's the grift in g
12:26 am
investment risk is code for fink and the clinton global initiative to cash in.di so where all this money comed from?th wellisoney come fr, watch this m one of the un's s.g. tsas who'ss going to come up g with all the money that will first recognize it's a crisis>> and just how weak fund is it, 14 or 17 trillion for it? er >> the money must be there somewhere. oh, that's a very sophisticated analysis from her, isn't it? gee, now, this isn't about this isn't about sa planet. this is about the sustainability of their own bank accounts. thisthe sustbecause while they f this scheme, you're going toche, joininue to get poorer. >> joining us now is one of the leading voices warning us about this woke capital , das david sokol, chairman and ceo of time capital and author ofl. america in perspective defending the american dream for the next generation.
12:27 am
terrific book, by the way,davi david . now, it shouldn'd.t loss to anyone that this whole esg pushs heis happening as the global economy is already sinking. s and when you heard clintonof there, he kind of gave upf the return the ghost, didn't he? >> because he said, you know, even if the return to investors isn't, you know, the greatest, kinde not going to hurt the planet. so kind of of admi admitting tht they're not living up to their fiduciary responsibilityee to the investors, correct?corree >> the shareholders? absolutely. absolutely. in fact, there is an article today in the wall street journal where calipers points out that for years out thar yeay follow these esg initiatives, if you will , they've underperformed all of the other major pension funds in the country. >>e major pensioners they didn't tell their pensioners that they were investing their money. this way and that and thatit wod perhaps it would be a bad idea. you this whole thing is is is part of the breakdown ofbread thisinstitutionsow that make ths
12:28 am
country great.hi you know, this woke is virtue signaling esg. >> i mean, you know, trying to trying to put people on a boardf of directors just for diversityo purposes rather than for qualification purposes. you knowrposes, i was the chairn ceo back at berkshire of netjets with any passengers waat just want us to select pilots not based upon their cockpit qualifications, but their orientation. or their gender or their racer i or their of course not. and yet that's what we're hosting upon america. and what's worse aboutlying is e esg stand. there are no standards so rightr . and i wrote a letter to larry fink two years ago just sayingsd ,this is absurd. you're trying your marketing product for your business by pretending that you're doing something good. you know, if you look at the initiatives that president biden talked about today was supposed to be an bidn inflatio t bn reduction act, but all he talked about wastalked ao three hundred billion going tou.
12:29 am
electric car chargers and things of that nature. but think about there's no plan to deal with if, in fact, the existential threat of our country and our world is co2. there's not a single plan, buteo they're going to spend three hundred billion dollars building charging stations and the u.s.$300 billi governmeg even decided on a single charging method. tesla has a different one than general motors has. oh, now it's insane. and david, i want to play this exchange. this is between rashida tlaib,rd squad member and jamie dimon, co who's the ceo of jp morgan on capitol hill.f today. >> watch. please answer with a simple yes or no.a simple does your bank have a policy against funding new oil and gas products? mrfuoi. diamond? >> absolutely not.y not. and that would be the road to for america. wwell, that's a good line. >> but jpmorgan is a member of that un back net zero bankingd e alliance. right. so if he thinkt zero bankings ts is nuts, why not withdraw fromyi
12:30 am
that? >> i would agree. i mean, the reality is , if cone your country wants to come together to consensus, which, by the way, is an important word thansrtant wo in the t we k a lot, which is what our founding fathers formeundind our our foundation around, which was consensus. akes threet it takes three quarters oferth the states to agree to amend two-thirds the constitution, takes two thirds of a senate to removena someone for impeachmente tve sod if we actually had a consensus around climate change and a plan to deal with it, you would naturally have to have a to decrease using fossil fuelss whl over 30 or 40 years while you fs increase other o forms of energ, et cetera.f last time ave any of that. in the last timei ch i checked, it's completely legal to to utilize natural gautilizes ine your home heating to make electricity or petroleum products in your car. and yet we, our congress, wantse ssto bludgeon banks not to loanh money to people, which, by the way, he made correct point. our the worst thing you could do for our economy is to take away
12:31 am
petroleum products. it's the lifeblood ofe lifeblooe the american and the global>> lu economy. >> nowvi, david d,, your book is is selling horten. you have actual real world experience meeting payroll, hiring employees. a lot of these people inpeople politics have neve ir made a payroll. and i'm so glad you wrote thisee book and i hope you come back soon. great to. >> well, thank you very much. my forces, a determined to take. this country backwards. they promote authoritarian leaders and they fan the flames of political violence. >> that are a threat to our personal rights. rights. >> laura: you thin you would think that with the violbiden talks right wing violence is pervasive. yet over the last few weeks, its text from the left that are intensifying now in north akotow over the weekend, shannon brant was arrested after asadmitting to mowing down an 18 year old kayla ellyson in he confession, he claimed ellensont was part o of a republican, he extremist group. and worse, brant was released ws
12:32 am
from jail yesterday after posting just fifty thousand dollars in bond hearing. here now with congressman jim jordan, ranking member of hous ie judiciary. congressman, this guy admits tjo murdering someone and he's out already in. meanwhile, january six defendants are still being held without bail for things like paradin through the capitol. yeah, what the heck is going on in this country? you no, i mean, think about this law.ev you got this tragic event you just described in nortent th yh. you got crime on the rise in rin every major urban area in the country. banareayou've got a county in maryland that has a curfew because it's so baecause id. and what is joe biden doingom raiding the home of a former a president , taking the phone of a sitting member of congress and his justice department is juicing the numbers and cooking the books and labeling everything domestic violent extremismng cases. so that's what's going on . this everythinism cases. is pol and i don't think it's an accident that the term this terribleat a idea used when he o he killed this young man was ter
12:33 am
republican extremism, the same term joe biden used when hen usd stood there in front of independence hall in that crazy speech with his fists clenched ,saying half the country wass extremists. a real concernhe . countr the good news is i think the country sees this all forisg what it is and is fed upn with it and is going to vote on a couple of key issues crime, inflation and freedom. i think that's whatfreedo m.y isthe country's focused on . well, biden always goes back back to charlottesville, right charlottesville. and it's the veins bulgingrlotto torches. i mean, he goes.s back to that.e i think we played a montagee ha like fifteen times.ings. we he's mentioned those things, but we got the summer of love, o everything being ripped to shreds in american cities, individuals being threatened fo r having dinner outside. and now this. and it's crickets from merrick garland and joe biden. nothing. >> zero political targeting. yeah, well, right. because they're so focusedocus on going the other way. they're so focused on as i saide ,cooking the books. we've haowerd whistleblowers tel
12:34 am
us that they are they are being forced and pressured too categorize cases as domesticenct violence, extremism cases and to the way they are reporting the januarhey six and as if they're happening alle over the country. when it was one event here ievee washington, dc to juice these numbers. that's from that's from the fbil agent coming te-o us under a whistle blower protection, giving us that information. so it's all part of this narrative to demonize half the country that your previous guest talked about, consensus. i would love consensus around the things that make america great and make america special.t who is but when you got a president who is focused on going afterrey half the country, it d is just really difficult too get consensus. >> laura: well, th get consensus. wow.e o the man who promised dignity and unity. that'signity aty, that a hell of a way of pursuing it. congressman, thank you. tonight. now, the presidentthank yo lose way at the un and raymond arroyo has a big announcement seen and unseen next, the fed is printing money like crazy.
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it's time for our seen and unseen segment where we explore the stories behind the headlines. >> for that, we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo . all right, raymond, you haveannt a big announcement for us , but u.n.s start with biden at the un. >> must we must we remind people only see the soundbitessi of the president of the undent.a but here's part of his global pitch that was probably unseensr un most of you. >>seen according to those as grt as those bodies, roadmap eliminated global food insecurity to eliminate global food insecurity. we urge the venezuelan led dialog and return to freeo e and fair elections. thank you for your tolerance me. listening to me. have to >> well, you'll have to extend a tolerance a bit more ,reme laura . and now remember, the presidene. t is asking the world to follow him to defend democracy. follow him. >> and where is he headed?aded
12:41 am
mr. president , thank you. at the end of such a momentous event, the word thank you seems kind of inadequate. but for all the millions whose lives will be saved, for the communities where life com will be transformed. thank you. so thank youmunities, president for your outstanding leadership or forget funding ukraine. >> the un invited me to see my dog, okay?og. >> he doesn't know which i don't know where he's going. raymond, you know, all those tedious dikkers at the grocery store telling us we could go on only go one way during all, tho those those liberal women would yell at you if you weryelle in a the wrong direction, like, oh, y i get out of the way,i' sweetheart. i'm getting a i'm getting the canessm getting soup.a, ok? they need to get all those stickers for biden. he just needs those groceryres store stickers and get them
12:42 am
right off the stage. >> i'm not sure it would help. he still asks.d he we still have given fifty four billion dollars toims ukraine. that's three times what the eu contributed. , no and he's asking for more money from us , not from the eu. at the un this week.i gues okay, i guess to anesthetize a people to this wobblyth leadership, inflation, crime. the white house harshis anp, anf this friday, they're hostingri a concert on the south lawn featuring elton john .g elton jn it's called a night where hopetr and history rhyme. the title comes from an irish poem. biden is fond of repeating>> ho and hope and history rhyme, nd o hope in history, rhymend and hope. and history rhyme, hope with history, rhyme and we can help make hope and history rhyme. >> and where does alstory rhyme. anis hope in history lead lore.lead? th while the bidens are bidding yelld goodbye, theoa at their concert with elton, the people in detroit and all of us will be bidding goodbye to a piece of the interstate in
12:43 am
detroit. the highway is racist, t.cording to transport secretary woodridge. >> therepo is racismrt physicaly built into some of highway our highways. >> so thiss. rolling actual demolition, okay, is startingfii onwith i three seventy five to the tune of one hundred and four million dollars. itun a all comes out of thate bt bipartisan trillion dollar infrastructure bill . so this is just the beginning of writing racial wrongsf by taking down your interstate system. >> so this is the environment, racism that kamala and people have talke laurad about. as and i know it was last yearthat that you went to the streets ofe new orleans. you ask people whetheropler th they wanted this overpasey wans and their community removed. let's watch. >> how would you take down the global expressway? that's the only way people keep beggin that's th g for food.k. we're saying now, are you trying to say, could you stop those traffic? traff it'shey know traffic, right? people get together and get to work. so we see each other.ld you
12:44 am
>> t we from new orleans. why would you tear down these benefits at ninety sixty eight ? why would you do. i don't know why they will take? i'll read the all the people need a bridge, but i'm all for going to work. i've got to play like itur audience supporter. >> i got to pull them to take that out there. eir the people in the communityre a and they're all, by the way,ll african-americans, they didn't see anything racist about their only way onto the interstate and thereforetheg connection to the larger community. it's pitiful and it's comingit'o new york , california and arizona next. >> laura: pe and people to judge is sucheniu. a genius. all right. before you go , we have a big cover reveal of your new book series coming in march. how many books do you have where we come from? these unexpected okay, we'rewe e confusing guys. >> it's called the unexpected light of thomas alva edison. edo it's parn.t my new turn about tales series. it's coming from harpercollinss and sonder kids. and the book focuseserican's on the lives of great americans and in this case, edison, how al
12:45 am
crisis in a mother's lovee turned little into the world's i greatest inventor. it's a pretty great series. so that's coming after after chs the christmas book. took over th the wise man who found christmas. >> i got him coming.foun i got to keep him coming. i got to college. to pa >> i got. all right.for. all right. raymond, indiright. and raymond, stay with us to the end of the show. because we have a very special someone to sing happy birthday to you. bibut up next, you would think that the recent wave of violent crime plaguing the countryf vioe would spurn, defund the police,e democrats ahead of demthem the midterms. iterms but think . but think again, wait until we show you how the squad has the upper hand or lower hand ond crime. >> and oldn crime joe , two fon exclusives. first breakfast. you look at modern socialism. socialism seems dead and buried, but now it's best to get the truth behind the ideologies and how they continue to impact our society. the most ferocious debates center on issues of identity, gender and race.
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remains in the best of hands. >> when it comes to public>> whe safety to this nation,he the answer is not defund the police. it's fun d the police, fund the police. >> and give them. >> we expect them to dowe everything. we expect them to be to protect us , not so fast, joey, because the squad just scored a huge antipov win that politico-polic framed as a pre-electione deal. so what are the democrats sendwt out to brief did their caucus?
12:51 am
progressive, radical congresswoman jane paul and omar? the bill will include a numbertg of reforms, they say, to ensure funds are used to support smaller police departments. are useto invest in de-escalatn and other important training, data collection and mental and health. >> nowlati, as foron. the modere democrat amendments, they all failed on the same day we sawela these headlines, an elderly man attacked in new york ,a stolen a toddler found dead in a stolen car in houston and an armed robberarmed opening firee a los angeles 7-eleven. fo joining me now, brandon tatum, former police officer and author of beaten blacken bla and blue. brandon, this is almost like it's it's it would be funny ifyt it weren't so deadly serious. the bill is going to ensure, they say, smaller police forces, they sent them out to brief the public on it. and that was the briefing wepubc got. i well, i'll tell you what lured
12:52 am
these people are either evil or deranged or they areof a combination of both. there's nothere is way t way ins that you can preach for so many months saying that you want to defund the police and that police are systemically racist. and then now you're smeland interfac e with a knife in herg them back saying that we want to support smaller agencies who want to get them twant to training that they deserve. we wan t to work on desolation. this this is al is l generated from a myth. they believe that policing this systemically racist. they believe that police officers are racist, racially biased towards black people. they are taking these examples of legitimate police uses of firme, and they're framing them as if police officers are doing things that are inappropriate all across the country every single day with that law.up they're now coming with policysy that i believe is only going toy destroy policing in america. ricajust like they want it to. >> yeah, i mean, it's shockingty that they're so brazenly admitting what they'reazenly a o do here, blaming police, not the criminals, etc.. now, this is going to get worse, brandon, because democrat mandella, barnes,
12:53 am
who's running for senate in wisconsin against ron johnson, he's a leftist.he's a l he said this abouteftist police and crime back in 2020. i >> watch this.n police don't prevent20 crime20s happening. we're not we don't live in d a surveillance state, noon'tstad you want to. so there is anthisd this i isn't the minority report. you can't it's not like copsust are just showing up to stop something before it happens. they are. they are. they are to respond and to try to solve crimes. sn't brandon, i guess this isn'tnot surprising then that notsi a single withcott police officer supports this candidacy, that we could find. >> laura , tell me you don't know nothing about police without telling me you don't know nothing about police. abo that guy has no idea.he has he's never done it right. n. long. he's never done anything. the purpose of policing is t ao be proactive. there is proactive policing. when you conductoactive.policinp because you're out working, you catch the criminal you kisseinad the person before they rob yobank, you you kiss the person
12:54 am
the first time they beat up their girlfriend so they don't go and kill her the next time. r so it's a thing called proactive policing. if you have enoughe on police ba the force, you're supporting him. is hi you're backing himgh. the morale is high. they dominate in the industry of stopping people from committing crimes. so these people know nothing of what they're talking about, but they're pushing legislation whicerh is a shame inour co our country, deserve better.un >> oh, brandon, than >>k yo laura: u soe word much for your wise words tonight. all right, pop quiz.quiz. prominent politician did we get to sing happy birthday, arima. >> we're going to reveal it in a moment. for five star backyard's
12:55 am
yellowwood. >> fran pressure. sweetie pie doesn't have this yellow tag. >> you don't want it. hi, i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, and i'm here today to tell you about a hidden health crisis currently affecting nearly every american sleep deprivation. and that's why you need to know about relaxium sleep. you see getting
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12:59 am
>> laura: all right, ray, we didn'tth go small because a big name politician we get to build out, happy birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday... happy birthday♪ to you ♪ sho god love you, kiddo.
1:00 am
>> you shouldn't have, you shouldn't have. what was at all about? >> laura: i love you, raymond. the best is ♪ happy birthday to you... i can't! >> look at that. i will find the graphics person who did this and hunt you down all night. >> that is it for us greg gutfeld takes off. b2 fox news alert north dakota man accused of killing a teenager but this car after a fight over politics and is out on bail. authorities say 41-year-old shannon grant an argument with 18-year-old taylor and accuse the boy of being part of a republican extremist group. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. fled the scene of the incident and was arrested at home. his blood alcohol leve


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