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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 22, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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to the u.s. attorney for the southern district and the i.r.s. >> bill: thank you, david lee miller in new york. >> dana: crime and abortion on the ballot with control of congress hanging in the balance and some high-profile races are heating up as candidates go after key voting blocks, midterm election less than two weeks away. i'm dana perino. >> i'm bill hemmer. dana perino wearing our summer jackets. >> bill: female voters looking at important policy issues when picking candidates especially in north carolina where suburban women will likely be key to republicans keeping that open senate seat. kellyanne conway last night telling bret baier what has been motivating voters just about
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everywhere kellyanne: at the grocery store, gas pump and your ability to pay the rent and feel your kids are being taught curriculum that comports with what they should be taught in school. >> dana: and of coerring the senate race, what it will take to win over the votes of suburban women, what do the ladies want, rich? >> good morning, dana and bill, polling his north carolina one of the closest in the country. budd and beaceley. republicans have focused on the kitchen table issues like inflation, gas prices and education. issues republicans say will bring them to the polls this year. >> you know, just going to the grocery store, we have a family
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of eight and spending $500 three years ago, two years ago would have gotten us three weeks worth of food, it's gone in six days because value of what we're able to get for prices are literally suffocating us. >> focus on education, which played major role last year in glenn youngkin's campaign in virginia. supreme court decision overturning roe v. wade has made it an issue, democrats are campaigning on that, 20% of women would say abortion will motivate them this midterm followed by inflation and economy at 16%, a seat republicans are defending. burr is retiring and former president trump travels to north carolina tomorrow to help budd's campaign, holding a rally in wilmington. >> dana: pay attention to north
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carolina, as well. >> bill: education shapes up to be a key issue, john fetterman is billing himself as advocate for public schools, but new report finds he failed to pay taxes on time to his local school district when he was a mayor. here is the story from new york. >> brian: good morning, john fetterman says he will go to washington and fight for public schools to receive more funding. according to the washington free beacon, john fetterman failed to pay $18,000 in property taxes between 2006 to 2019, money that would have gone to funding his local school district, which is one of the poorest and lowest performing in the state. woodland hills placed three dozen tax liens against fetterman during that stretch and he was sued twice. he paid off the liens issue but
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it took six years. in 2016, john fetterman says some taxes were not paid because of clerical errors, here is his opponent mehmet oz. >> he's got properties he didn't pay taxes on, foundations, they didn't file on. he said it slipped through the cracks, what are you talking about? you are not above the law? fetterman has received endorsement of schools and fetterman is pro-student loan forgiveness and dr. oz says loan forgiveness is unfair. the pittsburgh gazette is call og fetterman and dr. oz to release full medical records as questions continue about fetterman's recovery from a stroke. the candidates will debate on october 25th, but the board says
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john fetterman needs to agree to do more debates given many people have cast a ballot by then. >> bill: good race to watch. >> dana: for more, chief political anchor and anchor of special report bret baier, interesting that john fetterman, he's slipping in the polls and i he is not changing his message, are they going to continue on and let oz creep up? >> bret: i think they have, good morning, first of all. i think they have a plan to continue hitting the same points that they are trying to hit, but in recent days he's been stepping up his appearances. he is trying to counter this narrative he is not capable to be on the trail. he doesn't take questions. he does very few interviews and as we talked about and you heard from brian, he agree to one
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debate october 25th. there is a push for health records and q&a on policy. >> bill: that is important to point out, he can control his message if he keeps it refined to i think a 13-minute presentation or has been at his stops, am i right about that? >> bret: you're right. we've all covered campaigns, been out and about and you hear the speech and when somebody goes off script a bit, sometimes that is the news nugget that is different. this has not gone off script from what i've heard from people covering this campaign, it is the same speech. he's using it, getting out and not addressing any criticism of the policies. >> dana: national issue is immigration and the bussing and flying of migrants, this is exchange from a briefing in the white house briefing room where you and i used to be together.
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watch here. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrant from the border to florida and new york in the middle of the night? >> it is our legal responsibility to care for unaccompanied children until they are unified with parents, we have moral obligation to deliver on that. >> what did governor desantis do to them, use them as political pawns because the governor care about political theater. >> dana: setting aside legality of this, how do you assess the politics? >> bret: the politics are ugly for democrats and the white house, they have a situation where border numbers are overwhelming and yes, you can call this a political stunt, a political move, of course, it also increased attention on the
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sectors not paying attention. on google, immigration and crime is above abortion and the fbi raid of mar-a-lago. it is increasingly in the front of mind because more and more people are paying attention to it. look at the contrast when jen psaki said it is not in the early morning hours, they were flying migrants to get them out of that area to other places to empty out facilities on the border. >> bill: in the "wall street journal," there is a case for providing more work visas, migrant influx could help with the labor shortage, argument he makes. critical paragraph, when the administration transports from texas to new york, been doing for a year, called resettlement, when texas governor does it, it is labeled human trafficking, if 51% of voting public believes
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jason riley, there could be a shakedown come early november in the mid-term vote. >> bret: that's right. there is a feeling other people in the so-called sanctuary cities that have worn it on their sleeve for a long time said we accept migrants of all types and we are sanctuary place and they deal with influx coming from republican governors, it is uproar about it. that is a big difference than what communities are dealing with on the border, some getting more people than they have in their population. >> dana: you have fox nation special on history of socialism part two. >> bret: unauthorized history of socialism part two, how socialism came to be and how it factors into today's cancel culture and on the political side on the far left. it is interesting, takes a long time to do these things, check it out. and an hour special will be on
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the fox news channingel. >> bill: cool, good stuff. see you 6:00, thank you for being here. >> bill: good question about politics of this and how people perceive this, we don't know yet. >> dana: google search thing is interesting, could be googles from different perspectives and coming down with a decision, we'll have more data next week as this will continue. >> bill: it is called a vote, that is the data. >> dana: that is true, now this. >> cartels are terrorists and it is time that we started treating them that way. >> bill: texas governor greg abbott, what that might mean in the fight against fentanyl. >> dana: and the hit and run driver who mowed down a mother and her infant says he deserves an early release, will his request be granted?
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>> bill: shooting down efforts to obtain documents on hunter biden business dealings, where this goes if republicans take back the house in november. >> i don't think you can believe a word that comes out of president biden's mouth, the hunter biden laptop is a treasure trove, the american people deserve the truth. ' can . because when you feel fly, you look fly. um jamie? i'm pretty sure that was my line. get two pairs of privé revaux plus a free exam for $89.95. book your exam online today.
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>> bill: california teen convicted of mowing down a mother walking a baby in a stroller is asking for an early release. tucker spoke to the victim, known as only rachel, earlier this year. >> absolutely he did it on purpose, i made eye contact with him, screamed for him to stop. he had a felony record and was out on probation when he hit me. >> bill: tough to watch, rachel says the da did not reach out to her about today's hearing. see about that. >> texas law enforcement alone has over the past year seized enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman and child in the entire country. >> dana: texas governor greg abbott calling to -- crime
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syndicates responsible for smuggling fentanyl into the country and run lucrative human smuggling operations. live in eagle pass with the latest. hi. >> hi, dane everyday we see it in eagle pass people walk into the united states, cartels are making money off smuggling people in and the drugs, trying to get them in every way they can think of and migrants are giving their savings to get a chance to come to the united states and many times they don't make it, they are caught in the back of pickup trucks, watch. >> with the highway patrol going, come out of the car. it is loaded. yep, just you eight? stay here, stay here, come over here. >> you can see that 92 video released by texas department of
7:19 am
public safety shows a dangerous trend, people from out of state smuggling in as many migrants as they can, they get paid a lot to do it by the cartels. in this case, 10 migrants in the truck, the driver was arrested and charged. we go to stash houses popping up across texas, if migrants made the journey, they end up at stash houses. these immigrants, including children were found in laredo. they are exampling of the mexico cartel lucrative, but deadly human smuggling accident running 24 hours a day at the southern border. we spoke to victor avila, he says one major concern is who is in the groups. >> they are being smuggled and
7:20 am
avoiding detection. why avoid detection? you possibly have criminal affiliation. >> this group running in the dark of night after paying $900 each to get across, the six mexico men were taken into custody and dished out that cash, nine grand each to get three attempts to get into the u.s., if they don't make it, they have to try again. things are not slowing down. when we talk about the cartel, people who talk to us here along the southern border who live here say they feel like the cartels are in charge and they would like to see the federal government get back in charge. >> dana: i imagine they do feel that way. thank you. >> bill: from washington, democrats on the house oversight committee voting down this resolution to investigate hunter
7:21 am
biden orph overseas business dealings. democrats versus republicans, no big surprise this went down. if you get a flip in november, house or senate, what happens to the hunter biden mess? >> right. this vote on the house oversight committee lays out the cards clearly. if democrats holds on to the house, there will not be a hunter biden investigation and the oversight committee has decided to circle the wagons around this president and deny the american people the right to know the question about what was joe biden's involvement in overseas business dealings, in network, the "new york post," and other outlets have proven over and over again. >> dana: if republicans do flip at least the house, how quickly might documents be produced? >> i think you will see things, assuming you believe republican promise about how committed they
7:22 am
are to the investigation, i think you will see things rolling very quickly and i know a lot of promises have been made for bank records, financial records, subpoenas of business partners, people like eric swerin and other people in the biden orbit. >> bill: 30 republicans signed a letter, we'll see what happens there in the balance of power. meanwhile, dr. fauci dropped a bomb talking about the effect that closures would have on kids during the pandemic. here is his quote and i'll ask about it. >> sometimes when you do draconian things, it has collateral negative consequences, just like when you shut things down, even temporarily it does have deleterious consequences on the economy and schoolchildren, you know that. >> bill: that of coers everything we've been watching for the past couple of years.
7:23 am
>> he said is that at the festival maybe for viewers that might be new, but obviously anyone could have told you closing schools for a year will lead to disastrous draconian outcomes. remote learning was always a fraud. in new york city, 100000 students who are homeless, these are kids that get lost in the system. they are not unique. >> dana: there in a way, in an answer you could say, we had to make a risk-based analysis to decide what was more important, were we going to save lives and -- instead, i think a lot of people are wondering, if this happens again, another pandemic, are we going to learn this lesson and make sure we keep kids in schools and business is open? >> i have to wonder what lives are we saving? kids are at least risk, for
7:24 am
most, a cold or no symptoms at all and we have made them less e equipped and able to handle the challenge for the hysteria. >> dana: i meant what dr. fauci was saying, keep kids home to not hurt teachers or not bring home to loved ones, we'll look at risk-based analysis on that. >> bill: on the economy, on the schoolchildren, that covers everything, right? businesses and schools. last comment. >> no stronger thing in the world than the american economy, i know businesses will bounce back, i worry about students, reading and math are historic lows and we were not leading the world before. >> dana: now way behind, huge problem. >> it will have effects for years. >> bill: thanks, jon levine, "new york post." >> dana: president biden at the united nations trying to rally
7:25 am
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7:31 am
when it comes to nuclear th threats. bring in retires four-star general jack keane. turn it over to you, sir, how do you see things this morning? >> jack: in reference to the speech, i did think the president's speech was strong on russia, his tone and content were good, sense of conviction. i believe three things were lost opportunities. one, i'm absolutely convinced we should be identifying publicly what president zelenskyy's objective, which to to drive the russian offer ukraine territory and the president should make a statement to that effect. we know western european countries with exception of great britain would take a peace accord at the expense of ukraine right now and we should put
7:32 am
publicly not challenge them directly, but commit to zelenskyy's objective. second thing, i believe we deserve more direct response on what putin is doing in terms of nuclear weapons, it is remote and low in terms of possibility of that and reason i come to that conclusion is because putin still remains a rationale actor, heed made strategic mistakes and the fact is he knows full well if he loses nuclear tactical nuclear weapon that by definition will expand the war and consequences would be significant on him, the united states and nato, i do not think we have to get into the specifics of it. third thing is before the united nations and yes russia deserves attention at it, we have other
7:33 am
nations malign aggressive tension has ramped up, specifically china, no real discussion of what is going on with taiwan or the economic war fare china is developing or what iran is doing and how that they pickup # their game in terms of missile provided to proxy and how that reigned down on israel and mischief in the middle east and creeping closer to a nuclear weapon and killing their own people in the streets once again as result of protest. not to have addressed that with that whole body i think was a strategic mistake in terms of some specifics and here we have the president of iran following our president much later and certainly we should have given him something to think about. >> dana: agree on all, interesting to get your perspective.
7:34 am
one quick question, putin's mobilization of men to come and fight, would he even be able to train and support them? won't that take months? that's a great question, the far right is pushing for greater action, he can't get their, there is opposition in the street by calling up 300,000 reserveivityists we wouldn't see on the battlefield for three or four months and some are medically or mentally unfit in the sense they don't want to be there and join a military force t displayed significant amount of incompetence. >> dana: general jack keane, thank you, we'll keep in touch as this rolls along, appreciate
7:35 am
it. >> bill: the hunt is on for deadly land mines in ukraine left behind by russian forces, one of the more dangerous jobs in the world, but needs to be done so communities can rebuild and recover. live in kyiv with this story now, what did you find out, jeff? >> bill, despite this prisoner swap between russia and ukraine, the fighting continues. even in areas where battle stopped, as we witnessed, there is unexploding ordinances being left behind. >> one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, each day these brave women and men in ukraine strap on head gear and jackets in the search for explosives. >> i'm not afraid, i'm not nervous, i feel great responsibility for what i'm doing. >> a screenwriter is finding
7:36 am
herself doing something most only see in the movies. >> i want to do something specific for my country now. >> she and halo trust are working to remove unexploded ordinances left behind. into this forest, there is untold number of dangers yet to be discovered, grenades and anti-tank mines. couple months ago a farmer hit one, he survived, but other aren't so lucky. >> it is devastating and even in areas where the conflict has left and people are trying to get back to normal life, they can't when there is underlying threat.
7:37 am
they are still looking for items from the 2014 year, the innocent tell continue to die. >> the impact it is having on the food supply, acres and acres of farmland left to sit and rot because of potential mines and explosives yet to be found. this is one piece of farmland in entire country at war. >> focus on clearing liberated areas like the kyiv region, their hope is to move east one day when the war is over. >> the sooner we will free up the territory from explosive objects issue the better. >> now as the weather begins to take a turn, technicians say they are working to clear as much land as possible, once wint are hits, the ground is too hard to work. >> jeff paul live in kyiv in ukraine. dana.
7:38 am
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>> dana: tennessee governor calling for investigation into a pediatric transgender health clinic after social media video surfaced of a doctor touting procedures in children as "huge money makers," for hospitals. live in atlanta with details. >> the governor is calling for an investigation provided by vand bilt medical center after conservative commentator matt walsh tweeted a video of a doctor. a video shows health policy showing religious or moral objections shouldn't work at vanderbilt.
7:44 am
it is concerning that vanderbilt hospital is not just providing the services to adults. >> vanderbilt perform double masectomies on children, minors and give them irreversible hormone drugs that change their bodies permanently, they do that to kids. >> the hospital is pushing back against claims they are financially motivated, they say transgender individuals are high risk for mental and physical health issues and are underserved by the u.s. health system. vanderbilt says it requires parental consent. the tennessee attorney general's office tells fox news it is aware of the allegations against vmuc and will agency will use
7:45 am
authority to ensure compliance with tennessee law. umc says it is in line with professional practice standards. >> dana: thank you for the story. >> bill: you may know the comic strip dilbert, the creator started incorporating woke story lines. co-host of gutfeld joins us now. scott adams had a good run until he went there. >> yeah, it is interesting, newspapers also stopped other comic strips, but also he was incorporating super senate-woke things before this happened, probably a win for him. if you get cancelled, it is better to get cancelled because you are saying something you
7:46 am
were not supposed to say rather than because nobody wanted you. >> dana: when i was a kid, not a kid, a teen, my dad worked in hr, we would laugh so hard. there is a woman in utah, running for state senate, she has a race on her hands and decided to wrap it out, watch here. >> utah district 12, listen up right here, there is a new name on the ballot for the senate this year. my name is linda paulson, love god, family and the constitution, i tried to get another conservative to run, nobody could do it, so i'm getting it done. >> what do you think? >> it is not done, she's not a good rapper, i think what is funny, she doesn't seem to be trying to be. i think she did it in one take. she was like, i pronoun nounsed
7:47 am
all words correctly. >> colbert responded to it. >> there is a lot to respond to there. do you know what a rhyme is? >> dana: i think it is cute, she was trying to get attention. >> look, she had some fun, she's a grandma named linda, i don't know grandmas named linda that are good rappers. >> dana: kind of cute, it is difficult to get attention for your campaign. >> i would not know much about the race in utah, i do now, i know about linda. >> dana: she's great. good to see you, you had a wonderful honeymoon and you deserved it. >> thank you. >> dana: we love seeing you on
7:48 am
exclamation point. thanks. one of the most closely watched contests of the midterm, race for the 27th district is closer than expected. congressman mike garcia is here next. ♪ ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant. and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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>> dana: how overwhelmed are agents at the border? dhs inspector general released a report showing border patrol failed to give illegal immigrants monitoring numbers to track them. republican senator says telling dhs find them and tell us where they are and stacey abrams pushing a wild theory. she says ultrasounds showing a fetal heartbeat of fake, made up
7:54 am
by men. senator tom cotton, raymond arroyo, faulkner focus, top of the hour. >> bill: new details, neighbors heard screaming and crying coming from the home of debbie collier, collier wired her daughter $2000 online the next day and sent a chilling text message reading, they are not going to let me go, love you. police found collier's body in the woods and naked and burned. nancy grace responds. >> she was transported in that tarp, who would take time to try to burn her body and not finish and leave her in tact with only her abdomen charred? >> this is very disturbing situation and the daughter, she deserves answers and justice and
7:55 am
see where this leads. >> bill: maybe nancy will take us there. >> dana: i hope so. closely watched race in california, republican congressman garcia faces smith in the 27th district. there is a twist. the district was once solidly gop, registered democrats have 12-point advantage thanks to redistricting, the race is close. bring in the republican mike garcia, this is a rematch for you, why is it different this time in this district? >> slightly bluer district, district where biden won by 10% reason party registration at 34%, about two points bluer, blessed to have the same opponent, on the wrong side of policy. she's marched to defund the police, mocked veterans for
7:56 am
service and called me insurrection and i served for the u.s. navy. the biggest fault she has, is asking voters to ignore reality of the situation. she held a town hall and didn't mention inflation or problems the state is having. yeah, it is slightly bluer, we have in the hearts and minds, working harder, have the best campaign and we'll succeed. this is a very blue district represented by a conservative, constituents pay attention and want someone willing to help solve problems and get this nation out of the crisis we're in. >> bill: democrat plus 12 now, joe biden would have won by 12 points two years ago. you are up against it. it is one to watch. you are talking about crime and she is talking about abortion.
7:57 am
she has an ad, respond to this. >> garcia would outlaw >> ashley: in every case. >> similar note being played across the country, how do you respond to that effectively? >> they are losing on issues, making it about january 6th, no one threatening abortion in the state of california, i'm a federal representative, my job is to cut spending, make sure americans can survive in this difficult economy and my biggest mission is to make sure our beautiful country doesn't turn into what california has become. she is at the heart of the problem, she is one who has raised our taxes and killed small businesses and working families. this is type of problem we can't replicate at federal level,
7:58 am
seeing in polling data, number one issue right now are security, accountability and above all, things working to fix this economy and get back on track and make this something we can actually survive through and not continue to languish like we are in this progressive-led congress. >> dana: tomorrow republicans announce through kevin mccarthy new roadmap for policy they want done, could this help you get attention on the substance? >> yeah, exactly what voters are looking at, national security, border security, neighborhood security, highest crime spikes in years, they want accountability of government. government that will not spend like drunken sailors and interest rates through the roof making it impossible to survive. they want freedom, to be able to
7:59 am
participate in children's school choices and know what is in the curriculum and above all, things like i said, they want economy that is strong, want government to get out of the way, small business want to get back in business and keep money in pockets and commitment to america is exactly that. it is rationale and executable thing that we're going to prioritize and not just for politics, it is backbone of legislative agenda. >> it will get a lot of attention tomorrow, we'll be on it. you are in the otw category, one to watch. >> dana: that is good to be. >> i appreciate this honor, thank you for your time. >> dana: before we go, is there this? >> before we go, however, hello to our newest co-anchor, percy. >> dana: he is seven weeks old,
8:00 am
born in ohio. >> bill: so happy for you and peter. i think he's an old soul, he will be big. >> dana: he is a year old today and he is 52 pounds issue not as big as we thought he would be, loves to play ball. >> bill: beautiful. >> dana: a handsome pup. >> bill: that's a dog. >> dana: great to be with you today, >> harris: american city under siege by criminals roaming minneapolis you remember by deep on the police. it is in trouble now p.r. yet i am harris faulkner, you are in the faulkner focus. minnesota's largest city seeing sharp increases in crime p.r. yet now it is on track to break another record in 2022. sends the rioting that rocked following on george floyd the death in 2020.


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