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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  September 22, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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born in ohio. >> bill: so happy for you and peter. i think he's an old soul, he will be big. >> dana: he is a year old today and he is 52 pounds issue not as big as we thought he would be, loves to play ball. >> bill: beautiful. >> dana: a handsome pup. >> bill: that's a dog. >> dana: great to be with you today, >> harris: american city under siege by criminals roaming minneapolis you remember by deep on the police. it is in trouble now p.r. yet i am harris faulkner, you are in the faulkner focus. minnesota's largest city seeing sharp increases in crime p.r. yet now it is on track to break another record in 2022. sends the rioting that rocked following on george floyd the death in 2020.
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a movement began it to abolish police departments nationwide, all of this has unfolded in the twin cities peered at the numbers don't lie, assault, burglary, property destruction, motor vehicle theft, spiking, all of them in minneapolis over the past year. and, while homicide may have dipped in the past year, which is good news. the city is now seeing an increase in murders over just the past two years, three years. going right back up again. despite the grim numbers, far left democratic congress woman ilhan omar, controversy at times, who just snuck out a win, her district includes part of minneapolis, and continues to push the defund police a gender. that is coming from her. >> not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle and start a new. >> so we must continue to hold people accountable that want a
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certain system to fully function for certain people, and completely have at dis- interest in that system functioning for the rest of us. but we do need to completely dismantle the minneapolis police department. [cheers and applause] >> harris: you know they are regarding it now, mike tobin has more from minneapolis, mike. >> here is where i am right now is one of the key trouble spots in north minneapolis, north lindell and west broadway. people loiter here every night, loitering becomes a street party complete with booze and drugs. ultimately, that dissent at the gunfire, there was a shooting here last night. two nights ago there was a shooting in which to go people were head. it has gotten so bad that the gas station behind me has generated the nickname, murder station. the people that live and work in the area hearsay it is intolerable p.r. yet >> i have a sound that i raise out here, my child cannot play in the ya yard. i hear four gunshots a night. on my block.
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>> i have never seen that this bad, i don't think anyone has seen it this bad. >> the kids cannot even walk up to wendy's, taco bell, or anywhere. >> why. >> because there's so much drug trafficking, there is so much gang violence. >> after the george floyd riots in the defund movement violent crime made a 20% jump in this year violent crime is up 29% and as you mentioned before, on path to set a record. gangsters and the people that work with the gangs .22 factors driving the increase in violence, one of them, like we see in other cities is the breakdown in the gang structure. there really just armed cliques running around and people could get shot for any petty offense. of the other is lack of support for police. minneapolis police are down 300 officers right now. people here in the neighborhoos complained that it takes a long time, and much as an hour to get a response to a 911 call. they gangsters on the people who work with gang say the criminals are aware of that. they do what they want to do, and make a break for it before
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the police can arrive. harris, back to you. >> harris: one hour to get a 911 call response. that is frightening. >> that's with people out here complaining about. >> harris: mike tobin, thank you so much. will pay me a host of fox and "fox & friends" weekend, well, there is no surprise that when you take the money away to higher cops, you will get fewer of them because you have taken the money away to higher cops, and crime will spike. so, what do you say to people like ilhan omar. >> that, quite honestly, you're a parasite feeding off of the host until that host will ultimately die. i think about this and we have disagreements within our political spectrum, harris. once you start going down of attacking the person that homonym you are not really doing anything to help solve the problem and you are probably indulging in your base instincts. but you also have to be real about this.
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it is current policies that have been advocated for by, not just ilhan omar but the couple of left of the moral creating of someone who looks at the mirror and likes what they see back. regardless of the effects of their action, that is parasitic. that is killing the host. what it means specifically is that you are looking at violent crime up 24 to 29%, you heard mike say 29% in minnesota over the past couple of years. so, all of these policies, and it is not just defund, you heard it in her own words, dismantle, which she did not get accomplished with its full extent. what that does mean is, she is preening, she is gathering votes, although fewer and fewer, it should be pointed out. and she is winning, unfortunately, and she is getting national fame and twitter likes and she will get high fives and probably some defensive support of this segment against my criticism in this segment. but what she is really doing is feeding off of her community. black and brown, and, on average, poor socioeconomically,
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she is speeding like a parasite off of that community while they literally die in increasing numbers. i am sorry, but that is not simply we have a political disagreement, that is a real parasite on our political system p.r. yet >> harris: you had mentioned where she is politically, too and she just eked out a primary went over a moderate candidate, we will see what happens they are. we will see what happens they are. democrat led chicago this weekend we will move to this now, well, because these numbers have been staggering for a long time. i do not understand why they're not people of the in protesting this. all lives matter, black lives matter, chicago, anybody, crickets. 63 people were shot, nine were killed including a 3-year-old girl. so far this year the city has seen 490 people murdered. and more than 2100, 2,100 shootings, and despite all of that, illinois is pressing forward with its new soft on crime policy that eliminates
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cash bail for certain crimes. gianno caldwell, you know, our fox collie, whose brother was murdered in chicago, just recently, is going after this new law, watch. >> they are calling a criminal justice reform but i would argue it is just as for the criminal. this needs to end, this is not about democrat or republican anymore it is about humanity and things that can change. >> harris: will. >> this is what i am talking about, harris, and it is like you advocate for these policies in order to project on the most shallow level, the ability to get high fives, and boats or to feel better about yourself and say, i am not racist in some way because it all boils down to racial disparities but the fact of the matter is, in the end they are stories at the end of this policy. it is like that of jian oh, whose brother was killed, and sadly, that is 1 of thousands. and almost all of them, all of them are black and brown.
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so, you are killing the people in increasing numbers that you are reporting to represent. by the way, that no cash bail in chicago will happen a lot of cases over to the judge's who are overwhelmingly of the ideology that you and i are talking about that i am attempting to lay out. so those judges that are in cook county, they will turn these criminals back onto the street. and this, by the way, recidivism, recidivism is of the key to all of this, we are seeing guys do this all the time saved criminals over and over and over and over, they are in, they are out. >> harris: just real quickly, i thought it was really, intriguing and, and, and, very thoughtful the way gianna elk put this because he is still really hurting because what he is saying is it is not about criminal justice reform. is that these soft on crime liberal das are politicians are going after, they want justice for the people who are willing to kill us. and i am just wondering, why is
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there this imbalance? why can't they see it? is there something i am missing? >> yes, just as for the criminal, or the alleged criminal and no compassion for e crime. what we have is an ideology, and i think it is important to say ideology, embolden, or embodied by one political party but probably bigger that in one political party to some extent. that does focus, constantly, on the perpetrator of the crime as the victim and not the actual victim of the crime. >> harris: yes, yes. all right, new numbers and they closely watched governors race in georgia, well this got interesting in a hurry, governor bryan republican, has expanded his lead over his democratic challenger, stacey abrams new polling show it in him up by eight points now, so that would be outside of any margin of error that we are watching. a new video shared by the rnc shows that stacey abrams is speaking to an audience at
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atlanta, georgia, this week, making this wild claim about ultrasound machines. she is not a doctor. let's watch. no, no, no, we do not have it. what she says is you cannot hear fetal heartbeat at six weeks. and went to doctors, we will say, it is, between, five to seven weeks is when that happens. she is not a doctor. and to go further, she says that it was a made up situation that it could happen on an ultrasound at six weeks, made up by men. so she is blaming you, will c cain. >> i'm smiling because i knew you were going with this i seen the clip and i've seen the very words and to be clear i am going to ask blaine what she had to say. but why don't we just characterize it first. this is qanon plus level of conspiracy >> harris: wow. >> will: she says that
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ultrasound machines were a conspiracy made up of five men to control women's bodies, that ultrasound machines, that he can hear a fetal heartbeat at six weeks are simply a conspiracy. she said that it is not true, you cannot hear a heartbeat and the machine is lying to you because the machine has been designed by mende in order to control women's bodies. i want to be clear, the machine and medicine are, in stacey abrams estimations, conspiracies against women. this is someone you're supposed to take seriously and jerez and it hasn't she been put forward as a potential president of canada to one point. this is, who, by the way, one of the biggest election to dyers in american history over the last couple of years. this is the pot calling the kettle black. this is the conspiracy theorist calling others conspiracy theorists. she just keeps giving new evidence of that whether it's election denial or ultrasound machines that are part of the conspiracy.
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>> harris: wow, it is interesting but you know the number that counts right now is the a point differential between her and the republican. and there are now 47 days left to go until the midterm election. she better jump skippy, get with it, if she does think she can make up that gap. will cain, thank you, good to see you. dire warnings about the americans who face on the heels of a federal reserve's third street rate hike. with the chairman is now saying about the threat of a recession, plus, the border crisis, it only seems to be getting worse. republican say that the president is to blame. >> the biden administration is completely advocating it their responsibility on the american people to keep us safe and to keep our borders safe and protected. >> harris: a stunning new report that, at the eight, inspector general of the just released saying that a hundred and 38 of the people in our country never got a number that would help people monitor them.
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>> we have always understood that restoring price stability while achieving a relatively modest decline and increase of unemployment and a soft landing would be very challenging. we have got to get inflation behind us. i wish there were a painless way to do that. >> harris: what happened to the soft landing? the federal reserve's move is certainly not painless. the central bank hiked interest rates again for the third straight time and the markets plunged in reaction to that, the dow, nasdaq, all of those going
8:19 am
sharply lower. and now even people in the bluest of states like california and new york, they are pointing the finger of blame at the white house, president biden and his policies. >> he's not even doing his job. >> he's trying to do what he can. >> everything is more expensive, i mean you have to be blind not to see it. >> you go to try and buy groceries, it is $200 for one week. so the economy is in the [[bleep]] >> harris: we know how he feels, a lot of people feel that way and with lawrence with fox business is outside the white house, edward. >> yes, harris, this has been a really tough economy, and fact of the federal reserve chairmant americans can expect more economic pain for at least the next two years. the federal reserve is asked projecting the growth of the u.s. economy at .2% for all of this year, that is barely above a negative number and the federal reserve increasing its out word for inflation, seeing it rise again towards the end of this year.
8:20 am
so i asked, this. what is that economic pain in your mind, is a job loss is, is it higher interest rates on credit cards, what is that pain? >> it is all of those things. higher interest rates, slower growth, and a softening labor market are oral painful for the public that we serve. but it is not as painful to restore post-price stability and having to come back and do it, you know, down the road again. >> edward: so the federal reserve is putting interest rates at levels not seen since 2008, they are signaling two more big great heights this year and one more in 2023. so they have jpmorgan, just said 15 minutes ago to the committee, less government spending would be good, and republicans do agree. >> once that gig was up, they had to admit even though they called it inflation reduction, it was inflation enhancement. and to jamie dimon's point, that is runaway government spending,
8:21 am
there is a super trying charging the demand of our economy while the supply site continues to be hurt by it, it has led to it this. >> edward: so, and part because of that government spending there now projecting to the inflation will now come back to 2% until the end of 2025. harris. >> harris: oh, my goodness. that is a very long time. you know what that coincides with though, the cbo report that looked at the so call inflation reduction act. it's number was 2031 before it would even approach touching inflation. look, the truth, you cannot hide it is like sunshine, shining all over it is the greatest forensic on the planet. good to see you, thank you, senator tom cotton, arkansas, republican, serves on the judiciary and armed services inc., and joint economic committee's as well and we are glad to have you in focus today. i want to lean on the economic part and get your reaction now, to the truth coming out about
8:22 am
inflation. >> tom: well, harris, the truth about inflation is that it is devastating our families across the country that cannot not afford to fill up their tanks or buy groceries. much less to save a little bit for christmas or family vacation or kid's braces. inflation is up 13% since joe biden took office. if there is a very simple reason for that, as we had just heard. too much demand, not enough supply, too much money chasing too few, that is the direct cause of the democrats failed economic agenda. last year they spend $2 trillion on the economy as we were coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. then they spend $700 billion more just last month. and, at the same time, they are showering all of that money into the already overheated economy. what are they also doing? they are constraining supplies, democratic governors were locking down their economies until the middle of last year. joe biden is doing everything he can to constrain energy with his
8:23 am
war on oil, gas, coal, energy inflation is one of the worst kinds because it doesn't fact affect everyone family sees, businesses, and the goods we make and how their transport across the country. this is the direct fault of joe biden in the house democrats. that is why the american people will rebuke them come november. >> harris: i do not know, if they see this, and this is on purpose, that is one thing. if they are incompetent, that is another. those are just bad choices. 's fee you sow it joe biden said last weekend when he was celebrating the fact that inflation is only at 8%. >> harris: yeah inch per inch. a new dhs general support shows that border patrol headquarters ordered agents not to assign alien numbers to about a hundred and 38 illegal immigrants. that meant that they could move around the country, with mom no monitoring. and the move was to speed up processing at overcrowded facilities. but, without those numbers,
8:24 am
those monitoring tracking numbers there is no way to know where those illegal immigrants are. now senators racking asking the dhs of people who've been given the notice to appear between an immigration judge, that's a lot of detail the senators right" "century city policies are dangerous and threaten public safety, these policies allow dangerous public aliens to walk for you fear of deportation" the democratic mayor of el paso says moving migrants at a border communities is really nothing new. >> it became very public when he became political. i do think it is important to them when we are talking about this morning to take the politics out of this and understand it, we do have a lot of people coming across into el paso. but they are not coming to el paso, they are coming to the united states. it is important that we sit there, looks, and see where they want to go. if there is a big difference. >> harris: what's your reaction to this latest news? >> tom: it is very troublesome, but it is pretty
8:25 am
much at a piece with what joe biden has been doing for two years. since he has took off as we have 5 million illegal aliens that have entered our country and we know almost where none of them are whether they get the tracking numbers are not all we do is send them into our country and say it pretty please report for a hearing at some point in the future. whether it is joe biden's government, whether it is they democratic mayor of el paso, whether it is republican governors. it is really unfortunate that we have migrants boarding buses, planes, and going north and our country. joe biden should be putting them on buses and planes and sending themselves, back to their own countries. >> harris: they were putting surreptitiously to states like tennessee, senator marsh told us that that these flights of minor children were landing in her state, and other places across the country. so democrats are just ingenuous and flat out lying if they were saying they have a problem with people being bused and flown in all that because they have done it too. i recently visited the border and a lot of the visuals that
8:26 am
you will see during this program are from my recent visit. and, it was just last weekend, i talk to the president of the dell real sector for the national border patrol council and i asked him this question, "have you spent any time was secretary my offer is" >> he is, just like everyone in a cabinet he's not gonna do it anyone and tells them to do. so you know, i think you get all influence it, i do not know what sort of pressure he is putting or pushing back towards the white house. i do not know. >> harris: they are really caught in the middle they are told, don't take numbers for these people, don't do anything because there are too many of them. but by the way, we will hold you accountable. >> tom: the brave men and women of the border patrol, or immigrations and customs and enforcement are not being permitted to do their jobs. it is kind of like mayors are not allowing police across the country to do their jobs. and, women, border patrol, immigration and customs enforcement signed up to enforce the law, to protect our border, to defend our sovereignty and joe biden will not let them do
8:27 am
it. make no mistake, what you saw the border, what i saw the border last year when i traveled there, it is not an accident, it is not known to intended consequence, it is not bad luck, it is with joe biden and the democrats want. it is what they campaigned on and the deliberate policy they have chosen by design. that is why the american people will vote them out of office in november. >> harris: those numbers and that dell real sector, which are the poorest parts, and biggest along our 19 plus hundred miles of border, they are eye-popping. the u.s. military has adopted a nether, woke, policy apparently. fox obtained a new training curriculum for the u.s. air force academy in colorado. cadets were told to stop using gender specific language like, mom and dad, boyfriend and girlfriend, and use more inclusive words instead. what would that be? it comes as they department of defense is sounding the alarm on plummeting recruitment, i cannot wait to get into this with you, let's watch.
8:28 am
>> the department anticipates will collectively miss our annual recruiting mission despite assessing more than a hundred and 70,000 remarkable young men and women. our short four constitutes an unprecedented mission gap in his recent concern for the greater state of national service. >> harris: why don't people want to join the military now? >> tom: yes, harris, young kids don't join the military to learn how to use the right pronouns. they join the military to learn how to kill the bad guys and to defend this country. and if the biden administration wants to know why recruiting numbers have collapsed, why we have a recruiting crisis, they just need to look at their own policies. afghanistan, the vaccine mandates, indoctrination, the witch hunt for supposedly white nationalist. of the biden pentagon looking for the causes of the recruiting crisis a kind of like o.j. simpson looking for the real killer, harris. [laughter] >> harris: just real quickly, one thing popped into my head about joe biden and in recent talk about taiwan and how our
8:29 am
military would be there if china stepped up which is not her national foreign policy at all, that is not how we have talked about that. but he is going to need a military if he is going to talk all big and bad like that. real quick, last thought. >> the recruiting process is very dangerous to our country and very dangerous if we do not turn it around quickly, the way to turn it around us to get our military focused on the core mission which is preparing for war and fighting war, not using the right pronouns or worried about things like, gender ideology and lifting things like vaccine mandates, we need to turn the page at the pentagon and make it clear to america's young men and women that we want them to join the military because we want them to defend this country, not go to social justice training seminars. >> harris: senator cotton of the great state of iowa, thank you for being in focus today. >> tom: thank you harris. >> harris: dr. fauci making a big omission about his pandemic policies. >> and sometimes, when you do
8:30 am
draconian things, it has collateral and the negative consequences it does have consequences on the economy, on the school children, no that. >> harris: he is talking about locking down our kids, we didn't even do that in 1918 during the spanish flu pandemic. critics are now calling him out, and the white house is now walking back biden's claim that the pandemic is officially over. cleanup is still going on, and they will need more brooms and mops, power panel is next. erizo. (wilder) it's a perfect fit for my small business. (vo) verizon has business-grade internet solutions nationwide. (wayne) for our not-so-small business too. (vo) get internet that keeps your business ready for anything. from the network america relies on. ♪ subway's drafting 12 new subs for the all-new subway series menu the new monster has juicy steak and crispy bacon. but what about the new boss? it looks so good it makes me hangry! settle down there, big guy the new subway series. what's your pick?
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8:36 am
in selling large-scale batteries to back up renewables to provide power when the sun goes down. "wall street journal" bowl all bad called it "the larger point is that there is no free lunch in producing energy, all sources have costs and carry risks. the difference is that while climate lobbyists and the media fret about oil spills, gas leaks and nuclear meltdowns, they ignore the very real costs and risks of renewables" wow, i am glad nobody was hurt, that was the key. dr. fauci finally fessing up to what millions of us already knew. he admits the pandemic policies were draconian. but he does say that they were justified. >> when you are dealing with a situation where the hospitals were being overrun in new york, intensive care units were being put in the hallways, you have to do something that is rather draconian. and sometimes, when you do
8:37 am
draconian things, it does have deleterious consequences on the economy, on the schoolchildren. you know that, but you have to make a balance when you are dealing with -- >> harris: dr. fauci also blaming social media, he said that users turned every piece of his pandemic guidance into a confusing and controversial statement. but technically the most recent white house had the hands on that one, mercedes schlapp, former white house advisor for strategic communications, kevin wildly, former biden campaign surrogate, great to see you both, kevin, i come to you on this because, it is good for the soul to confess, but the point of the matter is that they have lots to look back on in a very similar situation, much worse, 1918 spanish flu, 50 million people died across the world, they did not shut down schools. >> kevin: yes, harris, i think hindsight is 20/20 with all this
8:38 am
and knew we are still riding the history of this pandemic response, and it is good to see dr. fauci out there talking about the deliberations that went on to win the pandemic first hit our shores during the trump administration, and the decisions that went in and in terms of shutting down the economy, shutting down the schools. i think that is the most illustrative part of his comments, specifically about schoolchildren. you have two girls and i know mercy has a whole basketball team of kids and we are still figuring out the disastrous consequences, especially for children in this country, academically, would we are on pace to see the largest drop since the 1990s in terms of academics. so, certainly there were decisions that went in that bad, now, seem a rather wrong and maybe we should have shut down as certain parts of the economy in certain states, based on what we are saying but we were losing tens of thousands of americans every single day in the heat of that crisis. >> harris: mercedes, the point of the spanish flu course is
8:39 am
that children were not in large numbers among those, reportedly, and the learning gap that you are talking about, it will take generations to recover from that. again, children were not in harm's way, as much as people in their 80s, with covid. >> mercedes: that is right. well, what i think is so disturbing about dr. fauci's comments is that he now is admitting that there were these issues, with basically the decisions that he may. i mean, it was a lot of these unelected bureaucrats, basically making these unilateral decisions. it not necessarily consulting with the economic teams of the white house, and the trump administration to find that balance. so, what was troubling to me as that ouchi really spent a lot of time, instead of saying i do not know, we do not know the long-term consequences and when this was happening, back in 2020, and in 2021, it was that he thought his answer was the
8:40 am
only right answer. so, i do think that is the troubling part of this. i think that looking back, there should have been a balance in terms of what shutdown and what was not shut down. use on states like florida, texas, where they stayed open, where they tried to get the children back to school. it ended up with a better result than a lot of these other states. really, it was because of president trump and his ability to get operating shorten warp speed it going and functioning that the coordination with the governors in these different states. >> harris: all right, i don't know if you saw but the president cleared that covid was over in the press secretary went on the defense for him saying that he meant the car show, the pandemic was over at the car show because people were not wearing masks. cabin. >> kevin: well, harris, we can look around and it seems like for the vast majority of americans, especially those that are now getting this fourth booster, that the pandemic phase
8:41 am
of this crisis is over, we are leaning towards it -- >> harris: can we get some of the taxpayer money back but democrats say we want to keep spending on covid? because if it is officially over, first of all, they need to make an announcement more so than at a car show. that's a little shocking. mercedes? [laughter] >> mercedes: agree, there are mixed messages when it comes to the biden administration on this topic. you know it is coming up, harris, it is called the midterm elections and they want to be able to say that the pandemic is over and let's focus on other things. i think for the democrats they are again miss playing their hands. for a lot of americans, this pandemic has been over for a long time. but this administration has taking a long time to acknowledge that. >> harris: good to see you both, kevin, mercedes, thank you. disgrace new york governor andrew cuomo is playing the victim and his whining about how hard it was for him to face sexual harassment allegations without his democrat pals backing him up. plus, former south carolina nikki haley, on the focus
8:42 am
yesterday firing back at view cohost sunny austin. >> they cannot stand the fact that a minority female would be a conservative republican. >> none of this bothers my feelings, i brush it off my shoulder. >> harris: and fellow republicans are coming to haley's defense, claiming that it is all a liberal attempt to diminish conservative minorities. fox news contributor, raymond, or rory oh, in focus next
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>> harris: a north dakota man says he intentionally hit and killed an 18-year-old with his car. all over a political dispute. he told police that he chased the teenager down around town, because he thought the victim was part of a republican extremist group. matt finn is alive in los angeles with the story, m matt. >> harris, 18-year-old, and the family are grieving his death at such a young age. the north dakota highway patrol tells fox news, what led to ellingson's death is under investigation, and here is what we know, police say that shannon brent called 911 on himself, last sunday after he struck and killed 18-year-old kaylor ellingson, highway patrol tells us branch, and the 18-year-old
8:48 am
had some type of altercation at an outdoor street concert. the teen called his mother in the early morning hours saying that he was being chased. documents show that a branch told officers that the teen was threatening him. they told him that brent was strike the pedestrian, teen, because he had a political argument with the tn and believed the pedestrian was calling people to come get him. they said that they have fit pedestrian and the pedestrian was part of a republican extremist group. police tell fox news, so far, they do not think that brent and allison knew each other they say that the suspect admitted to drinking, and is charged with particular homicide a dui, and leaving the scene of a fatal crash. they have conducted multiple interviews and have not been able to confirm that ellingson was a part of any republican extremist group. police tell us that they are not ruling out that that political argument started all of this. but right now, they have not
8:49 am
identified any witnesses to cooperate brandt's account. >> the only individual right now that is identified that there was some sort of political event, or discussion, or disagreement going on was mr. brandt. and he stated that during his 911 call. >> matt: police tell us that he is lawyered up and the mother has declined to speak with us. harris. >> harris: you have set a lot already, matt finn, thank you, disgraced former new york governor, andrew cuomo, whining about his democratic friends who have abandoned him when he was accused of sexual misconduct. by several women last year. at the scandal that ultimately forced him to leave office. the called out president biden, nancy pelosi, and chuck schumer in an interview with a "new york post" "it was tough, traumatizing, lose your power and heartless politicians read the tea leaves. you are dead the phrase political friends is an
8:50 am
oxymoron" there is probably some room for a more on there. but anyway, fox news contributor raymond arroyo is in focus, those charges were serious. >> you but they were serious. what i love about this is that he has bellyaching. here is the perpetrator trying to play the victim and the only woman that he could find i would have dinner with him was cindy adams, no one else would have them. >> harris: they gossip column. >> raymond: yes the gossip column, cindy adams, they've been around for a long time. but my friend was a political intellectual who wrote about these things and he was to say that washington is a one-game town. power, my power. and, when i listen to this interview, you cannot escape that critique. andrew cuomo is a drunk on his own power. but what did he think that these politician friends were going to stay around him after 11 women were charged in the death tally came in from all of those -- >> harris: what about those 11 women, their lives were changed too. they may not of been able to adjudicate the kind of case they want to do against him, at a
8:51 am
state level, but it has still touched, changed, and tainted other people's lives as well. he is so self focused. we will not even get to the nursing home deaths. that is also paramount and is a question about andrew cuomo. >> raymond: what should send chills to everyone who is listening at the end when he said my interest is public service. no andrew cuomo, your interest is self-service, and we have seen it again and again peer get this pattern of self-serving politicians who think they are entitled to a public job, and to represent people, this has got to end. he is the prima evidence of power gone awry. >> harris: if you think those democrat friends are silent then, we are going to call out nancy pelosi and everyone else, yeah, they will be vocal now but just not the way he wants. formal also ignored the invitation to testify yesterday at a congressional hearing on nursing home deaths, which is why i brought that up, republicans want to answer questions about his 2020 order requiring nursing homes to take
8:52 am
all of those covid positive patients, put them all around the most vulnerable among us by getting the disease, that is his decision, chairman clymer in the house would not say whether he would compel him to testify. >> chairman, do you think it is time to zippy no andrew cuomo and have them testify? do you think that for 15,000 people who died [indistinct] >> harris: how to make every thing about trump, i don't get it. >> raymond: all loads lead back to trump listen i wish they had the same zeal and craving for justice as they do with the january 6 committee as they do here. except, in this case, thousands of elderly people went to their deaths and were in science to buy government fiat, that is a problem and andrew cuomo, the blood of those people are on his hands, he should be held accountable. >> harris: let's get to this backlash pouring in after the
8:53 am
view cohost, sonny houston accused ambassador, nikki haley of using her name to hide her indian heritage. well, ambassador haley, clap back hard, right here on sat with me yesterday. >> i think that nikki haley is incredibly effective. >> what her real name again, there are some of us that can be chameleons and decide not to embrace our ethnicity. >> they cannot stand the fact that a minority female would be a conservative republican. when they go after something like your name, your looks, they just do not have anything else. that shows that you are winning and i will take that went all day long. >> harris: and she is getting some help from her fellow republicans, south carolina senator, tim scott says it is a classic example of the liberals m.o. >> to have the conversation of how good of a governor she was, let's have a conversation about how all of the minorities in her state he saw their opportunities go up, not down under her leadership. at the fact of the matter is, and when you see a strong and
8:54 am
powerful, and positive minorities standing up on the conservative side, will left always want to hit and demoralize and diminish our impact. >> harris: he speaks some truth. >> raymond: it is heartbreaking to watch this level of political discourse because it is racialized and to and dividing commentary. and, for a woman calls herself sonny coston and her name as soon she on holliston, that takes some guts to say such a thing. this tells us much more about sonny houston than it does about governor haley. she has obviously triggered by this, a woman of accomplishment, conservative woman, but more than that someone who changed their name because it might reveal their true race, that is what i see when i look at this, and it is terrible to even focus on this. look at accomplishment, not at the end or beginning of a person's name might entail or denote. >> harris: you know, i had read that sonny morphed or changed her name completely because people could not say at. [laughter] >> raymond: she claims.
8:55 am
>> harris: nikki haley, when you want, that is her middle name, it has two to case, she said it is part of her heritage. only ignorance, i tell you it is racial ignorance on the part of sonny houston. >> raymond: i tend to agree with you and no one can say that nicky had her indian background, she advertised that she was a part of the american dream, that is what we saw. >> harris: ramen, great to have you. outnumbered is next choose safelite. we can come to you and replace your windshield. >> grandkid: here you go! >> tech: wow, thank you! >> customer and grandkids: bye! >> tech: bye! don't wait, schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ you deserve to feel safe with the confidence that you're protected online. introducing mcafee plus, all in one protection that goes beyond your devices. it protects you, your identity and privacy with credit and dark web monitoring, removing your personal info from sites that sell it, and more - all backed by one million dollars in identity theft coverage.
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i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key. ♪ >> hello, everyone, this is "outnumbered" i am kayleigh moo along with emily compagno, dr. nicole safire and me feeling appeared we begin with somethin you likely won't believe, but w have the audio to prevent parades tending comments from far left gubernatorial candidat stacy abrams that may seriously hurt her already struggling campaign


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