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tv   America Reports  FOX News  September 22, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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it was a misprint, but $28, i would probably still buy it, i do hate to say. [laughter] >> i mean, in an airport, that does suck but at least in munich it will be a big party, lederhosen everywhere. [laughter] >> everyone have a great day and here is america reports. ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert and 47 days until the crucial midterm elections, and we are speaking with two congressional candidates and key battleground states hasn't according to our latest fox news power rankings, the upper chamber remains a toss up in the g.o.p. thinks the senate race could tip the balance of power in its favor, coming up dr. mehmet oz reveals his game plan ahead of election day. >> in the house will speak with a candidate whose race is now leaning democratic after previously being considered toss-up, republican can robert burns is fighting to swing his
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liberal district red, he also joins us coming up on america reports. >> john: but we begin this thursday on capitol hill where congress is it is moving closer to a government shutdown as republicans shut down securing the border, i am john roberts and happy friday eve do you. >> when he was welcome at john, i am gillian turner, i am in for sandra smith today with just eight days to go until veteran federal government runs out of motor to make money, house majority leader says he sees this as a moment for his party to strike on border security after nearly two years of record-breaking numbers and migrant crossings. >> john: the top republican in the house is urging his caucus to go against unless they address the crisis. coverage now kellyanne conway is standing by. but first, teicher has day is live and the border, really has turned into a headache for the democrats. >> hey, good afternoon to you. yes, you could say that, the border crisis has really turned
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into a big, major, midterm issue. it also has turned into also, somewhat of a bargaining chip for at least house republicans. take a look at this tweet from house minority leader kevin mccarthy this week saying this, if biden and democrats do not use this government funding bill to address to the border crisis immediately, i am voting no on this bill and i urge my colleagues to do the same. the stand out, john, on the border is tense right now in both the house and the senate. but there may be a bigger standoff looming in the next three months if the g.o.p. flips the house. minority leader kevin mccarthy just presented his commitment to america agenda this morning to the house g.o.p. conference. on the border, john, the g.o.p. plans to end catch and release, and reinstate the remaining mexico policy, and finish the border wall, the trump wall, if they do regain majority. mccarthy was joined today by former speaker newt gingrich and former advisor trump kellyanne conway, i spoke to
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gingrich on whether mccarthy's plan is it going to be enough to win at the g.o.p. votes this november, watch. >> i think it is going to be enough for one republican sticker of the house, and maybe even increase the margin that they lost over the summer. >> not as strong as it was three weeks ago. i have not seen any a single analyst, even the ones who suggest the democrats will be the majority after this. >> okay, so that is what he thinks. >> gillian: democrats on the other hand who are really happy to confront that the border because of all the migrants being moved to sanctuary cities, those blue states and cities. they are already pushing back on this mccarthy plan. >> i am not concerned with anything that they are going to present over the next few days because the american people will see through it clearly. >> gillian: mccarthy will unveil his commitment to america plan in pittsburgh, tomorrow. john. >> john: looking forward to that, thank you so much for that
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on capitol hill failure it as mccarthy is presenting the commitment to america plan. it is a road map by the way, designed to tell america what the republican party plans to do a head of the midterm elections. it is similar to newt gingrich's contract to america that rolled back in 1994. the goal is to form a unified g.o.p. message ahead of the midterms, let's bring in kellyanne conway, to president trump, she turn of the g.o.p. conference this morning and come moderate of the with kevin mccarthy, kellyanne conway's great to see it, was put up on the screen so folks can see get an understanding what we're seeing here, some of the main points in the commitment to america to fight inflation and lower the cost of living and make america energy independent and reduce gas prices strengthen the supply chain, secure the border, fight illegal immigration, hiring 200,000 more police officers, lower medical costs, personalize health care. uphold free speech. protect the unborn, and safeguard the second moment. there is more, but those are just the headlines.
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is this the prescription, and your estimation to take back the house? >> yes john it is, for two fundamental reasons, one is nothing should be controversial and nonpartisan. number two you have an entire democratic party now and the majority in the house, really running all of washington how senate and white house that has passed policies or failed to pass policies that were guaranteed the peace and prosperity the safety and security that is in this commitment to america. of the form a tenets, frankly, are a future that is free, a government that is accountable, an economy that is strong, and really does work for everyone. and a nation that is safe. you know, john, right now the democrats want america to believe what the democrats say, not with the american see. they see rising crime, they see rising costs. the issue is not complicated but i am so happy, really, even thrilled that under leader mccarthy's stewardship, he put together seven or eight task forces that involved all members
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of congress, everybody at agency and authority and the result is this commitment to america that people can read, two pages, to go sides, 500 words, you could read it, it is credible, it is doable. and it is an affirmative and positive solution center document put forth by one party, the republican party. >> so, we have been making the point over the last few days >> john: that democrats have narrowed the on who they wanted to see control congress. by really pushing the wedge issue of abortion and leaving heavily on the dobbs decision and with that might mean for the future of the country in terms of the future supreme court decisions, can what we saw come out today, a effectively counter the democratic message which has significantly narrowed to the margins? >> yes, and i did speak at length on this very issue behind closed doors of the conference today, i will tell you about what i said because i do want to be public. one is we know which party is extreme on a abortion the one
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who is with tax funded abortion after you had a selection test, you can actually boarded, we have 63 million abortion, 27 million black babies have been abortion, let's pretend that their real-life consequent is, life and death consequences to calling yourself pro-choice. here is the question that i would ask everybody who is trying to make a portion of wedge issue. what are your exceptions, what abortion have you ever counted in your life that you think is a bad idea or what you think is a bad idea, they don't know that but i will tell you of the polling we did for our in situ weeks ago, the republican who is pro-life, except in cases of,, life of the mother, a democrat who is for abortion rights including up until the moment of birth, 34%. that is a winning issue but you have to complete the sentence, you cannot just scream abortion, women's health, pro-life, pro-choice, you have to be a resource and inform people. john, there's no question more women have registered in the state of wisconsin after job,
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there is no question that this will animate a lot of the pro-choice voters. both pro-life voters after be animated as well. they should be coming out and saying in queue for uprooting and the ability to distinguish a life under the constitution, and sending it back to the states. the democrats are totally extreme on this issue, you will not find pro-life, there is one pro-life democrat left in the entire house so they tried to get rid of them through primary this time. so, this is i would also share, let me share something, if you're pro-life, you better be pro-life the kids entire life. that is why this commitment to america and the republican party are also the only party for school choice, charter schools, education and freedom, opportunity scholarships. we should not be permitting kids from getting out of these failing schools so that they can access a quality and affordable education that is worthy of their humanity and dignity. the republican party stands ready to lead on that. >> john: the point that you are making of what do you stand that is exceptional, that is what lindsey graham is making, although some are public and still agree mostly over the issue of a another federal law on abortion.
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let me ask you this question, too because rashida had a big day yesterday, we are going to play her interchange of jamie dimon we talk to for also in a minute but she went back and forth the debbie the debbie wasserman schultz in israel and they told the palestinian conference on tuesday the following, among progressives, it has become clear that you cannot claim to hold progressive values yet back israel as apartheid government. washington scholz fired back to say the outrageous pretty litmus test under israel is nothing short of anti-semitic, they do support israel's right to exist as a jewish and democratic state suggesting otherwise is a shameful and dangerous. so now they got a big split the democratic party on israel. how do you think jewish voters will react. >> well it is quite the cat fight, it's not just jewish voters but i think all of us catholic voters, christian voters, honestly atheist voters should be appalled that you should have won a 435 members of congress representing, country, 335 million of us who are so outwardly anti-semitic, and who
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are challenging the entire body and their party, and u.s. policy, frankly to go against the best friend of the region, israel, and at a time, john, were nuclear capable iran is salivating looking at her best friend in the cases in the region of israel. look, seven presidents, seven presidents made a promise to you move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel, one president, donald trump did keep that process and make it happen along with the goal and heights along with the abraham accords. so you know, peace in the middle east. so, against that is the bac backdrop. you have a democratic congress woman who has made controversial and very recordable statements in the past. at this is just the latest one from the squad that doesn't do squat except to make headlines and not make a difference. i am glad debbie ross and michelle shot back. honestly, i am not a democrat, i am not jewish, and i'm with her on that because we do have to protect our best friend in the region, israel, and i actually do think that for people who
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were so busy centering this and impeaching the president twice, i want to see some tough sanctions against comments like that. >> john: well we will see if that happens, i wouldn't hold your breath because you know. thank you, appreciate it. >> now this north dakota man is free on bond after he admitted he intentionally struck a teenager with his suv that boy later died as a result of the injuries he is sustained. according to court documents the suspect told police that his target was part of a republican extremist group and said that they had a "political argument before that deadly encounter" matt finn joins us with the investigation. matt how far along are police that is our. >> well there highway patrol tells police that this is a active investigation and they have done countless interviews, but so far have not located witnesses to this altercation. and the suspect charged with murdering the tea and hasn't stopped talking to police.
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police say that 41-year-old brandt called 911 on himself in the early morning hours of last sunday on the small town of mchenry north dakota. he admitted to hitting with his car, 18-year-old taylor ellingson killing him. police tell us that it was a hit-and-run, but then brandt went back to the scene and called police. court documents read in part, "brandt admitted to striking the pedestrian with his car, because he had a political argument with the pedestrian and believed to the pedestrian was calling people to come get him. he admitted to state radio that he hit the pedestrian on the pedestrian was part of a republican extremist group. highway patrol tells us" before had some type of altercation at an outdoor street concert, the team called his mother, twice, and the early morning hours saying that he was being chased. court documents show that brandt told officers that the teen was threatening him. police tell that fox news so far they do not think that brandt
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and ellingson knew each other. brandt is charged with vehicular homicide with dui and leaving the scene of a fatal crash. police tell us that they are not ruling out to that a political argument started all of this. right now, they have not identified witnessed is to cooperate brandt's account. >> when brandt called 911 he identified that there was maybe a political motivation to what was occurring. that is the only individual that we have heard that so far. we have not been able to corroborate that at all. >> the teen's mother declined to speak with us. jillian >> gillian: matt finn joining us this afternoon. john. >> john: an urgent warning from jillian from co testifying on capitol hill, yesterday, and again today. what they are telling lawmakers about to the state of the economy, wyoming's editor barajas enjoins a straight ahead. >> gillian: plus the fight against human smuggling combined with the surging fentanyl prices
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spewing ceos of the company's biggest banks raising alarms of spending sprees inflation continues to hit fresh eyes, but will this stop president biden from all over stimulating the economy, john barrasso, the number three republican in the senate sounds off on that in just a few minutes. but first. texas governor greg abbott signs an executive order designated
10:19 am
mexican drug cartels as a terrorist organizations in his state. it comes as the nation battles a growing fentanyl crisis and as a human trafficking cases surge across texas. mcadams is on southern border and this is a big, big, big business for these cartels, lexus. >> john, that is exactly right, they are making thousands every single day, they smuggle in hundreds of people we sought this morning, people coming from all over including mexico home of venezuela, walking across the rio grande behind me and right into the united states. officials say the cartels are making more money on human trafficking than they are on trafficking fat and all in the united states. and these people, john, give everything they have migrants through the entire lives just to get the shot to come over. most of the time the cartels smuggle them right over and the watch. >> that's a loaded, just you wait, stay there, come over h here. >> that new video just released
10:20 am
by the texas department of safety shows a dangerous trend as more people from out of state are coming into texas to smuggle migrants because, it is big money. in this case ten migrants were hiding on the bed of the pickup truck, the driver who came from california was arrested and charged in that case. this morning, more crossings here in your screen as people coming out as a mention from venezuela, nicaragua, and cuba, less and less from mexico according to sources out here. here is another example of the mexican cartels lucrative but deadly human smuggling business that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the southern border, just this week texas dps found these migrants including small kids, at two stash houses out in laredo. at this marks nearly 200 stash houses and counting that have been found it full of 2,000 migrants, at least. we talked to victor abdallah, the retired special agent. he told me that these policies are creating lawlessness.
10:21 am
>> these people are walking up, knowing that there is no repercussions there is no threat of being arrested, you will be admitted into this country, for your final destination. >> quick look here from our drone across this eagle pass, texas, john, things are not slowing down and more migrant crossings are expected to climb, back live can tell you that the people from eagle pass tell us that they feel like the cartels are in charge out here and not the federal government. they would like to see that a chain, john >> john: in eagle pass, texas, with more coverage that the white house is taking note of, lexus, thank you. jillian. >> gillian: thank you, the bank's biggest banks are back up on capitol hill, they are painting a very grim picture of the economic forecast. bank ceos are facing questions on everything from government spending to look at the fed's rate hike yesterday. jpmorgan jamie dimon does urging lawmakers that they should be "prepared for the worst" when warning about the risk of high inflation. let's break it wyoming republic are added, let's think so much
10:22 am
for being with us as the afternoon. we have jamie dimon area thank you. we have jamie dimon they are warning you and your colleagues in the american people, to prepare for the worst. he said that that is exactly what financial institutions are doing. let's play this clip of him winning the alarm bell of inflation. speak to our future, not that far away, you have cutie, rising rates, you have more inflation, the war in ukraine which is deteriorating, oil prices, which i still think are kind of precarious. and, yes, those things have the potential to put their country and in and the into recession. >> gillian: i mean not what you are any of your colleagues, or any american voters want to hear sir. >> well, this is the nightmare that the american families have been living with under joe biden and the democrats for the last year or so. now it says that it is going to be worse. that is why people are feeling stuck, sweetest, stressed. yesterday the chairman of the federal preserved was on right after he announced an
10:23 am
interest rate increase he said that, fighting inflation is going to be painful. well, i see that pain every weekend in wyoming. i sought at the grocery store in casper last sunday. and no matter what aisle of the grocery store you go down, prices are up, whether it is bread, eggs, meat, vegetables, fruit, you name it. prices are up. and the american people are rightly furious as the government spending is what the joe biden has done to this economy. people are very concerned about their own future, and we are seeing it headed into a direction that makes most people think that we are headed in the wrong direction. >> gillian: sir, you had mentioned higher prices that had been dogging everybody at the grocery store, at the pump, but the message for americans in the wake of yesterday's fed interest rate hike seems to be, prepare for higher prices on big ticket items like cars, houses, expanding your business, right? >> that's what i heard.
10:24 am
and you know, joe biden, as he comes into office he ignored all of the warning signs of inflation. republicans voted against all of these big spending bills that the president said yesterday were the cause of this inflation, all of this additional government stimulus and spending. but joe biden came into office and inflation was negligible now the prices are up 13.2% since the day he took office. and he was interviewed on it on "60 minutes" he basically dismissed it and downplayed all of it. so it is no surprise, jillian, that so many americans feel that they feel have been forgotten, ignored, the trade, and feel that the democrats are completely out of touch with the american people. >> gillian: we had a big couple of days in global energy markets here in america, we are learning from new government data that about one in six american households are behind on their power bills, or cannot pay them at all, what is the republican plan to provide some relief? >> our plan is of course is to
10:25 am
unleash american energy. joe biden has made us more energy dependent on other nations. he came into office and we were energy independent, energy dominant. he is taking us and the other direction. we need to slash these expensive regulations, we need to cut all of this wasteful washington spending. people know what they want, they want energy that is affordable. at the keyword affordable, and available, and reliable. what we are getting with administration and their focus on the democrats focused on renewable energy, regardless of how high a cost, regardless of how high the cost or the consequences, that is not with the american people want, jillian. >> gillian: senator, thanks so much for taking time with us as afternoon things for talking with you. >> things for having me. speak to bet. >> john: were talking more about this about throughout the issue, larry kudlow is going to be here. we will get him to weigh in on an exchange that happened yesterday between rashida tlaib, it's been making a lot of news lately and jamie dimon where she said, are you gonna make a commitment to not invest any money in the oil and gas
10:26 am
industry, his answer was classic. >> gillian: we will get into that segment with you guys and just a moment. >> john: looking forward to that. democrats to keep your of the primary for getting involved in g.o.p. races, spending money to profit candidates that they think will be easier to beat come november. one of the play so that they got their wish, new hampshire's 2nd congressional district. candidate bob burns on his race, and why he thinks the democrats plan will backfire. >> gillian: plus, that is, a transgender clinic designed for children is a sparking outrage among the tennessee residents. critics daresay that doctors are more focused on personal wealth building then the children well-being. listen. >> they give them a reversible hormone drugs that change their bodies, permanently, they are doing all of that to kids.
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their children's education in school has now emerged as a top-tier issue for voters ahead of november. and a moment we will ask republican candidate bob burns how all of this ties into his hotly new contested new sham new hampshire race. first we go and explain why school board races are getting competitive. we have these local races now attracting national interest, front page news, some spots. >> that is right, jillian, and many republicans you can probably see education as a winning issue this fall. first it was school closures during covid. then masks in the classroom, now critical race theory. some parents might've never learned about their curriculum unless it was broadcast over zoom. somewhere horrified. earlier this month laura to governor ron desantis endorsed candidates for school board and now virginia's governor's group member are embarking a similar move. >> we are evaluating the school board race and we make no decisions as of yet. school boards do matter. very much so. and, i think that we will continue to review it and to
10:32 am
make some decision shortly. >> governor youngkin was first one to win the state elections in 2009, his position in masks and schools was a big part of that. now he wants to follow through on his pledge to ensure that children only use the bathroom according to their biological sex, to some trend student who money is the bathroom and locker room of their choice. many republicans think and conservative candidates for school board have momentum this fall, democrats of battleground races of northern virginia think children are being used as pa pawns. >> what worries me most is that, these people that are politicizing them, are using our children for their own gain. >> here is one irate parent and an irate county. >> i am not sharing my parenting with a government organization. and this is the hill that i will die on. >> just another example of how passionate some parents are when it comes to their children's
10:33 am
education. jillian. >> john: lucas tomlinson here in washington, thank you. >> gillian: one of the tightest midterm races as the battle for new hampshire 2nd congressional district, the latest power new rankings boosting the race from a toss-up to leading democratic, other public and the race, robert burns, is 1 of 6 pro-trump candidates to benefit from ads funded by democrats who were hoping that he just might be easier to beat in november, robert burns joins us now. so, the incumbent democrat, kushner has been in her seat since 2014, as we pointed out our power rankings now since the primary was decided on september the 13th, has moved new hampshire's 2nd congressional district, and you can see it they are on the light blue from a toss-up to lean democrat. how do you turn back that tide, robert burns, and the next 47 days and pull off a victory? >> we are already seeing it, there was a recent unh poll that came out today that said i was only down three points. i seem to be the strongest
10:34 am
federal candidate in new hampshire at the moment. so i think what we are doing is working. i think, really, it is because of the democrats are doing. listen, you say that i benefit from those attack ads against me, but listen the polls show that it was about 30% before the attack had started, the attack ads happen. and actually my opponents ended up moving up because of the narrative out there was that democrats were trying to get me elected. so, i had outside republican groups attacking me, i have the democrats attacking me, and the democrats are going hard-core on me right now, on a single issue because they know that i'm going to talk about other things, they know i'm gonna be talking about inflation, energy cost, and i'm going to be talking about moving critical manufacturing back to the united states. >> john: let me go for column number three here, the main issue is motivating people to vote coming inflation high prices, number one and 19%. abortion at number two at 16%, and economy jobs at 15%. that center issue there has been the one issue that the democrats, really have been
10:35 am
hammering on. and warning that the dobbs decision by the supreme court is just a harbinger of things to come, unless democrats get back in control the white house and keeping control of congress so they can nominate and pass through new judges to counterbalance the conservative tilt of the court. so, when it comes to the top issues of inflation, the economy, jobs. republicans just came out with his new commitment to america today. is that something that you will get on board with? >> absolutely. this is the republicans and congress, kevin mccarthy uniting the party right now and really pushing us forward. we are looking at dedication from there into this race. i've spoke to the nrcc, they are really excited and they know that this is a winnable seat and i think we will all come together and unify other messages that people care about. listen the majority of my district is rural. these are the people that use the most heating oil across the country. we have seen 100% increase in power, electricity charges, over the last couple of months.
10:36 am
these are the people hurting. and i am sorry, whatever one issue or social issue the democrats are running on, the republicans are going to pull voters out because their wallets are going to be hurting, and they are feeling the burn in their wallets. the democrats said they will be feeling the burn if i am elected, the burns if i am elected to congress. while they are already feeling the burn. just from the democrat failed policies and joe biden and the white house. >> john: let's go back to 2020 and take a look at this number two, the election results were joe biden be donald trump in the grand state by nine points. it will be an uphill battle for you, no question about that. but let me come back to this idea that democrats put $90,000 into your race, to get you through the primary in hopes that they could go up against you on november the 8th. if you beat them at their own game, that is going to be a massive repudiation of tactics that many people have said were absolutely cynical, if not hypocritical.
10:37 am
>> they did the same thing with donald trump, i realized in 2016 and he didn't win new hampshire but it was a matched race. i mean he lost by over half of a percent. it was pretty equal throughout the state. again, and rural areas he did really, really great. obviously in new hampshire we have a lot of college voters, motor voters, it's a ridge system here. so it is tough republicans to win now here. but, you know, he still come up with everything being against him, but the democrats trying to pump him up because they thought he was going to be the easiest to beat, he did become president. >> john: that is true, he did and if you win on november 8th will be the second robin burns to hold the sea, the first one back in 1833, though he was a jacksonian democrat. so, i think his politics were a little bit different. [laughter] >> yeah, they were. >> thank you for spending time with us, appreciate you want to see again soon, keep watching
10:38 am
that race. >> yes, thank you. >> gillian: lucky for you you're the only john roberts. >> john: yes, thank goodness there are no other john roberts on the town can you imagine if somebody like the chief of justice. >> gillian: it would be so confusing out and all people would. >> john: it gets me reservations at restaurants. >> gillian: i like that, i will try that. >> john: i'm just kidding nobody knows me. >> gillian: all i hope not, can get a restaurant reservation in the town. well something completely different tesla's recalling a million vehicles, safety as well as affordability issues continue continue, plaguing elon musk's electric vehicle, what is alarming federal regulators now, coming up next. >> john: hurricane fiona strengthening and to a massive category four storm after wreaking havoc on puerto rico and the dominican republic. where is it headed next? fast. the grocery store and the gas station alone are taking a big chunk out of our paychecks. fortunately, you've earned the valuable va home loan benefit.
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10:43 am
recalling 1.1 billion. >> john: electric vehicles after discovering a possible safety issue with its windows. grady trimble joins us now, granted there is a lot of glass and a test blood, what is the warning to consumers. >> john, federal regulators say that the windows could pinch a person fingers when they are being rolled up. this is a pretty widespread recall as noted, more than a million vehicles impacted, that is more by the way that the total number of vehicles tesla sold, all of last year. the recall applies to certain model theories, model wise, model esses, and model access. tesla shares are down more than 3.5% today as a result. dev maker says it'll issue a fix through an online software update. this news comes a couple of days after tesla's makeup packs, a huge battery for storing electricity, caught fire at a pgn e facility in monterey county california. ed is a familiar scene, this video's from a pack fire in
10:44 am
australia experts say that these with y you and ion batteries are better suited for, smaller devices. >> john: things like mobile phones, laptop computers, and so on. this was never intended for any massive stationary storage. >> a couple of days before that mega pack fire, and stamford, connecticut, a tesla battery burst into flames, firefighters say that it took almost an hour and a 600 gallons of water, permanent, to put it out. we have reached out to tesla to comment on all of these issues, but we have not heard back. not a great week for tesla, john, and you and for already getting priced out of buying one, you might just be thinking again about buying one, because of all these problems. >> yeah, gonna lose a lot of money out of your wallet come i don't want to lose a finger out of it either. great.
10:45 am
jillian. >> gillian: kelly mccarthy is releasing his blueprint for governance next year. this includes policies to combat inflation and illegal immigration. but cannot do it slow democrats momentum with the midterms fast approaching. we will have john cornyn join us next. >> john: new schiller catastrophe lingers over your crane is rush her plans to send more troops to the fight, potentially with nuclear weapons, former dia intelligence officer rebecca koffler joins us on that, coming up next. >> we find it irresponsible than any nuclear state, such as russia, would continue to use this kind of dangerous rhetoric, which they frankly have been using since the beginning of the war, seven months ago. tony, th's got double pepper jack and juicy steak. let's get some more analysis on that, chuck. mmm. pepper jack. tender steak. very insightful, guys. the new subway series. what's your pick? this is john.
10:46 am
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>> silver bullets flying on i-75, north of atlanta, hundreds case of course light after five semi trucks collided miles of tampa. closing down the highway and santa riding it it took hours to clean up the mess. police reporting on the minor injuries of the massive crash. there is a cold beer calling somebody's names.
10:50 am
[laughter] >> gillian: diesel is good luck to them. >> john: it looks like it stretched all the way to atlanta. [laughter] >> gillian: while. going to be some drunk swirls and bunnies on the side of the road there. also this, world leaders are also expressing grave concern over the potential for catastrophe ukrainian boudin's invasion. leaders released a joint statement after huddling on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly yesterday. this comes as thousands of antiwar protesters are reportedly detained in russia, following vladimir putin's to order lie to deploy more troops to ukraine. rebecca koffler is a former dia intelligence officer, she is also the author of boudin's playbook. as well as president of doctrine and strategy consultant. rebecca, thank you so much for being here with us. >> thank you so much for having us, jillian and john. >> gillian: something not getting as much attention as boudin's military buildup, or
10:51 am
his true mobilization, whatever he does want to call it is the crackdown that is a company inning inside of the country, with some 1300 people who have been detained just in the last 24 hours. alleged antiwar protesters. is that a good move for boudin? >> well, this shows that some of the russian people are not on board with his war on ukraine. but, none of it is going to matter in terms of boudin's decision calculus on what he is going to do next. unfortunately his warning that he just issued to us, that he will use all possible means in russia's arsenal to, including nuclear weapons, exactly, jillian that the mass destruction options, as he had called it, to protect the sovereignty of the russian character and, he knows that he is about to work and straight those same referendums, we are a
10:52 am
body portions of ukraine that the russian forces have already occupied. they are already going to be considered by moscow, russian territory. and that fits perfectly, and the russian nuclear doctrine that was developed on putin's orders, exactly for a situation like that. >> john: if you can see that their regions and in part of russia, any attack on don bass would be enough attack on russia. the president pushed back hard on roush at the u of general assembly, this is part of what the president said. let's give it a listen. >> president biden: president putin has made reckless disregard of the responsibilities of a nonregime. this war, this is about extinguishing at ukraine's right to exist as a state. plain and simple. whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever you believe. that should make your blood run
10:53 am
cold. >> john: nikki haley made the point yesterday that he should've called out china, iran, north korea saying look, you're supporting food and, if he ever pulls the nuclear button, you will not too. >> that is a pretty good assessment. but, again, john pruden is not afraid of words. putin is afraid of actions. and, unfortunately, the biden administration canceled the one program that was authorized by former president, the 45th, that struck at the heart of pollutants sold called escalate and de-escalate nuclear doctrine. the biden administration canceled the see it launched a nuclear crew is a missile that to the, president trump authorized for our own forces. and, that way, the one deterrent that putin was really afraid of is now from this chessboard that putin is gambling with. >> gillian: one of the key things that they had biden
10:54 am
administration has said they wanted to achieve during this war is, not just to turn in the world against putin. but to turn the tide of public opinion inside russia against him as well. we see all kinds of fake pulling out from the russian government. do you have any indications, have you seen anything that indicates the biden administration is having success with that goal? >> well, the goal that was articulated by the secretary of defense, austin was that we are helping ukraine an order to degrade most russia militarily so that potent never does this again, right, and so towards that end, we are not only providing weaponry. but also conducting a very robust information campaign. now, putin's approval rating is still high. it is about 80. even though, if we do not trust, let's say, because this is not a democracy your unit
10:55 am
>> gillian: have you seen any sort of behind the seasons number to suggest. >> behind the scenes the rise of numbers are showing that their packets within the russian population of defect. just recently, alcove a child which is a star, soviet singer came forward and spoke up, very, very specifically and directly that she does not support this operation, that is a big deal. again, none of this is going to matter to putin. because he does feel cornered. and he feels that the outcome of the war in ukraine is this existential issue for him, and for russia. >> john: so real quick because were almost out of time to think he's bluffing or like he was bluffing six months ago, he's bluffing again. >> i believe, john, that there is over a 30% chance that putin will use tactical nuclear strikes and ukraine. >> gillian: wow. >> john: let's hope you're wrong. >> i do sincerely hope that i am wrong. >> john: coming up a crucial
10:56 am
senate race playing on the state of pennsylvania, the state's governor's taking on one of the most popular tv personalities, ken dr. emmett oz uses name i.d. to keep the senate state and are public and hands. and what about the new tax questions dogging his opponent john federman. dr. oz joins us, plus, president biden's foreign policy mistakes, text generator on the border cairo crisis and on diversity training forces on the air force. all that and more on the brand-new hour of america reports. stay witdoh us eady for every mo, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant.
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spewing brand-new and senate race being the biggest nail by our biter power of washington being at stake. dr. oz is with us live on america reports is the high stake race gets even tighter. his reaction to the new accusations against his opponent, breaking just today. >> gillian: plus capitol hill today is taking on capitalism. but america is a big bank bosses are biting


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