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tv   America Reports  FOX News  September 22, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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spewing brand-new and senate race being the biggest nail by our biter power of washington being at stake. dr. oz is with us live on america reports is the high stake race gets even tighter. his reaction to the new accusations against his opponent, breaking just today. >> gillian: plus capitol hill today is taking on capitalism. but america is a big bank bosses are biting back.
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>> i do not think americans should be embarrassed when you free enterprise that gives them god, the cubs our founding fathers carried >> bank exist responding to the far left demands in a way that they never saw coming. and left one member of the squad, steaming. >> come sir, everybody that got relief and student loans has a bank account from your bank should probably take out their account and close their account. >> but it is the squad that is under fire with their far left climate push gets pushed back that they did not see coming. larry kudlow and coming out the bond that. will come back as america reports rolls into a second hour, john roberts and washington. good to spend thursday with you. >> gillian: i have to say that was a very quick first hour, for me personally. i hope everyone at home it went by pretty quick too because that means we kept things moving along. >> gillian: it went by like a suzuki high musetta. >> gillian: it's good to be with you on jillian and for
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sandra smith today, brand-new hour starting right now. ♪ ♪ >> political reproach i think they lose a lot just common sense principles. >> i don't understand how anyone can support anyone who just recently became a resident of the state of pennsylvania. >> issue by issue. >> you do have to have somebody that fits. and i just think that federman fits, for pennsylvania. >> he is too soft on crime. is another guy who as far as i could tell, he's never really worked for a living. that is a big issue for me. >> i am more concerned with his opponent. dr. oz. >> this is a race that people in pennsylvania should really pay attention to. >> voters in the keystone state weighing in on one of the most crucial races in the country. a race that could decide, ultimately, who controls the senate. >> republican nominee emmett oz is facing off between governor and fedor nan, crime, government, education, all shaping up to be the top tier issues in the battleground st
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state. >> john: their public and helpful dr. oz on deck he joins us in just a moment but just a moment new reporting on his opponent john federman has failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars in net taxes, on time. money that would go to his local school district. >> gillian: this is come as federman has made the education of the centerpiece of his campaign so far. brian has no development's from the new york city newsroom. brian, how is the federman team responding this hour? >> high gillian, look, this tack story first actually emerged in 2016 when democrat lieutenant governor jim john federman rant first ran for senate and lost. federman said then that he did not pay his taxes on time, because it just "fell through the quiet cracks and said that other taxes should not have been paid because of clerical errors." now we are getting a better understanding of just how much federman owned as mayor of browning pennsylvania from 202006 from 2019 they report that he failed to pay $18,000 in
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property taxes. that is money that would have gone to funding his local school district, which is one of the poorest and lowest performing in the state. the woodland hills school district reportedly place plays nearly three dozen tax liens against federman during that 13 year stretch. and he was sued twice. "washington free beacon" reports overall, 65 tax liens, totaling more than $30,000 were placed on properties owned by a federman. and his community nonprofit, product redux. in a statement to fox news today, the federman campaign said "john is proud of his work helping to revive braddock. all of these properties were purchased by john and his nonprofit to provide homes for people in need, and create opportunities for people of braddock. federman has since paid off all of the leads. but in some cases, they reportedly took him six years. has passed delinquency on taxes that would go to funding schools as a tot topic now has federman
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is campaigning on the need to better fund public education. the lieutenant governor has the backing by the way of the teachers unions and has been endorsed by the national education association. jaylan, john. >> gillian: bryan llenas in the new york press is afternoon. thank you so much. john. >> john: let's bring in dr. emmett oz. doctor it is good to spend time with you, thank you for joining us today. >> good to be with you. >> so you heard brian's reports i don't really need to set it up again. your take on these unpaid taxes which have now been paid back. >> once again the hypocrisy shines through, he is advocated for increased taxes in the past positions before and he was a strong supporter of president biden's recent law that increases taxes for the middle class as well as is and has 60 liens against and he's not paying his own. it's typical on what we keep seeing in this race. if you turn from economic issues to issues of crime, which is really the big issue in the southeast part of the state, where we do have the highest
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murder rate of our history in philadelphia, it's probably going to break the record this year. john veteran is the most pro-murder a cat or candidate in america. he believes we should be releasing one-third of prisoners from jail and he does not think life sentences make sense for convicted murderers. and that he had lobbied countless times to take folks in jail for life and a change of those outings to get them into the communities again. which is not what other members of the probe owed or a desire. he has done all this when he has not paid the price for these decisions. these folks who make amerian cannons but pennsylvanians in particular unsafe. >> john: the federman campaign is taking a swing at you over the fact that you are criticizing him on his criminal justice reform, letting people out of jail, where is just the other day in philadelphia, you held a roundtable with some black voters in which you voiced your suppose for the first step act, which are seeks to reduce the population and federal prisons. but also, came under criticism from a lot of republicans
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because some of the first people released on the first step act were violent or sexual offenders. what do you say to their criticism? speak of the issues of the first fact that i like is it can rehabilitate people listen, as republicans, we feel that there is a price to pay, if there if you make a mistake but there should be redemption. that's what i liked about the first outback. but the other visit i made on monday was to kensington, the largest open-air drug market in america. this is a place where rocky found his movie. right, i went to school in philadelphia so this is an area you can travel to. now it is filled with folks with needles hanging out of their bodies because we have lax drug policies. john federman has been at the forefront saying that we should legalize all drugs. he actually wants to have heroin injection sites. wants the open border despite the fact that that's where the finals coming from. and while i was down there there are people who saw me that did not know i was running for office, there was a woman who said last week, just last week she had overdosed from fentanyl that had crossed the border coming up in and she reached off
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bottom and here's that interesting thing, john, the democrats are not campaigning there. you know why, they are ashamed. their policies have led to these conditions that none of us find tolerable. homelessness, drugs widely used, police not allowed to do their jobs. i received the unanimous endorsement of the police can be unanimous, you know how hard that is, hundreds of police officers all uniting behind one candidate because they are so's upset by how john federman has continually undermined them. >> john: this goes to call number four here. a major problem facing people in pennsylvania, and how you fit into that mix. their top concerns are gas prices, 71%, crime, 61%, drug addiction, 67, housing cost, school violence, going down the line. and other than drug addiction, and may be the intended crime associated with it, your professional experience does not give you a wealth of knowledge about those other topics. how do you convince voters that, despite that fact, you are the person that is most in touch
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with the issues that matter the most to them. >> i've been involved with spec fixing things my whole life actually went to business school when i was in medical school because i was interested in fixing the health care system well. i run businesses, and bent to devices that have saved lives, and i have saved money as well. i have been involved in running a heart institute. i know what it takes a look to get a lot of people working together and i appreciate the challenges of reaching across to people who may not agree with you all the time to make solutions happen. john, the number one question that i get asked is, how are you going to fix it, can you even work with the other side? it's not the specific issue, but the general belief, the nihilism that the republicans and democrats cannot work together to make sense of addition for different issues you listed. i know we can, if you want to get optimistic go alone campaign in pennsylvania people know what they want to do. they want the government on their off their back and they want the government doing what needs to be done and then just get out. as much as this is reinforced by bad covert policies, that did really hurt the state. we are seeing it with bad energy
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policies where, again, we have a false narrative around the gator green new deal where it doesn't work. my opponent says that fracking is a stain on pennsylvania and he would regulate way down. he signed a document asking for more natural gas in pennsylvania. these are out of touch believes and that's why so many of the trade union folks are unsure of him because they know he will cost them jobs. what i do know, the common sense solution is that what doctors use every single day to save lives. >> john: all right, let's go back to you being a doctor because john federman is complaining that you are being mean to him because he is suffering the deleterious effects lingering deleterious effects of having a stroke. listen to what he said. >> how many of you have had a personal health challenge in your life. i do truly, truly hope that you do not have a doctor in your life, laughing at you, making fun of it. 's before you and i met in the late 1990s and you are
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cardiovascular surgeon. and i was a medical correspondent and cbs-tv. we spent a lot of time together. back then, you were actively saving lives on a daily basis. and now he is saying that you're making fun of them. what do you say? >> i have tremendous compassion for him recovering from an crippling stroke with heart failure, erect heartbeats. this is a complex issue and he's doing his best. i do hope and pray that he recovers fully. but this is not about me or john federman. it is about the voters of pennsylvania. he is not being transparent about what is happening with his health, he should at least be upfront about what is going on by releasing his medical records, that was requested by the way by the "pittsburgh post-gazette" and i think that is a rational request, i am going to release my medical records, that is transparency about who we are. the other thing is john does not want to debate me in fact, he does not want to answer any questions. he does not want to answer questions on the press like i did on monday when i was doing all of these different gatherings that we have talked about. he does not answer questions from voters. and he does not answer questions
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from me, because he will not debate me until two weeks prior to the election. and i am that he can have closed captioning, he can have multiple arousals, whatever it takes to make him feel like he can actually participate fully. but, the voters of pennsylvania deserve to know whether they can be his senator. when it said if you can't debate issues, you cannot be a u.s. senator, and he should know because he is our senator with both federman and i competing for that spot. i think he was very much on target. john federman has not proved that and one shortened debate, two weeks before the election does not get it. what about all the absentee ballots out there now, are those voters supposed to make a decision without ever having him answer a single question? was it say about democracy. have them do a campaign, never answer questions, never do a campaign. >> john: one of those people became president the united states so let's see what that says. all right when will live releasing your medical record. >> as soon as i get them all collected from the hospital. i'm opening tonight or tomorrow
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morning. there is obviously paper you work you have to fill out, even if you are a doctor. but you will have them for the weekend. sue and dr. emmett oz thank you for joining us that we appreciate it. and of course we also extend an opportunity for john federman, his opponent to come on and talk about the issues here. >> interestingly, a big question, or a big challenge that the oz campaign faces now, according to their own campaign finance team, his fund-raising. they sent this out to supporters a day before yesterday. an email saying, i am running out of time. oz writes in the email, they, his campaign team told me more bad news with about a major fund-raising push today we will have to make some serious changes to the campaign including causing cutting ads. yes, this is bad. this could literally cost us the win. so close to the election. that sounds worrisome. >> john: although i get a lot of those alarmist emails every day saying that hate to tell you this on the lose unless you give me this. > >> gillian: that tends to be
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the tone but this so close right now it's worrying. >> john: though polls only two points away though it's only two-point away for the advantage for federman, down from eight. >> gillian: yet significant. >> john: will see how it goes. >> gillian: in a debate always has the potential to literally shake everybody up. so, who knows. >> john: when it eventually happens. >> gillian: if and when it happens. katie pavlich is coming up next on why they biden administration is hoping to make a deal with iran. >> john: still, on the commitment to america coming from the top republican in the house. larry kudlow on bake execs shutting down the squad's radical climate demands, and, tire is on the air force academy is gone woke, where mom and dad are not welcome. what do you want to bet we discover that tyrus was a fighter pilot at one time. that is all is america reports rules on ices on everything have gone up and up. the good news? so has the value of your home.
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>> john: growing outrage at a top hospital in nashville, a transgender clinic at vanderbilt university accused of pushing gender surgeries, as huge moneymakers. facing questions about parental consent. jonathan has got the details, he is in the southeast bureau, where john maker saying? >> a k increasing number of lawmakers on the tennessee governor, bill lee, are calling for an investigation of pediatric services provided by transgender clinics at vanderbilt university, medical center. this comes after the daily wire and conservative commentator matt walsh obtained a 28 teen video of a doctor affiliated with an adult transgender clinic, but not the pediatric one talking about the cost of procedures.
11:21 am
>> these surgeries make a lot of money. >> so, female to male, kid bring in, $40,000. >> the nonprofit hospital system is pushing back against allegations of a financial motive saying, the umc began its transgender clinic because transgender individuals are a high risk population for mental and physical health issues and have been can distantly underserved by the u.s. health system. walsh posted another video showing a health policy professor suggesting, employees, with moral or religious objections show do not work at vanderbilt. but that it the umc allows its employees to decline to participate in medical procedures based on their personal beliefs, without retaliation. nevertheless, walsh says that he is considered the umc, like many hospitals around the country is not just providing transgender services to adults. >> john: >> vanderbilt does chey
11:22 am
castrate children, and they give them a reversible hormone drugs to change their bodies permanently. they are doing all of that to kids. >> vanderbilt says it requires parenteral consent for any transgender services it does provide to minors. it says that it provides this care in accordance with state law, and does so in accordance with professional practice standards. john. >> john: jonathan, jillian, thank you. lot of americans there protesting the rajani regime a lot of as the president delivered his annual remarks the protests here at home, and throughout iran this week was sparked by the killing of a 22-year-old women by the morality police this is after she was arrested for not wearing a headscarf, the iranian american journalist julio sawhney public is trying to assassinate multiple times on the journal says this. >> at the same time, they are
11:23 am
all risking their lives, and saying that the leadership, we see the violent administration to the murder of the people of iran. shame on you. we do not they want them to save the, we want them to stop saving the regime. >> gillian: we interviewed her on the program before, she was speaking to the crowd if they are, so how does the iranian public's outrage play here at home? and cut it, editing editing should it prompt the biden administration to call off nuclear negotiations, let's bring in katie pavlich time and editor and a fox news contributor. katie, thank you for taking time with us, take a moment at this, taking a look at "the wall street journal." let's pull this up so everyone at home can see it. it says the biden administration's negotiations continue to serve vladimir putin's economic, and military interests.
11:24 am
katie, the biden administration reminds us on a daily basis that russia and iran have recently become pariahs on the global stage, which is fine, and true. with the flip side of the coin is that they are increasingly working hand in glove with one another, teaming up on a whole host of nefarious global strategies. >> well, as usual, morgan is spot on with that "wall street journal" op-ed. the bottom line is yesterday president biden gave this big speech to the u.n., talked a lot about russia, and to the sanctions that the western allies have put on russia in order to try to push back on that they are war on ukraine, the invasion of that country. but at the same time, they are still negotiating with the iranians on an iranian nuclear agreement that the russians are actually negotiating for us, on our behalf. russia has been actively helped by iran to bust through the sanctions that have been put on as a result of their invasion of ukraine.
11:25 am
they have been closer in recent months with their ties, whether it is the iranians helping the russians by giving them money to build nuclear reactors in their countries. inviting russian companies into a ron to do more trade, so that they make money that way. most importantly, facilitating oil deals on the global marketplace, on behalf of russia, who is now making more money in more revenue and oil now, and they were before the war began in january. so, the biden administration has been dapper desperate to get into the nuclear agreement which they say will prevent iran for getting nuclear weapons. but the previous agreement they are trying to get back into did not prevent them from getting a bomb. it simply delayed them from getting a bomb. it did not address issues like terrorism, human rights, and the ballistic missile program. so, while they claim to be going after russia as hard as they can. they are still sitting at the negotiating table, with the iranians, trying to get to this deal as a ron helps russia bust through those western sanctions. >> gillian: the iranian
11:26 am
president spoke about yesterday. he was given his platform at the u.n., to deliver his annual address, which a lot of reasonable people, can agree is insane. but be that what it may, he said in that speech that they are ready to move forward and includes new nuclear deal with the u.s. but, he says, they are not sure that they can actually trust america anymore after former president trump, he didn't use him, you know, name him by name. but he did allude to this after former president trout, were nagged on the previous iteration of the deal, what you say to that? >> well president trump got the united states out of the previous nuclear agreement because the iranians were actively violating it. you will remember the israelis went into iran and we are able to take out of a lot of information about the nuclear program that i iran claimed did not exist and they had no intention of going back to. they were not allowing inspectors into their sites, and the deal last time. the negotiations this time are falling apart because they still
11:27 am
do not want to allow investigators and inspectors into military sites in iran. and of course, the iranians are happy about moving forward with some kind of deal. because they are getting sanctions released, they would get more money from the united states. again, russia is helping russia they are helping russia build this new agreement, whether it is in the private sector or within the governments to get to that government, even more revenue at a time when the west is trying to choke them off to make sure that pollutant does not have the resources that he needs to continue his war in ukraine. and you bring that all together and you think, okay, russia just dirt and dust yesterday, vladimir putin, with a nuclear weapon, the united states, and we are still at the negotiating table with a ron, who was helping them in the war against ukraine. it is just, a lot of moving parts there. but the idea that we are trying to isolate russia while also allowing i ron to embolden them, it doesn't make much sense. >> gillian: it's also worth
11:28 am
noting that the remaining components of that original nuclear jury there remain in place between the european countries and i ron, i ron continues to violate on a daily basis, perhaps even hourly. katie, we have to leave it there, thank you so much for taking time with us. >> think a jillion, great to see you. >> john: always good to see katie, how's your puppet and i with a brand-new game plan for house midterms but does not do enough to stop the recent momentum that we have seen from democrats. >> republican helps us answer that question, coming up next. >> you have an entire democratic party, now in the majority of the house, really running all of washington house-senate and white house. that has passed policies, or failed to pass policies that would guarantee the peace and prosperity in the safety and security that is in this commitment to america think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future
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>> if you want to get optimistic go campaign in pennsylvania,
11:34 am
people know exactly what they want to do, then with the government off their back and this is a catastrophe, they want the government doing what is needed to be done and get out again. as much of this is reinforced by bad covert policies that really hurt the state. we are saying it with bad energy policies. >> john: dr. oz moments ago here in america reports on one voters in his state want to. this is house republicans, they are out with their brand-new strategy for the midterms. will that work, we will ask caskets republican john cornyn, he is with us here in the studio, he will be with us in just a moment. former president trump firing back at june or jurors letitia james as she fired a $200 million lawsuit accusing him of fraud. he says that she made suing him the focus of her election bid years ago. david lee miller is live in the new york city newsroom with the latest. david, what does trump say about the possibility of a settlement agreement? >> well, john, trump said that he was under the impression that that the ag wanted to settle, but, he feared that doing so would damage his reputation
11:35 am
instead of agreeing to pay even a small fine it might make him look guilty. well the ag claims that trump and hence the hen has family fraudulently inflated the value of a staggering number of assets to get low interest loans and other benefits. he said that the banks did not just hank his word of the better properties value. >> these are banks that have the best law firms in the world, the biggest, best, most powerful. they do their own work, they do not rely on us. >> lawsuit is a civil matter the ag says it is possible that federal laws were broken and is referring the case to the irs and u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. trump says, there is no victim here, and that the banks did make money. >> i never got a default notice. i paid them back because we have a lot of cash. i paid them back, i paid many of them off. i have very little data, unbelievably little debt. >> trump's former u.s. attorney, bill barr, who was publicly disagreed with trump's claim of a stolen election says that the
11:36 am
lawsuit is without merit and goes too far by including his family. >> what ultimately persuades me, that this is a political hit is that she grossly overreaches when she tries to drag the children into this. >> the attorney general is seeking $250 million in restitution resulting from financial benefits the suit claims that trump unfairly received. john. >> john: we will see where all this goes david. thinks. jillian. >> gillian: suburban woman will be asked crucial voting bloc as they are in all election cycles, these days with issues including inflation, abortion, access, parental rights in schools, all top of minds and it could raise some key notices and we have the details. rich suburban women are key to a close race in the north carolina race specifically. >> absolutely, north carolina polls show that trump supports ted budd, and sherry beasley are locked in one of the closest
11:37 am
senate races of the country. both parties are vying for a group of voters that could make the difference in november, concert suburban women either to convince independent women to vote their way, or to ensure that they are parties voters cat it cast a ballot. and the latest fox news poll, 20% of women said abortion and roe vs. wade would be the one issue that motivates them this midterm cycle. followed by a tie of inflation, and the economy at 16% each. >> women are very motivated by row being overturned. i think that is something that has generated a lot of interest in women in north carolina. >> i do not think, any longer, that we can really afford to vote differently. because of how inflation, and how all of these parental rights issues have been targeting our finances, and have been targeting our families. >> republicans are focusing on what they call the kitchen table issues like inflation, gas prices, education, issues are
11:38 am
republican voters they will bring them to the polls this year. analysts say that this year, democrats and republicans are both motivated. >> the new development is really that, democrats have more enthusiasm, have more reason to think that the midterms are important. to the other side is mad because they lost the last election. they want the incumbent party. so, i think that the emperor republican enthusiasm, especially republican women, are probably already there. >> former president trump travels to north carolina tomorrow to help bud's campaign holding a rally in wilmington. jillian. >> gillian: here in the d.c. newsroom for us, thank you so much, john. >> john: jillian, house minority leader kevin mccarthy rolling out his commitment to america plan and efforts to offered voters a unified g.o.p. message ahead of the midterms, let's bring in texas republican senator john korman with more on
11:39 am
this. this is like the 1994 contract with america, the 1992 version, the long list while jillian and i read through this, the commitment to american fighting inflation, lowering the cost of living, make america energy independent, reduce gas prices, strengthen the supply chain, secure the border fight illegal immigration and bag 200 more. but wait there's more drawn. to the parental bill of rights for schools lowering medical costs, and personalized care, upholding free speech. >> jillian: protecting the unborn and safeguarding the second amendment. >> john: and there is more. >> jillian: we can keep going. >> john: is this a plan to get the midterms. 's is the thing that'll take you across the finish line? >> i think it is more politics to say what it is for and how you will contrast what you are for or against what the status quo is. the senate is only a third of a third of us up every year but
11:40 am
all 450 house members are. so trying to come up with a unified message so that people can actually penetrate the fog, that is smart politics. >> jillian: something i noticed missing from the list, or if it's not missing, tell me where it does fit in because it is something that we hear from your colleagues so frequently about his big tech censorship. >> yes, that is a really important topic. we did just have a hearing this morning, and a markup in the judiciary on that very topic. the problem is, they're just does not seem to be a lot of coherence or a lot of consensus on what the right solution is. people have identified the problem of, you know, these huge companies, basically crowding out a local news, and local newspapers, local broadcasters. sucking up all of the advertising dollars and censoring the information that they allow you to communicate. and so, everybody sort of sees the problem. but, we have not gotten critical mass on what the solution is. >> john: i should point out that there is something in there on big tech. this was a list i just made up.
11:41 am
>> jillian: it was in the background but i didn't think it made the cut in the final list of what was put forward as i understand. that is why it was asking, is it a priority, clearly it's not the top-tier priority. >> i can't imagine that all of those topics are going to be in every race. i think you will find individual candidates are more comfortable advocating or prioritizing certain ones of those. but, it is a pretty good list. >> john: it's question i have is that democrats are pounding all summer long about the dobbs decision abortion. and now here we are, september the 22nd, 47 days left to go and i do know that it is a long time. a day is a long time, week is forever, i mean. but, it is late in coming and the democrats have been hammering you an abortion for quite a long time. >> they think their winning message to turn our voters in the midterms. but, i think as any of your polling has shown, the economy, and inflation, kitchen table issues tend to be more
11:42 am
important. certainly crime is spiking up. we have seen because of the open border policy is that the administration. hundred and 8,000 americans died of drug overdose last year. almost all of those drugs have come across the border, including the 71,000 who died for synthetic opioids, fentanyl, which we are hearing more and more about. so, they will talk about what they think motivates their base. and then, both sides will try to figure out how to expand that reach into independent voters to suburban women who typically are very important. democrats very, very well in urban areas and republicans do better in more rural areas and suburban areas are the battleground. >> jillian: democrats may be late in the game when it comes to cracking down on the border but the biden administration this week has taken this whole series of moves to try and show that they are taking the issue seriously, you know they busted up one of the biggest human smuggling rings back in the week that existed between central america and the u.s.
11:43 am
now they announced two days ago that the apprehended 12 would-be terrorists on the wanted list as they were coming across the southern border. what do you make of those late stage plays? >> well i do think it is good anytime you intercept criminals and terrorists. but the problem is the 2.3 billion people that of come across the border since the biden administration came into power. >> jillian: the last two years. >> yes the last two years, many people just show up and turn themselves in because they claim asylum and they only succeed in about 10% of the cases if they eventually show up in front of an immigration judge but because of the huge backlog, many of them melted to the landscape. but border patrol tells me there are no consequences associated with illegal immigration anymore so people continue to come, and there is no deterrence. and now we are hearing in a lot of cases border protection does not give them a specific number. >> tells them to turn themselves in.
11:44 am
which is a recipe for nonenforcement. >> john: i should point out, kellyanne conway just texted me. [laughter] >> jillian: fabulous would she say. >> big ticket is in there, it's in the warp tools to keep their kids safe online and stop companies from putting politics ahead of people. >> jillian: thank you kelly i'm. >> john: thank you kelly on. >> jillian: i am glad we chatted with you then. to be on my list was already this long. >> jillian: and i pulled it from a background that one of our report are sent out and i thought it wasn't in the final list. but we got an answer from you on it which is the important think. i'm glad it's a top priority. >> john: thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> jillian: congress among was telling america's top bankers she wants them to stop investing in oil and gas. >> john: rather than backing down, the ceo is pushing back against far left demands. has a chief executive of jpmorgan chase, shot that down. wait until you see.
11:45 am
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>> bermuda bracing for hurricane, a monster bracing its way, robert ray live in hamilton parish bermuda, and head of the storm where they are battening down the hatches. >> indeed, john, bermuda bracing for hurricane bermuda, trucking into the atlantic at its one to brush the island of bermuda which is only 21 square miles out there on the atlantic, fiona's going to be about a hundred miles off of the coast here. but it is going to bring tropical force winds very soon here, affect of debris' is starting to pick up as the swells, and sometime between three and 8:00 a.m. on friday, we could experience upwards to a 100-mile-an-hour gusts from hurricane fiona. they are literally boarding up as we speak. people are getting their rations. and we are expecting a big time blow over tonight. it is going to sound like a train on this island because there is no protection here. just under 7 miles from the north carolina coast as the cat
11:51 am
four will make its way up here, and brush the area and potentially put power lines down trees drawn. people he already as our way. >> we are playing for the people of bermuda that they will be safe and up for eastern canada as well robert ray for us, thank you so much for the update we will get back to you >> that is congressman uchida and america's top bankers at a house hearing yesterday. larry kudlow would join us in just a moment but we can first with hillary vaughn, she joins us live now from capitol hill. high hilary. >> hi jillian, we have seen a lot of that from democrats over the past two days will be u.s. bank ceos were here on capitol hill, democrats wanting them to take a side on political issues while republicans are saying that the potential for
11:52 am
future abuse is a limitless, once they do that. well progressives and progressive democrats are focused on moving u.s. banks towards their progressive goals, republican senators are focused on innovating of the industry. senator cynthia loomis saying she is worried that the u.s. is taking their number one status as the world leader in financial services, for granted and diamond says that she is right. speak of lazy part of policies things we got wrong, will be could have done better, immigration taxation, health care, litigation, all these things, i think it is loaded down america. i think we shall be focusing more on how we can grow more and create more wealthier, afford more military, et cetera, et cetera. >> diamond also says that china is on her heels but also says that america has a locked that china does not have. >> china is a serious competitive issue we all have to deal with so i totally agree with that. i do not think that americans
11:53 am
should be embarrassed. we stilled the most prosperous nation on planet, they have autocracy come in on the food coming of energy, they need 15 million air barrels of oil a day and they get four from themselves and their neighbors, we are in very good shape. >> and, gillian, yesterday the bank ceo said that, collaborating with the standards where they have to look at whether or not an investment is good or bad or whether or not it needs certain environmental and social standards, that is costing them tens of millions of dollars. and diamond said that that could easily grow into hundreds of millions of dollars as it gets harder and harder to comply with the standards that will evolve and change. gillian. >> gillian: hundreds of millions here, hundreds of millions they are pretty cynical talking about real money. >> john: it eventually does add a. let's bring in larry kudlow a host of the cuddle of folks and larry, let me just rewind the tape and show that exchange between rashida and diamond again because i don't think she saw the coming let's see here.
11:54 am
or, let's not listen to it, i was told we had it, i am sorry. larry, what was that, i am so sorry. >> i'd read it all right. >> mr. dimon, absolutely not, and that would be the road to hell for america. for that single sentence, he deserves a nobel prize in economics. i do not have to ask anymore questions. plus, it is crazy progressive woman, who has no common sense whatsoever, basically if you listen to what she said is calling for a bank run. okay, as that what we want right now? a bank run? really? here is the good news, di mitton said it right and he said we have to be putting end natural gas. of that the base low fuel and it is clean burning. and all of those net zero stuff.
11:55 am
who in their right mind believes that we are going to go net zero. i mean besides, whatever name it is toledo rashida, john kerry, people like that. nobody believes that steph. nobody. >> john: i would think that republican candidates for the midterms want to put that exchange on a loop. here is what to leave went on to say after diamond clap back. >> yes, that is fine, you know it's everybody that got relief from student loans has a bank account with your bank, should probably take out their account and close close their account. >> this is a member of congress. this is a member of congress saying i don't like y your eye don't like what you said severance or make a your bank. >> absolutely terrific stuff, terrific stuff, wonderful stuff from a very nonbrilliant house number calling for bank runs. by the way, while the federal reserve is jacking up interest rates left and right. i mean, this is below down. negative dom, here's the good
11:56 am
news, the good news is that the american banking system is very well-capitalized. we are headed for a credit and financial crunch. and our banks are in good shape. okay. they are going to survive this unlike what happened back in 2008, 2009. here is the bad news, people like her, and other progressive and obsessive climate radicals, they basically want our banks to stop lending to any fossil fuel related activities. which would be another disaster. here we have governor of california, here is a friend of mine gavin newsom, very nice guy but he is saying that we are going to have no gasoline powered automobiles in ten years. but wait a minute, if you own an ev right now, you cannot recharge your batteries because we don't have enough electricity. >> that's only certain times the day, larry. >> yet, certain times a day exactly. the trouble we tend to drive cars during working hours, which is when the electricity load is
11:57 am
the most. that includes the rush-hour traffic. why don't they have enough electricity? because we are having net zero. that means no natural gas, no oil, whatsoever. we cannot minor dig for lithium. i'm in, come on. this stuff is not serious stuff. it is not common sense stuff. and it is jamie dimon gets a nobel prize for speaking the truth. >> john: just as we go here just to show you where this comes in in terms of importance of issue, inflation costs, gas prices, gas 19% are fox poll, boris and 16%, jobs and economy 16%, climate change, 4%, larry, it's always good to see you. >> thank you john. >> john: gillian >> gillian: more to this lawmakers are saying u.s. military should focus less on things like this, take a look, the air force academy is instructing its cadets to use words that "include all genders"
11:58 am
and to stop saying things like mom and dad. let's bring in tyrus. tyrus, i want to put that on the screens are broke and see if this is what the training material is telling cadets to not say. you guys, boyfriend, girlfriend, the disabled, and trenches genders. do say y'all, team, scotties, folks. partner, people with disabilities, transgender people/service members. what do you say? >> did you say slash, or do you speak to you that's unclear, we can ask for clarification. >> i would like clarification of slashes now an appropriate segue. this is what is, what is the word, asinine and ridiculous. you build relationships with people you work with. and you are going to refer to them as they are, and as they want to be and if you are in a situation where they want to be as a nickname or wants to be
11:59 am
identified in a certain way, you will build that relationship and you know, you will go from there. but this idea of telling people what they can and cannot say and referring to somebody as a boyfriend or girlfriend. it is just, we have more important things to do. the military, they are already overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, and now they got to step on it. >> gillian: started in rapid improvement is way down. >> the group they keep going after, you always hear about megabus, bag of that. but this is the true blooded american patriots whose children serve. so, this is just a waste of time. i wonder how much taxpayer money this costs, it is so unbelievable. will just need to respect each other and if we get to know each other, then we can learn about nicknames and pronouns on things like that. but it comes from a mutual respect. and whenever he said y'all as a kid i got popped in the mouth. >> gillian: you have five seconds left what would you like us to call you here at fox news.
12:00 pm
>> groans be there to man in addition to tyrus. >> gillian: yeah okay i like grown ass man. >> t works to just don't call me lee. >> gillian: when we're short on time will call ut. tyrus, thanks for having with us. >> all calm whenever he wants me to call them. >> gillian: thanks for joining us here >> martha: lindsey graham is here. he would call him sir as well. i'm martha maccallum. this is the story in our nation's capitol today. senator lindsey graham is joining us on set as is general jack keane and laura trump a little later with her take on the lawsuit that i was launched against her husband, president trump don and ivanka. the president said he can declassify anything he wants. we'll get to that. a busy day here. lots to talk about with 47


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