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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 22, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> groans be there to man in addition to tyrus. >> gillian: yeah okay i like grown ass man. >> t works to just don't call me lee. >> gillian: when we're short on time will call ut. tyrus, thanks for having with us. >> all calm whenever he wants me to call them. >> gillian: thanks for joining us here >> martha: lindsey graham is here. he would call him sir as well. i'm martha maccallum. this is the story in our nation's capitol today. senator lindsey graham is joining us on set as is general jack keane and laura trump a little later with her take on the lawsuit that i was launched against her husband, president trump don and ivanka. the president said he can declassify anything he wants. we'll get to that. a busy day here. lots to talk about with 47 days
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until the mid-terms. things are tightening up out here. here's a look at the focus sharpening to abortion and the economy and both sides try to turn voters their way. >> 40-year high inflation, ripping away your savings. >> dr. oz would vote to elimination abortion rights here in america. >> the economy, inflation and gas prices are the top three issues. >> anti-choice maga republicans. >> biden and the democrat congress keep spending us further and further into oblivion. >> extremists so-called leaders are passing laws to criminalize health care providers and punish women. >> you get the idea. senator lindsey graham on the hot seat over the timing of a bill that he launched to ban most abortions in the united states after 15 weeks. we'll talk to him about his commitment to the bill as the senate hangs in the balance. for to david asman and the strapped united states economy.
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david, good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. >> martha: let me start with this sound bite from jerome powell yesterday talking about his pattern of increasing interest rates in order to cool things down a bit. watch this. >> we don't know. no one knows whether this process will lead to a recession or if so, how significant that recession will be. >> so another big fat rate hike. they're trying to get a soft landing here. how is that looking, david? >> from his perspective, it's not good. he admitted that if we have to have a recession to cut inflation, we'll have a recession. that's why the market reacting as it did. it was down over 500 points at the end of the day. what frightened me the most about when he said he down graded commission growth to 2022 to .02%. that's basically as close to flat as you can get. when you have 8% inflation, that means you're going downhill
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fast. it's just no denying it's -- this inflation is taking a month out of everybody's yearly salary. it is causing all kinds of problems for americans. 60% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. it means essentially that we're in for very tough times ahead. once again, remember, biden came in to office with 6% economic growth. it's now slated at .02% and we had basically 0 inflation or 1.4% inflation. so things have gone south very fast. it's bad news. >> martha: that is stark. he came in with 6% growth in the country. now we're .02. inflation was at 1 and change. now it's at 8 and change. let's take a look at these quick polls here. "new york times" sienna, econ issues are more important than societal ones. 49% of voters say yes although they care about the otherish
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you'res. almost half of the voters say the economy is number 1. voter as agree more with the gop than democrats. that's 52% over 38%, david. these are sort of the -- these are the lines that we're watching as we get 48 days, i should say, away from these mid-terms. >> the public understands things a lot better than the experts do. the experts live in a bubble. let's face it. the fed chair or the president, they don't go out shopping at grocery stores. they don't see their salaries cut. they still get their perks. the american public knows it. what hurts me the most and what is hurting the economy the most, there are no incentives from this government for the private sector to grow. all the growth that this government is interested in is growing the government. making the government bigger. they want to change -- transform society. the president uses that word. it's not just about green energy. they want to transform industrial production from the private sector to the government
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sector. they want the government to control industrial policy. not necessarily all of the means of production, but certainly the direction in which industrial policy goes in this country. that never works. doesn't work when you get far to the left in communist country and in mild socialist countries. it's not working here. the proof was just laid out in black and white by the federal reserve yesterday. >> martha: david, thanks very much. very interesting. david asman in new york. joining me now, senator lindsey graham. senator, good to you have you with us. >> thank you. >> martha: david just laid out with where republicans stand on the rule of government. it should be smaller and more out of your life. democrats believe the government can give you a lot of solutions to your problems. very clear definition. you have put yourself, your neck on the line with this abortion bill. a 15-week ban. a lot of your colleagues want you to be quiet about this whole
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thing until after the election. you're saying no, you want people to know where you and you believe your party stands, right? >> yeah, i want people -- nothing i can say about abortion is going to make people believe the economy is good when it's not. i trust the voters. people in america can absorb a lot of information at the same time. what most people don't know about the democratic party when it comes to abortion is that about 4 months ago, 5 months ago, they had a vote in the capitol behind you that would change every law in the nation, allow abortion on demand up to the moment of birth as a national standard wiping out all state laws to make you like china, which allows abortion up to the moment of birth. 60% want abortion on our mind. here's what i can tell you about the democratic party. they're wrong on the board, wrong on crime and wrong on inflation. they're trying to make your country be like china when it
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comes to unborn babies. abortion on demand up to the moment of birth is cruel, it's out of line with the world. in france for god's sakes, you limit abortion at 14 weeks. my bill says at 15 weeks you can do more at the state level, but at 15 weeks, i want to draw a line in the sand and say we're going to stop abortion, life of the mother, rape and insist, to put us in line with 47 of 50 european nations. you're almost at the fourth month. what am i trying to say? i'm trying to say the unborn child is -- has a human right at a certain point in time not to be dismembered. it's not a state issue for me. it's a human rights issue. at 15 weeks, you can feel pain. you provide anesthesia to save the baby's life. can only imagine what kind of death it is to be december membered after that. the public is with me.
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70% want limits on late term abortion. >> martha: look at the battle lines. 15 weeks is moderate. a lot of pro-people would like it to be far south of that. you're looking for a 15-week minimum in the country and then states can make decisions based on that after that. here's stacey abrams arguing that people who have had, you know -- they can hear the heartbeat. i've had three after six weeks. there's some sort of conspiracy with the medical imaging companies and every doctor and every nurse that goes these scans. here's what she's telling everybody. watch this. >> there is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. it's a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body.
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>> okay. let me -- >> martha: who has a conspiracy? sometimes they can find the heartbeat, then they go a little over here. they definitely find it. so apparently we've all been bamboozled to thinking we're hearing a heartbeat. >> she's marginalizing the unborn child to justify aborting it. in her world, the democratic's view of abortion, there's no restrictions up to the moment of birth. when you understand the heartbeats at six weeks, by 15 weeks it beats 15 million times. the baby can feel pain. the only way they can sell abortion on demand up to the moment of birth is to marginalize the unborn child to be a blob. the french limit it to 14 weeks. 47 european nations do it below 15 weeks. if you're pro life, you need to
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be pro life even in an election year. some of my colleagues are great pro life leaders need to speak up. john thune came on for my bill today. we're on the right side of this issue. >> martha: you think those in your party want you to be quiet, wait until after the election, what would you say to them? >> we're naive. here's my position on crime, inflation, abortion, taxes, a strong national defense. we owe it to the american people to tell them who we are. here's who we are as a national party. at 15 weeks, we've drawn a line to put us in line with europe and the civilized world. we reject chinese abortion policy. stacey abrams is trying to change science. she's trying to deny that the baby has a heartbeat when it does because if you understand how the baby develops, you're going to reject abortion on demand up to the moment of birth. they're trying to marginalize
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me. i'm a pro life guy. i'm not a single issue voter. i'll vote nor a pro choice person. if i was in colorado, joe o'day, he would change things. but stand up for the baby in a reasonable way. they need you now. it's good to be pro life. there's no bad day to be pro life. what the democratic party is trying to do is marginalize the unborn child, deny science to justify abortion on demand up to the moment of birth. when america understands the birthing process, they'll be with us. >> martha: let me ask you one related question. we're seeing massive protests in russia against this conscription effort. your quick comment. >> this is the beginning of the end for putin. he's destroying the russian economy, destroying the russian
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military. there's going to be a push back and it's a matter of time that they take him out. there's no way for russia to be a part of the family of nations under his leadership. they're running out of soldiers. 303,000 people will be drafted against their will. the ukrainians are doing a hell of a job. putin's days are numbers here if we just stick with ukraine. >> martha: thanks. good to have you on set. coming up, two big interviews with lara trump and masih ahmadinejad. what we're seeing in iran is incredible. it's a huge development in iran challenging the mullahs. one u.s. activist who we have spoken to a lot, she is saying to president biden, where are you at joe biden? you gave a visa to amini's
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>> martha: amazing scenes that we're seeing play out on the streets ofter raleigh and all over iran. protesters everywhere. i mean, this is not the kind of scene that you typically see in the streets of iran, at least
12:18 pm
nine people have been killed as these brave protesters rage across the state, across the country in response to the death of a 22-year-old woman that was jailed because she wasn't wearing a scarf over her head. the streets hitting a boiling point as women burn their hijabs in the street and chant death to the dictator. protests breaking out in new york city as the iranian president speaking at the united nations. >> we're here to protest against the criminal mass murder by the so-called president by iran. >> martha: here's what the biden administration had to say about him being on u.s. soil. >> the question is why is he allowed in to the united states and further that she brings up why are you all at the negotiating table with this leadership that is carrying out these heinous killings? >> two points on that, martha.
12:19 pm
as the host country of the u.n., we're obligated to allow in foreign leaders that are attending the u.n. there's certain restrictions that are on the iranian delegation. they're not allowed to go certain places. they're allowed to attend the u.n. we're obligated to do that as the host of the u.n. >> martha: so in a moment, we'll be joined by general jack keane who is here with me in d.c. for to masih alinejad, an activist and author. she has led a movement of women to remove their hijabs, to let their hair be free, to ride bicycles, to do all sorts of things that women are not allowed to do. masih, what is going through your mind as you watch these brave women in the streets of your country? >> for years and years, you know, that in your show, i have been dreaming a day that iranian women will burn hijab in public.
12:20 pm
this is happening. the brutal death of amini is becoming a turning point for iranian women. at the same time, it's a tipping point for the islamic republic. iranian women are furious across iran. different cities, shoulder to shoulder with men. they are protesting not only against forced hijab, they're protesting against islamic republic. they call it isis. because she was an innocent person. she was not in a protest. she's not uncovered. she was wearing an appropriate hijab. that's why the police brutally killed her. the mother and father of family members have been saying that their daughter was beaten up by police. right now, they're shooting people. they're killing people. they're beating people in the street to convince them that we didn't kill her. martha, i'm telling you, iranian
12:21 pm
women one day is going to get rid of this regime. the whole people are with iranian women. we will get rid of our isis. the history will judge was biden that gave visa to our killer, our murder. this is the time that we have to meet the opposition leaders, meet the people of i ran. they have to recognize the people of iran. that should not give visa and legitimize this regime. the revolutionary guard is in the terrorist list. the u.s. government gave a viva to a member of the revolutionary guard. why? you have to actually shut down iran's intersection. they're killing people. but you negotiate with our murderers? sorry for my anger. >> martha: you had someone that showed up with a gun at your house. you have also been on a list and
12:22 pm
your family has been in danger and in prison. here's the u.n. saying there's a double standard facing human rights. watch this. >> the islamic republic iran rejects the double standards of some governments vis a vis human rights and sees it as the most important factor, which is the topic of human rights in the eyes of many. until we have these double standards where attention is soly focussed on one side, we will not have true justice and fairness. human rights belongs to all. unfortunately it's trampled upon by my governments. >> your response to that before i let you go. can you hear it? >> i cannot listen to him, this is torture to me. i cannot believe the u.s. government welcomed a terrorist to educate them about human rights. he had a picture of a man killed by the u.s. government. iranian people bring down
12:23 pm
soleimani. this is the true anger of the people. he was a terrorist. he came here with a member of the revolutionary guard. i don't care about my life. yes, i was the target of an assassination plot. i would rather die. but not see that the western countries legitimizing our murderer right now. >> martha: thanks, masih. very good to talk to you and get your perspective. these are very tough times in your country. >> martha, you're always supportive from the beginning. thank you so much. >> martha: thank you, masih. we'll speak with you soon. joining me now, jack keane, former vice chief of staff, fox news senior strategic analyst. what goes through your mind when
12:24 pm
you see what's playing out in iran? >> it reminds you how oppressive this regime is. we had bloody november in 2019. unfortunately we're going to have the repeat of this pattern in terms of what they will do. they killed 1, 500 protesters, shot them dead. imprisoned hundreds of others that are subject to torture. the prelude for that they shut down the internet and social media. this thing will get very violent on the part of the regime. they are absolute masters at clearing the streets. we had a huge demonstration in 2009. the obama administration back then, they were carrying signs, if you recall, obama hear us. he said nothing. we -- what an opportunity we had. president biden is standing at the same podium and i agree with her that the terrorist, the
12:25 pm
president of iran, is about to take that podium, somewhat delays from him and we don't call him out. we don't call out his regime or china or north korea. we did russia. what he said about russia is very appropriate. he did it with conviction. these other repressive regimes are destabilizing the world. not just adversaries in the united states. we had a huge opportunity to use this incident in front of the entire world body of leaders and dramatically demonstrate to them what this regime is all about. >> martha: he talked about democracy and the importance of democracy, right, around the world? why not take that moment to say we see these people in the streets of iran. the same thing happened. there was another young woman that was killed in the street in 2015 in the obama administration as you said that the protesters came out. it was largely talked about at that point, this is a potential tipping point. if places like the united states
12:26 pm
support this movement and get behind them, perhaps these people will have the power to overthrow, to topple this government. but we didn't. now we're doing the same thing over again. >> martha: i met the president that retired and a small group of people. with tears in his eyes, he talked about hearing the voice of reagan when he was in the streets leading the movement. he was emotional. he has never forgotten. he knew america had his back. where are we? where is our voice here? it's really quite extraordinary. these adversary countries of ours, the thing that they fear more than anything else is not the united states military, it's not another -- it's not a border country. it's their own people. they know that if they're going to lose power, it's only going to be as a result of the overthrow of the regime by their own people. that's why they're so
12:27 pm
repressive. even though this incident for americans seems small wearing a scarf or exposing some of your hair, that pulled a scab. the wound is exposed. the people writ large are denied personal individual freedoms. they're being repressed daily. they use that incident as a catalyst to express their emotions and passions about this. where is our voice again? >> martha: where is our voice? right? masih's brother is in prison because she is here speaking out and empowering women to take off their hijabs, put themselves on social media. her brother is not with his children and his family anymore in iran. the ramifications of these small acts of freedom and expression are life threatening for these people. it would have been great if we heard that from the president yesterday when he talked about how we support democracies all around the country. so can i just get a quick
12:28 pm
thought on these protests in russia and whether or not you think there's a tipping point there as well? >> it remains to be seen. what is happening here, calling up the 300,000 reservists and the fact that some of these people unexpectedly are going to go into combat, many of them are physically unfit, mentally unfit and want no part of this thing. >> martha: which does not make a good soldier. >> they're protesting. we'll see. putin, you see what he does. very quickly he's got over 150,000 people organized just to stop civilian protests in moscow. that's why they're on him very quickly, again, putin realizes his threat to his regime is not the united states. it's his own people. >> martha: the power of people is very quick. that quote is ringing in my ears. a little support can help people in these situations. great to have you here. thank you, sir. >> great talking with you.
12:29 pm
>> martha: so eric trump now lashing out at letitia james as the most corrupt attorney general in the united states history as she hit some of the family members with a massive lawsuit saying the trump organization is a fraud. eric's wife, laura, joins me next with her reaction. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms. and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. report fever, confusion, stiff or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be life threatening or permanent. these aren't all the serious side effects.
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uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa. >> martha: former. trump firing back at new york attorney general letitia james for suing him, three of his children and the trump organization for financial fraud calling it a continuation of a witch hunt. former trump attorney turned nemesis michael cohen was the key player under this investigation in terms of the information that was disclosed and he now predicts this. >> it's that documentation which nobody has ever had before and he never would have given it
12:34 pm
that ultimately sparked this and sent this into the investigation that is going to ultimately terminate the trump organization, donald, don jr., ivanka, eric, weisselberg and the rest of them. this will put an end to the entire company. >> you think that? >> i believe so. >> martha: we'll see what lara trump has to say about that in moments. first to david lee miller with the very latest this afternoon from new york. hi, david lead. >> the former president says the civil lawsuit accusing him of inflating property value to get low interest loans has no merit and is a political vendetta by letitia james. in an interview with sean hannity, trump says he was targeted by james during her first run for attorney general. >> she campaigned on it four years ago. a vicious campaign. she talked about trump and we're going to indict him, we're going to get him. >> in his interview, trump said
12:35 pm
he was under the impression the ag wanted to settle but trump feared doing so would damage his reputation. he said agreeing to pay a small fine might make him look guilty. while the lawsuit claims his financial statements show things were overinflated, the bank should have done something. >> the disclaimer says get your own people. this was done by management. so don't rely on the statement that you're getting. by the way, it goes on for like 1 1/2 pages. it's a very big disclaim. >> trump says none of the banks lost money on their loans. former tone general bill barr called the lawsuit a political hit job. he says real estate valuations are not an exact science. attorney general james meanwhile saying it is possible that trump
12:36 pm
broke federal law and is now renering the matter to the irs and the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. the lawsuit seeks to bar trump and his children in any businesses licenses in new york state and calling for $250 million in restitution for benefits that were unfairly obtained. martha? >> martha: thanks, david lee. with that, we bring in lara trump, the former president's daughter in lane and 2020 campaign adviser and fox news contributor. good to have you with us today. you heard at the beginning of the introduction there, michael cohen who used to work closely with the family and used to be one of the most sort of strongest fiercest advocates for the former president. now he says he believes the information that he turned over will take down the entire trump real estate organization. what would you say to him about that? >> well, michael cohen has a history of lying. he's obviously a very unhappy
12:37 pm
personal individual. he's had his own personal finance problems, which i think led him to this point. the best i can say for him is that i will pray for him. nothing that has come out of his mouth for years now has been factual or accurate in any sort of way. what you have here, martha, with this lawsuit, alleged by the attorney general of new york, if you're a new yorker, you should be absolutely disgusted because instead of actually working to make your statement better, to make it a better place for you to live, this is where the attorney general has been putting her time, her energy and your taxpayer money in to this investigation of donald trump. this was an investigation, by the way, in search of a crime. there was no merit the to any of this. she got to the end of it three years later and millions of documents later and found gosh, there was no crime that was committed so she's had to default to a civil lawsuit here. when you think about it, there
12:38 pm
were no damages. there's no loss. there's no defaulted loan payment. actually these banks made hundreds of millions of dollars off of this. everyone knows what this is about. it's another political attack against anyone with the last name trump and in this case my father-in-law, my husband and his siblings. it's disgusting. >> martha: here's letitia james talking about it. you know, we know there was a long investigation. this story has been around for years about the valuations of these propertproperties. they tried to go to criminal route which fell apart. they decided they didn't have a case. here's what she said yesterday at the press conference. watch this. >> it's a tale of two justice systems, one for every day working people and one for the elite. the rich and the powerful. mr. trump and his allies may say that these penalties are too harsh or that this is part of a
12:39 pm
witch hunt. i will remind everyone that this investigation only started after michael cohen, the former lawyer, his former lawyer testified. >> martha: and here's andy mccarthy after he heard that. watch this. >> prosecutors are crawled through trump's financial records for 3 years. i had a laugh when she was referring the case -- referring her complaint to the justice department. the justice department had this case in the first place. they looked at it very hard. they decided michael cohen was not a promising foundation to build a fraud case on. i don't think this case is going to trial. this will take years. >> it's just one of several cases, laura. how is father-in-law -- what is his reaction? we saw him with sean hannity last night. what is the family response to this at this point? >> well, it's disappointing,
12:40 pm
martha. you know, sadly this has become common place for all of us in the trump family. this sort of treatment and investigation and these allegations that always end up being false. you know what we're holding up fine. there was no wrongdoing. nothing happened here. but sadly, this just goes to speak to i think where we are in america that you can target your political adversaries in this sort of way. let's be clear about the attorney general. 47 days from now, she's up for re-election. she's behind in the polls, behind her republican opponent. she promised and campaigned on the fact that she was going to take down donald trump. so now she's got to bring something forward here as she's closing in the gap towards the mid-term elections. it's just disgusting. it's sad to see. we always believe in our family that the truth will ultimately show itself and shine through. in this case, we believe that is with any other case out there
12:41 pm
you can talk about. >> martha: yeah. thank you very much, lara. it's good to have you here this afternoon. you know, always amazes me. this is a lawsuit that was just announced even though it's been kicking around for three years. when you watch across the rest of the networks, there's this glee that this is it, this is the final thing that will take down the trump administration. they're all excited even though the beginning of the lawsuit was just announced. i don't know. lara, thanks. good to see you. >> you got it. >> martha: so from full stop on running again to leaving it in the hands of fate, we're going to take a look at president biden's evolving answer to the question, will he run again in 2024. there's some interesting things to pick up on here. the way that we took a look at the way he's talked about this over recent months. we'll show it to you when you come back. >> i'm a great respecter of fate. so what i'm doing, i'm doing my job, i'm going to do that job
12:42 pm
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>> martha: take a look at this. a fiery deadly crash. good lord. that happened just north of dallas. it was dash cam video that captured that semi truck falling over the side of a highway before bursting into flames. on tuesday, police say the truck collided with a car before swerving and flying over the concrete barrier. the truck driver sadly died on the scene of the crash. no 1 else was injured. now we're learning that
12:47 pm
president biden may wait until the middle of next year before he makes a decision on a 2024 run. that came from an interview with biden's close ally, senator chris coons that was done by axios. with that, we want to look at the evolving stance from the president and the white house and their answers to the 2024 question. watch this. >> yes, my plan is to run for re-election. that's my expect take. >> the president has every intention of running. >> joe biden is running for re-election and i will be his ticket mate. >> he intends to run. and if he does, i intend to run with him. >> my intention as i said to begin with is that i would run again. but it's an intention. is it a firm decision that i'll run again? that remains to be seen. >> martha: okay. so here we go. let's bring in former white house press secretary and fox news contributor, ari fleischer
12:48 pm
and juan williams. good to have you here. let's also take a look at this from chris coons in that axios interview. he's obviously one of the closest allies to president biden. he predicted tuesday that biden will wait until the middle of next year before deciding whether or not he will run. coons said the mid-terms will be a key indicator to where the democratic party will go ahead of 2024. let's start with you, ari, on your thoughts on what the president has been saying and the vice president has been saying. >> he's taking the sherman out of being shermanesque. he used to be clear about it. kamala harris left out the word "intention". she declared he's running and she will be the ticket mate. chris coons has it exactly right. the democratic party is going to take a second look at joe biden. why on earth after they lose the house and may lose the senate would they want an 82-year-old
12:49 pm
man, unpopular, to lead the ticket for a second term? this is a tough decision for democrats. as a republican, we want joe biden to reason. there's nothing that republicans want more than the biden and kamala harris ticket. an 82-year-old man, if he's re-elected in 2024. dream come true for republicans. i think the democrats will take a second look. >> martha: so juan, one of the issues, a lot of people think that joe biden will not run again. you can tell me if you think that's the case or not. one of the problems is he can't say he's not running unless it looks like there's strong contenders that people can get excited about behind him. >> well, sure. i mean, to me, this is a little bit of a preemptive strike here by ari. i like ari so much. i don't think republicans want the one guy that has proven that he can beat donald trump to run because trump is at the moment the leading candidate for the
12:50 pm
republican nomination. in addition, you have to keep in mind, we'll be having a different conversation if we had this conversation three months ago. president biden's poll numbers have gone up. so he's at about 45%. which is about average for a. at this point in his first term. the democrats are doing better in terms of generic polling as to who would hold or not hold the congress right now. we've seen a bunch of issues break the democrats way. so you know, it's still likely that republicans will win the house, really up in the air as to what goes on in the senate. that will set the tone for any decision that you get from biden and biden's team about what he's going to do. one last point quickly. you think about president trump. he didn't announce officially a re-election bid until june of 19. the election was in 20. he announced from the start to the ftc that he planned to do
12:51 pm
something after he initially won. you go back to obama, it wasn't april of 11 before the 12 election that he was going to run. so to save it to the middle of next year, that's not unusual. >> martha: ari, what do you say to that? >> the candidates that juan just cited were young. joe biden is not. that's the essence of the issue. the democratic party after this november election will look at a president with low job approval ratings, 70% say the country is on the wrong track. you think the democrats will want their faith in their future in the hands of an unpopular 82-year-old? the democrats will be the one that lead this rebellion against joe biden. they look at him and say you're the one guy that can lose to donald trump. it's time for the party to have fresh leaders, new leaders, young leaders. that's a healthy thing. there's nothing wrong with a wide open primary to determine who is next. >> martha: you think that will happen on your side, ari? or do you think that donald trump is going to be the nominee
12:52 pm
on the gop side? >> i think number 1, trump will run. i think he's made so many indications that he will. i can't imagine he won't. the question is only one or two people run against him, it's a fair fight. if three or more, he will win it for certain. >> martha: interesting. juan, thanks very much. ari, thanks very much. great to have you here today. so a new feud in the showdown for pennsylvania's toss-up senate race after it's revealed democrat candidate john fetterman failed to pay thousands of dollars in taxes on time to his local school district between 2006 and 2019. fetterman has paid off the debt, but it didn't take some time to do so. bryan llenas following that race for us from our newsroom. high, bryan. >> hi, martha. john felterman, who is backed by the teacher's union says he will go to washington and fight for public schools to get more funding. but according to the washington
12:53 pm
freebie con as mayor of braddock, pennsylvania, fetter man failed to pay more than $18,000 in property taxes between 26 and 2019. that's money that would have gone to funding his local school districts, which is one of the poorest and lowest performing in the state. the district placed three dozen tax liens against fetterman during that 13-year stretch and he was sued twice. dr. oz is now attacking him for being hypocritical. >> john fetterman has advocated for increased taxes. he was a strong supporters of president biden's law that increases taxes for the middle class. he has 67 liens against him for not paying his own. >> the washington beacon reports 65 tax liens on properties own by fetterman and his nonprofit which bought properties. in a statement to fox news, the
12:54 pm
fetterman campaign said john is proud of his work helping to revolve braddock. all of these properties were purchased by jon and his nonprofit to provide homes for people in need. he paid off the liens, but in some cases, it took more than six years. fetterman attacked oz for benefitting on tax breaks in florida and pennsylvania. oz says look, he abides by the tax rules. >> martha: thanks, bryan llenas. so a preview of my new podcast with royal expert neil sean, his final thoughts on the funeral of queen elizabeth and the scoop today on meghan markle when we come back.
12:55 pm
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vyvgart may increase the risk of infection. in a clinical study, the most common infections were urinary tract and respiratory tract infections. tell your doctor if you have a history of infections or if you have symptoms of an infection. vyvgart can cause allergic reactions. the most common side effects include respiratory tract infection, headache, and urinary tract infection. picture your life in motion with vyvgart. a treatment designed using a fragment of an antibody. ask your neurologist if vyvgart could be right for you. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. >> martha: all right. it's thursday. so that means we have a brand new episode of the untold story
12:59 pm
podcast coming out today. royal reporter neil sean reflects on the coverage the past 1 1/2 weeks of the funeral of queen elizabeth. we had a really interesting conversation about william and kate, the princess and princess of wales and harry and meghan. the request that megan markle made. she wanted a one-on-one meeting with king charles iii. >> there's the brand new king of england. she's going to sit down with a meeting with a former actress who has trashed his entire family and brought a lot of stress and strain on to the late monarch. let's not forget that. i think, you know, yes, it was a bold and brave move by her. ridiculous in many respects. you'll know, they'll deny it. >> martha: all right. there's juicy stuff in there about kate and william post funeral and what to expect from them in the future. so tune in for that as well.
1:00 pm
some people might be tired of all of that by now. some people might be interested in how it wrapped up. so if you are, check out my conversation with neil sean. you'll find it very interesting. the untold story is available to download at thanks for being with us. this is "the story." the story goes on now. look forward to seeing you tomorrow. have a great afternoon. a beautiful day here. >> we're seeing people who are tired, exhausted, very confused as to frankly why they're in new york, why they have been transported here. they have taken long journeys to get to the border. the treatment that they have received there is just unacceptable. >> neil: new york city's immigrant affairs commissioner railing against the migrant buses, another five rolling in to the big apple today. the surge at the southern border shows no end


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