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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 22, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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whether republicans like it or dislike it, democrats dislike it, that would avoid all of that? >> that's right. they'll be naysayers on both sides and supporters on both sides. people that are interested in solving the problem, this is a solution. >> neil: we'll watch it closely. thanks, congressman gonzalez. it's annize. we need more ideas. ♪ ♪ it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ more midterm headaches for the democrats with 47 days to go the parties once again desperately trying to distance themselves from radical policies there poison at the ballot box like the fun the democrats a huge
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sigh of relief when they realize much funding bill will move forward despite the far left's attempt to sink it. squad members refusing to back down on her and ty cobb positions by stalling the vote earlier. an republican congressman see police thinks that democrats will never be able to get rid of the defund stench. >> it's unreal that months into talking about helping the police, democrats still cannot stand up and support law enforcement. their party at its core is still embracing the defund the police idea, but it is very telling that the democrats will pay lip service to police but when it comes times to backing the blue they walk away. because they don't support the police. >> judge jeanine: why does this all matter? voters act republicans by a 23-point margin on dealing with crime. juices moderate suspend millions
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to appear tough on the issue. >> jim ryan knows that defunding the police is ridiculous. he is brought back $467 million to put good cops on the street. i trust tim ryan to keep our communities safe. >> want to hear people talk about defining the police i know that they are wrong. police officers put their line on the line every day to keep us safe, but it's our job to make sure that they have what they need to do it. and that is a job that i take personally. >> in the senate i will help the senate from defining the police. that is just crazy. ♪ ♪ >> i work side-by-side with the police. we did whatever we needed to defund our police. >> judge jeanine: a miss a new report that they googled topics that republicans do better on. crime, and the border crisis and topics of favor democrats. all right let's talk talk about the fact that it is taken months to get this legislation passed.
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there is been a back-and-forth among the democrats between liberals and progressives, the middle guys, the end guys, all of them. looks like today and it appears that their funding of these bills are primarily going to smaller the police departments but every one of the bills has some kind of limitation of some sort on the police. >> it's sort of like infrastructure week during the trump administration for like every week is to be infrastructure week at the very beginning when the democrats didn't win as many seats as they thought they would in 2020 the moderate democrats said that we have a problem in one of our big problems is this defund the police narrative. so they could've passed this back in june and not had the entire summer of being branded as anti-police. one of the thing is for example smaller, suburban and rural lease forces are going to get some money and thus they just got 360 votes and i understand that just because they think the big police department's tend to
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get the most money. so this will pass, i just don't think it's to do enough to change the branding that happened over the past three months. that's also because they still have the squad, the statements, the things you can use, but it's also not just about the money. it is about the attitude towards police and them feeling like they have what they need including what they're asking for. >> judge jeanine: this whole ideal of the democrats coming out now and try to convince the public that we are tough on crime and even. amazingly is trying some damage control because he called to free all of the second degree murderers in pennsylvania and now he has an ad saying he soft softon crime. >> jesse: i'm not mad for my people from pennsylvania. he wants to turn lose the second degree homicide people in prison. he said that if you look at what they've done in prison for maybe we should give them a shot and one guy he said learned yoga and
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prison. >> judge jeanine: that's a reason to let him go. >> jesse: he is limbered enough so he can go and murder again. he chased black man out of town with a loaded shotgun he had a little bit of pushback for that so his response? i'm gonna let out all the second-degree murder from prison. he thinks that he's gonna repent to the black community by letting out murderers? does he assume they're all black and prison? do black americans want murderers to be turned loose in the neighborhood's? the guys a lunatic. there are two people in the country you said at the top it's immigration, and its crime and the democrats are inviting on both of those issues republicans have to push this hard. i can even make sense on what they voted for. one of the bills provides grants aimed at raining and violence. do you guys know what they're talking about? i've no idea what they're talking about here is another one. mental health workers so they
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respond to incidents. without police officers. you know what that is? you know what that is, that is a recipe for disaster. i just don't understand the real issue is this stupid d.a.'s in these bail laws and as you said the culture that thinks prisons and police are racist and you want to go deeper we can go deeper. it's about fathers that aren't there, it's about the quick bucks you can make from drug trafficking. i don't think congress is ready to address that at all. >> judge jeanine: the idea of having mental health people work in law enforcement which is one of the bills, i'm not so sure that that is a great idea. >> i think it's about having police officers on the street but also understanding that a lot of people that are making us feel unsafe retirement later in the show are people who are mentally ill people who can be responded to the people who aren't traditional law enforcement are not carrying a gun necessarily and we can
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have a multi-system to have them try to push back on what's going on. mostly cities. the ads that are never being erred he was the first female police chief over lando. she is very serious enforcement official. she is in agreeable record when it comes to being tough on crime is completely authentic there and dana is right when you talk about what having a for 2020 election and moderates very clear but what i find interesting is i was only 4-5 liberals are pushing back on these bills the progressive caucus is actually quite large and there was a lot of people we would normally suspect to be against these bills or want to tinker with them and they were all for it. it's obscene democrats understand that this is a serious issue going to the midterms in terms of keeping our country safe. >> judge jeanine: in the end, greg, they have to distance themselves from the last two years as a gonna work?
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>> greg: rga here alvin brad helped get a out i think just after doing 30 days and what he do? sexually assaulted five people. right? so that is what you're up against. as you really should never criticize people and they finally do they want you to do. i'm talking about the democrats. finally being tough on crime, sunday the aren't doing it for humanitarian reasons for doing it for political reasons. why does that matter? it matters because it could've been known sooner. thousands upon thousands of lives could been saved if it was done sooner and the reason it wasn't on sooner is that it wasn't a political need in their head that says you know we have to get done, you people getting killed but there are those people. this criminals killing criminals is not a big deal it's really not that way. it makes you wonder if you want to get democrats to care about crime victims, you almost have to have elections every month you know i mean? from online, because they only care about crime because without
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political pressure they don't give an f. they just laugh at people like us. we have been talking about this thing for two years. we would bring it up and people would laugh at us. it literally laugh at us about talk about crime. but the numbers were wrong, i remember having this discussion. it still means my blood boil and now two years later when it's a political issue, right? a political issue, now they give a damn. i pat them on the back for finally joining the club, but there is a lot of dead people that aren't here right now because you didn't think it was worth it. good for you jesse. >> judge jeanine: neither of the dead people. it coming up next, where is the media on this? a man admits to running over a teenager for being a republican. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> dana: he intentionally struck a teenager with his suv over his political beliefs. that boy 18-year-old later died from his injuries. the driver 41-year-old shane and brandt initially fled the scene, but to return to call 911. according to court documents he told the dispatcher that he was part of a republican extremist group and the two had a political argument before the deadly encounter. the investigation is now ongoing and so far police do not think that he even knew each other. at the media has been chatter report on the story major networks spending 0 minutes on it yesterday. and he is pulling out the media bias. cbs news does a 400 word right up of the north dakota nut who ran down and killed a teenager over a political argument without mentioning he told police that he thought the teen was a republican political extremist. a key detail he might not miss out on if you are a journalist.
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judge we know about this case? >> judge jeanine: i know that i'm furious. this guy intentionally killed an 18-year-old young man because he didn't like his politics. they have charged him now with criminal vehicular manslaughter that is nonsense. this is murder. this is not just a typical criminally negligent homicide we are going with the vehicle and you asked only going someone. this is a guy who intended to kill an 18-year-old republican because he was a republican and used his vehicle as a weapon. pure and simple, classy murder it's got be upgraded immediately. now, this was not some drunk who made a mistake. he got into the vehicle, he was able to open the door and start ignition chase the kid down was a pedestrian run over him and hear that number twice as a truck rolled over and killed his kid. now, now as far as i'm concerned
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a lapse of jill biden. joe biden is the one who started this extremist hate and i've set up a before. hate is hate hate leads to violence and violence leads to retaliation. joe biden calling half of america fascist and extremists, those are the words that joe biden use and those of the very words at this murder are not a negligent vehicular homicide, this is a murderer. use the word extremists because the kid was a republican and he thought that he was a maga a republican. $50,000 bail in the sky. the two guys who stole his guns? a half a million and a million dollars? and 50,000 and this guy doesn't want to slifer want after he killed a young man because he didn't like his republican politics. >> greg: oh gee whiz what you have for lunch?
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>> dana: the media coverage is interesting because it had been the reverse we know what it would've been. >> greg: we are thing about doing this yesterday we'd a hard time finding it. you can find it anywhere and i will put the terms in a google like run down person a know you get chris mccue get charlottesville when that's what how many years is that? it's a repugnant story of course but it's not the one that i was looking for but it shows you how google manipulates what some of the scene we can see clearly clear the story was buried for one reason because the victim didn't match the ideal characteristics and neither did the suspect. as much you can hate them never made a speech as divisive and is dark as the supposed lament three weeks ago. if he had come if he had pulled the joe biden and donald trump are was murdered or murdered someone, you know what would
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happen. it would go on and on and on and you have to member that the media accuses donald trump of inciting anything from an insurrection to future violence after the 2024 election. even though they also edit out the part of january recycle peacefully. whatever. for about charlottesville they claim donald trump and cited that even though he had no idea and then they push the hopes that he was referring to is fine people. that was so convincing that joe biden sewer pizza to this day and claims that it's his reason for running. some and it never happen never happen. never happen he was talking about the people on both sides of the statue controversy. so when you compare the huge deal that's why we are president biden. so when you compare these two cases you can see how the media can turn this on and turn it off. they turn it off on this one and entered it it way up on charlottesville created a hoax out of it. and got a democrat in the white house how is that?
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got headed home. >> jesse: if the pressure keeps on it starting to really ramp up member rittenhouse? they try to throw the book at him because he was defending himself from an onslaught of attackers? who is this guy defending himself from? he's in a car. he's 41 years old, he's in a car give a skinny teenager was a threat to your life? you are in a car you can just drive away these on foot. now this is what he said said well i was worried that this teenager, mind you a teenager was gonna call his crew in their income for me. again you are in a car you can drive away and that means that if guy was alone he didn't have anyone with them. the story doesn't add up at all he was drunk and he is a previous dui conviction he says some republican extremists he has braces. how many extremist republicans
2:21 pm
and the messe terrace have on? come on. the guy looks like young kid who was almost at a high school. the judge in the prosecutor need to step up at disowning right here because joe biden choose donald trump of inciting the january 6 riot and then they can have a point to one thing they said at the speech, but joe biden gives this crazy hail mary destroyed the fascist republican extremists and three weeks later some guy murders republican extremists question but no one says anything in him and winks. he's not complacent and is not inciting violence come on. by the very own logic joe biden should be under investigation but he is not. >> dana: would you think about that jessica? >> jessica: i think it's really absurd to say that this is joe biden's fault. this has nothing to a joe biden and every time i've sat here and heard about people want to say isolated incidents or anti-immigrant violence, weitzer premises violence and has
2:22 pm
nothing to do with the rhetoric that was coming out of the white house for 40 years. we talked about this before. the july 2020 speech supposed to be about america united independence day. he called liberals scores of the earth. i said scorch of the earth. fascist was used pull up the text for the next block. >> dana: let's say hypothetically that he incited violence and in this case. -- >> jessica: it she says that this is on joe biden's hands and we haven't had division like this. it's absolutely untrue. >> judge jeanine: he was in extremists and therefore he has to die. like have america.
2:23 pm
joe biden or china, he doesn't hate iran, but he hates have america. b5 the kid drove to walmart in el paso because he thought there was an be a lot of brown people that he can go and shoot me a written diary entries. but hitting immigrants. >> greg: i agree with you i'm think you should be leaking anything that's the point i'm making. what i'm trying to show which is the hypocrisy and the fact that no one seems to care when one side gets completely smeared, but the other one can just walk away. i think that's were trying to get at. >> dana: were all hoping to get a little bit more information out of north dakota so we are paying attention to it and we will keep you updated as well. come cap next makes perhaps where the initiative on covid lockdown. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: for the first time since the pandemic began dr. fauci is finally speaking that truth. >> when you're dealing with the situation with the are being overrun in new york, intensive care units are being put in the hallways, you have to do something that is rather draconian. and sometimes when you do draconian things it does have consequences on the economy, schoolchildren you know that. you have to make a balance. >> greg: terry go smearing the draconian's again how racist.
2:29 pm
anyway thanks to dr. fauci the school closures raised two decades of students progress in reading two decades signal teachers unions plus imported governor ron desantis saying that it's his fault kids are thriving. >> we would ask the governor instead of sharing teachers instead of calling them names, roll up your sleeves and work with us to actually help kids thrive. the people who are standing behind me they want to teach kids, they want to make a difference in kids' lives. they didn't commented teaching to be demagogue, to be dehumanized, be smeared. >> greg: oh, dear, job for god's sakes. dana, would you make of dr. fauci? he seems very defensive.
2:30 pm
>> dana: the media tour continues and i'd say he probably would benefit himself if he did less media. i said that a long time and i've said it many times in the middle of interviews you should stop them much of this. everyone the beginning signed off on the lockdown's even reluctantly. i think what happened is the public health experts were then allowed to go way beyond their jurisdiction. because this is how i feel it should work. expert comes in and says mr. president, mr. president whatever it is in the future yours will we have this in the situation, this is what we are recommending. if you do this time xyz will happen. if you do that, abc will happen. that is our opinion, now we turn it over to the elected leader of the people of the united states and then you get to decide because you are the one who bounces the risk and makes the decision based off that. we have to wait for that. he knew that right away when the schools were continuing to be close, but we had no information
2:31 pm
from an information's of the aren't spreading it. kids aren't getting sick of their fallen behind in school and no one can deal with the same glasses. they didn't change anything for two years that's why he's out there planning to sanchez when he asked the open the schools within the parents can figure it out now and the other thing is just on businesses. it is very strange why was it that home depot could be open, but the small mom-and-pop hardware stores had be closed. it became unfair and outrageous and ill at the bad taste in my mouth. >> greg: there were so many mistakes jessica i think a lot of people made mistakes, but dena's point is this something or you have a lockdown people didn't want to unlock it because assuming that were would happen then he would be responsible's there was a lot of kind of cowardice and covering your, mentality and all of these bureaucrats. >> jessica: there were to be blamed for whatever happened if it did go wrong and now they're getting blamed for what happened when it did go wrong it was just the kind of wrong to be didn't think was can happen. in the first place.
2:32 pm
this idea that kids can be find the are resilient children are resilient social and emotional connections. that's when the strong segments against everyone's been massed in these environments and not even most are saying that kids can take off the masks adds up to the parents to choose what they want to do with them. we have been presented with a lot of trade-offs remember when it was you don't need a mask for the truth was we didn't have enough masks and people need and elected officials and bureaucratic decisions need to treat us like adults. people can make these. crossing the street as a calculator risk organ laid building after this. >> greg: especially now. [laughs] [laughs] >> jessica: we are running out of time this is something that's can be pushed back against teachers obviously. >> greg: i'm a on forever judge constant why can you just let it go and retire does he
2:33 pm
play golf? i don't know. maybe he should. >> judge jeanine: i know he doesn't play baseball that's for sure. look at, i'm tired of hearing from them i think everyone's hearing him try to justify what he did and on top of that you have dislike sandwich where his unit trash ron desantis so you should be working with us, no randy you have it use to open schools. and he was showing the country of the florida could open the schools in the catholic schools in the religious schools in the charter schools are all open. i just think that this back-and-forth know everyone's of tired of it. dr. fauci doesn't have credibility in part the reason is that the decision was made to listen to dr. fauci as opposed doing some like a manhattan project we brought in the best of the best as opposed to a guy who's been there for 40 years
2:34 pm
was all kind of money was invested in all kinds of drugs, who was involved in gang funding i mean this is not the guy we should've been listening to. that is the one thing that i've come away with. he was the wrong guy we should never rely on one guy especially in the end the president made a decision, but there should've been a group of panel of exp experts. >> greg: so jesse why doesn't he just shut up and write a book? >> jesse: he is. >> greg: he needs tidbits for the books. >> jesse: the book will be out once he leaves office so we don't has to face republican congress. agency of vicious woman if you're supposed all about the children wouldn't want to work with every governor? in the governor down there in florida he did right by the students. florida students probably did the best of any of the students he didn't shut down any of the schools and then let the parents decide whether or not they were in mask up or not. he also took two positions on the lockdown's took him four weeks to go.
2:35 pm
he didn't regret any of the lockdown's in the school closures did not harm the kids. now it comes out and says that the school closure was part of the kids you think question mike you can isolate 6-7-8-year-old for two years when the going to that of a liminal stage without learning how to be social and how to relate to people psychologically. these people are scarred for life not to mention all the people who died from suicide and drug overdoses. the guy should be sued by every child in the country class action child abuse. i without pro bono you know i have a law degree. >> jesse: if i was charged with a crime i would defend myself. i think to prove that you should go commit a crime and then go defend yourself. >> greg: up next elitist active liberal city depravity depravity? almost man caught on camera throwing at people.
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♪ ♪ >> jessica: living in a psych ward that's a business owner and los angeles who provided this shocking video it shows a homeless man hurling a bag of onto his suv local fox to porter confronting him over the incident. >> why you throwing at people? you through at this gentleman. >> i'm half paralyzed and i'm blind, i have no car for nine years. >> we offered to help them for services for the homeless. >> the city is offering help. [laughs]
2:41 pm
[laughs] >> jessica: that business owner speaking with him last week. >> the areas off doing his business is one of under no dozens this little 1 mile stretch of ventura boulevard i call home with my business to many other business call home is getting to look like on a no downtown afghanistan these days. >> jessica: do you want to a add? >> jesse: i'm glad that i called him before. and i'm also little shame i covered the slinger and that your lane on i swerved into it and apologize. >> greg: you know i own that's my brand. and i apologize. >> jesse: i send it we should probably go back a hundred years from now to the good old days when if a guy did that you could probably knock them out from a river fume with a stick and maybe throw him in loony bin for the straitjacket so we get some
2:42 pm
help. that seems like the more civilized approach than just getting smothered with and have politicians and police do nothing about it. right? i'm right. [laughs] i'm right. >> jessica: we are talking during a break whether it's time for cities to start committing these people do have the right to refuse to go somewhere. >> dana: this is what jesse is saying. a right to live how any way they want to live, however you could pass a law that says you can't see below street. we have a shelter you go to a shelter if you refuse to go back and involuntarily commit you now also divorce about the change organ say will that's so mean, but at one point do my rights infringed upon? i feel infringed upon. i work hard, pay taxes, i've got all these cities especially this one and if the walk like oh gosh know i can go that way and it can go that way oh, god.
2:43 pm
this woman. she was like to pretend she's shaking all the time i was so upset five years ago i went home i got it were to nypd woke we do question market feels about about this lady she's shaking and she turned two years. she is. she's always there that she gets up and walks away and go turn the corner and saw one day in my weight, this is outrageous we need people to come to the city, we want people to back to work, we want torres to come here. we want to be safe while people like her to get the help that she needs and you have to figure out a way to do that you can't just allow this to happen that it's been five years he's been doing that. probably more. >> judge jeanine: i think that we are now living on the cusp of being a thurible country. grocery shelves are not full like they used to be, cities some like washington, d.c., and some of them are still boarded up. there homeless people and people don't want to go on the subway's are people living on the streets
2:44 pm
who have alcohol, drug and mental health problems. these are not people who are struggling to make it these are not people who can't, who just can't afford to pay rent this is a decision that we as a society have made that it's okay for them to live there. i pay taxes though my taxes count for something? i don't have to look at that and i shouldn't have to look at that and if there is zoning that i can't build a brick wall in front of my house more than 5 feet there has to be zoning that says you can't have them check yourself with heroin and you can't take up in front of me and my kids. instead of some politician stands up and says you know what they're all going away. big around them up there going away. they don't have the right to live on the streets. that's what i think. >> jessica: greg? >> greg: i think just about everyone who lives in the city or anywhere else has the same goal and want this. the problem is and no one has a
2:45 pm
neat system to do that or an agreeable system except for the people here talking about what's necessary you cannot have compassion without discipline. because it ends in disaster. you can't just say like turn it off and say here's some money and here's some food and sure sleep intent because it's not near me all the people that think this is okay it's not near them. the people that watch that show that calls insensitive they don't have this problem is that you understand what were talking about, people are destroying businesses was slipping in front of them and using them as toilets every time you give money to an aggressive panhandler you encourage the aggressive panhandler to aggressively panhandle and that kills a neighborhood so fast. people don't want to be around it i live in a neighborhood with this is common, i people sleeping on my street, i feel that all the time. i think i brought up bill walton asked yesterday he's a progressive deadhead basketball legend lifelong is that it of san diego?
2:46 pm
when he talks he's move from anger to grief. you know? to despair because when your city is gone and it's not because a progressive is not like going my city is changed little to young people here. it's not that it's changing it's degrading it's evolving, it's not progress as an accelerated decline and you watch it echoes everybody when they say this i go back to my suggestion give the home is what they want. it is a choice for most of them and another people go how can you say that chris and mark talked to them. talk to them. if create a government space they can actually use the word camping ground because they are camping the of tense you can ask a call at camp because that's where the doing. camping, a campground where people can live they figure out the way they want to be when they're ready to get out they can get out, but if you want to stay there they can stay there but that's how you separated. if you can't get them
2:47 pm
institutionalized, this is the only solution we have right now. anyway. >> jessica: up next the dangers of social media, white teens are winding up in the hospital because of tiktok. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's all around us again. the inflation buzz word. as if inflation magically goes away and then suddenly returns. but inflation never really goes away.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: we know that kids do stupid stuff and social media is not making it much worse. the one chip challenge setting one of them to the hospital participants devour a ridiculously spicy chip and then wait as long as possible before drinking anything for relief. and the fda, forced to issue a warning over the dangerous night quill chicken tick-tock trend that encourages them to cook rock chicken and soup inducing cold medicine greg have you tried the chicken trend? >> greg: why would everyone perfectly good night quill? we are amplifying the stories you're just as bad this is psychological fennel. we can admit that all these tick-tock challenges are brought to us by the fine friends of china? and its tremendous weapon
2:52 pm
because it swallows up our time in her energy. he convinces people to take stupid risks. i kind of envy the china, the chinese for coming up with this. i'm think about signing up for tick-tock. >> dana: is very innocent if you want to see it i posted it a while ago. let me just tell you teens if you do this no one is going want to date you. don't do it. >> greg: i'm not dating anymore. >> jesse: i did the spicy chip challenge one time and was really spicy. i got at a gas station in the jersey turnpike and everyone in the house today. >> dana: how long did you do it? >> jesse: i needed to drink immediately. >> judge jeanine: are reading this and i'm saying why did they do that? what they do it and you know what psychological you say honesty with a taste like and that's what they're doing to our kids. >> jesse: should we all do it? >> no, no. >> dana: that, should be responsible.
2:53 pm
>> jessica: no the chip company they're the ones who started this. >> greg: what about you makes the chips with the night quill? >> jesse: that's the challenge. the night quill chip challenge see you on internet tomorrow. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ uhh - here, i'll take that woo hoo ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar and now in two new flavors (♪ ♪) welcome to allstate where the safer you drive, the more you save .ac he.
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♪ >> judge jeanine: time now for one more thing. greg, hit it. >> greg: tonight's show jamie lissow, kat timpf, tyrus. let's do this. greg's guess that baby rhino's name: san diego zoo rhino. how adorable is that. anybody guess the name they win $1,000. >> jesse: zac. >> judge jeanine: mcqueen? >> dana: isaiah? >> fat so he. elijah, the name of this rhino, liz cheney.
2:58 pm
>> jesse: stop it. >> jesse: you are the meanest. >> greg: name is neville. >> dana: happy birthday to percy. you can follow him on -- well, follow me on instagram. >> greg: a year? >> jessica: that picture of you guys from last night is pretty cute. >> dana: good boy. not well enough behaved to be here today. hopefully by christmas. i can make that happen. >> time now for all right. now, the truth is fall doesn't officially start until #:00 tonight which is the autumn equinox. won't stop us from celebrating at the 5:00 p.m. hour. what better way to celebrate than with the new autumn spice milk shake from chick-fil-a. can any you have guess the flavors greg, drink it. >> greg: i will get diarrhea.
2:59 pm
you know i'm lactose intolerant. >> judge jeanine: i don't want to talk about it. what's in it jesse. >> jesse: pumpkin spouse. >> judge jeanine: jessica? >> jessica: gram cracker. >> judge jeanine: old fashioned have a mila and cinnamon and old fashioned brown sugar cookies. i'm going to fin be issue in this before the show is over. jesse, go. >> jesse: major party foul in florida. a coors light truck 18-wheeler crashed and brian kilmeade was seen with his lips to the pavement. no injuries reported but everywhere are mourning. tonight "jesse watters primetime" we have scott baio, ♪ a scott baio impersonator an actual scott baio. 7:00. don't miss it. >> judge jeanine: jessica? >> really cool new study out of england. they may have found the first evidence that fetuses react to taste and smell in the womb. women '2 to 36 weeks pregnant while capsules of kale and carrots followed by a light full of water and showed fetuses had
3:00 pm
the kale with the frowns there and the ones who had the carrots were smiling. >> i think that sounds right. >> greg: stacy abrams. >> jessica: you didn't have to do that. >> judge jeanine: that's it for us. "special report" suspect next. >> bret: scott baio. i want to tune in to that. thanks. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight. preelection politics and playing hard ball on capitol hill. negotiations on a new crime bill entering a critical stage ahead of the midterms. and house republicans are leveraging the possibility of a government shut down to force action on the border crisis. we have fox team coverage from the hill. chad pergram up there with the latest on the democratic makeover on soft on crime perceptions. but we begin with congressional correspondent aishah hasnie and the g.o.p.'s gamble on the immigration issue. good evening, aishah. >> bret, good evening to you. with the crisis worsening at the southern border and no immigratio


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