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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 23, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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evening. >> as always, thank you for joining us . thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvr so you never, ever, ever miss an episode of hannity. and in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. the ingraham angle with laura is coming up next. and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. everyone. >> i'm laura ingraham. this is the "ingraham angle" from washington tonight. >> thank you for joining us . betting against america. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. all right. as a regime, media obsess over the left's latest anti trump crusade. they're failing to report on what really matters. are you and your family now, would you be shocked to learn that many of our top elected officials and leading corporate ceos are working right now to undermine america and to
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protect china? take the banking sector, for example, it was just years ago when the big wigs of wall street decided to fall in line behind black lives matter, remember? and al sharpton, all that. that was after george floyd's death that they railed against american racism. in social media posts. and then they went on to commit billions to promote racial justice, ended up being in large , say, giveaway to racial hucksters coast to coast. >> but when pressed in congressional hearings this week on chinese abuses, we do condemn the ongoing human rights abuses in china at the hands of the chinese communist party can condemn is a very strong word. >> yes, it is . so is and slavery. yes, we certainly are very distressed to see it going on and we do not want to have human rights abuses happening anywhere in the world where we or anyone else operate. >> it should distressed. did she say she was just distressed about it? i'd say things are pretty
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distressing for hundreds of thousands being held in china's forced labor camps. yeah, here's what one woman who escaped them said. they were three men, not one , but three things. >> they did whatever evil their mind could think of. and they didn't spare any part of my body. they didn't just . >> they were barbaric. but they had beaten all over my body. >> jamie dimon, the flashy ceo of jpmorgan chase, also remember, he got twisted up a few years back when he was pressed on that same question. the u.s. government has said that the imprisonment and what they're doing with the workers in china is undoubtedly. but you make a choice not to weigh in on everything. but it's not like you said, it's a . talk to the chinese government said, stop the madness, stop. no killing nobody there, isn't it? >> but the government needs to
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do that. so if you could do it right, i could do whatever i want. j.p.morgan, i'm going to do whatever i want. but my board, when something like that put them, we believe in human rights. we don't believe in or anything like that. so so we but for me to gratuitously make public statements, i think is a mistake. >> jamie, it's a mistake. for whom exactly. now, these same banks, they didn't have any problems speaking out against georgia's is completely reasonable voter integrity measures. did the titans at companies like coca-cola, microsoft, a lot more decried the treatment of minorities in america, even as they were and are raking in billions in china, a regime that tortures its dissidents and uses slave labor? although the bank ceos are total hypocrites on their virtue, signaling, of course they are right. they don't make policy. it was the u.s. government policy going back to thousand that first encourage businesses to offshore a lot of their manufacturing to china and the banks.
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they just follow the money. politicians in both parties and fortune. five hundred ceos here have in turn helped make the communist nation very rich and very powerful. china is now thanks in great measure them our greatest geopolitical threat. and now twenty one years after china gain entry into the world trade organization, china isn't freer like they promised us it would be . but it's richer and it's even more evil. >> so every dollar we lose and our trade deficit with china, we'll end up helping it expand its already vast security state and modernize and expand its military. now they have a lot of their own challenges. we hear that a lot, and that's true. but still, china is on a path to eclipse us both militarily and economically. that is the truth. and now with america behind the eight ball, the elites are betting on china and against the u.s.. >> you condemn the chinese communist party for those
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horrible acts that they really carry out. the question is , when we look at what we do in a country, individual clients, it's not a theoretical concept. >> so we look at that client. if that client this morning, with all respect, the government of china is the communist party. if you're doing business in that country, you're doing it willingly. with with respect to them allowing you to be there. so if they're committing these atrocities, are you okay? with that? >> we don't do business with companies that we believe are doing atrocities or something like that. you're asking a hypothetical. >> we do not do any activity with companies that are involved, forced labor. >> it's okay to do business with government. >> we do do business with , you know, even though they're committing atrocities. thank you. are you back now? thank you, congressman. and at the same time, these corporate execs are spooning with china.
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they're also actively working to hurt us productivity and competitive us . they do this by agreeing to adopt esg, which stands for environmental, social and governance. those standards supposedly for their business operations, except they're not really standards at all. >> the man leading the charge here is blakroc blowhard and pro china stooge larry fink. >> now, he's already made his billions, though. now it's time for him to remake the world. >> but if we are going to change the world, we must change the charters of the imf and the world bank, or we're not going to get there. >> there's just not there's not enough capital . >> it is estimated to decarbonize. the emerging world is a trillion dollars a year. >> we're talking maybe one hundred billion is moving into the emerging world. >> and so if we're really serious about the notion of moving the world faster, it has
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to be done. >> and in a way that we're bringing all the governments together. now, listen carefully. do you hear china and india laughing? >> because i do. we're dealing with a self created energy crisis right now in europe and also a global recession. and this guy thinks that we're going to crawl out of it by bankrupting ourselves further kneecapping oil and gas. he's not he's not curtailing his private jet use. >> i can tell you that right now, the entire scheme is a complete fraud and the result will be the destruction of our energy independence, radical changes. they're planning to our food supply and the creation of what ultimately will be something akin to a racial and ethnic caste system. >> the free enterprise system that made us the most powerful nation on earth was based on objective merit and a strong work ethic. well, this help smash all of that eggs trickle down effect
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on american workers is disastrous, and the left will always want more concessions. just today, the world bank chief was forced to grovel after the climate, and that's demanded his resignation when they didn't like mr. malpasse. >> his answer on climate change . you will never win, never. the uber woke sweepstakes. i understand that the pressure to run that race is fierce. you will never win it. >> nothing you do will never be enough. i wish malpasse was sitting there, but those corporate execs, they don't care. didn't they look bored? like they were irritated. they didn't had to be there. >> they're betting that the future belongs to the dictators of the ccp and probably think the best way to cocoon themselves from more trouble here at home is just to cooperate with the wolke activists, throw them
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a bone every now and then. and it sure seems that they assume that our economy is essentially doomed and now they simply want a soft landing for themselves. >> this is why they always tiptoe around criticizing china. they don't hesitate to pile on conservatives here at home. i'm telling you, this dynamic's not going to change, not at all, unless republicans adopt a new approach to big business. >> the old mitch mcconnell establishment approach to trade, remember, that helped get us into this mess. but fortunately, with the help of donald trump's term in office, republicans are starting to figure it out. >> most corporations, some of these big corporations are now exercising quasi public power. big wall street banks collude to deny financing to companies who may be involved in combating illegal immigration. or firearms or things that they don't like. you look at the movement for esg and all esg is is an attempt to use corporate
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and economic power to impose an ideological agenda on society. and so we've instructed our state pension system to not do any esg. they should be using their pension system to get the best results for shareholders. >> that's a fantastic move by the santurce. and also big kudos to those republicans who pressed those banking execs today and yesterday. but my tough questions just aren't enough. >> we need new rules and new laws that will give american businesses incentives to keep their operations here at home. and in many cases, we also have to just simply prohibit them from working with president xi. we can't have a system in which our business community is rewarded for helping our major political adversary as at the same time it berates americans here at home. can't do it. now, joe biden, you've heard him say that he wants people to bet on america again. but those are just words. as we saw from these hearings,
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the bankers, they're putting their money elsewhere. it's going to be up to the next republican congress and probably the next republican president to ensure that the business community does more to help americans than it does to keep. >> and that's the angle. all right. joining me now is missouri senator josh holly. senator , good to see you tonight. why did it take a new age of republicans like yourself? obviously, trump to wake up to the reality of what corporate america has become since about two thousand. >> when china joined the wto. >> you know, i just think for a long time, laura , you have the old republican establishment, the old dc establishment that said that the big corporations are we're all for that. the big corporations could do no wrong. and what we found and what you've just been talking about is these big corporations, they're increasingly anti america. they're increasingly on board with the woke agenda. i mean, you look at some of the worst damage that's been done in terms of foreseeing a woke agenda on the american
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people. and it's actually the big corporations working with big government and then selling out our workers to china is part and parcel of that. so we've got to make clear we're not we're not in favor of these multilateral corporations. no special deals for them, no sweetheart deals. we're in favor of america. we're in favor of an america first economic policy in america. first foreign policy. and that means doing what's good for the american worker and also what's good for for american values and american principles. and we ought to make that clear in the law. >> now, here's bank of america ceo brian moynihan. it's funny when it's called bank of america and they seem to be doing a of anti-american stuff, just echoing the left's talking points, sustainability response aghost requires us to work with clients of every size in every sector to support just transition to a sustainable future. we all face a transition to a secure energy environment. the private sector has the funding to scale the long term thinking to help with this toughest issues. including those senator , other than being aggressively boring,
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he he's clearly bought into all this esg nonsense that china and india are just howling. yeah, let me just decipher for the for the person watching at home, what that means is , is that you as a working person are going to have to pay a lot more in gas prices. you're going to have to pay double digit increases for food. you're going to have to pay for higher energy costs to heat your home. he, meanwhile, will keep flying in his private jet to davos and all these other places and be toasted with champagne as a great leader. i mean, that's that's what that actually means. laura , this is all about this is a war on the working class. this is a war on the people who actually believe in america. let's just call it for what it is . these corporations, they don't believe in america. they're not for america. they're for themselves. first and foremost, they're for the rich buddies and therefore they're globalist agenda. and it's time that we stood up and said no to all of that. let's put american workers first for change. >> how about that? now, haggerty was great. we're just showing some of him.
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he was great in this hearing as well. a lot of the republicans did a great job. i need to get to this bill that you're proposing, senator holly. it would allow states , another working class issue to deport illegal immigrant from the country. but the supreme court said in arizona versus the u.s. that arizona may have understandable frustrations, but the state may not pursue policies that undermine federal law. so how are you going around the court's ruling here and the traditional view that immigration is a federal matter ? yeah, so this bill would change federal law. the supreme court ruled that way about ten years ago, 15 years ago, based on federal law. my bill would change it. say, listen, if joe biden isn't going to enforce our immigration laws, why don't we let the states enforce immigration laws? state of texas would love to say to florida state of arizona, they'd love to enforce the immigration laws. let's let them do it. let's let them secure the border. let's let them deport illegal immigrants according to our laws, the states will get to make up their own laws, but
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they can enforce federal law. they should this bill would allow them to do it. let's take the gloves off here. let's enforce the law. >> let's restore some order to the border. well, martha's vineyard know how to deport people off their island pretty quickly, senator . they didn't want anyone hanging around there. they had a lot of nice hugs, though, and a lot of little photo ops that is nice. >> senator , thank you for joining us . now, lobby ceos target conservatives here and their views and values. we know they soft pedal on china, even expanding their businesses there. in some cases, jamy done it. but a new report should have them thinking twice about this new analysis from the u.s. china economic and security review commission warns that beijing's cargo data network, called logging, has been gathering insight into global shipping that could harm american security and commercial interests. >> it's a big problem. joining me now is michael sumo's, ceo of the coalition for a prosperous america, someone who has been sounding the alarm on these issues for
12:16 am
years. michael, you say this is not some warnke concern, futuristic scenario. what percentage of the world's container ships are we talking about here? and why do our viewers need to understand why this matters right now? >> right now, this this logging is a huge threat right now. through their partnerships, they can see up in 90% of container ships around the world. the bills of lading, the manifest, who they bought from, who they bought, who they're selling to, they can see whether they're going to supply our military bases. it's ccp big brother going global. it's a very big concern. it's free onestop logistics, shopping subsidized by the ccp and subsidized in part because jamie dimon, larry fink, help prop up china's economy. yeah, i mean, we've been
12:17 am
talking about this this entire segment because as you know, i've been writing about china for, what, twenty one years or so. this has been such a major focus of mine since i got into the media. we have these corporate ceos, michael, who've made billions in part in china, propping them up, growing their economy, growing their military. the u.s. government greenlit it all so the right to that extent. but now they come and lecture us here in the country about this law or black lives matter or pick whatever issue is trendy at the moment. >> and they do it without any hint of of irony or, you know, double standards. and they get the applause from the new york times crowd every time they go to a new clinton global initiative event. >> yeah. and yet they they lobby to get into the financial markets of china. they work really hard to
12:18 am
get these variable interest entities from china into our stock markets. there's over a thousand chinese companies in our stock markets that we're trying to get out right now because they don't comply with u.s. investor protection standards. that's hundreds of billions. we fund them. there's 5000 that are in morgan stanley's index funds, vanguard state street. there's over five thousand companies traded in china that tens of millions of wedding americans are funding right now through pension plans because you can't find a global etf or index one that doesn't have china in it. >> it's it's trillions, really. and that china's a 13 trillion dollar economy. it's really big money. and they're just they're not a good return. on investment anyway. in every office, the blackrock or morgan stanley has in china, as ccp sells from the government in it and our own u.s. government pension plan, the thrift savings plan has thirty five chinese
12:19 am
companies embedded in it and a mutual fund window with thousands more . >> okay, see the government, right? michael, michael, you are giving us you are giving us so much information that again, nobody is going to hear on television, okay? american taxpayers are helping fund the growth and expansion of china and they don't even know it. i mean, they don't know it. and you just explain so much. i know you're working on this night and day. thank you very much for bringing this information to us tonight. >> now, pennsylvania republican gubernatorial candidate doug mastrianni has come under withering attack from his opponent, the diminutive josh shapiro. well, of course, doug is called an extremist. what else are they going to call him? now? >> how does he respond? well, he's here next. he's going to tell us stader. it's really striking the amount of control that china already has. we're going to wake up one day
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>> you can be there john . i will try your eyes. >> and tonight's retaking america segment, we turn to the state of pennsylvania. now, the senate race there is tightening. another poll today showed the contest again within the margin of error. just fetterman finds himself in some hot water. remember, he casts himself as a champion of public schools. but the free beacon found that as mayor of braddock, he failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars in taxes on his time to
12:25 am
his local school district. one of the poorest in the state . by the way, the gubernatorial race, on the other hand , is a little more challenging for the gop. doug mastrianni finds himself down double digits to democrat josh shapiro, a candidate. the candidate still dodging debates, by the way. so we're going to talk to doug mastrianni in a moment. but first, the lay of the land there. >> we're joined by pennsylvania insider salena zito, national political reporter for the washington examiner. selina muhlenberg, pollster who released today's findings, says that neither democrat in this race and the state should feel comfortable with the leads they have. is that what you're finding on the ground as well? >> yeah, absolutely. i would say that would be more so true, though, with the senate race. what you see in that race is you see the ausdance gaining momentum. he is moving in the right direction. if you're a candidate where fetterman is losing traction,
12:26 am
he's losing votes, he's losing support. so that race has a lot more momentum and is better suited for the for the republicans at this moment. you things could change. however, in the gubernatorial race than when when the primaries were first over, there was only four points separating the two men , josh shapiro and doug marciano. that number has changed dramatically. it has now gone in the opposite direction for the state senator . and it has gone forward for the for the sitting attorney general in the state. >> well, with total crime up, what, eight percent in pennsylvania, the last year, it's become a top campaign issue. to voters such as this one . >> watch. well, i think there needs to be a crack down on crime. i think crime is is going to be a very big issue in this race.
12:27 am
again, the liberal approach to to to to the crime problem does not seem to be working. >> selina there were, i believe, two more murders in philly just today. is this the kind of the issue that can break late for the republican? because when i think of extreme the crime in this country is extreme. the school propaganda on identity is extreme. the price increases in the winter on energy are extreme. so are the democrats vulnerable even at this gubernatorial level with these numbers coming in? >> absolutely. and i what i see is we candidates who are doing a better job. and i will say that right now. that is awesome. shapiro there out there in small places, large places, suburbs, cities, towns, back roads, talking and listening to voters about the about the issues that
12:28 am
really resonates when a candidate shows up in your town or shows up in your city and listens to dr. oz ,go to kensington and philadelphia. that is i mean, that is known as the open air heroin market of the country. last week, he he actually took several addicts to a detox center while he was walking through kensington. and so i think those kinds of small sort of retail granular messages are sometimes very important in a race like this. >> all right, selena, thank you very much. joining me now is pennsylvania gubernatorial republican candidate doug m.a.. doug , you just heard celina's analysis. they're closing this gap in the final weeks with these crime numbers, these energy costs numbers and the inflation numbers. again, you should be running away with this. and i think the people starting to pay attention. i think it breaks republican .
12:29 am
>> that's just what i believe. oh, it does. and i disagree with selina. obviously, she has been watching. we've been to almost every county. and wherever we go , we get record crowds to trafalgar, polls even last week. so we've within three or four points. everyone has three points. maris has been tied. so wherever we go , we get record crowds came the franklin county by county saturday, 65 people. we did an event there the night before, 1000 people. i was outside of philly and delco delaware county last thursday with rick santorum, 500 people to work night. shapiro shows up and he gets like a dozen people show on momentums with us. >> obviously, i disagree with that poll because we see it across the state. that's unparallel. and you're right because of crime. josh shapiro is our attorney general and has been for six years and crime has gone up 37%. we've had nine hundred and forty six carjackings or attempted carjackings, pennsylvania and philadelphia alone this year. we're pushing six homicides
12:30 am
this year. i mean, everything's a disaster instead of him doing his job. >> so he sued to keep businesses shut out instead of taking care of kids and watching crime and prosecuting sex trafficking ,which is just ridiculously high in pennsylvania. he sued to keep mass on kids lives. and instead of minding his own business, he even sued in the media with virginia to keep those kids mad , something this time last year in loudoun county. we remember that disaster. and josh shapiro has that on his on his hands. instead of doing his job, laura , he's got a real hate and bigotry against the catholic church. he sued the little sisters of the poor. >> i mean, doug , we reached out to shapiro to find out why he won't debate you. the campaign pointed to your demand about picking your own moderator and said that, look, nobody gets to pick their own moderators, set their own terms. it's unfortunate that doug mastrianni has recklessly decided to blow up good faith
12:31 am
debate negotiations. your reaction? he's a coward and he's dodging just like the democratic candidate is down in borrowing against thought, just like they want to make in arizona. josh shapiro is a disaster. he's too radical extreme from pennsylvania. he's failed us as the attorney and he knows that i'll run him through the ringer. retired army doctor of history, and stood for presidents and generals around the world with strategic decisions. and i'll run circles around. the guy's a coward. i even offered stephen douglas the abraham lincoln style. we just go back and forth. he refuses debate me, and he's fighting every pretense as a coward that i am. >> ali, as all media on his side, we really appreciate it. and we're watching this race very, very closely. and we think it tightens a lot . now, emboldened by covid overreach, a new government panel wants to force you to
12:32 am
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there's no fresh start for us . senility lady mondays on fox and watch any time on hulu brace for impact. there's also as the bad superstars on the planet unleashed primetime on friday night. smackdown at 8:00 eastern on fox. >> all right. we all know the government use covid for all these different sorts of power grabs, facts, mandates, mask mandates, et cetera. but if you thought the end of the pandemic, biden said it was the end, would see a cooling off period of that. think again. now, in a move that is expected to receive final approval, the u.s. preventative services task force for the first time ever has recommend anxiety screening and primary care for adults without any symptoms. now, when featured on the today show, it seems like this is nothing but altruism at its best. >> the most important thing to realize is regardless of where
12:38 am
you are in your life, where you are in your relationships, where you are in society, it can affect anyone, anywhere, any time. what the recommending now is a great thing because it'll let doctors open up the conversation and hopefully from there they'll be able to diagnose more and treat more . well, that's one of the issues . could these screenings put more pressure, though, on medical professionals to treat or eliminate risk with the doling out of medications? and equally troubling, when is the last time the government actually priority? is your best interests ahead of theirs and other concerns that are being raised now? could this be another way? the health bureaucracy will encroach into personal decisions, politics, etc. meaning could these screenings be used to designate anyone as crazy or to anxiety ridden to perhaps limit their ability to participate at some levels in society? i know it all seems nuts until
12:39 am
i remember we were just subjected to years of these mask and mandates that serve to accomplish what exactly? we're going to continue to monitor a story because we don't think that the health bureaucracy in this country needs to get any bigger or frankly, that it deserves our trust right now. >> i'm not going to retire in the classic sense. i'm stepping down from the federal government. but what i would like to do is say, how can i further contribute to society? i think what i can contribute is the benefit of my experience to hopefully inspire the younger generation of scientists and would be scientists inspire them to do what exactly ruin an entire generation of kids with both mandates, or will they impart lessons like this next one ? and a soon to be released book obtained by outkast, former white house spokesman brian morgenstern writes that
12:40 am
fauci would laugh at how backward it was that people entered a restaurant wearing a mask, then sat down and converse with people without a mask. yet he wasn't saying things to that effect publicly, just laughing privately at the american rubes that he was fooling. >> joining us now is clay travis, founder of out kick , host of the clay travis and buck sexton radioshow clay . i was basically on an island in april of 2020 saying that fauci should be fired and he was getting way too big for his britches. do you think americans now realize just what a two face he is now? >> yes, this guy is the biggest fraud in the twenty first century. he's the worst bureaucrat in all of america. history and more. what i would say here is i don't if you read washington post had a great story. i know you've got kids. >> i've got kids. do you know what percentage of people with kids six months to
12:41 am
five years old are right now getting their kids this covid shot that everybody's been trying to get them since june 5% 95% of american parents, whether you're a democrat, republican , independent, whether you don't care about politics, at all, 19 out of every 20 parents with young kids. and you know this, you worry about those young kids more than anything. you might take health risk for yourself. you will not take a risk at all for those kids. >> nineteen out, 20 of them are saying we don't need these covid shots at all. ninety nine twenty. >> it's "the washington post" story just came out this week. >> it's massive and it's a reflection, i think, of a repudiation of everything that dr. fauci is saying. we care about kids more than anyone and we are saying no more . we're not going to continue to listen to this clown. i think fauci should be charged with federal crimes. i hope that we win the house and i hope that we win
12:42 am
the senate so we can hold him accountable for what i believe are a series of lies that have completely been detrimental to this country. >> well, and he likely was involved in some way, shape or form greenlighting this gain of function research and was very positive. the chinese research, when i interviewed him in february of 2020 after they hit all that information, the chinese government is hiding all that information about the origins of the virus. and he was praising them at the same time. >> you're exactly right. and this is one of those things where i would love to come back in twenty years, in forty years, in sixty years and be able to read the history books, because i think dr. fauci got everything wrong. and the fact that he was calling everyone who was agreeing with his ridiculous platforms, remember, for a while he was saying people should be wearing goggles to mask three masks. he was laughing at everyone
12:43 am
behind the scenes. and i think history is going to judge dr. fauci and everyone who is seated to his entire ridiculous directive's as one of the biggest failures of american history. and probably the biggest failure of the twenty first century. i just i don't think that we can have enough contempt for this guy now. >> i mean, and a lot of politicians were afraid. they were afraid because people were dying. and so fauci said something. it was like he's the god of the moment. and a lot of scientists who disagreed were castigated, threatened, punished, and they were bravely speaking out. nevertheless, clay, thank you for this. great to see you tonight. now, if you thought democrats had just little regard for mankind, wait until we tell about a bill just signed by california governor gavin newsom. mollie hemingway, ben domenech will tell us in moments what is it? >> stay there.
12:44 am
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>> now to see if you're eligible with five seven five five three five one immediate is no such thing as a heart as it is the exactly samuel designed to convince people that didn't have the right to control a woman's body.
12:49 am
if you thought stacey abrams comments were vile, and creepy and callous, when you hear what california just approved, human composting, i'm curious. governor gavin newsom just signed a bill legalizing the use of decomposing human remains as compost starting in 2020 seven . talk about sustainability. get your shovel. we're putting grandma in the backyard, i guess, in california. joining me now, mollie hemingway, fox news contributor, editor in chief of the federalist and a managed editor at large for the spectator, fox news contributor as well, molly, your reaction to this news, some grizzly bill that they just passed. i think of the abortions that take place in california. i don't even want to think about what this would mean. but what's going on here? >> it does just seem like the logical end point of some of the radical policies coming out of california, which has its strong focus on their their beliefs on climate change, where they view humans
12:50 am
are something of a scourge or a virus. and so it just seems logical that they would include in this that that human remains can be used for composting. these problems with fertilizer, though, which are also related to this bill , are denying humanity throughout the world. we need fertilizer to grow crops for farmers to have sustainable farms that can keep going. >> and so it's just a it's a massive problem globally. then i just learned that we should actually , i guess, be celebrating tonight because nancy pelosi just made a huge announcement. >> watch this. we save the planet. >> we're saving the planet with record three hundred $60 billion to save the planet. generating jobs and cleaner air and cleaner water and jobs and security. >> before she does that, we're gesticulation. that doesn't match the words, ben, but i guess no one has to buy an iv anymore. >> the planet has already been saved. >> what is going on here? mission accomplished. i mean, look, i think that this
12:51 am
california bill goes a little too far in taking ashes to ashes and dust to dust, literally, as a matter of government policy, i have to assume that it was supported by the union of california serial killers for climate change prevention or something along those lines. >> but look, we do see, i think, right right in front of our eyes, something amazing happening, which is that the left is being more honest than ever about the radical nature of their views on abortion policy. and the media complex is rushing to defend them to spin on their behalf. and you, frankly, big tech is going along with this. you had, you know, twitter slapping fact check confirmation from nbc onto stacey abrams statement. and for any of us who is a parent has gone into a hospital room and we all know that we've heard that expression from from the nursing. would you like to hear your fetus's cardiac event that this is not something that
12:52 am
anyone has ever heard? and it's because we all know this is a baby and this is a heartbeat. but the left has to deny that in order to further their inhumane policies. >> now, they're just they're so radical it becomes a caricature of itself. molly and i want to switch gears here, because over at cnn today, jake, tapper spoke to french president emmanuel macron. now listen to a disdain that they both have for one particular growing political movement. >> this trend of nationalism, populism and racism that we're seeing all over the world gaining power. how worried are you about this? we have the crisis of democracies, of what i would call liberal democracies, open societies and open and very co-operative democracies put pressure on your people. >> it could destabilize it could destabilize mali. democracy is working just fine.
12:53 am
he thinks there's a crisis because the elites are losing notice. how we conflates racism and populism. tapper, too. and the question. right. i mean, because i guess everybody in sweden now is a racist, is that what he's saying? >> so what tapper is doing is recognizing that conservative populism, which is very is helping out the republican party quite a bit, making it a very powerful political movement, is multiracial working class. it has ideas that are very popular and able to deal with some of the major problems that are going on in the country right now. and jake tapper doesn't like that because he is a liberal democrat. and so he tries to take it as being threatening and racist. but all this is , is an attempt by people in power in our regime to keep that conservative populism, which is probably going to do pretty well here in a couple of months from from from being powerful. >> and it shows that macron is scared. right. then i mean, he's worried because he sees what's
12:54 am
happening in italy, sweden, the uk is now going to be fracking. >> people want solutions in. the elites want to keep their power. >> i thought that we were supposed to get a new cnn laurer going to a french president to criticize america. that's classic cnn. >> of course, that's to say touché. all right, molly, ben, great to see about. >> up next, we have a very big announcement. stator for five star backyard's yellowwood brand pressure treated by if it doesn't have this yellow tag, you don't want it.
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we'll have awen hour left of the birthday and we. >> yeah, and he's trying toe's go get to the bar after thiins. >> so i don't know if he's going to try to make it. bu at tommy is he's not only a great executive producer, he's a great a friend. and it was a good day that tommy firth was born. happy birthday. tommy. did glad you'rn'e working tonight. they told me you didn't come


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