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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 23, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the birthday and we. >> yeah, and he's trying toe's go get to the bar after thiins. >> so i don't know if he's going to try to make it. bu at tommy is he's not only a great executive producer, he's a great a friend. and it was a good day that tommy firth was born. happy birthday. tommy. did glad you'rn'e working tonight. they told me you didn't come
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>> griff jenkins is live in washington with the very latest. hi, griff. good morning, ashley and cali vice president harris, remember ,is tapped as the border czar in march of last year. since then, she's vowed to get to root causes, blame the trump administration and most recently declared the border was, quote, secure. now she's slamming gop governors like and santos.
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where the ceo of one of the overwhelmed shelters is defending the bussing, saying, yes, i'm not aware of anyone being placed on a bus to new york who did not want to go there. obviously, we need a well coordinated federal solution to this problem. but so far , no one from washington has asked our opinions. and according to a shelter worker there in el paso, the worst is yet to come. >> we have reached over capacity, so we've had to overflow from the hospitality standpoint. with the migrant situation, it's hard to tell them he we don't have beds right now. i know we're still expected to get more because they're planning to start releasing more at a time.
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i just don't know when. so this is a nice little calm, but i feel like there's a storm coming and driving that storm is the cartels. to put it in perspective, if vice president harris would go to the border, she would see every migrant crossing has a color coded four digit numerical bracelet the cartels gave the migrants because it's that organized and she would see her administration's policies have only enrich the cartels in what is an unprecedented crisis at our border, especially in cali. >> and every one of those bracelets that you held in your hand, i'm sure you collected them from the border trips. that represents thousands and thousands of dollars going to mexican drug cartels. how about that image? thank you so much. thousands, millions. millions. yeah, you're right. all right. thanks, chris . we appreciate you. let's bring in florida congressional candidate and army combat veteran corey mills. hawari, good morning to you. some new reaction from white
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house press secretary karine jean-pierre on the border. take a listen to what she has to say. >> now, this is why the stunt that republican governors are doing is so shameful. it is so inhumane because why we're trying to fix a problem. that was desormeaux immigration system that was decimated by the last administration. they're not coming up with solutions because they don't want solutions at all. yes. so some new comments, same sentiment, though. democrats are trying to reclaim the moral high ground on this issue with forty five days to go until the midterm elections. >> will it work? i kaali know it won't work, actually . what's going on is, is this a bit of political football? the democrats know that the current humanitarian, health and national security crisis that's occurring on our borders is through their failed strategy and with intent. you know, chose to eliminate title 40 or look at title 40 to being eliminate. they chose to eliminate the remain in mexico. they chose to actually stop
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the securing of our borders. and it's interesting to me that they want to talk about this being a political stunt. meanwhile, they had no issues whatsoever with hundreds of thousands of illegals who are in texas and arizona and new mexico and florida. and they want to talk about this idea that there was a a law that was violated as a result of busing illegals from texas to new york . but what about joe biden when he's flying in the middle of the night to all of the red states there talking about the fact, while i disagree with how this is being handled on all fronts, i think that we have to get to the root of root cause here, which is to actually just secure our borders and stop the illegals who are coming across, because this is not just immigrants and refugees. we know for a fact that venezuela is now dumping their prisoners or some of the most violent and ruthless criminals. and these are the people that we are busing and flying into every single city we must understand that under the democrat regime, every single city is now a border
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state. >> corey, do you think if the vice president were to actually visit the border and see for herself what's going on ? i mean, she is the border czar. do you think her tone would change at all or do you think they're just trying to sweep this under the rug and just hope that if you're not watching fox news, you're not going to know about it? >> well, i think that they're definitely trying to sweep this under the and i don't see her actually going to the border any time. i think they're more conservative, play political football and trying to basically point the finger at red state governors like governor abbott or governor ronda santos. i don't think that they're willing to take any accountability or responsibility. the fact that this crisis that is going on is actually completely made up for the democrats, you know, their idea of these radicalized h.r. one bill. so they can go ahead and try and get illegals voting in our individual states . cancel out the american voice, the idea that the federal government is being overburdened economically when it comes to trying to take care of millions, not just a couple hundred thousand, but millions of illegal immigrants who should have been turned around at the border. look, we need to secure
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our border walls, keep on sanctuary cities. we need to make sure that we actually put in a short time to bring immigration moratorium. and we have to look at true and serious legislation for immigration reform from the border to future members of our armed forces. fox news has exclusively obtained this highly controversial diversity and inclusion presentation. this is from the u.s. air force academy in colorado. and the lesson instructs cadets to use gender inclusive language. they want to use person focus to change language, saying y'all instead ? favor of parents or caregivers. this is new this morning, save academy encouraging cadets to apply for fellowship program for gender and minority, cisgender
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men need not apply. if you are gender queer or another form of gender minority, this program is for you. how did this happen and what does that mean for the future of our military forces? >> well, i'll tell you, it is shameful, what i'm seeing under democrats and biden administration, almost intentional sabotage of academy and military, we have to completely demoralize and purging of military of loyal members and now wokeism in our economy, no wonder we have shortage of 15,000. we need to be properly equipped, not pronouns like you are seeing in different areas, every member who thinks we need more diversity should go out to
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arlington cemetery and walk the rows of headstones and they are not labeled and sat down by gender, race or religion, it ask by the war they fought and died to preserve freedom and liberty, that is diversity, inclusion and thing we should be paying attention to, war fighters and being sure they are best equipped, not wokeism. >> john kirby denied wokeness in the military, he said there is no wokeness in the military, it should be diverse organization, piggybacking off what carley read to you, would you beg to differ, it is not turning woke or attempting to? >> i think everyone who has a brain would go ahead and tell you that is absolute out right lie, not that it is uncommon for the democratic administration,
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we know for a fact, there is 15,000 person shortage in recruitment strategy as demoralization, we know the navy is focused more on pronoun training than being properly e equipped. this is woke administration and they talk about the idea of putting in white rage or pronoun or crt or 1619-project-type based wokeism, it is absolute lie. we know the administration continues to deny the fact they are weakening us politically and every single american is seeing it and feeling that at the gas pump or anywhere else in america. >> carley: this is all extremely political and individualistic when the military should be above politics and about a collective body. speaking about military, california congresswoman, a
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democrat, jacky spear, she suggested moving our military bases to be closer to abortion clinics. watch this, i want your reaction. >> we have 128 bases and installation in red states, in states that ban abortion. maybe we should just move the bases. >> carley: cory? >> this is absolute nonsense, almost every service member utilizes hospitals on the military base. i used the medical facility on the base, it is more restrictive because doctors in the military were told not to do abortion, which is killing of fetus, unless under extreme conditions. they know the economic advantage
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that are cans and gives them more hands-on to vilify and provide wokeness or indoctrination of military service members, not to mention, look at cost of trying to move something like fort bragg or fort hood, we don't have the finances to dump with green new deal and illegal immigrants and it is -- now they want to move, it is nonsense. >> ashley: democrats think money grows on trees. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: christians blaming gavin newsom for quoting scripture for pushing his agenda. love your neighbor as yourself, no greater commandments than
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these. a priest hitting back, i think this has to be one of the worst disto distortions. senator raun johnson is demanding answers from youtube for cnnureship of conservatives, the senator says he was unfairly suspended because of views on covid-19 treatment opposing vaccine mandates advocating for individuals injured by vaccines. fox news obtained this letter saying youtube displayed track record of censuring a united states senator, the journalists that interview me and display of data entirely generated from
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u.s. government health agencies. >> carley: president biden plans to run for election and needless did not want to answer. >> president biden is president of the united states, he did a great service to our country, he defeated donald trump, let's not forget that, if you hear about the air we drink and education of our children, jobs for our -- their families, pension for seniors, any subject you can name, i'm not going into politics about whether the president should run or not. >> carley: ron ron klain was asked the same question. >> that is definitely his intention, obviously something could happen, it is his intention to run and i believe he will run. >> carley: so much hedging here, ron klain would say the president can't officially declare he is running because he
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may trigger federal election law. former president donald trump dropped new hintss on his plan for another white house run. >> you will not answer the question if you are running. >> i'm not allowed to legally sglchl you're a golfer, why give up a great life and go back to that hell hole? >> because i love the country and we were so close before covid came in, we had a country like never in history. >> carley: the former president laid out strong border, energy independence, ending indoctrination in the classroom. woke capitalism is major midterm focus for republicans who say american workers shouldn't have to pay the price for the left's policies. >> this is at the heart of weaponizing unsuspecting
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americans voting rights in the name of social governance or esg agenda. >> carley: they will unveil it later today. >> ashley: and john kerry admits inflation reduction act does not have anything to do with lowering inflation, wait until you hear what he's saying. ♪ does it get better than never getting lost? ♪ does it get better than not parallel parking yourself? ♪ alexa ask smartfeed to feed the dog. does it get better than feeding your dog from 50 miles away? yes... it does. at buick we see a future that's even better. because the life enhancing innovations you've never even dreamed of? buick is dreaming of them every day.
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>> house republican leaders hitting the road and heading to pennsylvania this morning to sell their plan as alternative to democrats progressive agenda the >> carley: the plan is nod to contract for america that helped newt gingrich secure red wave majority. marianne has the details. good morning. >> marianne: woke capitalism is expected to come under skrut nee should republicans take the house and top banking executives were probed on capitol hill. >> this is weaponizing voting rights in the name of the radical environmental, social
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governance or esg agenda, fighting off equity audits. >> progressives continue their line of questioning pushing for climate change and socialism after this exchange between rashida tlaib and jp morgan ceo jamie diamond. >> absolutely not and that would be the road to hell for america. >> yeah, that issin fine. sir, everything that got relief from student loans has a bank account with your bank, should take out their account and close their account. >> marianne: kevin mccarthy is showcasing commitment to america, including dozens of policy recommendations that include energy independence, border security and parental rights in the classroom to name
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a few, here is congresswoman nancy mace. >> looking at how to get out of inflation, jobs in the economy, looking at keeping america safe, we've seen over two years violent crime increasing and protecting freedom and government accountability. >> marianne: house minority leader will unveil the plan today in pittsburgh and detail how it might impact the upcoming election in november. >> carley: thanks, marianne. senator josh hawley says it is time to put american workers first once again. listen. >> what we found, big corporations are anti-america and on board with the woke agenda. the worst damage done on the american people, it is big corporations working with big government and selling out
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wor workers china is part and parcel on that, this is war on people who believe in america, call it what it is. corporations don't believe it america, they are for themselves, their rich buddies and globalist agenda. put america workers first, how about that? >> jenny yellin, trying to sell a positive outlook on the economy. >> i believe it is going to come down next year, i think the fed is clearly committed to bringing inflation down and i expect that to be successful. >> carley: yellin's new outlook after she predicted inflation would mack out at 2%. climate envoy john kerry admitting inflation reduction act did nothing to reduce inflation, kerry saying in clean energy forum, we're running out
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saying i support the ira, tricky in politics, but here we are, not sure it has to do with inflation, but that is okay. he called the bill an amazing piece of legislation to combat climate change. >> ashley: inflation making your diner meal more expensive, total cost for diner ingredientss is up from a year ago, including lettuce, up by 33%, and cost of bread rising 20%. total food costs are up 11.4%, leaving restaurant owners concerned they will lose customers due to soaring prices. >> carley: a badge to grant instant access to websites making parents uncomfortable, but what are on the sites and why does it have parents outraged? we'll ask two parents coming up.
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plus, did you see this? >> young people under burden of capitalism and under society, we're not having kids or not having kids at the same right. >> carley: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, what she said and jimmy failla is on deck to talk about it. nothing's tougher than a mahindra tractor. except a bigger mahindra tractor. pound for pound, this one's still tougher... tough. tougher. tough. tougher. mahindra - the official tractor of tough and stewart-haas racing. i've got a race this weekend.
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>> carley: this will wake you up, national education association is offering teachers badges that contain qr codes that link to sexually explicit content online. >> ashley: president biden will
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talk to the teachers union today, the largest teachers union today in washington, the president's praise for the national education association has some parents puzzled. in july, the nei spent $140,000 on opposition research against 25 parents rights group that speak out on sexual and gender identity lesson in the classroom and an anchor says silencing parents is the democrats ultimate power play. listen. >> if you talk to democrats about abortion, they say, my body, my choice. ask about parental choice, my kid, my choice and so many parents in this country are having to fight the institution. >> brooke: that is not all, disturbing reports shows nea is giving teachers badges to link
1:33 am
to websites about sexual acts and bond an and masochism. claiming the organization goal is to indoctrinate children, they have no ability to tolerate somebody who doesn't agree with them and republicans are working to end the charter with jim bank arguing the nea is a lobbying arm that harmed students during the covid pandemic and pushes ideology in the classroom. this is the largest labor union under a federal charter. >> carley: brooke singman, thanks, we will bring in two who have kids attending class in ohio schools who have been distributing the nea badges.
1:34 am
the superintendent responded to the backlash saying the qr code on the back of the badge is not there to be shared with students, it is provided to adults by the nea should they be interested in learning more lgbtq+ issues and students, any teacher who chooses to wear a badge clearly understood the resources were intended for adults, not students. lisa shared this with us of a student wearing the badge and another student who is supporting this type of material. listen to this and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> just let teachers wear a badge that shows my fellow peers that we are not alone, it indicates students are safe.
1:35 am
i will not go to a teacher that doesn't wear a badge, when a teacher wears this badge here, we can go to them for anything and no, it is not pedoph ilia, that is idiotic. >> carley: what was your reaction when you found out this was going on at your son's school? >> well, thanks for having me, it is not just my son's school, it is every school in the district and we are the largest district in the state. my reaction, i was horrified, these badges imply that any teacher not wearing the badge is not safe. it also implies teachers wearing the badges are somehow licensed to speak to our children about sexual identity and that just is not acceptable, aside from the fact these kids are vulnerable
1:36 am
and opens the door to bad actors that might take advantage of our children and the qr code does go to very inappropriate material that even for a teacher would not be able to utilize in the classroom. you saw students have access to the qr code. >> ashley: you shared proof of that, omar, what the superintendent dave stewart said in response to that backlash, he said he embraces inclusive nature of the message. how is this inclusive? is he saying he supports what can be seen on the qr code? >> the superintendent has been all over the place about the badges. initially he said it is not me, it is the teacher's union, now he says the badges are a good thing. we went to the superintendent and board and said reprint these badges without the qr code, if
1:37 am
the goal is not to distribute the qr code to studentss, remove it. it says safe person, another divisive element because now you go through teachers and say are you safe or are you unsave? are you a friend of the teachers union or an enemy of the agenda based on whether or not you choose to wear the badge. that devices teachers in a way that is healthy in front of students and on what basis are you making that determination that somebody is in fact safe or unsafe to have conversations? no standardized training for youth protection, no -- what is the guide of that, they are not therapists, we are going to deputize everybody as a sex therapist for children. it is ridiculous, it is unsafe and he is just wrong. >> ashley: lisa, you said that
1:38 am
when you have this information and screen shots of these kids wearing qr codes and this message, when we go to biden in reporting we heard right before this, he's going to be talking to this teachers union today. do you think this is going to be brought up? you said teachers and parents are saying this is happen nothing their kid's school, as well, do you think the president will bring this up today or will this be blown over? >> they will not acknowledge it, the union has too much money and too much power and the democrats are sucking up all that money and the only way this is going to get stopped it for teachers who disagree with what is happening to stand up, leave the union, remove the money and elect republican candidates like vance and omar, who is running,
1:39 am
to protect our kids. >> ashley: good luck in this fight. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> ashley: a marine veteran takes matters into his own hands to stop an armed attacker at a packed event. take a look at this. [yelling] >> carley: why is that good guy with a gun facing jail time for stepping in to help? he'll join us to tell us about the charges against him.
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>> ashley: a north dakota -- despite claims made by his accused killer. shannon brandt hit ellington with his vehicle and sped off, brandt is now free after posting $50,000 bond. scalise is calling on president biden to condemn leftist violence. i know first hand and my prayers are with the family. scalise was shot by a bernie
1:45 am
sanders supporter in 2017. a los angeles judge wants more information before deciding whether to grant early release for the teen convicted of plowing a stolen car into a mother and her baby. the deputy district attorney who argued gance early release tells fox, "reports from his time in probation show he is not rehabilitated and he shouldn't be released early," and the teen was sentenced to a probation camp. authorities say the felon has been involved in 14 fights with write-ups for allegations of misconduct and other violations. >> carley: a 57-year-old marine veteran takes things into his own arm, disarming a man who pistol whipped his friends. [yelling]
1:46 am
>> carley: the story doesn't end there, the good guy who held down the gun-wielding attacker is facing jail time for a rule banning carry. he joins me now. thank you for your service as a marine veteran and for saving your friend's life. it started on the 4th of july, you were with friends and family and a guy gets upset with your friend and pistol whips him. you take the man down, secure the gun and police arrive. tell us what happened. >> yes, ma'am, that is what happened. once i took the person down, within 10 seconds, the police arrived. when the police arrive, i stated
1:47 am
to the police to let them know i am carry and conceal. when i did that, at that time, with no investigation, without anything being looked at, the lieutenant made a decision, let's lock him up. >> carley: police thanked you for saving your friend's life. you have a concealed carry permit in virginia and you have trained other people on gun safety, they arrest you because you are not allowed to bring a gun into a public building in baltimore. that is the law, what is your rebuttal to that? >> there is no reciprocity from virginia to maryland, but there is from maryland to virginia, what i did is under the supreme
1:48 am
court law and what they decided is we have a legal right to carry in self defense. >> carley: yeah, you say you're federally certified and carried a gun overseas, you wonder why you can't carry it state to state. you get arrested, what happened to the guy who attacked your friend? did he do jail time? >> he did and was released on house arrest and cup will days later, got charged with couple more violent crimes, domestic violence. >> carley: you are facing a year in jail and fines, your court date is october 31st. we wish you luck. you saved our country, you saved a guy's life and got arrested and having a field day, gun related crimes are up this year, you have to wonder if there are
1:49 am
more good guys with a gun, if the number would go down. thank you so much for joining us this morning, we appreciate you, your service and for coming to tell your story, as well. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: the florida democrat crossing party lines to endorse governor ron desantis. >> i'm endorsing a republican governor, but will not remain silent, there is too much on the line in this election. >> ashley: he is here to tell us what motivated that decision.
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>> carley: florida governor ron desantis taking executive action to target chieb china and other regimes me believes are hostile to american interests. >> this will prevent floridians
1:55 am
personal information and technology systems to foreign actors, things like social security numbers, bank account information and things like medical records, that should not be in the hands of the chinese communist party. >> ashley: the bill will stop state and local governments from signing with chinese companies and stopping chinese groups from buying american land near bases. >> carley: another lawsuit over migrant flights to martha maccallum martha's vineyard. he says the migrants were not in florida. a state senator who filed the lawsuit says the governor had legislators carry and pass bills designed to suit his agenda, he set the rules for the game and
1:56 am
can't follow them. desantis says he is out for 15 minutes of fame. >> ashley: democrat commissioner of palm beach county says he is endorsing ron desantis or charlie crist. >> it may come as a shock to many of you or my friends that as democratic elected officer i'm endorsing a republican governor. i will not remain silents, there is too much on the line in this election. we are a state on the rise and i give credit to our governor. >> carley: the man in the video is palm beach county commissioner, good morning to you, you're a long-time democrat, why did you decide to go against your party and endorse governor desantis? >> good morning, ashley and carley. yeah, been registered democrat since the age of 18, don't see
1:57 am
it going against my party, i'm an american and floridian 1st. i support law endorsement, his management of the covid-19 issues, whole list of reasons i endorse him. >> ashley: what has the response been? anybody saying i'm registered democrat, i can't take this going against police and safety for people is very high on the list when it comes to voting right now. >> there has been a lot of that, what i call shadow support for sure, obviously governor desantis is doing incredible job in florida, america's governor, there is a lot of support out there and it's been referred to me by many peep they'll call or text me, act of courage what you did and you should be proud. it is not about what i did, it
1:58 am
is the governor's record of service and it should not be act of courage and seen as an act of courage when you don't outsource your vote and make a decision who is the chief executive of the state. >> carley: you mention shadow support, i was looking at clear politics polling between governor desantis and charlie crist and desantis is up by four points, some assume this race wouldn't be as tight, why do you think that is? >> in 10 years in office, i haven't relied or paid attention to polls, they can be helpful, but i will do what i think is right, i hope the rest of florida does that, as well, i think on election day, you will see a wide margin, that has to be from support of everybody and be willing and able to understand you need to vote for your best interest and don't do
1:59 am
that by party identity or party registration, i think we'll see good results in november and i'm excited for the results. >> ashley: we spoke to a life-time democrat a couple weeks ago that is going against kathy hochul and voting for lee zeldin, do you think closer to midterm we will see more registered democrats coming out in a show of force saying security and police is the number one reason or perhaps inflation, whatever it be, do you think more democrats will come out closer to the midterms? >> i think so, and if you look to florida, third largest state in terms of population, 22 million people, we have a beautiful diversity of demographics, racially, ethnic wise and haven't suffered from the angst and rebellion to the credit of governor desantis. end of the day, core principle
2:00 am
of government is to make sure we have safety in our communities and that's what people go to the ballot box and vote about and in florida governor desantis demonstrated effectively if you support your police and believe in the rule of law, you're going to have support of the population across every political spectrum. >> carley: you are a former police officer, special prosecutor, palm beach city mayor for two years, impressive resume, dave kerner, thank you. next hour of "fox and friends first" starts right now. we begin with fox weather alert, hurricane fiona cutting through the caribbean, pummelling through bermuda and canada braces for what could be its strongest storm in history. you're watching "fox and friends first"s, i'm carley shimkus. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier in for


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