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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 23, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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. advice worth talking about. pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water. ♪ ♪ ♪ right now i really need a beer with my friends ♪ talk about way back when. >> brian: right there you are looking at water. water and a little bit of landscape. you are looking at water. and right there i got to say they actually gave me the same shot the last time i did this. i think it was two days ago. they are like let's keep giving
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byron york beach, maine which is nice. >> steve: singing about beer with my friends. as i said yesterday, when i was at the villages, in the history of "fox & friends," here at 48th and sixth avenue, as you look up the avenue of the measures into studio m., we have never actually served alcoholic drinks to people until yesterday and my days working at the lawrence opera house came into play and i poured a bunch of absolutely perfect draft beers. and they drink them down. >> ainsley: huge sell for the villages we all want to retire there just reminded me my brother was a bartender and all my friends used to go when age of 18 and quarter bills. and plastic glasses. my friends actually used to go down with quarters whatever you do, don't bring your friends. i don't want 1.50 working six hours. most people bring down dollar
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bills. that's how cheap my friends were. >> steve: they were 18. they didn't have money. >> brian: quarter beers and brother is a bartender. message for people at home. bringing your friends down and related to the bartender come up with decent tips don't bring in quarters. >> steve: yesterday was better free beer. >> brian: does anyone know you gave their beer away. >> steve: r.j. gator's does. >> ainsley: brian's friend here's my quart quarter here's my beer what do you live for a tip? >> brian: nothing because you leave less so embarrassing. >> ainsley: your brother needed a normal job. >> good humor man had a change belt. >> steve: good morning, maine. >> ainsley: good old days. >> brian: i don't think they are giving me maine again. midterm elections are 46 days away. >> ainsley: lawrence is having breakfast your friends in washington, pennsylvania. a different washington, at the spring house to find out what the voters are thinking. >> steve: all right. lawrence, it's noisy.
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have you had breakfast yet and are they serving beer there? >> no beer but chocolate milk and we will get to that later. i have had a little bit of the ham as well. guys, we are here. "fox & friends" is getting an exclusive look at the production' plan. kevin mccarthy will be joining us later. what i'm told is that he is going to take on inflation because americans are suffering all across the country. when it comes to the -- also those energy and gas prices will be at the core of his plan. y'all guys may have remembered back when bill clinton lost the house two years in we are told this will sort of be like the newt plan. supposed to be about optimism. then comes into question what will democrats be focusing on? it's going to be abortion, abortion, abortion. if you don't believe me, the last month the democrats have really poured a lot of money in to ads focusing exclusively on abortion. that's why kevin mccarthy will be here exclusively talking about the economy. because that is not what the
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biden administration wants to talk about going to be talking with diners all day are we heading on the right direction as a country yes or no. >> no. >> lawrence: anybody think we are heading toward the right direction? >> no. no one thinks we are heading toward the right direction. that goes with that polling that we have been hearing about. 69% of americans believe that we are heading toward the wrong direction, guys. can have a little bit of this chocolate milk before i go? let's do. this this is what they are known for. excuse the mustache, oh, yeah. it's good. >> steve: just chocolate milk? >> lawrence: send it back to you guys in new york. chocolate milk. this is fresh, y'all. >> steve: i bet. because you milk the cow. >> we heard that an hour ago. that's right. all right. lawrence jones, standing live at the spring house in washington, pennsylvania. where all essentially the who's who of the republican party will
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be there from washington, d.c. to washington pennsylvania, you will see them this hour and next hour as well. >> brian: he can operate heavy machinery because unlike your patrons he is not drinking. >> steve: we don't know what's in the chocolate milk. >> ainsley: he can actually drive the golf cart. >> brian: that's true. five minutes now after the hour. in just hours, president biden is set to address the country's largest teacher's union. >> ainsley: meanwhile republicans are working to end the group's federal charter for targeting parents who want to have a say in their children's education. >> steve: jacqui heinrich is live at the white house in washington on this friday she had been here in new york and now she is back on the north lawn, hey, jacqui. >> quick trip, you guys with. good to see you this morning from the white house. today the president is headed to this event hosted by the dnc severe going to be addressing the country's largest teacher's union. the national education association, which is better known in some circles as the
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group that tried to change the word mother to birthing parent and contracts to be more inclusive and make sure not to offend the lt. ia plus community. right now that group is in danger of losing its federal charter for pushing woke ideology group pushing to end the nea's federal charger. version in the senate and another version in the house. congressman jim banks says the nea is basically a partisan lobbying arm for the dnc harmed students during the cody pandemic. push anti-american i'd obligors in the classroom. annual gathering in chicago that would allocate more than $140,000 to conduct opposition research on 25 organizations that are allegedly attacking gender identity and sexual orientation freedoms in public schools and, according to one nea member who spoke to fox digital in july they are not
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just trying to change culture, they are trying to change what it means to be human. they have no ability to tolerate somebody who doesn't agree with them. so we don't know yet who is going to be at this event except for the fact that the president himself is going to be there we will get hopefully some details on his remarks pretty soon here, guys. >> steve: hey, jacqui, so the republicans are working to end the federal charter for the nea they do not current live have a majority in the house or the senate. can they do that without a majority? >> that's a complicated question. i don't immediately have the answer to, i have to admit, steve. i will look into that for you. i would think that you would probably need but also midterms are right around the corner so maybe. >> steve: that's the best answer. >> brian: on top of that very similar to what the house passed yesterday in -- that's not going to go anywhere in the senate and that's police bill. they pass police funding bill
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die in the senate. it was a symbol we support the police. most people understand the democratic party has not close to supporting the police but they are trying to get that foot in the door so when people vote they will say isn't that true that nancy pelosi's crew put all that money into policing? but, for the two years they defamed and defunded the police. >> ainsley: extremists did and jim clyburn saying this is a terrible message for democrats. >> did he stop them. >> no. they defunded the police here. $1 billion. in new york. >> steve: look at the issues affecting you, wherever you live. inflation and your personal safety, you are terrified of it. that's why the democrats are doing. this they are going what are they talking about? look at all that money we did in the house? of course brian you are absolutely right. it's not going to go anywhere. >> brian: i hit on sky tv last night. and in australia first thing they said to me what's going on with crime in america? they are seeing everything that
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we are seeing. the world is seeing the same thing. >> ainsley: when i was in london they said the same thing. they are fascinated with american news. they watch our news. >> steve: because it is out of control. >> brian: we have cameras everywhere. >> steve: that is why the republicans, one of the pillars that they are going to be announcing later today in pittsburgh will be about your personal safety. you will hear from the leaders of the republican party on the program in a little bit. meantime the democrats are trying to say hey, look. we are cooking that with policing. we are allocating money. they are also trying to keep alive abortion rights change things across the country. democrats are trying to capitalize on this. here is the vice president for the united states talking about different attorney generals across several different states that are trying to figure out ways people can get an abortion in their state. she was in milwaukee yesterday.
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at this moment in our nation. some of our most fundamental rights are under assault. you are taking on rightly the crisis pregnancy centers. launching public education campaigns because i don't think i have it here but i will show you all a map of the united states right now in terms of the patchwork of different laws and different states on this issue and the confusion it is creating and the need then for some of the most trusted elected officials to clarify the state of the law. and in the midst of the vast amount of confusion the need of you as the truth tellers. >> steve: the reason each state is different is because the supreme court said this is a state's right issue. and that's why every state gets to determine that's why a couple months ago kansas said we want to be able to van abortion. >> ainsley: stacey abrams this video was being passed around on twitter. somebody actually sent it to me and said it was unbelievable that stacey abrams was up on a
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stage with other people as she was talking about abortion rights. talking about the heart beat law which bans most abortions by six weeks. she was taking aim at that saying that fetal heart beats are manufactured sounds and you don't hear a heart beat in week six. listen to what she said. >> there is no such thing as a heart beat at six weeks. it is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that have a right to take control of a woman's body. >> brian: so gynecologists all around the world are manufacturing heart beats as if this is a hollywood movie in order to make men seem valuable when it comes to abortion decisions. can you imagine a stupider statement? >> steve: brian, planned parenthood, america's largest abortion provider has now changed the language on their website. now, they say. >> brian: to match it. to not embarrass.
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>> steve: absolutely. now they say there is no heart beat between five and six weeks. even though in january of this year their website said there was. the natural library of brains brain and heart begin to develop. march of dimes the baby's heart weeks and lungs are developing they are trying to make it sound like a bunch of cells. do you know what it is ultimately? and it's not a fully formed heart. but it is a sound of life and that is why so many people are worried. >> ainsley: of course it's developing. your baby is growing inside you. it's developing every single day throughout those nine months. >> brian: axios did word search what's coming up in the political genre. it was second in political talk. then it dropped to it looks around 13th. now in september it is not on the top 15 things in which come up first jobs, taxes, donald trump. wages, firearms, china, russia,
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joe biden. that's bad news for democrats because they wanted to ride the dobbs decision right to majorities in both houses which they technically have right now. and it's not. the trump play with the letitia james is not getting traction. and now the dobbs decision, they are looking to run on is being overwhelmed by honey, i can't pay the bills. the utility bills have just doubled. why is there a man at my door? why do i fear suddenly crime in my back yard? so these real life issues are overwhelming supreme court decisions at this moment. >> ainsley: gavin newsom is getting a lot of criticism from christians who are offended by this billboard he is putting up in more than one state it. might be in your state. it's promoting abortion by quoting jesus. it quotes the bible, mark 12:31 and he puts on this billboard love your neighbor as yourself. >> there's no greater commandment than these. >> steve: yeah. father matthew snyder, who is a
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professor at belmont abby college in carolina. says the billboards are one of the worst distortions of a bible passage i have ever seen. he says the most basic level of loving your neighbor as yourself is not killing your neighbor. yet, that's exactly what abortion does. >> burn thing he does, he has an elite staff. unbelievable amount of experience. what was he thinking? what was he thinking? he is alienating every christian in the country. >> ainsley: they are spending millions of dollars in november to attack republicans for being pro-life. >> brian: this is about gavin newsom for 2024. >> ainsley: absolutely. >> steve: larger billboard is about hey, you want an abortion, texas, mississippi, players like that come to california. >> ainsley: they don't own your body. they do. it's the big print. >> ainsley: i don't understand why lo your neighbor as yourself has anything to do with abortion. >> brian: if you don't get it, i will never get it. >> ainsley: lo the sinner hate the sin.
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it's whether or not you think abortion is right or wrong. >> steve: a lot of people are outraged. >> brian: ted told me hates yankee fans. >> ainsley: that's different. >> brian: that's different? okay. good. >> ainsley: you really don't. you love everybody. >> brian: no he doesn't. >> carley: he shook his head no. >> brian: he doesn't even like judge. >> ainsley: burn my yankees hat? >> brian: make ted happy. >> brian: go over to carley. >> carley: another round ever migrant buses arriving in new york city this morning. the first pulled up to the port authority in midtown, mid-atlantic about an hour ago. and city hall is now working to absorb the new ariferls with plans to open a new refugee center. check that out. meanwhile, vice president kamala harris bashing republican governors for moving migrants from the border to blue states. >> frankly a dereliction of duty when you are an elected leader to play those kinds of games with human life.
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>> carley: two million migrants encountered at the southern border this year. she is talking about a dereliction of duty though. and chaos in the skies. shocking footage shows the moment an american airlines passenger sucker punches an unsuspecting flight attendant on a trip from cab buoy stan lucas to los angeles. the 33-year-old allegedly threatened the attendant before the attack. he will could face 20 years in prison. if convicted of that crime. my goodness. >> see him walk back like i didn't hit him. >> the footage is all over social media. now you are seeing it right here as well. >> ainsley: what happened before that? did the guy make him mad. >> the flight attendant altercation with a passenger from can a bow. i don't know if alcohol was involved. that is not something you want to see on a flight. >> we got to get to this to a fox weather alert. >> bermuda feeling the powerful effect of hurricane fiona. winds and heavy rain. head to canada bracing for what could be the strongest storm to
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hit the country in its history. this comes just days after the department of educationally system hit puerto rico and the dominican republic, where residents are struggling to pick up the pieces. and thrifty parents are coming up with new ways to cut costs at disney world. video posted online now show parents sneaking older children into the park in strollers. come on. prices for a single day disney park ticket now climb toggle nearly $160. that is really expensive. but, i mean, if you are putting your 18-year-old in a stroller,somebody is going to notice. >> steve: cover the kid with a blanket as soon as they are through. under three they are free. >> ainsley: four or five. guy et it, i guess. >> brian: whatever you do don't tell them your abcs. >> ainsley: that's funny. put a pacifier in your 18-year-old's mouth and wrap them up in a onesie. >> brian: i would add this. i went to disney. >> steve: thank you, carley. >> brian: i went to kids any in i think it was right after the
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holidays, right after christmas. everything was shut down. one announcement shut down, shut down, shut down. i feel bad for i don't love disney, the rest of my family does. i felt bad we have wasted a huge drive, a lot of time and they should have refunded everyone. they said this has been happening nonstop. cutting back costs through the pandemic they didn't keep up with the maintenance on their machines. i'm sure they got some ppe money. >> carley: went this past christmas. >> brian: brian 20202. steve: i was at the orlando airport yesterday there were a million people and i was the only one not wearing mouse ears i think it's big and back. >> ainsley: how many kids on that flight? >> steve: many and they were all tired and hungry. >> brian: that is a huge airport. you have to give yourself some time. >> steve: it's gigantic. >> >> brian: anyone should get clear by the way it's fantastic. private messages sent from russia to the kremlin.
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threatens the west with nukes. general jack keane reacts to russia's latest words. >> ainsley: how republicans are reaffirming pro-american agenda live on "fox & friends." ♪ good news! a new clinical study showed that centrum silver supports cognitive health in older adults. it's one more step towards taking charge of your health. so every day, you can say... ♪ youuu did it! ♪ with centrum silver.
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i'll go man-pire. ♪ >> brian: new reports reveal the u.s. sent private messages to russia warning against using nuclear weapons as they threatened because they are losing this war in ukraine it seems this as russian men are fleeing the country rapidly to avoid vladimir putin's military draft. here to react general jack keane retired four star general fox news strategic analyst.
4:24 am
general, they are preventing 18 to 34-year-olds from buying one way tickets out of the country. the line to kazakhstan and mongolia is through the roof and just about 6,000 people left into finland yesterday trying to get out of that country. and we are watching riots take place. how significant is this? >> oh, i think it's very selling significant. putin was forced into this. not something he really wanted to do obviously. he has people, his ultra nationalists that are really criticizing to him for the conduct of the war. they wanted full mobilization to be able to put the ukrainians to bed once and for all. >> he knows that would be an absolute political disaster for him because many of the influential people in russia's children would be drafted into the war. i mean, why are people running from this war? if russia was really being threatened by another country, and their survival was at stake, we know the history of the russian people. they would fight.
4:25 am
and they would stand up for their country. buff people are running from this because they don't have a stake in it. and as far as they are concerned. seven months ago this was in a far away place from where they are living and they were not involved. and now putin has got them involved in this. so i think it's likely this will blow back on them. and even if he is able to assemble hundreds of thousands of troops, here's what is going to show up. people who are physically unfit. people are medically unfit. and obviously people who are psychologically and emotionally not ready to fight what are they going to join? join a unit on the battle field poorly led, poorly trained and not been successful at conducting the operations that they are pursuing. so, yes. putin has got a problem here. is he losing the war now. doesn't mean he will eventually lose it. but he certainly is on his way to that. steve. >> brian: understand he is i going to try do phony annexes in
4:26 am
a few days. this is the vote. areas of the donbas are going to be part of russia. that means we have to defend our land. what's behind this? , well, it's a political statement to show some degree of success poor than anything else that's what this is he knows full well that even in the donbas region they don't depletely have control of that territory. none of these territories, the four of them that he is claiming, do they have complete control of. so, this is not a military effort is he taking here. this is a political effort and it's trying to demonstrate some degree of success to his domestic audience more than anything else. it's completely holt low on the surface of it. and in terms of attacking it, listen, ukrainians have within attacking crimea which already is annexed by russia and in theory a part of russia. and russia has not responded in
4:27 am
kind as a matter of fact, there has been fleeing going on by the people in that part of the country where the ukrainians have been successful in conducting an operations in crimea. >> brian: friendly news outlets are beginning to criticize the war and vladimir putin the protests are getting bigger this whole thing is coming apart for that brutal dictator our modern day stalin/hitler. general jack keane, thank you so much. >> yeah. great talking to you, brian. have a wonderful weekend you and the team. ains. >> brian: absolutely. the general never stops monitoring the situation. follow the institute for the study of war, extremely informational. coming up on one nation, we will be covering some of this 8:00 and 11 o'clock saturday night. be part of it. chris sununu will join us and talk about his election hopes in new hampshire. john owe district attorney is making noise he could win and unseat in colorado. that will be interesting. john crist, a median like no
4:28 am
other and steve doocy bring his talents to the show wrap things up. one nation at 8:00. lawrence jones keystone state as republicans get set to unveil their midterm agenda. lawrence? good morning. present to america exclusively on "fox & friends." now they have to answer the questions about it. that's coming up. don't go anywhere ♪ fired up ♪
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>> white house and the democrat majority in congress control washington. they're in charge. they want you to give them two more years of power. but republicans have a plan for a new direction. >> brian: here more about it. house republican also launch new commitment to america plan as they hope to take back congress in november. >> ainsley: their announcement in pittsburgh is expected to focus on the kitchen table issues that are impacting all of us, the voters the most. >> steve: joining us right now at a table is "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones along with jim jordan, congressman burgess owens and congresswoman kat cammack with
4:33 am
reaction. they are going to explain it all to lawrence. hey, lawrence. >> lawrence: that's right. good morning, family. got super stars here for the republican party. but now you guys got to answer some of the tough questions about this plan. it's a beautiful plan, but let's get to the specifics. congressman owens, you say at its core this commitment to america is about hope for america. what do you mean by that? >> well, america, no matters what we go through, that's the one thing in our nay we can agree on. no matter how tough things get we know at the end of the day, dream big enough overcome any obstacle. what we in the american people have talked in a way we have not. commitment. this commitment allows to us say this is something we can do. gives us hope and just not what we are against but what we for. no matter what side of the aisle we sit on love this process. comes down to very simply an economy that's strong. a nation that's safe. >> a government that's accountable and a future built on freedom and freedom is what it is all about. we will get back to that at the end of the day because of this commitment we have.
4:34 am
>> lawrence: talk about the first issue. representative cammack, traveling across the country like i am. helping conservative candidates. what is the republicans' vision when it comes to tackling inflation. that is the number one issue for all americans. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, and, when you look at this plan, it really boils down to what as we were saying, our country is all about. america is about equal opportunity, not equal outcome. and that is why we are focused on the economy first and foremost. reducing our dependence on china. making it so that next generation can do whatever they want to do. and where we are today is a great example of that. you know, i was just talking to the owners of this place. and i was saying are did youing to take over? you have three generations here in this restaurant today. and you have got ms. beverly who is in her 80's and she is running a tight ship. >> lawrence: that's right. >> her son is getting yesterday take that over and one day her grandkids take over. if we don't get our inflation and economy back on track and
4:35 am
inflation under control, that next generation won't have that opportunity. so it's about restarting domestic production of our energy. getting our supply chain fixed. reducing our fend dense on china. getting them out of the way and focusing on the table the issues that matter most at the kitchen table like this. >> lawrence: that's right. two freshmen that were elected because of that wave. >> yes. >> lawrence: jim jordan, you have been there for a while. republican voters have a lot of fatigue as well. they are tired of broken promises. >> yep. >> lawrence: when it comes to the border. what are republicans going to do to secure the border? we know we have record crossings right now and under the trump administration you were able to get part of the wall down. a lot of people want it fixed right now. that's because of that fentanyl coming across the border as well. >> if the people of this country give us the majority, we will pass legislation that will actually secure the border. now, whether joe biden will sign it or not, we don't know. it's important to demonstrate to the country you put back in place the remain in mexico policy. you build the wall. you secure the border. because right now, what they are doing is intentional. i mean, right now, the message
4:36 am
being sent is if you come to the country, there is no wall to get over. you don't have to stay in mexico. you get in the country, you won't be deported sent wherever you want to go. that's causing more people to come. that has to changed and someone of the things we are committed to do. >> i think this election. safe border to no border. $2 gas to $5 gas. record inflation. we will attack all of those. that's our commitment to the country. it's also about the freedom to exercise your first amendment liberties, second amendment liberties, to direct your child's education. tnsz about that -- those are the key issues i think the american people care about. our commitment to america is to deal with those in a way that's consistent with how this country has always operated. >> representative cammack, jim jordan talks about public safety. we know that's an issue near and dear to your heart. your husband is a first responder. what is the republican solution to that? >> and as you said, you know, my
4:37 am
husband is a firefighter and swat medic has been for 16 years. this one hits pretty close to home for me. the first thing that we are going to do as republicans is we are going to support bonuses for over 200,000 local police officers. and that is so critically needed because i can't tell you how many guys and gals i know that have served, and they are saying, you know what? i'm going to do something else. this just isn't working for me and my family. and for those that are looking to join law enforcement, this is a great incentive to get involved. they will know that the folks in washington have their backs. and that is so critically important. >> lawrence: that's something that's important to everyone in the country. jim jordan, kat cammack and burgess owens, thank you so much for joining me today. when we come back on "fox & friends," guys. we will have the minority leader here live. and he is going to break down some more of this plan. i will send it back to you guys in new york. >> steve: terrific. thank you very much. lawrence. >> ainsley: great panel. >> brian: burgess owens former
4:38 am
new york jets raider and jim jordan one of the best wrestlers in his generation wearing ties. >> ainsley: kat cammack, is she an athlete? >> brian: i haven't looked at wikipedia. >> ainsley: married to a first responder. >> brian: coming up on our show this time winter is coming. i have got more to say. and while president biden is going green, oil reserves and heating costs are hitting levels that we haven't seen in decades. oil and gas association president tim stewart on the climate chaos. ♪ ♪ i want to scream and shoutli ♪ and letfe it all outr ♪ ti it's hard to invest in your future. until now. kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant... in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's proven to delay disease progression. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems,
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good morning, it good to see you all. tesla is the most recognizable easy brand. green push momentum hiccups could consumer adoption. recalls have been because of window defect pinch your fingers as that window rolls up. the national highway traffic safety administration says the vehicle failed to comply with federal safety standards. easy make without any call back. elon musk criticizes even calling it a recall. the terminology is outdated and inaccurate. this is tiny software update. best of our knowledge no injuries. ev fires in the news. firefighters difficulty extinguishing elm one caught fire storage facility. car battery caught fire in stanford. took 42 minutes to extinguish. firefighters 600 gallons permit. california heads to a future only buy evs concerning the
4:44 am
massive drought the state is experiencing. spoke to a number of experts and this really poses sizeable challenges not only are firefighters not trained on this, but, you know, with all of the other issues that you are facing, range anxiety, cost, are add the safety issues and it doesn't inspire much confidence, right, steve? >> steve: no kidding. kelly, thank you very much for the live report from california. meanwhile, a the administration continues to push its climate agenda, american drivers have lost its oil buffer with less than two years into his presidency, joe biden has released more oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, dropping to the lowest level since 1984. this while americans get their wallets ready for the most expensive winter to heat your house in 10 years, it is predicted. here with reaction is u.s. oil and gas association president tim stewart. tim, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we were just hearing from kelly talking a little bit about the problem with these teslas. there is a problem with the window. and she was talking about the
4:45 am
danger of them catching on fire as well. >> you know, i just -- let the record show the president of the u.s. oil and gas association actually purchased an electric vehicle a month ago. not to virtue signal primarily demonstrate it's largely unpractical for a vast of majorities of americans. off to a rocky star. i didn't think i was going to have to worry about car catch fire middle of the night as i was charging that to add to range capability. hope get engineering situations worked out fairly quickly. >> steve: i know one of yours issues is the fact that the grid that powers the electric cars a lot of that electricity is supplied by gas, obviously national guard and oil and coal and stuff like -- natural gas and oil and coal and stuff like that. also, at the same time, the grid itself is not ready for a gazillion electric cars. >> absolutely. you know, and that's what i tell
4:46 am
people. i'm charging my electric vehicle with the natural gas that my oil and gas producers are providing my local utility. and so i figure that's six one way or the other. the reality is where i live and where this vehicle is garaged, the grid is not ready to take on thousands of new vehicles coming in and the stress that will be put on at night. and, you know, we can supply the oil and gas to generate the electricity but the grid itself is still very unstable. >> steve: i think, tim, you are going to have to drive that electric vehicle down hill it uses less power or something like that. you know, i mentioned it sounds like this is going to be one of the most expensive winters to heat your home because, just like everything else. the prices have gone up. >> you are exactly right. you know, we anticipate natural gas prices which have come down in recent weeks due to the situation in europe being a little more stable. still, it's going to be high. 15, 20%. the other issue though is where is gasoline going to go? and, you know, you mentioned
4:47 am
earlier the strategic petroleum reserve, those drawdowns which have been putting a million barrels a day into the system, those will end after the -- after the midterm elections and if you pull a million barrels a day out of the system, what happens to gasoline prices? we are seeing analysts saying we may jump back up to $5 by the end of the year. that's real concerns for a lot of folks. >> steve: you know. it does seem like naked politics for them to say okay. we are going to release a million barrels a day until you vote for democrats. oh my goodness. , this credit card buy down to buy long term political risk halls never been used before and it shouldn't be used. >> steve: a lot of people who feel that way. tim, thank you very much for joining us. >> great to be with you. thank you. >> steve: you bet. thank you, sir. coming up we are celebrating hispanic heritage month by highlighting the achievements of hispanic americans. alicia acuna joins us next. this sunday a full slate of games set to kick off on fox
4:48 am
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: we are celebrating hispanic heritage month by highlighting the achievements of hispanic and latino americans. this morning, we learned about carlos castro. fox news correspondent alicia acuna has more. >> carlos castro has worked hard since he was a kid in el salvador. the road to success was not easy. but his father, he is an interval part of the community at the nation's capital. >> carlos castro understand why people want to live in america. >> i have come to the u.s. because i am in love with the language and the people. >> those dreams began in el salvador where castro said he had a happy childhood and loved the beauty of his central american country. >> we live in an area that was surrounded by a lot of water,
4:53 am
you know, springs of water and wildlife. and also, the footstep of a volcano. >> at 13 years old, carlos worked construction with his father to support the family. he did so all the way through college. in 1979, civil war tore apart the country. castro came to the u.s. and eventually got a green card. he was one of nearly half a million selvin durance escaped with a 12 year bloody conflict. >> i had to decide what was best for me and my family. to take a chance. he ended up in the washington, d.c., area home to the largest el salvador and population in the country and his first job was a dishwasher and he sent home to his wife gladiolus and his son's money. he wanted to stay a few years and learning english in return. el salvador was getting worse so his family joined him here.
4:54 am
he found success as a remodeling contractor, cleaning houses but castro wanted something better for her. so in 1990, he took all of his savings into opening a grocery store. they called it dodo super martin meaning all or everybody. for its inception it was such more than a place to buy milk and bread. >> we have a lot. >> it became a place for the hispanic community to find support. >> it is a group of small businesses, moneywise we have insurance agencies and taxing an accounting company with some partners and small cafe within the restaurant. >> the more todos did for its neighbors, the more it grew and together they hope to overcome the challenges of a growing business. >> my wife is very patient and we were able to get by at moments when t. >> in 1996 they opened a second
4:55 am
store. >> we had an overnight success and we went from double from one week to another. >> castro said his father's work ethic inspired his own success. >> he wanted to make sure that we succeeded in life so he was very demanding. he never needed a skill set. >> today under the name todos neighborhood market, the castro family employs 180 people, 90% of those who work here are hispanic. most supervisors are women. >> he is like a friend to us. he's always helping us, always asking us how we are in a people comfortable here. >> castro and his wife of 45 years are proud parents of two grown sons and a daughter. they are also grateful for the opportunity to work hard, contribute to their community and live the american during.
4:56 am
carlos next venture is a coffee and cow farm bringing jobs to el salvador and the united states, ainsley. >> ainsley: a great story. still had former president trump locked in a deal in afghanistan by sending the taliban leader a live photo of the leader's house. dan bongino gives us his unfiltered take.
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: who has weekend vibes? it is friday, you made it appear that is a gorgeous shot. it will be a beautiful we can appear at a high of 78 today with not a cloud in the sky. saturday, tomorrow, high 81 and not a cloud in the sky. sunday if you clouds and 83. >> steve: should be football whether that saturday in fall as ted and dave come up with the steady cam. welcome to the studio. the heartbeat of the selection goes through georgia because you have the governor's race, stacey abrams a rising star trailing eight points to brian kemp. remember the first time she never admitted she lost ten


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