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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 23, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> brian: all right, thank you for watching "fox & friends" one nation at 8:00 and then john crist, john o'day, the next senator from colorado. governor newsom wants four more years. steve wants what? >> steve: buy the book. where did she go? good morning, a big review of house republicans. standby about an ounce sweeping agenda to carry the victory in november and beyond. as we say good morning on a friday, bill hemmer. welcome to the program here. >> what a great note. >> the first day of fall, is that the reason why? >> i think it is good to be here with all of you and i'm dana perino. this is "america newsroom." this is exciting. the midterm elections 46 days away. house republicans, they are going on offense.
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laying out an ambitious agenda and designed to hit the ground running should they win win back the house. >> bill: kevin mccarthy will announce the plan for commitment to america and that should ring a bell. >> dana: it is for sure, the title is a call back to the g.o.p.'s contract with america. former house speaker newt gingrich was the architect of that plan. it repelled republicans with major victories 1994 when they won battles for the first time in four decades. >> bill: amazing history. the new agenda focused on the following information from energy independence, the supply chain, the border, crime in america. according to minority leader kevin mccarthy, these are not just talking points for election. >> what we want to do was a plan for a new direction. we want to be upfront with the american public. we want an election to have the contrast. if they put their trust in us, this is that is exactly what we will do. hold their feet to the fire appeared on the very first day, we will repeal 87,000 irs agents
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appear they are not going after. we work for you, they don't work for us. >> let's get it going 15 fox coverage newt gingrich on deck to take us through time and alexandria hoff begins coverage from pennsylvania. alex, good morning. >> good morning, bill. you said it right 25 miles south of pittsburgh where washington county and it looks to me that we have about 30 g.o.p. house members here in attendance right now. and many of them have taken a tour of the facility. of the house members, a diverse group that speaks to the kind of unity that leader mccarthy has been able to garner over this plant. expect remarks to begin a half an hour from now. when it comes to the venue and it is quite appropriate, this is a dmi company, and this is a heavy manufacturing region. it brings us into the first of the pillars of the republican plan. that focuses on the economy, an economy that is strong. the party promises a nation that
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is safe, unfreedom and a government that is accountable. and expected to hear how this plan contrast with the state of the country under democratic control of the house emphasizing to voters other parts parental rights and plan to secure the border will work but only if the g.o.p. makes the flip. right now, it is appearing possible for the latest fox news power ranking shows republicans projected to have 13 seed advantage following the midterms. democrats have been quick to pounce feeling voters swayed slightly on the issue of abortion. recent successes of the biden administration. it is interesting because just down the road this morning, democratic house steny hoyer spoke at the united steelworkers union headquarters. this is what he had to say. >> the platform, which frankly isn't new as long as slogans are short on details, which is usually the case. that is because the true details of republicans agenda are too frightening for most american
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voters. >> now, nancy pelosi, house speaker nancy pelosi she also released a statement this morning calling the commitment to america. she called it the commitment to maga and call this extreme. the democratic side a lot of pessimism but a lot of excitement in the room. they are hoping for a excitement would turn over to voters giving them a clear path what they intend to vote for come november. that is akin to 1994, bill. >> bill: thanks alexandria. we are waiting for that, thanks, dana. >> dana: the architect of g.o.p. 1994 contract with america. house speaker newt gingrich, it is good to have you with us because one, you were they are the end. you are here now. what is the biggest difference and how will it help republicans in this particular midterm? >> well, i helped president reagan ten canada for the first capital steps for the contract in 1980. than we did one in 94 that led to the first house majority in
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four years. this is actually a bigger more complete and more sophisticated effort. kevin mccarthy over a year ago asked his members to form seven working groups. they have produced at their website and they have over 150 specific pledges. i think it is ironic that nancy pelosi would talk about it as extreme. if you think walking out criminals is to extreme or controlling the borders is extreme. energy independence is extreme, if you think stopping inflation as extreme, then you are probably left-wing democrat appeared for most americans who make these be powerful. they will be real. i was with the republican conference yesterday and enormously wide commitment by the members. i really was very, very impressed how many understood this is a commitment for governing, not just for campaigning. it is a huge, historic step in the right direction.
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smelling here is what joe biden said the dnc fund-raiser and i believe he was in new york for the nga. lose the house and senate and it changes the trajectory of what we want to do. we have to make this a choice. what is the alternative? can anybody tell me what the republican platform is for? that is what today is all about. but when i think is extraordinary about what you accomplished in 1990, bill clinton had a tough 24 months to begin his first term. no doubt about that. the rollout of health care was a failure. the media was all over him in the first 24 months. but the republicans had not held house majority in 40 years. you would have to go back to 1952 to find that. and i think it is a reminder that our members also there are so short hello long at the stretch it was for washington for democrats to control the agenda. >> i think it was truly historic. which grew out of reagan and someone said about 80% of the
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contract up america was in reagan's 1985 saved at the union. so welfare reform, no, the only balanced budgets in a lifetime came out of the republicans in the house. and i think in that sense, we were so inconsequential. i think what kevin mccarthy is trying to do and what i saw yesterday with his members, he succeeded. he is laying out a platform for governing, not just a platform for campaigning. with mike that is what we did and only the first elected majority in 40 years, the firste majority since 1928. and so, that was because people so we kept our word. and i think mccarthy is going to lead his party and steve scalise, the majority leader and the other percent of the leadership team, i think they will lead the republican party in the house to keep his word and for biden to choose. biden joining "fox & friends" who sent pictures of gigantic tent city that is being built in
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new york for people that biden is leading across the border illegally. i think the american people want to change the trajectory and stop the murders. they want to stop the rising prices. they want to get back to independence and energy. the commitment to america that the house republicans are launching provides exactly the kind of things that the american people would like to replace the current failures with peer of the truth is and you know this the two of you, when you go to the grocery store, you know it ain't working because it's too expensive. i paid $5.05 a gallon of gas last saturday and it's not working. you watch the evening news and see the local murder rate. you know it's not working. that is why i think this will be a much bigger republican tsunami than people expect. >> dana: one quick question. so do you believe kevin mccarthy would be a good speaker? would you discourage other republicans from trying to challenge him in the leadership race? >> sure. look, he is the nf of the polls speaker and spent the time and
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both the organization and develop the commitment and raise the money. i think he is ready. i think he will be a very, very effective leader, and he will have to be strategic leader to do what we did with clinton. which is maneuver so that the american people got clinton to sign welfare reform, sign a balanced budget, signed tax cuts. those are not things democrats want to but clinton saw his future required him to do it. biden will place the same choice next year. i think mccarthy is the right person to have too, frankly, maneuver against a very left-wing white house. >> bill: just quickly speaker pelosi the extreme maga agenda, america's priority and lined with the politics with lower cost him a better paying jobs and safer communities. some of the reaction from the democratic side. thank you for your time. newt gingrich in d.c. there is a new video this morning about the migrant bus arriving in new york city for the overwhelm texas border. the mayor here refilling a new plan to deal with that surge.
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he's planning to build these to pop up tent shelters in the coming weeks. one of them will be the bronx where we find nate floyd this morning, how does it look, nate, good morning. >> good morning, bill. the first tent facility in the bronx where i'm standing right now will be up and running into next few weeks. the date has not been decided yet. but we do know new york city has received 1,600 microns from the southern border. the city is having a hard time finding a place for all those people to state. hotel rooms come up at the shelter system is strained. in this tent facility is supposed to help that. take a look at what it is supposed to look like. you see above, the tents are expected to be winterized so they can withstand new york city winter. they will hold at least this one specifically in the bronx will hold 1,000 single adults. it is meant to be a short-term solution, pardon me. some migrants will stay here a few days and given food, water,
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medical care as well as relocation services and casework assistance. this comes, bill, more and more buses arrive in new york city by the day. you see in the squad box, video of monday through thursday of this week more migrants arriving and officials from the mayor's office explain how single adults are treated differently than families. >> for families, they get individual rooms. they get support and hotel space that is dedicated for families. individuals get other treatment, other spaces and generally congregate spaces. >> bill, we have video of four more migrant buses arriving in new york city this morning. which makes 22 buses over this week. the commissioner manuel castro calling texas governor greg abbott a political extremist for implementing this busing program. greg abbott has a different perspective and argues texas
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communities overrun because of president biden's lose border policies and the buses will keep coming to sanctuary cities like new york city until the president secures our southern border, of course. new york city dealing with just a drop in the bucket compared to what texas is dealing with every single day. the city has not said exactly how much this is going to cost, bill, and we don't have exact date for this tent to open but it is expected in the next few weeks. >> bill: thanks, a lot of things start small and grows quickly. thanks, nate and the bronx, new york. >> dana: the pandemic relief is even worse than previously thought. the amount of taxpayer dollars on two ways. >> bill: also, dana, growing concerns heading into a recession comic recession. janet yellen looking at the glass half-full is the optimism justified? >> dana: democrats turning up at isle end the fight against oil and gas production, even has energy prices soar. we take a wrecking ball to the economy and the money panel is on deck.
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>> dana: violent protesters are raging across iran following the death of a young woman in police custody. the rain and tv suggests the death toll from the unrest is at least 26. protesters seem to make scene torching police stations and vehicles and unprecedented resistance, women are burning their headscarves. it began after the death of a 22-year-old woman. she was arrested by iran's morality police last week but violating desantis dress code. and she died in their custody. theo ray nance tried to she had
6:19 am
a heart attack and a healthy young woman of 22 years old. >> bill: we have been watching this for years, the people rising up and calling for transparency from the leadership. they never seem to get there. you wonder if the level of unrest is enough to push them over the top. never seems to happen. >> dana: they deserve support, that is for sure. >> bill: from tehran, meanwhile, did you hear this exchange? give this a listen. classy. >> i would like to ask all of you to go down the list as again, you will agree to do this. please answer with a simple yes or no, that your bank have a policy against new oil and gas products? mr. timon? absolutely not and that would be the road to hell for america. >> that was blunt, jp diamond not mincing words and that intense exchange, and pushing a claimant agenda and stepping up against gas production.
6:20 am
steve more work for donald trump, austan goolsbee for barack obama, gentlemen, the teams reunite. good morning. steve, you have that i honor of going first this week. >> he said that would be the road to hell for america. >> no question about it. the united states should be the leader producing fossil fuels and we have more fossil fuels than any other country. and we also wonder donald trump had achieved energy independence for the first time in yours, mine and alston's lifetime. a beautiful picture and we see decline at a time when we should be producing more. look, we need fossil fuels. 75% of our energy we get from fossil fuels. the idea of going to zero is dangerous and by the way jamie dimon is not a big republican as you know, bill. he is a centrist, and he is saying exactly what i think america wants, we ought to produce more.
6:21 am
>> bill: he tends to ride the middle. this is what we will hear from mccarthy and a couple of minutes, austin. >> bill, i would observe that production of oil in the united states is way up, 2022 is going to be the second highest production year in the history of the united states. we have reestablished energy independence. exactly what steep is describing. i don't think it is that productive to kind of sees on the one most ideological member of congress and say, "look what that person said, that represents the whole party." when they do that on the republican side, i also object. >> i want to say something on that. >> bill: make it quick. >> this is joe biden's agenda. this is not the radicals of the party, joe biden said he wants to go to zero fossil fu
6:22 am
fuels, austan, by 2024. that is a radical agenda, that is not the squad but the radical agenda. >> that is a massive overstatement that is not correct at all. the price of gas has fallen for 91 days in a row, an all-time record. the second highest oil production in the history of the united states. so let's just put this into proper context. >> bill: also the context president biden seized student loans. jamie dimon was critical of that move to lead on that as well. back to that exchange, watch. >> sir, everybody that got relief from student loans have a bank account with your bank should probably take out their account and close their account. >> that is one way to resulted. >> bill: quickly, gentlemen janet yellen things the fed in the u.s. government can make the soft landing with our economy. we may see the dow jones open
6:23 am
polo 30, steve, do you believe it is possible? >> i think the wheels look like they are coming off of the economy and the economy manufacturing of housing. so many areas are weak right now. i do agree with janet yellen that we need growth. we need to have pro-growth policies to get us out of this i would call a soft recession. so they have to raise interest rates because of inflation, but let's do things to grow the economy by producing more energy, bill. >> bill: austan, can you predict today the man of optimism today, can you predict a soft landing? >> with the interest rates going up as fast as they were going on the fed side, i think that dangers of not soft landing are getting higher and higher. i would be a little careful promising soft landings when we are in that environment. but just be careful if you start
6:24 am
going down the road that says what we ought to have our big tax cuts like the trump administration. the u.k. just proposed that and that is what is leading this massive sell-off. >> bill: that is what we should be doing. >> would be doing exactly what it does doing in the u.k., which is tanking the stock market and everyone is panicking. >> we revived in the economy through tax cuts, austan, let's do it again and it did it for reagan. >> let's not. >> bill: thank you, austan, welcome back. thank you, steve, see you soon. >> dana: that was great. a tight race for governor in mexico but let's talk to the republican candidate and former meteorologist mark kinney about his race. fox news causing a toss up. it's close. house republicans to speak in a moment now about their agenda and final weeks before the midterms what they plan to say about commitment to america. >> we are running not just what they are doing but most
6:25 am
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get the cash you need. call now. ♪ ♪ speed to check it out, check it out pure to live look at pennsylvania where pennsylvania to announce their commitment to america. a road map republicans will govern if they take back the hill spirit minority leader kevin mccarthy will announce the details and we will bring it to you live as it happens. >> bill: in the meantime, the new governor of new mexico campaigning on crime and the economy. a tight race that once linked democrats seen as a toss-up according to the lace fox news power rankings. mark wants the job and sir, good morning to you. thank you for your time here. >> good morning, asked. >> bill: how will you turn the state read? it has been read for quite some time. >> you see what is happening in
6:31 am
new mexico. crime is a huge issue here and we just had two weeks ago, the largest fbi fentanyl bust in the history of the fbi. there is 1 million fentanyl pills in albuquerque. when they asked the drug cartel members who were dealing here in new mexico, why are you here versus california where you used to be based? because it is easier to be us in new mexico. that gives you an idea what we are looking at here. we have a governor who unfortunately has turned violent criminals back out on the street again during the covid time period and sense as well. she continues to do it and the population is 20% lower, the prison population when she took office and albuquerque area year-over-year, records for murder. so what we have got right now effectively is a lawless state right now where we have to get this back. so many people in new mexico realize it, guys, they are getting on board with this
6:32 am
campaign. this is not partisan but one of those issues everybody knows we have to get this under control and unfortunately we have a governor who has not done it. >> dana: the governor has had some problems in her past, recent past covert response, for example, a little bit of scandal on sexual harassment actually. she is still the governor there we have the race as a toss-up. so the other thing i would point out though is hispanic voter motivation and the state according to quinnipiac, asking how motivated are you to vote in this year's midterm elections? 46% of people in the state hispanic said they are more likely. what are they mostly concerned about question what is it crime, inflation? and also education is a problem, i believe in new mexico. >> dana, you are exactly right. those are the three big issues. they are not partisan issues, per se, but we have seen is a legislator and a governor who
6:33 am
has not addressed it. we are 51st and education now that they count washington, d.c. we were out of school six most days of any state in the country here appear the biggest problem is, there has been no plan to catch kids up. no summer academies across the state to get kids caught up, that is what we are focusing the education plan. you mentioned the crime issue continues to be an issue, but a big problem and you hear about arizona and you hear about taxes, but you don't hear about new mexico. we have 180-mile stretch of the border with the governor has both a national guard away. we continue to see fentanyl blowing up through the state here. as that happens, we lose one to two mexicans a day to fentanyl overdose. what we propose is working closely with arizona and texas. we have for border strike force to go after the fentanyl and the human trafficking here as well. it is those two issues crime and education. the economy is a big issue as
6:34 am
well, dana. the state of new mexico, we have a tax rate that kills working families, especially a time prices are skyrocketing. we want to cut that tax rate in half for working families to get to the end of every month. >> bill: it sounds like it is target rich. you are training a television meteorologist. how often are you asked about climate change and what do you say? >> well, i'm asked to some degree, we talk about, there is no doubt but i think where it turns, bill, what do you do one policy to address things? look, we have to address climate change, we do. we are the number two gas oil producer in the world. no one does it, excuse me, in the country, no one does it more efficiently than we do it here. the key for mexico, if we take oil and gas production and move it to saudi arabia where we move it to russia, you would produce 30% more co2. even if co2 is your only metric
6:35 am
of concern, you should want to produce right here in new mexico. we will fill, feel the gap or the next few years, the state is ready to take off economically as well. bill, there was a way to address the issues with an all above approach. we keep production here because no one does it better than we do. >> dana: i see why the race is gaining on the incumbent governor. a tight race and we will watch it. we appreciate you getting up early for us. >> bill: thank you for your time. >> always a good show. >> dana: take care. an estimate of potential unemployment insurance fraud during the pandemic from roughly $16 million to... a very hard to swallow $45 billion. fox business is live with the details, hi, mcconnell. hard to swallow indeed appear to be no unemployment fraud was a big problem. we didn't know it was this big. $16 billion the previous number. this is the inspector general and labor department that identifies this kind of thing. they look for all kinds of
6:36 am
different problems that might be out there, whether triple co-payment, a payment made to a dead person, payment with suspicious email and federal prisoners. about $45.6 billion, that is tripling the number of march 2022. fraud cases have been popping up all of the country. just as an example, 47 people charged with stealing $250 million from a covid relief program providing food to low income children minnesota. in chicago, in the mean meantime, stealing funds to bail themselves out of jail. overall now, they were up in criminal charges over a thousand people accused of fraudulently receiving benefits during the pandemic. one of the things to look at, this might not be the end of it as the reporting we get more of it on this. it looks like -- in some ways we are getting started an investigator starting to really dig into what happened.
6:37 am
the fbi's humboldt, secret service, postal inspection service and remember, dana white house congressional democrats pushing for $22 billion in additional funding. >> dana: taxpayers ought to pay attention to that, mcconnell shane, thank you. >> bill: it texas for merced migrants bull rush is 150-acre ranch. and he posted eight tiktok yesterday showing several men racing across his property telling fox digital they barged into his elderly grandparents home and that store, the rancher adds "one video of hundreds that i have and it happens daily and it is a daily occurrence, we will see it that way, we see it above with the drone shots on the ground. >> dana: republican sharpening their attacks on democrats with a series of damaging ads on crimes. will the left be able to counter it? leo trail joins us next.
6:38 am
plus lori lightfoot hitting back the ceo of mcdonald's after one about the crime problem, saying he's been misinformed ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bill: a moment ago the dow jones below 30,000 for the first time we have seen in some time. if the same moment, about mccarthy introducing his planet, his commitment to america. >> that is what the people dream about. to all the members back here and what we will rollout today is a commitment to america, in washington. not washington, d.c., but washington county, pennsylvania. [applause] and you want to know why? because it is about you, it's not about us. we spent the last year and a
6:42 am
half all the republican members of congress going throughout the country listening. listening to the challe challenges, fighting what democrats have been doing. and we want to roll it out to you to the entire country to know exactly what we will do if you would trust us and give us the ability to take a new direction for this country. what the commitment is is a plan, a plan for a new direction. you know, i have watch this one party control. as we went across this country listening, we heard the same thing, kitchen table two dining room table two inside the factory. can i afford it? can i afford to pull up my tank pushed him or can i afford the food, the milk? can i find baby formula? you know, i asked everybody across the country, could you afford to give up one month of
6:43 am
your wages? one month of your wages? the sad part is these democratic policies has already taken one month of your wages. so, now the struggle you have is living 12 months with pay now because inflation is so high. we want the democrats not to do that with the american rescue plan. larry summers, the secretary of treasury democrats told them don't do it. you will bring inflation. steve calls at the original sin of inflation. and then we watch what they did to our communities. defunding of the police. we got crime problems from portland to philadelphia. with d.a.'s and prosecutors looking the other way. we have watched what's happened to our border, the millions of people just walking across. people on the terrorist watch list. that now, we are watching every community to be a border
6:44 am
community. fentanyl, the number one killer of americans between the ages of 18 and 45. that poison starts in china and comes across our border. do you realize it is killing 300 americans every day? it is like an airliner crashing each day. if that happened three days in this country, we would say it is a crisis, but the white house tells us it is secure. and we watch the washington that uses political power to go after people for their own political beliefs. we watch children get lost learning left behind. that is what happened with the democrats because they control washington pure they control the house, the senate, the white house. they control the committees. they control the agencies. but is there a plan. they have no plan to fix all of the problems they created. so you know what? we have created a commitment to
6:45 am
america. [applause] we are going to talk about it today. we want an economy that is strong. that means you can fill up your tank's. you can buy the groceries. you have enough money left over to go to disneyland and save for a future. but the paychecks grow and they no longer shrink. we have a plan for a nation that is safe. that means your community will be protected. your law enforcement will be respected. your criminals will be prosecuted. we believe in a future that is built on freedom. that your children come first. they are taught to dream big. and we believe in a check and balance that government should be accountable.
6:46 am
no longer special interest. we should work for you, not the other way around like it is today. [applause] you know, we walk through this facility and as we tour this country, to loan, china has had too much control of the supply . we will bring that back to america. [applause] so if you are like everybody else here, whether you can afford it or whether you feel safe, challenge of your children getting left behind or a government run amok, who has a plan to change that course? we do. the democrats have no plan for the problem they created. if you trust us, hold us accountable. we are putting it out to the entire country, this is what we will do. but on that very first day that we are sworn in, you will see
6:47 am
that it all changes because on our very first bill, we will repeal 87,000 irs agents. [applause] our job is to work for you, not go after them. our job is to make america stronger. we believe america is more than a country. america is an idea. we can secure our border. we can become energy independent where the price of gas is low. we can build an education system that has a parent's bill of rights. you have a say in your kids education. we can be a check and balance and reign in this government is going after the individual spirit if you believe like us, join with us because this job won't be easy. we will get it through the house. we need your help to get all the
6:48 am
way to the desk. the president last night already attacked me in this plan. maybe if i cause that much damage, i would try to change the discussion too. but you know what? i welcome it. i challenge the president to join with us. let's go across the country and let's debate what his policy has done to america and our plan for a new direction and let's let america make the decision for the best way for this country to go forward. join with us, and thank you for what you are doing. [applause] >> bill: so there you have it. the unveiling for what has been a long plan for republicans to go back. >> we are so blessed in the republican congress to have so many great minds out there listening. we are very fortunate to have amazing women. many of you know steve scalise. [applause] he is kind of a tiger in a comes
6:49 am
from louisiana. and he's going to continue to fight for you. let me give you steve scalise. [applause] >> thank you, kevin. thank you dmi for opening up this beautiful facility. it is great to walk around and see pittsburgh steel workers making real things and america. that is what we want more of. obviously, the threats we have seen over the last two years to the american, to the ability of people to be able to think maybe my kids can have a better opportunity than me? that is at risk right now. that is at risk because far left policies have led to record spending. you see every bill that comes out of congress, not hundreds of billions but trillions of dollars of borrowed money. new taxes, 87,000 irs agents. you know, all my years in congress, i've never had a single phone call, steve, add more people to the irs. [laughter] if there is 87,000 people needed
6:50 am
in america, it is at the borders to secure america's border, not over at the irs to go after small businesses and hardworking families. [applause] so, we could have set back and look how bad the policies have been. give us the majority and it will be different. that toss isn't good enough. we want to lay out a bold, conservative vision to show the company though my country there is hope again. there is not one direction far left that big government socialism that is wrecking this great country. there is a better way. the commitment to america it is going to show the country if you give us a republican majority in the house, these are the things we will do. we will bring pills to the floor. we will have great debates to solve the problems that joe biden and nancy pelosi created. you are concerned about inflation like us. we have a plan to reduce inflation. your concern about high energy cost, not just at the pump.
6:51 am
gas prices are too high but this winter, here it will be a little bit cold in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. we have a plan to lower energy cost and get us back not only to lower energy cost, but energy independence. we shouldn't be buying oil and natural gas from russia or iran or saudi arabia. we can make it right here in america like you make steel in pittsburgh. [applause] and that is what we are laying out how to do it, how to secure america's border. it was not that long ago we had a secure american border. it is not like we have to reinvent the wheel, but they broke the wheel. we are here to fix it, and we have a plan to do just that. we are proud to write it down on paper. if joe biden doesn't like this plan, i think it is time joe biden has to be asked a question: mr. president, if there is a bill put on your desk to lower energy cost, will you sign it or veto it? if you veto it, i think now the country understands what is at stake. we will give him that dilemma. we will give him that
6:52 am
opportunity to wake up like we do to fight for the american people, not to make things harder for the american people. that is what the commitment to america is all about, to show people once again there can be hope, there can be opportunity so when you wake up, it is not to go to work for yourself. it is to go to work to make sure your kids have a better future. there is nowhere else in the world where that opportunity exists. if they were in that opportunity in america, there is no backup plan. we cannot let this great nation fall. we will not let this great nation fall. america can rise up again, and you are going to see that with its commitment to america. i appreciate the opportunity to come and present it here with all of my colleagues in the leadership of kevin mccarthy. we have a great team pure you will see a lot of my colleagues talking about the different parts of this we put work into. our conference chair who leads the effort and helping us all stay focused on what this is all about is the congresswoman from
6:53 am
new york. >> thank you, steve. [applause] thank you, steve and thank you to dmi as well as congressmen for hosting us in his beautiful district today. i will tell you, i represent the district in upstate new york and a counter that looks like we are in pennsylvania today. what i hear from my constituents is people are struggling. families are struggling to make ends meet. whether you go to the grocery store, whether you are budgeting and preparation for the home heating bills that are skyrocketing this enter or whether you struggled this past year to fill up your tank of gas. people feel they are working harder than ever before, but they are falling further behind in the american people are smart. they know that it is a direct result of the failed policies of one party democrat rule in washington. and there is a better way. we are here to help. and this is our commitment to
6:54 am
america. these ideas came from the american people. all of our members listen to their constituents. i always say the best ideas come from my constituents directly. when it comes to an economy that strong, making sure that we stop the trillions and trillions of reckless government spending that we have seen under democrat rule. that will immediately help lower the cost as we seek to rein in inflation. unleash american energy independence to lower the price of gas, lower the price of heating bills. how about a nation that is safe? you see the headlines, whether it is on local, national news everyday. we see crime skyrocketing. that is a direct result of democrats one party defund the police policies and rhetoric. let me tell you whether you are in new york or in pennsylvania, we proudly back to blue. let's give all of our law enforcement officers a round of applause.
6:55 am
[applause] that is why our commitment to america under a nation, house republicans will immediately ensure we hired 200,000 more police officers across the country to make sure that our communities are safe. [applause] we will go after the radical leftist prosecutors, d.a.s refusing to abide by the rule of law and prioritize the criminals rather than the law-abiding citizens. [applause] and our commitment, we also have a future that is built upon freedom. i am proud to be the newest mom in congress. i am a mom to my 1-year-old, sam. i will tell you moms and dads across this country, they know that parents are the primary stakeholders and their kids education, which is why we will
6:56 am
pass a parent's bill of rights. [applause] and then lastly, a government that is accountable. we work for you, not the other way around. we work to serve the american people. and what we see the democrat controlling house and senate is, they feel entitled. they feel like it is the other way around that you work for them. not so in a republican majority. we will hold this administration accountable. we will make sure we are conducting oversight. we will root out the corruption and return it to the people's house. so join us in supporting the commitment to america, a new direction democrats have no plan. house republicans have a plan, and it is our commitment to you. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. now, if you are out there listening, go to commitment and join us. we are not here to talk to you but we also want to listen to
6:57 am
you. a lot of you are business owners. a lot of you are parents and others want to talk a little bit more of what is happening in america today. >> has a minority leader kevin mccarthy leading the republican leadership there statements police and elise stefanik where they are releasing a commitment to america. this is similar to the contract with america released right before the 1992 midterms. excuse me 1994 midterms. and they have a pack and gone to q&a so we want to bring in shannon bream host of "fox news sunday" who is with us. shannon, one of the things that is interesting, i thought this commitment to america was coming much later than the contract america did back in 1994. and how true could this be a question worth the contract with america was released september 27, 1994. this is about right in line. if you remember at the time, you and i are old enough to remember, it was just seismic how many republicans.
6:58 am
they are not that many toss-up seats and play right now, but the republicans are in pretty good position to win. now they have something to run, a policy platform to run on. >> there was always his criticism that you can only get so far by pointing to the other side and sagging, "we don't like those guys and we don't like their policies. they are doing a terrible job." for a prescription what you will do for the country to make things better is an important part of the conversation. newt gingrich who obviously became speaker of the house under that contract with america knew that is something people needed. they needed to be inspired and promised things would get better. republicans are smartly honing in on the ideas that are most troubling to americans, the economy, the border, the education and congressman stepanek their voice, and we saw how well that worked for glenn youngkin winning in virginia as a tight race in virginia. they are starting to focus on these issues that they believe
6:59 am
voters care most about that will differentiate them from democrats. but already my inbox and i'm sure yours, too, reaction of democrats calling this extremist maga policies. that is coming from house speaker nancy pelosi who would like to stay speaker pelosi. >> bill: 28 years ago, newt gingrich ran it and he was here with dana and me and describing the contrast now as to the claimant. watch, guys. may have, may not? okay. what newt gingrich talked about was that history. they have gone since 1952, 1954, that i set of two years the majority in congress. that statement to america work during that election so we will see if that happens this time. chuck schumer is already calling them out for being extreme maga opponents. the abortion issue is something that just about every campaign of democratic and the democratic
7:00 am
category is talking about. i think that is your election, shannon. >> amine comic that is really what you have to think about. the focus on the issues that are good for republicans versus the ones great for democrats. they know abortion normally not at the top of the list for most voters in a year like this roe v. wade gets overturned by the u.s. supreme court, it is going to be top of mind. a recent fox news poll link talk to people and for 75% of those who say abortion is a driving factor in their vote, they are voting democrat. we have seen an enormous money spent on ads telling people republicans will take away all of your choice. but is bubbling out there that's republicans said they wanted it to go state-by-state. we see a vergence on what states are doing with respect to abortion. but again as we talked about with senator lindsey graham on "fox news sunday" and throughout this week, he is author of defending the fact he's trying to put forth a federal 15 week band and that just


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