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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 23, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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imes.♪ ♪insurance!♪ only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ ♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: hello, everyone. this is "outnumbered." i'm kayleigh mcenany here with my cohost, emily compagno. also joining us, kat timpf, dr. janette nesheiwat, and guy benson. we begin with absurdity. the left's immediate and fierce defense of stacey abrams, in defiance of the science, i'll have you know, after her controversial claims about ultrasound machines when it comes to detecting a fetal
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heartbeat. >> there is no such thing as a heartbeat. it's a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body. >> kayleigh: in response to abrams' studying comments, the left rest of her defense, of course, because i wouldn't they? "the washington post" fact-checker tweeting this. "for what it's work, fetal heartbeat is a misnomer. the ultrasound picks up electrical activity generated by an embryo. the so-called heartbeat sound you hear is created by the ultrasound, not until ten weeks can the opening and closing of r machine." wouldn't you know, planned parenthood, they redefined how they see it, too. as recently as july, here's what the abortion provider said in their website about fetal development between 5-6 weeks. "a very basic beating heart and
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circulatory system developed." now it reads this. "a part of the embryo starts to show cardiac activity. it sounds like a heartbeat on it ultrasound, but is not a fully formed heart. it's the earliest stage of the heart developing." fox news has reached out to planned parenthood for clarification on exactly when the language was changed. we are still waiting for a response. wouldn't you know? emily, we live in very scary times, where there is no truth, where you can't say pregnant women anymore because apparently that is discriminatory. where your child no longer has a gender as a toddler. a little girl can be a male. where now cardiac activity, heartbeats, we are challenging that in young babies. it's a very scary time when truth is out the window. things you said a year ago are now all of the sudden bigoted. >> emily: that's right. the only thing more frightening to me than someone saying this on a national platform is the media and the liberal machine amplifying it. somehow carrying that ball further.
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i don't know where it's going to end. let's go back to the law for a second, rooted in fact an actual scientific data. there in georgia, where stacey abrams purports to represent those 50 million people, at any stage of the growth process, the death of an unborn child is referred to as an unborn child, and prosecuted as a homicide. how is that okay, then, for her to say that at six weeks is not even a heartbeat, went for the preceding six weeks it would be considered the death of a human? and let's take america's favorite governor, governor gavin newsom, who has used taxpayer dollars to have a billboard campaign throughout the entire country, quoting bible verses. mark 12:31, to say, "this is why you should get an abortion. need one? california is ready to help," he says. he's used california taxpayer dollars to put this in republican gubernatorial-led states, and yet in his state, as of seven weeks, it's a criminal charge. and there in the criminal code
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it is referred to as "child destruction and fetal homicide." apparently at six weeks, it is cells. at seven weeks, if the child, it's a human, it's a fetus, its murder. there's no sense to any of this. >> kayleigh: i'd love to discuss the bible with gavin newsom. i could go varies for various with him. it would be great. dr. nesheiwat, the science. we put it on the wall because these are all respected institutions, presumably by the left, as of yesterday, they wear. the baby's brain, spinal cord, and heartbeat begin to develop by week six. it is a heart that continues to grow. march of dimes, the baby's heart and lungs are developing. the baby's heart starts to beat at five weeks. the u.k. national health service, the heart is forming as a simple tube-like structure in the fifth week. mayo clinic, a baby's cardiovascular system develops at five weeks in the heart starts to beat shortly afterward. all these institutions that the left loves, that fauci i assume allegedly bows down to you, we
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no longer take them as credcrediblebecause stacey abrac democrat candidate, said something crazy. >> dr. nesheiwat: that's what we call disinformation. i'm a primary care doctor, i've delivered quite a few babies, and taken care of lots of pregnant women. i even worked in a specific ob e.r., where all we did was use fetal heart monitoring and ultrasound all day long to take care of these pregnant moms, these pregnant women. i can tell you that about five weeks and five days, you can hear a fetal heart tone. i've done it myself. i've actually done the ultrasounds myself. what is disheartening, when we have this information put out that is inaccurate, it's misleading and it could be harmful to patients. it's important to understand, and ultrasound is used to detect motion. it's not used it to detect life, not used to here. you can detect life with it, if you see movement, if you see the heart contracting. that is indicative of life. but you don't need sound to say there is life.
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if you see the heart contracting on the monitor, that's liability. that's what we need to keep in mind moving forward. >> kayleigh: that's a great point. guy, tripling in all of this is the way institutions just kind of change things. apparently planned parenthood change they lingered in august and we are awaiting an actual date on that, but twitter, in their trends section -- this is your tweet, i get to it in, but gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams said there's no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. doctors agree one doesn't exist, and reports from msnbc and npr confirm. that's why they describe something is trending. it seems like more of a defense than an agnostic discussion of what happened. >> guy: of course. when my timeline was filling up with doctors disagreeing about the official word from silicon valley, doctors agree, and here are some reports that confirm. i saw some fact-checkers and other people saying, "let's get very technical. is it a heartbeat or is it
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cardiac activity?" okay, interesting distinction, perhaps, but what would you do if someone told you that your cardiac activity was about to cease in a few minutes? with that be alarming to you for some reason? i think it might. we can get into the rhetoric and certain words. i think it's important to get to the crux of the issue. if they say it's really ten weeks and not six weeks, fine, let's have that debate. if at ten weeks you have fingerprints on a baby starting to form, unique fingerprints, and a distinct individual hearheartbeat, is that human li? worthy of protection are not? that is what this debate is about, but i think people are engaging in this dehumanizing language, dehumanizing because they are afraid to have that discussion. because their talking points might be insufficient, because they are. >> kayleigh: that's a fantastic point. if your cardiac activity will cease to exist, i think most people would be alarmed regarding nomenclature. kat, i just wonder -- stacey abrams, is she
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the one we now look to for science? this is a person who surrounded herself with children wearing masks, as you can see, when she didn't have one on. now i guess -- i know fauci is retiring. maybe it's stacey next? >> kat: if you view it from a political perspective, why would she choose to talk about six weeks specifically? you think about the fetal heartbeat law in georgia -- not bill, but law, it says places limit that at six weeks. if she were elected, she would be very limited in terms of what she could do realistically to overturn that. but i think that talking about it in this way, she is seeking to challenge the logic behind it, and communicate to voters who are pro-choice and who are concerned about this that she is sort of thinking about it. "vote for me, maybe i can do something." politically, when he said let's talk about ten weeks, i think that's why she tried to say something at six weeks specifically, because that is what matches up with that law in
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georgia. >> kayleigh: guy, you had a thread on this yesterday. i asked the team to pull part of it. he said this, "for the sake of argument, let's accept that parsing by the left. can we agree there is a separate human heartbeat at ten weeks and that it's ethical and acceptable to restrict most elective abortions at that point? no? how about 20 weeks? still no?" your point being, we will take you at the heart beat. at what point does the restriction acceptable? >> guy: right, and the answer, unfortunately, among a lot of people now -- i think there's a difference between pro-choice. people of good faith can disagree. it's a tough issue. there's also pro-abortion where it crosses into something much more ghoulish and ghastly, and a lot of elected democrats these days are unfortunately in that camp, including stacey abrams. we are quibbling about six weeks versus ten weeks, potentially. which he accepted a single restriction on any portion of her, all the way up through birth? the answer is no. that's the position she and
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others should be forced to defend, because very few americans agree with them on that. >> kayleigh: 80% want restrictions in the third trimester, that stacey abrams wants no instructions. go look it up, atlanta journal-constitution. she told them that. it's jaw-dropping, but kamala harris just blamed trump for the border crisis and vast g.o.p. for dereliction of duty. she's been to the border just once. you can't make this stuff up.te stay with us. ♪ ♪ rans with no upfront costs for an appraisal or termite inspection. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank.
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♪ ♪ spiel to vice president kamala harris 's slimming republicans for dropping migrants at her door, and blaming former
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president trump for the record-breaking crisis on our border. just a reminder, she is the borborder czar. she's leading border towns overwhelmed and desperate for help. but the vice president is instead pointing the finger, accusing republicans of dereliction of duty. >> human beings, real people have fled harm, who came to the united states of america seeking refuge, asylum, i think it is the height of irresponsibility, much less -- frankly, i dereliction of duty. if you think there is a problem, be part of the solution. >> what is that solution? you understand the frustration americans have about the situation at the border? >> under the previous administration, they decimated a system that was designed to address immigration. so we have been spending, in the
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last 18 months we've been in office, an incredible amount of time and work and resources to reconstruct that system. >> kayleigh: so trump decimated the system. that sounded familiar, so i did some digging. it appears, kat, she took some notes from the current press secretary, karine jean-pierre. let's listen. >> it is a broken system, the immigration system, and it was decimated by the last administration. that is a fact. it was decimated by the last administration. what the last administration wanted was a border wall that was ineffective and used taxpayer dollars, and that is what we saw from the last administration. >> kayleigh: that's what they're going with. it's the other guy's fault. >> kat: okay, so what are you going to do now? even if that were true? i'm going to help kamala out a little bit, because she is supposed to be doing the root
9:17 am
causes thing. the problem is the system that was built in the '90s, it's not up to the level of people we have coming and trying to seek asylum now. it is a systemic failure, and the way our laws are, that's congress' job at the federal level to fix that. what kamala could do, which would be super easy, instead of just being more divisive all the time, is to say, "hey, congress, this system is not meeting the needs of the current situation. get it together. we need to work together and figure something out." that way she could be a leader without really dealing anything but lead. it seems easy. maybe i should be vice president. [laughter] >> kayleigh: you do a good job! >> kat: at least pretend to care about solutions. at least fake it. >> kayleigh: it would go a long way, i agree. emily, she said she's been reconstructing this decimated system. let's take a look at how she's doing. all the headlines. "cbs news," a 5-year-old slipped away from her mother's arms
9:18 am
while trying to cross the rio grande. writers, reporting overcrowding, spoiled food, depression. "washington examiner," nine miners drowned, dozens rescued in a single day at the texas border. that was the largest mass drowning incident in the migrant crisis. and the 53 found dead in that tractor trailer, largest number of deaths we've ever seen trying to cross the border. >> emily: in landscape of what you just said, the total failure -- remember, she campaigned on fixing this broken immigration system. she has since absolutely failed. she has frankly abdicated her duty in doing so, especially as a border czar. in the west tragic victims of that are those kids. the policy in place for unaccompanied minors is that obviously they are not deported immediately, they are retained in federal care until they can find a u.s. family member or than they are sent back, and that's the policy, which is why cartels have been taking advantage of that and family sending the kids. we saw photos of a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old with a telephone number written on their shirt as they were left
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alone in the desert, crossing the border on their own. that is the result of this broken policy that she has failed to fix since assuming office. i have to point out, as well, karine jean-pierre talking about our tax dollars, remember just the sum of the government signed a contract they could reach as much as $987 million of our tax dollars for an agency that is anti-law enforcement, dedicated to avoiding deportation of these unaccompanied minors. and that is who health and human services has contracted with. these kids get over the border, they are quickly transferred from cbp to health and human services so they don't have to give the real numbers, and over 140,000 unaccompanied minors have come across, 14,000 in may alone. because of these policies, a lot of people are pretending to be minors. since october we've had 700 lab alone in the el paso area that were saying, "we are under 18." member one of them was arrested for sexual assaults? so that's who's coming over and
9:20 am
taking advantage of that system. according to our government, its compassion toward minors, and yet only it hurts them. >> kayleigh: meanwhile, guy, 60% of likely voters told crc research that they don't think board estate should be the only ones to shoulder this burden, but it seems sometimes they are. >> guy: these jurisdictions like to pound their chests and virtue-signal. they are in favor of century policies, but when red state governors are sending a fraction of the problem to their doorste, they aren't terribly excited about it, and they are off in martha's vineyard in less than two days. lori lightfoot in chicago is sending them to the suburbs instantly. the sound bite from the vice president, it is just fundamentally wrong. it is shocking for her to use the term "dereliction of duty." the dereliction is hers and this administration's. to say the last guy did it, that it was decimated under the trump administration, it is true that across multiple demonstrations we've had huge border
9:21 am
challenges, but nothing like this. the problem has exploded, just shattering records. in august of 2019, for the pandemic, they were about 63,000 encounters at the southern border. august of this year, 203,000 encounters at the southern border. that's because of their policies. it has nothing to do with republican governors. it has nothing to do with donald trump. it has everything to do with them and their failures, and they are trying to do everything they can, including attacking our colleague, bill melugin, to avoid that reality. >> kat: i want to add to that, in terms of people who want to come legally and work here, they're not doing a good job of processing those applications. they wasted 66,000 of them last year that could have given to like been given to people who wanted to contribute to our economy during the labor shortage. they are failing on all sides of this. >> kayleigh: he talked about the migrants who died coming here and showed it's an important issue. but as i read that report from congressman saying that we want answers about venezuela emptying their prisons and sending criminals over the border, i
9:22 am
also think about the angel moms and dads whose sons and daughters are not here because u.s. law was not enforced, and an illegal immigrant criminal took their lives. >> dr. nesheiwat: that is heart breaking. if you remember the girl in california shot and killed by an immigrant, and to kat's point, there is a process of doing this the right way. they immigrated from jordan to ellis island and they were invented, they went through a physical examination, they went to the process. but when you lose that process and lose the policy, when you abandon that at the border, that's when you see illness, injury, death, and that's when you see coming through the border possible terrorists, people from venezuela, we don't know what their agenda is. you see the drugs coming in. we see human trafficking, sex trafficking, 30-40% of the women, the young girls who come through the border, they are sexually assaulted and traffic. i just gave a speech on that not long ago. we need to look at the big picture, because this is an
9:23 am
ongoing crisis. how policy and procedure, it's going to continue. >> kayleigh: it's and without good reporting. to your point, bill melugin, a lot of the stories we only know about because of border reporting. they don't publish migrant deaths anymore. great reporting from bill melugin and the team there. an accused rapist gets at to a jail deal and then attacks five of the people. the latest story on failed progressive prompt on crime policies, nextxt. ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ ♪ any way you want it ♪ ♪ any way ♪ ♪ any way you want it ♪ ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ it's back america. applebee's all you can eat boneless wings. just $12.99.
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9:28 am
this guy went on a sex crime spree, attacking five more people in the bronx. kayleigh, not only under this plea deal would he not have to register as a sex offender, but the delta between what he was facing and what he got was astronomical. he was facing 25 years in jail, a commensurate penalty for rating his teenage relative, and said reduced to coercion. eh, a month in jail, three squares a day. how's that possible? >> kayleigh: and honestly, speaking to a reporter, how is this possible? at what point do we start asking if these radical d.a.s accessories to these crimes? i understand it has a specific legal definition, but i'm sorry, at this point when five other people get attacked after you let this guy out, you are an accessory. but for d.a. bragg giving this plea deal, this man would not be out on the list to hurt five other people.
9:29 am
and kathy hochul, who all of the sudden is now concerned about the ax wielding man at mcdonald's because it's an election year, when she didn't use budget negotiations to get rid of the bail reform laws that are very generous. she hasn't called for alvin bragg's resignation. these are accessories and we need to start calling them that. >> emily: and this isn't about criminal justice reform, this is an alleged that was out, so predictably, raped five more people. and yet they double down and release a statement saying it was an appropriate plea to spare the young survivor from having to testify while holding the perp accountable for his conduct. that doesn't sound like accountability to me, because he was free to attack five more people in the day he would have been sentenced. >> guy: i feel like he might just have to admit to screwing up sometimes. you can say it looked like an appropriate plea, but obviously this offender was more dangerous than we realize. our mistake. we are going to seek to not repeat it in the future. but that's not what they have said here, because they are committed to this kind of plea deal and this type of leniency.
9:30 am
look, i believe in redemption. i believe in people being rehabilitated. but there is also another r word, recidivism, real problem, especially amongst certain sex offenders. and it's fine to think about fairness and justice for people who have committed crimes in the past, but the rights of innocent people need to come first, and this is yet another failure. >> emily: that's right. perfect to hit the nail on the head with what another nypd cop said, dr. nesheiwat. why aren't they coming up with programs for the victims rather than the purpose, or both at one time? why can you ignore one in favor of the criminal? >> dr. nesheiwat: exactly paid for the victim, the anxiety and post dramatic stress disorder they may endure after being traumatized from such an event, from being raped. and what happens next? or member the memphis mom who has raped and murdered connect to have to wait until he killed someone, or is it just give them 30 days and let them go? there is no fear and no repercussions. either he knows nothing is going
9:31 am
to happen, but if he doesn't get treatment, as well, he's a threat to society. this is going to be an ongoing crime spree he's going to be on. he likely, probably has some sort of underlying mental illness himself, and he needs treatment and therapy. just like a drug addicted person that gets thrown in jail. he released them, they go back and do the same thing because they are still addicted. we need to tackle the root causes of why they are doing this. mental illness, drugs, sexual addiction, and treat the perpetrator paid otherwise it's going to be a continuous vicious cycle. >> kayleigh: we can get kamala for that. steel and i can't imagine the unspeakable horror a sexual assault would be. and with full certainty that it was preventable at the hands of the state. kat, meanwhile, his court-appointed attorney says there's not enough evidence in the bronx to know if this was or wasn't him, as a show a million pictures of that surveillance clearly showing his face all day long, attacking and sexually assaulting five people. >> kat: i just don't understand the motivation for this. when you talk about criminal
9:32 am
justice reform, something i've talked about for a long time, i'm probably more liberal on it than anyone on this couch. i believe all drugs should be legalized, i believe in legalized sex work. to me, those are victimless crimes and people shouldn't be locked up for that. but when you look at somebody who is raping a teen relative, that is one of the most disgusting, vile, evil sorts of things. you are not a normal person who made a mistake doing that. you are fundamentally askew doing that. obviously you can predict someone like that will go out and continue to do these things. so whether you are on the side of this issue that is more law and order on the side of this issue for criminal justice reform, it's going to go away and the other direction. we'll probably have federalized police if this gets much worse. so you need to focus on the important parts of that, and these violent sick people, no one should be arguing to have them on the street. >> emily: that's right, but this is new york, fair to mike
9:33 am
unfortunately. the united states air force academy telling cadets to ditch the terms mom and dad as part of its diversity training, and promoting a fellowship program that effectively bands some men. that's next. back to playful. back to adventurous. back to ahhh. back to the little things that can have a big impact. it's time. come back to the way you always imagined it, in jamaica.
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no wonder more than 9 out of 10 clients are likely to recommend us. because advice worth listening to is advice worth talking about. ameriprise financial. ♪ ♪ >> kat: the u.s. air force academy has gone woke. one of its diversity and inclusion training presentations instructs cadets to use gender-neutral language. so, "mom and dad" are out, and "caregiver or parent" are in. the guidance also asks them to substitute "y'all or folks" for "you guys," and "partner" for boyfriend or girlfriend. straight men need not apply! the application says, "if you're a cisgender woman, a transgender woman, nondairy, agender,
9:38 am
bigender, another form of minority, this is for you. if you're a cisgender man, this program is not for you " i couldn't imagine what could be more destructive tomorrow than this divisive and parsing language. >> guy: including gay men, partly. we are out of this program! i understand there are affinity programs. what gets me more is "mom and dad." really? we can't say that at the air force academy? "caregivers?" no one talks like this. boyfriend/girlfriend, it's fine. let people just use words that they've used for all of time. it's not offensive. we can be inclusive and empathetic to people who are different without rewriting our entire language in the way that we speak. for the military to be involved in this, talk about a distraction from the actual mission. this would be, i think, a
9:39 am
glaring example. >> kat: next time at a family giving i will say "caregiver" my dad over and over again and see how long it takes him to ask me if i need to go to the hospital. >> emily: to your point, i live at the academy responded. their spokesperson said it's for war fighting effectiveness. >> guy: no, it's not. >> kat: i'm not an expert in battle, i can admit that, but i want to ask them how so. can anybody follow up and say, "what do you mean? if you can call -- it's between you and your parents what you want to call them. >> guy: caregivers. >> kat: he's my dad! and sometimes i call him chief, which i think they'd also have another problem with. >> emily: i love that, chief timpf. i would be out because i say "you guys" every five seconds. i'd be rejected and expelled by the second day. i could never be a soldier. >> kay>> dr. nesheiwat: i say "y'all" anyway. when we waste time on this sort
9:40 am
of nonsense, you take away time to prepare for war. you take away time to be prepared against china and iran and north korea and russia. what else? we already have a shortage of military recruits right now. this is going to further deter them and make it more difficult. especially when they see what's going on in afghanistan, how we withdrew, and then we have the issues of not being healthy enough, not making the weight restrictions, being able to complete the pt tests. you take this in a consideration, it will totally deter them from joining, and that could be a national security risk if you have a shortage of servicemen and women. i just think we need to really stay focused on what really matters, and that's being strong enough to fight these wars and being able to protect americans. >> emily: that's what i would call macro aggressions, but they are worried about macro micro-aggressions of being called parent or dad, i can't keep it straight. >> kayleigh: there is a new york manhattan private school that "the new york post"
9:41 am
wrote about that is also getting rid of moms and dads. the expectable terms are "grown-ups, folks, families, guardians." if you kid says, "hey, folks!" that's where they're getting it. especially in the context of war, i remember the scene from "letters from iwo jima," where a japanese soldier is dying and on the deathbed they read a letter from his mom. the american soldier gets teary-eyed and this moment, despite being on opposite sides of the battlefield, something uniting the soldiers. that uniting concept was "mom," family. now we have to move to "folks" and "guardians." it makes no sense. >> emily: all i care about is whether you are flying that fighter plane effectively, whether you are performing the duties of a soldier, rather than what you are calling your parents. can i say parents? >> guy: you can say parents. mom and dad is at. >> emily: will they have it taped up in the cockpit? this is ridiculous! it's asinine. our tax dollars are paying for this. >> guy: can i just say, and
9:42 am
perfect comfortable with you guys saying "you guys" all the time? let the record reflect, there is exactly when guy on this couch. but if you want to extend it to the whole couch, i am comfortable with that. >> kay>> kayleigh: i'm offended. >> emily: stay with us. how much pda is too much pda? in case you mixed it, next. ♪ ♪ alright, limu, give me a socket wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and a blowtorch. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. oh, what's this? the sofia vergara collection at america's best?
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>> john: is the contract with america 2.0? republicans reveal their commitment heading into the midterms. rosner krishnamurthy, ari fleischer, karl rove, and shannon bream are here on that. they say cisgender men need not apply for a program but all others are welcome. caitlyn jenner has a few thoughts about that. and since it's friday, the hardest working man in television, brian kilmeade, is here. john roberts. sander is off today. join gillian turner and me at the top of the hour for "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> emily: welcome back. it's time for "in case you missed it." the grass may soon be a bit greener in california, and
9:47 am
here's why. your boy, governor gavin newsom, this week signed a law making it legal to turn human remains into compost, starting in 2027. the process involves placing the bodies into a reusable steel container with wood chips and flowers for one month, allowing for a natural decomposition before being turned to soil. kat, to me it was half wine making and half homicide. does that if you like that with the wood chips in it? >> kat: i mean, if you want to do it. if that's what you want to do, he should be able to do whatever you want to do with your own ded body. i firmly believe that. i kind of want to be like, stuffed, by a taxidermist. >> emily: oh! speaker you can put me on a -- never mind. >> emily: i like it. more on that later. guy, a lot of people who want to have a more green friendly composition thing, they talk about being put in the forest rather than the whole stainless steel and woodchip debt-free dominant aspect. it seems like contrived to me.
9:48 am
>> guy: heavy regulated, of course, because it's california. i'm waiting for the first serial killer to use this as a defense. "we found 17 bodies in a garden." "well, for the planet." [laughter] maybe you get off in that state. >> emily: you are writing the playbook for us. doctor, what say you? >> dr. nesheiwat: i'm all about being an organ donor but this is disturbing to me. where will you use that fertilizer, in your backyard? how is going to work? i think we can find alternatives for fertilizer. >> kayleigh: this is like donating a body to climate change. i want leonardo dicaprio, john kerry, all of these al gore climate warriors to be asked if they are donating their body to climate change. ask it today, reporters. >> emily: i love it. next up, plastic bag bans are not pleasing people in new jersey, so much so that some shoppers are apparently stealing store baskets. supermarket workers say it's become an issue since the ban took effect in may, with some
9:49 am
stars are moving the baskets altogether, and others offering cardboard boxes as a free option. new jersey's democratic governor, phil murphy, signed the law banning single use pack hplastic bags in 2020. the whole point is when he set a rule that's 100% no or yes, it's that transition that is difficult for people to accept. >> kayleigh: and only want the plastic straws or at -- the paper straws and paper bags, they break. the solution is to bring your own plastic, which i do, but you always forget them. you buy them and you forget and then you have to read by them. >> dr. nesheiwat: you need something that has a handle. if you forget it it's wet, $0.25? you are saving the world and the environment, right? >> emily: and picturing people coming to the kitchen with the nasty bag with -- >> guy: you need some thing with a handle. a cardboard box is extreme the unhelpful. >> kat: it's so cumbersome. i'd say that's a good word for that. >> emily: i agree, i concur. this is our favorite topic. when pdas go too far.
9:50 am
make us out, but the over-the-top pda is becoming trendy. so much so, it's now known as the power pda. we are seeing full makeup scenes from the stars like kourtney kardashian and travis barker, and megan fox and machine gun kelly. hopefully you're not hungry, because i'm sure you've lost her appetite. apparently getting to ninth base is cool and in and being splashed all over social media and regular media. >> kat: are not familiar with ninth base. we can talk after the show on what that is pay [laughter] if it happens, but i feel like it's different with these people. it's performative pda, which is a class of its own. look how happy we are! >> emily: that's right, let's lick each other. we are literally not showing you guys because it's too much for tv. i draw the line at french kissing. if you want to kiss, touch, whenever in front of me, but don't -- there's a certain line, and it's clear. >> guy: hand-holding, arm around, hugging, and a peck is
9:51 am
appropriate. everything other than that is a public display of affection that is too far engrossed. i don't care how hot you are, we don't need to see that. steel and we don't. anything that involves saliva, no thank you. >> dr. nesheiwat: is it public a public indecency, can you get a ticket for that? on about love and affection but let's keep it g-rated and classy if the kids are watching. >> kayleigh: you said it under you're better now, quote of the day: "let's lick each other." [laughter] >> kat: that's what i heard! >> emily: it was a joke! >> kayleigh: it was hilarious! >> emily: finally, new topic, dog owners in atlanta may soon get ticketed if they don't keep it down. fines up to $1,000 are now being considered for excessive dog barking. it builds on existing city rules that limit noise to a 20-minute maximum. officials say a first offense will be $150, repeat offenders will draw a higher fines, and the law also applies to birds and other animals.
9:52 am
so in the continued stifling of the animal kingdom, kayleigh, apparently owners can be on the hook. >> kayleigh: i don't think i should be. my husband would think he should be. we have a black lab, has been is very proud, he takes professional photos of her. he is one of them. it doesn't matter what blake looks like, our dog looks great and she doesn't bark doesn't bark. >> emily: there you go! and communicating something, do you get fined if someone is breaking into your home and your dog is warning you about it? >> dr. nesheiwat: exactly. you have to understand where the circumstances. i got home, in a dog park, in a hotel? you want to be courteous of others around you, but telling a dog not to bark is like telling a baby not to cry. it just doesn't work. and $150? that's more than a speeding ticket in new york! [laughter] >> kat: we might go broke. my dog, carl, he has a lot of feelings, and that he is, he is so cute. follow him on instagram. he has a lot of feelings. if he's left alone too a long time he gets sad and he barks. he has feelings, he can expense himself. >> emily: he does.
9:53 am
he is sent to the end. guy? >> guy: i think you're licking, it was about your to the story. >> emily: thank you. >> guy: the most annoying sound in the world is a dog barking incessantly, and the second most is your own dog barking incessantly proud i let our dog, super cute, but sometimes they set each other off and keep going and it's unstoppable. bouts of barking, you can avoid that, but an lint incessant barking the problem. >> emily: who is it that said you can't define pornography but you know it when you see it? maybe that's what excessive barking is like. you know it when you hear it. more "outnumbered" next. i'm winning today! ♪ ♪ all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients
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>> kayleigh: last but not least on this friday what they call the happiest place on earth has become pretty expensive these days. one world disney world guest is cutting down on the cost. a new video on tiktok shows a woman sneaking in an elementary school age child in a stroller and an infant car seat to avoid paying the admissions price. doctor, you agree with the tiktok user but in an infant car seat question at this as a grown child. >> dr. nesheiwat: the safety aspects but inflation impacts the happiest place on earth. it is expensive, $100, $150 a ticket for two years and up and the same as an adult. i feel bad that they have to do that. they want reprieve from the daily struggles of life and let them enjoy a day at the park. >> kayleigh: the cost is the insane. >> guy: it is but this person
9:59 am
is giving up their secrets totally. by low a whistle and now disney will have their own tsa. they are running it. >> kayleigh: we teach our kids to lie about their age. another said, i even explained to her kids it's going to a fountain drink without a water cup. i like the second one. [overlapping voices] >> it's not always the best policy. >> not everybody believes that. 60%. >> kayleigh: i like the point if you teach your kids that, what will they do later in life? >> desperate times call for desperate measures. the think about that story, and the museum and the car where you put the people in the seat to get them over the line to west berlin. like, oh, my god, this is the times. >> dr. nesheiwat: i don't think getting smuggled in disneyland means... you never know, kat.
10:00 am
>> kayleigh: you've got to say putting a kid in an infant car seat, that is a little contorted like shopping. >> the kid wants to go to disneyland. >> if you can fit, make it happen. >> kayleigh: you guys debate at this party, all right, "america reports," join us on monday. >> john: kayleigh, thank you a fox news alert another day another candidate in the hot seat on "america reports." this afternoon to six days until the midterms, millions of dollars being poured into the race per oregon's next governor. it might just be the sleeper of the season. >> sandra: the latest fox news power ranking is calling that race a toss up and it is split three ways rather than between two candidates. coming up republican nominee christine drazen to lay out what she says is a victory in the democratic stronghold. first though, this..


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