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tv   America Reports  FOX News  September 23, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it is "america reports" with the second hour and i'm john roberts from washington happy we can partner you. >> gillian: that is a great reminder i was having so much fun with you. >> i'm glad i could brighten your mood. >> gillian: thank you. it is great to be with you and everyone at home, am gillian turner in for sandra smith. that teacher of the year for new york state coming up including that spirit the critics say his obsession with social justice cost him his job. he ended up bouncing right back. >> john: brian kilmeade to weigh in all day on this. we will get to him plus karl rove fan shannon bream on deck as we began the breaking news in the battle to control congress. the midterms less then seven weeks away and republicans laying out. the president firing back at them. >> they control washington pure they control the house, the senate, the white house and the committee, the agencies and it
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is their plan, but they have no plan to fix all of the problems they created. so you know what? we created a commitment to america. the house minority leader kevin mccarthy went to pennsylvania and unveiled what he calls a commitment to america. that is a thin series of policy goals with little or no detail. speed to the top republican in the house rolling out his party's agenda in pennsylvania, one of the nation's biggest battlegrounds and also president biden's former backyard. democrats say the plan is just more words on paper. alex hoff joins us from western pennsylvania. alex what did you hear from the minority leader of this morning? >> we heard about this location in general, gillian. washington county pennsylvania about 25 miles south of pittsburgh. kevin mccarthy said this caters to people who live in washington county in places like this across the country, not
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just people to serve in washington, d.c. that is why we are here. earlier today 30 house republican members they join leader mccarthy in the rollout of this commitment to america plan. it is a unified appeal to the american people if republicans take control of the house in november, at the issues currently causing hardship can e reversed. >> we can secure our border. we can become energy independent. where the price of gas is lower. we can build an education system that has a parent's bill of rights. you have a say in your kids education. and we can be a check and balance. >> adding back checks and balances the overarching theme of the former pillars promising an economy strong and a nation that is a purity future build on freedom and a government that is accountable. during the question and answer phase, expanded on the plants to secure the border. they also announced intention with a former committee on china and add 200,000 law enforcement
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officers nationwide. earlier today comic president biden responded to the plan and specifically here its focus on strengthening community safety. listen. >> leader mccarthy talked about wanting a nation, a nation that is safe. let's look at the republicans and what they have done to make it safe. they voted against virtually everything we have done to reduce crime and keep communities safe. >> president biden joined other democrats calling for his commitment to america "vague." leader mccarthy said if republicans to take the house come november the 1st point of action would be pushing a bill to stop the hiring of 87,000 irs agents, gillian, john. >> gillian: and alex and nemec alex hoff, thank you so much. >> john: should shannon bream, e commitment to america is going to be the contract with america 2.0 as it did in 1994, the victory in the midterm elections. >> they want to keep that focus
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on these topics that they know pole badly for the president and do well for them like the economy and inflation national security, crime, the border appear they will focus the message where they think their strengths are. you can't make that argument don't vote for the other guys because we don't like their policies. >> john: but that is what they have been doing. >> here is what you have to say we will give you instead. >> shannon, i'm curious to see how you think politically listeo steny hoyer this morning reacting. >> the new platform which isn't frankly new as long as slogans are short on details. which is usually the case. that is because the true details of republicans agenda are also so frightened for most american voters. >> gillian: i played this for you because you heard earlier today, newt gingrich thinks this new plan is actually more sophisticated and more in line with what voters want then even his own 1994 plan. it is really two versions of america.
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>> it is. when you think about this, there is the internal situation with republicans. they have the freedom caucus, very conservative and i know there are some that have had objections. kevin mccarthy said they brought people all sides within the republican party to contribute to this. but they have to make sure they stay coalesce, which is why the rest of explanation and not a ton of details. there is not a specific piece of legislation drafted and crafted for and this is what a vote for. they can hold all the g.o.p. caucus together because that is important too. >> john: you also have to gain control before you draft legislation. >> right, there's that. >> john: chuck schumer said republicans are rolling out a new agenda but we know the maga g.o.p.'s extreme agenda nationwide abortion ban. medicare, social security on the chopping block raising taxes on the american families. what he said is lindsey graham's plan for a fan of abortion after 15 weeks which is going nowhere. and elements of scott's plan which is going nowhere. are voters going to buy that?
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>> here is a thing, within the senate, there have been republicans like rick scott, lindsey graham who are for things that didn't have leadership support or full support of the caucus. [overlapping voices] but they are out there. even if they don't have the full backing of the majority leader or minority leader hoping to be a majority leader or the rest of the caucus. everybody has to answer for these poses that are out there. those posts will for the democrats and that is what they will focus on in their tweets and elsewhere. >> gillian: sticking with a devotion steny hoyer and the majority leader on this topic this morning. >> oh, well, essentially what steny hoyer said about this abortion this morning was, he wants, democrats want americans to make the decision for themselves. he said 70% of the conference goes to legislation to ban abortion for the moment of conception. republicans.
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it is interesting because the democrat pushed back, obviously, the republican pushback it is hard when you are trying to paraphrase everybody. but the pushback is that, you know, democrats don't want to list a number and they don't want to associate a time frame. >> john: they don't want to say 2024, no restrictions. >> gillian: this is a toe in the water for the republicans to coalesce. >> i think lindsey graham's plan that 15 weeks at least gives republicans to say to democrats, would you support this and where's your number, where's your line? to force them to give articulation where there places. they tried to pass quantification of roe v. wade. it didn't pass but republican said, there were no limits. it is basically saying up to nine months, there are no limits when you can stop abortion. so lindsay, this measure is supposed to be a counter to that, but this is an issue republicans don't want to talk about it. the more they talk about it the better it is for democrats.
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>> john: phyllis they talk about inflation and the economy. they do want to talk about immigration though. listen to what vice kamala harris said >> they are playing game. these are political stunts with real human beings who are fleeing harm in doing it for the sake of a headline. what we see with these governors is your responsible, and it is inhumane. >> john: she said they were guilty of dereliction of duty, but she is the border czar. it is her duty to address this. >> gillian: she said a couple of weeks ago the border is secure. you will invite these comparisons. you remember griff jenkins was there at the vice president's house where some of these folks were arriving that were bused in purity said you think you could come to america? yes, but not legally though. we know it is illegal but we still can get into the country and we know that we will not be able to get in. so that is their assessment of the spirit if she is in charge
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of that, it is the toughest job in the world and nobody has been able to solve immigration is running washington. a tough job but i don't think i would go on offense about this but that is her assignment. >> gillian: also, john, by the way, she is not the border czar but the root cause czar. >> root causes of the border czar. it is wordy. border czar. >> john: there is an amazing statistic that is out there and we hear 2.4 million people so far 900,000, but got a ways, but the figure between fiscal year 2021, fiscal year 2022 to date and estimated got a ways, 4.785 million people have crossed the border. if the trend continues through the rest of the month and fiscal year ends on the 30th, the number and the breadth lower right-hand side of the strength will increase to about 5 million. to think that 1 million more people with population of los angeles across our border
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and a good number of them have been allowed to stay, that is a very open border. >> we have no way to track that. if the immigration system, which is a mess and totally backlogged. we don't have enough immigration judges. they've been waiting for years. we know people who have done this illegally in an enormous amount of time and money to get this done. and nobody -- right, you know how long it takes. in -- >> we did it. we will let anybody into this country. >> but the thing is we should want people to be coming and people fling things. i think we have hearts and minds, and we care about people. and they are real human beings caught in the middle of this. but when your policy telegraphs to people it is an open border so they are willing to take chances with cartels and smugglers and coyotes and everything else, that is not you may neither appear have to get a handle on it. >> gillian: do you allow coyotes and smuggling free access to the border into you allow immigrants to come but
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people seeking asylum have to wait up to seven years. it doesn't really... b1 but you have this week in a fox news. >> i'm a grizzled veteran. we have elise stefanik part of the leadership role in there rolling out a commitment to america and plenty of critics on the left and if you want to write but we will talk to her about that. joe manchin finds himself in the middle of everything because we run out of money in washington next week. we are fighting for continued resolution this idea he made with chuck schumer to get his vote onto inflation reduction act. that is going to be attached to the funding measure and people on the right and left to say they will not vote for that either. stay with us exclusively and we will drill down on fact. >> john: the border secure. >> i don't think he agrees. >> john: a couple of weeks ago. i don't think he has changed. great to see you and we will see you sunday. >> thanks guys. >> gillian: mother found dead with half of her body burned and
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also naked. still clinging to the trunk of a tree and they are looking for a close to the final message to her daughter, saying someone wouldn't let her go. >> john: plus, brian kilmeade weighs in on the teacher of the year. who is so woke, you have to see him for yourself. brian -- >> joe biden is more interested in pronouns than he is what our military is. it has been a pattern of just about everything that joe biden does. and honestly, it just has to stop. ♪ing hone ♪ no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant. and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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♪ ♪ >> john: president biden wrapping up his address to the nation's largest teacher's unit moments ago. while the president was speaking to hundreds of teachers, it amounted to a campaign event where he didn't mention any plans to get kids back on track
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and improve test scores. a lingering effects of school lockdowns causing math and reading scores to fall to the lowest level in decades. brian kilmeade has a lot to say on the president's remarks. he will react in just a moment. but first jacqui heinrich live at the white house. >> hey, trunk good afternoon to you. the president spent the afternoon with a group that republicans are trying to take down for pushing woke ideology in the classroom. republicans might be able to do that if they take back control of congress because the national education association was established in 1906 by congress through a federal charter that now republicans want to take away. the republicans say the nea has strayed far from their original mission, not only dumping $140,000 into opposition research appearance rights groups but recently doling out badges to teachers and ohio's that read, i'm here, safe
11:20 am
person, safe space." the badges are "visible symbols of support to students who may need it. a critical lifeline for lgbqt students and trust adult to help you or the qr code on the back of the batch wings to a long list of resources for educators not students to ensure trust in adults to support their students and provide assistance as needed. but some of those resources like education from teen health stores are sexually explicit. one teacher a how to guide with and parents don't like it. >> my reaction is i'm horrified. these factors implied that any teacher not wearing the badge is not safe. but also implies that the teachers wearing the badges are somehow licensed to speak to our children about sexual identity. >> but the president didn't talk about what is being taught in
11:21 am
schools. instead of, he assailed for republicans accusing them of not having an agenda. >> house minority leader kevin mccarthy went to pennsylvania and unveiled what he calls a commitment to america. and that is a thin series of policy goals with little or no detail that he says republicans are going to pursue if they regain control of congress. >> so, this was a dnc event hosted by the national education association with president biden as the headliner happening one month before the midterms when republicans are planning to make education a big issue at the ballot box, john. >> john: ji jacqui heinrich thank you. what does pushing for woke get for schools? meet new york state teacher of the year billy greene who some parents called a prime example what they are concerned about. write for americans largest citizen. he got the award by showing his student test scores fell far below the states average.
11:22 am
in fact, according to "the new york post," when you're 90% of his students failed. that is not all. the teacher billy greene claims he mixes and social justice into his lesson plans rather than sticking to the curriculum. brian kilmeade, box host of "fox & friends." parents are complaining that he prioritizes wokeness, what do you think about all this? >> number when he teaches chemistry so i don't know how you squeeze social justice into chemistry. it is tough enough to get those charts down let alone understand who is good and who is down and who is so present and who is not to be of the other back up plan is math and i don't know how you squeeze that in. also an advisor to lgbqt youth which is fine. the grades overall performance if judged onto, the less cool she was at frederick douglass school which i certainly can relate to. only 9% of her students passed
11:23 am
the class. so in terms of performance, well, i go to disadvantage areas. okay if you are a talented teacher going to disadvantage areas we totally salute you. but my feeling this is exactly what republicans try to stay in the democrats go this is what we are trying to say. this is -- no one is running for the story, john. "the new york post" wrote it up and she got an award for doing exactly what i described. she also describes herself as "puerto rican, black, gutter ghetto." that is an interesting description when they describe the teacher they had in school. i don't know if i remember describing any of my teachers like that nor did they want me to, but this is it. to your original point, education will be a big thing. i almost felt glenn youngkin won because of it. the republicans forgot about it. and they brought it back beginning today with this program. they are not reaching. it is not a breach. this is what is happening. if i was to give this bio, the
11:24 am
story to joe biden, he would go, "great" and governor desantis, this is the problem. so we are going to decide what school system americans want and not sadly, once again independents are undecided and decide what direction we are going to go through. i think it think arizona has got it right. john roberts, you and i might have a different opinion how we want our kids and what they should learn in school and went. i would like to take the money and be able to go to the school that i best reflects my values, arizona voted for it. let's show some bravery in washington. let the rest of the states have >> john: i thought this wasids. interesting. after the capitol riot billy greene tweeted discussion points for an algebra class. >> i know. spirits piglets but that's up on the screen, billy greene algebra, solving inequalities. i will use the vocabulary to my
11:25 am
identity in america students will use the vocabulary of inequality to compare and contrast themselves in relation to american identity. it goes on and on and on. i took algebra, but i don't remember talking about any of this, we were doing a call equations. >> right, i don't remember algebra was why i couldn't get a job at home depot because i did remember. and i don't need a protractor anymore. but in fact, my school, just a public school, if anybody was teaching, this would be school news. he was going on in math. they don't talk about math. they talk about social issues. that is kind of the big deal. and now, we teach the test so much, if you are wasting time on social issues in math and chemistry and not social studies or english where it might be somewhat relevant, and your kids grades drop. and i think she's pretty good at having where he is pretty good
11:26 am
at having low grades for those kids right now. so, his goal is to round the kids out. for me as a parent, i want my kids to learn chemistry and math. there was a lot of people to think that he's got to teach them about life in the classroom because they are not getting it at home here they are also very vulnerable. >> john: brian mccormick you mention test scores and billy greene's class. let's put the evidence on the screen this is a "new york post" article, greene has a slightly checkered work history as new york city public school teacher including being fired at least once for his activism he told the post. one of the less schools where he taught chemistry frederick douglass academy first [boos] falls far below in test scores and greene is subject at the lowest test scores at douglass with 9% of students getting a passing grade. and yet, he is the teacher of the year. >> while you are bringing that, this is my thought. there are so many clubs after school where you can learn about
11:27 am
activism, environments, sports, whatever it is. and you do these things. that used to be the club you chose but now when you show up for fourth period, if your teacher has an agenda, his or her go inflicting that agenda on you. not only will you not get rebuked except for that time he was fired, you will get teacher of the year! so, i'm disturbed by the story and yet, i think people are embracing the story. it is not a matter of misinterpreting. this is the track record that gets him hired to. >> john: this is what billy green said to "the new york post," "i teach some chemistry and math and sprinkle social justice in" and i have been studied by the grades and i come in every day and win here at the city trying to pair me but the state recognizes diversity and social justice. what do you have on "one nation" this weekend? >> i talk about the fight
11:28 am
against masculinity with one of the expert you have. i talked to chris noonan about what democrats are doing and jiu-jitsu on issues. they try to take the ashes away from this administration on immigration and when it comes to being strong or law enforcement. i'm also going to talk to joe who looks as though he's the one right for this upset in colorado for the senate seat. it will be a big show. >> john: all right, looking forward tomorrow night at 8:00 on the fox channel. brian, always good to see you. i think you need to do a little bit more work. you are getting a reputation as being a slacker. >> please, try to send that out in washington and i will work on the people in new york. >> john: see you soon. >> thanks. >> gillian: always good to hear from brian. we have more to cover including russians fleeing the country in droves or at least trying to. >> john: pulling out the biden administration for giving iran a global platform. next, reaction from a woman that
11:29 am
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♪ ♪ >> john: russian men are lining up to flee the country following vladimir putin's order to call hundreds of thousands of reservist for the war on ukraine ukraine. the kremlin responding after them and said they will break their husband's legs, yes, break the bones to keep them away from the frontline spirit moscow promising if they did that, they would be punished. trey yingst live in ukraine with the latest, trey, a lot of people think that b putin is desperate. >> john, good afternoon, a lot of support for the ukrainians as they are pushing back against the russian advance, but you see russian president vladimir put in becoming increasingly isolated as he has now ordered a partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists to fight in the war. it does come as voting got
11:35 am
underway for an annexation referendum in many parts of the occupied territory in eastern and southern parts of ukraine. this has been called a sham and illegitimate by ukrainian president zelenskyy. those calls echoed by western allies who basically explains this as part of the russian playbook. they have done this in the past. you might remember a few days before the war began. they felt a separatist territories to account basically by saying, "come to the polls and we will show you these individuals and civilians actually want to be a part of russia." but the reality was it was manufactured. 99% turned out to say yes according to the russians and it simply was not true and it was . as this pressure continues on the russian president with protest in st. petersburg and moscow with people arrested and people fleeing the country by air and ground, there were questions about what vladimir what vladimir putin does next. despite significant battlefield victories by ukrainians in the
11:36 am
region and success on the southern front, they are fighting this war. the war is not over and the russians are determined by this partial mobilization and to add troops even canon phaedra spirits of the coming days, weeks, months could be increasingly violence. there were a number of things that the leader could do. he could use a tactical nuclear weapon. that is of concern to the west right now. he could increase on kyiv, the largest cities. and ultimately he could throw in these forces to the try to advance in the region where his troops are fighting. but the fight is not over and the ukrainians say they are willing to fight to the death as ukrainian presi president volodymyr zelenskyy it is death. >> john: will live in kyiv with the latest on that. we will see what vladimir putin does next. gillian? >> gillian: rainy and strict pain access to social media and
11:37 am
shut down instagram and whatsapp. the move comes as protest inside the country growing after the killing of a young woman in police custody after she was arrested for allegedly improperly wearing a hijab. in the wake of the unrest, the next says no business by granting pieces to speak at the u.n. >> and a rainy and journalist, activists and also claims she, herself survived multiple assassination attempts and we cover those on the show. welcome to the show, thank you for being with us. talk to us about what happened this week to that young woman who died in police custody. >> not so, a girl got killed by a child police. and they have no idea that it means, but a bunch of people and the police walking in the streets, telling women how to dress. i mean, nassau was not even unveiled.
11:38 am
a bit of her hair was visible. she got killed. and it created huge anger among iranians. and i'm talking to you, and iranian women in the streets with men shoulder to shoulder, showing the anger to the regime. they are chanting a console regime. some of the women burning the headscarves in public. in some who moved there actually burning the police cars and i have to tell you the iranian regime open fire at the iranian police protest more than 50 innocent protesters. and the iranian people needs, they want access because i have seen messages from iranians. the u.s. government, of course, they show solidarity, but we don't need that. we need action.
11:39 am
iranian needs access on internet because they are getting killed in the street. iranian asking the biden administration to cut all of the ties with iran with the western government from european government. >> gillian: to that point, sorry to interrupt but i want to make sure to ask you about this why i have you here but why is that the international community decides despite what is happening to grant the regime a global platform at the united nations as they do every year for the past several decades. how can the president oversee the killing of a young woman in his police forces custody for no reason one day, and then the next day address the entire world from the beating heart of new york city? >> it is not even one woman. it is like, these are the people getting killed right now in the streets. men and women are shoulder to shoulder, risking their lives, but at the same time look at the innocent woman.
11:40 am
just yesterday, she got killed as well. another young men, he got killed as well. but at the same time are murders welcome by u.s. government two united nations general assembly? forget about that! now the europeans, they are trying to get a deal with iran. the savages, what we need is clear. don't show us antiwar's. iranian people are facing guns and bullets appear they are showing anger to the rest of the world and telling them right now, cut your relation with iranian regime. and record all the ambassadors from european. shut down the ambassadors. you are trying to bury human rights. in a sense, people are being brutally killed in the streets, but at the same time, western feminists, female politicians, if you cannot me. they wear hijab and axing with
11:41 am
our murders. we call on the western politicians from european parliament, foreign minister with a big smile with our murders. a job loss. all the famous politicians from germany, and eye is your turn. take action! record your ambassador. and make a video and make an apology for arena government people getting killed for fighting for freedom and dignity wanting to choose what they want to work. in america, a woman chant "my body my choice" around the world they show solidarity. but in my country when women say "my body, my choice" they are being killed. now finally we are being heard. a lot of actors and a lot of celebrity showing solidarity. that i call on you, please call feminists global movement to take to the streets and show
11:42 am
action to support my sister's. >> gillian: we have to leave it there but as always, it is a very illuminating speaking to you. thank you. >> thank you so much for having me. >> john: very personal on an important issue. the midterms year before you know it. control of congress a toss-up and who better to help us navigate it all than... the man with a white board, down in austin, texas, karl rove is comingof d up next. ♪ ♪ plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental.
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♪ ♪ >> we watched children with lost learning left behind. that is what happens with the democrats because the end control washington. >> john: the top republican in the health stating he and his party will make a point to put parents back in the classroom. education in america a hot topic with less than seven weeks to go before they cast their ballots to decide who will control congress and the next two years. let's bring it karl rove's deputy white house of chief of staff and fox news contributor. the fox power rankings for the midterms are getting tighter and i'm wondering, what does the whiteboard say about what voters are looking for? are they looking for the democrats argument about abortion january 6th or the republicans bread-and-butter
11:48 am
issues, public safety, educational and constitutional freedoms? tell us what they are looking for? >> well the polls are consistently showing the economic issues dominate abortion. abortion had impact on the democratic women's enthusiasm about democrat voting for democrats and president biden's approval rating. but pretty consistently, the economy ended up being the top issue, which is pretty very problematic for democrats. take a look of the nbc poll. which party is better able to handle the issue of the economy? republicans. 47, democrats 28, that is a 19-point gap, that is the biggest gap for either party since this question was first asked by the nbc poll in 1991. also problematic for the democrats is, the issue of border. 56% say that republicans do a better job on border security and order, the southwestern border. 20% say democrats.
11:49 am
that is a 36-point margin. this question has only been asked by mpc starting last october but again, the biggest pure crime, a advantage, republicans 45-4223 advantage and this question again largest gap for either party since this question first asked in 1993. so, if the economy dominates the issues between now and november, the republicans have a decided advantage on it. it looks like the economy will be the dominant issue. >> john: okay when things republicans have not had so far, the democrats whacking them on abortion january the 6th during the summer months. the republicans didn't have much to answer with. is this commitment to america the unified message that they need to take and write over the next several weeks? >> i think it is because if your aunt talking about something, people are turning about what the other side's talking about. you are right. the republicans have been behind
11:50 am
the eight ball. and even if they want to talk about inflation from august 8th for about the next four or five weeks, the political discussion dominated by the former presidents documents that mar-a-lago and the fbi raid retrieval. so that is now starting to diminish. the question is the next seven weeks, will the republicans have the discipline to stay focused on the issue of the economy and inflation? because that is going to be the key. democrats will continue to beat the abortion vote. the abortion decision, but i'm not certain how critical that will be to the vote unless and until there is a republican who says "no abortions, no exceptions and doesn't take the easy way out which is you know what i'm running for the u.s. congress." the supreme court said it should be left to the states. >> john: joe biden on "60 minutes" it remains to be seen if he will run for
11:51 am
reelection in 2024. it remains whether the democrats want them to peer the speaker the house nancy pelosi, listen to what she said. >> president biden is the president of the united states. he did a great service to our country. he defeated donald trump. that's not forget that. i'm not going into politics about whether the president should or should not run. >> john: how do we interpret that? nice guy but as to whether he will run, i will not say. >> look, we've had a number of poles. there was one post 24% of voters wanted president biden to run again and 76 percent did not. no one was undecided on the question and another poll 25% wanted him to run and 75 percent did not. no one was undecided on it. there is a brand-new poll the last 24 hours, 25% of voters wanted him to run. only 38% of democrats. look, let's not kid ourselves the president of the united states can say he will make a decision and i am
11:52 am
planning on running et cetera, et cetera et cetera but the american people made up their mind pure they will not want too already has difficulty handling the job or at least handling the public part of it. the democrats will have a wide-open contest and probably good for the country, probably good for the democratic party. but let's not kid ourselves. nancy pelosi simply pronouncing with the rest of us know, which is president biden will not be the nominee for the democratic party in 2024. >> john: prominent democrats and what they might do if he says "no, i will not run." gavin newsom front and center. carl, always great to see you. >> thank you, john, all the best. >> john: thank you for helping us keep it real. >> gillian: stocks are sinking and the dow jones and bear market territory. fox business susan li has the details, hi susan. we are down 20% from a recent piece of the dow jones and the dow jones s&p 500 the benchmarks for the lowest closer since
11:53 am
november 2020. that virtually wipes out the gains for the last two years and several factors at play we have wall street at its highest fear quotient since three months or so and as you mentioned the ukraine war having impact and forced jerome powell and the government reserved to be clear of this week. a new reality on wall street that says they will try to bring down inflation forty-year high inflation with the highest interest rates we have seen in a long time here that is why you are getting the highest yield on 10-year with 12.5 years and also fedex. more companies with a global recession. federal express down 30% this month, the worst month for them since 2018. there is really a new stark reality of wall street that we could be lower, goldman sachs could drop another 4% with the s&p 500. facebook, meta lowest in weeks and that could creep into the jobs market and a hiring freeze
11:54 am
across the silicon valley right now, eyes. >> gillian: susan li in the new york newsroom, thank you, john. >> john: investigators in georgia to put the pieces together after 59-year-old mother was brutally murdered. the senior national correspondent william la jeunesse has the latest. this is particularly gruesome case. what are you hearing from officials in georgia? >> just moments ago, john, more questions than answers. the answers obtained by subpoena is now just getting test results. dna and that kind of thing. they are checking out several documents. so here is what we know. the family reported 59-year-old debbie collier missing septembe. the next day they find her than 60 miles away from her home on a high whale, chi way of rule georgia unlocked and empty. the police tried to track her cell phone but sirius xm finds a car radio signal satellite engaged with the police and according to the report. the police they were partially burned, naked body was found on
11:55 am
a blue tarp grasping a tree and a red person nearby. the investigators believe whoever is responsible attempted to burn her body. >> burning her body, carrying it down a ravine, trying to burn it giving up halfway through. they've got a tarp, a tote bag down there. they had to create a fire pier that is what we call staging. and it tells me, this is not random. >> fox 5 in atlanta said debbie colliers wire transferred $2300 from her husband's account to her daughter. the message with the transfers says they won't let me go. there is a key to the house underneath the flower pot. locals don't appreciate the attention. i just hope that people are safe and stop burning their stuff up here. to be honest with you. keep it where you are from. if you don't have good
11:56 am
intentions, we don't want you up here. >> the police have interviewed relevance, residents but no suspect in right now no motive. >> john: wow come up as our case but hopefully they will develop a suspect soon. william la jeunesse. >> gillian: this is bizarre dramatic new video, california mother faked her own kidnapping. the very moment cobbs confronted her about it. senior correspondent laura ingle in the new york newsroom with the details, hi, laura. >> this case continues to be more and more bizarre. she kept her story going even through the confrontation in that police investigation room. the interrogation room as well. she was sobbing and crying with detectives when they dropped the bombshell that they had found dna evidence belonging to the person that she said she was with instead of the person who held her captive, which is not the people that she said kidnapped her. instead, the dna belonging to an ex-boyfriend.
11:57 am
we had some video of the interrogation room from the video august 15, 2020, just made public and shows the mother of two coping question while sitting next to her husband who had been supportive through it all. but vanished november 2nd, 2016 while out on the run. after a significant multistate search to find her, she showed up three weeks later with a chain around her waist, walking on a county road in northern california on thanksgiving with claims that two hispanic women had kidnapped her, kept her in a closet, starter amber handed her. after collecting victim compensation fund and running for years, the detectives discover the truth after tracking down james reyes, her ex-boyfriend in southern california. they tested dna evidence in his house and put through a polygraph test and laid out step-by-step that asked her to pick her up, brand her body and break her nose to make it look like she was kidnapped. listen.
11:58 am
he passed a polygraph test. it is not an objection. she asked me to come here. >> no. >> no. he drove his car to pick her up. he passed the polygraph test. if that is not what happen what did happen, sharon? i don't know. i don't know. there is no way. there is no way. there is no way. >> gillian: and eventually pled guilty to days later. her husband filed for divorce. and agreed to a plea deal and sentenced this week to 18 months in prison. this is the first time we are getting a look at that video and it's also on >> gillian: wow, laura ingle thanks for breaking it down for us, john. >> john: backlash over biden's attack on republicans getting louder after the murder of a teenager in north dakota. the police say was motivated by political hatred. the suspect on the right accused of mowing down the team that
11:59 am
left his car. the teen was part of republican extremist group. kentucky senator rand paul talking to fox news digital's saying "words can have violent consequences. president biden needs to realize his vilification of his opponents is inflaming some of the supporters to violence." as a victim of political violence both sides need to recognize the rhetoric. president biden took a lot of heat following his speech on what the white house called a battle for the soul of america. after so-called maga republicans accusing of threatening the foundations of democracy anchoring many among the 74 million people who voted. the former president trump. >> gillian: shameless or smart, you get to be the judge. this video posted on tiktok a woman disguised as an elementary school child as a baby. she put the good in a stroller and everything just to avoid paying the entry fee. once inside the park, the kid as you can see is pulled out of the stroller. we got to point out that a one-day ticket to disney world
12:00 pm
ranges from $109 to $159 depending on what day you go there. spain went in chain yes, i'm not sure, but when you look at the dow jones the lower hand right up your screen, more people might be pulling that off becaue their 401(k) plural as quickly or draining. >> $160 is a lot for the day. i hear trace gallagher is and for martha. good to see you, have a great weekend, here is trace. >> martha: thank you. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. we're an hour away from the closing bell on a day the dow dropping to a new 2022 low. dipping now in to bear market. this is something that we haven't seen since the early days of the pandemic. with 46 days until the mid-terms, that could shift the balance of power in d.c. president biden did not address the markets at a dnc event in washington just a short time ago.


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