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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 23, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that. >> tyrus: phenomenal catch he set the bar so high for himself now. he can't drop anything. >> judge jeanine: if he is not that good everyone will be disappointed. >> harold: can't complain. >> jesse: you had a lot of money on that game. lots of money. >> judge jeanine: it did hurt. >> jesse: that's it for us. "special report" is not up next with bret baier. have great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington i'm bret baier. breaking tonight a massive sell off on wall street with investors running for the hills following another interest rate hike and deepening worries about inflation and recession which may or may not have begun. the dow 486 staging a slight comeback before closing lost 65 the nasdaq fell 199. for the week the dow gave back 4 percentage points. the s&p 500 dropped four and two thirds. the nasdaq was down 5. what about all of this connell mcshane of fox business joins
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us now from new york. good evening, connell. >> good evening, bret. the dow after four downed days in a row now finds itself at lowest level since november of 2020. now, investors have pretty much concluded at this point as interest rates rise that the economy will have trouble growing. not just here in the u.s. but all around the world. one of those days on wall street where it was sell first and ask questions later in a friday session. all the worries seem to be magnified right now in the minds of investors from the war in ukraine to the energy crisis in europe. but, really more than anything, it's the higher interest rates that we are seeing in the u.s. but also in places like britain, sweden, switzerland and norway. the day started with a report showing a sharp decline in european economic activity, which raises the risk of recession over there and the new government in the u.k. led by prime minister liz truss now unveiled a plan for tax cuts that really was not well received by investors who
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expressed concern about the impact on inflation and interest rates. here in new york, the dow dropped into what would have been considered a bear market during of the session. that's a 20% drop from a recent high. buff it did barely manage to avoid that distinction by bouncing back a bit before the close. energy related companies, the likes of x on noble halliburton those were among the worst performers today. that's because oil prices continue to fall on concerns about demand. which, when you think about it is really concern about recession. and more than anything else, that's what's hanging over this market right now. bret? >> bret: connell, thank you. with just 46 days to go until the november midterm elections. making the case to take control of their chamber of commerce. their leader outlined the agenda today and it is a throw back to a successful campaign from almost 30 years ago. correspondent alexandria hoff is in pennsylvania with what the g.o.p. is calling its commitment to america. good evening, alex.
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>> good evening, bret. yeah. and the location for this roll-out was intentional. it took place at a manufacturing manufacturing facility south of pittsburgh in washington county, pennsylvania. and republican leader kevin mccarthy, he said that that's to show that this plan benefits this kind of washington and not elected leaders in washington, d.c. >> your next house republican majority. >> 30 republican house members joined minority leader kevin mccarthy to formally make their pitch to the american people. >> it's a commitment to america. >> promising if republicans can gain control of the house come november, legislation will be waiting to remedy what mccarthy sees as democrat led failures. >> they control the house, the senate, the white house. they control the committees, they control the agencies. it's their plan. but they have no plan to fix all the problems they've created. >> he says the commitment to america plan is the solution. it rests on four pillars an economy that's strong, a nation that's safe, a future built on freedom and a government that's
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accountable. today president biden offered a response to this morning's rollout. >> we didn't hear them mention the right to choose. we didn't hear them mention medicare. we didn't hear them mention social security. >> not far from where america was being pitched. >> 20 or so miles you may know about better. >> house majority leader steny hoyer called the plan vegas. platform isn't new asg as slogans are short on details which is usually the case. >> in terms of specifics, house republicans offered these. >> house republicans will immediately ensure that we hire 200,000 more police officers across this country. >> when someone comes over and there is no law enforcement, all it does is encourage more people to come over. we have to end catch and release because on our very first bill, we're going to repeal 87,000 irs agents. >> republican house members also say the plan is unifying the conference ahead of the midterms. >> we got people that had different approaches all the way
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from dave joyce to marjorie taylor green but we are all united behind kevin mccarthy. >> republicans hope that this commitment to america will have a similar effect as the 1994 contract with america where republicans won a decades long battle to control the house. bret? >> bret: alex, thank you. president biden addressed one of his core support groups today as he tries to prevent republicans from taking away the democratic majorities in congress. of the president telling union teachers democracy cannot survive a g.o.p. win in november. he took great exception to the just unveiled republican commitment to america agenda. but he remains vague on some of the key issues. white house peter doocy shows us tonight. >> president biden has been involved in education policy for decades. >> we go back a long way. >> and today he addressed america's largest labor union the national education association. >> i'm going to talk about more
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than just the nea today. >> that union, the nea, is accused of favoring the needs of teachers over students. one former nea member said this summer they are not just trying to change culture, they are trying to change what it means to be human. they have no ability to tolerate somebody who doesn't agree with them. to that end, the nea invested more than $140,000 in opposition research on parents groups that challenge the union. research a group of republican senators alikenned to an enemies list. at a summer conference where that $140,000 was approved. the vice president praised the union. >> the president and i are counting on you to help us move forward as a nation. just as nea has done throughout its history. >> president biden didn't get specific about education policy today, focusing on abortion. >> 166 house republicans have signed on to a bill that would
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ban abortion nationwide. the press secretary then characterized the planner like this. >> that would put doctors in jail for providing women with essential healthcare. >> but, as white house officials rally against a g.o.p. backed limit on abortions after 15 weeks, white house officials can't say what the president's position is. >> as you know, kevin mccarthy put out the g.o.p. agenda. >> i'm not asking about kevin mccarthy and joe biden and his position on abortion. how many weeks? >> peter, i'm asking your question. what republicans are trying to do is take us backwards. >> peter: liberal activists have been saying they think their side is more energized ever since roe v. wade was struck down. but despite all that apparent energy, no specifics, no details about terminating a pregnancy and what this president supports just about what he doesn't. wreath?
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>> >> bret: i have seen the back and forth there. did you go back again? was there any acknowledgment of weeks? >> peter: no, no acknowledgment of weeks. she said she answered my question. but her answer was just about their strong opinions of republican policy, no, sir about what the president supports. and what i will try again the next time that i'm in there to drill down on, if republicans support of limit on abortion after 15 weeks does president biden support any limits. that was my first question today. i will try again, bret. >> live on the north lawn, peter, thank you, let's bring in the anchor of "fox news sunday," also our chief legal correspondent, shannon bream. good evening, shannon. >> good to see you. >> bret: we are coming up on yet another possible fiscal cliff here as congress hinds us debates the spending. you have senator joe manchin, a democrat from west virginia on "fox news sunday," he is right again in the middle of this. >> you talked to him not long
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ago about this. not many weeks down the road. he is taking it from the left and the right. the left says this side deal that he came up with that got his vote that the democrats needed for the so-called inflation reduction act, they are not going to vote for it. they said why should we give him a sweetheart political deal. political pay back. then you have mounting voices on the left in the house and the senate. the progressive who was say we don't like what's in this deal. we don't like speeding up permitting for oil and gas leases. we think it's bad for the environment. so, he has a lot of people to corral left and right if he wants to get enough votes move forward. >> we have seen these cliffs before where suddenly miraclely in a back door room some deal gets done. is that what you heard on capitol hill. >> i talked with senator capito and barrasso their offices about what they're offering. they say we have a very similar measure. it's separate and apart. it wouldn't be tied to the funding measure. let's get that done separately. you know, what he would be willing to do that? would democrats be willing to go through that? there are differences.
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staffers are going through the different plans to see what the difference is there are significant differences that we have seen so far. >> bret: meantime money being debated for code relief up there still. even house speaker nancy pelosi to our own chad pergram tweeted out said today that the emergency provision of remote voting will continue because of the pandemic. this obviously just days after the president said. >> right. pandemic is over. so, apparently the pandemic is not over when it comes to getting more government funding and proxy voting. one analysis i looked at said 72% of the proxy voting was done by democrats. so they are taking some heat here. it's a big election year for them. and many of them would prefer to be at home. they would prefer to be campaigning. some have been caught on vacation when they're proxy voting as well. it's raising some eyebrows especially on the heels of what the president is to say. >> bret: senator joe manchin. >> congresswoman elise stefanik. why they think it will lock in the midterm vote for them.
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>> bret: jacqui. >> russia, iran, israel, ukraine and china a lot to talk about. >> bret: "fox news sunday" this weekend. >> see you then. >> bret: shannon, thanks. midterm spotlight races contest for the top job in kansas. take you there. some of our fox affiliates covering tonight. fox 5 in new york where mayor eric adams announces new tent cities to house the growing number of migrants. two humanitarian emergency response and relief centers opened in the coming weeks. new york has been scrambling to find ways to house migrants that have been bused in texas. fox 11 in los angeles where school officials say they will make the anti-overdose medication narcan available at all campuses by mid october. it is the response to recent fentanyl overdoses by students, including the death of a 5-year-old girl in a hollywood school bathroom. and this is a live look fox 4 one of the big stories there everyone's favorite 55-foot tall
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♪ >> bret: music gets you fired up. in tonight's midterm spotlight we look at three toss-up states where education may be a key issue. in nevada, republicans are hoping to flip the governor's seat in a highly contested race. real clear politics joe lombardo holding 1.5 lead over incumbent governor steve sisolak. lombardo education central highlighting school closures under sisolak's tenure. in new mexico michelle lujan grist ham has a 6.5 lead over republican nominee mark. former tv meteorologist has been
3:18 pm
receiving campaign help from g.o.p. heavy hitters hoping to flip the state florida governor ron desantis campaigned there in recent weeks discussing cody mandates and education as well as virginia governor glenn youngkin focused his campaign on education and school issues. he will hit the trail for ron chety in coming weeks hold off derek schmidt. garrett tenney has a preview there. >> i will never apologize for protecting the lives of our children. >> democratic kansas governor laura kelly isn't backing down from controversial decision to be the first governor in the nation to close schools for the rest of the year in 2020. she is now locked in one of the tightest gubernatorial races in the country against republican state attorney general derek schmidt in a race where education could be the deciding factor. >> this governor has done more
3:19 pm
damage to more of our kids than any other leader in the history of the state of kansas. and now we are dealing with the consequences on the back end. >> governor kelly is touting her work with the g.o.p. controlled legislature to get schools fully funded and turning the states finances around from the $350 million short fall brownback left office in 2018. the kids are back school. our economy is thriving. our unemployment rate is the lowest it's ever been. kansas is in good shape. >> what good does it do to fully fund schools if you turn around and lock the children out of them? >> registered republicans in kansas outnumber democrats by more than two to one in most precincts. so turnout will be key in this race that is drawing national attention with big name g.o.p. governors like florida's ron desantis and virginia's glenn youngkin stumping for schmidt this week. >> this is the republican base. this is the people that derek
3:20 pm
schmidt needs to have fired up to make sure that they come out and vote, especially in what looks like to be a very close election. >> two years ago, former president trump won kansas by 15 points. so this race has been one of the top targets for republicans ever since. >> bret: dr. mehmet oz is getting a clean bill of health from his own doctor. oz releasing his medical records as he continues to pressure nominee john fetterman who release his records as he recovers from the stroke. the 62-year-old oz's new york based doctor pronounces him in excellent health. up next, ukrainians in one section of that country are voting whether to become part of russia while many people there are calling it a sham election. we will bring you there. first, beyond our borders tonight, rucker fiona pounded bermuda with heavy rains and winds forecast approach
3:21 pm
northeastern tonight. the canadian hurricane center issued hurricane watch nova scotia, prince edward island and newfoundland. pakistan is deploying thousands of additional doctors and pair medicine particular dicks in the worst flood spread of disease, officials say there have been more than 300 fatalities among flood victims due to disease since july. and thailand's government says it will lift an emergency decree it imposed in march of 2020 to battle coronavirus. on october 1st, foreign visitors will no longer be required to show proof of being vaccinated and people found to be infected will no longer need to quarantine in thailand. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: iranian tv says the death toll from protests across that country could be 26. demonstrations sparked by the death of a young woman in police custody as we have been tell you over the past few days iran disrupted internet access to the outside world and tightened restrictions on popular platforms used to organize rallies such as instagram and what's app. ukrainian officials say 436 bodies have been exhumed from a mass burial sight of 30 have signs of torture. voting is underway in ukraine one part on whether the occupied regions should become part of russia. the west is condemning the referendums as illegitimate and rigged attempt by moscow to annex areas east and south after seven months of war.
3:28 pm
chief national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon. >> armed russian troops arrived at residents doors in the occupied regions of luhansk, donetsk, kherson and zaporizhzhia forcing fearful ukrainians to cast their votes in a shammed referendum asking if they want to become part of russia, taking the names of those who voted against moscow's wishes. this as most of the 215 ukrainian pows arrived back home after being released as part of a prisoner swap calling their families and describing their torture. >> this ukrainian sutherland soldier called his mom, a ukrainian musician who became famous in photo while defending the steel plant showed signs of starvation after being released from russian captivity. scenes of desperate con scripts fleeing russia caused miles long traffic jams on roads leading to georgia and kazakhstan and finland announced it would close its border. >> i feel sorry for those who
3:29 pm
are forced to fight against their will. any sane person in russia we strongly oppose. this. >> inside in recruiting station, a russian officer tells angry recruits to stop complaining that's it. play time is over. you are soldiers now. young military conscripts were caught off guard. this father in the far eastern town says goodbye to his son dmitry. a student handed his orders and told to board a bus before his mother had time to come and say goodbye. his father hugged him and told him to be careful. putin had prom misted that students would be exempt from conscription, unnamed russian officials say putin plans to call up 1.2 million russian con scripts. bret? >> bret: jen, secretary of state antony blinken met with his chinese court part at the u.n. today as a new report shows how china recruited scientists to work at america's premier
3:30 pm
nuclear lab. what do we know about that? >> that's right, bret a new intelligence report from strider technology documents how china recruited more than 154 chinese scientist who worked at los alamos laboratory. top secret lab where nuclear weapons were first developed. some of these scientists were paid up to $1 million through chinese talent programs to return to china. they ended up working on key chinese military programs like hypersonic missiles and state of the art drones. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. let's bring in house foreign affairs committee chairman gregory meeks of new york. mr. chairman, thanks for the time. >> good to be with you, bret. >> bret: i want to take you to russia and the fallout of the war from ukraine. how do you see from your perch vladimir putin at this time? do you think we will start to see further crackdowns, uprisings, because of the war in ukraine? >> we certainly hope so and i think we are starting to see that now as the russia
3:31 pm
propaganda starts to disseminate right in front of them because people can see from their own eyes about social media and et cetera what has taken place. you see protests building. he is trying to recruit these individuals not from moscow or st. petersburg. is he trying to go to the far outskirts of those towns so that folks don't get to know the truth. if the truth needs -- continues to be revealed. i think you will see and my hope that the russian people stand up. and that's why you see men particularly and women also lining up at the airport right now trying to get out of there because of they know they could be sent to death with this russian army that troops are being killed on a regular basis because of the strong fight that the ukrainians are putting up. >> bret: s "the washington post" writes private warnings to russia nuclear weapon. the biden administration sending messages to moscow about the grave consequences that would follow the use of a nuclear
3:32 pm
weapon in ukraine. have you been briefed about those communications? >> well, i can't tell you, you know, what i have been briefed on in that regard because classified. but can i tell you that the president is resolved. this country is resolved. can i tell you that the congress is united. my committee of which we are closely aligned to make sure that there would be strong consequences if there is any type of community control larr weapon by russia. that kind of message is being communicated directly with the russians to know that there will be severe consequences for the utilization of any type of nuclear weapon. >> bret: let me take to you iran. nationwide protests. we have been growing on them. critics are saying that the biden administration could be speaking out more to support these protests on the ground but that perhaps, the administration may be holdings its collective tongue because it's still
3:33 pm
nuclear deal is that how you see it. >> not at all. can i tell you right now there is no movement with the nuclear deal president biden has refused to move some items that the iranians want. like moving the iranian revolutionary military guard from the agreement. what is happening and the only research that the president is looking at this agreement and removing and not going to give in to iranians is to try to prevent the iranians from having a nuclear weapon. that's the key not taking place right now because right now it's at a pause, but the whole idea here is to prevent iran from having nuclear weapons. we know that now we don't have any eyes on them. we know that if they did, and they have now a more uranium enriched that could give them at least one bomb. so we have got to get our eyes
3:34 pm
back in there we have got to get the uranium out of there. so that we can make sure that that does not happen alternative will be going to war and we hope had there can be an agreement to prevent war but it's up to the iranian people now or the iranian -- i should say it's not the people but the ayatollah to determine whether or not they will agree with the agreement that was put on -- to agree with the terms of the agreement that the united states allies and the united states have put up and put forth. >> let me play this for you. this is the iranian president on "60 minutes." >> are you open to a meeting with president biden, a face-to-face. >> >> i don't believe having a meeting or talk with him will be beneficial. we cannot trust the americans. >> so why should we, the u.s.,
3:35 pm
trust the iranians when it comes to either an iran nuclear deal or what we are witnessing with these crackdowns on these protests? >> well, we are not trusting the iranians. that's the whole idea. we want to make sure that we have the eyes what that program is. when we were in the deal. we knew exactly what they were doing. we had cameras there that had been removed when we were out of the deal. we knew exactly how long it would take them and at that time it was 1 to 16 months away from being able to have the kind of ukraine -- >> bret: uranium. >> uranium material so that they can build this nuclear weapon without eyes. we don't know. with the inspections and 24 hour, 24/7 watching what they are doing. we have more control and prevent
3:36 pm
them from having a nuclear weapon and that'sth whole idea nothing do with trying to appease them or have some kind of deal or talk to them that regard. the only thing it has to do is prevent them from having a nuclear weapon. >> bret: let me take you to the upcoming midterm election. a lot of polls obviously flying at us as we get closer and closer. which party would do a better job on various issues. republicans leading significantly on border security, crime, the economy. abortion. when you look at that are you concerned considering the economy and crime and immigration frankly are big concerns in a lot of the country. >> there is a lot of concerns throughout the country but, no, i'm not. because when i look at what democrats have done and i have looked at what president biden had promised. we see that those promises that met are promises that's kept. that's what he made with the american people. things that interested them. despite the fact that we have come out of this pandemic when
3:37 pm
we were in the pandemic worked hard with the cares program to make sure individuals who were suffering from and dying from the pandemic would get the kind of aid that they needed to get them through it. we have done that then when you look at the bipartisan infrastructure bill, when you look at what we just passed the reduction the inflation reduction act. pac act for the military. when you look at how we are fighting and moving together just yesterday congress voted to make sure that we do help our local police, et cetera, to -- with dollars so that they can firm themselves up. those things we are creating jobs. you know, when you think about the chips act. >> let me ask you about the police thing quickly, mr. chairman. when some members of the squad oppose that police bill. does that hurt democrats? you had the cbc chair joyce beatty say it came a long way. she endorsed it but you had
3:38 pm
others speaking out against it and obviously republicans using the defund the policeman that that was big over the past months and years in the squad on capitol hill. >> all i can say about that is you might have had four democrats that voted against it you had over 68 republicans that voted against it. so, you know, if you just look at the numbers. so overwhelmingly 98%, 99% of democrats voted for it substantially more republicans voted against it. that speaks for itself. >> bret: do you think it will get through. >> i do. i think pass in the senate and get it on the president's desk and the president will sign it. >> bret: mr. chairman, we appreciate your time as always. >> thank you for having me. >> bret: up next go, inside a morgue one of the busiest spots along the border to see the ramifications of illegal crisis there. ♪
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>> bret: multiple federal sources hit and run death of a florida deputy is believed to be in the country illegally. michael hart wick was killed in largo, florida last night. weighs providing security at construction site when he was struck by a front loader.
3:44 pm
the driver fled the scene. the suspect was captured after nine hour manhunt. governor desantis' office tells fox news it is being investigated to see illegal immigrants using fraudulent information to obtain employment with contractors there. tonight another fox news exclusive from the southern border. we go inside one of the busiest morgues in the region. overwhelmed by the deaths of illegal immigrants. correspondent alexis mcadams has report from eagle pass, texas. a warning here some of the images in this report may be graphic. >> another day at the web county medical examiner's office in laredo, texas. the small morgue now one of the busiest along the southern border. at nearly every day the team wheels in another migrant body adding to the more than 300 they have already pro-processed so far this year. >> it is a crisis. i have labeled it. there you go. we're in the middle of a crisis. >> dr. stern has been a medical
3:45 pm
examiner in texas for more than 20 years. not all of the border counties have an m.e. so he serves nearly a dozen. had to stop accessible migrant cases because there is no more room. >> it is full. i currently have not a single space in that cooler. >> it's a graphic and a grim reality at the southern border. a warning for viewers that these images may be difficult to see. this man from mexico was found dead out on a ranch in web county. the medical examiner fingerprinted and documented the death. >> with nowhere to send these bodies. makeshift cemeteries are popping up near the border. these plot these crosses. >> every single one of them was prevent. >> cpd sources tell fox news that more than 3,000 migrants died while trying to cross into the u.s. since the beginning of last fiscal year. while the crisis rages off heart felt warning from the doctor who knows just how deadly this
3:46 pm
journey is. >> don't listen to what the coyotes are telling you. they can care less if you make that journey safely. >> and, bret, those crossings go on 24 hours a day seven days a week here at the southern border. just to tell you how busy it is, just yesterday within a 24 hour period i saw agents pull two bodies out of the rio grande river behind me and migrant deaths are continuing to surge as the crossing continue. bret? >> bret: so sad. alexis mcadams, eagle pass, texas. thanks. tonight we take a look at latest fox nation documentary sear years the unauthorized history of socialism volume ii. one of the most interesting questions we asked considering why all of the failures around the world socialism remains so attractive to many people in america and around the world. here is just some of what we learned. >> there is no doubt that that the socialism of 21st century america is different from the socialism imagined by marx and ingles almost 200 years ago.
3:47 pm
at it root its appeal is still the same the idea that human beings could be remade. the solution to society's largest and most vexing problems lie in the realm of government. >> certainly, it's insinuated itself into the media and to universities and to government even into corporate booed rooms. but i don't think in the long run they will win because it's essentially an anti human, anti-individual, anti-american agenda. >> bret: you can learn much more by watching the unauthorized history of socialism volume 2. again, it's streaming on fox nation as is the first original unauthorized history. up next, the panel on the g.o.p.'s commitment to america plan. plus, winners and losers ♪
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>> if we win control, we need to know for ourselves what we're going to do. we don't need to spend six months hangings around the city waiting for the city to give us its instructions. >> whether you can afford it, whether you feel safe, the challenge of your children getting left behind or a government that's run amok. who has a plan to change that course? we do. on that very first day that we are sworn in, you will see that
3:53 pm
it all changes. >> this november, you have to choose between a nation of hope, unity and optimism or a nation of fear, division and darkness. >> bret: pushback commitment to america g.o.p. agenda rolled out today. saying today's rollout latest house republicans wholehearted commitment to maga going all in on extremist agenda designed to greatly diminish america wants health, freedom and security. let's bring in our panel kimberley strassel member of the he would toler board at the "wall street journal." ben domenech editor-at-large host of the ben dom 9/11 and marie hamp former state department spokesman under president obama. tried to come up with something tangible like newt gingrich 1994. does this selling? >> i think it does sell. gives republicans something to talk about that is trying to reset kind of their agenda in the run-up to november for the
3:54 pm
fall. they want to be talking about these issues of the economy, of taxation of inflation, of crime the border and other issues. and they want to be able to point to something that says what they would be able to do in a blocking maneuver at least, of course, you know, the problem is for them that everything else going on around this around this for years president biden today specifically talking about the economy and inflation failed the maga republican and economy. we also confronted a global pandemic and putin's war in ukraine. and that's driven the global inflation we see today. >> bret: i just want to unpack that for a second. the failed trump economy and pandemic and ukraine war caused inflation. "new york post" the average american has lost $4,200 in
3:55 pm
annual income since president biden took office. entirely wiping out gains made under the trump administration. so it's kind of tough to put that sentence together. >> president biden is right that inflation is not an american phenomenon. it's happening all over the globe and that is because of covid. the continued supply chain interruptions and other things related to covid. war of ukraine. on the campaign trail, i don't think you will hear democrats leaning into that administration and democrats in congress negotiated for cheaper prescription drugs. so i think what he said was true. but the message on the campaign trail is going to be more tailored to american voters and on the other side. i think democrats today feel like they heard a lot of platitudes and ideas but not a lot of specifics and are going to be talking about things like abortion and women's health, things that republicans didn't talk about today that was noticeably absent.
3:56 pm
>> obviously we talked about earlier peter doocy tried to get some abo specifics about the abortion issues that they were not going down that road. kimberly, your thoughts? >> first of all, keep this number in mind, bret. 1.6%. that was the inflation rate when joe biden took office. so i don't think he can blame it on the trump economy. i think this is good that the republican plan also because of the way it was put together, you know, in the end, they -- disseminated this out to a number of different committees, seven of them, panels that came up with all of these ideas. there are actually a lot of specifics underlying the proposal. something like 150 in the end that are behind this agenda. and i think especially if you are an independent voter out there, the republican base is pretty excited to come out so far. but, there's a lot of people that are going to be on the fence. they are looking at this party saying, you know, is this still donald trump's party? is this a free market party? what is it?
3:57 pm
this is an attempt for the republicans to define themselves. >> bret: also seeing crime and immigration tick up and even some other networks are starting to cover the border. >> yes. they actually are starting to pay attention. isn't that interesting? one other aspect of this i think we should appreciate. it was kind of a signal that kevin mccarthy is going to lead in a very different way in terms of running the congress than perhaps other republican predecessors have. he seems to be someone who is much more interested in collaborating with the entire body and with all of the people within his conference. as opposed to just laying down the law from on high. >> bret: winner and loser, marie? >> winner of the week was serial podcast popular podcast exposed some real injustices in our criminal justice system and succeeded in getting someone who was behind bars for years out of jail this week. and my loser was lindsey graham. he is trying to force a national abortion ban debate on the republican party. voters don't want that and the republican party doesn't want
3:58 pm
that debate. is he in the hot seat this week. all right, kim, winner and loser. >> winner senate republicans who blocked the disclose act, a bill that democrats said would be about campaign finance but really would have teed up donors for intimidation and my loser is new york attorney general letitia james. not for filing her lawsuit against donald trump but for campaigning on a promise to do so before she even did any investigation which really undermines any faith in that product now. pumpkin spice lovers everywhere sur runding us. >> bret: it's coming. pumpkin spice is here. panel, thank you. ♪ >> bret: hi there time for "notable quotables." >> the pandemic is offer. >> he was very clear in his "60
3:59 pm
minutes" interview that, you know, covid remains a problem. >> going to start a campaign to make sure he runs again because i know we will win the presidency in '24. >> those who suggest being pro-life is losing politics, i reject that. >> a women's right to choose a central feature is eliminating abortions once and for all. >> the governors at the border are trying to play political games. >> biggest stunt was biden coming into office and reversing trump's policies. >> we are filing a lawsuit against donald trump for violating the law as part of his efforts to generate profits. >> if you are the president of the united states, you can declassify just by saying it's declassified even by thinking about it. >> our projections today is that inflation moves down, you know, significantly over the course of next year and then more the next year after that. >> we have to work together to get things done. >> it's amazing what can you do when you get off social media and you start talking, communicating with one another
4:00 pm
because there is common ground. >> mr. president, you are the oldest president ever. >> pretty good shape, eh? >> bret: one week. monday on "special report," we will talk with the pakistani foreign minister about a hopes of topics. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. make it a great weekend. "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. hey, jesse. >> hey, the pakistani foreign minister. >> bret: not scott baio. >> jesse: thanks, bret, have a good one. >> bret: see you. ♪ ♪ >> is it just me or do you feel like you are always busy between running to work, picking up the kids or cleaning the house we are always on the move. no gas, no break no commotion, you lose focus on the little things. i said it before and i will say it again. life moves pretty fast. you don't stop and loo