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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 23, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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all the time left for us. thank you for tuning in. thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." in the meantime let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, "the ingraham angle" is next. have a great weekend. see you back your own monday. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. thanks for joining us. america in decline, thus the focus of tonight's angle. the dow just cratered again today. gas prices, they are heading back up, recession is a certainty. that means layoffs are just in time for the holiday season. by the way, you're edging closer to a direct war with russia. for the guy in charge hold is that mean. >> he has turned it around. legislative victories, lower prices at the gas pumps, the
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extremism of the republican party. the turning point for biden was the speech he gave a few weeks ago. really need a referendum on the republicans, some of these semifascist -- it's starting to pay off. >> seeing progress, perhaps rewards for some of the legislation passed. >> look at whether biden administration is accomplished. bipartisan infrastructure deal, inflation reduction act, the chips and science act. it's all about the economy. >> laura: they are spinning so fast their heads are going to fly right off. the economy is in dire straits. here is the truth. >> we have the diode dropping below 30,000. below its june lows. the dow and s&p are now both below their june lows. >> nasdaq certainly already there. down 22%. about 30% year-to-date. that we are slipping into something pretty bad. the dowel very close just about at their market -- bear market
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territory. >> pretty bleak picture. >> there is good news. >> tell me about domino's pizza. they got an upgrade. >> one of the top performers in the s&p. >> laura: let them eat pizza. meanwhile, goldman sachs is downgrading its growth estimates by 16%. bank of america's warning of a crash on the bond market side. and gas prices have stopped declining. another bellwether for the tumult we are all facing come of this one fedex. it is cutting flights, differing projects, closing offices to save $2.7 billion this fiscal year. this is bad, bad, bad. the white house chief of staff is busy making excuses for the steep ravine we are finding ourselves in. >> it's easy to forget that when joe biden came to office, we would turn on the tv.
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people were in line waiting for a box of food. businesses close, schools close. we needed an economic response that address to that. >> laura: would biden came into office, the economic headwinds with the backs of all of you. all you had to do after you were given the vaccine and all this consumer demand, red states had been open for months, all you needed to do was keep things on autopilot. open up whatever was close, get people back to work, turn off the spending spigot. you had it made in the shade. instead biden did his stupid 100 days of masking. that extended far beyond that. of course the white house issued harmful vaccine mandates against federal contractors, federal workers. ended up having a pilot shortage, health care worker shortage. then the federal workers that just never came back. now we have a frightening decline in our military recruiting also tied in part to
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biden's vax mandate. biden and his team of fanatics have crashed this economy with all sorts of other really important spillover effects. remember over four years of trump, the market returns were phenomenal. look at where we are we fighting biden. on inflation the comparison is stark. new analysis from the heritage foundation finds the average american has lost $4,200 in annual income since resident biden took office. entirely wiping out gains made on the trump administration. larry summers warned in the spring of 2021 that the storm clouds were gathering. but biden, yelling, ron klain, wave them all off, they are fanatics. adamant about pursuing their green remaking of america no matter how much damage they did. they didn't care. they spent like there was no
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tomorrow, like money grew on trees. they promised the moon to get there green raw deal passed through congress, no republican support and all they can do is blame the guy who has no other choice. the chairman of the federal reserve. >> i think the fed, they are making exactly the same mistake on the other side that they made a year ago. >> at this point, powell is more the problem than the solution. >> laura: they are clean with rate hikes that the fed is overdoing it. they warned of a global backlash and they called interest rate hikes cruel. also that the federal reserve is confusing the market and hurting the economy. reality check. it was biden who reappointed powell for another term. the angle thought that powell back in the spring of 2021 was dropping the ball on inflation. on what basis should jerome powell be re-nominated as
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fed chair, by the way? his failure to respond quicker to obvious inflation concerns should mean he stepped aside. democrats will not take ownership of the suffering that they are inflicting on all americans now. all they can do is say january 6, january 6, and abortion over and over again. they can obsess over trump. that's about it. more abortions and more liz cheney on capitol hill, it's not going to help cover your grocery bills or fill up your car and it's certainly not going to restore what you've lost in your retirement account. voters have a very simple choice to make in just 46 days. they can vote for a complete turn around, away from the path of decline and despair that we are now. backwards common sense, prosperity, safety. growth and optimism. we have been just a few years ago. that means in new hampshire, vote on bold for senate.
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in pennsylvania, lachman oz. arizona, blake masters, georgia, vote herschel walker. washington state, support tiffany smiley, she is newcomer over that tyro word old leftist patty murray. in nevada, adam laxalt over cortez maxwell. that means but for every republican incumbent as well. this isn't about red or blue or right or left anymore. this is about right and wrong. on all the issues that matter, democrats are taking us in the wrong direction. that's "the angle." 20 when i was kevin hassett, former chair of the council of economic advisors under trump and hoover institute fellow. in october 2021 you went out on a limb and you predicted a recession. what did you see then that biden's team obviously missed or just new but decided to ignore?
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>> sure. thank goodness you've been way out in front of the people understand the correct economics. what we saw was that inflation was spinning out of control, accelerating. that was going to either run way ahead of any wage increases. people were going to be worse off. if you look at the numbers right now just suspected were going to happen but now we know. the average american family has to spent $460 more this month in order to buy the same stuff they bought last year at this time. if your wage didn't go up by more than $5,000 this year, then you are worse off. so gdp has got to decline. people can't buy the same amount of stuff they bought last year and that's what we are seeing. we have two negative corners. that's always been a recession in the past. third-quarter number like it's going to be negative. americans are hurting in the metric of how they're hurting, the $460 a month, that's a huge
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amount of money to have to spend to just tread water. >> laura: it's getting worse than that. any wage gains that americans have seen have been totally swamped by the 8.3% rise in the consumer price index. so you might have gotten a wage increase but for the average american that is still lost money. your accounts are going down. your savings is going down if you have any to begin with so that's why. your cash is worth less because of inflation and the costs are going up. >> that's right. if we go to the financial sector, in the stock market, if you put $10,000 in the stock market when president trump took office, it about doubled over his four years. it's down about 30% this year. if you think about it, what that means is for the typical american family that has little more than $100,000 in wealth, that means they lost about
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$30,000. so not only do you have to spend that extra $460 a month but your wealth is down by that much as well. finally with the fed hiking rates, home prices are going to take a big hit. they will probably drop 20 or 30%. all the assets that typical americans own are headed south right now. it's because of these terrible policies. >> laura: in today's speech to the nea, the president continued his inflation blame game. watch. >> inheriting of failed maga republican economy. we confronted the global pandemic and putin's war in ukraine. that has driven the global inflation we have seen today. it's important that we pass the inflation reduction act. >> laura: this is so bad. i don't know who's writing this. where does the buck stop exa exactly? >> the buck stops really with the folks, the career economists that let him say stuff like
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that. the fact is it's just not true. everybody knows that if the government prints money and mails it to people like a helicopter drop which is what biden has done. at the same time attacking supply. then you get inflation. this is what larry summers saw, jason fuhrman saw, this is what i've seen. i was at the jackson hole conference were -- where jay powell kind of scared markets. it was clear then. there was a sound academic paper presented that it was biden's policy that caused inflation to lift off. again, can you imagine. they had 6% growth that they inherited because we have basically covid shutdowns. i regret being part of the team that did that but we had economic policies that got us back up and going and that's why we had two quarters of 6% growth which is a really high growth number.
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now we are looking at probably the third negative quarter in a row in the fed tightening. there's really no saying how bad this is going to be. especially if there's not a change in policymaking in washington. >> laura: everyone's got to get out there and vote. kevin, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, laura. >> laura: nightmarish economic news continuing to roll in, joe biden fled to the coffered production of his most radical supporters today. the national education association. that's the very group that demanded the accrual school shutdown sisal harm to her. >> kathy integrity of the elections be undermined. democracy can't survive. not a joke. 46 days democracy will be on the ballot. americans will have to choose. between them maga republican platform. extremism. democrats, independents,
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mainstream republicans. you have to choose to be a nation of hope, unity and optimism were a nation of your division and darkness. >> laura: yeah. people looking at their 401(k)s are feeling really hopeful today. ha! here now is sean duffy. and a craig are you personality. sean, after everything which is laid out, on the economic issues. not all the divisive language that biden uses to describe half the country. can he really claim to be leading the party of hope and unity and optimism? >> i don't think anybody that was the so that speech, i don't think many people did. they don't believe it. the majority of americans think this country is going in the wrong direction, laura. you have unemployment at a low number. 3.5% but inflation at a .5%. people can't afford gas and
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food. groceries, like you mentioned. i think joe biden had an opportunity to go to teachers and say going to stand up for the kids and so should you. our test scores are failing. you are the ones who wanted to shut down our schools. also you are teaching kids about crt. teaching kids about sex and trangenderism and pornography. let's go back to reading and math. if he wants to win the women vote with abortion, you will win more women and more moms with the message of pushing back on teachers union than any other message. >> laura: to shawn's point, the president was speaking to the nea today the same week that we learned that there lgbtq+ caucus links to a resource it's
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called teen health source which is a guide to sex acts that don't get enough play. this recipe book is -- like cooking, it takes time to practice and become a pro. here's one example of some of these acts. we can't show you most of the others. this is something that belongs on the porn site i guess. this is where we are. >> truly unbelievable to see the resources the nea has at their disposal. public number one when it comes to american children. talk about an organization that's allowed for kids to be out of school for two years during the pandemic and then when they returned to what should be normal, wholesome american education they are getting inundated with critical race theory and gender theory. it's ridiculous that these teacher unions are endorsing it.
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biden can't go up there and talk about those education problems because if he does he has to take the blame and go against an organization that has supported him through every single major gaffe he's had ensued administration so far. >> laura: a new poll from marquette law school. revealing the nearly three and four americans, 72 percent don't want biden to run again. that's a pretty overwhelming number. and yet we heard from chris coons i believe this week that the president is going to decide sometime in the middle of next year -- that's going to be when the recession is really destroying lives. they don't want biden to run again, do you think? >> joe biden spent a lifetime trying to get to this position of president's almost immediate or the democratic caucus in congress sent him packing, he's going to run again. if he has an opportunity. but you look at this pulley. it's not joe biden himself. yes, he's having trouble giving
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speeches and doesn't know which way to go off the stage. that's a problem. it's the policies. the policies that all the democrats support have given us all this ruin in our economy, border, crying. until democrats realize it's not joe, it's the policies that supported perry california new york chicago. these failures of liberal policies. until they change their ways they are not going to get different results. to be too great to see you both. with all the damage and the chaos they have unleashed on us, do the democrats really think they should remain in power? you bet they do. up next, we are going to turn to deep blue new england into republican seven candidates who want to flip the script. stay with us.
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>> laura: we have a new slogan here on "the ingraham angle." no state left behind. we don't think any state of our 50 states should be cast off by any party. no. that wasn't posturing. i mean it. tonight we turned to the deep blue new england. are voters going to choose to actually save themselves for once? multiple races are going to tell us a lot about whether the region will emerge from this decades long decline and begin to return to common sense and
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sanity. we are going to go to new hampshire in a moment but we are going to begin with connecticut, my old home state. it's been lagging behind for a while now. it's labor force has nearly 52,000 fewer workers than it had a very 2020 before the pandemic. it has seen big companies like g.e. and aetna leave and between 1991 and 2,000, 20, nearly 550,000 more people left, look at for other states then moved there. the state hasn't had a republican governor and a dozen years or so and haven't elected a republican senator since reagan. what are they waiting for? joining me is a republican nominee for connecticut senate and looking to unseat senator richard blumenthal. he has a nasty old dinosaur. he's been in office for nearly four decades and lied about his service in vietnam.
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good to see you tonight. the problems for connecticut are many. the voters still seem poised to give blumenthal right now another term if these polls are accurate. how do you convince them to look toward you? >> first of all, laura, on the ground it feels great. everywhere i go all over the state, democrats, independents, and republicans come up to me and say we got enough. we like you. we like your common sense policies. we are ready to change. we are going to vote for you. blumenthal has done nothing for our state. when i asked people name three things he's done for connecticut, they can't. they only know he lied about his service, he lied about going to the communist party event and he
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likes to be in front of a camera. that's his reputation in the state. connecticut is the only state in the country that hasn't recovered the jobs it lost in the 2008 recession. he was attorney general at the time. he spent his time suing companies so they left the stage and took their jobs with them. he is responsible for the jobs lost in connecticut. >> laura: ms. leavy, let me say senator blumenthal mentioned you recently to reporters on capitol hill. watch. >> is a clear contrast in this election cycle especially in my race it connecticut with an opponent who is out of the mainstream against a woman's right to decide health care, gug costs of prescription drugs. those contrasts are sure to draw and there is so much at stake.
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>> laura: are you out of the mainstream? he doesn't mention crime rising in connecticut, inflation, high prices, winter coming, energy prices sky-high, no mention of that. >> if anybody is out of the mainstream, it is he. when it comes to abortion, he is so extreme that he has a bill in the senate allowing abortion up to and including the date of birth. that's not where the american people are in not people will agree to that. that is infanticide. he cannot mentioned inflation. he cannot mention the rising crime, he cannot mention the invasion of the border bringing not only illegal migrants to connecticut, they are flying them into westchester airport in the middle of the night and they have been for a year. he cannot mention the fentanyl epidemic here. the causes of the open border.
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he rubber-stamped all of those policies of the biden administration. he favors them. >> laura: we are going to be watching this closely. thank you so much. if you head north from hartford up 91 north through massachusetts, you're going to arrive at the next up on our tour of new england. new hampshire. senator maggie hassan has been a disaster for the state and voters agreed. 40% approve of her performance. it's no wonder. she's been another rubber-stamp or guidance reckless spending. cost her constituents dearly. according to report many people find themselves struggling with rising home costs, limited child care options, significant increases in living cost due to inflation. despite that, again, if you believe these polls, she maintains an eight-point lead over our next guest, former army general republican challenger don bolduc.
7:28 pm
senator hassan has the support of nearly all the democrats in the latest poll. your support among republicans is about 83%. how do you convince independents to break for you and any remaining skeptics in your own party. >> thank you, laura, appreciate being on your show tonight. we are out there working hard every single day. i visited every town and city. i don't feel that the polls are accurate. we just came through very tough primary and we won and we did it the old-fashioned way. independents, like democrats and republicans, they are hurting. maggie hassan isn't addressing it. nowhere to be found, hiding, lying, or commercials are deceiving. not only deceiving but they are outright lies. when i go around to the moms and
7:29 pm
dads and retirees and veterans here in the state, they are hurting to make ends meet. i'm the one that's out there. i'm the one convincing them that changes on the way, that help is on the way. but you need to invest in change. if you continue to send the same person down there, you're going to get the same result. her percentages are 100% with biden, 96% with chuck schumer. look where it's got us. high inflation. we are border state. 200% increase in the opioid crisis. mental health crisis, homeless veterans. >> laura: is the republican establishment in your mind at this point where they'd rather lose with a democrat than win with the more america first republican? that's what i'm concerned about some of these races. >> i think a lot of people are concerned about that in new hampshire. i've been traveling around, going to the different g.o.p. events and i've been pushing
7:30 pm
unity, unity, unity. governor sununu has been doing the same thing. yes. i mean, i'm not going to lie about it. mitch mcconnell came in with a lot of money supporting my opponent and that obviously has consequent test. when you have to turn around and have 48 days to run a general campaign, that kind of divisiveness and the republican party doesn't help the person who comes out as the nominee. that's me. but we are overcoming that. we are working hard. >> laura: it's a simple choice for new hampshire. your motto is live free or die. that means you've got to have your freedom. it's going away under the democrats. you're losing your freedom every day. new hampshire is a very simple choice. working towards prosperity.
7:31 pm
general bolduc come i don't mean to steal your thunder but this is -- there's no question of how people should vote in this race. general, thank you. we may have just found kamala's' replacement. and we will talk about gen z
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>> welcome to fox news life. tropical depression 9 could strengthen into a major hurricane before reaching the u.s. mainland early next week. florida governor ron desantis has declared a state of emergency in 24 counties ahead of what is forecasted to become a category 3 hurricane. canada also bracing for hurricane fiona, powerful storm that's caused widespread damage in puerto rico, the dominican republic, and turks and caicos. thousands of military age men are joining an exodus from russia on the second full day of a partial military mobilization. they filled planes and caused
7:37 pm
traffic jams at land borders to avoid being rounded up to fight in ukraine. a 6-mile traffic jam formed on the road in southern russia leading to the land border with georgia and 6400 russians crossed into finland. i am marianne rafferty. now back to "the ingraha ingraham angle." >> laura: it's friday and that means it's time for friday follies. for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. all right, we played a little bit of president biden speaking to the teachers union. who else is he going >> laura: at this point? there were so much we did not see. >> you weren't alone apparently. i'm going to show you some in the media and their reaction. first. and then we'll show you the speech itself. see if this squares for you. >> he sounded like a candidate in a way i haven't heard him. he even was wandering with the mic. he could've stood at the podium. >> is a lot more republicans out
7:38 pm
there taking credit for the new bridges that actually voted for it. >> say hi to me. we go back a long way. she was 12. i was 30. at any rate. >> he sounds like a candidate for psychological and cognitive analysis. come on. if any other candidate, any other politician dropped lines, dropped -- made no sense we issue these very bizarre references to a 12-year-old and you are 30, they would be written out of town or front page news. it's not the same for joe biden. >> laura: happy birthday dear la la. he couldn't sing that. [laughs] i'm sorry. i keep think of that. he doesn't remember the name. the happy birthday song. the u.n. was a huge story. >> not only because it give the president another place to get lost but it marked the emergence
7:39 pm
of a new possible replacement for kamala harris. people wonder about biden's ability to run again but given harris' proclivity for word salads, and understudy may have emerged. national youth poet laureate amanda gorman at the u.n. >> the depths of death, despair, disparity, atrocities across cities, towns, countries, lives lost, climactic costs. strangers to one another's perils and pain. unaware that the welfare of the public and the planet share a name. equality. the oldest pro we owe each ot other. the claimant for our commu communities. >> gorman has a way of making
7:40 pm
communication an obstacle to cooperation. i don't know what she is saying. shakespeare had a great actor who interpreted his work. irving berlin had ethel merman. gorman is missing the boat by not recruiting kamala harris to read her next owed. i bet she will be the premier interpreter of amanda gorman's work. just watch. >> laura: they have the same cadence where they... [laughs] none of it works. >> they stress on the wrong syllable. it defies auditory comprehension. >> laura: it's bad like marshall mathers or something. raymond, tell us about this story where gen z-ers are going back to work in kind of unusual clothing. >> sure for another the pandemic is over, they are dressing up for the office. the problem is they consider this dressing up. for many, dressing up is going to the club. they are taking the club to the office.
7:41 pm
i asked some new yorkers what they think of this trend. is this appropriate? >> no, definitely not. you are exposing way too much. >> i wouldn't wear it but i'm not a gen z. >> you can dress fun and fashionable and still be modest. >> they say that these dress codes that you and i apparently adopt, though they are outdated. >> i think you look amazing. >> i think you look amazing. >> is it outdated? no, not for work. >> i agree. class never goes out of style. >> ♪ or you haven't got style ♪ >> i wouldn't say anything. i would think it's inappropriate. >> it's distracting. >> in your office with this fly? >> it is tough to comment on that. you don't want to get yourself in trouble.
7:42 pm
>> you don't want to consult h.r.? >> i would have consult h.r.. >> you are observing the dress code. >> the one on the right is edgy. >> you like that hemline? >> i can't complain. >> what the hell is that? >> a dress. >> says who? >> calvin klein. >> it looks like underwear. >> i wouldn't wear that to the office. >> a little bit of history. queen elizabeth would agree. >> i agree. that's how she got prince philip. >> not my style. >> not my style either. >> you wouldn't look so good and the stockings, i agree. i wouldn't want to see that. laura, i was stunned by the number of men who were reluctant to comment on this. everybody is worried about getting in trouble. it really is up to the ladies in the office to teach their younger peers that there are standards in the office. that's for the betterment of all. >> laura: raymond, soon it
7:43 pm
will be men in miniskirts because that's where we are headed. raymond, great to see you. happy friday. immigrant fueled crime produced a populist uprising in sweden selections. what can this tell us about our own midterms in the future of the movement? a swedish member of parliament joins us and moments to tell us. stay there
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>> laura: oh, yeah, there's been a political earthquake in sweden and the reverberations could be felt stateside. our own election is right around the corner. the populist party rose to power there on a message of curbing this runaway immigration and confronting the out-of-control crime that followed. this didn't happen in a vacuum. take what happened back in may. over the course of just eight days in the small neighborhood of the town, three young men were shot dead. the neighborhood is made up almost exclusively of syrian migrants. in fact it's 1 of 61 areas in sweden listed by police as risks of gang violence. all of them happen to have high proportions of immigrants. right now sweden has the highest per capita number of deadly shootings of all 22 european countries. among shooting suspects, 85% are
7:49 pm
first or second generation immigrants over into a swedish newspaper. it's why my next guest has promised conservative swedish democrats will be watchdogs for change when they assume power. training may know as a member of the european parliament from sweden. great to see you. thank you for joining us. you have a lot of fans in sweden then i have a lot of swedish friends and they recommended you come on. what do americans need to understand about what's happened in sweden over a relatively short. lack of time. >> you need only to go to events tonight to see what's happened to sweden. tonight sweden broke the record of deadly shootings. 48 this year. we had a big explosion outside stockholm tonight which was heard even in downtown stoc
7:50 pm
stockholm. 500 bombings in the last four years under social democratic rule, one shooting a day. sweden is not pp longstocking land anymore. this leads are protesting against it. they want to change. they want sweden to be a safe country again and that's why they voted for us in so big numbers. >> laura: "new york times" columnist threw a tantrum after the election in sweden writing a piece entitled sweden is becoming unbearable. the swedish far right has profited from the country's growing inequalities, fostering an obsession with crime and an antipathy to migrants. it's advance marks the end of swedish exceptionalism. [laughs] the end of swedish exceptionalism? you used to be a country that was fairly homogeneous but welcoming of all people. pretty united. now where is that? >> 40 year multiculturalism has
7:51 pm
ended swedish exceptionalism. i can tell you that. the journalist and "new york times" might wonder why it happens that the sweden democrats are the biggest among swedish iranians for naming one example. of course the reason for that is immigrants who come to sweden, work hard, who don't want sweden to become more like the middle east, they tend to vote for us. you can see that in the discussion on islamism. we were the only ones raising that issue for many years. now everyone else is starting to adopt our policies. we still have a way to go because the state is still funding these islamist muslim brotherhood linked organi organizations. sweden is still a safe country for americans to visit but there are parts in sweden where i don't recommend anyone to go who
7:52 pm
are -- no-go zones. that's the fact of the matter. we are going to change that. >> laura: the type of crime that's being reported in sweden from friends of mine in very small villages outside of carl e area. crimes of humiliation. children. police anything unlike they've ever seen. a lot of it linked to the islamists joining these gangs and ruining formerly peaceful neighborhoods and communities. the islamist problem is hor horrific. >> yeah, sweden was number two, jihadist exporter to iraq and syria during the time of isis. these humiliation crimes, they have increased. the last years, we call it domination violence. a young person can be urinated
7:53 pm
on at gunpoint, tortured for hours. just because he is a swede. there is such resentment among some people. not everyone. enough people for it to be an increasing problem. we are the only ones addressing this. the center left, they keep on fighting for more migration to sweden even though 20% of the population today in sweden is born outside the country. that's more than america had during the height of its immigration. we just cannot cope. we need to restrict immigration so we can solve these problems. >> laura: put a halt on the migration coming into sweden. otherwise you're going to lose sweden forever. swedes have stood up and said you can't do it anymore. charlie, we are going to be watching this. thank you so much for joining us. we are going to keep our eyes on this movement and how you address these problems.
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thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> laura: overwhelming narcissism of the environmental freaks is on display. the last bite is on display. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack, or death in adults also with known heart disease. and you may lose weight. adults lost up to 14 pounds. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles. don't take ozempic® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop ozempic® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. gallbladder problems may occur. tell your provider about vision problems or changes.
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one of them most talented of all time roger feder are was about to play his last match when he climate net bag it ran the court and did this. don't worry. he is fine. he did not stay in that court long. this is unhinged behavior. the brainiacs reward the emotion . the insight of all that. there is no insight they just want attention and power. they're trying to turn all of our kids into this little invit a great nap access well.
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these are extensive. whether it's gluing yourself your hand to a painting or lighting yourself on fire, thes kids are well. the green movement is not good for them. that's it for as tonight remember flyer be with your family and friends this weekend. have some fun and been a tumultuous times. it's america now and forever. >> guess what, we got a lot to do. we go back a long way. she was 12 i was 30 but anyway. >> i would not brag about that, joe. happy friday


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