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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 24, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the time we have left for you l this evening, this friday evening, all the time left forko us .r ng in. anyway, thank you for tuninghish in.ow thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvpossr so youy" never miss an episode of hannity. in the meantime, this friday night, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, the income angle is next. . have a great weekend. we will see you back hereow on monday. n i'm laura ingraham.ra: i' this is ingram angle from washington tonight. thank you for joining us . america in, thus the >> that's the focus ofof tonig tonight's angle. all right. the dow just cratered again today. gas prices, they're heading hea back up. recession, that'back up,s a cer time for teans layoffs are just in time for the holidahe holy s. to a direc >> and by the way, we're edging closer to a direct war with russia. for the gu and , of course, for the guy in that charge, what does that mean?e ha but he's turned it around. >> first of all, a few legislative victories, lower prices a t the gas pumps and the extremism of the republican
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party. the turninemism of the repg pois that speech he gave a few weeks ago. really, really, really, reallyi, made it a referendum on the republicans and extremism and semite fascism. and i think that is starting tof pay off. >> ss now seeing progress, perhaps rewardee for some of the legislation that's been passed and some of the thingsn d he's been doing just latelyiden who look at what the administration has accomplished, whether it's a bipartisan infrastructure deal , whether it'se the inflation reduction act, whether it's the christian in all of these things are about the economy. >> there'sd scienc beating so fr their little heads are going toh fly right off. the ec the economy is in dire straits. here'straits the truth. diode >> we've got the dow dropping below thirty thousand below its june lows. the dow and s&p are now both below their june lows. >> nasdaq certainly alreadyy there. there, down 22% and about 30%. of the nasdaq year to date. there's a fear here that it's slipping into something prettywy bad. t at the dow very close, just about
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at verimark territory, the lowest in a couple of prett years. >> it's a pretty bleak picture that's emerginy blg this friday morning. >> oh, but there is some good news. tell me about domino's pizza. >> i know they got an upgrade.e. yes. and they're up outperformance that i think it's one ofp. the top performers in the s&p. t let them eat pizza. meanwhile, goldman sachs is downgrading its growth estimates by 16 percent. bank o 16%f america is warning ofmarkt a crash on the bond market s side. and gas'ide.s gas prices have stopped declining. and another bellwetherd , the tumult that we're all f facing, this one from g it's cutting flights, deferring projects and closing offices toe save two point seven billion dollars this fiscal year. this is bad, bad, bad. and actually, the white house th is busy making excuses for the steep ravine that we're now findingne w ourselves. >> it's easy to forget thatjoe e when joe biden came to office,nh we turn on the tv at night, people were in line in footballr
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stadiums looking for a box of food, businesses closed a and schools closed. we >> so we needed an economic neee >> lonse that address that when biden came into office,came into the economic headwinds, ron , t or at the backs of all of you,ha all you had to do after you were given the vaccine and all this huge up consumee r demand,s red states had already been open for seven months. all you needed to do, all was o keep things on autopilot justac open up whatever it was close, get people back to work, turn off the spending spigot, you had it made in the shade. instead, bidenhe did his stupid days of mask hundred days of masking. remember that? thatd of course, extende far beyond that. and of course, the white house issued harmful vaccine mandatest against federal contractors, federal workers. havin and we ended up having a pilott shortage, health care worker sh shortage. then t then there's the federal that workers who just never cam e back . and now we have a frighteninga n decline in our military recruiting, also tied in part
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to biden's vax mandate. so biden and his team oftics fanatics have crashed this economy with all sorts of other really important spillover s. ect >> but remember, over four the u phenomof trump, the market returns were phenomenal. >> look at where we are with biden in on inflation. the comparison is stark. on inflation the comparison is stark. ne in fact, new analysis todaym th from the heritage foundation finds that the average american has lost four thousand twot $4,0 hundred dollar is in annualnc income since president biden took office. entireresident wiping out gainse under the trump administration . now, larry summers warn them in the spring of 2020 one thatds wr the storm clouds were gathering. but biden, klain and yellen just waved them all off. yellin these people are fanatics.fanats they were adamant about pursuing their green remaking of america, no matter how muchee damage they did.n remaki the american families alonng of the way, they didn't care.they k so they spent like there was noo
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tomorrow. my money grew on trees and they they promised th promised mansion the moon to get their green raw deal passed througo geh congress. h congresp no republican support.suppor and now all they can dt and allo is blame the guy who has no other choice. the chairman, the federal reserve. >> i think the fed is just way too tight. they they're going they're making dantley the sam exae mise on the other side that they made a year ago.a >> i think at this point, powell is more the problem than the solution. >> they'reth claiming with rate hikes, the fed is overdoing it. they warned of a global a glo backlash against the fedba and they've called interest l barate hikes cruel and also tt the federal reserve the marketg and hurting the economy. e econm now, reality check here. it was biden who reappointed powell for another term. powell the angle thought that powell, back in the spring of 2020 one , was dropping the ball on inflation, though, and on. on what basis should what basis should jerome powell be renominated as fed chair?
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>> by the way, his failure tour respond quicker to obvious inflation concerns should means he steps aside. tak democrats will not take tamericip of the suffering tha their inflicting on all americans. >> now it's all they can danonu 6,is say, january six ,aborti january six , and abortion over and over again. over a.they can obsess over trua that's about it. but more abortion and more's not liz cheney on capitol hill. it's not going tgoino help covef your grocery bills or fill upinn your car. and it's certainly not going tot restorngou've loe what you've ln your retirement account. >> voters have a very simple choice to make. and just forty six days they can vote for a complete turnaround vote fo away from thh of decline and despair thatw. we're on now. and then back toward common sense, prosperity, safety, of jr course, growth and optimism. we had that just a few years ago. and that means in new hampshire vote don bolduc for senate inn d
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pennsylvania, for mehmet oz. fand arizona for blake masterss in georgia. vote herschel walker over washington state, support state support tiffany smiley. she's a newcomer over thatha tired old leftist patty murray.t and in nevada,ist adam laxalt or cortez masto. ncumbent >> and that means vote for every republican incumbent as well. s wellthis isn't about red or be though, at this point, or right right or l or left. t anymoranymore.this is abou this is about right and wrong. and on all the issues that matter, democrats are taking us in the wrong direction. and that's the angle. when i wa joining me now is kevin hassett, former chair of the council on economic advisers under trump and hoover institution. der trump and hoover i fellow kevin back in october. 2020 one , you went out on a limb and you predicted a recession. a recession. what did what did you see then that biden's team obviously missedewt or just knew , but d decided to
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ignore? >> sure.>> sure. and thank goodness you've been way out in front helping people understand the correct understand the correct economics. what we sa economics. and what we saw was that inflation was spinning out of control. exceloinning outn eating and tht was going to run way ahead ofern any wage increases and people were going to be worse off. and so if you look the numbers r right now, which i suspected were going to happen, but but now we know the typical american family, the average american family ha fams to speno four hundred and sixty dollars more this month in orderh in toy the same stuff they bought last year at this time. and ifr wagep your wage didn'tp by more than five thousand dollars this year, then you'rear worse off. got >> and so gdp's got to decline. if people can't buy the samebous amount of stuff they bought last year. what and that's what we're seeing i . the data. been a we've got two negative quarters. that's always been a recession of the past. the thir recession td quarter ns looking like it's going to be negative as well. and so americans are hurting and the metric of how they're hurting is that four hundred the $460 a month, that's a hug and sixty dollars a month,
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that's a huge amount of money to have to spend in just tread to jus water with your families because it's getting it's r.>>getting worse than that becs any wage gains americans have ts have seen have been totally swamped by the eight point three percent rise in the consumer price index. so you might hav have gotten a e increase, but for the average a american, that's still losveratt monehay. in that means your accounts are sas going down, your savings is going down. if youyo had to begin with . so that's why it's so bad. why your cash is is worth less because of inflation and the costs are going upcause. >> yeah, that's right. and if we go to the financialine sector that in s the stock market, if you put ten thousands dollars of the stock marketid when president trump tookfice, r office, then it about doubled over his four years. and it's down about 30% thisbout year. it, and so if you think about it, what that means is that for the typical american family that has a little more tha00,00n one hundred thousand dollars in wealth, then that means thatthat they've lost my lost abouty do u
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thirty thousand dollars. and so not only do youe havtoeo spend that extra four hundredyor sixty dollars a month, butwn your your wealth is down by that much as well. and finally, with the fed hiking rates, then home pricesec are going to takes are ge a big, probably drop 20 or 30% over the next 12 months. and so that all of the assets that typical americans own areis headed south right now. and it's because of these terrible policies. h to now, in today's speech to the nea, the president continued his inflation blamee e game. >> kevin , watch. in addition, to inheriting fai a failed mega republican economy, we also confrontedd marepublic a globalc and putin's war in ukraine and that's driven the globalal in inflation we see today. that's why it's soflatio import. that we passed the inflation pas reduction act. >> kevin , this is so bad.ere ds i mean, i don't know who's t writing this, but where does the buck stop exactly >> you know,w, the buck stops, really stops, really with the folks, the the career say stuffe economists that let him say
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the fact is it's just no the fact is that it's just not true. and in fact, everybody knows that if the you know, ify the government prints money lik hed mails it to people like a helicopter drop, which is what biden's done alicot the same time, attacking supply, so demands running out of supply that youat theng en you get inflation. get inflation. this is what larry summers saw., this is what jason furman, the chair fon saw, tr. obama said, this is what what i've seen. and i was at the jackson hole conference where jay powell sort of scared markets and said, look, i'm seriouous this time. -- wh and i think heer is e. but at the jackson hole conference, you know, it was scd absolutely clear because there was like a very sound academic policy tha paper presented that it was biden's policies that caused inflation to lift off. and again, can you imagine tha they had six percent growthherie that they because we had basically had the covid ba i regret in t the past, being part of the team that did that.t but we but we had economic policiesck u that got us back up and going. and that's why, you know, we had two quarters of six percentr growth, which is a really high growth number. when biden took office
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. t now here we're looking attive q probably the third negative quarter in a rowuart and the few tightening while that's happening. and so there's really no saying how bad thiss is going to be , especially if there's notere's a change in policyno making in washington. >> now, everyone's got td ovotee get out there and, t kevin , thank you very much for joining us tonight. thank you. as nightmarish economic news continues to roll in, joe biden fled to the comfor,t and protection of his most radical supporters today. os mol supporters today. the national education association. now, that's a very group that demanded the cruel school shutdowns that havdemande so had our kids. >> we can't let the integrity of our elections be undermined. democracy can't survive. it cannot survive. . not a joke. 46 day forty six days democracy would be on the ballots demo. americans will have to choose between the magarypublican republican platform who have embraced extremism and the big lie. democrats, independents and mainstream republicans who believe in the rule of law. this november, you have tomains.
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you have to choose to be choose to be a nation of hope, unity and optimism, or a nation of fear, division and darkness.. >> oh yeah, people looking atho their 401k are feeling real hopeful today, huh? >>to here now, sean duffy, form! wisconsin congressman, fox news contributor. . and on the left, a.b. prager,a i u. personality, host of g are younapologetic. sean, after everything that wesn just laid out on the angle, what's happened to our country just on the economic issues, and that's the big of all no the divisive language bidenage that biden uses to describ uses to describe halfe half the country. >> can he really claim the countr toin be leading the party of hope and unitg thy and in optimism? i don't think anybody thatthink listens to that speech, which, by the way, i don't thin dk manb people did, but they don'tk believe it. i mean, a majority of americans think this country is going ingt the wrong direction. laura , i mean, when you laura n unemployment at t at a low numba ,what, three point five percent, but inflation ata. eight point five percent,
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food people can't afford gas and food and groceries. , but i thinky to g joe biden had ano opportunity here to go to the teachers and say, you know what t, i'm going to stand up for the kids. and so, too, should you. you we have a problem. iling. our test scores are failing. you're the ones thatu ar wantedu shut down our schools, like youy mentioned, laura , but also you teach your kids aboutaching your teaching our kids about k and transgenderism and . get back to the basics of math and science and english. tn go back to those basics and get those test scores up. we don't card pornoge what thesr issues with all of you. by the way, let's empower parents again. teachers, you'res go not in chae of the child. the parents are. if he had done that, he wantse t to win women, vote with the women, vote with abortion, you win more womenortion, and moms with that message pushingte back on teachers union with any other messagssage of pk on e you could havey othe delivered. >> all right.r mess>> laura: to, s speaking the president was speaking to the nea today, the same week to that we learned that there aree+ lgbtq+ caucus links to a resource that's called sou
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teen health source, which has a guide to acts guide t that dt get enough play.x acts okay, this book is designed to give you more info aboute bo lime of the actoks that don't get enough play.ooking just like cooking., it takes it takes time to t practice to become a pro. here's just one example ofpr some of these acts, amela. they describe. we can't show you mostu most o e the others. this is this is this is something that belongs, you know, a site, beln i guess. but this is whergse we are. >> yeah. it is truly unbelievable to see. some of the resources that the it has at their disposal for young children here.ce and the nes the a is really pubc enemy number one when it comes to american children. we're talkincan children g about an organization that is allowed for kids to be out of school for two years during the pandemic. and then when they return to what should be a normal, t wholesome american education, they're getting inundated with , like sean said, criticaa. race theory and gender theory. it it is ridiculous to think thatiu these teachers unions arendorsi.
12:16 am
endorsing. but of course, biden can't go up there and talk about those education problems,e doeso because if he does, he has to ta orga the blame and he has to go against an organization thatr has that has supported himtedh r through every single major gaffe he's had. this administration so far . and a new poll, sean, frompoll marquette law school three is interesting and revealing that nearly three in four americans. four americans, 72 perce 72% don't want biden to run again. in 2020 four. prett i mean, that's a pretty overwhelming number. and yet we heard fromm chris coons, i believe, this week that the president's going to decide sometime in the the middle of next year.the that's going to be , by the r way, when the recession is really destroying lives.on'tw they're noant they don't want biden to run again. do you run think in any way, she or form joe biden has spent a lifetime trying to get to this position of president .de so unless the media ornt's alm the democratost immediat caucuss sends him packing, he is going. to run again if he has thatok ae opportunity. but, you know, you look at this. polling, it's not joe bideot jn'
12:17 am
himself. s i mean, yes, he's havinghavi trouble giving speeches and hens doesn't know which way to ae st go offage. stage. it's the that's a problem. but it's the policies or policii ale policieses tha that all the democrats support havel this given us . borderis ruining our economy ru our border and crime. and so until democrats realize it's not joe , it's the policies that they've supported that they've given you california in new york , tho chicago, i mean, all these failures of liberal policies, until they changf libee their w, they're not going too ge get different results. different reat to see you both. thansu both.k. the >> with all the damage and thedh chaos that they've unleashedrats on us, that the democrats really think they should remain in power. you bet they do. up next, we're going to turn to deep blue new england and twowat republican senate candidates who want to flipo flip the scrit there. >> stay with us. hi, i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. and i'm here today to tell you about a hidden health crisis currently affecting nearly every american. sleep deprivation. and that's why you need to know about relaxium sleep. you see, getting a good night's
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new best friends. remember its friends without the breastfeeds. a ne >> we have a new slogan herehert on the ingram angle. it's called no state ingraha les behind. o we don't think any state off ou our 50 state should be just by cast off by any party but the republican party. no. g. i tonighhat wasn't posturing. i mean it. and tonight we turn to a deep blue new so are voters.are voters they're going to choos goinge to actually save themselves for once. multiple races save themselves o tell us a lot about whether wil the region will emerge from this decadesl emerge long declie nnd begin to return to commo
12:23 am
sense and sanity. we're going to go toshire in a new hampshire in a moment, but connecticut, m begin with connecticut, my old home staty e. wh's been lagging behind for a while now. now it's labor forceilw. has nearlyearl fifty two thousand fewer workers than it had in february. the p 2020 before the pandemic. ie it's seen big companies like gea and aetna leavete and between 1991 and two thousand twenty nearlye left five hundred fifty thousand more people left connecticut for otheok r states , then move there. so that's a big net loss. the state hasn't haddozen a republican governor in a dozen years or syeor so ano at elected a republican senator since reagan sator sinc >> so what are they waiting for? joining me now is liora levy. >> she's the republican nomineeo for connecticut senate senatoecand she's looking to unt senator richard blumenthal. now, he's a nasty olr richard dy . he's been in office for nearly a four decades and liend lied abon service in vietnam. the specifics of it arame good o
12:24 am
see you now, the problems fore prob connecticut are many, but the voters still seem poised toh give blumenthal right nowt another term. if these polls are accurate,look how do you convince them to look toward you and the future?t >> well, first of all, laura ,gi on the ground, it feels great everywhere. >>ea i go all over the state, democratsts, independents and republicans come up to me and say, we've had enough. we like you.weommon sense we like your common sense policies. policies. we're ready to change. you we're going to vote for you. e n oulumenthal has done nothing for our state whenr when i asks people name three things he's done for connecticut, they can't. they only know he lied aboutlieo his service. ut hishe lied about going to tha communist party event.
12:25 am
and he likes to be in front of a camera. that's his reputation in the state. you know, connecticut is theectn the co only state in the country that hasn't recovered the jobs it lost in the town in08 reces eight recession. he was attorney general at that time. he spent his time suingheg companies so they left the stage companies. >> so they left the state and took their jobs with them. he is responsible for the jobs lost in connecticut. so let me let me just say, senator blumenthal mentioned you recently to reporters on capitol hill. >> watch. here's a clear contrast. in this election cycle, especially in my races, i get with an opponent who is out of the mainstream against a woman's right to decideide he health care decisions againsalt gun safety measures, againstafet lowering the cost of prescriptionerin contrast are vy fair to draw and here's so much
12:26 am
at stake. >> are you out o >> lfau the mainstream? 't mention notice what he doesn't mention.g crime rising in connecticut. inflation, high prices, winter y pricrgy prices sky high. >> iention of thates sky-hig. you know, if anybody is out of h the mainstream, it is he. because if when it comes to abortion, he is so extreme thate he has a bil hl in the senatetiu allowing abortion up tpoto a ndand including a day of birth,e that's not where the american people are. and not many people will agree to that. that is infanticide. that. that is infanticide. he he cannot mention inflation. he cannot mention the rising crime. he cannot mention the invasion. ot mention the at the border that is bringing not only illegal migrants toortn connecticut, they're flying them into westchester airport in the middle ofthe nigh the ni and they have been for a year. and he can't be and cannot mention the fentanyl epidemic here because of the the open border. >> he rubber stamped all ofhe re
12:27 am
po those policies of the biden administration. he favorli nistration.s them. this closel. >> we are leaving. we're going to be watching this closely. thank you so much. much. d north from hartfor and we head north fromup 91 nort hartford, up ninety one north massachusetts,s. urt you're going to arrive at the next stop on our tour of new england, new hampshire,tor a senator maggie hassan has beengr a disaster for the state for and voters agreed. and the voters agree just 40%e r approve of her performance. and it's no wonder she's been or guidancbber stamp for biden's reckless spending. it's cost her constituents dearlypending.. arly. according to a report by theaccn new hampshire fiscal policy institute, mang toy granite stad find themselves struggling nowru with rising home costsggling, ld child care options and significant increases inilde increases in living cost due to inflat living costs due to de >> now, despite that, again,spif you believe these polls, she maintains an eight point lead e over our next former army general, republican challenger don bolduc. general republic challengegeneru tonight. now, senator hassan bon has
12:28 am
the support of nearly alll the the democrats in the latest depoll. ng republicans while your support among republicans is about 83%is. how do you convincenc independents to break for you in any remaining skeptics inremn your own party? >>eptics in yo well, thank you,. i appreciate being on your show tonight. you know, we're out there are oe workin wg hard every single day. i visited every town and city, and i just don't feel that the polls are accurate.s are we just came ac to a very tough we did it primary and we won and we did it the old fashioned way. and independents like democrats like republicans, they're hurting. mad maggie hassan isn't ggaddressing that. she's nowhere to be found. she's hiding. she's lying. her commercials are deceiving, not only deceiving, but t but when i they outright lies. and so when i go around to
12:29 am
the moms and dads and retirees and veterans here in this state, they are hurting to make ends meet.that's out t here.i'm the one that's out the. i'm the one convincing themchane that changs e is on the way, tht help is on the way, and thathebu you needt to invest in change n you continue to send the samesae person down there, you're goinge to get the same and her percentages are 100% percent with biden. 96% with chuck schumer.h and look where that's gottion us high inflation. we're now a border state high. two hundred percent increase in the opioid crisis, mental health crisis, homeless veterans is thmelesse republican establishment in your mind at this point where they'd rather lose with it,mocrt with a democrat than win with a more america first republican ? >> that's what i'm concernedou about in some of these races. i think a lot of people are are concerned about that. in new hampshire. but i've been traveling around going to the , you know,
12:30 am
different gop events and i've i been pushing unity, unity,goverr unity.u ha and governor sununu has beens be doinen doingg the same thing, y. yes, you i mean, i'm not going to i'm not going to lie about you know, mitch mcconnel. mitch mccol came money s in with a lot of money supporting supporting my opponent. and that obviously has and consequences. and when thaously has you have to turn around and have 48 days, youve u know, to run a general campaign, you know, that thatveb kind of divisiveness in the republican party doesn'tdoen who comes out as help the person who comes out as the nominee, and that's m th. >> but we're overcoming that.wel we're working hard.aura it's a simple choice for die new hampshire. your motto is live free or die.u that means you've go got to havg your freedom. it's going away underoiunder the the democrats. you're losing your freedom. re losing yourry every day. so new hampshire has has a veryi simple choice. general will work toward restoring your freedom and prosperity. hassin, we're going to go right down the tubes. that's it. that's the race. new hampshire is going to do general bolduc c
12:31 am
gen. bolduc, i don't meaomn to e steal your thunder, but i mean, this this is just. no, there's no questionople how people should vote in thise. race. with our country in this mass . >> general, thank you. we may have just found kamala'st replacement. plus, we're going to talk to folks about the newest fashion trends for the office. raymond arroyo has friday. >> follies is next. it's really striking the amount of control that china already has. we're going to wake up one day and we're going to ask, how did this happen? and the answer is we let it happen. china knew very clearly what they wanted from brazil. they know how brazil can play a role. their rise under the biden administration. china is replacing the united states as the dominant power in our hemisphere. china will build ports. they'll build roads, complex infrastructure. they basically say giving billions of dollars. and here's a few million for your family. we want to control your country
12:32 am
. the chinese government has spent billions of dollars buying brazil's natural resources. are you worried about the level of chinese investment in brazil? if another country controls your natural resources, not really your country anymore. and there won't be anything we can do about tucker carlson. originals, the china take over, brazil streaming now fox nation sign up at fox station .com. how many times has something broke down? but the right size tool is nowhere to be found. it's so confusing what you need is red dog, the amazing universal socket tool that fits grip's and tightens virtually any fastener and now may be your last chance to get one before they're gone. look at all the different sizes and shapes, nuts, bolts and screws. any head will do red dog grabs on tight and locks into place fast. it replaces hundreds of different tools, yet it's smaller than a battery. fifty four telescoping steel pins mold around any object,
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12:37 am
reserve are pushing the u.s. economy toward a recession. the federal reserve says they will continue to raise interest rates until inflation is under control. >> i'm maryanne rafferty. now back to the "ingraham angle". >> laura: it'f >> it's friday, and that means it's time for friday follies.fot and for that, we w turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo . >> all right, ray, we played to the teachers president biden wheaking to the teachers union. who else is going to speak to at this? >> but there was so much that we did not see. >> you weren't >> well, you weren't alone,y. apparently. i'm goinu.m going to show yo some in the media and their reaction first and thefirsn we'll show you the speech itself. >> see if this squares for youe . >> a c him.unded like a candidate in he a way i haven't heard him.g with he even was wandering with the mic.e he could have stood atstood at>s
12:38 am
the podium. >> a lot more republicans ou oto there taking credit for the newh bridges in those boys that are collapsing then actually voted for him. >> i say hi toat actually voted. a long way. >> she was 12 . i was 30 i was 30 . but anyway, he sounds like a candidate for psychological and cognitive analysis, laura . i mean, come on , ifn. if anydae other candidate, any otherpped politician dropped lines, dropped since made no sense or issued these very bizarre 12-year-old and you are 30, they would be your 30, they would be writtenwo out of town or front page news . >> it's just not the same for joe biden. happy birthday, dear .ay dear i really couldn't sing. aughs] i'm sorry. i keep i keep thinking that he doesn't remember the name a happy birthday song. >> all right. the un was a huge story this >> not week as well. >> yeah.caus not only because it gave the president another place to get lost in laura , but it marked the emergence of a newe
12:39 am
possible replacement for kamala harris. i know people wonder aboutfor ki biden's ability to run again, but given harris' proclivityen harris' proclivity for word for salads and understudy may have now emerged, thisd unders nation is national youth poet laureate amanda gorman. amanorman at the u.n at the un. >> the depths of death, despaird and disparity, atrocities across cities, towns and countries, lives lost, lost climactic costs were strangers to one another's perils. anothes perils and unawpain, unaware that the welfare of the public and the planet share a name, equali equality the oldest owed .e we owe each other which other assignment for the climate for our communities. commun gorman has a way of making communicare an obstacle to
12:40 am
comprehension. i don't know what she's saying. coopdon't knso but you know, re, shakespeare had richard burbage, the great actore had ti who interpreted his work. irving berlin had ethel merman. gormanng ber is missing the boat by not recruiting kamala harris to read her next ode. this is our bet. she'll be the premiere in or of amanda gorman's work. >> you just watch now. e the same cadence where they do none of it right e works and they stress on the wrong syllable.g so it defies auditory comprehension. but it's bad like marshall mathers or something. it just didn't quite hole mad together. raymond, tell us about this story wher boute jen years are now.e go they're going back to workck tod and kind of unusual clothing.>>o well, sure.other th it well, now that the pandemic's over there dressing up for the office, the problem is they consider thr this dressing up this dressing up for many.p is g dressing up is going to they are taking th the club. offi so they're taking the club toewr
12:41 am
the office. so i asked some new yorkerske w hawhat they think of this trendd >> is this appropriate in your mind?propriat >> no, no, definitely not.t. and why not? yo it's just we are exposing way too much.>> i >> i wouldn't wear it, butt i'm not a genze.z. you can dress fun you c and fashionable and stilanll be be honest. m >> there's nothing wrongodest. with it. they say that these dress codesy that you and i apparently >>opt, that these are outdated . who do you think? you i think you look amazing. >> i think you look amazing. appreciate that. so is it outdated? no, not for work.t it'sfo notr . >> i agree. yeah. class never goes out of style. . you got. or yo oh, you haven't got sky. sa i wouldn't say anything, but. i might think that was i woulk it'se. inappropriate. >> it's distracting. it's distracting. it's distracting i in off your office. would this flyice with t? oh, it's tough to comment to on that. cot onyou want to get yourselfto control, you'd have to consult.. >> you don't want to consult
12:42 am
h.r.? i would have to consult. you apparently are observing hav the dress code. are well, i'm old school room, justs like you. one on the right is is you edgy? not too sure. edgy. not too. yeah. you like that hemline. ? >> you know, i can't complain. i can't complain. what the is that. i just says who calvin klein. it looks like underwear. >> i would not choose that to wear at the office. mr.. the he is always a good thing. yes it is .tl mr. queen elizabeth would agree with that. a i agree. that's how she gotgree. persona. got not my style. >> not my st no, no. >> not my sty not my style either. yle wouldn't look soe these stockings. >> i agree. i wouldn't want to see them. laura .ur i was stunnea, i wd by the numb. men who were reluctant toy is wo comment on this. everybody's worried about being gettinutrouble.g in trouble. so it really is up to the ladies in the office to teactheih their younger peers tt there are standards inice. the office space . and that's for the betterment of all. well, raymond, soon it will be
12:43 am
men in mini skirts because that's where we're headed next., raymond, great to see you. happy friday. immigrant fueled crime producedu a populist uprising in sweden's elections. nopulist uprising w, what couldf us about our own midterm's in the future of the movement? a swedish member of parliament joins us in moments to tell us stator the fed is printing money like crazy. debt is rising by the trillions. is there a way to profit from this madness? >> what do these experts say? the more money you print, less your dollars are worth. and that's why you want to own gold in your portfolio. even bank of america says three thousand dollar gold's entirely possible. silver russell has the biggest run coming. >> gold will outperform stocks and silver will outperform gold . >> experts agree massive money printing and rising debt could send gold and silver prices much higher. how high? find out. call for the experts money printing report and gold and silver decision guy. see just how high gold
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>> oh yeah. there's been a political earthquake in sweden and the reverberations could be felt fel stateside as their own elections. right around the corner, the populist partypulist rose to power there on a message ofessa curbing this runaway immigratiocurbn and confronting the out-of-control crime thatol followed. now, thi crime thats didn't happen in a take what happened back in may s over the course of just eight days in the small neighborhood on f the town of auro, three young men were shot dead. e neighborhood now, the neighborhood in which they were killed is made up almost exclusively of syrian migrants. in fact, it's just one oft it's sixty one areas of sweden listed by police as risks of gang violence. all of them happen to have highh proportions of immigrants. per now,ca right now, sweden has the highest per capita number of deadly shootings of all twenty two european countries. and among shooting suspects, 85% are first or second
12:49 am
generation immigrants, according to a swedish ovenewspaper. and it's why my next guest has promised his conservative swedish democrats will be democrat watchdogs for change when chr. assume power. joining me now is charlie, a member of the europeanaining m parliament. ay know as afrom sweden. it's great to see you tonight. grea thank you so much for joining us . you have a lot of fans in sweden.u a i have a lot o lf swedisot of hi . >> they recommended that you haf come on tonight. friends and they recommended you thanks for sharing it. what what do americans need to understand about what's happened in sweden over a relatively short period of time?f >>time well, you need only to g events tonight.ev tonight to see what's ha ppto see what's happened ton. sweden tonight. ofeden broketonight sweden the f deadly shootings. 48 thi dshootings year. big we e had a big explosion outside stockholm tonight. which was heard even in downtown stockholm. >> five hundred bombings
12:50 am
the last foustr years underti social democratic rule one shooting a day. sweden is not pippi longstocking land anymore. t pp land the swedes are protess against that. are protesting against it. they want to change. they w they want changean. to be they want sweden to be a safe country again. and that's why they voted for fr us in so big numbers. >> now, a new york timesmnis columnist threw a tantrum afterw the election in sweden, writingd a piece entitled sweden is becoming unbearable. the swedis h far right hase coun profited from the country's growing inequality is fostering an obsessiontrg inequalities wio antipathy to migrants. its advancrants.e marks the endx swedish exceptionalism, now the end of sweden. swedish exceptionalism [laughs]. you used to be a country thatogo was fairly homogeneous butus al. welcoming of all people and pretty united .ty u nonited.w, where is that? >> well, forty year>> multicultural realism has ended
12:51 am
swedish exceptionalism. i can tell you that. the the journalist at "new york times" might wondejor why it happens that the sweden democrats are the biggest among swedish iranians.g for naming one example. tha of course, the reason for thatir is that immigrants who come to , work hard, who don sweden work hard and who don't'w want sweden to becomede more lie the middle east. they tend to vote for us andfo you can seyoe that in inat in th that issue for on islamism, we were the only ones raising that issue for many years now. everyone else is starting to adopt our policies, but we still have a way to go because the state is still fundingtilles brotherh muslim brotherhood linked organizationsood li. sweden is still a safe countryib for americans tout visit. but there are parts in sweden where i don't recommend anyone to go who are a no go zones. of
12:52 am
>> that's the fact of the matter. >> >> and we ar laue going tora che that, that type of crime that's being reported in sweden fromfrm friends of min fe and very smalo villages outside of carlstadt,ut or that area. their crime is being described ,crimes of humiliation ofn. children. police children, police say, unlike anything they've ever seen. and a lot of this linked to the salafist islamists who areia joining these gangs and ruininmg formerly peaceful neighborhoods and communities. but the salafi islamist problemp is is just they're yameen. eah, sweden was number to jihadists, exporter to iraq and syria. during the time of isis. and these humiliation crimes, they have increased the last years. we also callha domination violence where a young person
12:53 am
can be at at gunpoint, tortured for hours just because he's a sweet. h resentment and there is such resentment enong some people, not everyon e ,but enough people for it to to be a an increasing problem. >> and we are the only ones the addressing this. and the center left, they keep o on fighting for more migration to swedenfighting for more min,f the population today in sweden is born outside the country, that's more than america had during the height of itsmigratio immigration. and we just cannot cope. we need to restrict immigration so solve these problems. >> charlie, you have to pute a halt on that. otherwisigration coming into sweden. otherwise you're going to lose sweden forever. swedes have stooe you're g sweden ford up and they it anym. said, can't do it anymore.e, w charlie, where are we watching this? thank you so much for joining us . we're going to keep our eyesthiv on this movement and how you.
12:54 am
guys address these problems. >> thank you. thanks fork you. having. ng >> are the overwhelming freaksism of the enviro is on display. >> the last bite. we'll explain. >> i served in the army for twenty seven years. today, i'm retired and living on a pension, but still lowering our costs and tackling inflation. congress is going after american technology. this misguided agenda will threaten the technology we use every day to cut costs. public pension plans over one hundred billion seniors like me will pay a heavy price . >> tell congress to leave our technology alone. sir, you won't face me. unlike zyrtec, allegra won't make me drowsy. allegra starts working two times faster than claritin. so take allegra before allergy symptoms take over you. a new allegra hive's works from the inside to relieve itching and reduce hives for twenty four hours to see you after selling out for two years
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12:59 am
facing the nation. there's one thing to see the problem is even better if you see a solution in defending your freedom with the facts of this sunday night america with trey gowdy instead of only on fox news channel, now one of the best tennis players, most talente od of all time, roger federer. he was about to play his last match when a climate nutbag ran on to the court and did this. well, don't worry, he's fine. he did n but he didn't stay on that court very long. >> okay, this is this is unhinged behavior. >> and that the greedy ex rewarm the emotion, the , you want, the insight of all of that. now, there is no insight. they just want attention and they want power. our and they're trying to turn all of our kids into these kind of
1:00 am
these little enviro green nut bags as well. these are stunts, bue extet it's gluing yourself, your hand toai a botticelli painting or lighting yourself on fire. yourselthese kids aren't well m green movement is not good foras them. that's it for us tonight. tonig thank you for watching. remember, fly your fla member flyer bth your g, be with your family and your friends this weekend. have some fun. sd even in tumultuous times, it's america now and forever. greg gutfeld next. >> but guess what?uess what, weo we got a lot to do. >> i say hi to me. we go back a long way. she is twelve. >> i was thirty . but anyway, i wouldn't brag about that. joe got her. we had one .iday happy friday.


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