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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 24, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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>> kennedy: no one has ever said that. >> tyrus: phenomenal catch he set the bar so high for himself now. he can't drop anything. >> judge jeanine: if he is not that good everyone will be disappointed. >> harold: can't complain. >> jesse: you had a lot of money on that game. lots of money. >> judge jeanine: it did hurt. >> jesse: that's it for us. "special report" is not up ♪ [the star-spangled banner] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] pete: you keep them coming in and we love it. thanks for send your photos for weekend tradition of our nation's and them on "fox and friends".
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it is september 24th the year of our lord 2022. i am here and so is rachel and will kane. rachel: good morning. i feel good. a little sick earlier in the week but feeling nice to appreciate my health. by the way one other thing. my baby valentina started her first week of school this week. the first time since i have been married, 23 years, since i didn't have a child in the house, and empty house, and my daughter having her first teething tonight so big weekend. will:, keep those pictures coming in. giant tractors, 18 we others, what is taking place right there. could have been a big flatbed.
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i don't know. you know, i don't know. keep those pictures coming. rachel: who wears makeup? pete: i watched someone bail hair the other day. not actually, it was a role, big round bales. i just watched. stood there and talked like i knew what i was talking about. he was on the tractor, i wasn't. will: do you lean on somebody? rachel: i would have. how is it going? rachel: zetta mail dream to own a tractor? pete: someday i would like to own a tractor. will: it would be great. it would be great. classic down the middle. this is where our heads are at but we are glad you are here and we start with this. if you watched the program yesterday, lawrence jones was at a diner talking to voters
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and in pennsylvania because that is where kevin mccarthy, the minority leader hopes to be speaker of the house, unveiled the republicans commitment to america and this is similar to newt gingrich's contract with america from 1994. they are trying to set the tone for issues they care about and what they want to deliver. here's what kevin mccarthy and other republicans propose, advancing a parents bill of rights, they watched what glenn youngerkin didn't put education front and center, fund border security, crackdown on leftist prosecutors, the ones letting everyone out of jail, curb wasteful government spending. here is a portion, let's play it back to back, not only did kevin mccarthy talk about it but president biden in front of teachers unions didn't talk about education, talked about politics, here's mccarthy and then president biden's response. >> we can secure our border. we can become energy independent, the price of gas
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is lower. we can build and education system that has a parents bill of rights. we could be a check and balance, rain in this government going after the individuals. if you believe like us, join with us. this job won't be easy. >> president biden: after opposing, obstructing everything we tried to do to stop progress for the last two years the house in order leader kevin mccarthy went to pennsylvania and unveiled what he calls a commitment to america. we didn't hear him mention the right to choose, we didn't hear him mention medicare, we didn't hear him mention social security. will: an attempt to define the republican party's message 46 days until the election. this is what the fight is about and once i announced republican's want to find the election is a choice in terms of inflation, crime, border security and education.
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those four issues are the pillar of what they hope will swing voters to their side. on the other hand democrats will attempt to define republicans as extremist amaga republicans, semi fascists. here's an example, house speaker nancy pelosi said today's roll out of the latest evidence, to amagn going in on diminishing americans health, freedom and security. this alarming new extreme amag a platform criminalizes women's healthcare, cut seniors medicare and raise prescription drug prices and free and fair elections. rachel: they are trying to say what republicans four pillars which almost every american except the far left could agree with his extremist and you say what makes it easier for them
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to accomplish that agenda as extremist, the fact that if you go to a debate and your opponent doesn't show up you win and that is what the media is for the left. on our show, we show what kevin mccarthy is talking about on conservative outlets, you hear the unfiltered ideas, but on the other networks they will play a talk, all of this freedom and our elections are in trouble and all this stuff and the word extremist is getting labeled, sticking get in some ways because there is no -- it is so biased. our media repeats what the left says and we are not having a real debate of ideas. i will mention one other thing, inflation is such a big topic,
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but what is the left's solution to inflation? remember what katie porter said? abortion. they said if you are poor, that is why you need abortion, they didn't talk about changing conditions so it is easier to have a family. will: senior adviser to president biden was on cavuto and couldn't answer the question, the way he was winding around to other topics and never addressed the actual topic. here's what i love about what kevin mccarthy did, the republican caucus behind him, plenty of disagreement on the margins of marjorie taylor green versus moderate republicans but united on this message, nothing extreme about that unity. i hope oversight and accountability as part of that because plenty of investigations should they get the majority and contrast with biden, talking in front of the and ea, this is the teachers union, he almost said nothing about education which tells you what you need to know about
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teachers unions, they are political organizations, that is it. he's talking about abortion, want to talk about extreme? abortion on demand all the way to the point of birth is what they stand for, keep asking democrats about that. it is projection. they know especially the left wing of their family is very extreme, a battle over definitions at least the branding. rachel: thought media is 100% behind them. pete: what we see after the red scare speech is the drumbeat of the theme of that speech. if you want it distilled into one to one moment, the speech when he says extremism is the greatest threat to our democracy, amaga republicans have effort to the democracy but he grows the definition from election denial into abortion and on down the line into other viewpoints to the
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point you get nancy pelosi saying something about medicare, social security, prescription drugs so the definition of extremism keeps going like this until you disagree with me, you disagree with me you are an extremist. rachel: the ironing when he gave that speech which started with election denial and expanded out that was the same week we learned facebook had coordinated to suppress his son's laptop story and what a change. so again, you see a man who is very insecure about what people think about his election. donald trump had people saying russia put you in power. will: flown election mode so hyperbole, they don't want to talk about this, the stock market and its plummet so the
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white house didn't want to talk about the fact wall street is in a bear market so they brought in elton john to sing to president biden and make them feel better, elton john at the white house, almost like the celebration of the inflation reduction act, inflation is out of control, resident biden eating ice cream watching elton john, the white circles are back, they used to be for covid but now they are in the white house lawn. rachel: they don't play a political price for this tone deafness. who thinks about this in the middle of people being thrown into poverty, people can't put food on the table, seller homes, move ahead in life at all so they are putting on a concert with a british man, don't get it. pete: a stark image on your screen now. side-by-side with this image.
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under president biden americans flossed $4,200 in income since he came into office under donald trump, $4000 gains when he was in office according to the heritage foundation's center for data analysis. rachel: governor glenn younghidden says that inflation is stealing america. >> most concerned about inflation, most concerned that they are seeing a silent beef that was let loose by the biden administration steal their hard-earned money, grocery prices escalated in double digits and all of the sudden virginians and i think americans are starting to welcome. will: we were listening to glenn youngkin. rachel: i called pete sean and needs more coffee. anyway.
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rachel: he set a template the way he wanted virginia that kevin mccarthy has mirrored in many ways and great to see a majority at least a check on elton john and president biden. rachel: the number 4000 not capturing all of that in many ways, the housing market, trying to sell your house or tended to buy, you are not getting ahead. or the stock market. feels like it is headed in a worse direction. we've got elton john. >> the reason rick is in the vicinity of your television screen is fiona making landfall in halifax, canada the first tropical cyclone, this powerful storm stocking the region, heavy rain, wind up to 90 miles an hour. now turning towards newfoundland. rachel: grocery stores cleared before the storm's arrival is residents brace for the storm's impact sweeping power outages. pete: another storm, florida keeps an eye on tropical storm
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ian. people are prepping as the storm is expected to develop into a major port hurricane by midweek. chief meteorologist rick r reic reichmuth, is it newfoundland or newfoundland? >> reporter: newfoundland. glenn youngkin, you don't listen when i did the weather. we have to, we have a lot going on. this is fiona, the storm spreading out, this happens as it moves north, loses its tropical characteristics but the wind field spreads out, massive damage, this storm will probably be the strongest storm we have ever had in the entire country of canada. we will be watching this. we have information later on. we will see this pool to the north towards greenland, absolutely amazing storm, we are watching rip currents down the eastern seaboard, still trying to sneak in a little summer, be careful on the shores.
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five storms or disturbances we are watching across the atlantic but this one here in the caribbean is ian, now has a name, we have the center of it and better forecasting out of this over the next day or so especially as we see many more air balloons launch across the us. it will be a lot better data than we get in than we get out. pretty confident the storm will track to the south of jamaica, tropical storm watch, not hurricane conditions, hurricane watch in effect across the cayman islands, western parts of cuba the storm will likely go over some mountains, 2500 feet and that will break the storm apart a little bit, some good news for florida. model guidance coming in a lot more consistent here, the centerline, the consensus line at this point the best guess where the center of the storm goes, florida looks like having this tuesday into wednesday, somewhere in that timeframe,
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get your preps in place, could be having a major hurricane hit florida this week. will: a florida sheriff's department says a deputy was killed by an illegal immigrant in a hit and run thursday at a construction site, deputy michael hardwick was on duty guarding the site, front loader plowed into him. the driver tried to leave the area and knew he killed the deputy. he is charged with fleeing the scene of an accident. arizona bands almost all abortions as trigger lie dating back to 1864 goes into place. abortion was made illegal for 200 years ago, and the ban was upheld yesterday in court following the overturn of roe v wade earlier this year, the law allows exceptions for the health of the mother. albert pool holes --puljols
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slugging his way into the history books. >> taylor back at the wall. >> the 700 homerun club. pete: fans on their feet as the future hall of fame or runs the bases with giant grin on his face knocking two home runs out of the park driving in five in back-to-back innings. the cardinals went on to beat la. the 700 homerun club has four members, pujols hank aaron, barry bonds, babe ruth, some big names. will: good to see you going, how much farther can he go. he has got to be for hundred 40, pushing 40. pete: i'm not sure anyone knows the answer to that question. -- will: that is a great point.
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we may not actually know but it is fun to see. still ahead, who could forget this insulting, infamous comment by hillary clinton? >> you could put half of trump supporters into what are called a basket of deplorables. will: she is ramping up her divisive rhetoric and comparing trump rallies to nazi gatherings. rachel: talk about our view, sunny holston attacking latina republicans for voting against their self interests. the outrageous remarks from the left still ahead. ♪ and a whole lot of this. meet our exclusive dent and scratch resistant stainmaster laminate. check out our most innovative products. only at lowe's.
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>> i remember as a young student trying to figure out how did people get basically drawn in by hitler? assad a rally in ohio the other night, trump is ranting and raving for more than an hour and you have these rows of young men with her arms raised.
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will: if this were the case it would be the top national story for the last four five days. here is a popular political figure who actually draws crowds, who can speak for an hour and has a lot of rabid support because he did what he said he would do. i don't know what to say. rachel: that is the point. she can present extremist nazi stuff but the reason people are at that rally is precisely what you said, the economy was never better than under donald trump, he delivered on the border, the border was more secure than it was for 40 years before and a lot more secure than it is now. he delivered on ideas that he implemented and they were effective and that is what she can't understand because for them it is all about image and
3:24 am
woke. will: that is misinformation. that is a conspiracy theory. that is the exact type of stuff that is supposed to be zeroed out from the internet because it is simply not true but also tell me what this progression if you've seen the progression over a decade it went from the first attack on voters, i think it was deplore, first time. >> it was obama with cling to god's and the guns. they cling, then deplorable there's another stage in their. rachel: smelly walmart people. will: it got to threats to democracy and semi-fascist and now chumps. now it is just nazis, now it is nazis and that's not a street chant, former presidential candidate from the democratic side of the party, nazis, you
3:25 am
disagree with the ura nazi. that is where we are. rachel: they have nothing to run on, this is it and they have social media, big tech. rachel: ramp-up doj and fbi and control those institutions and decide which investigations they go all in on, thankfully you've got fbi agents blowing the whistle on the obsession over the january 6th investigation in the way it is conducted and some coming out and saying that but it is that view translated to the weaponization of government and the media all in on their side, that is an authoritarian instinct. rachel: glad you brought that up. we can't talk about the impact on the election but it is using that term to weapon eyes government against a police state into 1/3 world banana republican that is what is happening. here is another media outlet, called the view, basically
3:26 am
there is only one view, the others, some like -- supposedly republican on their but whatever, here, how latinos are voting against their interests because she is concerned as so many democrats are by the surge in hispanic voters. take a listen. >> these nicaraguans and these venezuelans are tracking through the jungles of panama to get here and republicans talk every day against communism and socialism and yet they have no conscience and no qualls about using victims of communism and socialism as political ponds and a political stunt to get the base out. how dare you go against communism and use these victims of communism for your political gain. >> so interesting to me that there are so many latinos that vote republican because they vote against their own self interests.
3:27 am
if you are interested in these issues, you are a democrat. rachel: hispanic voters love to feed their kids and i think that is really the issue they are losing on and they want to virtue signal and all these women who by the way support the biden administration who participated in squashing the liberation of the cuban people last summer in havana because president biden wouldn't give them internet to show everybody what was happening, those leaders in gulag's, many disappeared and many of them were afro-cuban so these people have no leg to stand on, they don't care about communism did nothing to lift a finger. aoc, bernie sanders, all cheerleaders of the socialists revolution in venezuela and those people are coming here and want to pool the compassion card because they don't callout
3:28 am
president biden for flying people out. will: what am i missing? they are fleeing communism and socialism and come here and vote for the party that isn't full of socialists, if you ultimately don't want what you had before because they want to enforce it. rachel: he said they are here because of climate change, she said they are coming for climate change, interview a venezuelan can interview a cuban they are coming for economic freedom. rachel: emptying the prisons in venezuela. rachel: following the lead of fidel castro who did that as well. will: parents in washington state outraged after they claim their son was duped into taking a radical, effectively a radical history class. the mom joins us with her warning to other parents about what to look for. ♪
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learn how abbvie could help you save on botox®. will: parents outraged after their son at school duped into taking a radical crt based history class, they are sharing the syllabus with jason rantz our good friend. textbook from the socialist howard zinn from the soviet perspective, warned students to prepare for discomfort when discussing topics like decolonization. thank you for being here and first of all how was the course represented? taker us history course?
3:34 am
>> just ordinary us history, second week of school our son brought home a flyer that said the colonizing us history which to us was news so we started reading the flyer, the first paragraph says we are grateful to stand on the lands of one indian tribe and acknowledge friends, white guy bad, stole the land from the indians and as you keep reading you learn history is not a series of timelines, through themes and feelings, they are teaching history in a bizarro fashion, on the bottom left, two books and one of the first books is the young people's history of the united states, and admitted
3:35 am
socialist, anti-american, all about america is bad, america is evil, let's prepare with north korea or cuba. they have free healthcare in cuba. cuba doesn't have an illegal immigration problem because nobody wants to go to cuba. america has an illegal immigration problem because america is awesome, learn history through and happened and be happen nancy happened. will: i feel like you should be the history teacher, very well done. do you think this happens all the time? often that parents say they are taking us history, taking this literature course, must be what i got but instead they get this new left-wing view? >> i suspect will we know this is been creeping into the schools for a long time, what
3:36 am
we are talking about is a junior and we had two other children go through the bellevue school district and we caught them in conversations talking about themes such as this but never seen a syllabus that was truly critical race theory from top to bottom so when we saw that, immediately intervened and wanted to know what was going on in the classroom. the teacher wouldn't communicate with us, the principal was good about communicating with us, we sat down and talked about -- it was a funny meeting, we told him we weren't there to debate the class and talked about removing our son from the class and find out what an alternative was and the principal said he would get on that, chatted with the counselor and next and you know we hear from the district manager that there is no other
3:37 am
option. he takes this class or doesn't graduate and if we pull him out we need to find a class outside high school to take. pete: that's the point of the high school, to teach history and they are not. good for you for being vigilant as parents especially in this particular case. here is the thing. we are pretty much out of time. you have to parrot what is taught in that class or else you can't pass the class, not the type of class they are looking for debate, it is here is one side of how history is done. go ahead real quick. >> it is exhausting to be a parent and babysit what is going on in the classroom. i guess we are going to be history teachers, we have to do an online course. pete: you got a yes from rachel upstairs, she agrees with you. exhausting for parents. thank you. we reached out to the school for a statement and waiting to hear back. i don't think we will.
3:38 am
michelle and cal jewel in washington state, still had from building tent cities to begging for assistance, the big apple is scrambling to house illegal immigrants busted from the border. our next guest is a new york city councilman who says this proves the crisis is too big, other states shouldered the burden. joe barb belly is next. liberty mutual tellingw customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! (limu squawks) he's a natural. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ if you have age-related macular degeneration, there's only so much time before it can lead to blindness. but the areds 2 clinical study showed that a specific nutrient formula can help reduce the risk of dry amd progression. ask your doctor now about an areds 2 supplement. - [female narrator] five billion people lack access to safe surgery. thousands of children are suffering and dying from treatable causes.
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rachel: busloads of migrants continue to arriving new york city mayor eric adams is opening a tent city reportedly begging the federal government for $500 million. the mayor ripping republican governors saying now more than ever it is clear we are again dealing with a humanitarian crisis created by human hands while other leaders advocated their moral duty to support arriving asylum-seekers, new york city refuses to do so. here is new york city councilman joe marelli. i understand the frustration of people in the neighborhood, the things they had to say, i wouldn't want this tent city in my neighborhood park. the border states, for more than their share. of the burden. shouldn't this be shared? >> it is unfair to blame the border states saying they
3:43 am
didn't shoulder the burden, when for years whether it was people seeking asylum or people coming illegally they shouldered the brunt of this problem and if anything underscores that it is a problem we are now setting up tent cities on beaches in new york city, something we do when there's a hurricane or flood or earthquake, we are responding as though it is a natural disaster, looking at a cruise ship to house these folks. this is a real problem. rachel: looking at cruise ships as a solution. >> we have no idea when this will stop or how many will come. the real story is how this was not an issue, and they brought these folks to cities like new york and liberal enclaves where everyone has a coexist bumper sticker on their subaru and it became a real crisis.
3:44 am
>> this district is aoc's district and this district voted disproportionately for democrats for president biden's policies, poetic justice? >> it is poetic justice and she shares the blame, not the republican governors fault, and led by president biden, when republican governors stop seeing people go across the border that is when they will stop spending migrants north, we will not see a stop so as a new yorker i want eric adams to get federal money, don't want to pay for it myself but he should be out there with other big-city mayors calling on the federal government to stop the flow of this migration crisis. rachel: it is a national security crisis. here's a quote from a veteran who lives in that area who told the daily mail they are not
3:45 am
migrants, they are illegal aliens, 800 years ago people talking about the legal way they came here to ellis island run by the army medical corps, you came to america you had to have the papers, your sponsors, you couldn't just walk in here. he's doing what he is told by washington, it is being dictated and we don't know who is running the white house. >> her family probably came from the caribbean and you came here legally and you don't want to see these tent cities, hope the democratic party takes pause from this, do some reflection and realize the border is where the problem starts. rachel: the district is very blue. will aoc feel the political heat for this district? >> i doubt it. that district is so blue she is probably safe. rachel: i don't feel sorry or them.
3:46 am
thank you. >> chuck grassley is demanding more transparency from the fbi on refugees brought from afghanistan. he says potentially dangerous people were brought to the country during the biden administration's chaotic withdrawal, writing it is an acceptable the fbi continues to take a secretive approach hiding behind classification as an excuse to withhold information that all americans deserve to have. it remains ongoing. the nypd union members fired for not getting a covid vaccine must be reinstated, a ruling by a supreme court judge, the pba presidents operating the common sense victory, this confirms what we said from the start, the vaccine mandate was an improper infringement on people's right to make personal
3:47 am
medical decisions. q a lot more like this, those are your headlines. still ahead, russians lining up at finland's borders young men just really try to flee putin's military draft but as the kremlin ramps up nuclear threats, how should the rest of the countries in the world respond? the russian journalist takes a russian journalist inside the mind of boudin next. later the end of an era. after 24 years on the court, tennis legend roger federal were retires. bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression.
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> translator: i want to remind you our country has various means of destruction and for separate components more modern than those of nato countries and when the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, to protect russia and our people, we will he was all means at our disposal. this is not a bluff. will: vladimir putin threatening the use of nuclear weapons this week as his invasion of ukraine continues. look at this.
3:52 am
miles of long traffic seen at finland's border is thousands try to flee putin's mobilization, finland says it will ban russian tourists in the coming days. our next guest is editor in chief of the only independent tv station in russia broadcasting abroad. great to have you on the program again, what do you make of what you heard from vladimir putin and the threat that everything is on the table? do you think it is an empty threat or would he use nuclear weapons? >> impossible to get into his mind but what we do understand is he is absolutely desperate because he's losing the war ukraine, and they are continuing their offensive in eastern ukraine, is not very
3:53 am
strong, in 6 months and the region is obsessed with ukraine and putin thinks it is not a war, russia started in ukraine but a war on the western world. it means he's not going to stop. he wants to send more russian men in ukraine and when he threatens with a nuclear war we have to take serious. we don't know whether he is ready to use it but we should not think these are just words. will: you brought up the draft. i'm fascinated by these traffic lines in georgia where it appears young men are trying to leave the country, in months past we talked about the
3:54 am
disinformation campaign to manipulate the public mind in support of this war, that campaign is not succeeding in essence to sell this war. >> it is not just about finland or georgia. we are trying to escape the country and they are trying to buy tickets to any country, tickets are crazy expensive because people are buying them and trying to flee to kazakhstan, to mongolia, to any other countries. the thing is it is not like everyone is trying to leave the country but thousands of people are trying to leave the country. for years, the russian government, russian propaganda, had a situation where a lot of people were passive toward the war but now this war came into
3:55 am
their houses, now they have a choice to leave the country or go to ukraine and kill someone and be killed. that is why now they understand it is time to leave and it is interesting that putin is shooting in his own leg because he makes these passive people to be active and these people are starting to be involved in the situation that putin was trying not to do over 20 years of his presidency. so his position is unstable in ukraine, his position is becoming less stable within the country. let's see how it goes. will: how strong is his position within russia? that's worth watching as well. thank you, great to hear from you again. we've got a big show still
3:56 am
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♪ she was a big star at banana joe's bar where she sang care ce owe see every night ♪ rachel: good morning, everybody. that's kenny chesney "big star". that's how i feel about the two men i work with this morning. pete: good morning. rachel: pete, you big star. pete: that makes me feel great.


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