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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  September 24, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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eric: well, the humanitarian crisis at the southern border takes another tragic turn, far -- this time far from the states where migrants continue to to pour in. the suspect in the hit and run death of a sheriff's deputy was in our country illegally, we're told, for the second time the. hello, everyone, and welcome to "fox news live," i'm eric shawn. arthel: hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville. two other major stories at this hour, florida's governor declaring a state of emergency
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in dozens of counties there as tropical storm ian strengthens in the caribbean. and president biden spending the weekend in delaware after he addressed the national education association, nation's largest teachers union. we have live fox news team coverage for you on all of this. lucas tomlinson is in delaware with the president. fox weather's matt gordon in florida as residents there prep for a possible hurricane. but first to alexis mcadams live at the border in eagle pass, texas. alexis. >> reporter: hi, arthel. we are learning new details about the migrant who crossed into the united states illegally and is now being charged with a hit and run crash that a killed that sheriff's deputy. we're learning that the first time he crossed here into the united states it was right here in eagle pass, texas. take a look at your screen, this is a mug shot we got in just a short time ago from that county out in florida. now charged with leaving the scene of a fatal crash after
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investigators say he ran over a sheriff's deputy with a front loader and took off from that construction ooh site. deputy michael hartwick was killed, a 19-year veteran of the pinellas county sheriff's department, and right now his family is grieving as police try to find out how the immigrant was approved to work at that construction site in the first place. this is a look at where it unfolded, this florida construction zone on thursday. deputy hartwick was there to patrol the area to make sure that crew was safe, but when he got out of that car around 10:30 that night, america olinas ran him over and is took off. the sheriff and the florida governor are trying to figure out why the migrant was at that site, because he didn't have the proper paperwork or the license, so a lot of unanswered questions there. investigators tell us the man first entered the u.s. illegally in october of last year through eagle pass, texas, then but then he was sent back by border patrol to mexico. he is one of the more than
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500,000 known gotaways this fiscal year, and those are the people who have evaded border patrol, and there could be a lot more according to sources. this is a look at just how busy things are today. more than 300 migrants and counting out here from venezuela, mexico and nicaragua. a live look again in eagle pass, texas, things not expected to slow down at the border, arthel. back out here live, i can tell you just in a 24-hour period when i was here on thursday, i saw agents pull two bodies out of the rio grande river. talking about all the time people who make it in here, but there's also thousands that die trying to make it into the united states. arthel? arthel: alexis mcadams, thank you. so what should the biden administration do to address this unfolding humanitarian crisis at the southern border, and does the gop have any answers? we're going to talk about that with republican congresswoman beth van duyne from texas. we'll have is her on the show a little bit later in this hour. eric: florida governor ron desantis is declaring that
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state of emergency, as we told you, for the entire state. tropical storm ian now moving north in the caribbean, swirling near jamaica in the moment. it could be a hurricane by the time it hits the cayman islands just south of cuba. max gorden is in fort myers where it looks pretty good now, max, but people getting ready? what's coming? >> reporter: yeah. well, it looks good now, but things are going to be changing over the next couple of days. now, not only has the governor declared a state the wide state of emergency, he's also requested a federal pre-landfall emergency declaration. that would unlock additional federal resources and also put the national guard on standby. today the weather is calm, the sun is out. things are going to change drastically. this storm has the potential for storm surge, flash flooding, strong winds, heavy rainfall and isolated tornadoes. emergency officials say now is the time to prepare and to know if you're in an evacuation zone.
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as emergency managers like to say, people should run from the water and hide from the wind. florida also provides evacuation assistance to people with medical conditions, and the state is urging people who might need help to register now so they can get out in time. already we've seen a scramble for supplies. food and water quickly disappearing in the fort myers area, and some gas stations are already running out of fuel. we talked to some folks who were gassing up. >> trying to get ready for this thing coming to us. it's not the first time, so i know -- >> i always try to get fuel, propane just in case the power go off, you know, we can cook and we can pass through all this. it's not the first time, i live in this state for 29 years. >> reporter: nasa also announcing that they're scrubbing the launch of the artemis moon rocket originally scheduler -- scheduled for tuesday, now pushing that rocket
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back inside to its shelter as the entire state prepares for the storm. eric: everybody and everything taking shelter. max, thank you so much. arthel: eric and max, thank you. president biden in delaware today the after a speech last night to the national education association during which he criticized the republican party's newly-unveiled midterm the priorities. meanwhile, stocks fell for the second straight week on recession fears as a new study shows average americans losing thousands in income. lucas tomlinson has it all covered for us, and he is live in wilmington. lucas. >> reporter: good afternoon, arthel. president biden addressing teachers in the nation's capital, he used the opportunity to not talk much about education, but instead attack republicans. >> the house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, went to pennsylvania and unveiled what he calls a commitment to america. now, that's a thin series of policy goals with little or no no detail that he says
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republicans are going to pursue if they regain control of the congress. >> reporter: here are the four new pillars rolled out. quote: an economy that's strong, a nation that's safe, a future built on freedom and a government that's accountable. not mentioned in the gop's four pillars, but part of their preamble is a pledge to ramp up education andish -- an issue that propoled governor glenn youngkin to victory in virginia and many think is a winning issue for republicans with public schools weighed down by what they call woke and issues blocking students from learning basic math and history as test scores have plunged nationwide post-pandemic. also sinking, america's finances. across the country americans are feeling squeezed by higher prices brought on by 40-year-high inflation. when president biden took office, inflation was just 1.4%, arthel. today it's 8.3%. it was already at 7.9% when
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russian forces invaded ukraine. half of americans say that inflation is causing them financial hardship and heart burn. one many four families are cutting back on their spending, some just going down to two meals a day. house minority leader kevin mccarthy rolled out the gop's new agenda in the battleground state of pennsylvania. >> they control the house, the senate, the white house. they control the committees, the agencies. it's their plan, but they have no plan to fix all the problems they created. >> reporter: arthel, you mentioned that study by the heritage foundation that says americans are losing over $4,000 in income every year because of inflation. this as americans across the country, some are tailgating, preparing for octoberfest activities, parties that are becoming a lot more expensive. arthel? arthel: thank you very much, lucas. eric? eric: politicians across the country and the ideological spectrum attending the texas
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tribune fest evalthis weekend. among -- festival this weekend. governor glenn youngkin predicts republicans will do well in the midterms because they've outperformed their democratic counterparts, but transportation secretary pete buttigieg saying that florida governor desantis, texas governor abbott, that they're spending -- sending migrantses to democratic cities is a, quote, stunt being done only to get attention. senior correspondent casey stegall live at the festival in austin. hey, casey. >> reporter: hey a, eric, good to see you. an awful lot of headliners. this is the final day of the event. it will wrap up a little bit later. politicos from both sides of the aisle, big republican names, big democrat names here at the texas tribune festival that has gotten larger with each year, and the timing also couldn't be more convenient with, of course, the midterms right around the corner. boy, they have talked about a variety of topics, everything from policing to public if
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health -- public health to education. in fact, earlier today there was a session with texas senator ted cruz, and things got heated when the discussion turned to the uvalde school shooting that happened here in texas, and then the discussion turned to gun control and bans on assault weapons. listen. >> the single best step to stop them is have armed officers on campus that can stop them before they kill our kids -- [inaudible conversations] but, look, instead you guys can instead sing "kumbaya" with them and hope they'll just stop -- [inaudible conversations] but what you're proposing doesn't work. >> reporter: you heard some boos from the crowd there, so some mixed reactions. there is also most certainly campaigning that is going on at this festival and also today especially when it comes to the race for texas governor. republican incumbent greg abbott is ahead in the polling, but today his democratic challenger,
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beto o'rourke -- who has also become a household name -- he is holding an event, in fact, it gets started in just about 20 minutes or so from now. we're going to keep you posted on that. and then the democratic california governor, gavin newsom, he is going to hold an event later this afternoon. it's called what they can teach the other 49 statements -- the states, leading to believe that california has something special going on that he wants to share with the rest of the country. and then the event wraps up tonight with republican congresswoman liz cheney. so a lot going on. we're here, we've got it covered for you, eric. eric: yeah. and congresswoman cheney certainly will have some choice words about the democratic process, what's been going on in our country. casey, thank you. arthel? arthel: casey and eric, now to the key senate race in battle ground pennsylvania. republican candidate dr. mehmet oz has released his medical records as voters wait to see if the democrat, lieutenant governor john fetterman, will do the same after suffering a
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stroke in may. nate foy is here with the very latest. hey, nate. >> reporter: hey, arthel. yeah, dr. oz believes voters should have full transparency when it comes to candidates' to health, but fetterman is to this point choosing not to release his medical records only months after suffering a stroke. fetterman is on the campaign trail, he just wrapped up his first public rally since suffering that stroke back in may. he spent the majority of his speech criticizing dr. oz, again calling him a clown and sticking to a similar script that we with heard last weekend in scranton. he is again focusing on abortion as his key issue. listen here. >> i fought for philadelphia, and i'm going to fight for abortion rights here in pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] and america. >> reporter: fetterman has ooh another event today north of philadelphia near allentown, but as he focuses on abortion, dr. oz is talking more about crime. he's very critical of fetterman's support for releasing some second-degree murderers from prison, and overall, one-third of prisoners
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in the state. now, that second part is something fetterman denies, but dr. oz's team insists fetterman supported that on record at least 11 times. oz is also focusing on the inflation -- or on inflation and the economy. he tweeted this this morning, quote: as lieutenant governor, john fetterman backed tax increases on pennsylvanians. if elected to the senate, he will vote for more tax increases and reckless spending. americans are already struggling to keep up, and fetterman would make things even worse. separate from this in the state's governor's race, the two candidates can't agree on a moderator for their debate, so pennsylvanians may be forced to vote without seeing a debate in that race for the first time since 1986, and the debate between oz and fetterman right now scheduled for two weeks before election day, on the 25th of october. back to you, arthel. arthel: we will keep an eye on it, see how this transpires. who knows? thank you so much, nate. >> reporter: you got it. arthel: eric?
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eric: president biden says it makes no sense, he says, to send migrants back to their home ownd of illegal immigrants comes across the southern border though it is legal for people to ask for asylum and come in. more on all of this, texas republican congresswoman beth van duyne can will weigh in on what the president says, her views, coming up. ♪ ♪ ied me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh - here, i'll take that woo hoo ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar and now in two new flavors (♪ ♪) you might take something for your heart... your joints...
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♪ >> what the president is saying is that these folks, these mothers, these children, these families are leaving a country because of communism. they're leaving a country because of political persecution. and he was saying that they should not be used as a political pawn by governor desantis or any republican governor. that's what he was speaking to. arthel: white house press secretary karine jean-pierre on president biden's statement this week that it's, quote, not rational to send asylum seekers back to nations like venezuela, cuba, nicaragua. customs and border protection says agents have caught more than 2 million immigrants at the border in 2022. a major spike from the previous four years.
11:19 am
let's bring in texas republican congresswoman beth van duyne. congresswoman, thanks for joining us. so president biden is saying it's not rational to send the families back to their home countries. do you think the president has presented clear guidance on how to process the asylum seekers and maybe organize a flow chart and a plan to slow down the rush since our current system cannot handle the influx? >> yeah. i think it's obvious our current system cannot handle the influx, and i have not seen a plan at all from this president. what we've seen over the last year and a half is a complete denial that there's a problem. it's not until 50 illegal immigrants show up in martha's vineyard that all of a sudden this administration if even identifies that there's a problem. we've had over three times as many terrorists enter into our country this year alone, people from the fbi watch, terrorist watch list, than we have in the last five years combined. and we've got a vice president
11:20 am
who says and insists that our borders are secure. we have not seen a plan from this president -- the. arthel: and the president's saying that it's different, because many migrants are fleeing communism in nations like venezuela, cuba, nicaragua. does that change the nature of the crisis at the border? >> i think you've seen many people around the world fleeing communism for decades now. we haven't seen the mass amount of folks entering into our country illegally until biden stepped in. there's a way to do it orderly, can and there's a way to do it in chaos that creates a humanitarian crisis. and what we've seen from this administration is they have absolutely no plan. they're taking people who we're processing, folks who are applying for asylum, and those people are now being used as babysitters and cab drivers going along a border that is open and having to do that as opposed to their job. we've seen an administration that has taken resources and tools out of the toolbox of our customs and border protection
11:21 am
agents repeatly since they've been in -- repeatedly as well as the welcome of, come on in, you can receive free health care, free school, free housing and and a president who even from day one of his campaign said we are not going to create -- we're going to immediately stop a border wall. so there's one thing that they're saying, and there's something else to else that they're -- totally else that they're doing, and they seem surprised that they've seen this rush at our border. arthel: does the republican party have the answer and a way to handle the crisis, and if so, what is it? >> i think you saw under the trump administration there was a number of tools, a number of deals they worked out with central american countries including mexico. the first safe country, for example, or the remain in mexico policy that actually allowed other countries to be able to house these people who were seeking asylum, they could apply for asylum where they were, and we could do it in an orderly fashion. we've heard some of the mayors say they felt like a pig got was
11:22 am
turned off -- spigot was turned off when those plans were put in place. we would prioritize that if the republicans are actually able to take over the house in january. arthel: that's definitely more -- excuse me, that's more of an immediate kind of temporary fix, but some sort of relief, if you will. what's the long-term plan in the event that republicans regain control? >> partnering with mexico is actually a very long-term plan. that's not a short-term plan. so when we have people who are applying for asylum, it is a very long-term plan if you can get the other countries working with us in partnership as opposed to allowing folks to go straight through their borders and rush -- arthel: what i meant, if i may, what i meant was at some point, just like we're seeing the problems on our southern border, at some point mexico, if you reinstate the remain in mexico policy, then they're going to get overcrowded and can't handle the influx either, that's what i meant by that, the temporary fix. >> i don't know that's necessarily the fact. the fact that we're seeing a lot
11:23 am
of people want to come to our country, for good reason. you know, when we're looking at manufacturing jobs in our country versus over in china, there is an about for us to actually have -- ability for us to actually have trade with mexico, with canada. i think that would help the economies of these other countries as well as our own. those partnerships, i think, are important. but what we've seen from the biden administration is really they haven't even looked at their international partnerships. they haven't even really concentrated on trade at all. i just recently got back from from a southeast asia trip. that's where we heard over and over again from foreign ministers, from prime ministers and trade ministers that it seems the u.s. has been absent -- arthel: i, i, i want to, i want to stay on immigration, if we could, for this particular segment, which is why we have you, and we can talk about trade another time. but i do want to, i have a final question for you, congresswoman. do you think busing the migrants away from the border is
11:24 am
inhumane? and is it using people that are seeking asylum in america as political pawns? do you believe that? >> i think what is inhumane, if you want to compare 50 people being brought up at the end of the season to martha's vineyard when they were given clean clothes, health care and an air-conditioned flight, you know, to martha's vineyard versus what we're seeing, the inhumane conditions in texas over the summer, the inhumane conditions that they are traveling from mexico where the majority of women and children are facing hardships and rape in many instances, when they get there, they're giving birth underneath a bridge on our border. i think those are inhumane conditions. and this administration has been encouraging that kind of behavior. that is something that we need to face -- arthel: how so? >> -- go down there and see them directly, see those conditions directly, they would see what we're talking about, but they won't go down there. arthel: all right. we have to leave it there.
11:25 am
it's a complex, obviously, complex issue that needs some great attention and cooperation across the board, so texas congresswoman beth van duyne, thank you for joining us, and and we'll talk to you again soon. thank you so much. eric: well, north dakota state troopers say there is no we've that the teen killed in that hit and run was a, quote, republican extremist. this after the suspect behind the wheel told police that he felt threatened after a political argument with the victim. but the state's highway patrol saying that that claim has not yet been substantiated. christina coleman live with the latest on this case. >> reporter: hi, eric. 41-year-old shannon brant is charged with dui-related vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a fatal crash. police say he hit and killed 18-year-old taylor elingingson in the town of mchenry. the teen calledded his mother last sunday saying brant was chasing him, and court documents say brant claimed they had a
11:26 am
political argument and brant admitted to state radio that he hit the pedestrian and that the pedestrian was part of a republican extremist group. authorities have not confirmed that he belonged to an extremist group, and they're investigating whether a political argument are led up to his death, but the suspect's claims are still disturbing, and it's leading to more calls from republicans for a stop to divisive political rhetoric. earlier this month president biden told his base that maga republicans are a threat to the country. >> donald trump and the maga republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. maga republicans have made their choice. they embrace anger, they thrive on chaos. >> reporter: at a rally last night, former president donald trump told the crowd that the deadly north dakota incident would be getting much more attention if a teenager was killed for possibly being on the far left are.
11:27 am
>> they give it the other way, supposing a maga person ran down somebody on the other side, it'd be the biggest story you've ever seen. it's a disgrace. 18 years old, was targeted and killed, run down in cold blood with an suv by a radical left maniac who's a radical left, stupid person. simply because he was a republican. >> reporter: as for brant, he's currently free on a $50,000 bond as police investigate his claims following this disturbing and deadly incident. eric? eric: yeah. those claims not substantiated by authorities. christina, thank you. arthel? arthel: eric, they vanished months ago while fighting with ukrainian forces against russia. now two americans who were held captive are back on u.s. soil after a prisoner swap. next, how saudi arabia helped it happen when we talk strategy
11:28 am
with dr. rebecca grant. she's coming up. ♪ ♪ , voya provides comprehensive solutions and shows me how to get the most out of my workplace benefits. voya helps me feel like i've got it all under control. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. (kari) i just switched to verizon business unlimited. it is just right for my little business. (jeni) we switched, too. (kari) unlimited premium data. unlimited hotspot data. my point of sale is on point. (vo) switch to verizon business unlimited today. from the network america relies on. hi, i'm karen. i lost 58 pounds on golo and i've kept it off for over a year. it was so easy that the weight just kept coming off. that's when i knew that this is real.
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eric: two americans from alabama who went to fight for ukraine and were captured by russian forces have been freed along with eight others in a prisoner swap with moscow. officials are crediting the saudi crown prince, mohamed bin salman, for making it happen. the americans, alexander druke and andy hune, they were captured in june and were released on wednesday along with five british citizens, one moroccan, a swede and a croatian. the deal, the saudi prince told me in an exclusive fox news interview how it all happened with the kingdom's help. >> it was a very complicated discussion, but i think in the end he was, his royal highness was able to convince president
11:33 am
putin that this is a humanitarian gesture that is worthwhile x this is how we achieved this result. eric: fox news contributor dr. rebecca grant joins us now, president of iris independent research and a national security and military analyst. dr. grant, great to see you. why is it so significant that saudi arabia played such a major role in mediating between putin and zelenskyy to get the men free? >> i'd say two reasons. first of all, polite words, but you can a hear from the saudi foreign minister that saudi arabia is on ukraine's side. and they're getting a little tired of putin waging this war. the other reason, of course, is this is a small but very senate step forward -- significant step forward for saudis in trying to rehabilitate their world status and get back in position to guide saudi arabia in the long term. they're trying to do a favor to the u.s. and britain, and they have. eric: and what is the meaning of
11:34 am
that? why would volodymyr zelenskyy and the u.s. then go so far to trust the saudis? >> right. so interesting. zelenskyy, of course, got a call from prince mohamed bin salman right after the war started saying, hey, let me know how i can help. saudi also went out of their way to extend the visas of ukrainian citizens. but then it got real quiet for a while. but now we're learning that zelenskyy and the crown prince have talked about postwar recovery and other things. i think this is a gesture showing, one, that saudi does side with ukraine in talking about their legitimates sovereignty issues, and also it's a pokeback at putin and russia. remember, saudis have quite a bit of of influence with their fellow oil merchant, vladimir putin. eric: and why would putin then, you know, trust saudis to try and get this deal done and maybe for other things down the line? >> well, putin really doesn't
11:35 am
have any choice. so while russia's not an opec member, they are in opec+, and they have been carrying on their oil ooh -- oil business meetings all along, all during the war. so putin has no choice but to deal with the saudis. and, you know, if the saudis wanted to change their oil production, saudi arabia is the one country that could really undercut the financial revenues coming in from the oil sales that russia is still doing. so putin cannot risk alienating saudi arabia at this point. eric wow. so with everything on the world teenage that's happened with the crown -- stage that's happened with the crown prince, does he actually have the upper hand now over vladimir putin? >> well, the crown prince, as a saudi, is always going to play his cards very close to the vest. but there's no question that putin has to take note of what he wants. and so when the saudis came out and said, hey, we want to get these prisoners back to the
11:36 am
americans, of course, our two and also five brits, and those are, of course, ukraine's biggest military supporters, you know, they had to make it happen. and it does give the crown prince a little bit of a role here in this situation, and i think in this case he's done the right thing, and i'm glad to see those prisoners come back. eric: as we all, the two back to alabama. meanwhile, the foreign minister told me about what the saudi kingdom hopes will happen with the war. >> we believe that an engagement is important, that working towards a negotiated settlement is critical, a settlement that respects also, of course, ukraine and ukraine's sovereignty and addresses the concerns of all parties in a way that prevents further bloodshed. what's most important is that we stop the bloodshed and the suffering of the civilians that are inevitably affected by any conflict. eric: a settlement that respects ukraine's sovereignty. does that sound like get the
11:37 am
russians out of donbas in the east and get ukraine back to the way it always was? >> exactly. that's a really significant point he a makes in that interview, that ukraine needs to be a sovereign country, i.e., with the russians out. so they're a little bit subtle. but i think, again, saudi arabia is saying to putin, we don't like this war. we're on ukraine's side, and, putin, you need to think about bringing this to a close. so i think saudi arabia in that interview really weighed in on ukraine's side and against russia. eric: well, the world hopes that vladimir putin listens. dr. rebecca grant, as always, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. eric: arthel? arthel: all right. protests are spreading across iran over the death of a young woman earlier this month while in police custody. her alleged offense? violating the islamic republic's dress code. ryan chilcote is following this story in london. he's here now with the latest. >> reporter: hi, arthel.
11:38 am
well, it has been exactly one week since the funeral of the 22-year-old iranian woman you were just referring to who died in police custody after being detain thed by iran's morality police. and i have to tell you, the protests in iran are showing no signs of letting up. we've now seen protests in more than a dozen cities in iran, frequently and increasingly violent protests with the police clashing with the protesters. state media says the death toll could be now as high as 35 according to a tallly by the ap, at least 1 # 1 people have been killed since the protests began. the woman was detained for allegedly wearing hershey jab too leasely -- her hijab too loosely, of course, the head scarf mandated since 1979. now, the u.n. says they have information the police used a baton to hit her on the head and banged her head against a car. the authorities in iran said she
11:39 am
did have a heart attack but had not been harmed, something her family disputes. protests have also fill spilled over iran's borders, demonstrators gathered in iraq chanting women, life, freedom while holding pictures, and in berlin protesters gathered friday condemning the iranian authorities and demanding western governments do more to keep the pressure on tehran. this is the worst political call violence we've seen in the islamic are republic since 2019, three years ago. that was when protesters were up in arms over the rising price of gasoline. hundreds of them, those protesters, were killed then. the the protesters now are saying if western governments don't keep the pressure up, these protests will be put down just like those were. arthel? arthel: ryan chilcote there in london, thank you. eric? eric: well, in new york it was a wild week on wall street. the dow tanking again on fears of a possible recession. you know what else is also dropping? the price of gas.
11:40 am
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arthel: stocks dropped this week over concerns the global economy could be heading into a recession. the dow jones fell to its lowest level since late 2020. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also down sharply. this as central banks raise interest rates trying to get a handle on runaway inflation. let's bring in fox news contributor jon hilsenrath from the "wall street journal." jon, first of all, when was the last time the major with u.s. indexes had a downward spiral that lasted five weeks, and how long did it take for the recovery time from such uncertainty? >> well, i mean, we had a lot of up certainty -- volatility in these indices earlier this year, certainly during the pandemic. and, frankly, their recovery in
11:45 am
the stock indices, if we get one, is going to fend on two factors. one is what happens to inflation over the next few months and also what happens to how the federal reserve decides to respond to that. if fed, the reason the markets are falling right now is because the fed is digging in its heels, fed officials saying they're going to raise interest rates as long as they have to bring inflation down, and they're not going to stop million they see it coming down. and if that's giving investors a lot of jitters right now. arthel: and currently there's also a slowdown in the global economy. so how can the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq be protected from what's happening even outside of the u.s.? >> well, the global economy is a really interesting story because it turns out that the rest of the world is in even worse shape than the united states. so even though the u.s. economy has slowed down, even though we have inflation, even though stock prices are falling, the u.s. dollar is actually getting
11:46 am
stronger. it's reaching highs we've never seen before against the euro, against the pound, and that's a sign of america's relative strength against the rest of the world. i should say that's also some good news on inflation, because when the dollar gets strong, that means the cost of imports go down. so that's some hope that our inflation's going to get under control in the months ahead. arthel: that's a good point. let's talk personal finances, meanwhile, because the worry on wall street coupled with the higher interest rates, jon, people are putting off buying a house. they're renting longer, rents are going up. others are putting off retirement because their 401(k) or other interest-bearing retirement investments are not as plump as they planned for. so how long is this current cycle going to last? you just hinted at a possibility that it may not be as bad for as long as some might have already forecast. >> right.
11:47 am
i wish i could say how long it's going to last. the truth is i don't know, and what it comes down to, there's a struggle going on right now between the markets expect federal reserve. and the federal reserve. so the fed, the markets were starting to think back in july when oil, gasoline prices and oil prices started coming town that the fed was going to pull back on raising interest rates. and what we heard this week from the fed, what jerome powell said and really sparked the selloff was it's not going to slow down, that it needs more convincing evidence that inflation is pulling back and that it's going to raise interest rates even more than it was, said it was planning to do back in june. so there's this tug-of-war. if the fed starts to see convincing evidence that inflation is falling, maybe they'll pull back. but but the they're really digging their heels in right now. and, you know, when interest rates go up, it means people buy fewer cars, it means people buy fewer homes.
11:48 am
it has an effect on stock valuations. it's why the market becomes so obsessed with what the fed is doing, and we're seeing that right now. the fed is really behind what's going on in the markets. arthel: and we -- i have to go, but we will, when do you think we'll find out if what the fed's doing is working? >> every inflation report that comes out, we've got another one coming out in the next few days, in the next consumer price index report that comes out in october. if you want to know when to tune in on the economy, watch those inflation reports. and also watch your food prices, watch gasoline prices. those are pretty good indicators too of whether we're beating this inflation bear back into its cave. arthel: because when those prices start to go down, so is inflation, yes? >> the coast is clear, hopefully. hopefully. arthel: all right. jon hilsenrath, thank you. take care. >> thank you. eric: well, actress louise
11:49 am
fletcher dieded in her home in france yesterday. the alabama native is best known for playing the villainous nurse ramped -- rached opposite jack nicholson in one flew over the cuckoo's nest. in her acceptance speech, she said: i loved being hated by you. when she won the academy award for that part, she used american sign language because her or parents were deaf. louise fletcher was 88 years old.
11:50 am
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eric: well, ukrainian forces are continuing their advance against russian troops while moscow has launched new offenses in the east as its forces have been put back on their heels by ukraine. trey yingst is live with the latest in kyiv for us tonight. hi, trey. >> reporter: eric, good afternoon. a lot of battlefield losses for the russians in recent weeks, and it's part of the reason right now voting is underway in occupied areas of eastern and southern ukraine. russian forces trying to claim any victory they can in this ongoing conflict, and a lot of internal pressure for russian president vladimir putin at home in moscow where romo protests erupted this week following the
11:54 am
announcement of a partial military mobilization. in recent days so many people have been trying to leave russia, that the borders with kazahkstan and finland have been blocked by cars, and finland says they will ban russian tourists from entering in the coming days. lines of cars were seen not only at the finnish border crossings, but also those of kazahkstan and georgia. this after russian president vladimir putin ordered the partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists. russian media believes the true number could be as high as 1 million. the matter is not that we are afraid, the matter is our dislike of this situation, one russian man at the border says. i do not like very much what they are doing in ukraine. the decision to call up more reservists has been met with significant pushback as middle-aged men are loaded onto buses and shipped to training facilities where reports indicate they may only receive two weekess of instruction before heading to ukraine. the unpopular mobilization is creating new pressure for russian president putin who threatened last week to use
11:55 am
nuclear weapons as war continues. trying to secure small victories in the territory currently occupied by russian forces across ukraine. it's why referendum voting is underway in eastern and southern ukraine that would formal oohize the annexation of this territory from the perspective of the russians, though both the ukrainians and their western allies call this process a, quote, sham and illegitimate. today president putin of russia signed a law that would send people to prison for 10 years if they refuse to fight in this war. eric? eric: all right, trey, thank you. arthel? arthel: a florida residents bracing for a potential major hurricane that could hit the state next week. adam klotz is tracking the storm, and he has an update coming up next. ♪ ♪ for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition .. ♪ ♪
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>> meteorologist adam klotz has the latest on tropical storm ian. >> growing stronger winds at 45 miles an hour but drifting west over warmer water and then these storms continue to develop and strengthen. as it lifts to the north and continues in warm caribbean moderators going to strengthen. we are tracking get moving towards the west coast of florida anywhere from south to the big bend, still a little early but you notice winds getting to one hundred 20 miles an hour. a significant storm. this is a couple of our forecasts and computer models. as far south as tampa but these
12:00 pm
models wrapping up around the big bend. we will pay close attention to what on tuesday and wednesday. this is our next system we will be following. >> eric and i will be back in one hour at 4:00 pm eastern with more news. >> see you in a bit. paul: welcome to "the journal editorial report". i'm a david asman in this week for paul gigot. downgrading the importance of 40 your high inflation, listen. >> president biden: let's put this in perspective. inflation month-to-month is just an inch, hardly at all. david: jerome powell hikes rates by 75 basis points were third time saying infl


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