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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  September 24, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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i am greg gutfeld. and i love you. ♪ ♪ ♪. brian: i'm in welcome to one nation. i am brian kilmeade thank you for spending your dzhokhar tsarnaev with me with a spread wide open the show like no other that i've done before the question, here it is. what you do if your series of winds and resulted in a busted drug infested border? cops throwing down their badges and quitting. interest rates rocketing up so high almost every household is feeling the pain. they're about to get crushed by the housing market for inflation at a 40 year high people are
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struggling to actually pay their bills. legit fear of unemployment being a boom. yes, two words you never hear together, a boom and unemployment. this all happening with the midterm elections just six weeks away. you can answer my question at home, but let me tell you how the democrats have answered this question in washington. they decide if you cannot beat them, they will take them. if you cannot create them, steal them. no joke. this week the white house and the democrats actually with a straight face past the police funding bill as if we do not remember who the party was that defamed and defunded the police. >> not only do we need to defund, but we need to dismantle and start a new. >> talking about the reduction of our nypd budget and defunding a 6 billion-dollar nypd budget. >> divested. i am for defunding the police. >> they decided to defend the police but they did not stop there for they decide to take up immigration. but still cannot help themselves in playing the blame game.
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fix this is why the stunned republican governors are doing is so shameful. it is so inhumane. we try to fix problem that decimated immigration system, those decimated by the last administration. they are not coming up with solutions because they do not want solutions at all. brian: that she really expect us to believe that question worked also change her tune on the lockdown pin number the dems never met a state, town, city they did not want to lock down. her parents they did not want to walk out. but now. >> you're dealing with the situation the hospitals were being overrun in new york. intensive care units will be put in hallways. you have to do something that is rather draconian. sometimes when you do draconian things, it does have consequences on the economy, on the school children. you know that. but you have to make in balance.
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>> now you tell us. we were waiting for that balance we never got it. i wonder what led them to this conclusion to open up schools. >> the pandemic is over. we are still having a problem with covid. we're still doing a lot of work on it. it is what the pandemic is over. if you notice no one's wearing masks. everyone seems to be in pretty good shape. >> really question what the pandemic is over? you casually mentioned and just role in detroit was 60 minutes the middle of a softball interview? what are these democrats to do? you've already played your trump card a few times actually. you've already had your dobbs card on the table since june. we really think voters are going to buy the shambolic makeover, a democrat not on the ballot said it best again and i will read it out loud. bill maher says this. the biggest problem the democrats is their woke baggage. the democrats could easily win every election if they did not do the kind of things that make people go oh my god, this party has no common sense.
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stop talking about pregnant men and stuff that makes people go who are these people? joining us now to weigh in on the political jiu-jitsu, will it work question at the republican governor of new hampshire. governor, have you seen anything quite like this? >> you know it is complete nonsense. and i hope the democrats are keep doing it. the big win. people care and vote on inflation, arbitrate picking winners and losers depending on your political party. you and i know it. but believe you me the american voters are smart. it's going to be a reckoning come november for. >> what should you be down the backstretch? >> stay the course. do not get caught in the trap of talking about democrats want to distract from.
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they can talk about the social nonsense. they're looking at their check books every day they look at their credit card balances. that is what every single family is doing in the united states right now. and those of the things that worry them and that is the empathy we need to bring and listen to them. understand the issues are. and provide this real solutions whether it's on the state level, turning over congress and the u.s. senate, all of these things really matter. about her future planning board and your school board, get out there and vote and drive on the issues to make sure our parents voices are heard per individual voices are heard. your voice as a citizen trying to get by, pay their bills into the best for their family, your voice has to be heard and it can be. got 45 days do not get distracted republicans. focus on the issues that america is expecting us to deliver on. this is the presence and now sean hannity where the country wasn't where it is. here's what he said. >> millions of people are in our country now that should not be
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here. many of them are prisoners. >> would you deport them? >> criminals, the bad ones i would deport. the bad ones i would deport. venezuela is emptying their prison population into the united states going right to the border like nothing. we are poisoning our country and it is very hard to come back from them. i want to see great leadership in this country. more important than republican or democrat or liberal or conservative. i want to see great leadership, our country is going to hell we are nation in decline. brian: uses and the signs that he sees? >> look, people are frustrated where they are angry because of exactly what is talking about there. the border issue is very real. it is not issued for arizona and texas but we've been talking about the 50 state issue. folks in all 50 states her understanding that in there feeling it. this administration does everything they can to ignore it. it is a real issue and it is a mentoring crisis for its absolutely terrible party need to secure the border in each
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other's border agents do their jobs. which they've effectively been told hands off, do not do anything. we have a border agents moving from arizona and texas. up to new hampshire because they simply have given a life and a career that they are being told do not enforce the rules do not do your jobs where they come here we will accept them with open arms. we have secured the border in canada, it's not the canadian border per se. you got to support folks in law enforcement pretty got to support communities release have real impact on all of our lives. brian: cover you got a substantial lead right now. your approval rating is through the roof appear to have not seen that mimicked anywhere else. you are almost 60%. surprised many by winning the primary, who you guys would endorse somebody else now that he is trailing by eights, does he have a real shot at beating some say the most vulnerable senator in the country? what do you think?
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>> oh god yes. absolutely. we are going to be having a good time in early november. senator hassan is going to lose. there's no question she is more than most unlike to the lowest favorability rating in the country. general 18 taft bought primary with very little money. virtually no money. and snaps and now he is raising money is getting national attention. he is an amazing individual with the background, the war hero background that just want to stand up and serve. in my message and his message and the congressional folks that are running for the seats, their message is clear. you cannot expect washington to change if we keep sending the same people back. it's really just that simple. everybody wants washington to change but even democrats. they're standing up sing enough is enough let's bring him some fresh blood in here. >> no doubt about it new hampshire like she will see if the country likes you. when people think you're going to run for president for divested up three times before and you just punt on it. i'm going to ask you after 2022, we will see. governor, thanks so much best of luck in your election. >> thank you, be good.
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your bank have a policy against funding new oil gas products, mr. dimon. >> absolutely not to be the road to hell for america. >> that did not go over well. j.p. morgan chase ceo jamie dimon blasting over defining fossil fuel no joke. joining is now the manual is been asked senator from colora colorado. by the way, colorado the fifth largest producer of crude oil in the country. shreve seen that exchange before, what is your take away from the left polish to get rid of fossil fuels today? >> thanks for having me on brian. just shows you how out of tech democrats are with working americans. we just got done paying $5 for gas it's down to four here in colorado. and choking down the supply chain is not going to do us any
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favors at all. they have been out of touch on the border. they have been out of touch with 87000 irs agents. and they are out of touch on shutting down oil and gas. we've got good american jobs he could be pushing for here in colorado. get the democrats out of the way. let's go back to making sure that our gas prices is are down to $2 again. brian: that would be nice pretty got used to it a lot higher. for you right now so take a look at the polls, the emerson pole has gotten on ten. other people think you're prime for one of the biggest upsets over the next six weeks you have a gap to close. that is one thing pretty clear. what do you do different than senator bennett? >> well, i show up. i will support good oil and jet gas jobs here in the western united states. and make sure we get this energy crisis under control. these polls all over the place and there's another one shows me within a point but i do not know
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who to believe. i can tell you i'm used to being the underdog. i light coming from behind. i will work hard up until the very last day. i will outwork senator bennett that's just the facts. but it's all i know in my life. that's are going to get across the finish line. built a huge tent in colorado a lot of gop trump supporters. a lot of unaffiliated even democrats coming on board because they know i'm going to do a better job in the u.s. senate and michael bennet. brian: i was in denver about six weeks ago predicted notice you have about homeless problem. we've got really bad in new york. most cities and people watching in cities have it too we are small towns. your program of giving denver handing out $12000 a year to the homeless to spend their way out of homelessness. do you think this is a promising pilot program? >> it just shows how out of touch the democrats are. that is not compassionate to give someone who's on the edge
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of addiction, someone who is an alcoholic, an extra $1000 a month. we need to get these people off the streets. getting that made to a treatment program so that we can help them get their lives back in order. giving them money and just turning them loose, that is not compassionate. that's not a good idea. that money should go into good facilities but we can get the people the proper help they ne need. brian: when you look at the economy right now, inflation number one the other major issue is of course energy costs. a lot of people are pointing to abortion. and they are saying whatever goes on with dobbs will decide how this country will go in the midterms. where do you stand? why should republicans be on this? >> well, this is a case where a bennett is extreme. he has voted for schumer's bill that supports abortion up to and including the day of birth. which is just reprehensible.
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and so would democrats are out of touch with this issue. this is an issue that's near and dear to people's hearts. we need to move our country forward. >> and you stand where? ask i have been an advocate for giving a mother the right to choose for the first five months. rape, incest, medical necessity, i think those are issues that should be between a mother and her doctor. >> and got you. joe o'dea thank you very much good luck in the sprints best of luck. >> brian think for having me on. joe o' brian: american masculinity crisis also matters. hitting all aspects of everyday life. it been our military the masculinity manifesto author brian enjoins us up next on how to break the cycle. and coming up later our own griff jenkins takes us inside biden's border crisis. he warned us over a year ago that it is about to be breached big time.
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no one listened. we will discuss it
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strohmeyer in new york. tropical storm ian is expected to turn into a hurricane. just hours from now the storm is expected to keep gaining strength as it heads north for a possible florida landfall. midweek president biden has approved a state of emergency for the state, freeing up federal aid ahead of the storm . and then fiona, now a powerful post tropical storm lashed the canadian co. east coast on saturday. watched homes into the sea and knocked out power to more than 500,000 customers and north korea test firing a short range missile into the sea of japan. it comes as a u. s aircraft is taking part in joint military exercises with south korea in response to the north's growing threat, north korea has stepped up its test launches, firing off more than 30 missiles. so far this year, first military draft since world war ii. i am jon scott, now back to "one nation". ♪ >> toxic maxilla in italy.
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>> toxic masculinity. >> toxic maxilla entity. >> what is the problem? woke bob men and boys shaming them for being men buried the men are not the enemy. being strong is not wrong. it is time to change that reality. join me now to discuss that because he has been discussing every day in his podcast, he is the host of the order of man podcast. this brand-new book masculinity manifesto part had a man influence and authority and everywhere next week books are sold. ryan, what are your thoughts when you played that open? how do you even define that? >> you cannot define it. it is a term that is just concocted to throw men under the bus and generally. a lot of people would say it nobody means all masculinity is toxic but you just played a clip there that make it pretty clear and evident many people do including the american psychological association, who has deemed through there because
11:24 pm
i study that masculinity is inherently toxic or destructive and dangerous to our young men. in fact that is not the case. men, have the ability to take care of themselves into taking care of other people to protect, to provide to preside insert people they love. to serve the people do not even know. brian: you grew up basically your mom raise your dad didn't play much of a role in your life. where did you get the mail role model? why has it become such a passion to spread the word and pushback on this anti- man push? >> i'm really glad we talk about this. there are so many opportunities for men to step up in their communities. we are facing a fatherless home crisis men are not around either through the family court system, or their own inadequacies their own unwillingness to step up. but i had men in my life primarily through sports as i was a young man who stepped up and served, who helped, who
11:25 pm
provided discipline, who got after me gave a kick in the pants when i needed it. and that is where men can step up for it starts in their home, starts with themselves and we start to branch out words into our communities and institutions through church organizations and other places like that. brian: and want to tap into your knowledge. does that play into why we are having such a hard time getting a men and women to sign up for the military? no it is hitting their recruiting goals and a branch of government. >> you're exactly right. every branch of government is struggling to hit recruiting goals. and the reason that is is primarily because of obesity, drug use and criminal all can be solved if men step up and teach young boys how to harness their masculinity for productive outcomes. when it's not harnesses usually channeled into destructive outlets like drug and alcohol abuse. light criminal activity.
11:26 pm
this is why so many branches of the military are struggling to get their goals. have these numbers spell hit the goals we need. for six and like a few years ago when this first started, there is a pushback now for people like you who are setting up almost university for your podcast. and i imagine through your book. ryan, great to see you. great to see you in person or actually see the face behind the podcast rethinking much for joining us. >> thank you brian i appreciate you. brian: immunol coming up straight ahead, by the way a little later in the show the dangers of social media tiktok challenges are sending our kids the hospital. can it be stopped customer at no joke. first the border crisis is out of control. griff jenkins is sounding the alarm for those dangerous pandemonium jungle one year ago. the ministration ignored it. griff joins "one nation" and next.
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cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. brian: our southern border at a breaking point. now the whole country realizes it. we just had brenda record iressa topping chili and this year for the first time ever. democrats and the media finally started to pay attention. but the reasons why it is bad is the bigger story. governors like ron desantis and greg abbott are now sending buses and planes of illegals to places like martha's vineyard. it is finally getting close to home. both sides are taking separate views on this. our own griff jenkins doesn't take views he takes reality.
11:31 pm
when the trenches at the border literally every step of the way. when he went to the gap the most dangerous panamanian desert. he's all the mass of influence first hand print on the cartels at work. so the buy demonstration mourned and they did nothing. why are they so dumbfounded now? is it legitimately they are surprised griff, thanks much for joining us. you saw this catastrophe developing, how? >> are showing that video and by the way this is my initial appearance on "one nation". a very excited to be here. there could not be more important topic to be discussing in the nation right now. that is really the genius to governors abbot into santos to get the government talking about it. with the darian gap that deadliest jungle were all of these venezuelans have had to go through. this is exactly a year ago in october. back at that point officials were telling the bided
11:32 pm
administration help, there's so many coming through here we cannot get a lid on it. what's have been dating year? absolutely nothing. i just looked up the panamanian force that's a law enforcement agency that deals with the border in panama, the head of it just did a press event this past week. and he said the numbers are increasing to levels they have never seen. no surprise here, they are mostly venezuelan. they recently had 17000 kids between the ages of 15 and 17. administration right now this past week so we've got this new problem and it is different because it is a venezuelans and cubans and nicaraguans. guess what, the assistant border patrol chief in the del rio sector, or eagle passes, is grounded zero where they are getting pounded. that guy said in the past seven days they had more than 30
11:33 pm
nations that included egypt, eritrea, and iraq. brian: i do know is he's involved in politics. but one says they're addressing the root causes and they did not call panama. they do not get in touch with el salvador for their not dealing with brazil, we have no relations with venezuela. they just switched governments of jon even expressed frustration with these governments. doesn't seemed like any conversation with these governments. i'm going to bring you to something else, they say the promise communism. really? between 27 and 30% of all migrant illegal immigrants, are from those areas. and it would still set a record without them, correct? >> it absolutely would. by and far. rembert last fiscal year 2021 it was 1.7 million total and that had never been seen before. now we are beyond 2 million we still got a couple weeks left in this fiscal year. and i think when we hear the administration talk about addressing the root causes, if
11:34 pm
they would simply talk to their own border patrol officials they would learn that the cost of irregular migration is the pull factor. because so many have, and succeeded in getting released. the guy that i talked to in the clip of the bus that went to vice president harris' house venezuelan, said he came in illegally because the border is open. guess what, he and his family have made it to his aunt's which is who he was trying to get to a new york. when they succeed there is no greater pull factor. it is a bit disingenuous i think in my observation to say they are addressing root causes when they're open border is what's bringing them. it's been a numbers with never seen. brian: because of what governor desantis said they talk about the getting on the private plane and landing invent and martha's vineyard for the top of the stress of being left in washington d.c. or nations capitol the vice president's home, that's read the interviews. i find that hard to believe they
11:35 pm
are actually suffering and suing. but when you look at this big picture, they are now blaming the previous administration. the quote was they decimated the border. they broke the system for they only built a wall in the wall didn't work. griff, you witness everything for the jungle to the border breach of the vice president's house, is that correct it was decimated and broken? >> this is what really upsets me about the outrage. particularly from democrats about 50 migrants getting dumped in a billionaires backyard that drew three -- one national guard response. sent them over to a military base in cape cod. and that is the big picture here they are not outraged. we are going to break some news here. this number is not public but i have for my sources and no one is going to disagree because it comes directly from the cbp database, there have been 787 migrant deaths trying to cross our border this fiscal year. thirty-five in just september
11:36 pm
alone. thirty-five, that is more than one a day migrants have died trying to cross. i witnessed last month or july migrant drowned in the rio grande breed that is what they do not want to talk about for they are not outraged about that you drop 58 market while migrants and martha's vineyard all hell breaks loose requests for guys stepped at every step away from the carbons, to the jungle, to the border, the vice president's house and most outrageous to you. which i know you will be discussing throughout the weekend. we'll see you on fox and friends big griff, thanks so much for your perspective. >> things brian everett saturday night. the six middle straight ahead part left at one might next videos online. you can laugh right here live on when nation reads always funny, john crist is next, don't miss it. >> 's whole pandemic has been so stressful. all he went to do is escape and play golf and now they do not even have a cart girl out here for a. >> about you stay 6 feet with my porsche, okay thank you. quick to get evicted? i don't have time for this i've got to putt.
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brian: a right time for some relief. my next guest is wednesday's fastest rising standup comedians but some people think he's risen already. with more than 1 billion video views over 5 million fans on social media. sold out shows from coast-to-coast he tells me. john crist is known for his hilarious videos that have gone viral. for example this one on imagine being a fact checker at facebook, watch. >> it is only a certain specific information that they like it being fact checking. it's kind of complicated actually but it's really simple actually. perfect example right here. got a couple in front of a
11:42 pm
house, new homeowners. the fact text that do you talk to the bank customer could have a mortgage? at night and not homeowners print 'remove. >> a lady selling skin cream she says in her video so many people have asked about my skin care regiment. i like to fact check that it looked that two people have asked or moved by. just the idea facebook checking facts is kind of absurd we think about it. when is anyone told you a piece of information and you go, where did you hear that? and you said facebook and they said you know what, no sorry that must be true. what is that? never. this video it says writing a pelletized pumper that's honestly not true that each be fact checked. >> get rid of it. comedian john crist is currently here he is on tour. his book, he just sought for the first time precooked some just sing it for the first time here because is available in preorder it's called delete that come another failed attempt to look at online. available for preorder and there you go. you can see it there on the television. congratulations on the book that's not quite out yet.
11:43 pm
and for you in particular, for doing the videos and going online. you really are an entrepreneur within comedy. >> to the first time anyone said that to me. >> between youtube, but when you're tiktok, between everything. you realize it's more than just waiting for the comedy club owner to call you. >> tote started. i moved out to l.a. to do that, you have to get in movies to get popular so you can sell tickets. then he started making these videos myself. now all the shows are coast-to-coast sold out everywhere which is wild precook seller how they pick that video to promote on his choice that is, i've done hundreds of videos will go to the fact checker video sure. brian: i did it because social meat is our first topic about that but that's facebook this is tiktok. are you surprised there's a problem on tiktok because so many people. >> that's what my aunt calls it. the kids out there on the tikt tiktok. brian: people are getting hurt and people are getting concerned. chicken with michael for dinner every time you will done that. one guy did this and how people
11:44 pm
are doing it. it is dangerous. evidently changes the shape of medicine. does it surprise you that people doing crazy things and now getting hurt? >> nobody tide pods a couple years ago? they were eating the tide pods but i do not know it's kind of like you know, this is survival of the fittest type thing. >> if you put that together in your head that that is a good idea for you to do, i don't think facts are going to persuade you. brian: you say people come up to you and the airport say or that tiktok guy. does it bother you chinese might be selling all of your private information advances that come into play question at selling my fans? >> they're taking your fans away per. >> in exchange for certain amount of money. so we will see. >> the algorithm depends if they keep boosting my videos up under them goes around says we know you and putting out good information though. i was gone it would be overrun. we need guys like me putting up
11:45 pm
a truth. brian: and maury china things were all goofy. >> that has been a concern since day one, one 100%. brian: is another story uggs anxiety screening is to recommend her for the adults for the first time to see if any treatment. they want to screen everyone. screen people under 65 for org disorders like depression. they want to be a preventative forced to stop depression or anxiety around the country. what happened to our country that we need i guess a pre-attempt at anxiety?
11:46 pm
>> asked the funny thing a lot of us had kind of a social media following, the internet took off for us. everyone was at home. no one was working for. >> i was making my videos these things just went to the roof. brian: sports fan? >> huge sports fan. this got a lot of traction on various outlets like youtube. you and to introduce this clip? this is a socially what coaches would say. >> of football was honest i've ever watched a pregame the guys are great if a coach was honest this is what he would really say. watch. >> i don't know what you tell everybody's like football the team game. it's not a team game i did my part i put in a great game plan. these players are horrible. my players are no good. no excuses. i've got 22 excuses 11 on my
11:47 pm
offense at 11 on my defense. our offense of coordinates terribly get tapas place off of a madden rookie mode. our offensive line is like obama's immigration policy. that everyone through. we have a chance to like next week, no we don't we are zero and eight were not good football. brian: that is hysterical it aired on espn. >> sports on social media. six what change about what i just saw on spn? >> or the line said our offense of line is that obama's immigration policy, let everyone through. in the for my permission to use the video. there when i saw on sportscenter that line was somehow removed. brian: does it surprise you? >> not in the least, not in the least. that was removed and how are we supposed to succeed about three wide receivers. >> they could pick that up i'm really shocked at that. >> and got to get rid of the truth. brian: to see other comedians can cancel for saying certain things as it were you?
11:48 pm
too worried about getting charged on stage like what's been happening? >> it's odd that only inspires you to do it more. you are never successful without a couple haters. so there's a bunch of people are outside picketing that means he must be onto something. brian: so listen if you want more of john, and doesn't check out his dates. spokane on the 29th, new jersey it's beautiful this time of year. six through the eighth. >> when is new jersey not beautiful? brian: lap dancer. [laughter] virginia beach on the 21st, dayton, ohio and over too greenville, south carolina with the improv in irvine is sold out. >> sold out. brian: congratulation your success you deserve it. >> appreciate the appearance breakups may be your dad does not need a $20 when he offers a cheaper gas for. >> i it all still take it. brian: meanwhile it's time now, you and see me on stage and china could be 50% off and
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brandon can mississippi let's go brandon. tulsa oklahoma the newark, new jersey on the second period go to red white blue night thank you. meanwhile next news with steve ducey. stand up and say hello. right here. he's got a brand-new book, you're ready to do it out? >> absolutely.
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brian: it is time for the one moment all week i look forward to very the hottest stories everyone's talking about just that on television. joining is now the co-author of the number-one cookbook in the world, i am talking this planet. this simply haply cookbook coast of friend steve ducey himself. eve are you ready? >> i am ready. i challenge you to a dual purpose you cannot challenge may have to challenge you. brian: the music is on put up the time put up the clock let's go perceive not going to believe this but a family actually got a series of arrest thanks to a brawl over chinese food take-o take-out. look at this family but father and daughter from wildwood, florida right here in the villages where you just were facing jail time for battery pre-so what happened? bruce was eating dinner with his wife, daughter and son. the son actually ate his food as containers were not marked his daughter atlanta started punching her brother in the face. they put a chokehold mom called 911. they are all in jail for we do not know exactly what happened,
11:55 pm
this is from a movie the food fight. ♪ ♪ ♪ food fight. ♪. brian: steve if you've got to the point you're looking for jamil so much willing to go to jail? if someone ate it? >> no. it all came down to the food was not labeled. on that morning show summary touches a brian's coffee, currently is and is a punk and spice phase, man q the belushi. [laughter] next. brian: is the latest thing you and donna got to do this. it is called on tiktok it is called tin fish date. what you do as you go to the grocery store, overbuy the tuna and you get some of this tin fish. interesting it is gross. i grew up in a family of swedish people. and when i was little we would
11:56 pm
have herring and sardines, and different fish with heads on it. and grandma would make me eat it. this is like a charcuterie with fish and people even stated that crackers, bread, it's crazy. >> this is called date night. you are not looking to impress somebody with this. this is a established relationship is that safe to say questioner. >> also safeguard with your wife nobody else will be added. come back for more. brian: thanks much for the education to the food they because a book, hope you like it for. >> i love it. brian: up right never have anything to do this again a prime art and going to disney can they keep jacking for the dinner that you can find at a beautiful place called victoria and albert's guess what it's going to cost a ten course meal is now $200 more expensive it. if you want to actually eat their, as of july 28 they jacked up the price is $200. so now a ten course meal is six $125 ahead. do you believe that? it's $800 to get in question.
11:57 pm
>> yes. if you want the tasting of wine i think it's 200 additional dollars. if you want mock tales, that is a fruit juice that is $110. i wonder whether or not there is a candid camera there somewhere? these people just paid 650 bucks for dinner and a show. >> eating at a fake of france. brian: you're something else lazy cooking hacks. sometimes brilliant i read it and elsewhere. for instance how about oatmeal paired what they do is you take oatmeal and you put it in an almost empty. butter jar. >> how do you find hacks just their living off recipes? worked as a shortcut frozen pizza that you do it in the skillet that way you get a nice crispy bottom. knittel a hot chocolate is another. mac & cheese popcorn, listen to that. some of the hacks our new cookbook. you can use you can throw in peas when you are making pasta because it adds a little.
11:58 pm
one other thing, look at this in the cookbook simply lazy pasta. that would fit the story. >> absolute you know we do? ask what pages that? >> at page 75 the brenda cookbook. use frozen ravioli. rather than doing the noodles and cheese and stuff like that we do it this way. >> this is your list we do it together. the average person overindulgence on junk food pretty don't have junk floating about? >> no not at all for. >> two nights a week. >> there's a thing that's junk food. producers just put that in there to trick you brian because this is your show. as a thing about brian kilmeade. i've known for cause or 25 years the guide never eats on television. i've got proof, watch. >> this is like for you this is good for you. >> bells have taken the blankets in there for you all is well. >> i can see them for. >> look like a hot dog taken hostage. >> i love how you separate the food like is being punished. it doesn't touch anything. >> you just take it can of
11:59 pm
grands, cinnamon rolls unrolled and put some cooked bacon in there. [inaudible] [background noises] more disturbing to me. >> wait a second how did you produce that segment? >> you can do it on your iphone it's easy. now, i can tell you this is one clip they did not use and that was from our last cookbook were you actually ate your aunt maria's -- and cap its artichoke pie because i had to fla outed her in my family. congratulations on the buckets tearing up the charts for. >> is doing great. if you autograph copies good simply happy for. >> also special on walmart. >> that's right walmart has a special category just for special chapter for the holidays. brian: and joel's guess is on the radio show next week from nine until noon, jim vandalized interesting. and bret baier, you've met him right question. >> 's wife's recipes and the new
12:00 am
cookbook fox and friends is going to be for three hours next week. be sure to catch us all week long part of that great desperate "one nation" on social media, scooby got a pulse on twitter, facebook, instagram and rumble at "one nation". you have been on that show for. >> i have been her is really good right? his wife cook something in my ♪ we got stacked loaded show tonight. don't take your eyeballs from the tv screen. first we put china side-by-side new rolls in the united states, turns out they're not much different.


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