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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 25, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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going to be for three hours next week. be sure to catch us all week long part of that great desperate "one nation" on social media, scooby got a pulse on twitter, facebook, instagram and rumble at "one nation". you have been on that show for. >> i have been her is really good right? his wife cook something in ♪. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight
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o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rocket's red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ who say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ oer of the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪
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will: good morning, welcome to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. there is your national anthem as is custom, as is tradition right here every saturday and sunday morning. glad to have you with us as we scroll through a few extra pictures this morning. >> there are so many we don't have enough time on "the star-spangled banner" to put them in. pete: let them breathe. silence on a sunday morning. will: did you talk too soon? pete: held out nicely. most difficult thing in television. allow dead air. rachel: it was dramatic. will: i thought i spoke too soon. if you thought the show was authentic. send in your photos, fox news. com. they will featured at the national anthem.
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begin with a fox weather alert. fiona, washing homes into sea, knocking out power in canada. days after battling the caribbean, post-tropical cyclone carried hurricane winds. pete: tropical storm ian is expected to intensify into a major hurricane today. joe biden and governor ron desantis making emergency declarations. >> it could reach the sunshine state with damaging winds expected to come with us. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is with us. rick, we need you today. rick: there will be big impacts for florida. cayman islands, a hurricane warning. hurricane watches for western tip of cuba. that is ian by the way. four other, three other storms watching across parts of the atlantic. at the peak of hurricane season. it doesn't look like that satellite imagery that
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representation of a very strong storm. you see the rotation. things have set the stage for rapid strengthening this is about to go over where we have the biggest heat content anywhere in the atlantic basin. these water temperatures are really warm, really deep. that is the fuel these storms really explode it. because the storm is about to go over that, the hurricane center is forecasting rapid intensification to major hurricane by tomorrow. right now we're only at 50 mile-an-hour storm. we have good agreement short term. really a big spread. some solutions around the tampa area. some solutions way out towards pensacola. anywhere in here you need to watch this still. if it foes fill heart towards the pensacola area, maybe thursday, friday time area. tampa area could be wednesday time frame. everybody should be making preparations now.
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if you see the yellow, have time to prepare. have all the plans in place for storm impacts. if you're in the green, pay attention to what is going on. have an idea what could be needed. we'll see rain across this entire area, flooding even across the east coast of florida if this storm goes to the west. we'll still see enough rain across east that that will cost flooding. flooding towards inland areas, mississippi, georgia, al pam. lots to track. we'll do that all morning long. rachel: rick, we talked about that, this is the first hurricane storm for a lot of people who just moved to florida. a lot of people look out for the neighbors, help them out. rick: think of all the people that moved to florida during the pandemic a lot of push. people have no idea what to expect. go to a neighbor, what you do during the storms, make your plan as best. rachel: thank you, rick. well there is a story, guys, that has me jacked up because i am really upset.
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i sent it to you guys immediately as soon as i saw it. it is something we kind of sort of thought would come after the mar-a-lago raid, then we saw the phones taken from mike lindell, we thought where is all this going? i also did a story, we did a story on you know, this beginning to see that people were calling catholics, in particular extremists because they had rosaries. there was this conversation around this. lo and behold there was a very prominent catholic man in pennsylvania, catholic pro-lifer who has been going once a week down to the clinic to pray in front of the clinic. someone was telling him things while his child was with him. there was an altercation many months ago. it was thrown out in court because the person said, he being aggressive. turned out it wasn't true.
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some you who the doj has decided to pick up this case and they went to the home of this person, his name is hoke, mark hawk, mark hawk. they came with guns blazing in their, pointing guns. children there, crying. they took him out into a fbi vehicle and took him away. this is scary stuff. pete: it was 7:00 a.m. 25 to 30 armed agents. they at first refused to provide a warrant, the reason as to why. eventually, sheepishly they did. they said because he violated the freedom of access to clinic entrances act. something that had been dropped months previous. merrick garland and this doj pick this up. he said he attacked a patient escort -- rachel: turned out to be not true. pete: not true. he wife said, at first,
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eventually the agents realized, this is not what we thought it was. but again, seven kids, seven in the morning, 25 agents, guns ready to go for a violation months ago. you begin to wonder, he is in and around philly, he is a prominent pro-lifer a catholic, was this necessary? and, this type of approach and for what offense? you consider that against what the riots of the blm riots and folks in that moment who never received this type of approach, is this a weaponization of the doj. yet again a prominent example. will: his wife ryan marie hauk kids were screaming. they had big huge rifles pointed at mark, pointed me, pointed throughout they said they would take him whether they had a warrant or not? will: that is not how it works. rachel: by the way, will, he
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said he told his wife i would like you to get my rosary and couple things. she went to get his rosary, they took him off before she could give it to him. will: the story from what i understand goes roughly like this. prominent pro-life activist shows up outside the abortion clinics. in response, a pro-abortion protester began to heckle him. pete: and his son. will: i don't know if it happened on multiple occasion. sounded like it happened on multiple occasions. rachel: the heckling went after his 12-year-old son. it was ramped up heated, at some he shoves the pro-abortion activist. that from my understanding resulted in a civil suit. a civil suit where the activist attempted to sue him. it was thrown out. now as you go to mysteriously it goes to the doj looking at this, a two-count indictment, according to doj. they charges him with violation of the freedom, freedom of
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access to clinic entrances face act. which makes it a federal crime to use force with the intent to injure, intimidate, interfere with anyone because that person is a provider of reproduct i've health care. charges stems from two separate incidentses according to the allegation, assaulted the victim, identified in the indictment, bl, was a volunteer escort at the reproductive clinic. if convicted of the offenses hawk faces 11 years of prison, 3 years, supervised release, 250,000-dollar fine. pete: 11 years in prison effectively protesting outside of an abortion clinic. rachel: it is not clear it was protesting. he is praying in front of the clinic. pete: correct. rachel: my mother has done for years. this is, hits home pretty closely. if this is how pro-lifers are
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treated. remember, he is getting taken away by the fbi. what about people who threw molotov cocktails at pro-life crises centers? what about the guy who attempted to assassinate the supreme court justice, justices a few months ago? there is something going on and there is this, the idea of equal justice no longer exist. pete: why fbi agents are coming out to blow the whistle in the hundreds talking to dan bongino, hopefully more. we used to love whistle-blowers. vinman was the king. we'll see how they treat these whistle-blowers. speaking of whistle-blowers, sean hannity talked about how politics was making its way into the fbi and doj. >> i know there are people, 90, 95% whatever the percentage is. these are good people that work hard, put their lives on the line, want to do their jobs.
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we now have the floodgates are about to open. charles grassley says there is over 20 whistle-blowers now that will come forward and talk about how there has, the fbi has been politicized. i've been talking about that on air for a long sometime. this is about people abusing power. this is about corruption. this is about allowing what should be the world's premier law enforcement agency being politicized. this is about weaponizing political difference or criminalizing political differences. we don't have equal justice under the law. pete: if you look who ask being prosecuted right now generally speaking it tracks pretty closely with the issues democrats want to be talking about on the campaign trail. rachel: yeah, interesting petallides pro-lifers in this particular instance, election deniers, election integrity folks involved with january 6. it is not agents doing the
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raids, whoever two or three levels above deciding which cases to prioritize. will: that is the key. it is a matter of choice and discretion. pete: yes. will: so the choice here is i'm going to stringentgily enforce the face act. we'll find out if this is a arrest. we'll see if you successfully apply the face act to this incident. it is the choice to say i will devote these resources to this, on top of it, 30 agents with guns. i had miranda devine on the will cain podcast is, what is happening doj, fbi are increasing number of crimes they determine to be domestic violence extremism and in doing so they're expanding the definition of that, right? devoting more resources to it. it feeds stats, they quote stats, this -- pete: on the rise. will: oh, number one thing, fbi will tell you the number one threat to america, domestic
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extremism. the stats, they're classifying more at that to back them up. devote more resources. pete: self-filling prophecies. >> what happens, some of whistle-blowers, i was working on a child sex ring operation, they took off do arrest this pro-lifer for example. will: absolutely correct. declassifying a specific crime. that is what a whistle-blower said to "the new york post." devoting 30 agents from this, 30 agents from 30, you have to take them from somewhere. whistle-blower says you take them from child sex crimes. pete: place you want them. rachel: the chilling effect for people who wants to express dissent about abortion clinic or go to a rally about election integrity. this has a chilling effect and i think we're entering into a new phase where, i've been saying this for a long time, we're looking a lot more like china
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than america these days. pete: scary stuff. we'll stay on top of it. few additional headlines starting with a fox news alert. a manhunt underway in pennsylvania after three people including a 15-year-old are shot at a theme park. two groups of teens began fighting during an annual phantom fall fest. police say the suspect took out a gun, fired several rounds. others were injured after people were trampled trying to run away. no arrests have been yet made. council members in new york city are reportedly trying to pass a bill to pay drug users for their used needles. use more, get more. according to the "new york post" the city would allow the department of health and mental hygiene to pay them 20 cents per needle. payments would reportedly cap out at $10 per day. new york city lawmakers say the bill is supposed to discourage people in the city's overdose prevention centers from throwing their needles away improperly.
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to college football, kansas state wildcats stunned number six oklahoma 41-34 on the road. k state quarterback adrian martinez scoring five touchdowns in the upset. texas a&m beat arkansas, a crazy turnover proved to be the difference, in the aggies 23-it 1. >> aj diving again, fumbles the ball. he has got it. schappell in the right spot as he hands it off to richardson. here we go. wow, can you believe this? what a turn! pete: amazing. if you didn't get the football fix yesterday. tune in to today's slate of nfl action. highlighted by america's game of the day. tom brady, tampa bay buccaneers take on the packers who vikings
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beat in week one, in small font the vikings. who do the cowboys play? will: "monday night football" at giants. pete: par for the course. how did texas lose. i will be honest. i didn't see. will: they lost in overtime. pete: sorry. i saw the tennessee one. will: i poured my emotions out on the phone. figured you saw that. pete: didn't see it. i will watch during the commercial break. that is tough. they were up by 10 when i was watching. will: i'm aware. pete: i thought for sure that was a layup. will: fourth quarter lead, can't do it, 14 points, doesn't matter. pete: doesn't matter. this morning thousands of runners take to the streets in new york city for the annual tunnel to towers 5 k. they will take the route by fallen firefighter steven stiller on 9/11. >> joey jones is live at the
3:18 am
beginning of today's race. joey, how are you doing? >> will i saw a tweet, texas tech is back now. so i -- will: funny, funny. >> that is way it is in college football. will: keep playing kent state when you make jokes like that. >> things got pretty loud. we're on the brooklyn side of the brooklyn battery tunnel. as most of our viewers know where stephen stiller started his journey september 9, 2001. he gave his life. 30,000 patriotic americans will retrace the steps of the 5k run. some are watching. like myself i will jump on a golf cart. we'll go through the tunnel, retrace the steps that will be an amazing time. that will kick off 8:30. the first weigh. 9:30 at the second wave. 1230,dy, bentley welcomes everyone with a patriotic concert this is a great and we
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can't wait to give you interviews and have a great time. will: joe, awesome, we'll check in with you at all morning long at that cool event. rachel: thank you, joey. mexican cartels making billions at the southern border thanks to president biden's open border policies. our next guest says it is the tip of the iceberg as a cartel crises looms. will: founding father under fire. a attempt to build a national slavery monument at james madison's home. ♪ ♪ ♪ from out of the blue, every room can be more innovative. with some of that. and a whole lot of this. meet our exclusive dent and scratch resistant stainmaster laminate. check out our most innovative products. only at lowe's.
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♪. rachel: welcome back to fox an friends. a billion dollar business, that's the new reality at the southern border for the drug cartels who are loving president biden's open borders and it's not easing up. our next guest says the border crisis is just the tip of the iceberg because in mexico a cartel crisis looms. joining us now is senior editor at "the federalist" john daniel davidson. john, i read your article with
3:24 am
so much interest because i've been concerned about the fact that we are destablizing mexico, perhaps turning it into a narco state by this open border policy that is enriching the cartels. you seem to agree? >> absolutely. the cartels are making really billions and billions of dollars. one estimate puts it at 13 billion annually, up just from 500 million in 2018. so the cartels figured out how to monetize illegal immigration. they really turned it into a massive black market not just for drugs, but for people. there is massive logistical network on both sides of the border that supports this industrialization of illegal immigration that is ongoing. rachel: there are facts you brought up in the article that stunned me. you said the cartel control 40% of mexican territory? you said how they talked about how they're actually involved in the government. they're embedded in the government, helping in ports and
3:25 am
running a lot of the trade and movement of everything in the country? >> that's right. the line between the cartels and the government is getting blurrier and blurrier in mexico at all levels of government. it goes right to the top. we know some of this from the recent trial of "el chapo" who implicated high-ranking members of the government and even the president at the time. but that has continued into the administration of president low president obrador, who won't say a bad word about the cartels. he went and visited "el chapo"'s mother in her hometown and paid her respects to her after covid. action after action that the mexican government has taken indicate ad indicated a growing cooperation with melding of operations this happened in non mexico along our border. rachel: is obrador cooperating
3:26 am
with them and so the level or afraid of them, paying respects to chapo's mom to allow them to run their operations? >> it certainly suggests cooperation. at very least passivity toward the cartels. may indicate the federal government at that level is powerless against these cartels. that 40% figure, that comes from the former u.s. ambassador to mexico who said between 35, 40% of mexican territory is effectively controlled by cartels which constitute a shadow government or parallel post in mexico. we need to ask ourselves a question, when we think of mexico, we talk about partnering with mexico do we really have a partner there or do we have something else. rachel: right. it has huge implications, even, you know, putting our dea to work, quote, unquote work with the mexican government, we could, probably working with the cartels and we don't even know it. >> exactly. rachel: really quick, abbott,
3:27 am
governor abbott declared, he designated the mexican cartels a terrorist organization. i guess an executive order. is that the right steps? what can we do besides close the border which probably won't happen until biden's gone? >> it is the right step and it may not do much in the immediate in texas but what governor abbott has done, signaled to washington, signaled to republicans in washington. this is the right posture towards the mexican cartels. we need to take it one step further, stop trying to partner with the mexican government. treat them like a hostile neighbor which is what they are. complicity of the mexican elite when it comes to cartels, illegal immigration, when it comes to drugs, we have can't turn a blind eye to it. we need to craft policies that reflect that. rachel: your article is fantastic and unfortunately our government is complicit creating this problem. >> that's right. >> thanks for joining us, john
3:28 am
daniel davidson from the federal it. appreciate it. >> thank you. rachel: coming up 30,000 runners making the same journey fdny firefighter stephen siller did on the morning of 9/11. joey jones is live at the 5k start line. stay with us.em ♪em customizes your home insuran, here's a pool party. ♪ good times. insurance! ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? hide my skin? not me. dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema,
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go triple. go trelegy. ask your doctor about trelegy today. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit ♪. will: over 30,000 people are running the streets of new york city today for the annual tunnel of towers 5k. rachel: participants retrace the path fallen firefighter stephen stiller took on the september 11th, 2001 from the brooklyn tunnel. pete: joey jones is there. fire commissioner is here. >> joey, are we speaking? >> we're live man, on tv? this is saul casano, former
3:33 am
new york city fire commissioner and from vietnam. he is on the board of tunnel to towers. tell us about the operation. >> i was in charge of all the fire operations, ems operations in the city. it was a trying time. we had a great bunch of people working round-the-clock, rescue, recover as many people as we could, put the fire department back together again. put the city back together again. >> important thing you point out, the state of the fire department post-9/11, we look at this all the heroics that happened. what about the detriment to the department itself, the individuals you lost, reorganization of things? >> you lose 343 members of the department, 440 years of experience. we lost our top commander, chief of the department. we had to bring up people. we had a good bullpen to bring people up to take the rolls. we were cast into rolls we were trained for. we had to do it. everybody stepped up to the plate, joey.
3:34 am
everybody did their job. we worked round-the-clock to bring people back together again to take care of the department and take care of our families, dual roles. operations, counseling, take families back together. 600 children are orphaned from the department. >> wow. we'll retrace the steps of new york city firefighter stephen stiller. sal was here that kay. he was part of rebuilding that fire department. 30,000 patriotic americans will retrace these steps. it is important we're telling the story not just what happened on 9/11 but specifically the first-responders. will: really good stuff. joey, sal,very much. check in throughout the morning. pete: on the sleeve, never forget walk. nobody does it better than frank and tunnel of towers. rachel: absolutely. will: coming up. keeping it private. a ohio school district may be hiding gender conversations with students from their parents.
3:35 am
a father of two from the district sounds off next. rachel:tv star, celebrity, sharon osbourne will join us on the curvy couch. you don't want to miss that. ♪. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. sofi. get your money right. do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, let safelite come to you. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: my customer enjoys time with her family. so when her windshield got a crack... she scheduled with safelite in just a few clicks. we came to her house... ...replaced the windshield...
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we need you. there are still millions in dire need of healing. go to today and become a monthly supporter, or call. (gentle music) will: back with a fox weather alert. fiona washing homes into the sea, knocking out power for tens of thousand of in canada.
3:39 am
as tropical storm ian is expected to intensify into a major hurricane today. president biden and governor ron desantis making emergency declarations. it could reach tuesday with damaging floods and winds. fox chief meteorologist rick reichmuth joins us. rick: fiona, meteorological pressure 931. that would put it the strongest storm ever to hit canada in history from what we know of the history of canada. absolutely amazing. four storms still in the atlantic we're watching. this one ian obviously the one we're talking about that will have impacts in florida this week. certainly a hurricane hitting florida. the strength yet to be determined. is exactly where it happens we can't quite say for sure. right now we have hurricane hunters in here, we'll get better reads. three different aircraft flying through the storm, getting reads, seeing what intensification is about to happen. we think there is about to be a lot of it. water temperature very warm but
3:40 am
how deep that water is warm also has a really big impact. this is about to go over the area in the atlantic with the highest ocean heat content. we think the storm will go through a period of rapid intensification probably over the next 24 to 36 hours. possibly center stays in the channel, if it has any interaction with cuba, that will give it the most strength. we have it forecast a category 4 storm out across eastern parts. you notice the big spread of models day four, five, if you're fort myers, pensacola, biloxi, watch this to make preps and plans. one goo thing if the center comes in the area here east of apalachicola, it's a sparsely-populated area of florida. that would potentially be some good news. also by the time we see the storm get towards landfall we'll likely see pretty hostile environment in the upper levels of the atmosphere that could
3:41 am
weaken the storm a little bit. that said we expect to see category 3, 4 storm across the gulf. that will have big impacts in florida next week. pete. will: thank you, rick. ohio parents are taking matters from the classroom to court after a school there admitted they may hide gender conversations from parents. hilliard city schools saying quote, the default expectations is to include parents with regard to gender identity matters because the district position that is generally in the student's best interest, but that will not always be the case. for example, there may be a health or safety concern at issue. so we don't tell mom and dad. you can call them mom and dad at that school. omar is a father with a child currently in hilliard city school district. and he joins us now. omar, tell us what is happening in the schools that has parents suing. >> well, good morning. well the concern, the concern of
3:42 am
the parents is, the schools are saying on the one hand, hey we stand in the position of parent and we can be judge and jury essentially as to whether or not it's in the child's best interest to share the child is changing genders at school but in practice and what they're actually telling the teachers to do is to not tell the parents. in fact instructing them to say doing so would be outing the child and that, you know, that that puts the child in danger and so therefore you need to essentially lie to the parents and use one name, the birth name with the parents while simultaneously using, you have to accommodate by law what the child's wishes, if the child wants to be called a different gender name you have to do that in the classroom. oh, by the way, you better keep your mouth shut if you don't like this if you know what is good for you that is the kind of conversations we're hearing directly from teachers who are afraid to speak out publicly
3:43 am
about the issue. everything to do with this, we've lost any sense of common sense and reasonableness. it es all about this sort of fear that is permeating everything to do with these rather difficult issues. pete: one of the sources of the fear as we see time and time again is the national education association. we have did a story yesterday about the nea, the largest teachers union, new badges being worn by teachers out in washington state. now here we are in ohio. those badges are back and at issue. they're pride badges effectively say i'm here a safe person, a safe space. here is a quote about the qr code response from the school bit. so there is a qr code on the badge teachers can wear from the nea. qr code and back of the badge is not there to be shared with students. rather provided to adults by the nea should they be interested in learning more about lgbtq plus issues and students. who wear the badges clearly
3:44 am
understand the resources at the link were intended for adults, not students. if a student were to take out the phone and hit the qr code, they're getting explicit sexual content yet they say, omar, it is only for teachers. what do you say? >> well, there are several layers of problems with this. because on the one hand you're telling teachers if a kid comes to you i'm mentally depressed something like that, they tell the teacher you're not qualified. you need to send this off to a therapist or counselor, school clowns lore essentially, let the parents know. students come to you talking about sex and gender, here is a badge. now you're a safe person. deppizeed you. never -- deputized you. never mind the fact neighboring school district, we had a teach arrested for creating child pornography. everybody get as badge that want as badge. now you're qualified to talk about sex, sexuality with children of the whole premise
3:45 am
somebody being safe, unsafe to me is ridiculous. second element is the qr code. why not just have, if you have a qr code with resources, why not have a qr code with resources actually vetted approved by the district, approved by the curriculum committee, et cetera, not have it on the badge at all? because you know, you dangle this thing in front of kids, flood the schools with all these badges, everybody is wearing them, they will get in the hands of kids, in fact they have gotten into the hands of kids. so you're in this place of that is absurd. common sense this. is obviously going to happen but you're, the district is just too scared to do the right thing. they look at teachers union and teachers union, you know, they're just too scared of them. they instead of doing the right thing and saying hey, you know what? we do the badges without the qr code, go to the right place, no. instead, you know, this is actually a good thing and everybody is just complaining for no reason. pete: always, always. parents are threatening to sue
3:46 am
hilliard city school if they do not deliver by october 17th. effectively a parents bill of rights in this district. hey, no one-on-one sex counseling with my kid. no gender transition or new pronounce without notification. omar, let us know updates on the story if you would. we'll bring them to our viewers. thanks for fighting the good fight. >> you appreciate it. pete: omar terazzi. the district is ohio hilliard school there in ohio. later this morning we go off the wall, will and i, we take a deeper dive into what your kids are being taught and what to look out for. there are a lot of stories like this. we will break them down off the wall. rachel, over to you. rachel: thank you, pete. we begin with your headlines. neighbors of the north dakota man accused of ramming into and killing an 18-year-old with his suv over his political views say he is close nuts. shannon brandt is facing
3:47 am
vehicular homicide charges. the 41-year-old is accused of killing cale letter ellingson saying team is part of a republican extremist group. they say brandt was drinking and goes on rampages when he is drunk. a fire breaking out at glitzy new york city rooftop bar. eyewitnesses sharing video to shows smoke rising off the building. cause of the yesterday's blaze at the manhattan hotel is under investigation. fire officials believe it is linked to a faulty air-conditioning un. thankfully no injuries were reported. the woke board in charge of montpelier where james madison penned the constitution is hoping to build a memorial to slavery. historians say building the memorial on madison's virginia plantation would upend the founding father's leg goo sy. this is the first time a national slavery monument has been proposed. plans to build one in washington, d.c. if he through in congress back in 2003.
3:48 am
those are the headlines. so -- pete: interesting there were initial reports that board got blow back they would reorient towards james madison. they go quite ate little bit and move on with the plans. rachel: i wonder will have giant sign democrats for keeping slaves t was the republicans, not or if the memorial will celebrate all the white americans who died on behalf of freeing slaves. pete: i think they let you write the words for the memorial. rachel: yeah, sure. will: one million pills, phoenix police arrest two people in the largest fentanyl seizure in the deet's history. dr. marc siegel explains how lethal the drug is becoming for america's youth. ♪.
3:49 am
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♪. will: phoenix police arresting two men in what they're calling the largest fentanyl bust in department history. officers seizing more than one million pills during a recent raid. here to react fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. dr. siegel, good to see you this morning. talk about this crisis. >> i will. will: fentanyl poisoning of americans. you're a doctor here in new york city. you're familiar what is happening around the country. tell us what it looks like at
3:53 am
the ground level. tell us what is looks like at hospitals with this fentanyl crisis? >> will, the problem, obviously the problem is, that fentanyl is flooding across the southern border and two main cartels are involved sin sinaloa and all parts of mexico, tied directly to the border crisis. to answer your question when it gets to the ground level you're talking about a drug 50 times more powerful than heroin, 100 times more powerful than morphine. what it means to me, suppresses breathing, it stops breathe and and stops your heart beating. by the time we get to it, emergency personnel get to it, we have very little time if we give narcan, the antidote it works for 30, to 90 minutes, we have to get the patient to the emergency room on a narcan drip. the narcan wears off and the fentanyl doesn't wear off. you needless and less of this stuff to get the same impact.
3:54 am
it is in all kinds of pills and things it is not supposed to be in. kids are taking it accidentally not knowing they're getting fentanyl not knowing what is going on. teachers parents, see a change in behavior, a teen is not making sense or suddenly being faint, it could be this. we need the ability to test for it, treat for it on the spot. will: you mentioned the southern border, let me put numbers up on the screen. you can see how much more fentanyl is coming across the border this year compared to last year. not to inundate the audience with number, but, dr. siegel, i read a study over last two weeks, on average, 154, 18 to 45-year-olds are dying every day from fentanyl poisoning. 154 is the highest cause of death for people in that age group. more than covid, more than suicide, more than car accidents this is the leading cause of
3:55 am
death. it is tempting to call it overdose. what we're looking at is poisoning. these people are not choosing to buy fentanyl, they're buying other things? >> will, i want to point out how little of this is needed. if you take a teaspoon, 1/10, 1/20 a teaspoon would kill you. that is poisoning. it is getting into so many products masquerading. we have rainbow fentanyl, it is looks like candy. the new mexico governor is calling this terrorism. why would they think it is candy but getting a drug. the only wray to do it is go after people who are manufacturing it. but they live in another country. this is choice we've been hollowing out all along, closing the border. will: one of the countries
3:56 am
manufacturing is the with the precursors is china. dr. marc siegel, thank you for your perspective. >> good to see you, will. will: big show, sharon osbourne, frank siller,dy, bentley, all ahead. ♪ ♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪
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