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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 25, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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mornings too, but a little cloud, leapt the light slowly sleep in, cup of coffee, quiet house -- rachel: that sounds liken fantasy. [laughter] pete: my if wife is, like, turn the lights on. i like to keep them off. let the natural light come in, let the morning soothe in -- will: it's not an operating room. i don't need harsh overhead light. i hate badminton. [laughter] rachel: that looked so fun. will: i was so humbled just now. i mean, i broke mine in tennis, i i now play racquetball with friends. rachel: how is it different than racquetball? will: i don't know. first of all, i can't hit that thing. rachel: i was surprise how out of breath i was. it's this little plastic, you know, lightweight -- pete: it drops so quick. trajectory is different.
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in racquetball or tennis ball,s moving. this thing goes north/south. will: the size of the head. also that a long -- the distance between handle and is head is way different than any other racking debt that i've -- racquet. it's closer to your hand. and this long, skinny thing that makes the head of the racket out here -- can. rachel: if you were to play racketball for 30 minutes and badminton, would one make you more out of breath -- will: racketwall -- can racketball. rachel: i must be out of shape. i've got to get back in shape. pete: we are glad you are with us, by the way, on sunday -- it's fall. do you feel it? there's a little bit of crispness, and, of course, there's football which is why i'm wearing my minnesota vikings
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tie today because if we can't beat the lions, we're not going to the play ahs. playoffs. something we do care about a lot is a story that rachel brought to our attention, frankly, over the weekend that most cases will not cover. friday morning, 7 a.m., the home of a pro-life activist is raided with 25 fbi agents, guns drawn. what -- at first those agents wouldn't say why they were there to arrest him. his name is mark hoch. eventually, they presented a warrant. they said he was being arrested for violating the freedom of access toen clinics act. that's what they say the act is for. but it was over an incident that happened months previously, and it had already been thrown out. so the question is why are they going into a catholic family's, a proof life activist --
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pro-life act activist's home with 25 agents, what crime was so big that this well known activist was targeted by the fbi when those claims had been dismissed and whatever altercation had happened outside ap ap abortion clinic certainly didn't merit a full-on raid from the fbi, but that's exactly what happened. rachel: absolutely. so mark and his wife say they were outside of an abortion clinic praying with his 12-year-old son and that it was the other side who was coming and insulting his son and saying really disgusting things, and so he tried to get that person to back off. in any case, as you said, pete, this was thrown out. and and i wonder, you know, why they decided to use these tactics. there's seven kids in that home. they were pet arelified as they -- petrified as they saw guns pointed at their father's
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face as lee drug -- he's truck can out. -- drug out. it was all scary and traumatic. they had huge, huge, big rifles pointed at mark and pointed at me, the kind -- pointed through the house. they said that they were going to take him whether they had a warrant or not -- will: not how it works. rachel: on his way out, he asked his wife to bring him a rosary, and they took him away before the wife could bring him his rosary. i mean, this is a new america, will. i'm petrified. will: so the specifics of the allegation go like this, i think pete laid it out for us, but mark houck praying, protesting outside of abortion centers, encounters on multiple to indications abortion activists. one of them gets into a screaming match, it sounds like, with his 12-year-old son, encroaches houck physically,
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pushes him away from the 12-year-old son, and that is the indication of what is known for the face act. pete: freedom of access to clinic -- [inaudible] if. will: that's right. that's the official charge. let's bring in someone who would know about these types of things, shannon bream, the anchor of "fox news sunday," and fox news chief legal corps 307b9. good morning, shannon. >> good morning, guys and gal. [laughter] will: here we have the statute, the law that is being applied here. i think the question for everybody is selected application is discretion and deployment of resources, 25 agents to apply the law -- by the way, i think he'd been sued in civil court, and it got thrown out. so now we have the fbi, the doj pursuing criminal charges. why? >> remember, we herald from this
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administration they were going to take very seriously any threats to abortion clinics and providers. they have also said in the wake of more than 100 attacks of vandalism, arson, those kinds of things on pro-life centers, that he were going to attack down on those as well. but to play this out, the optics of this are not great for the biden administration, and it does beg the question what most average americans, i think, whether they would describe themselves as pro-life, pro-choice, showing up. you know who this man is. do you need 25 armed agents to do that? i think the doj's going to have to answer those questions because it's not just good optics even if by the law, legally they're doing everything by the book. you know the criticism that's out there about overplaying your hand and making examples out of people. while people wait for arrests on attacks on the pro-life clinics,
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i'm guessing if he was told you need to turn yourself in, he probably would have. pete: yes. and that seems to be standard protocol. the bigger why here is the fearover -- fear of the weaponization of the doj and fbi. we've heard that from political leaders time and i'm again, so could domestic extreme treatmentism -- extremism being described as a pro-life activist? we saw it with mike lindell, you see it with january 6th. ultimately, what you decide to prosecute is at the discretion of people at the very top, and they've certainly focused on one side of the spectrum, it seems. >> it would appear that way to people when you hear about cases like this. and there is a lot of prosecutorial version out there. so how about this group, jane's revenge, that has claimed responsibility for more than a dozen attacks. you saw what they postedded
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online. they made very specific threats, they used very specific language. it was not vague, about going after these pro-life or, you know, pregnancy care centers. how about tracking some of those folks down and and making some arrests at least in a good feint show that you are -- they say that they're investigating, but to show that a you are worried about people whose place have been set on fire, validdized, that people have been threatened. i think it would go a long way to encouraging people to believe that you are going to prosecute town the middle regardless of who is doing the wrongdoing. rachel: yeah. tucker carlson had a new jersey mom on who some neighbor turned her in for supposedly being at the january 6th rally, she wasn't. they showed up at her door. this is becoming really scary stuff, and i think it has a chilling effect on anyone who opposes this add administration which is, frankly, half the country. you have a great show lined up today, shannon. felt us what you have in store. >> so you know the house republicans rolled out their commitment to america on friday.
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there are plenty of critics, and there is talk of internal division within the republican party, so we've got elise stefanik, congresswoman from new york, is going to join us to talk about the plan and their last pitch to midterm voters. senator joe manchin who once again is in the middle of everything happening here in washington. we are going to run out of money next week, so government funding has to get done, and he wants to tack on a side deal he made e in exchange for his vote on the inflation reduction act, and he is here to make his case on why republicans should slote for this -- vote for this. he's here exclusively. and general jack keane on russia, ukraine, china, taiwan, north korea launching missiles and our panel, of course, too. will: awesome. rachel: thanks, san not. can't wait. will: i want to underline something shannon said. what we're talking about is discretion. the only way you can see about equal application of the law, and we're going to have to get
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the investigation in terms of freedom request what acts or most likely whistleblowers. so this is an application of the freedom of access to clinic entrance, with the intent to injure or interfere with anyone seeking a provider of reproductive health care. by that definition and my estimation, and i went to law school, licensed. on inactive status, want to be honest, but that would seem to include, as shannon just laid out, pregnancy crisis centers. shannon just said there's a group calls jane's revenging who have made threats to block someone going to a pregnancy crisis center. have we with seen arrests? is have we seen -- rachel: they threw a molotov cocktail at a crisis center in wisconsin. will: okay, let's just see.
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what is your application of the law in terms of investigation and charges when it comes to these seemingly comparable instances? where are you choosing discretion to apply your reasons? if it's probably going to take a whistleblower. it's probably going to take fbi whistleblowers for us to know where they're deploying -- rachel: because they don't care. the doj under biden and the fbi, they don't care how it looks. they have been doing -- can look at the raid on donald trump's home. looked at all the allies of donald trump who have been arrested, hand hair phones taken away -- their phones, taken away in shaggings. -- shackles. they're getting away with this because they can because we have a media outside of fox media who is completely -- pete: let's look into it. all right. 12 minutes after of the top of the hour. we turn to a few headlines starting with a fox news alert. a manhunt underway in pennsylvania after three people including a 15-year-old are shot at a theme park.
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two group requests of teens began fighting during an annual fall it's. the suspect took out a gun and and fired several rounds. people were trampled trying to run away, no arrests have yet been made. and to a fox weather alert, florida residents are bracing for tropical storm ian expected to reach the storm as early as tuesday. the storm intensifying in the caribbean now and is expected to become a hurricane at some point today. joe biden and ron desantis the making emergency declarations. you can keep up with all the latest developments by downloading the fox weather app. and save the date, november 17th, fox nation hosting our annual patriot awards at the seminole hard rock hotel and casino in beautiful hollywood, florida. fox nation is going to honor first responders. as i said earlier in the show, when i meet people, they either say i'm going or i want to go.
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if you want to go, now is the time. otherwise three weeks from now there's going to be no more tickets -- rachel: or hotel rooms. pete: november 17th. still plentyty -- plenty of time. i don't want to be looking at you on november 1st and you're say, man, i wanted to go, but i can't get tickets. it's an awards show like no other. you will layoff, you will cry, and you will meet your fox favorites in book parties, photo lines, so when you get your tickets, go into those lower areas and get those individual party options. will: speak of patriots, we just markedded one year since the united states withdrew from afghanistan. rachel: and today the tunnel to towers 5k is specifically honoring those 13 troops lost at the kabul airport attack. pete: joe with by jones joins us
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just before the start of the race with one of those gold star families. >> hey, guys. you're right, it's almost time to start the race. i've got two participants here who are also honored guests of today's event, cheryl and christy, the family of marine sergeant nicole who gave her life at the airport in kabul and who will continue to be honored especially through this group of people and organization. good morning. just tell us about nicole. >> she was an amazing young woman. she was a marine. she loved being a marine. she worked hard to be the hardest, you know, the best, the strongest, the bravest she could be. and that mission was everything she ever dreamed of, you know? justing being able to go and help save people. >> you know, i love that. we were talking last night during the dinner, and you were telling me how she knew weapons handling, she was a b.a., is what she was. tell us what it means to be part of this organization.
5:16 am
>> this family that we gained in our daughter's death is everything to us. it's very meaningful because we don't want our loved ones forgotten, and events like this keep it, keep them alive. >> is absolutely. real quick, what is the legacy that you want people to know about nicole and the 12 others that were killed in kabul that day? >> that they died trying to help people, that they, they gave -- they willingly sacrificed their lives to save the lives of so many other people, and we just hope that those people live to have long productive lives and carry on that legacy of helping and serving. >> we hugged last night, and i shared with you what someone in your position sheared with me, we owe it to those who lost their lives and live it well. all of these people will know nicole's name and story, and what does that mean for you? >> everything, it means everything. she was a bright, shining star that's gone there from our life,
5:17 am
but we now get to share her with the whole world, and that's everything to us. >> it's been fantastic to spend these couple of hours with you. the race is about to start. we gotta get out of the way. thank you for letting us share nicole's story and reporting on those 13 heroes from can kabul that we have to keep saying their name. pete: if joey, simply beautiful. marine sergeant nicole gee. that photo was up of her holding that child in afghanistan while you were interviewing them. just, what a legacy she leaves as someone who was willing to put her life on the line for others. what greater thing than that? joey jones and those two women, god bless them. tunnel to towers. nicole gee was 23 years old. we'll be right back. room can be more innovative. with some of that. and a whole lot of this. meet our exclusive dent and scratch resistant
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pete: a minnesota judge calling out democrat governor tim walz for inaccurate statements in a massive pandemic fraud scheme. walz says he was ordered to continue funding the government program called feeding our future which claimed to feed thousands of low income children during covid, but those children were never fed according to indictments.
5:22 am
there were no children x. and this week 48 people, most of hem from the somali community in minnesota, were charged for their roles. minnesota dubuque canner thattorial candidate for the republicans, dr. scott jensen, joins us now. there's a theme of this, doctor, no not, you know, from tim walz not deploying with his unit, from tim walz not protecting the police precinct, from tim walz not shutting down what was known to be a fraudulent covid scam. >> no question about it, pete. when the going gets tough, tim walz quits. he did it with the national guard in 2005, he did it when it came time to protect the streets of minneapolis in 2020, and it when it came time to give up the third precinct. but in this situation, he's gotten caught redhanded. this reminds me of the flavor of watergate. what did tim walz know and when did he know it? and when did he decide to try to use the judge as the scapegoat, never thinking that judge
5:23 am
guffman would come out and say, hey, you're not going to do this to me. i never told you to make those payments. you and your department of education made fraudulent payments even after you knew there was a problem to the tune of some $250 million. and, pete, it may well be more than that. so i think minnesotans are asking right now, you know, we had this problem with tim walz and what he did with the daycare fraud where he allowed the inspector general to be, if you will, put in another department, keep her six-figure salary, we saw it with the homeless dollars not getting to where it should be, but this is of a scale that is unbelievable. pete: yes. >> we've become a state of fraud under tim walz. pete: if you lock an entire state down because of covid in a draconian fashion and then you learn people are stealing and you don't do anything about it, doesn't feel like you deserve to keep your job. polls have already opened in minnesota. it's september 25th, and polls are tightening. this one is from the if star
5:24 am
tribune. now, the consider the source, it's a far left-wing newspaper. tim walz had a lead of, they believe, it's a little confusing on the right side, 51-33 just aa while ago, and now the race has tightened to 7%. but i believe you have other polls that show you within the margin of error. how have you tightened the race in minnesota which most people see as an automatic for democrats? >> well, despite the fact that tim walz and the pacs are are spending over a million dollars a week trying to denigrate and demon ifize my running mate and i, they haven't made that much headway. we're 2.5 points behind, it's basically a dead heat. i think what's happening is people are realizing that tim walz isn't good for minnesota, and people realize that what's on the budget is inflation, crime, education. tim walz will try to distract people into thinking something else, but it's the not. and and people are really coming out, pete, they're providing
5:25 am
support. heir going to dr. scott --, and they're donating and, frankly, we are going to have a presence in october that is going to rival tim walz's. pete: it's a dead heat in minnesota which says a lot about the rejection of draconian democrat policies and the alternative of a doctor who fought back against them. dr. scott jensen, congratulations, good luck on the home stretch of the race. >> thank you so much, pete. pete: great to see you. all right, today 30,000 runners make the same journey that stephen is siller did on the morning of nerve. joey -- of nerve. joey jones live from the tunnel to towers 5k start line. stay with us. ♪
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5:30 am
route fallen firefighter stephen siller took the morning of 9/11. will: joey jones is at the start line. >> hey, guys, the race is about to get going. let's kick it over to frank siller who's about to start this race. [inaudible conversations] >> morning, everybody! [applause] are we ready? >> yeah! [inaudible conversations] [cheers and applause] >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 --
5:31 am
[cheers and applause] will: there you go, that's the start of the tunnel to towers 5k. right there in brooklyn, new york, where it will go through the brooklyn battery tunnel and arrive in manhattan commemorating the exact path of stephen siller. pete: he grabbed his gear and he ran through the tunnel. will: joey jones still with us, and he is with frank siller. back to you, joey. >> -- the flyover. >> yeah, so i'm here with frank, he just got everyone started. the people that are running right now, those are recipients, is that correct? >> these are catastrophicically service members, gold star families that lost their loved ones that we've given a mortgage-free home to and all the first responder families that have lost their loved ones
5:32 am
protecting our community. >> guys, that's the a big crowd. they represent the recipients. how many year to date? >> by the end of this year, we'll have over 1,000. >> that ease amacing. there's 30,000 more people ready to run after them. >> it's incredible. we have these great firefighters that are coming up right now to join us, and they're going to lead the race at i 9:30. look, over 30,000, it's about 35,000 from what our last count is that want to retrace not just what my brother did, the other heroes that gave their lives 21 is years ago. >> what you do, it's monumental. you get so many people involved. there are politicians from both sides of the aisle, people from all over country. this is a community you've counted in honor of your brother and to help those who have sacrificed so much. we can't thank you enough, brother. >> well, thank you. and thank you to fox. without you getting the word out, we could never produce the
5:33 am
amount of houses that we're building, we could never do the work that we're doing. go to, $11 a month, and that's how we take care of all these great families. >> i'm going to get out of the way, because they're trying to make me run this race. i'm going to get over before the big you'd gets ear. -- here. will: what an awesome event commemorating, as you pointed out, pete, an awesome action on september 11th, 2001. pete: what you're seeing are the re. sip cents first, then there's a gap, and hen everybody else who wants to support will come barreling through -- rachel: 35,000 people there. think about how many people are watching this right now as we do this coverage. i think so many people want to recapture that a patriotism, that sense, that can-do spirit that came in the aftermath of those terrible attacks, and i think that's, you know, it is about honoring the work that frank and the people at tunnel to towers is have done for first responders, but i also think it's about recapturing that.
5:34 am
pete: for sure. i could stand are corrected on this, but those looked like army pt uniforms if i remember from the past, rotc groups, other military groups come out to sport the run as well. those -- support the run as well. rachel: firefighters. pete: in the gear just like stephen siller did going through that tunnel. gives me chills just looking at it. it's what we need. take a moment with your kids or grandkids right now to tell them why so many men and women do this every year, 21 years later, to commemorate the sacrifice of that day on that flag. they weren't born during it, they'll have to be taught the significance of it. but it's no mistake. will: 5k in that gear and then start your climb up into those two towers. we'll keep an eye on this throughout the morning. up next, tropical storm ian
5:35 am
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5:39 am
sunshine state by tuesday with flash flooding and damaging winds expected to come with it. [background sounds] will: heavy rain from the storm already coming down in parts of the caribbean. fox weather chief meteorologist rick reichmuth joins us with the latest. rick: hey, yeah, jamaica about 200 miles away from the center of the storm and getting that kind of rain. big impacts across the southeastern u.s., georgia, florida, alabama, south carolina. we're in september, peak of hurricane season. three different systems out here now that we're watching. ian is, obviously, the most dangerous for us, the most threatening. this is the storm right now. you see that spin there, it's starting to get more organized, and it is just about go over water temperatures that are really, really warm, and that's why we think it's going to pretty quickly intensify and probably go through a period of
5:40 am
rapid intensification over next 36 hours or so. hurricane warning for grand cayman, little cayman. just a tropical storm watch that's far enough from the center -- away from the center of the storm. this is our water temperature right now, temps into the 80s. you need about 80 degrees for a hurricane to form, but you with also need water warm really deep. the low pressure of a hurricane pulls up water from lower in the ocean, and if that water just under the surface is cooler, then it doesn't have the fuel if it needs. but water here is at hurricane strength water for about 500 feet deep, so a lot of strength can come from water that is that warm. that's why we think it's going to strengthen here. and really good confidence for about the next two days of where this storm goes, but then we still have a big discrepancy here 4-5 days out. the center of where things currently look would bring this storm right in just to the east of apalachicola. that's an area that does not have a lot of population in
5:41 am
florida. that probably would be the best case scenario. that said, here across the western shore it's going to put a lot of storm surge no matter where this happens. tampa, you're still in the cone. just real quickly, all of the southeast is going to be getting a lot of rain from this. we'll see flooding on the eastern side of florida and verge eventually up -- eventually up across parts of the carolinas. pete: thank you, rick. let's bring in one of the busiest guys in florida, ken guthrie -- kevin guthrie, director of the division of emergency management. what should our viewers know, folks in florida, be preparing for? >> will, rachel, pete, thanks for having us on the show morning, we really appreciate it. the things people should be looking for is, back to what rick said, not only is this going to impact the entire southeast, going to heavily impact florida all the way there
5:42 am
from the keys up to the panhandle. i just remind people from hurricane irma, it hit southwest florida around naples, but we had massive flooding in downtown miami. so it's going to impact the entire state. we are super saturated from months of rain that have been going on here. we are going to have trees down all over the state. we're going to have local are oohized flooding all over the is state -- localized flooding. that's why we have all 67 counties ready for and preparing for a disaster under the state of emergency. rachel: kevin, so many people are new residents to florida because of the great leadership of governor ron desantis. how concerned are you about the fact that you're going to have this huge amount of people who have nebraska been -- never been through a hurricane before? i know you're getting the message out, but what other extra that things are you doing for the fact that there are some newbies? >> that's a great question, and i'm glad you asked it and,
5:43 am
again, thanks for helping us amplify that message. we want people to know their home. so start with that, know your zone. we want people to go to florida so that they can determine if they're in an evacuation zone. if there is not a color of red, purple, green, orange or yellow, they are not in an evacuation zone. they don't necessarily immediate to evacuate for storm surge or water. the next thing they need to know is what's the mile-per-hour winds that their home could actually take. ask your neighbors. what are the wind speeds usually like here. if you're in a manufactured home, you're medically dependent, you're going to need to evacuate. if you're in a low-lying area, you're going to need to evacuate. but listen to that local emergency manager that gives that information out. best thing to do, get to know your neighbors. ask them what they experience in their neighborhood, listen to your local emergency manager. will: imagine that. just like -- just the way
5:44 am
america has been from the beginning, ask your neighbor. [laughter] great information, kevin. i've never lived in a hurricane zone, i have no idea what kind of wind speeds my home would be able to sustain. new floridians, that's great information. kevin guthrie, thank you so much for the latest. >> thank you, guys. i appreciate you having us. will: by the way, download the fox weather app for continuing coverage of that storm. pete: and a quick check back in on the tunnel to towers 5k that just started moments ago live on our program, thousands of runners retracing the route taken by stephen stiller on -- steven siller on the morning of september 11th. you see firefighters preparing to make that very same run are. we continue to watch the race, and we will keep you updated. will: still ahead, it's back to school and parents are are getting wise to woke curriculum. we're going off the wall to expose the truth. rachel: and it's national
5:45 am
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will: school is back -- it's been back for a while in most parts of the country -- but that also means you probably had a chance to go to parent-teacher night. it might be time to start understanding what your children are learning. pete: correct. many schools across the country are using their vision of curriculum onto your kids. and while some go unnoticed, others, especially on this program, have recently been exposed. will: so let's go off the wall to give you a few examples. first, pete, take us to history class. pete: yeah. this is bellevue high school in washington, their s&p son was a junior and was planning to take a u.s. history course. when he actually took the course, it was -- this is the syllabus, decolonizing u.s. history. community agreements you need to speak your truth. be prepared to experience discomfort. and if you look at it, will, front and center, is and there's a lot glaring, what is
5:50 am
decolonizing u.s. history, but it's the textbook down here on the bottom written by this guy that has a lot of people raising their eye eyebrows. will: howard zip, a re-- zinn, a rewriting of american history. pete: it is an anti-american u.s. textbook which in this place they put on the flyer, but it's often the bay access for the actual textbook. will: and you spoke to some parents about this exact issue. pete: that's right. michelle and cal. listen. >> first paragraph says that we're grateful to stand on the lands of one indian tribe, and we acknowledge the presence of it. so it's, you know, white guy bad, you stole the land from the indians. >> it's exhausting to be a parent right now and to have to babysit what's going on in the classroom. i guess calvin and i are are going to be history teachers. pete: by the way, those parents petitioned the school for their kid to be able to change the u.s. history course he needs to
5:51 am
graduate, they wouldn't let him opt out of the course. you're in our world now, the school says. will: all right. next, qr codes in the classroom. pete: yes. hilliard school district in ohio, ultimately, parents have spoken out about the fact that kids are being told to talk about gender transitions or conversations or changing their pronouns without consulting the parents. and in this particular district, they point out these new badges being handed out by the national education association. parents -- excuse me, teachers can wear them voluntarily, but they say to studentses safe person, safe spaces. and if you scan the qr code, you are brought to sexually explicit material that you would not want your kids seeing, but it's right there in the classroom. well you had a great interview with a teacher that said they're told you're not qualified to talk to students about their depression or anxiety, but teachers are talking to them about these very sensitive --
5:52 am
pete: yes. i wonder what direction your kid will be turned when a teacher is wearing this badge and they're told to consult on, say, sexual issues. one of the parents, omar, talked about these gender conversations inside one of his kids' classrooms. take a listen. >> and at scoop they're saying -- school they're saying, on the one hand, we can be judge and jury, essentially, as to whether or not it's in the child's best interest to share that the child is changing genders at school. but in practice and what they're actually teaching and telling the teachers to do is to not tell the parents. will: there you go. the superintendent of hilliard, by the way, responded to the qr code backlash. qr code is not there to be shared with students; rather, it is provided to adults by the nea should they be interested? learning more about lgbtq+ issues. pete: i can't say half the words on tv, will, that you will encounter if you scan that qr
5:53 am
code. it's perverted. they're hiding it from parents, and teachers are wearing that badge created by the national education association. will: next, we want to introduce you to mario who's slamming school districts over this gender identity instruction. mario had this to say right here about all of this instruction. >> it has come to our intention that the district intends to teach transgenderrism urge the age of 10. when the school district can does it, it's education. will: by way, pete, gay man. this is outside the realm of education right now, but pair pal has pushed off -- paypal has pushed off funds being received by people in the group gays against groomers. if you are donating to math organization, paypal's cool. pete: he says groom dogs, not
5:54 am
kids, he's a dog can groomer. this is a gay man willing to speak out about what's happening in our classrooms. gender dysphoria, and, of course, a lack of parental consent. in this case it's california, and we reached out to canejo valley school district but did not hear back. teachers talking about intimate topics of sexuality with our youngest of kids without parents being consented. and if you were to stand outside a walmart and talk to kids about those topics, you'd go away in handcuffs. not inside a school. there we go. we've without a fourth one. we've been talking about sexuality. how about math? apparently, math you can be systemically racist in that as well. will: anti-racist math. jefferson county public schools hosted the racial equity institute, and this is some of the stuff it focused on.
5:55 am
yes, whiteness theory, whatever that is. modern day racism. early childhood lgbtq+ students and families across the board, and we just touched on some of that, but in jefferson also they're talking about anti-racist -- pete: oh, man, if you do 5 times 6 you get don't be racist. will: well, take that and filter it through this. pete: you're right. and run it through a couple of these stripes -- will: modern day algebra, baby. pete: you're racist. that's it. [laughter] will: you thought algebra was complicated -- [laughter] this is even more complicated. that's what's, perhaps, taking place in your -- pete: we laugh because there's no alternative. stay on top of it out there. will: still ahead, we are tracking the tunnel to towers 5 can race -- 5k race. country star dierks bentley is
5:56 am
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