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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  September 25, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> you can validate that with the show. >> that does it for us. we will see you next weekend. the fox report with john scott starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> hoping for the best, bracing for the worst. florida governor rod desantis announcing the entire sunshine state is now under a state of emergency as tropical storm ian gets closer to the coast. i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ the national hurricane center updating its forecast for and just last hour. the storm will likely strengthen into a major hurricane over the next 48 hours. it is still uncertain when and
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where in florida it will make landfall. we have team coverage. we begin with meteorologist with that brand-new forecast. adam. >> seeing it still continue to work its way across portions of the caribbean. we are running over very warm water. within the next 24 hours, that will allow us to really intensify the waters getting in the upper '80s, close to 90 degrees. that fuels these storms. a tropical storm becoming a much stronger, eventually, hurricane. by the time we get to tuesday afternoon overnight you will be passing very warm water. continuing to intensify. by wednesday evening, 125 mile-per-hour wind. category three hurricane.
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just shy of a category four. getting closer to the florida panhandle, that is the time we would be talking about landfall if it makes it that far. i will show you more in just a moment. this is one potential model. as the system continues to move to the north, we notice it becoming more of a defined eye wall. even if it does not make landfall, it will be a large system. you start to get outer bands of rain by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday across portions of the southern end of the state. even if it is not making landfall, flooding will be an issue. they will have areas where there is a whole lot more rain than that. they knew talk about the track of this, we will have a better sense once we move past cuba. moving the trajectory just a little bit.
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we have several that turn right into the center part of the state. think of the tampa area. other models all the way up over the florida panhandle. looking at the florida big and area as a middle ground. this can change and will change and we will be watching as it makes that move. >> thank you. floridians across the state are being worn to get ready for the storm now. some stores are already starting to run out of supplies. max gordon is live in fort myers with the latest on preparations there. max. >> it is kind of a surreal scene. we have some folks out barbecuing. people enjoying the beach. things will change rapidly here in the fort myers area over the next couple of days. very susceptible to storm surge.
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the area where i am standing right now is at risk for up to t say category one hurricane. emergency officials say now is the time to look up if you are in a evacuation zone. to know what your route will be like if there is a need to evacuate. still unclear where this storm will hit. state officials said their potential for a category four hurricane storm surge even if the storm downgrades before making landfall. now is also the time to make sure you have enough supplies, drinking water, nonperishable foods and fuel. we have seen gas stations run out and some empty shelves. there is still enough for those that need to stock up before the storm. a lot of people here on vacation and have never experienced or prepared for a hurricane before. >> i got here just about four days ago.
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i want to experience as much as i can. you always want to take caution. if it is severe enough, i will head inland. >> florida governor ron desantis has called on national guard troops to be prepared for when this storm does make landfall. working with electric and gas company so they can restore power if the lights do go out. >> fox weather correspondent live in fort myers florida. thank you. tropical storm watches are in effect for some parts of the florida keys. charles watson is their lives. he is in islamorada. >> this forecast has ian shifting west away from the keys. a lot of folks wondering how much time they should spend preparing for the storm. we spoke to a gentleman earlier today, he runs boat tours along
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the florida keys. he spent a lot of time over the last couple of days tying up will hundred boats and packing up fishing materials only to turn around and undo that work. he's not sure what kind of impact. >> it is definitely hard to prepare. i was not here for irma. i'm just stretching to get guys that went through it. ten boats to move right here. >> we have also spoken to some visitors here who say they are wrapping up their vacation early because they did not want to take the chance of sticking around and getting caught up with ian. the path of florida is still uncertain. >> we are flying out of fort lauderdale. there are some concerns about traffic. of course, the airlines canceling or closing flights.
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>> despite all of the uncertainty, people do seem to be heeding advice to stay vigilant and prepared. plenty of folks around the state making stops at hardware stores to make essentials like plywood to board up windows and doors, people snatching up batteries and lots of generators in case they lose power. also seeing water go really quickly at supermarkets. a lot of shelves are empty. folks can expect supplies to go even quicker as ian goes closer to florida. governor desantis urged people to make preparations now. certainly do not want to be caught off guard with a powerful storm like ian making its approach to florida spee1 i have been in a few of them and they can be terrifying. charles, thanks.
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>> as a humanitarian crisis at the southern border continues, migrants are still being transported up north. five more busloads arrived in new york city today. smuggled into the interior by private plane. alexis mcadams live in eagle pass texas without. >> something we are learning about in the last few weeks. migrants crossing right into the u.s. the question is where do they go once i get here? it depends on exactly how much they're willing to pay these cartels if they're willing to dish out thousands of dollars. you can see private airplanes once they get here be smuggled across the united states. these are new pictures than from that texas department of public safety. on friday, 19 migrants were found.
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investigators say three cars pulled up to that private airport and dropped off the migrants. concerned citizens called bad and called 911. as humans are smuggled in, so are the drugs. just the other day, officers seized approximately 72,000 pills hidden inside of a gas tank of a car there. this is just one example of the massive amount of deadly drugs coming into the united states from mexico every day. out here near the border telling us they see the impacts every day. the number of overdose deaths. >> it looks like pez candy. it looks like chalk. it looks like the little candy
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that you take in the straw. they do that to entice so you get addicted to fit in all. >> here's a look at how busy things are at eagle pass texas. it goes on 24 hours a day seven days a week and it is not slowing down. i can tell you dps sources, even though they are being smuggled, it is the cartels that are doing it. >> live in eagle pass texas. thanks. president biden says republicans new commitment is full of false promises. new york republic congressman response to that next.
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today marks one month until the highly anticipated debate between doctor's and lieutenant governor jon federman. both continue to trade jabs and rally support with about six weeks to go for midterm spirit we are live with the latest on that very tight race.
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>> the communications director says he is putting convicted murderers back on our streets. two men convicted of second-degree murder previously but were granted clemency last year working on federman's campaign. listen. >> what does it say about a person's character if they will fight to make sure innocent men will die in prison versus a man that will fight to make sure they are able to get back with their families. that is the choice. >> the two people that you see behind him right there. they also believe many should be released from prison. requiring life without parole.
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also criticizing for decriminalizing dangerous drugs like fentanyl. getting support this weekend from york county. take a look here. pennsylvania needs a u.s. senator that supports holy send u.s. prosecutors. he has my full support. focusing more on the issue of abortion. calling on doctor oz to reveal how he would vote on a possible abortion ban bill. he does believe in exceptions. harping more on inflation and the economy. saying the big government policies will make things even worse for the people of pennsylvania. right now it is still set for october 25, 2 weeks before election day. the conditions are still being worked out. >> thank you. >> as nate just reported, the
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issue of rights will motivate come november. a new poll finds the economy and inflation among the top issues for americans. >> the president spent the weekend there. >> good evening, jon. the washington poll finds them sinking to 39%. former press secretary spoke earlier. offering this assessment. >> it is about who is the most extreme. if it is a referendum on the president, they will lose and they know that. >> did not get any better for biden and other parts of the pole. registered democrats want biden to run again for president in 2024. the agency polling asked that question.
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jon since 1946 whenever the approval rating has been less than 50%. his party has gone on to lose an average in the elections. republican should not pop the champagne quite yet. 47% of voters said they would choose a republican candidate compared to 46% who favored a democrat. congresswoman laid out her case to shannon bream. >> america needs a change of course. we need true leadership focusing on the crises that hard-working families are fixing across this country. they cannot run on their record because it is a record of crisis and failure. >> the price of gas has crept up in recent days after a summer of decline. gas prices 50% greater than when
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president biden was sworn into office. food prices will continue to rise in the next use spots. >> outlining the parties policy agenda. here is what president biden said hours before that plan was unveiled. >> kevin mccarthy went to pennsylvania and unveiled on a commitment to america. here are a few things we did not hear. the right to choose. we did not hear medicare or social security. >> i don't think they have a clue about the power of american women. let me tell you something, they are about to find out. >> democrats hold a three-point advantage in the generic
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congressional ballot. republicans held a three-point advantage back in july. jon cap company joins us now. congressman, what do you think about the flip in those poll results. our republicans suddenly in trouble on the generic ballot? >> absolutely not. as you heard in an earlier segment, every poll suggests that they will lose control of the house. we are not concerned about that. our commitment to america will help widen that margin. if the president and his administration were not worried, they would not be talking about it. they are trying to deflect. it will be really good for the american people. >> let me put up some of the top issues.
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i want to get your response to this. inflation and higher prices is considered the top issue. 85% say the future of democracy. finally, what is taught in schools. does that play well for your party, that list of concerns? >> it really is addressing all of those. the energy issue. when president biden took over, now we are net importer. getting oil from bad countries and bad actors like venezuela. the american people understand that. we are addressing that in our commitment to america just like we are addressing securing the border.
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this commitment to america addresses all of the issues that you mentioned. we will be ready on day one of the legislative agenda. you know it is a damn good agenda. >> if the top issue for voters is inflation, generally they say they prefer the republican candidate. if they are top concern abortion , they tend to prefer the democrat candidate. now, the interesting thing is, as i showed you in the list of concerns earlier, abortion does not appear in the top five. if inflation is the top concern, the republican wins, at least according to this fox news hole. do you take heart in that? >> they are consistently showing that economics are dominating
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the top of the ballad and top issues and inflation in particular. the biden administration knows that. when they try to tell you that inflation is under control, the economy is in good shape, they sit down and talk to someone like i did last friday and she says her son worked all last summer and spent a vast majority of his paycheck putting gas in his tank getting to and from work. that is why think democrats are in trouble. the top issue is inflation and economic issues. they cannot take credit for anything other than causing the inflation. >> representative steve scalise talked about what would happen if republicans do take ove repr. >> we have been asking a lot of those questions. we cannot get the answer to basic things. where have they been sent?
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how many are on the terrorist watch list? they won't let us have hearings on all of that. subpoena people who happy answers and just refused to comply right now. >> it sounds like a republican takeover would in a change in direction of the house. >> there is no question. accountability is one of our fundamental jobs in congress. it took me four republicans in congress more than a year. they get a sample statistic. that is how many people were seized at the border that are on the terror watch list. the number is up to 78 at the border in the last fiscal year. seventy-eight. five times more than the last five years combined. that is some bad vulnerability for them.
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those drugs are pouring across. those are the types of things that we will hold them accountable on. to get to the bottom of these things and then address the issues. we all know we need to stop the drugs that are flying in here. we know we need to take the gloves off and go after the cartels by allowing the borders to be open. >> our vice president says the u.s. southern border is secure. >> you know what, there is not a single american that believes that. that is my point from earlier. the bottom line is the american people are stupid. they know that they will be laid at the feet of the president. if this is referendum on biden, the performance should be. they are not better off and they
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were two years ago and that is for sure. helping to put us on the right path. they took over the house. they did not have the agenda on day one. we will be ready with this agenda, legislation ready to go. we will really produce for the american people because that is what they deserve. the blue-collar individual trying to make ends meet. trying to get on the right track again. it has been brutal for them the last couple of years. >> congressman, republican of new york, thank you. >> thank you so much spee1 social media platforms gearing up for november 8. twitter and tiktok. weighing in on that straightahead.
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a new twist in the death of a georgia mom whose body was found near a rural highway earlier this month. police arresting her daughters sometime boyfriend. christina coleman live with more on that. >> very disturbing here. the woman found dead, naked and partially burnt has a daughter named amanda bearden. seen in this body camera video accusing of siphoning money directly out of his bank account. let's get some insight into what he has told law enforcement about the victim's daughter. they have not been named suspects in the death investigation but they have extensive criminal records with drug-related charges and other criminal related offenses.
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bearden's rap sheet includes multiple domestic violence cases involving other men. police recorded this body camera video as they arrested him last september outside of his home for violating his restraining order. >> i have been arrested before. they falsified whatever. i mean, her mom, i don't know what the issue here is. i don't know why i am so unlike. >> you just mentioned them mention the mom. debbie collier was found dead at the bottom of an embankment for rural highway about 60 miles from her home in georgia on september 11. also remnants of a fire nearby along with a burnt loop tarp and her rented suv. it was discovered less than 24 hours after her daughter received a bend mope payment for $2400 a long with a crip dick
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message that said they will not let me go. love you. there is a key to the house in the blue flowerpot close to the door. >> i am scared for my family. it puts fear in me. i just could not imagine what they are going through. >> on-again off-again boyfriend have not been named as suspects in this case. they have not identified any suspects or person of interest so far. >> strange case. thank you. big tech companies taking steps to limit political messaging on their platforms ahead of midterms they say. the company said in a statement
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we will continue to allow government organizations for limited circumstances and they will be required to work with a tiktok representative. this comes as they asked the supreme court based on viewpoints. strive asset manager founder and author of the new book. it thank you for taking the time to be with us tonight. what do you think about tiktok's move, first of all. >> i think i am blessed while third on the wholesale as a category than i am by content specific viewpoint based discrimination which has become rampant across social media platforms. there is little doubt that these companies are using a one-sided scale to discriminate against certain viewpoints over others. more importantly, taking
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destruction and deciding what kind of speech does and does not get shown on the internet. that is a real problem. particularly important in taking the case all the way to the supreme court where it belongs. >> if you have more than 50 million users, one of the big apps, more than 50 million users , you should be considered a common carrier and not allowed to censor free speech. do i have that right? >> to basic arguments. focusing on the common care argument. more like a telephone company that is in the business of providing a platform for existing communication if there are common carrier requirements, they should also apply to social media companies. i would like to see this brought up more if this case does find
3:36 pm
its way to the supreme court. this is state action in disguise. what we have seen over the last couple of years is that government actors are using private social media companies to censor content directly under the first amendment. if this company of state action in disguise, the state constitution applies. finding its way likely to the high court. both of those are compelling arguments. >> you mentioned your belief that some of the social media companies are taking marching orders from the federal government. asked about any white house collusion with social media companies. here is how she answered or did not answer.
3:37 pm
>> talking points about what they believe is misinformation. >> i do not have anything to share with you on that. i will not comment right at this time. >> attorney generals from missouri and the wheezy and. a past enter ship enterprise. >> i just will not comment at this time. does that surprise you? >> it does not. the government telling facebook and twitter what kind of misinformation they needed to take down. i've been writing about this the last couple of years. the government is using a combination of threats and inducement and direct coronation to do the dirty work through the backdoor. the first amendment still
3:38 pm
applies. this will raise public awareness social media companies once claimed to be private actors yet unveil themselves like section 230. i believe the solution is to make it an opt in statute. if you want federal government protections it is the same as the federal government itself. mainly the first amendment to the constitution of the united states. i would hope this would be a win something we had badly missed. >> it will be fascinating to watch this texas case. you think it will get to the supreme court? >> it is in conflict with another case in florida where the judge came out in a different direction. there are conflicting cases in different jurisdictions. this is a consensus view here.
3:39 pm
one result is section 230 could be deemed unconstitutional as it is currently applied. preempting people from nondiscrimination. there is a lot in that argument. more than we have time to discuss. throwing out a smoke screen. >> it is going to be fascinating to see whether the supreme court takes a case. thank you. >> protests are spreading across iran over the death of a woman over they canceled the morality police there. remarkable scenes of defiance. what will they mean for the future of the islamic republic. the iranian and u.s. government reactions next.
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spee1 the death of a young woman in the custody of iran morality polices sparking protests there and even around the world. the crime violating rules on wearing the head job. officials claim she died of a heart attack. they are demanding accountability from the iranian government. alexandria half has more. >> over 40 people have been killed so far in the unrest in the iranian army. one of continued calling them enemies of the state. sparked by the death of the 22-year-old who died after being detained by the morality police by not properly wearing a headscarf. iranian authorities claimed she
3:45 pm
had suffered a heart attack. >> this year is a year of blood. >> as the demand for regime change echoes in cities throughout iran. defining law without removing their head coverings and cutting their hair. solidarity protests underway throughout the world. >> i am cutting my hair because my sister they will died maybe tomorrow. i do not want it and i hate it. >> protesters called on the white house to reject the regime. >> it is a test to stand with the people of iran. >> addressing the ceremony on wednesday holding the protesters as braid. jake sullivan said today that the u.s. is offering assistance. >> we have taken tangible steps to sanction the morality police
3:46 pm
that caused this young woman's death. making it easier for the iranian people to get access to the internet and communicate with one another and the world. >> they do have concerns on the issue of human rights, efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal will continue. >> alexandria half in washington. thank you. ukraine's president says heavy fighting is underway among the front lines in several regions and ukraine forces are seeing some "positive results". >> good evening. ukrainian forces continuing to capture the eastern part of this country. the war is escalating and ukraine is bracing for more dark days ahead. ukrainian troops advanced to the ones in the eastern part of their country. continuing the fight against russian occupiers.
3:47 pm
new video shows freshly liberated towns. despite the gains, the price of war remains high. losing more than 50 soldiers a day on average. overnight, ukrainian president issued a statement speaking directly to those new russians who are being called up to fight under partial mobilization orders. russian commanders do not care about the lives of russians. they just need to replenish the empty spaces left by the dead, wounded and those that flood where the russian soldiers that work held captive. they doubled down on reasons for initially launching the invasion russian foreign minister spoke yesterday at the united nations criticizing the european union and those that support ukraine. >> the united states and the european union cannot claim to have a neutral status. they are not participating in
3:48 pm
the conflict. >> to americans from alabama who had been captured by the russians as they fought alongside ukrainian forces earlier this year in the eastern part of the country have been freed and returned to the united states as part of a prisoner swap deal. >> thank you. coming up, and inspiring migrant story as we celebrate hispanic heritage month. coming here from el salvador with very little and realized the american dream. g that iivs next. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ new astepro allergy. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes.
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an estimated 15% of their valuation. do you think the market is overreacting? how'd you know that? the company profile tool, in thinkorswim®. yes, i love you!! please ignore that. td ameritrade. award-winning customer service that has your back. >> september marks the start of hispanic heritage month to honor the cultures contributions of hispanic and latino americans. we have the inspiring story about how one man's flight to safety from south america turned into generational success. >> understanding why people want to live in america. >> i have dreams of coming to the u.s. >> those dreams began in el
3:53 pm
salvador where he says he had a happy childhood. >> surrounded by two rivers with a lot of water. springs of water and wildlife. >> 13 years old, carlos began working construction with his father to help support the family. he did so all the way through college. in 1979 civil war tore apart the country. he came to the u.s. and eventually got a green card. one of half a million salva dorian's which would be a bloodied conflict. >> i to decide what was best for me and my family. >> the plan was to stay a few years, learn english and return. things were getting worse. he eventually found some success as a remodeling contractor. he wanted something better.
3:54 pm
in 1990 they poured all of their savings into opening a grocery store. it meant all or everybody it became a place for the hispanic community to find support. >> a group of small businesses. money wiring. we have an insurance agency. an accounting company with some partners, a small café within the restaurant. >> the more he did for his neighbors, the more it grew. >> my wife is very patient had we were able to survive the bad moments that a business brings in. >> they opened a second store. overnight success. it went from double. >> castro says the work ethic inspires his own success.
3:55 pm
>> he wanted to make sure we succeeded in life. he was very demanding. he never needed excuses. >> today under the name of the market the castro family employees 180 people. 90% are hispanic and most supervisors are women. >> he is always helping us. always asking us how we are and if we feel comfortable here. >> castro and his wife are proud parents. they are also grateful for the opportunity to work hard, contribute to their community and live the american dream. >> carlos next venture is in his wife's home village. bringing jobs in el salvador and the united states. fox news. >> pro wrestler turned actor
3:56 pm
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since he began working with the m make-a-wish foundation 20 years ago, no other celebrity granted more that 200 wishes in the organization's 42 year history, good for him. >> that is how fox reports this sunday september 25 of 2022. i am jon scott, thanks for watching, see you next week. ♪ ♪ trey: thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it's "sunday night in america," border security and immigration are federal issues, immigration is mentioned in the constitution, 17 states share a border with another country, we can't have 50 different immigration policy and 17 different approaches to border security. but what if the federal government isn't doing its job. what is the border isn't secure and federal government


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