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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  September 25, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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look forward to talking to you again. trey: thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." we have two great guests house republican leader kevin mccarthy, and mr. media joe concha. before that i want to talk to but a few things, democrat party doesn't want to talk b about inflation,
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immigration or food prices or gasoline prices or crime. they want to talk about race. and to talk about abortion. let's talk about race and abortion. it is time for a true discussion. not the lies we get from media and tenured leftists and the rest. talk about the facts, i won't go to civil war, where democrat party was tied to hip with confederacy, and ddavis of a democrat,. no. i won't go to bl plessy versus ferguson but i will go to woodrow wilson, one of the great so-called leading progressive intellectuals in late 1800s and 1900s president of princeton university, governor of new jersey and elected president of united states, and he overturned every major
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pro-integration law that was put in place by the republicans who preceded him. recession gated the departments of federal government, fired black forward administrate hours, and openly sympathetic to the kkk . and he was critical of reconstruction. less th than 60 years ago, 1964 civil right act was opposed by 69% of senate democrats supported by 82% of senate republicans and opposed by 61% of house democrats and supported 80 percent of house republicans of those who voted no in house 74% were democrat, and in senate 78% who said no were dem a democrats those who filibustered.
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robber bird. and bird spoke for 14 hours in a last-ditch afford to kill the bill. bird would go toserve as senate democratic leader from 1967 to 89. and including majority leader from 77 to 81. and 87 to 89. and minority leader 81 to 87, he was leader of the democrats for a very long time in the senate. he was longests serving senator in history of senate. he came along way, bird. as a young man she he was a chief recruiter and organizer for the klan in west virginia when bird died he was praised by leading lights of democratting party ruling class including joe biden, barack obama, hillary clinton and the rest. and several called him their great mentor. okay. but there is more. joe biden and early to mid 19 70s, senator worked
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closely with some of the senate most noter toious racists, east land who fought hard against civil rights act opposed to public school iny itgretion, show was joe biden, and he bragged about receiving praised from late alabama democratic governor george wallace, one of the leading racist, called biden one of the outstanding young politicians of america. but democrat party's greatest icon was fdr . largely due to his new deal agenda, transformed u.s. away from constitutionalism and capitalism toward socialism and centralism, for this reason, more that been done to immunize his
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representation, 1942. roosevelt issued executive order 9006 rounding up military rounding up 120,000 japanese americans including 70,000 u.s. is thes, forcibly relocated to internment camps in remote parts of the country. they lost their homes, property and their liberties, in 1944, in a case exp superior court upheld the internment order in a 6-3 decision, and black writing for majority lead the way up to hole that decision. now who is hugo black? black rose through dem kratdemocratic party rank for alabama a lawyer for klan and respresigned from the
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klan but kept in contact with them, and opposed the antilynching bill and was a supporter of roosevelt and awarded as first nominee to supreme court, his record is mixed and disputed. he was an activist for roosevelt socialism he insist on interpretation of the bill of rights that said, h his son. stated that kkk and d daddy had one thing in common, he suspected the catholic church, and thought that pope and bishops have too much power and too much property. so roosevelt's first nominee to supreme court was an activist with the klan, he wrote majority opinion
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upholding roosevelt's internment of japanese-americans and established federal housing administration, a purpose was to insure mortgages providing homeownership, it furthered racial segregation, it denies insurance in and around black neighborhoods, the fha was subsidizing builders who were mass produces subdivisions for whites. when the requirement that none of the homes be solid to african-americans. did you know that? , red lining comes from the development by new deal by federal government of maps of every metropolitan area, where you do not give the insurance backings were black areas, they were called red areas, hence term rid lining, roosevelt slighted jesse owens in 1936, he won multiple gold
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medals from main 36 and berlin were invited to white house with the extension of jesse owens, he was once asked if he was snubbed by hitler, hitler didn't snub me, he said, it was the president. -- radios vet said he opposed lynching and lobbied by his wife to support the bill but he refused, he put politics ahead. he would not support for sign a federal anti lynching bill that would have to come later. there is more. about the democrats and roosevelt. even to this day. but republicans never stood in any schoolhouse door ways
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to block little black kids from going to school with little white kids and republican never supported systemic voter suppression or repression. as democrats did they claim today. the republicans never supported jim crow, literacy tests and rest, ever. the republicans never supported lynching, they pushed billed to end it. that's a piece of history of the democrat party, now, both parties are imperfect. but the pattern in the democrat party goes way back, a very evil, antiamerican party, if they want to it discuss race let's learn our history, their history and discuss race, what amazing me with what they talk about tearing
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down confederate symbols and burning books and changing names of military basis, how is name the democrat party persists? and continues? because they control the culture, right now, let's talk about abortion. i have no problem talking about abortion. the big push for abortion came at beginning of the last century. with margaret sanger who founded the planned parenthood organization, which your tax dollar have gone to in billions to support. and planned parenthood as they say, supports abortion. what are we talking about? ddemocrat voted, said that codify rroer-- codify roe or any other position, what did they want to do, their bill, which media know
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and they cover for them eliminated parental consent for abortion, supported partial-birth abortion to the last second of birth, step ones, they grab one of the baby's legs with f -- delivers baby body, up to the neck. they force scissors into base of the babe a skull, openses scissors. and to enlarge the hole. then takes a suction catheter inserted into hole and the baby's brains are sucked out. incredible horrific pain for that baby. right before birth. then the child is removed. having been killed.
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having been killed. dethe democrat party voted in support of, that i do not understand why republicans don't know how to explain that, who is ma margaret sanger, the great feminist. pointed out in washington times, she shaped the movement in america beyond in 30s and 40s, contributing to sterilization laws and 30 u.s. states, that resulted in over 60 thousand sterilizations of vulnerable people. including people she considered feeble minded idiots and morons. she presented a ku klux klan rally in 1926 and recounted, that vent if her autobiography, saying a accepted an invitation to talk to the women's branch of the klan. i was escorted to platform, and began to speak in the
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end, i believed i had accomplished by purpose. a dozena does a -- liletter in 1939, she wrote: >> her own words. leave no room for parsing, she wrote many articles about ugenics and journal she founded in "1917". that review moral aspects of eu. >> and purpose of it. bird cbirth control. she was a horrific racist.
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not until a year ago. that planned parenthood and other apologists for sanger threw in the towel. said yes she was a eugensift . look how democrat party and radical left runs with it. 79% of planned parenthood abortion activity takes place in minority neighborhoods. mosmostly black neighborhoods, this is the history of that organization of the radical abortion movement. this is the history of the democrat party. you want to talk about race? and abortion? let's do it. i'll be right back. when pain says, “i'm here,” i say, “so are they.”
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mark: welcome back. a pleasure to have house republican leader kevin mccarthy on. god willing the speaker in the next cycle. kevin mccarthy, you rolled out a commitment to america. a contract that you want all your candidates to rally
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around. tell us about it. >> on friday we went. we rolled it out in washington county, pennsylvania with real americans, a plan for new direct for america. the commitment to america based to 4 pillars, a strong economy, a stave a safe nation, a future built on freedom and a government accountable. we go to american public what we'll do if you trust us with the majority. not just for republicans or candidates but for the nation. you understand this. this is a moment in time we've come upon these moments before we have to save this nation, become energy independent, stop depending on other countries and bring supply chain back from china to america. we have to secure our border. about what is happeninga the border we have to end catch
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and release, , fentanyl killing 300 americans every day. we have to not defund police as democrats have done, but provide 200,000 more police officers. you know what else? we will hold accountable the prosecutors that will not uphold the law, then we vide provide andy it defend a national security, we give a parent's bill of rights you have a say in your kid's education, and parental choice and hold these tech companies accountable and create fairness. then we'll come down and have a government that is a accountable, preserve our cons constitutional rights. we'll find out where the origins of covid started.
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the doj, you have an individual that called parents terrorists because they went to a school board meeting there are so many elements we'll be able to do moving forward. and you know on very first day? we'll repeal 87,000 irs agents just to start. that is just the beginning. >> that is a solid agenda. kevin mccarthy. the domecrat agenda is the opposite. you are having to fix everything that they have destroyed and beyond. what is the contrary? have the democrats put out their agenda for securing the border? >> no, they have not plan. you think about this, why to bee we have inflation? there run away spending, not just you warning them larry summers and democrat treasury of secretary warned them, you have ratner who
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was an adviser to po obama called it original ssin of inflation. the democrat have no plan. we put a plan together. to secure our borders. the responsibility of the federal government, not just secure bo border, but now catches people from american watch list from yemen and others coming to america. mark: joe biden and democrats say that republicans are antidemocracy? they are violent. they cannot be trusted. and they are semi fascist, whatever that means. what is your response. >> he is calling half of america, that this is what i
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believe elections should be bideas, why don't the ideas put f forth their idea? because they have no plan, if you carry about the future of your nation. if you care about your kids that you a say in your kid's education, and lost learning we finding because of covid, we have a plan to make the kids catch up, we supply a t tax credited for individuals to have scholarships, we hold tech companies accountable. we want too create fairness, and def defends your rights, we may disagree with your opinion but we will allow you to have your say, not government coming after you and build an economy based on an american economy, we think that american some could energy
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independent, you payless at gas pump and inflation would go down and jobs should come back from china too america this say simple plan with a foughtfuture that next century would be the american century, after this election join with us, we'll passat the house but we need your help to get it to president's desk, for ern that wants to be a parted of this go to take the house to theed to the -- take the >> a couple yes, and no questions. do you can support packing the supreme court? >> no. mark: to you supported open borders. >> no. >> do you support aboarding babes on the last second. >> no, and you know, what democrats actually voted for that i don't believe that americans believe in that, a baby can feel the pain in 9th month, they are able to live and then they want to abort them?
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>> do you support endless deficit spending for a variety of programs in wash t w washington, d.c. >> no way, every great society has collapsed when they over extend, you are hurting a future generation, making america weaker and china stronger. mark: when we come back, i want to ask you some questions about this united states department of the just justice. i lot of us are concerned about the politicalization of that department. and i get questions every day from callers, what are we going to do about this? what will the republicans do to expose what is taking place there when we return, we'll be right back. meets power? you try crazy things... ...because you're crazy... ...and you like it.
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jon: welcome to fox news live, i am jon scott, florida residents praise for worst at trie tropical storm ian charges for their state and has a potential to become a category 4 hurricane, florida governor advises people to prepare for the storm. stores already are running out up supplies. ian could hit florida thursday. >> to north hundreds of
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thousands of canadians remain without power in wake of hurr heurk hurricane fiona. candid a defense minister has mobilized troops to helps ising citizens, i'm i'm jon scott, now back to "life, liberty and levin ." mark: welcome back. kevin mccarthy, a lot of people are upset about the department of the justice, they went after parents and they refuse to enforce a federal felony statute to protect supreme court justices. they refuse to enforce immigration laws to protect the southern border. they seem to look to go after donald trump. ron desantis. republican members of congress. republican state ledge
5:31 pm
legislators, we have a department of justs they has gone rogue. >> i agree. we need to rein government a abuse of power, we have a department of the justs they justice that calls parents terrorist because they went to a school board meeting. we watched the abuses, we have sent more than 500 preservation letters we have that information now, there needs to be a check and balance, while democrats control all they have been no -- there has been no oversight of any agency that is a role of congress, congress should do that regardless of who? power, we don't know why the decisions were made in afghanistan not listening to military, shouldn't we know that, so it never happens again, shouldn't we know with covid originated. the picking, choosing and using power of government to go after americans because they have a different political view is going to
5:32 pm
stop. we'll provide awoun accountability. we're sending the letters out and have that information, we will start on day one, rep repealing 87 thousands irs anxiagents, we will become energy independent and c comeback and pass a parent's bill of rights. so you have a say in your children's education, and we rein in our wasteful spending to lower inflation, and make sure that streets are safe, we will not defund the police but provide more officers and hold the prosecutors and district attorney account able to up hold the law andi
5:33 pm
secure the borders. we will make sure that government is accountable at the same time. these are a few things that we're going to do if you is usupply and votes and change the direction, join with us, mark: other thing, joe biden uses is executive order like no one i have seen before. executive order 1.5 trillion. let me ask you, did congress vote on for giving a trillion dollar in student loan debt for the wealthiest american. >> no, we did not. you would never forgive sm machine -- someone's debt, that is passed on to someone else to pay. mark: did congress vote to destroy women's sports with
5:34 pm
a reinterpretation of title ix. >> no, title ix is 50 years old, we ensure fairness in our commitment to america, ensure women will only compete with women in women's sports. mark: did congress or seen the iran deal that is going to arm, ran with nuclear weapons befored by everyone gets ready to seen off on it? >> no, he has never met with us or briefed up, i promise you if we're in majority we makesure we get that information, this administration is allowing russia to negotiate this. we watched what future holds, they are creating iran to be stronger and move throughout the world, their terrorist activities, america should have a voice in this congress should be able to have oversight. and because this democrats in all power they the not hold this government
5:35 pm
accountable. >> there needs to be a check and balance. mark: how many hearings held in house of representative since nancy pelosi speak or biden's family on their ties with foreign governments and moneys that come in. >> zero. the thing i promise, intel committee will become an intel committee, they will know what is happening s -- we will end perks for congress, no longer will you vote by proxy. you will be on the floor working. bring the bills back to committee, give you a check and balance and a plan for a new direction for america, you will be bottom energy independent and gas price lower, and border secure and
5:36 pm
streets safe again, you will not attacked based on your political beliefs you will have a say in your kid's education. >> kevin mccarthy thank you very much. i wish you guys and gals a lot of luck for this second of my children and grandchildren. god bless you my friend. god bless you my friend. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back. me the fake bill fight? c'mon, kev. you're earning 3% cash back. humor me. where is my wallet? i am paying. where is my wallet? i thought i gave it to you. oooohhh? oh, that's not it either. no. no. stop, i insist. that was good though. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, let safelite come to you. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: my customer enjoys time with her family.
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5:41 pm
wondered if come on man, would get lost in the shuffle, there are dozens of books written by former president donald trump when she was in office, my concern was would i be competing for eyeballs. all of these journalists, white house correspondents and reporters talk often about speaking truth to power without fear or favor to party, that was bs . i'm looking at literary landscape, i see 15 books on donald trump over next month. you know guy not in power, i see one book on the current guy in power that is mine. that is it. that does that tell us? overall the last year, joe biden has polled lower than any first term president in polling history, i would think that i would have competition from these patronizing journalists, it
5:42 pm
is not happening jonathan karl abc news wrote two books on trump presidency and jim acosta that was not happening, no biden book from him. maggie, new york times with another book on trump coming, she serves at pleasure of democratic party, it appears i'll find back to beginning of joe biden's adult life there is more than enough material to work with. mark: you probably have to be considered number one expert on joe biden the way have taken an exam nation to thisto man's life.
5:43 pm
>> at his core what does joe biden believe in, what is motivating him. >> oh, boy. as his core he really is this ideologue we're seeing as president. as senator you have so much power. but i have come to a conclusion that joe biden is the luckiest man on earth. he failed upwards his entire life to the oval office. you remember he claimed he was first in his class in law school, he finished near the bottom and nearly thrown out of the bottom for plagiarizing a paper, his reflect is to lie, he is brian williams of presidents, he would go to shows and talk about his stories. they were not true, they were unforced errors that is what we see with joe biden. plagiarism is repeating, he is not very intelligent.
5:44 pm
we're talking word for word, that should have been end of his political career, but he is a senator from a blue state like delaware, they kept electing him, when barack obama captured democratic nomination, he is forced to choose someone older with some foreign policy experiencing, he chooses joe biden. he voted again first gulf war that was good one, for thsecond gulf war, in 2011 when obama asked biden if she should take bin laden out biden says no. there was discussion internal to replace biden with hillary clinton. that is how incompetent obama viewed him. the famous quote, never under estimate joe's ability to to f things up that any
5:45 pm
his bff . american people are seeing first hand just how much joe biden can f things up. in terms of border, and inflation, and skyrocketing gas prices. that is where we are at this point, a country destroyed and a made why that helped elect him. mark: when we come back joe concha, what is that relationship between the obamas and the bidens? we know they didn't support him early on. in the primaries. now they alike they are supporting hip all him all of the time here, is surrounded by the obama sycophants, we return, you discuss it in the book, a great book, come on man, you can get ifa, you think you know everything about joe biden, trust me, you don't. we'll be right back.
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my name is joshua florence, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody.
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mark: welcome back america. a great book, c "come on man," life and types of joe biden. more than you know, trust me, the only book on biden out until christmas. if you want a trump book,
5:50 pm
you are at the wrong place, joe concha relationship between the obamas and the bidens? >> like we talked about. it was amazing that joe biden when he was running for president, put up you know by the way, barack obama and me we're best friends, i have friendship pbracelets to prove i it. but joe biden saw -- while joe biden needed barack obama, barack obama really did not need joe biden. where you saw when he was winning for president, obama, you could kind edward snowden. that shows you at one point wr barack said to joe, you don't have do this in terms of running for president in 2020, he convinced biden to not run in 2016, you saw history,
5:51 pm
nixon run for president after eisenhower and -- that is what vice presidents do after they search for 8 years biden was convinced to sit in 2016 because barack obama saw hillary clinton as the heir apparent, she is the ivy league gal, he was history makes in terms of first black president she would be first female president and joe biden was cast aside, hype aground the great relationship between obama and biden that dog don't hunt just based on those fact. >> there were several i came from, me being a media watcher. worst collusion we have seen, we talk about collusion from traditional media, very plate examples in book, abc news
5:52 pm
with a town hall of independent voters a guy from pennsylvania asked a t-ball question, he was a speech righter in the obama and biden administration, and cnn hoi host hosted a0 town town hall, he gets 7 questions from democrats and 2 from republicans that sounds fair to me. in particular his son's laptop from hell to control important communication platforms on twitter and facebook, they have reach and big tech that took down conservativ social media sites and amazon removing it from servers. that is how you squash free
5:53 pm
speech, 2020 was a fixed fight it marks i would say most shape shameful time in our history in as far as free speech. mark: is that why they don't want to talk about the 2020 election? these terms. ? putting aside machines and ballots is there any question that the media influenced that election? there were billions of dollars spend in what we call inkindy from contribution from media the way they would prop upped by everyone and sensor negative information and trash the hell out of trump. >> we heard when democrats come to power they will break up the companies, but why would they do that? social media companies like and facebook. where so much messaging goes on they are the best is
5:54 pm
super pacs they could hope for then covid asi expect, without covid donald trump gets elected. we were in peace and prosperous, bou -- biden was able to hide in his basement. i am glad you had me on to talk about it. mark: you deserve it, you are smart. you have integrity, you are objective, the book is fascinating and compelling, "come on man" by joe concha. you can get it at it is current it relates to this election as far as i'm concerns joy thank you my friend. >> happy de belated
5:55 pm
birthday by the way. mark: thank you, buddy, we'll be back. ♪ lunchables! built to be eaten. ♪
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mark: welcome back america. no i have not forgotten war on donald trump and his family goes on it is wear on you and the conservative movement and magga. don't forget it. i want to invite attorney general ma merrick garland and matthew graves and liz cheney. and i want to invite attorney general in new york letitia james on this program, i will give you each a full hour to debate me, a full hour to b discuss what you are doing, rather than your leaking, selspro motion.
6:00 pm
tony hear from you. -- i want to hear from you, if you are so right and so smart, what do you have to be afraid of? it's just me, a tv host, garland, graves, cheney, james. please, testimo come on the program wide love to have you, i'll see you next time on "life, liberty and levin." >> that evening everyone will revolution. worker, family community and especially for america. on friday make a wherewithal michael moore there is something about what he said to be chilling to be honest. >> i think that there will be such a landslide against the trader


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