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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  September 25, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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-- i want to hear from you, if you are so right and so smart, what do you have to be afraid of? it's just me, a tv host, garland, graves, cheney, james. please, testimo come on the program wide love to have you, i'll see you next time on "life, liberty and levin." >> that evening everyone will revolution. worker, family community and especially for america. on friday make a wherewithal michael moore there is something about what he said to be chilling to be honest. >> i think that there will be such a landslide against the traders 1983 and canaday voted
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every conservative member except for two out of office. [applause] but four years later in great britain every conservative member of the british parliament in scotland and wales from northern ireland were often out of office. steve: a landslide against the traders and how they talk at least bill marr put them in his place. >> shut up right now. >> but if it was only michael moore this extremism is now mainstream from the democrats talk about biden and the divisive demagogue recipe weeks ago. >> those republicans represent extremism it is the very foundation of our republic and that is a threat to the
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country. steve: their justification for the rhetorical installation january 6 with the same person starting madness also said that. >> on this january day bringing americans together tonight were people uniting our nation we're indisposed governor. steve: he did not ended out in the midterm to his own advantage doing the exact thing they accuse everybody else of. why they weaponize the doj and fbi for their political
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opponents pushing law enforcement and at the same time putting law enforcement off actual criminals with pro criminal district attorney with america's city in squalor with crime and chaos. a new army of irs agents training them in combat to pursue political opponents by allowing their own activists to avoid taxes through the voter registration schemes that illegal abused time after time they push policies to control everyone else but not themselves and promoting public schools while their kids are private schools and promoting gun-control but then they stashed their own guns defunding the police driving with her owned one on —- of their own private security
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they call republicans violent extremist. but a democrat politician in las vegas who brutally murdered a journalist. this week an 18 -year-old was brutally murdered low down by a man who is part of the republican extremist group no wonder biden was condemning political violence under biden the democrats have descended into the depth of cynicism and extremism exactly what you would expect from a week corrupt to mediocre machine politician totally controlled by the hard left activist base. unbelievably biden still brags held by a purse one —- partisan and thinking how many people he thinks we left and office. >> every single american needs
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to return the favor and vote them out of office. steve: who does he think needs to stay? that maggot - - the maga republicans? >> here this america, every single republican, every single one every single one, everyone, vote them out of office. >> every single republican voted out of office? that sounds like michael moore. to would say that to biden? every single republican that is a demented raving that is a one-party state and those who lecture about saving democracy
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not just republicans but every single democrat. what about semi fascist? these people are beyond contempt every speech every time he sets his own justice system he stinks further into the mind. it is disgraceful. truly a disgrace. let's be better than them because i said on friday americans are sick of the extremism. they were practical common sense policies. fox news contributor i don't know every time we pushed it to the limit and then to vote
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every republican out of office. are they going to arrest every republican? >> look. i lose count every time he speaks the approval ratings go down and if you remember joe biden had a decent summer and that's when he went on vacation basically for the entire summer and fought covid multiple times because he was in front of the american public and was not making the awful cases of the dark red background so i understand the extreme frustration for joe biden because he ran as a unifier and has been much more of a divider in chief in terms of actively pushing the way others that is a did on —- direct threat to democracy but
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it is registering with the public the washing on —- "washington post" abc pool you can barely find it on the website that trump was up two points among likely voters and i believe what is going on as we are sitting here being six weeks away from the midterms everybody is repudiating the direction joe biden is leading the country. i really do think we will get a read ways because pie didn't want —- biden is doing a poor job. steve: jen psaki agrees with you because she was out this morning and she said she's doing a great job now that she's pushing the white house propaganda instead now she is honest if it is a referendum on joe biden then democrats will lose.
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>> that is 100 percent right that's why they try to make the referendums on a referendum on donald trump that's way has the new york attorney general bringing the civil case and also trying to make it a referendum the democrats plan is not try to rely on anything biden has done when it comes to the border or crime still on left-wing crazy ideas the only way he can win is if he uses the donald trump by fast that's only thing keeping him floating and also try to focus on abortion he's not actually on the ballot maybe and 50 different states because roe v wade only returned it to democratic action and all the federalist laboratories across the country and that's why there so desperate to put trump on the ballot. because joe biden is the least successful if you look at the
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actual tangible results. steve: that is exactly right we know the list but a new one keeps being added with the supply chain in the border crisis. you have afghanistan and inflation crisis and now because of the inflation crisis they created and now it is a housing crisis it is ruling succession of a crisis in the real world but all they can do is absolutely divide with the country. great to see you. we will see later in the show. so now that technical democrats showing up as the ludicrous virtue signaling hypocrites that they are. that this part of the story isn't so funny opening a
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criminal investigation into governor desantis for organizing a criminal investigation. what criminal is used to besmirch your badge to pursue a pathetic political stunt like the open borders activists? what criminal is on your watch going to the fanciest place in america but died in the back of a sweltering truck? what is criminal sheriff is the talking points like this. >> they were preyed upon somebody came from out-of-state and preyed upon these people were them with promises of a better life. steve: they were lured? like this? >> i would make sure that there is a surge at the border.
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>> that's how we look at our collective values. >> my message to them as you are not alone and we stand with you. i would tell them a new day is coming. >> i would be delighted to have more people. we have plenty of room for more residents. steve: plenty of room. come on in. so, sheriff, if anybody is doing it it is biden or harass any other democrats showing the world the southern border is open all while preposterously claiming the border is secure. even obama former dhs secretary is now openly raising the alarm. >> when i was in office, the numbers annually were about 400,000 per year now we get that in six or eight weeks. steve: but what is the biden
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administration concerned about not the numbers or the flagrant violation they are concerned that is being reported from political the white house is growing increasingly irritated from biden skating of hard left activist about the lack because he focuses on the numbers and the root causes. focusing on kamala harris has done such a great job now tell us with those 2 million migrants sure they're happy to reflect that in the coverage. sarah, you've been at the border this week, what is the latest get new ones with the biden regime. >> with president biden and
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the abysmal failure with the borders are vice president harris and the view from sheriff salazar. because i just returned from the border. i was in el paso first and foremost. i saw the venezuelans sleeping on the street. cubans, nicaragua, guatemala. they did not even know where they would go. they could not even get into a motel room because they don't have credit cards. they were just dumped into the streets of texas and left their abandoned. some of them are making phone calls to friends and family in the country. some are hoping may be a church would give them money. went to martha's vineyard were there were residents that decided to speak out and say they were literally flowing
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off the island and 40 hours and said we welcome immigrants signs and people start saying we welcome everyone we stand with you. lgbtq. black lives matter. they threw them off the island onto a military base. and he went back to eagle pass at the border. there was a graveyard of unknowns and people who have died in the rio grande river. there was a baby john doe. nothing but pvc pipes to mark the graves of the people buried there because nobody claimed their body or knew who they were. right now under president biden there are over 750 bodies claimed at the border and growing —- is the people we know about. there are 3 million people have entered the country and
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march through june, 200,000 people per month, 9000 people per day. the united states cannot sustain this. and they cannot sustain the lie either. steve: what is disgusting to me is their response. to complain about the repo reporting, and then you have the governor say we can't deal with it, please help us and to make transfers. so we better get her act together in deal with this problem so we better pretend they are humanitarians. no. it is a political fight now run desantis has turned into politics. it is twisted. >> and that hypocrisy because it was president biden and his team whose people in the
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darkness of night in the republican states they are find them in the dark flying into san antonio airport i fly in and out of there all the time that in the morning it is filled with migrants that the government is flying all over the country. what is the difference? then you talk about sheriff salazar in the rise in crime. be focused on your city and not so much time what governor ron desantis is doing which i think is out of the goodness of his heart. these are sanctuary cities but those that they we are welcoming you so why not welcome them? steve: i really appreciate. you you are so passionate because you care about it unlike the democrats. we will see you soon. we will be right back. you can never have too much of a good thing.
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. steve: i'm not sure i can think of anything worse than actively supporting those who try to prematurely sexualize children but that is a big tech as decided to do. paypal and then mow they talk
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about their values just shot down the account of a group fighting back against the premature sexualization of children and as the name suggest that people behind them are gay. paypal is targeting them despite its history so here is some rainbow flags because in the hierarchy transit at the top and never too young to start. and then to cancel the gaze that these are not made by anonymous corporations that we need to hold them accountable. so we reach out to the president and ceo the chairman of the board and the chief corporate affairs officer to justify what they did. of course they refused because they are pathetic talent then
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they hide behind corporate gobbledygook which is on the screen right now. bragging about winning multiple of words advocating on behalf of women and girls your support for premature sexualization is attacking them shame on you. most likely the person who signed up going on about serving vulnerable communities and what he really means that paypal supports praying on sexualizing vulnerable children and in the chairman of the board we met him before also ceo of nagy - - nagy is a brand for china and by china i guess so is paypal on child sexualization and for child
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sexualization. i don't know what is wrong with them and that they support and encourage the abusive monstrosity but do let them know we want to hear the defense jamie the news about this was reported by the advocate act banning gays which is the anti- trends hate group are you? >> thank you for having me on because that opener was so spot on know we are not anti- trends people because they are in her organization we launch day coalition because so many people were coming to us to say i want to be a part of this how can i? so within two days of
6:26 pm
launching now it's currently still band so anybody claims that we are is disingenuous and they are just using the trans people to push the agenda that is anti- hate or i'm sorry anti- trans bigotry. steve: good for you for doing that. so to lay out the mission you feel the same way that and love who they wanna love. and then to make that very clear. >> that's all the care about we are not transfer but we don't care one —- trans phobic
6:27 pm
we just don't want this happening to children. and then to perturb the kids otherwise it is known as mutilation of children but also to we claim our standing in society how we want is the equal rights and those who hijacked the community many are not even part of the community pushing this through and it makes all of us look bad i want to show the majority of gay people and trends people and then to try to save ourselves. steve: good for you. so what has happened here is the mob with corporate america.
6:28 pm
>> no doubt they hijacked the mob gay and straight and parents of all ages you cannot get a tattoo until you are 18 years old you can have a beer until you are 21 that yet we are allowing hospitals to operate on 14 and 15 -year-olds and change their bodies forever? if you are 18 years old like it or not you are an adult and sometimes they make decisions we may not agree with. if people want to make decisions as an adult that is fine but the idea that we mainstreamed 14 and 15 -year-olds what they are treating kids for now is wildly projected by the overwhelming majority.
6:29 pm
and the fact the groups like your guest is doing fantastic to be silenced even know they are speaking out shows how often we are hijacked by a tiny minority population. steve: 100 percent it is america they should let their voices be heard it is outrageous. where can people support you? >> thank you people can learn more with all of our social links in there is way to support either through donations and i was happy to represent i appreciate you letting me talk about what's then happening because it is unjust the most unifying issue
6:30 pm
on earth we're a nonpartisan group is much as people try to write this off as an anti- right wing hate group and we have much more support than hate and coming our way but we have the majority of the population and censorship so i just hope we can win soon because it gets worse every day. steve: you are doing a fantastic job. here is another fantastic example for woke extremism listen to barbara george who is running for school board newport beach in california. >> i did a presentation they were gob smacked because they had no idea this is happening
6:31 pm
because they knew not to talk about these issues so they are in the dark a lot of them came up afterwards and said thank you because we have no idea this was happening so i came again speaking about the curriculum and i told them what that entails apparent came to me frightened and said what do we do to stop this? you can go to the school board meetings a lot of people think that they don't if they are afraid for whatever reason to stand up and be an advocate for your child so please get involved. >> the whole conversation is amazing go sign up for our e-mail. how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it.
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steve: look at the bravery of the iranian people especially in women out industry burning a protest following the death of a 22 -year-old woman who was killed while in police custody for allegedly having some hair showing from under her head headscarf.
6:37 pm
it is reported 40 iranians have been killed is this regime cracking down in protest. here in america the democrats are desperate to put women's rights at the heart of them in terms because unbelievably in the middle of this biden is still sucking up to the iranian regime handing out visas with the un general assembly. and activist who has done amazing work has said the idea of conducting nuclear talks is shameful it is crumbling to say the dictators by signing a nuclear deal. this time unlike under obama that this time we must support the brave women of iran that's "the next revolution" that we need. joining us now former state department official. is just shocking to see the response i know the biden people say we have done some
6:38 pm
sanctions on the police as if that would make difference you have the national security advisor today say yes we are still talking about the nuclear deal and that involves lifting sanctions on this awful machine. >> one —- regime. >> it's great to be with you. jake sullivan and biden have it wrong. right now the people of iran are out on the streets risking their lives protesting calling for the death of the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini they want basic human rights and freedom they are letting america and president biden know there is no legitimacy. so it is exactly the wrong way forward especially for them to be negotiating the first thing they need to do is walk away from the iran deal joe biden
6:39 pm
needs to bring his diplomats home from the vienna talks and of course forget about lifting sanctions on the illegitimate regime and he needs to very strongly show his support for the iranian people in the right to live in freedom. steve: they say that. i went on —- they want to be fair i've watched jake sullivan. but it is what you do and with these regimes they look at your actions and a pathetic gesture which is a sanction against the moral police. but the real meat is just the table to just get the iran deal. so the iranian regime concludes from that the americans are not serious. just as happened last time with the green revolution under ob obama.
6:40 pm
>> exactly. what we are witnessing right now is unprecedented. we are seeing over 80 cities and protests in the streets millions of armenians pour out into the street and women are at the forefront of this revolution. truly is a revolution starting off as a protest movement and again the writing for president joe biden to do is to walk away from the alien deal to strengthen and embolden the regime that then he moves forward and then needs to call the community together not get sanction release. right now they are on the verge of collapse and the united states needs to be on the right side of history we need to be against the republic of iran regime. steve: thank you.
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steve: welcome back. i am obsessed with the labor participation rate biden brags just biden back the lowest amount of working after the pandemic shutdown for 45 years. guess what this morning on meet the press check todd accurately explained but then took it exactly in the wrong direction. >> even before the pandemic migration in the united states has forming we started the last decade and 700,000 migrants coming into the country in 2010 just over
6:47 pm
1 million when trump was elected in job probably down to 247,000 things to the pandemic you can see the labor force participation rate has been dropping. we are still sitting at 62.41 percentage point represents two.6 million people missing from the workforce so the point is the migrants could be helping the labor force problem, help the supply chain and health inflation. steve: is that the perfect encapsulation? were missing two.6 million people in the workforce sensitive helping americans to import more cheap labor. aranda we always talk about your brilliant reporting on the fbi and hunter biden but the austrian system is the direct opposite and is a points based system.
6:48 pm
>> yes it is. basically you get points based on how useful you will be to the estonian economy. so if you are between 18 through 30 to you get 30 points which is a huge number and then it declines as your age goes up. if you are skilled in something that is useful in a part of the economy that is trillion needs more workers, you get extra points. if you have an education that is good you have more points. if you speak english that is worth a lot of points. so to become a migrant, you have to achieve a certain amount of points. once you have done that basically you get a green card. steve: that is based on the self interest that we are a country that if we had people come to the country then they
6:49 pm
will be useful in the economy. if we have jobs that are needed to be done by a chilean then they do it. and then adjust to economic circumstances here you have checked at one —- chuck todd reflecting on that view that it doesn't matter about the americans just bring in the cheap labor. >> it is so shortsighted and there are so many rea reason, society, psychological for the failure for the labor market and they talk for years about the disappearance it is a social problem not just the workforce that out of civil society just getting high and looking at screens.
6:50 pm
and then the pandemic has exacerbated these issues. and you have a situation for instance over 65 only ever come back into the workforce? they have a lot of money in the pandemic. they have about another year left to spend their savings. i think a lot of older people have woken up to smell the roses and thought what is of working for the man? i can just shrink my out going sand tighten the belt and maybe they can get by. then there is another phenomenon the pandemic brought forward which is parents staying home at their children now we see activist moms and dads at school board meetings seeing what the children were taught and now they have decided we should tighten our belts to me can afford to have one period work
6:51 pm
- - working one —- one. working. steve: all of those connections that you made our brilliant. it's not just the cost in terms of welfare payments but also the social cost and that you have marriage breaking down and families all of that is connected and the social stuff that in the end is the most six —- most significant. thank you for laying that out. great to see you. we will be right back.
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steve: let's welcome this week's closer. jason j fits with the two examples of the white house mean job cleanup on aisle biden. >> that pandemic is over. we still have a problem with covid and still doing a lot of work. but the pandemic is over. steve: know it is not said the white house. >> he was very clear in the "60 minutes" interview that covid remains a problem and we are fighting it. >> he is reflecting the fact we have made tremendous progress against covid-19. >> we are not where we need to
6:57 pm
be clear going to "live with the virus". steve: and just for old times sake remember these quick. >> would you consider the national guard? >> yes. absolutely positively i would do that. >> we are not actively pursuing the use of the act national guard on a federal level. >> for god's sake he cannot remain in power. >> it was not an articulation of a new us policy. >> a willing to get involved if it comes to that. >> yes. >> i will reiterate united states remains committed to the one china policy. steve: jason, you also the host of jason in the house the podcast i was a guest on this week i had a great conversation so go check that out so there were two of these. the pandemic is over and another taiwan this week who said yes i will send troops to fight in taiwan.
6:58 pm
>> so the president barely finishes speaking didn't even have the time to check with joe biden to see what he really meant he is the president of the united states. before he could get in the white house is scripted import into the binder for the white house spokesperson to send up he did not really mean that. don't pay any attention. steve: you are right the mechanics are important they don't even bother to go back and check. to say i made a mistake so clean it up for me it is him deciding. so that brings up a very serious issue of accountability.
6:59 pm
>> is not like he misspoke and say i meant to say them and it was us. was not a tiny mistake. he was very definitive this covid pandemic is over. then to sell out one —- send all the people to say not really. who is in charge? who are the puppeteers who make these decisions? it is not a small thing. remember they had gone out and use that excuse of the pandemic to get all the money out there that they would give away for free to all of these people with student lynn speak on —- student loans because of the pandemic and now they say it's over. it makes no sense but it is serious because it is the president and he is an obvious cognitive decline but he is stating real policy initiatives and positions and not even his staff believes him. steve: yes.
7:00 pm
thank you. you are completely right and it is serious and goes right back to when they put here and there to solve their political problem that they worried bernie sanders would be the nominee so that is who they put there and someone is controlling him but not himself. thank you for watching. set your dvr we will see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised. y gowdy, it'se "sunday night inca," america." gl issues, immigration is mentioned in the constitution, 17 states share a border with another country, we can't have 50 different immigration policy and 17 different approaches to border security. but what if the federal government isn't doing its job. what is the border isn't secure and federal government


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