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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 26, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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thank you. you are completely right and it is serious and goes right back to when they put here and there to solve their political problem that they worried bernie sanders would be the nominee so that is who they put there and some >> todd: a fox news alert, new poll shows republicans have an edge on generic valid and are more trusted to handle issues like crime and the economy. comes just days after gop unveil their agenda and challenge democrats to put forward real issues that americans care about. >> it is based on four pillars, an economy that is strong, a nation that is safe, a future built on freedom and a government that is accountable, why don't the democrats put
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forth their ideas because they have no plan. independents and democrats, to all americans. >> todd: you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus issue not just the midterms americans should be worried about, democrat voters do not want biden at the top of the party ticket in 2024, even though the white house says he plans to run for re-election. here is more from washington. >> historically, even if a president is polling well heading into the midterm, tips for their party are typically lost and president biden is not near the fairly well territory at all. 56% of democrats desire someone other than the president to run two years from now, 35% preferring biden try for a second term, which is technically still two years off.
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former white house press secrjen psaki says here is what will happen. >> if the election is about who is the most extreme, as we saw kevin mccarthy touch on with marjorie taylor green, sitting over his left side, then they will win. a referendum on the base, they will lose, and they know that. >> that same poll returns the edge to republicans with five-point lead and shows gop leading by 21 points in swing districts. double-digit lead with inflation, economy and crime, here is elise stefaneshg circumstance. >> democrats have no plan and are attacks us, we have a commitment to tackle the crisis democrats created to make sure we have a strong economy, a safe
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country, a future built upon freedom and government that is accountable. >> it will be interesting to watch, what the campaigns will focus on before the midterm. republicans zooming in on community safety and democrats hoping voters remain passionate on the issue of abortion. >> carley: thank you, here is j joey jones take on all this. watch. >> there is not a legacy achievement to attach themselves to. why take the turn toward extremist republicans? issues they care about, republicans have an edge. >> todd: fbi sounding off after beings accused of excessive
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force against a pro-life leader. halk was arrested and charged, the fbi is addressing the nature of his arrest saying there are inaccurate claims being made, no swat teams or operators were involved. agents knocked on the door, identified themselves and asked him to exit the incident and was taken in without incident. his wife recounts and account there were guns pointed at myself, my husband and basically my kids and says there was swat team of 25 people pounding down the door. conflicting claims come as mike
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lee expresses the public's mistrust in the fbi. listen. >> there is significant concern within the fbi headquarters, some agents, particularly in washington, are being used to weaponize criminal law enforcement system at the federal level. >> brooke: a spokesperson says the father brought his 12-year-old son to listen to him speak at the time of the alleged assault and claim the escort personally invaded their son's space shouting extreme things. if convicted, he faces sentence of 11 year >> carley: thank you. this case is getting a lot of attention and you have two conflicting stories, one from fbi and one from houck's wife.
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>> you have conflicted stories, 24 years in the fbi, i was a swat team member and went through the ranks to become an executive. i cannot see circumstances here that in any way justify use of a swat team for what ordinarily would be a misdemeanor assault if what is alleged in the warrant is true. dawn raid, guns drawn, that is reserved for gang members, people who are armed and dangerous. again, i read the warrant, i don't see facts and circumstances that justify that. if you zoom out and look at the alleged politicization of the fbi, i'm hearing from people, my phone exploded, former executives, police chiefs, heads of state agencies who have been big supporters of the fbi who are fairly disgusted with what
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just happened. >> todd: not only you didn't find justification, city cops and the da did not find reason for charges in this case. op eshg d saying fbi director wray, a craven apolgist for fbi abuses should reform fbi practices before overwhelming force turns into tragedy. he and merrick garland are derelict for mild anti-abortion protesters while showing no interest in filing single charge against those who firebombed pro-life pregnancy centers, wray will have blood on his hand is a child or innocent is ever killed by an itchy trigger
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finger. how worried are you about what the washington examiner puts out there? >> i read the op ed and deeply concerned. this invites comparison to the summer of 2020, taking over police departments, courthouses and violence that went along with it and nothing but crickets. supreme court justices, people went to their homes and threatened to assault them and harass them and their family members, same with some congressmen, you can go on and on and on. there are no left-wing domestic terrorists, deeply concerned about the fbi, i love the men and women of the fbi, it is a great organization. what we've seen since jame comey
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came in. the only presidential appointment on the director, doj has taken over and salted the fbi with other doj people who have doj pedigree as various executive positions inside the fbi, they are a political organization, especially under merrick garland. >> carley: that is right, and the issue of abortion, there are conflicting stories on what happened during mark houck's arrest. was that overreach of power or extreme example of use of force? the other thing, there have been no arrests for the pro-abortion activists who fire-bombed or
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vandalized pregnancy centers and you have to wonder why that is. >> the fbi is a bureau under the department upon justice, they can still exercise independence, the director has a 10-year term. there are ideologues that head every department of the doj, they are political appointees and i think they are asserting themselves aggressively. there may have been judgment there was dangerer to agents if they knock on the door, i don't see it. they could have walked up to him on the street outside the abortion clinic, this was over a year ago this happened, they could have walked him away. i don't see circumstances that justify use of a swat team, which is reserved for very dangerous, armed and dangerous
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criminals. >> todd: you can agree cities, look at summer of 2020 and nothing happens to you. the house judiciary committee demanding special agent timothy tebow, this could lead to some change in the fbi? >> i think we'll see a repcasion of the peter strzok type testimony where he talks about how heroic he is and what great work he has done. this is another set of circumstances here where i see some politics entering into this, the word i get, this investigation has been going on for two years and has been placed in the lap of the u.s. attorney in delaware, maybe it is out of the fbi's hands, but
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should have never taken 2-1/2 years. if you compare anyone to the right of the political spectrum, donald trump or anyone else, parents that go to school board meetings, you see proactive and enthusiastic investigation, using draconian techniques. they should use the least intrusive technique in every investigation, we just see that with people to the right of the political spectrum and it pains me to speak out like this, it is not fun to criticize the fbi, i go looking to leadership, not the rank and file fbi, tebow was not high enough in the fbi ladder to make independent decision whether to pocket veto and further investigation in the biden case, that is much higher up. >> carley: very interesting, chris swecker, thanks for
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joij joining us, we appreciate it. >> carley: ellington was killed after being hit with an suv. north dakota officials say allegations against ellington were false and brandt has been released on bail after being charged with criminal vehicular homicide. a vigil was held for ellington last night. his parents said, you will forever be on our minds, it is heartbreaking to let you go. >> todd: the white house cracking down on maga rhetoric. mayor kechalance bottoms had this to say sglchl what we see
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with the maga republican agenda will disrupt our democracy, i think it will be important to call out any effort there is to destroy essentially destroy the united states of america. >> todd: wow, the white house maintains only a segment of the republican party poses a threat, president biden has said maga ideaologies overrun the gop. >> todd: and bracing for tropical storm ian. the intense storm pouring down on the caribbean yesterday, emergency declarations as ian could hit the states. president biden canceling an
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apeerance in the sunshine state. some residentss could be without electricity for days. >> carley: history in the making, asteroid defense system is set to collide into an asteroid at 14,000 miles per hour, the double asteroid redirection test or dart is part of nasa larger planetary defense initiative. today's mission is just practice, to stop an asteroid from barrelling into earth. >> todd: i saw a movie on this once. >> carley: the test will take place 7 million miles into space at 7:14 eastern time. >> todd: randy quaid will be on
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that. hitting the streets to run 5k tunnel to tower race, mirrors the steps making the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11. >> coming out of the tunnel and seeing the fdny holding up banners of those lost that day, emot emotional moment. >> steven stiller, the run is held to remember him and all those who risked their lives on september 11 and his brother frank doing amazing work to bring joy and happiness to those who gave to the country, he is doing amazing work in his brother's honor. >> todd: a career criminal, once the poster boy for police
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reform, being unt hadded by police for attempted murder. plus -- >> i remember as a young student trying to figure out how did people get basically drawn in by hitler. you saw the rally in ohio the other night, trump is there ranting and raving for an hour. >> carley: hillary clinton comparing donald trump's event to a nazi rally, didn't she learn anything? tom holman and raymond lopez, keep it here on "fox and friends first."
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>> todd: the nypd on man hunt for a career criminal who was once poster child for bail reform after he allegedly shot up a car outside saint pat's cath cathedral. >> once pushing for bail reform is wanted for attempted murder,
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pedro herence is accused of shooting at a car in front of saint pat's cathedral. in 2017, he refused a plea deal for shooting a 15-year-old in a bronx bodega. he was bailed out by the robert f. kennedy human rights foundation. he has been charged in a bronx burglary and arrested four times for driving with a suspended license. in 2019, it was said the nypd is targeting him. robbery, and burglary are up and new york gubernatorial hopeful lee zeldin says if he wins, he
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would work to get rid of bail reform saying one item i would be consulting with council on is option of declaring an emergency on crime where cashless bail law can be suspended back to you. >> todd: what we have to keep in mind here when we talk about the so-called humanity of bail reform is that that individual presumably did something wrong in the first place to warrant this. this instance, this guy was charged with a shooting crime back in the day, that led to -- guess what his latest crime is, carley? a shooting charge. what does this say about how backward our culture is, this guy was lionized by the woke world, you saw the picture of him being vetted by the kennedy organization that sprung him on
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bail. crazy town. >> carley: this is an example of why bail reform doesn't work and the cops know who the bad guys are, there are few people who are capable of committing violent crime. one study found the same 1400 people commit 86% of crime and in yoslo county, california -- rather than accept this as fact, these people keep getting let out and more and more people turn into victims as a result. >> todd: and the left puts them on a pedestal like they are boy scouts and they are not, they are bad gals and guys and need to be put behind bars. >> carley: lee zeldin says he might be declaring a state of emergency, he said it would be better if lawmakers repeal laws
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themselves. being aggressive on crime is a strategy, it is not even a strategy, it is addressing a big problem in the state. latest abc poll found people handle crime better by 16 points and republican people running for office are now talking about crime. >> todd: puts the ball in the court of new york state, to avoid shenanigans. >> carley: from new york to philadelphia, wawa left decimated after a group of teens ransacked the store on sunday issue police believe 100
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suspects stormed the store. one suspect caught twirking in celebration. police are providing security to other wawa locations after other stores were also targeted. sad outcome of the rampant homelessness in new york city. growing number of children are see seeking treatment due to what they see everyday. >> todd: plus, listen to this. >> nancy pelosi. >> like a prodding from the moderator to get the crowd going, nothing. nancy pelosi getting less than normal welcome at global is the welcome. we'll show you more of it straight ahead. homelessness an
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drugs in new york city are so rampant kids are seeking mental health treatment to deal with the trauma they see on the streets everyday. >> todd: a child psychiatrist joins us now live in the studio. thank you for being here, doctor. what does seeing the trauma do to the mind of a child? >> thank you for bringing up this topic. children are empathic, caring and become puzzled, confused and afraid when they feel things are out of control. for children, seeing people suffering causes anxiety and stress. >> carley: a new york city
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mother has a daughter being treated because of crime, she said, my daughter has seen forncasion, masturbation, defecation, you name it. we have considered leaving the city. they are considering moving, but some families can't, what can parents do to make their child feel more safe when they are see thanksgiving chaos? >> one thing i suggest to families i work with is empowering children, teaching them why people are homeless, and about things they can do, like giving to charity and writing to local politicians. >> todd: when you talk to children, what are words and frayeds they use to describe what they are seeing? >> children don't understand
1:35 am
many complex things, some words we're hearing are why, how, what should we be doing, and they are afraid. when you see people on the streets, they are suffering, they want to understand why this is happening. they are stressed and sad and seeing these things, makes it worse. >> carley: think about what children have gone through in the pandemic, schools shut down and remote learning and kids struggle there and when things opened up, crime, homelessness increased. do you think this might have a long-term effects on children? >> it can for everybody, for the children, the world prepandemic looked different than post pandemic, causing more stress.
1:36 am
>> todd: if a child doesn't have a cocoon of safety in the real world and in their mind, what does that mean? will they always be looking over their shoulder, will they be scared, will that impact them? >> post-pandemic, some are more vulnerable, children with cognitive disabilitiess are more vulnerable. it is important to remind children it is not their fault, things are changing, schools are safe, things like that allow children to feel they have control over their lives, tough to say what will happen long-term, never seen anything like this before. >> carley: are you seeing more child patients now? >> most definitely, my colleagues are overwhelmed, we can't take on the amount of cases out there, we need more providers and action within
1:37 am
schools to provide this. >> carley: what age would you say is most common to be seeking mental health treatment as a child? >> people going to school prepandemic, they know the world a certain way, post pandemic, it looks different. seeing tweens and later adolescents have angst around that. >> todd: kids have to deal with so much these days. >> carley: kids are innocent and confused, they need to talk it out to feel better. doctor, thank you for joining us. >> todd: house speaker nancy pelosi getting a cold reception as she tries to discuss climate change in new york city.
1:38 am
watch. >> nancy pelosi! >> todd: boos ring out, president biden and jill biden also touting the administration accomplishment and fighting climate change chuck schumer also made an apeerance. >> carley: top lawmakers calling out reservists to fight invasion of ukraine, officials calling the move excessive saying recent protests over putin's troop mobilization are justified and zelenskyy telling the press he believes putin's recent nuclear threats are more than just posturing. >> he knows that he's losing the war, yesterday it was beloved and now could be a reality. these are first steps of his
1:39 am
nuclear blackmail, we need to keep putting pressure on him and not allow him to continue. >> carley: russian's war on ukraine is dragging through the seventh month. >> todd: italy elected a new prime minister, she could be the first female prime minister and head of the most right wing government since world war ii. scalise reacted to the election on sunday morning futures. >> people in communities are getting crushed. i think you will see that in america, as well, it is interesting to see that europe is leading the way by throwing out socialists with cons conservatives. >> todd: meloni's good fortune comes after sweden surprised
1:40 am
progressives as conservative party elected a conservative woman as prime minister. >> carley: los angeles district attorney george gascon seeking revenge for supporting recall effort against him, that includes our next guest who says if he is demoted, he will try to take george gascon's job. >> todd: and gavin newsom letting illegal immigrants getting state id cards, thatten moos they can access benefits courtetsy of california taxpayers. details on that next.
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>> carley: gavin newsom is giving state id's to illegal immigrants. newsom speaking at an event in texas despite ban on travel to the lone star state for impleapts discriminatory laws, he called out governor greg abbott and ron desantis. of course he did.
1:46 am
>> todd: deputy da's against gavin newsom. one tweet ing george gascon has been playing politics with your safety for two years now and brought partisanship by retaliating against employees who questioned the legality of his policies. that deputy da was demoted because he wanted george gascon gone. he joins us now. what did he do to you? >> george gascon 2.0, and we will see greater politicization of the office. i was reassigned this past week to to entry level positions and that is significant because people should know, i have 24 years of experience in the da's
1:47 am
office and i'm the baby in the group. there are 30 years and 33 years of experience and we've been reassigned to handle misdemeanors and other entry level duties. >> todd: important to make. to try a murder requires many years of experience. as da law intern, i did misdemeanors, they would not move you here based upon experience, this is political. since george gascon took office, crime is up. in addition to retaliation, could this be george gascon's
1:48 am
attempt to coddel murderers instead of helping victims? >> certainly by taking trial lawyers out of trial positions and putting them in positions where we will not do any trials suggest he is favoring what he's been doing all along and that is fewer prosecutions, less accountability and effectively more dangerous people on our streets. let me say this, what he did was not just about retaliation, hemented to send a message, george gascon 2.0. he is about to start the second half of his term and he wants less decent in the second term than he did in the first. he doesn't want me and my colleagues to speak out to the naegsz. he was embarrassed time and time
1:49 am
again to us calling attention to his unlawful practices, he took three of the most veteran prosecutors, the so-called untouchables and he didn't just punish us, he tried to humiliate us by putting us in positions where we will do good work in these positions because that is the people we are, but these are really entry-level positions. >> todd: it is sickening. before we let you go, you talk to victimsula the time, how does george gascon revictimize them? >> absolutely. like for example, i'm handling the death of brianna cooper, a 24-year-old ucla student hacked to death while she was at work in a furniture store. i had to call her family and let them know i would not longer be able to handle the case moving
1:50 am
forward. i filed the case, built rapport with them and now i'll be gone and there will be a new prosecutor they have to get reacquainted with. i don't think george gascon realizes how traumaitizing it is. we have to do it on all our cases, it is terrible. >> todd: sickening, you plan to take him on in 2024, we wish you the best of luck to improve the city. democrats losing support from latino vote ors and it is costing them critical elections and even beto o'rourke thinks president biden is partly to blame. >> president biden didn't spend a day in the rio grand valley or anywhere in texas, lock eyeballs with the people you want to serve.
1:51 am
>> todd: next guest is border patrol officer, here with her message to the white house next. >> carley: could period biden be facing impeachment? it is a real possible, tell be explained next.
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>> carley: el paso, texas is getting hit with 1500 illegal imgrants everyday, that is not stopping democratic leaders from complaining about the few thousand migrants bussed into new york city, washington, d.c. and chicago. a retired border patrol officer who was born and raised in del rio, texas joins us now. good morning.
1:57 am
let's start with your political affiliation, why did you leave the democratic party and become a republican? >> good morning, thank you for having me, i really appreciate it. i left the democratic party because back in 2016, i saw what happened as soon as president trump announced he would make a run for president. i was like, maybe i'm listening to shows because i knew he had people that either loved him or hated him because he was a celebrity at the time. it kept getting worse and worse and i wasn't hearing good remarks from any of the networks and i looked in deeper. i ran into that clip where he made reference in regard to the bad hombres and i remember
1:58 am
working at as cbp officer and i was at the camera room and heard the clip in its entirety. i didn't think much about it until he made remarks about bad hombre, because i worked as a cbp officer and i did encounter bad hombres. >> carley: now rage over bussing of migrants to cities like new york city and chicago and people say that is causing a crisis there, can you describe what has been going on in border towns in texas for the past two years? what does it look like where you live? >> if they think that is a crisis, they should come check out the border. we've had issues for decades, passed down from administration to administration, going back to president trump, he was the first president i recall that
1:59 am
came down to the border and i know at the beginning issue his intention was to promote a border wall spanning from sea to shining sea, but he came down and spoke to the subject matter experts of border patrol and us cbp officers, he listened to us letting him know we needed a multi layer solution to the situation and we needed physical barriers and better infrastructure, more boots on the ground, better technology. he listened to us, but the media immediately came down along with democratic leadership and called it a manufactured crisis, now when i see folks complaining about a handful of migrants and calling it a crisis, that is pure hypocrisy, if they come
2:00 am
down and check out what is going on, they would be baffled. we have small border town that is 35,000 down here and it is ridiculous we are getting illegals entering the area rate of 1000 a day. >> carley: certainly is, thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. the next hour of "fox and friends first" starts right now. the fbi is denying allegations a swat team was used to arrest a pro-life activist while his wife and children were home, mark houck 's wife is telling us about it. >> todd: the man's arrest gaining national attention while fbi claims he was taken in


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