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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 26, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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deploying the national guard as millions prepare for the first major storm of the season across the state empty shelves as people stock up with supplies. aren't we always doing that? president joe biden canceling an appearance in florida ahead of the storm.
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>> ainsley: janice dean is tracking ian. she is downstairs. i just saw her. she has been watching this all morning. we start with fox weather. correspondent nicole valdez is she is in tampa bay. >> steve, ainsley, brian, good morning. every single county in the state of florida now under a state of emergency that includes right here in the city of tampa where hillsborough county schools are officially closed as emergency responders pre prepare nearly 5f those public school buildings into shelters if needed as we look at potential impact from hurricane ian. you mentioned the response and people are doing what they can, which is planning and preparing for what could be some severe impacts as now hurricane ian approaches the gulf coast of florida. and we have already seen some empty store shelves. we have seen water going fast. fuel running low in some areas across the west coast of florida and cars lining the streets.
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sunday morning was absolutely chaos across some areas of tampa. thousands waiting hours for sandbags to keep potential floodwaters from entering their homes. >> i have a 3-year-old, so i'm just trying to, you know, be prepared so if anything hans, you know, either i take the truck and just leave or if i have to stay and i can't leave i have to have things that i need. so that's what i'm trying to be prepared. >> and more than 202500 national guardsmen already activated preparing to respond to the impacts of that storm. yesterday, governor ron desantis made it very clear you should be stastocking up on what you need more than water and gasoline. medicine and batteries all the things you could need whether you choose to evacuate if suggested or even told to do so, depending on where you live. but, you could also need those things if you choose to shelter in place in your home. you might need enough to last
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you what could be a week, depend obligor on just how devastating the impacts could be. he really floridians preparing for what could be a few scary days along the gulf coast. guys. >> steve: all right. nicole. thank you very much. standing in front of tampa bay where they are expecting storm surge but it's the quiet now before the storm. >> ainsley: people are trying to decide are they going to stay or go to the other coast of florida or go see relatives a little more north. >> steve: coast is going to get hammered with a lot of rain and window. >> ainsley: did i talk to somebody yesterday. grocery stores packed with somebody trying to by splice. they are trying to decide because they have a family. shund we mo over to sister's house in palm beach? she is in tampa. janice dean is tracking the path as it's gaining this intensity down there in the gulf coast. janice? >> janice: absolutely. one of the biggest storms that florida has had to deal with certainly this year. and we are taking a look at a strengthening storm system. we have a lot of warm water ahead of it. it's going it move over the
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western tip of cuba and then into 89-degree temperatures in the water. so, there really is not a whole lot in its way. so it's 88 degrees in and around the area where ian is. we are expecting rapid intensification meaning we are going to see a cat 2, cat 3 next 24 hours very quickly. we have all of the ingredients for a strengthening storm and not a lot of upper level winds to tear te'o part. once it gets close to the coast. that's when we could see some weakening. but it's still going to have a tremendous storm surge and that the most impactful predicament that these areas, these vulnerable areas have. tampa, you could get storm surge of upwards of 9 feet. are you prepared for that. we need to get your preparations completed today because this storm is going to be on the doorstep wednesday into thursday. i want to point out as we get into wednesday and thursday, that cone of uncertainty gets wider. if you live anywhere from tampa
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to the florida panhandle, panama city, you need to pay close attention to this. because sometimes these storms wobble more to the easter west. it's going to be impacting of the state of florida. hurricane watches in effect for tampa, a tropical storm watch for the fort myers area but, again, we are going to be watching this over the next several days. you know, and as we get further out we have a little less confidence in that cone of uncertainty. so, really, the whole state of florida, the west coast, you need to be paying close attention to this. this will be a major hurricane by wednesday into thursday as it makes its approach. over to you steve, ainsley and brian. >> steve: janice, i was just looking online, is this the first major hurricane to hit florida since you erma in 2017? that's five years ago. >> janice: you mention that a lot of these residents haven't lived through a hurricane yet. >> steve: right? >> janice: this is going to be a big deal.
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need to listen to officials and know what coast line is like and if you need to evacuate. we will see evacuation orders. >> ainsley: some people move down there from the north and haven't ever been through a hurricane. >> steve: we know it's coming. be warned. all right. j.d., thank you very much. >> janice: of course. >> steve: for continuing coverage of the hurricane, download the fox weather app. or stream fox weather on favorite connected device just to be safe. >> brian: let's change gears. new poll shows republicans have an edge on the generic ballot and americans trust the g.o.p. more to handle crime and the economy. no joke. >> ainsley: new polling data is released as former white house press secretary jen psaki issues a grim warning for democrats. >> steve: mark meredith at the white house this morning with lots to talkt grim. >> good morning. a lot to talk about this morning. we may b in november's midterm elections new polling americans view this upcoming election as more important than previous cycles. there was an abc-"the washington post" poll came out over the
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weekend showing republican leading on generic ballot over democrats. voters giving the g.o.p. higher marks on issues like inflation, the economy and crime. pollsters also asking democrats to look ahead to 2024. they found 56% of democrats want someone other than president biden to run again. 35% say they want to see the -- see biden campaign in two years. we have only got a few weeks to go until election day. the president and top democrats still urging voters to focus on two major issues abortion access and voting rights as they criticize supporters of former president trump. over of the weekend, we also heard from former white house press secretary jen psaki. she left the house back in may. she told nbc that november's outcomes helping on whether or not voters focus on the president's first two years in office. >> if the election is about who is the most extreme, as we saw, you know, kevin mccarthy touch on there with marjorie taylor green i will say his name sitting over his left side, then they are going to win. if is a referendum on the
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president, they will lose. and they know that. >> top republicans laid out their latest pitch to voters. surrogates plan to keep voters focused on issues like the economy, crime and immigration. >> have no plan. they are attacking us because they have created crises across this country. we have a commitment to america to tackle the crises that democrats have created to make sure that we have a strong economy, a safe country, a future that's built upon freedom and a government that's accountable. >> as of right now, we don't expect to see president biden on the campaign trail this week. he was supposed to be down in florida. but, because of the hurricane, they scrubbed that trip. he will be back in delaware, guys about two hours from now. >> steve: all right. mark, thank you very much. jen psaki says if it were a referendum on joe biden, the democrats. >> brian: i was shocked by that weren't you shocked by that? i mean, it's true. but i'm shocked that she would say it. >> steve: well, because i think what they are trying to do is they are trying to g get voters?
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particular issues and of interest to democrats, obviously, abortion. and climate change and stuff like that. >> brian: donald trump. >> ainsley: they are trying to send a message we need another canada. the majority of democrats want a different candidate. >> steve: you wouldn't think that jen psaki would be saying as a majority of democrats are we need a different candidate. >> ainsley: she worked for him. >> steve: exactly she worked for him for 18 months something like that until she got the job over at msnbc. his -- joe's approval rating right now is 53% dis -- approve. 39% approve. those are not good numbers. >> brian: terrible. >> steve: he is not on the ballot or is he? >> brian: i think number one, if you talk to anybody, inflation overwhelms even if joe biden was the second coming of jfk with charisma coming through the screen, when you have inflation that was at 1.5% is now almost
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9%, your life is affected. when you have crime raging in every major city bleeding now into the suburbs, you are affected. and then when you look at what is happening at the border, desantis and abbott have combined to show people lapsing in realtime. you are definitely affected. it's no longer a texas, arizona, new mexico, california problem. even though california seems to embrace it. at least their government officials do. then there's a problem. and that's when people say wait a second, where were we? where are we? how can we possibly vote to continue this. and he just jammed trillions of dollars down our throat through a phony build back better plan and then told us we duped you, smiles about it and says it's all about green energy. don't tell me the president is coming off of somebody addressing america's issues. >> ainsley: ufc president dana white you know him. a tough guy. probably the fastest growing sport in the united states. he is definitely influential when it comes to politics and
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all things sports, too. he sat down with tucker carlson. they flew out to vegas. sat down with each other. also coming out with a documentary about dana white, his life and more about politics. he sat down and air a portion of that tonight on the show. here's a clip of what you will see. >> donald trump saw that this thing could possibly be big. plus, he is a sports guy. he loves spores. and, he offered us to come do the event at the trump taj mahal in atlantic city. cut us a fair deal and we went down there. did two events with him. showed up for the first tight and sai stayed for the second f. he took us in and he was great. everything that' ever happened to me in my career after that day the first guy to reach out and say congratulations was donald trump. you know, always sending something and saying congratulations like, a guy who is genuinely happy for your success.
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>> steve: and tucker is going to be airing some more of that interview tonight at 8:00 eastern time with dana white. >> ainsley: when the president has your back, you are going to be supportive of him and he says president trump did. >> brian: one thing that i will infinitely be grateful for as an american is he said i'm going back to live events. he went to jacksonville because jacksonville opened it because florida said yes to him. and that was the first major sporting event that we had with an audience and things went back and the rest of sports followed in his wake. >> ainsley: hand it over to carley for headlines. >> carley: the 18-year-old who was allegedly killed by a man who accused him of being a republican extremist will be laid to rest in north dakota today. cayler ellingson was killed after 41-year-old shannon brandt allegedly hit him with his suv. officials say no evidence suggests his death involved politics. vigil was held honoring ellington as a kind, smart, and big-hearted kid.
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vice president kamala harris is in japan for a tour with u.s. allies in asia. harris will lead the u.s. delegation at the state funeral of assassinated former prime minister shinzo abe. >> his leadership strengthened the relationship between japan and the united states and so on behalf of president biden, i send you our well-wishes and condolences. >> carley: white house officials deepens the connection between u.s. and japan. billionaire elon musk will be deposed here today ahead the legal battle $44 billion takeover of the social media platform. twitter is suing in an attempt to force the deal over the finish line. investors will be keenly watching any developments that come from musk's deposition. twitter stock price is up above $41 a share when the market closed on friday. and, colonel sanders' historic kfc restaurant in mansion up for sale. both properties listed on the
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market back in june allowing a potential competitor mo into claudia sanders dinner house. this causing panic among kfc legal team forced to file a patent to further protect the fast food's iconic trademark. those are your headlines. now i want fried chicken and i won't stop thinking about it until i get it. >> steve: just a bucket. >> brian: how would you like later tonight to talk to ainsley? >> ainsley: i can't give you fried chicken i can give you a signed book for your baby. >> ainsley: so glad you were born thank you to kathy doocy for the name of my book. events coming out. book comes out tomorrow. reserve your copyright now or tonight, you can join us for our virtual life signing that's tonight at 6:05. i'm going to host "the five." i'm going to be a guest on "the five" and after that rush to my office and join you for a virtual live signing. i have signed some books. please buy them go ainsley
4:15 am >> steve: preorder it wherever you buy books target, walmart, book as million, barnes & noble. if you order it today they will deliver it tomorrow. >> ainsley: charleston, north carolina on friday on monday sean hannity and i will be in ponte vedra. >> steve: got a busy week. >> ainsley: go to ainsley e. no one knows how to spell earhardt. ainsley to buy. >> brian: ponte that vedra sold out of their tickets? >> ainsley: some tickets. >> brian: off a 1 a a beautiful theater. >> ainsley: you recommended it. >> brian: bob saget that was the last place he appeared before he passed away. beautiful lytle theater it's fantastic. >> ainsley: went to the children's hospital in nashville. ryan seacrest. he set up a. some children were too sick to come down and talk to us. it broadcast throughout every
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single hospital room there facetime with some of the beautiful children that are facing the worst situations there. >> brian: some too sick to even come down, right? >> ainsley: yes. they were so sweet asking me cute question and it was fun talking to some of their moms because they love them so much and their dads. went to salt lake city. that was great. great turnout there with some people with the radio station that sean broadcasts there so we were able to speak to s some of our viewers. huckabee had my on his show on friday. we recorded that on friday and he aired it on saturday. >> steve: brian and i both got copies and it's adorable and terrific message. >> ainsley: thank you so much. kathy named the book because i say this all the time on your birthday i'm so glad you were born. >> brian: thanks for the coupon 32% off the book. a little bit of an invoice a little bit surprised but it's okay. ainsley, good luck, we look forward to you be on "the five" today. >> ainsley: carley, i'm giving you a book cute for the babies
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and grandkids god kids. >> brian: brian charges me and carley for free. >> ainsley: you got a curfew. you have a butler can you afford it. >> brian: sometimes they need insurance. >> steve: dental. >> brian: fbi agents take a pro-life leader into custody reportedly at gunpoint outside his home. former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich reacts next. >> ainsley: first, more than 1 million democrats ditching the democrats. how it changes the political landscape heading into the midterm election ♪ cold as ice to me ♪ cold as ice ♪ ♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon. ♪ ♪
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the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪
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>> good morning, ainsley. how are you doing. >> ainsley: i'm doing well. tell us first a little bit about yourself. how old you are. what you decided to do and why you decided to change parties. >> so i am 21 years old. i'm a sophomore in college in connecticut and a bartender. and i have never felt that i could have faith in either of the two parties. i felt like the system was not sustainable and i think we need a pretty dramatic change before something can work again. >> ainsley: why do you identify with the forward party and what is this party? a lot of people haven't heard of it. >> so the forward party is about
4:23 am
voting reform. they are saying that partisanship is the issue. not one party or the other but partisanship on both sides is just setting the two sides against each other. and they are not able to get anything done. and so, if we have voting reform, like alaska and maine [inaudible] voting in recent years. that changes the system by tackling partisanship itself rather than just one party because you have these things in place such as you can cast a ballot for whoever you want without fearing like wasting your vote on another party. you can rank them the winner gets over 50% of the vote which you don't always seem happening. >> ainsley: that seems fair. what are the issues you are most concerned about when you go to the polls in the midterms, what are you going to be voting for? >> democracy is my biggest concern right now. i think that a lot of the issues that people care about today,
4:24 am
whether it's immigration, gun -- you know, gun rights, climate change, whatever it is. wherever your affiliation is washington, d.c. is not addressing your concerns. they are focused on fighting the other party and they don't really have our interest at heart. they don't have any sense of urgency to address any of these issues. and so, in my view. democracy reform has to come first and foremost. >> ainsley: all right, hold holden. thank you for coming ons with us. a lot of people in connecticut tell you they agree with you but i could never say that all right, holden, thank you for coming on and thanks for taking an interest at such a young age i'm proud of you making money and interested in politics. >> nice talking to you. >> ainsley: nice talking to you too, holden. piers morgan is going to join us live but first chased down on the campaign trail. governor abbott's re-election assaulted while knocking on doors in texas. the response to the political
4:25 am
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♪ >> ains ains. >> carley: we are back with your headlines.
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eastern reached hurricane strength in the last two hours. across the state empty shelves as people stock up with supplies. governor ron desantis also deploying the national guard as millions prepare for the first major storm of the season. to stay updated on hurricane ian download the fox weather app. texas governor greg abbott says two volunteers for his re-election campaign were assaulted while knocking on residents of doors in houston. authorities say a suspect chased down the volunteers ripping off the mirrors of their car while trying to pull them out of the vehicle. the suspect was arrested on criminal mischief charges. and thousands of runners in new york city retracing the route taking by a fallen hero on nenk. the five 2 tunnel 2 towers run mirrors the steps that fallen firefighters stephen siller took when he made the ultimate sacrifice that day. >> coming out of the tunnel and seeing all the fdny, police, fire and military holding up the
4:30 am
banner of those lost that day that is an emotional moment lives of people. run into the towers to never come out. >> ainsley: run remember all those who risked their lives on september 11th. and amazon shoppers get ready you will soon get a chance at a second round of prime day sales. earlier today, the company announced the prime early access sale will take place on october 11th and 12th. it is scheduled for october 11th and 12th exclusively for those with an amazon prime subscription. this is the first time amazon is giving customers two prime day events in the same year. save some money. brian, over to you. >> brian: thanks so much. fbi officials denying shocking new claims that armed swat teams were dispatched to arrest pro-life activist mark huck at his pennsylvania home. the bureau telling fox news no swat team or swat operators were involved. fbi agents knocked on the door.
4:31 am
mr. hauck's front door and asked him to exit the residence he did so and taken into custody. his wife has a drastically different story. newt, here we go again with the big time raids with someone who is zero threat. we don't know what the ring doorbell is going to show but for the most part it seems like the fbi is overstocked for something. >> look, i think when you are the president of the united states, you have a speech in philadelphia that describes half of his fellow americans as enemies, and uses that kind of language, you have an escalation, you know, here's a guy who was homeschooling seven children, i don't know the details. i'm more inclined to believe the wife, frankly, than the bureau. but, apparently the thing they came to get him for had been dismissed by u.s. district judge last summer as being nonsense. so, and by the way, remember, this is a man who voluntarily
4:32 am
drives two hours into philadelphia to be a missionary to people who are drug addicts, alcoholics, people who have had their lives shattered, and instead of glorifying a person who is speaking for god and raising his children and trying to be a good person. you have the u.s. government apparently sending people with weapons at 7:00 in the morning. why did they feel they had to go at 7:00 a.m. and his seven kids. imagine what they are watching. as their father is taken away. >> brian: i know. plus, peter navarro says i don't know why. i was going to turn myself in. staple thing with roger stone asked i would have turned myself in. they raid president trump's mar-a-lago resort for no reason. there was a reason but they could have continued cooperating, you would think. let's move on and talk about the midterm elections. the real quick, okay, the top issues now facing voters, 85% say the economy. 79% say inflation. 77% say education.
4:33 am
and then the next one is crime. and then comes abortion. abortion is shrinking and those top five issues are heavily plus republican. but, yet, in most people are stopping short of saying there will be a red wave. what do you think, newt? >> well, i think the republicans are going to get somewhere between 20 and 70 seats in the house. and somewhere between 3 and 7 seats in the senate. it's just a question of on election day, or nowadays since we vote for a whole month on election month, if somebody goes in to vote. do they remember the last time they went to the grocery store? do they remember the last time they filled up their car? i paid $5.05 a gallon on saturday. and biden, the other day, was totally false in claiming the price of gasoline. he used a number that doesn't exist and has not existed anywhere in america since he has been president. so, you have to assume the white house is inc deincluded and sitg
4:34 am
around in a fantasy world americans face crime in the street. prices at the gas station and grocery store. and they are going to start facing layoffs as the federal reserve keeps raising interest rates. i just think in the end they go in and say this ain't working and they vote against the democrats and that means they vote republican. >> brian: if you want to get on the stump, i would think, and say the forecast looks like this and then hope people believe you that's one thing. but to tell people something different about the reality they are living is a little tracy. especially when we think the next thing that's going to be hitting us is the -- might hit us already is the housing market. where people are walking away from buying a home or saying i'm not going to leave a home that i'm paying 3% for and then pay 66.5%. that just freezes the housing market and that has ripple effects. >> remember, you have got about 20 million families now that have not been able to pay their electricity bills. how many of them are going to start facing having their
4:35 am
electricity cut off and frankly you can't function in a modern society without electricity. i just think all of these things are compounding and i think that you have the rejection. you mention that education was a big factor. you know, when fetterman, the democrat in pennsylvania. came out for mandatory education about gay and lesbian and transgender issues, my guess is most pennsylvanians think, you know, they don't want to have the federal government mandating that sort of thing. again, one more example where the left has gone off into wokeness and left the rest of the country behind. >> brian: do you know who agrees with you? a liberal democrat called bill maher. he says the same exact thing. because democrats would be doing very well right now if they wouldn't do such crazy woke things. and let's see what happens. and what happens in november. thanks, newt, that you can e. talk to you again and congratulations on your book. still a great thing to get. it's called defeating big government socialism. meanwhile, coming up straight
4:36 am
ahead. is a conservative tide rising in europe as set to right wing government since world war ii. fox nation host piers morgan may not speak italian but he will be with us. ♪ conversations with a stranger ♪ i barely know ♪ this will be the last ♪ but it probably won't ♪ i got nothing left to lose real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms. and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. report fever, confusion, stiff or uncontrollable muscle movements,
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indicating italian politician georgia maloney is poised to lead the most right wing government in decades since world war ii. >> brian: after france's historical party historical elections in june. >> steve: what's going on. bring in the host of piers morgan from fox nation.
4:41 am
good morning to you -- good afternoon. [speaking italian] >> brian: you know italian? wow, i was wrong. >> you failed the rule one of broadcasting live, brian. you guested i didn't speak italian. i actually studied italian a two more years. if you want more. [speaking italian] that's one to 10 in italian. >> brian: that's all you got. >> ainsley: there is democratsy prego. [speaking italian] >> ainsley: if you say so. >> steve: never ran into to that as an altar boy. >> i love you. >> brian: buy w will not live of the temper any more. >> ainsley: speaking italian]
4:42 am
>> piers: exactly. >> steve: so, piers, somebody just walking they think there this is some sort of bare lips program on tv. it's not. let's talk a little bit about what is going on in europe. is europe suddenly shifting to the right after it's been moving to the left for a while? >> absolutely. and there's no question that's happening. but one of the things that's really fascinating how this whole shift is being categorized as a shift to the far right. as you look at this georgia maloney become italy's first prime minister. i wouldn't categorize her as far right at all. i would call her a fiscal conservative. in fact, bordering on moderate. i think this is a drastic tendency from the left to overdemonize anyone who is conservative. and to brand them immediately far right and so make out some sort of stigma to beat them with. the reason that you are seeing a lot of this sweeping through scandinavia and other parts of europe is i think that people are fed up with what they
4:43 am
perceive to be a very ultra woke left agenda, which is not addressing their real concerns. i mean, in particular, whether it's in sweden or italy or other countries in europe. on the issue of illegal immigration. and i think that is the one issue which can you trace to all these countries which move to the right. there is a belief by the people of these countries that their government has not been addressing this -- what they perceive to be a very serious issue. >> brian: what about the government that's per received to have locked them down excessively and destroyed their lives for the last two years needlessly in some cases? does that have anything to do with it? >> yeah. i think it's all, about you know, freedom and democracy. but, it's -- again, i can't stress how kind of weird it is to see someone like this new italian prime minister categorized as far right. i don't think you guys would think that she is far right. you know, that makes out that some sort of crank.
4:44 am
she is actually espousing from what i have seen and done my speeches. i would say that she is just a conservative who has happened to tap into people's concerns about immigration, about crime, about fiscal responsibility, about freedom post pandemic. all these sort of really conservative positions. she does it in a very eloquent way. she great public speaker. she is kind of a bit like donald trump in that sense in that she has got a way of talking which really resonates with the italian people. i mean, she hasn't just won by a small margin. this has been a really big win and seismic change. i would say in terms of her politics, is she any further right wing than -- i don't think so. this idea she is the most right-wing leader since world war ii. i don't even think that stacks up. >> ainsley: piers, you know, here in america, we have this impression of europeans as being very liberal open borders,
4:45 am
environmentalists. they love no guns. they don't want the police officers to have guns. that's their image. when i was over there in the u.k. last week. everyone i seems to talk to say they are paying extra to watch fox news over there and they agree with the american politics and agree with conservatives over here. what are the top issues of europeans now? >> look, i think that a lot of brits at the moment feel exactly the same challenges and concerns that are felt through the rest of europe. and, you know, today we have gotten extraordinary situation in our country where the pound is now collapsing against the dollar almost -- to put that in perspective. when i was a judge on america's got talent back in 2007, i think the dollar rate was 2.10. today as low as 1.03. this is a remarkable creed remarkable sea change.what thiss push people towards, i think, a
4:46 am
conservative leadership. and you are going to see that. i think in other countries in europe. there's no question that many people perceive that the liberal left has been hijacked by a very radical, extreme ultra woke mentality. that's what all these culture wars are about. the left will dismiss the culture wars as irrelevant. i think they are extremely relevant. it's about how people lead their lives. it's about personal freedoms. i think that is now resonating. that's why you are seeing such a shift in places like italy,, sweden, other parts of scandinavia. i don't think it will stop here. >> steve: see what happens. >> brian: see what happens in a month. >> steve: piers, thank you for giving us your point of view on this. by the way, every weekday at half way through the neil cavuto show at 4:30 eastern time. piers morgan uncensored drops on fox nation. so check it out. piers, thank you very much for joining us today from london. [speaking italian]
4:47 am
>> steve: arrivederci, baby. >> ainsley: good friend tv personality sharon osbourne they were together on america's got talent. they were judges on that or i guess britain has talent. is that what it was? they join us live on the couch coming up she does. >> brian: they have talented people. >> ainsley: they have talented people do too. >> steve: crashes are hardly ever good except when you are trying to hit as asteroid to hit planet earth and save civilization. that it story coming up on the next segment of "fox & friends." ♪ wave your hands in the air if you feel fine ♪ take it into overtime ♪ welcome to the space jam ♪ announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight.
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>>the talk taking hiatus. >> sharon osbourne fired from the talk. >> the talk made headlines around the world. >> it was unfathomable that that happened on the talk. >> i just kept saying why are you doing this to me? >> cheryl was stabbing me in the back. >> the punishment doesn't fit the crime because there was no crime. >> i say when i'm done. not them. ♪
4:52 am
♪ ♪ >> steve: did you hear this? nasa today is preparing to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid in an effort to practice protecting planet earth. tonight's dart mission is taking place 7 million miles away but i think we have got a pretty good idea of what is going to happen. former nasa astronauts clayton an ter son joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning how are you guys? thank you for having me on. >> great to have you. explain if you would what the mission of the dart is today. >> so, dart is the double asteroid redirect test. so, what does that really mean? that means there is an asteroid out there sailing in space and has a baby asteroid going around it in an orbit. so this mission is to send a spacecraft to that small asteroid that's going around the bigger one and we're going to
4:53 am
shoot that spacecraft into the smaller asteroid and then see if we can measure how its orbit changes. the idea here is that this is a test, a theory that we might be able to prove that we can shoot spacecraft into bigger asteroids and push them, nudge them a little bit so their trajectory changes so they won't come near the earth. >> steve: sure. okay. so this is something that's going to happen about 7:15 tonight. i think we have got eyes on it with the web and the hubble so we will know what happens. but it's traveling the dart rocket is going 15,000 miles an hour. there's a chance we're going to mitt it, isn't there? >> sure. there is always a chance. nasa is pretty good at trajectory design and jpl and all the people working on this. so hopefully we will be able to send that probe to the right spot at the right time, you know, i tell kids all the time
4:54 am
it's like a quarterback who throws to his wide receiver. the wide receiver runs a known route, a known pattern and then the quarterback has to throw the ball to get to that receiver at a certain point in a certain time. well, that takes practice. >> steve: sure. >> just like the football team but nasa has had a lot of practice. we know how to do it. we have very good computers that can help us do this sort of thing. so i would say the odds are pretty good we are going to hit at the right place. >> steve: well, that would be fantastic. i'm sure you remember the movie, what was it armageddon. and in that movie what they did and i believe bruce willis and a whole bunch of guys were in that movie, they flew up to the asteroid, landed on it, planted an atomic bomb on and it tried to blow it up. the same idea. but, what you are doing, what nasa is doing today is much simpler. it's just trying to hit it and get it to wobble so it doesn't hit and kill civilization, which is a notable goal.
4:55 am
>> absolutely. i think that there are enough asteroids out there and we are getting better at being able to determine where they are and what orbit, that trajectory and what path they are on and whether or not that's a threat to the planet earth. whereas armageddon went to an asteroid and did all those fake movie things landed on it which is not possible to do. the idea is the same. if it's on a straight -- or a trajectory that's going to pass close to earth, can we do something to push it a little bit out of the way? so, you know, in theory, this is a pretty good thing to try to do, but like anything nasa does it's dangerous, difficult and costs dollars. >> steve: absolutely. so people be tuned in tonight 7:15. real quickly, what is the worst case scenario if an asteroid does hit earth other than we remember when one did and that caused the extinction of the
4:56 am
dinosaurs. >> that was a pretty big asteroid. >> steve: it was a big one. >> a lot of it depends on the size. some of these asteroids hit on a regular basis but they are burned up in the atmosphere due to the friction and they never reach the ground. so, that's the -- what we hope for but some of these are big. >> steve: yeah, exactly, that's why they are doing the dart mission tonight. clayton anderson the author of the great book "the ordinary space man." thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me this morning. have a great day. steve: good luck tonight, nasa. don't move, sharon osbourne speaks out on everything from cancel culture. she is live on the curvey couch next hour from new york. ♪ i just can't get you out of my head ♪ boy, it's more
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>> here we go. fox weather alert, hurricane ian. the category one storm right now intensifying in the gulf of mexico. setting size authority because now. >> this is a live look from clearwater beach. he looks calm there now. governor ron desantis to playing the national guard as millions in that area are preparing for the first major storm of the season. across the state you will see empty shelves at the grocery stores because everyone is stocking up on those supplies. >> it's hard to find a bottle of water at a


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