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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 26, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm be on "the five." then i'll go to my office and sign books for all of you. ainsley books .com. >> bill: good morning. mid-term fears mounting for democrats. new polling shows the party struggling on issues that voters care and see are critical. interesting findings. dana has the day off today. i'm bill hemmer. hope you had a great weekend. i know julie did. it was a birthday weekend. happy birthday. >> it was great. >> bill: welcome back. >> is it monday? >> it feels like it. >> welcome to you all. we are 43 days and counting out from the mid-term elections and the deciding issues are coming
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into focus. >> crime, education, abortion on the ballot. top concern for voters by a long shot as the economy and republicans have the edge. >> the poll shows more voters trust the gop to handle the economy. republicans are up double digits on crime and inflation. >> bill: the republican plan to address the issues drawing criticism from democrats. republicans dismiss it as a desperate attempt to deflect. >> democrats have no plan. this he are attacking us because they have created crises across the country. >> if they weren't worried about the commitment to america they wouldn't be talking about it so much. they're talking about it because they know it's bad. >> bill: mark meredith kicks off a new week. >> we'll hear a lot about the economy between now and november. the white house says it doesn't
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view what happens on wall street as the main indicator how the u.s. economy is faring overall. americans are worried about 401k, investment and savings. 74% of voters believe the stater poor. that's up sharply from about five months ago. the president's own job approval numbers not looking much better with only 39% of voters approving of his performance. 53% disapproving. the president is not on the campaign trail this week. he had to scrub a visit to florida later in the week because of the hurricane. we expect the white house to face a lot of pressure about what the mid-term messaging is going to look like. of course, democrats are trying to focus on issues like abortion, voting rights and while a lot of the media as well as republicans continue to press on, what's going on with the state of the economy. we heard from the former white house press secretary jen psaki what she believes the race will come down to. >> if the election is about who
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is the most extreme as we saw kevin mccarthy touch on there with marjorie taylor green then they'll win. if it is a referendum on the president they'll lose. they know that. >> the president is expected to speak about the economy today. he has an event later in the afternoon focused on increasing competition in the marketplace. you can imagine what the issues will come down to on the final stretch. >> bill: nice to see you mark meredith from the white house. >> brand-new poll over the weekend showing crime is now surpassing abortion among top concerns as the mid-terms inch closer. we have laura engel with more. >> candidates are keeping a close eye on the issues that may swing voters to cast ballots in their favor. the new poll released sunday by abc and "washington post" shows crime is definitely becoming more and more important closer to november 8th. every day brings a new list of
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crimes in major cities including in new york where police are on the lookout for this man who is accused of slashing a 30-year-old woman in the face as she waited on a brooklyn subway platform in the middle of the day and punching a 47-year-old woman in the face as he was getting away. they were random attacks according to police. nypd , now wanted for attempted murder outside the fame st. patrick's cathedral after firing a gun into a car of people. in philadelphia 100 teenagers swarmed a store and trashed it. it could be a major reason some voters might be turning to republican candidates this year as that new abc/"washington post" poll shows a list of stats some say showing progressive prosecutors are getting the blame for the uptick in violence. critics alleging the criminals
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have no fear of consequences. citizens in chicago are prepared to attack the city's red line. a commuter was slashed over the head with a wine bottle. they're frustrated with the city's transit authority and putting citizen teams on trains including exmilitary and people with experience in martial arts. that's what's happening there. >> bill: we mentioned this poll. want to bring in former clinton advisor mark penn. nice to have you here. i took away five points from the on crime republicans lead. on education deems have a slight lead as climate as well. immigration and inflation at the bottom republicans have a clear lead. you look at this poll and
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conclude what based on your experience, mark? >> well, i conclude this is a little bit of a post labor day pivot toward the republicans. republicans are gaining in their mid-term model. they have the republicans winning by i think 4 or 5. and these issues here, the economy, abortion, climate, mostly breaking in the republican way. abortion has come up as a significant issue. most interesting to me was that the parties were tied on immigration. i think i wonder if the pushback on desantis and abbott has brought the issue into an even. but crime is really a rising issue. it is one in which the republicans are running away with it. in which there is a democratic bill that is stuck in congress that might help democrats if it were to pass. >> bill: there were five points i take away from it. one is approval number for the
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president is in the tank back at 39%. no bueno for a mid-term vote. would you like democrats to nominate biden or another candidate in 2024? biden 35, other 56%. it goes to his viability within his own party for 2024. what do you say, mark? >> i think absolutely. we've shown it in the harris polls the last few months as well. most democrats don't want to see joe biden run for re-election. they don't support him. the ratings that he is getting nationally once you are below 40 is really -- it's a difficult rating to sustain through the mid-terms. joe biden has come out swinging. he gave that speech trying to get on the campaign trail. he knows his presidency is at stake in these mid-terms. if it's a wipe-out the chance he can run again is nil. and if it's a miraculous democratic comeback i think he will run again for president. he knows that. that's why i think he is out
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there on the trail -- not this week but other than that. >> bill: .3. since 1946, follow along here, when a president has been over 50% job approval his party has lost an average of 14 seats. i just mention he is at 39. when the president's approval level is less than 50% the party has lost an average of 37 seats. if that math is right, what happens to your majority in the house on november 8th? >> well, the math is trickier because we're so close to 50/50 now that many of those swings were from positions when the other party was below 50. but there is no question that this poll suggests, you know, a significant 25-point -- 25-seat swing towards the republicans unless the democrats manage to come back and close it. i think it's a little harder for the democrats to close it now
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because they put out some of their best stuff, abortion seems to be flagging a bit as an issue compared to couple of weeks ago. crime is coming up. so this is a bit of a pivot in their direction. again, these are still very close, very close elections particularly in the senate. >> bill: you aren't walking the ledge, are you? as we get closer the other point to make hispanics are up for grabs. it was clear in the polling. gavin newsom was in austin, texas this weekend and said some things a lot of people might not have expected. give it a listen. >> these guys are ruthless on the other side where are we organizing, bottom up, compelling alternative? where are we going on the offense every single day? they're winning right now. the democratic party has to assert itself much more aggressively. >> bill: your take on that? >> i think he is setting himself up to be the i told you so
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candidate. you know, democrats think they're out there. there is a ton of money. democratic ads are out there. the administration is getting out there. they are trying to be aggressive. let's face it. the inflation report and actions on the fed put a damper on the democratic strategy. newsom is standing right there and i suspect if the mid-terms go badly and biden's chances look like he can't run i think governor newsom is position than himself be with the democratic nominee no question. >> bill: nothing is done by accident. we'll get your sparring partner kellyanne conway back soon. we have not had a direct hurricane hit in two years. ian is on a collision course with florida might strengthen to a cat four. >> dana: the wife of a pro-life
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accident alleges the f.b.i. arrested her husband in front of the children. >> bill: debate over education looming large in november. could it put one republican over the top in a historically blue district?goin district?goin we're about to find out.s? it's going to take investing in some things you've heard of and some you'd never expect. it's going to take funding innovation in renewable energy, helping reduce carbon footprints, and big bets on environmentally conscious construction. citi has committed 1 trillion dollars in sustainable financing to help build a better future. because to reach net zero, it's going to take everything. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> it's important to point out to folks that the path of this is still uncertain. the impacts will be broad throughout the state of florida. to make preparations now, anticipate power outages. something that will likely happen with a hurricane of this magnitude. >> governor desantis putting florida under a state of emergency as tropical storm ian gains strength. the storm was upgraded to a hurricane this morning. right now it's in the western caribbean sea.
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people in florida now bracing for strong winds and heavy rain. we've got fox weather in tampa. she joins us live and good morning, nicole. >> good morning. we're only expecting the hurricane to continue to intensify as it takes aim at florida's gulf coast. already 2500 national guardsman activated in preparation for the storm. hills borey county has closed schools and turn 50 of them to shelters for those who need it. as we approach the end of the week and we could see hurricane ian make handful. people are gearing up to get the resources they need to ride out the storm. what we've seen so far across tampa bay. people making lines to fill up sandbags to hopefully protect their homes from storm sturge that could flood lower lying communities across tampa bay and
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people will head to the store to fill up on gas and try to get water and try to make sure they have everything they need before the storm hits. >> i have a 3-year-old. i'm trying to be prepared so if anything happens, either i take the truck and just leave or if i have to stay and can't leave i have to have the things i need. that's what i'm trying to be prepared. >> hurricane watch already in place for most of tampa bay. meanwhile, you are talking about people saying they're anticipating mandatory evacuations mostly for those along the coast. you're talking about not just tampa bay but st. peterburg, clear water and portions of northern florida. >> we're live in tampa watching the hurricane. thank you. much more on hurricane ian throughout the show. we'll check in with the miami mayor later this show next hour. stay tuned for that. meantime remnants of former
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hurricane fiona are taking a turn in canada. it is still bringing destruction and devastation up north. homes were swept away, torn apart. canadian police are looking for a 73-year-old woman who went missing during the saturday storm. they say a wave washed away her home and she has not yet been found. you can find all the latest updates on our fox weather app. simply download it at fox >> bill: 19 past the hour now. the debate over parents' rights in education the center of last year's governor's race in virginia. my next guest is seizing on that issue for the virginia 10th district. including loudon county. hopes to unseat the democrat. a very interesting race. say hello to the candidate now who joins me in studio.
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you have a very interesting personal story. you were born in vietnam. you and your family, four sisters, left saigon in april of 1975. you made your way to the united states. why are you running for congress? >> just watching kabul fall last year broke my heart watching mothers hand babies to marines. very reminiscent of what happened in vietnam and what prompted me to run for office. again the economy is in shambles and the administration doubles down on bad policy. >> bill: you served in the navy special oops for 25 years. you are saying what you saw last year in kabul gave you the inspiration to seek office. >> absolutely. i left kabul in january of 2021 and 6 months later it fell apart and we were wondering what was it all for? why did we sacrifice all those years fighting in iraq, afghanistan, somalia only to give up and make these people basically beholding to the
6:21 am
taliban again? >> bill: there were many comparisons to the evacuation in hanoi as you rightly point out. what are the issues in your district? your challenger is pretty well entrenched in virginia 10th. >> yes. the economy, economy is the biggest thing. they keep doubling down on the bad policies. also education. parents want their kids to be educated not in the proper pronouns but the science, technology, engineering, arts and math. this administration is not doing that. the democrats in our district destroyed my alma mater, jefferson high school. the number one high school. basically the entrance requirement, they made it so that it fits different demographics. 53% ashian from 75% asia. >> bill: the thomas jefferson's name still on your school or did you lose that?
6:22 am
>> it's a woke agenda. >> bill: you say it is going to be gone? >> i'm sure they'll find a way to get rid of it. this is the president of the united states who started by demonizing people who don't agree with him. calling us extremists or calling us threat to the democracy. i came here as a refugee and fought for our country in many battles and many wars and they are calling me the same name they would call a terrorist. my opponent doubled down on that and that's what she is sending out in her mail is that i'm an extremist because i believe in a constitution and god. she has canceled a few debates already. >> bill: as of now, nothing is -- >> right now we have one this sunday. >> bill: this coming sunday. >> at a mosque. >> bill: interesting to see how it goes. glenn youngkin narrowly lost your district last year.
6:23 am
joe biden cleaned up the year earlier. i think he won by 18 points in your district. how do you overcome that. >> youngkin lost by 1.9 points when joe biden had a positive outlook. he is under water now and he helps me every day with defunding the police and adding 87,000 new i.r.s. agents to investigate people like you and me. it's not what people want in our district. 87,000 new i.r.s. agents you can have a school resources officer in every school in the united states and still have 30,000 officers to -- i don't know, take care of the border. >> bill: you came to this country with nothing. >> yes. >> bill: how did you make it work? >> it is hard work. our parents taught us at a very young age they can take your money, position in life but they can take away the knowledge in your head. that's why education was so important for us and why we're pushing education to make sure that it gets back to the basics of science, technology,
6:24 am
engineering, arts and math. >> bill: one we're watching. interesting. pleasure meeting you. the republican candidate in virginia ten. that's northern part of the state. one we'll be watching and see how the debate goes coming up in five days. nice to see you today. >> thank you. >> republicans showed up with a very strong, compelling economic message. what do we have on our side? nothing. >> the markets are set to open after a brutal week on wall street. stocks now down 7.6 trillion since president biden took office. live with the opening bell coming up next. plus nasa is taking aim at an asteroid muillions of miles awa from earth. we have an update for you.
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>> bill: the markets are now open whether you like it or not, right? brutal close on friday. bad week all around. the dow hit its lowest level since november of 2020. off to the negative side by triple digits yet again. brian brenberg, professor of business economics from king college in manhattan and fox news contributor. thank you. you get the honors of trying to
6:31 am
make us feel good. >> i won't try to make you feel good. it is not a feel good moment. jay powell realized he has to put us into recession and we don't have a lot of confidence in his ability to land that plane, which means it could get very, very bumpy. look, let's be real. that's the situation that we're in. inflation is not under control. it will take a lot of work by the fed to get there. the problem is we have an administration that doesn't want to admit the problem. they don't want to talk about spiking inflation. >> they don't want to call it a recession. another question that a lot of market analysts will say we've been in a recession. i don't understand why they can't own it. >> it is foolish to play word games. they're the politicians. don't play word games now. be honest about the situation. if the administration was honest and said we made big mistakes but get that now it would change the game for them. they keep doubling down. >> bill: that will not happen,
6:32 am
if it happens at all. until november 9th. >> after the election. maybe we can change course a little bit. that's why the polls are so bad for these guys right now. americans have lost faith that they are willing to acknowledge reality. >> i want to listen to edward lawrence talking about how they have projected what the economy is going to do and where we are right now. watch. >> they projected the economy would grow at just.2% this year and 1.2% next year. is this the stable growth you're talking about? >> we come off of last year's historic economic growth because of the work of the president and democrats in congress passing the american rescue plan. it put us in a position where we saw the most stable and strongest growth that we've seen in modern history. >> what? are they also in this country and --
6:33 am
>> there is no container big enough. stable growth? we've shrunk for two quarters in a row. stable shrinking, yeah. they aren't looking forward. they can't look ahead and say here is how we'll deliver a return to growth. that's their problem. >> bill: i think the dow all-time high was 36,600. you're down 6 or 7,000 points. the issues that matter to voters, on the economy here is what abc and "washington post" told over the weekend. state of the economy under biden not so good and poor. now 74%. another one who do you trust on the economy and inflation? republicans win both categories. >> think about the economy like a dashboard on the car. the lights are starting to pop every where. prices for a while, now the growth factor, now it's interest rates. people are looking at that dashboard saying this engine is not running the way it needs to
6:34 am
run. but the president keeps saying we're in a great spot. a strong economy. those two things don't fit together people believe what they say. grocery prices are the x-factor in this election. that's the price every single day. you can talk about all the prices in the economy, groceries are the one that people will see every single day and it will matter. >> gas prices is a huge concern for americans. you can't pay for anything at the grocery store and when you go to fill up your car to get there how will you get there? gas prices have come down a bit, though. and that is something i believe the white house is going to pin on the economy is doing so much better. we are taking down gas prices and not blaming russia any more. now we'll give the credit to the president, right? >> where gas prices are now is something a politician could celebrate but if you put gas or diesel in a truck you aren't all that happy about where gas prices are and you know this. it could reverse in a heartbeat. vladimir putin is making a lot
6:35 am
of noise. it's hurricane season. we're living on a raise or's edge when it comes to energy. one thing goes wrong the prices go back up. d.c. wants to celebrate this and biden wants to. the rest of america is saying this isn't celebratory. >> bill: the next shoe to drop is unemployment numbers. when companies are trying to get by, jobs are the first thing they reach for. >> last week fedex and gap. tech companies a talking about hiring freezes. do you want to put money in your business right now? most ceos are saying i don't think so. it's a hiring story. >> bill: thank you, buddy. i guess you cheered us up not so much? really -- >> you are a bit of a debbie downer. >> i have to tell you what's going on. >> thanks. the f.b.i. under fire for arresting a pro-life author and father of seven.
6:36 am
his wife claims dozens of agents bargeed into their home over the weekend, guns drawn and shackled mark in front of his kids. he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a planned parenthood escort outside of a clinic. the agency says her story about how the scene unfolded isn't true. alexandria hoff is live with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the reason that federal agents would be involved in an assault case is because mark has been charged with violating the face act. that makes it a federal crime to forcibly obstruct access to reproductive clinics. he is accused of shoving a 72-year-old patient escort outside a philadelphia planned parenthood last year. he is well-known as a pro life activist and catholic men's counselor often praying outside of that location. that's according to his wife. she told the catholic website
6:37 am
was her husband defending her son from harassment. what happened on friday left the whole family traumatized that a swat team of 25 to 30 f.b.i. agents swarmed their home pointing guns at the couple before taking her husband into custody in front of their seven horrified children. in a statement to fox news, though, the f.b.i. from philadelphia's field office claimed that that is inaccurate writing no swat team or swat operators were involved. f.b.i. agents knocked on the front door. identified themselves as f.b.i. agents and asked him to exit the residence. he did so, taken into custody without incident pursuant to an indictment. a senior law enforcement source said guns may have been drawn but not pointed at the couple and they would be lowered once the subject complied and he said only 3 to 4 would have knocked on the door. if convicted of violating this
6:38 am
act, mark faces up to 11 years in prison, julie. >> wow. thank you very much. >> bill: america's crime crisis hitting main street. you will not believe how many small businesses are getting hit by criminals. the numbers are out and no bueno. l.a. county's far left d.a.getting criticized by members of his own office. one of them says he was demoted just for speaking out. he will join us. >> i don't think george gascon realizes how traumatizing that is for a victim going through what they're going through. what they're going through. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. and by switching, you could even save $652. thank you, liberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need.
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>> philadelphia police release surveillance video of what they are calling an unprovoked attack. they need the public's health with this subject wanted in connection to the shooting death of a recent temple university graduate. the victim was walking home early thursday morning near university when he was fatally shot. a $20,000 reward for any information. >> bill: small businesses reeling from a wave of shoplifting. chamber of commerce reveals that 56% of small retailers say that thieves hit their store in the past year. sometimes violently.
6:44 am
stunning numbers. madison is live with more on that today. what did you find out? good morning. >> good morning, bill. you find out it not only impacts the business financially but an emotional impact on the small businesses often family run and have small staffs. i'm here with mary. you had this bakery for two generations. you are now experiencing shoplifting on a weekly basis you tell me and had one instance where your she have was threatened with a knife. what happened there? >> there was somebody that walked into the store and they went to the back of the store, checked our kitchen, and grabbed money from my sister-in-law's purse and basically had a knife and attacked our chef. >> it is emotionally impactful, financially impactful. 40% say they've increased prices to deal with shoplifting. how have you guys adjusted because of the increase in
6:45 am
shoplifting at the bakery? >> it's scary when it happens. we have female employees. they are afraid to go home at night. they are afraid somebody will come into the store and take something from them or, you know, address them. it is really hard. we've had to cut down our hours because of it. >> you are closing earlier so people aren't leaving as late. we're also dealing with staffing shortages episcopal fly hospitality. is shoplifting and crime a deterrent to get people in the door working here? >> it's difficult. they don't want to come to work at night or leave the store at night or ride the subway at night. it is hard to find somebody to work at night for that reason. >> thank you. we're trending in the wrong direction. the most recent data from new york city shows that robbery is up 10% from last year. it just is a very difficult business environment when you are physically threatened. >> bill: she is not alone, either. a story here in new york.
6:46 am
>> by taking some of his best trial lawyers out of trial position and putting them in positions where we won't do any trials suggests that he is favoring what he has been doing all along, and that's fewer prosecutions, less accountability, and effectively more dangerous people on our streets. >> l.a. county deputy district attorney on his recent demotion. progressive gascon reassigning three senior prosecutors last week after they publicly criticized his soft on crime policies. another one of those prosecutors joining me now. jason, thank you so much for talking to us. and thank you onrime issue that obviously has been a huge problem and this d.a.has simply
6:47 am
allowed murderers back on the streets to reoffend and you have been demoted. what is your current job and what is now going to be your future position assigned to you? >> so on thursday this past thursday, i was informed, without any prior notice, that i was being transferred from my current position as the assistant head deputy district attorney in the long beach courthouse to be a non-supper rise re deputy in the los angeles courthouse. my commute went from seven miles one way to 30 miles one way. my title and supervise status has been taken away. while this is an important position, it is a position that i held as a grade two deputy 1994.
6:48 am
my fifth year in the he knocked me down to where i was in 1994. why was he done this? when the second recall started, i could no longer remain silent. we had been suffering in the office and the l.a. county citizens have been suffering for a year under gascon's unlawful policies. and i couldn't remain silent any more. i needed to exercise my first amendment right and inform the public what was going on. >> a spokesperson for gascon, i want to present their side. their office said the transfers were not demotions. they told fox digital that the office routinely conducts personnel transfers. this transfer list included nearly 50 employees, including new dda hires. no employees were demoted during this process. we will make it clear that your salary has not changed but this is certainly not a promotion.
6:49 am
>> it's certainly not a promotion, no. it knocks me down to where i was in 1994. when they try to say it was just a normal transfer, yeah, a certain number of those transfers are normal transfers in the ordinary course of business but it just so happens that myself, 33 year d.a., john mckinney, a 24 year d.a.announced he will run for d.a.and john lewin have brought to entry-level positions in the d.a.'soffice. john is an entry level supervisor. j john, he is on date line all the time called cases nationally he was transferred to an entry-level position. >> sounds like retaliation. demoted for standing up for
6:50 am
yourself and your case the fight against crime. if you look at california crime stats now. total crime up 12.1%, shoot victims up 27.2% and the list goes on, okay? there are -- also let's talk about the cops shot and killed by murderers and reoffenders that gascon let back on the street. you remember back in june the mother of one of the two police officers blames gascon for her son's death because gascon essentially let these guys back on the street. so bail reform obviously is not of an issue to him. the crime numbers are obviously a fact, and any one who stands up for it gets demoted. what is your recourse? >> well, my recourse right now is to request reconsideration of the transfer, file a grievance and then potentially legal
6:51 am
action after that. my further recourse is going to be i am going to continue to speak out. george gascon will not get away with this. i will be in the d.a.'soffice longer than he will and i will watch him leave the d.a.'s oops. he is not going to put fear in me to stop. trying to do it for my colleagues i work with. they're scared and they see the scorched earth vick dictive behavior of this d.a.and scared for their careers and transfers. i'm not going to be scared and i'm not backing down. we'll see george gascon out of l.a. county. >> good luck to you and good for you. thank you for talking to us. >> thank you very much for having me. >> bill: russia, the anti- war protests heating up after vladimir putin's decision to draft more men for his brutal war in ukraine.
6:52 am
we're live in kiev for the latest on that today. nancy pelosi did not get the intro she was probably looking for. they wanted music. she gave them a speech. jimmy failla will tell us what happened after that.
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>> two people killed during an illegal drag race in new jersey. terrifying video showing cars speeding saturday night. during that event, a 2004 infinity races down a road before colliding into a honda civic killing the passenger in the honda. one of the cars then veers into a crowd killing an 18-year-old woman. both victims were reportedly not there to attend the event. the driver of the infinity was charged with their deaths. >> bill: from overseas russian men of military age clashing with police as officials try to implement the new draft. new video showing russiaian
6:58 am
police dragging men to buses. finland and -- a lot going on with the story from kiev today, trey, hello. >> good morning. pressure is increasing on russian president vladimir putin as anti- mobilization protests sweep across the country. on the battlefield ukraine forces are making territorial gains. russians are increasing the fight and adding troops to the battle. this man digs through the rubble of his home looking for photos of his child. homeless, we became homeless the 44-year-old farmer says. the destruction across eastern ukraine is mounting as new scenes of devastation are uncovered. russian troops have lost more than 17,000 square miles of territory they captured since the end of march suffering heavy battlefield losses russian
6:59 am
president vladimir putin is forcing more untrained soldiers into the fight. under his new partial mobilization orders. though with low morale and experience these men are expected to be use as cannon fodder. ukrainian president zelensky encouraging the new soldiers this weekend to flee, surrender or die. >> if you come to take the lives of our children, zelensky says, i will tell you as a father, we will not let you go alive. in occupied areas of ukraine voting is still underway on a sham referendum about joining russia. that polling is expected to finish by tomorrow though even some of russia's closest allies, including serbia, have refused to recognize the results. amid the referendums tension is high. over the weekend ukrainian president zelensky said he takes putin's nuclear threats seriously. he does not see prospects for peace on the horizon. >> bill: something to watch.
7:00 am
nice to see you in kiev. thank you, trey. fox news alert now. crime taking shape as one of the voters' top issues with six weeks to go until mid-terms. brand-new hour begins now. hope you enjoyed the weekend. dana has the day off today. she is back tomorrow. julie banderas is carrying the load today. how are you, kid? >> only by you. good morning. good to see you. i'm julie banderas. thank you for watching. a new poll finds 69% of voters consider crime one of the most important issues. crime actually ranks higher than abortion on the list of voters' biggest concerns. >> bill: in pennsylvania democrat john fetterman, republican dr. oz hitting one another on their crime policies campaigning to became that state's next senator. nate foye watching it from the newsroom in new york. good morning. >> bill: a new poll has fetterman up by five points. dr. oz i


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