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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  September 26, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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place and your family knows where you are going if you'll be moving. >> bill: we'll talk later in the week. thank you. >> get real quick before we go. i partnered with this awesome conservative children's book publishing company. pro- american, pro- american values, anti- woke, i love it and partnered with them. buy a book. "the faulkner focus." >> bill: here is harris, have a great monday. bye-bye. >> harris: the water is deep and looks treacherous for president biden and democrats in new key polling. turning this around might be rather tough with just 43 days to go until november 8th. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus." president's approval rating is often a predictoror how the mid- term elections will go for the party in power. only 39% of voters approve of biden's job.
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53% disapprove. the news gets worse for him and his party. 74% say they have a negative view of the economy. and no doubt all of it is a reflection of the worst inflation in four decades. no surprise that voters say the economy and inflation are by far their top issues. former new jersey governor and presidential candidate chris christie with this. >> it will hit us in supermarkets all over this country. this is hardly over. that's what these numbers are telling. people are feeling that and they will vote that way and that's not good for the democrats. we better pay heed to history. it will happen again. when you have a bad economy, that's what people vote on. they don't vote on anything else. that's what affects them and their families every day. >> harris: white house correspondent peter doocy has more from the north lawn. >> a lot of those not so friendly to the white house statistics are not things we
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hear about a lot here. so officials, biden officials are hoping to define the mid-term landscape as one mostly about women's rights. >> if you care about doctors and nurses not beingo women who may be experiencing miscarriages, then i think that people have to give ample consideration as to who represents and who has put policy in place to support those values. >> to that end white house officials are spending a lot more time trying to talk about republican plans than explain their own ideas. >> as you know, kevin mccarthy put out the g.o.p. agenda. >> i'm not asking about kevin mccarthy i'm asking about joe biden and his position on abortion. >> i'm answering your question. what republicans are trying to do is take us backwards.
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>> those republicans are trying to broaden things out hoping to make the mid terms about economy, mid-terms and education. >> democrats have gotten us here with the far left socialist policies. so the commitment to america is showing people if you elect republicans to replace these democrats who have been voting for socialism we can actually confront these problems and we're showing the country the bills we would bring to a republican house floor to address all the problems that joe biden and nancy pelosi and their far left socialist friends have created. >> bill: president biden's day today not one though address any of these things in a public way. he is preparing to host the atlanta braves to celebrate their world series win last year. >> harris: when things are tough, some people just love a shiny object. all right. good to see you, peter. thank you very much. i want to talk about this issue of trust and really press in on this because there are some democrats that can see the
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headwind coming. jen psaki was the president's first press secretary. look at what she said if you support joe biden. >> i think that democrats, if the election is about who is the most extreme, then they will win. if it is a referendum on the president, they will lose. they know that. >> harris: so if you are talking about joe biden, that's a loser? let's bring in jason chaffetz now, former utah congressman and fox news contributor. your quick thought on that. >> well, democrats had the house and senate and the presidentsy and their policies got us where we are today. if you don't like the presidents elect different people. republicans are in the driver's seat. they have the best issues. the challenge for the republicans is can they show enough heart and explain not just the numbers and statistics but can they talk from the heart and explain to people why they believe what they believe and connect with them in a way that
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shows and builds the trust and shows that they really care and that they have the energy to change the trajectory of the country and consequently people's lives. >> harris: when i saw psaki say that over the weekend it made me high the president can help you but certainly harm you. she used to work for the man. it is not just the economy where voters have soured on democrats. republicans are up double digits handling crime. it's the largest g.o.p. lead on the issue in three decades. a warning, the videos we're about to show you may be difficult for some viewers to watch. they are stark examples when it comes to violence in liberal cities. in chicago, video shows two men robbing an older man on the subway. after they had bashed him in the head with a wine bottle and caused him to bleed profusely. i'll wait for all the video to show up.
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so this was chicago. and oh, we'll go to new york now. two men were seen apparently randomly beating a man in an airport subway station. what have we become that we tolerate this? the nypd says it arrested and charged one suspect. horrific statistics out of liberal cities in texas. high murder numbers the austin, san antonio, houston, the crimestoppers group is extending its reading of murder victims' names. organizers can't do it any more in person because it would take hours for participants in this year's event to read them aloud. instead people can watch the names of more than 600 murder victims in harris county scroll on a ticker instead. jason, what have we become? >> it is absolutely disgusting. it is preventable and what goes after that. it really gets to the heart and
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soul of who you are and do you believe you and your kids are better off and safe just going and doing the basic things within a city? but what's compounded for the democrats is their woke policies of this no bail. what you see are these perpetrators that will sometimes get caught and then put right back out on the streets to commit another crime. how often do you see these people have a rate of repeatism that is so high that people understand that the democrats who are running these cities and states have policies in place that exacerbate the situation. because these people are not scared of the consequence, they are not afraid if they get caught they'll do time. they know they'll be back on the street. and that compounds the problem. >> harris: critics say they have crossed a line. former atlanta mayor and current white house advisor keisha lance bottoms and hillary clinton on the attack against trump supporters. watch this. >> the republican agenda is an effort to disrupt our democracy.
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it will always be important to call out any effort there is to destroy essentially destroy the united states of america. >> i remember as a young student, you know, trying to figure out how did people get basically drawn in by hitler? see this guy standing up their ranting and raving and people shouting and raising their arms. the other night trump is there ranting and raving for more than an hour and you have these rows of young men with their arms raised. >> harris: i ask you again what we have become. you and i were just talking about the crime in this country and the pitch on the left is let's go attack the other side political side and there is more. the trump camp responded to it all. it seems like perpetual failed candidate hillary clinton's basket of deplorables has run
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stale. they can't stay focused on what is killing americans they have to go after a former president and he is ready to fight back. >> i think the legacy of cringe is the right term here. i don't have much tolerance for people who try to compare donald trump or any other american to hitler. hitler slaughtered and murdered more than 10 million people. and when you talk about making america great again and the greatness this country brings and freedom and prosperity and opportunity, then you are not listening to what is actually being said and not understanding the majority of this country believes in those basic principles of the constitution. for them to disgustingly try to continue to compare this president, president trump, to hitler is just beyond pale. it makes absolutely no sense. it goes nowhere. it does nothing to improve the
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dialogue of this country and it is fundamentally false to its core. >> harris: it shows hate toward some 75 million americans. i have said this before. if the president were not okay with this he would speak up. does that mean he also hates half the country? we know what hillary clinton thinks. she has already told us. >> what you don't hear from joe biden, what you don't hear from hillary clinton or the democratic leaders are the illegal immigration. you don't hear about the crime. you don't hear them going after the prosecutors saying how come that person isn't in jail? you don't hear any volume from these people let alone passion to say we are not going to stand for people going on the subway and getting beaten. we're going to go after those people and -- you don't hear that impassioned plea. if the republicans do that and they show some heart and vigor and they do it in a case-by-case basis it will be one of the biggest sweeping elections that
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we've seen in our lifetime. >> harris: when the democrats don't and it is predominantly their led cities where these things are happening. are they the world's only live heart donors or just choosing not to watch because they don't have an answer? now to this. so much outrage. a panel of liberals on msnbc used vulgar language to attack lindsey graham over his bill to limit abortion to 15 weeks. they went after him this way. >> come on, people. >> so many other. >> and the fact that he is telling women what to do with their bodies. he has never seen a vagina. he has never seen a naked woman and he is telling me -- [laughter] >> we don't know that for sure. >> unconfirmed reports. >> harris: that is disgusting.
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>> this is daytime television here, harris. look, they can argue the policy. i think that's legitimate. we want to have vigorous debate on policy but don't go after somebody personally like this. this is the hypocrisy of the woke left. they have been mocking this man in his service for his country for a long time and they do so in a very vile way. if it was done in reverse, nobody would stand for it. nobody should put up with this crap that they're spewinging over there and giggling about it. they preach tolerance but they don't practice it. >> harris: i was going to say. if they felt that anybody were lgbt and this is how they treat that anybody they are a whole group of special hypocrites, the ignorant kind. jason chaffetz, thank you. hurricane ian is barreling toward florida and hurricane watches already in effect for tampa. and people there obviously are bracing for what could hit as a
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category 4 storm. we're watching this. we'll bring you into the fold on what's happening. plus democrats are right now facing an economic nightmare ahead of mid-terms. remember the number we started with? newt gingrich says people will vote with their wallets. >> as real americans they face prices at the gas station and prices at the grocery store. i think in the end they say this ain't working and vote against the democrats. >> harris: a new study shows how much money biden inflation as it's trending on twitter has cost you since the president took office. charles payne from the fox business family side is with me in "focus" next. hey, charles.
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enter>> president biden: i know i got criticized for going into the stockpile. guess what? gas prices are down. >> we're seeing gas prices down over $1.30. >> they've been falling for 96 days in a row. >> we've seen the gas prices go down. this is the work the president will continue to do to make sure we're lowering costs. >> harris: there has to be irony in the fact when he says stuff like gas prices are down he whispers it because he knows it won't be long-term. he is tapping those reserves like a drum. any way, the president boasting as recently as friday. but americans' pain at the pump is on the rise again. mid-term nightmare for democrats as gasoline prices are going back up. they've been doing so for the sixth straight day. the national average $3.72. it was just 2.39 when he took
8:20 am
office. the fed's aggressive rate hikes has economists saying a recession is inevitable. everyone knows we're in one now. okay, a new heritage foundation report shows biden-inflation really hurts. the average american has lost the equivalent of $4200 in annual income since president biden took office. charles payne host of making money on fox business. i remember the day when the reports came in, forbes, laugher yourself. we've had back-to-back quarters of backwards numbers, right? we know we're in a recession. maybe it's a small one, we don't know. it seems to be getting worse if they are acknowledging it. >> now doubt it is getting worse. the whole thing about time stamping the recession and when it began. eight people who figured that out and real life americans, you got millions of americans that will tell you they've been in recession for a long time. you talked about the 4200
8:21 am
number, 4200 lost since president biden has lost since he has been in office. it goes back to april. every month real wages have been down. real wages have been down every single month. so 3,000 of that 4200 comes from the fact our dollars don't go as far as they used to. give me more, doesn't matter. it doesn't go as far. the 1200 part is scary because it's just beginning. that is the recession side. the cost to borrow money. that's only going to go higher and higher. this number, this 4200 number will go much higher than it already is. >> harris: for many, many, many, many people it's far beyond their monthly take home, that 4200. not only have they lost the 12th month of a year not over that. they're already behind for next year. if it is still cooking hot you
8:22 am
lose another month's salary and you will have lost a quarter of pay at the end of two years. >> a lot of people will be in a depression. a lot of american families. i hate to talk about it like that but it's true. i was down in d.c. at a football game this weekend and every where i went people asked will it get worse? every single -- dozens of people asked me the same question. here is the thing, though. for some reason, president biden won't lift off the pedal. >> harris: what do you mean for some reason? he is painting the world with a green paint brush. he wants to go green politically. >> the pain is so unbearable. this bragging about taking out of the emergency oil supply. we have the potential hurricane ian coming ashore. we've been lucky. i keep telling people we've dodged these bullets. what happens when we get a couple of those? emergency oil.
8:23 am
the ability to refine oil. it all matters. you can't tap into it forever. it's the lowest level since 1984. he is admitting he is tapping into an emergency reserved designed for all americans to win and election. that's not economic policy. you're admitting we're trying to buy votes but with the security of your future. so we're in a tough situation. by the way, the dream of the american home is gone. the dream of owning a home in one year it's gone. >> harris: i've been reading people can't afford a home. what used to take them less than ten for a down payment will now take 20. >> it's over for most americans. >> harris: i want to see the dow jones. a lot of people say only rich people invest in all of that. it's a dismal day for wall street. most people get their retirement nest eggs from their jobs, 401ks this is hitting millions of americans. friday the dow tumbled again
8:24 am
closing at its lowest mark since november of 2020. remember what we were dealing with then? we didn't have a widespread vaccine. a lot was going on with covid-19 and then we saw the numbers and bounced back. the s&p hit bear market territory and the dow nearly joined them. the fed chairman said it would be painful to get inflation under that control. more rate hikes will come and keep coming until inflation is tamed. where is our soft landing that he promised? >> there won't be a soft landing. he admitted that last week when the bought am fell out of the market. one of the problems and why i go back to the white house. the federal reserve wants to stop the economy from growing. they want to stop inflation. >> harris: biden has the stop printing cash. mega spending. >> trillion dollars coming in for student loan forgiveness? you got a trillion dollars
8:25 am
coming in and the fed is trying to stop people from spending money. the fed has to come in with a hammer and beat that down. also the inflation that's already in the system. the food prices, gasoline going back up. they call that sticky, harris. it doesn't go away. once it goes up. once rent goes up it doesn't go down. >> harris: like a federal agency. once one forms you can't kill it. >> once rent goes up it never goes down. your wages can't keep up. when you get a raise you spend the money. it is a caldron. >> harris: i want something positive to come. what has to happen? i know people on the left don't want to say the name trump but you said before we had a mini recession at the end of the pandemic that we bounced back from. >> at the beginning of the pandemic we had the fastest bear market in history, the swiftest recession in history. the bottom fell out of the economy and guess what we had the fastest turnaround in the history of america mostly
8:26 am
organic. we printed money to help people when you top them from working but we let americans be americans. we let -- it's this right here you have a war on business and war on success. you put green energy above the average american. a different circumstance and it is desperate right now. >> harris: i always believe there is something great coming around the corner and there has to be. >> there is. this is so volatile right now and so dramatically moving to the downside. it will be oversold at some point. liens, the reason if fed wants to do that is people get broke. when you are broke you borrow money. >> harris: it is so cyclical. >> once we lose a million or 2 jobs, they think their job will be done. >> harris: charles payne, the truth hurts. >> it is sad. >> harris: we all want to know the truth. >> it didn't have to be this
8:27 am
bad. that's the saddest part. >> harris: people votes with their wallets. they might vote differently this fall. education huge mid-term issues. voters say it's the most important or a very important priority for them. republicans are telling parents they're the ones to look to if they're fed up with woke schooling. plus the biden administration blaming the border crisis on cash. but a former ice director is not having it. >> they know it. they inherited the most secure border. it is not a money issue, it's a policy issue. >> harris: charles, deems want to throw money at something else. the white house blaming republicans for their own policy fallout. senator marsha blackburn in "focus" next. home, you've got a big leg up.
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>> some counties have begun issuing evacuation orders or voluntary evacuations. people need to know the zone you're in. the florida national guard has activated 5,000 florida guardsmen and 2,000 additional from tennessee, georgia and north carolina activated to help. >> harris: governor ron desantis speaking moments ago giving us regular updates on all of this and we'll show you the highlights of all of those as they happen. as you know he has already declared a state of emergency for the entire state of florida. hurricane ian right now is still on track to make landfall on the gulf side of florida. fore casters are predicting it will get stronger before it hits florida's gulf coast. fox weather correspondent is in tampa now with the hurricane watch put into effect late last
8:34 am
night, nicole. >> harris, good morning. that's the case. unfortunately emergency sphinxs expect to have to evacuate more than 300,000 people in the tampa bay area alone as we watch hurricane ian go toward the gulf coast. officials asked people to take these orders seriously. we know it is florida and people who sometimes choose to shelter in place. you will hear the governor and every emergency official we've heard so far say please do not do that. they are even asking folks especially those who live right along the water in tampa bay, if you have a home that's here, please look for either a family or friend or a shelter, somewhere you can stay that is at least 20 miles inland. that's how much storm surge we're anticipating. more than 15 feet is what some officials are warning at this point in time. several days away from the
8:35 am
potential landfall of hurricane ian. those who have homes in the tampa bay area are taking it seriously since the weekend. video of people packing as many sandbags as they can into their cars, rushing to the grocery stores to get hands on water, batteries, food, medication, all the things that they might need if things get bad and stranded in their homes or need to evacuate if those ordered are issues. this is the time to get out. not to wait until thursday or friday when we could see this thing hit florida. >> harris: nicole, thank you very much. appreciate it. education is shaping up to be a major issue ahead of the mid-term elections. new survey shows 77% of people say it's very important to them. just 22% say not that important. house republicans understand that big number on the left. that 77%. and they made it a centerpiece
8:36 am
of their mid-term plan called the commitment to america. remember we showed you live when they rolled that out. a new opinion piece with this ex apt. amid of host of examples of school boards or administrators utterly refusing to be transparent, item one in the parents' bill of rights is essential. namely, the right to know what's being taught in schools and see reading material. parents, not the state, have primary authority for raising their children. and public schools serve rather than rule the parents. marsha blackburn of tennessee member of the judiciary and armed services committee. we have learned this lesson time and time again about the power of parents. >> oh, yes indeed we have. and you've got a lot of moms that are standing up, dads also. they are saying you aren't going
8:37 am
to teach this to my children. harris, they really woke up during covid and they were looking at what their children were being taught. how they were being handled and addressed over the zoom classes and they showed up at school board meetings. they took on the teachers union. they have been steadfast even though the f.b.i. called them domestic terrorists. just yesterday i talked to two women and one a grandma, one a mom. they're looking at running for the school board in 2024 because they are fed up with how the school board has addressed parents and grand parents who have gone to the meeting because they want the best for their children and they want them to be educated, not indoctrinated. >> harris: why would people take time away from jobs and watching their grandchildren in such a
8:38 am
tough economy if it were not for the caring, love and looking out for the children and grandchildren? what do politicians on the left think is happening? >> it is amazing to me that they aren't paying attention to this. we all want our children to be able to dream big dreams. it doesn't matter if it is the state of virginia, if it is san francisco, if it is wisconsin or tennessee. people are saying school boards, if they're not going to be responsive and pay close attention to what is caught in the curriculum they'll replace them. and they are going to make certain that teachers and teachers unions. we have great teachers, let me say. some of these teacher union policies are out of control and they are making it about themselves and not about the children that are in their care that are there to learn and get an education. >> harris: quickly glenn youngkin, the state of virginia won on this issue.
8:39 am
he was down double digits and in a short period of time came back and took out the incumbent democrat in virginia. your quick thoughts about him offering to go to other places where republicans are running and help them stump on this issue? >> i hope that he does. because parental rights, school choice, making certain that there is truth in the curriculum, being certain that children are not taught crt, it is important that parents know that their input is welcome. it is important for teachers and school boards to realize that parents have that first responsibility for educating and training those children. it is a big influencer in this election season. i hear from people every single day as i'm out and about across this state. >> harris: senator, you made the paint, we're necessary, not just welcome. the biden administration seeming
8:40 am
to finally admit there is a problem at the southern border with mexico. when questioned about potential security threats slipping into the country like a growing number of people on the terrorist watch list, here is what white house national security council spokesman john kirby had to say. >> we still have troops down there assisting border patrol officers to try to help them so they can focus on this. we asked for record levels of funding for dhs. there was no republican support for that. so we'll keep at this and we obviously want -- certainly encourage more support coming from the republican side for some of the things we're trying to do. >> harris: what is your reaction to that? >> i think mr. kirby is misinformed on this. he might want to do a quick check. republicans have supported giving the border patrol what they specifically asked for for about 30 years, a permanent
8:41 am
barrier. and then in places where you cannot have a barrier, give them the technology that is necessary to sur veil that border. also give them more agents and officers to handle the influx that they're seeing right now. but getting that wall up or barrier and having remain in mexico. not allowing this open border. not pretending that the border is secure when it is not, which is what this administration is doing. harris, what this does is cause people to look at it and say you have lost your moral authority on this issue because these people coming across this border are being subjected to drugs, to sex trafficking, they are physically, emotionally, sexually abused and you don't care about that. and when joe biden seems to say well, we're doing them a favor by keeping the border open, no you are not. you're ruining a lot of lives.
8:42 am
and then you lose that moral authority to go after people like china that is going after the uighurs, the genocide there. also iran with what is happening there and russia, with the conscription that they're carrying out on their own people in order to carry out this war in ukraine. >> harris: i wrote that down. you lose the moral authority on an issue. i was down at the border and i will talk about that next. senator blackburn, thank you so very much for being in "focus."enter >> good to join you. thank you. >> harris: we have some special programming this hour tomorrow. i recently went to the southern border to get a firsthand look at what people on the ground are facing. i went on a ride along both in the air and on the ground in the middle of the night to catch some of those gotaways with texas dps officials. my team shot hours of exclusive videos and interviews including a powerful discussion i had with a rancher who encounters dozens
8:43 am
of illegal immigrants on his property every single day. he says 24/7. all of it and a very special "the faulkner focus" america's border crisis tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern. take this journey with me. thank you. all right. speaker of the house nancy pelosi makes a surprise appearance at a new york music festival. but the crowd was a million miles away from giving her a standing ovation. plus a new poll reveals 56% of registered democrats want somebody else to run for president in 2024. not the man you see there who is in the office now. more and more of his friends are dodging questions about his political future. my name is joshua florence, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead.
8:44 am
you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody.
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>> harris: the president and his team like to say that they don't watch the polling. i have had many democrats tell me they should watch this. 56% of democrats and people who say they lean democrat say that they want somebody else to run in 2024. now even top democrats are
8:49 am
dodging questions on the issue. here is speaker nancy pelosi last week. >> president biden is the president of the united states. he did a great service to our country. he defeated donald trump. let's not forget that. i won't go into politics whether the president should run or not. >> harris: pelosi is not the only one being evasive. plenty of high-ranking democrats are avoiding to answer the question. power panel. david webb, show of the david webb show and leslie marshall are with us today. both knocks fuss contributors. good -- fox news contributors. we're in our pumpkin spice welcoming fall. >> i didn't get the memo. >> harris: david, why is this important? what is the focus? democrats will say -- i don't want to completely speak for leslie. she can speak for herself.
8:50 am
it is too early to be talking about this. >> it's critical because of what nancy pelosi said. president biden defeated donald trump but what else didn't she say? she couldn't really talk about inflation. they couldn't talk about the economy. she couldn't talk about a housing recession which is real no matter how much they try to redefine it. she couldn't talk about all the issues that voters will go to the polls on, which is are you better off now than you were two years ago? she goes back to a singular point and cannot give specifics. and people are starting to see this with the democrats that it's about policy failures. when you look at what's going on with crime in the communities, you have new orleans becoming the murder capital over st. louis. three looking to hire civilians to fill in where police cannot because they need more on the street. democrats have been telling us for years defund the police, reimagine the police. now they are trying to pretend they're for the police. it is really about the average
8:51 am
american citizen who is the victim, randomly or not, or knows a victim of a crime. when you look at cities like philadelphia, where dozens apparently according to the video of black youth run in and ransack a gas station there is a root problem there and it ties to the policies, the politics. there are breakdowns in the community let's be fair. people need to deal with this. but people are seeing the reality that they cannot really ignore any more no matter what politicians tell you. >> harris: i don't want to make this conversation about abortion but i want to say this to you, leslie. that issue has not polled as high even on the left among women now. it brought them out early with intensity, but it hasn't necessarily kept them. it is the economy. bill clinton said the economy, stupid. it is inflation. what do democrats do now? these numbers are pretty damming. >> it's one poll and second in the democratic cocktails parties
8:52 am
i've been to a few months ago people were concerned and talking about not wanting perhaps the president to run for re-election. i'm hearing much different and seeing much more confidence in the president by my side of the aisle despite this poll after two recent speeches. they feel he is strongers, numbers are ticking up and approval ratings are ticking up and legislation over the summer. abortion, it depends where. immigration is huge in states like arizona and texas, they are border states. colorado, however, abortion is the number two issue among voters, among latinos in new mexico a rising issue. >> harris: the aggregate is economy and inflation. >> 12% over men registered in ohio after the dobbs decision. i would say it depends on the district. some districts care. some states like colorado about abortion as a very strong issue. >> harris: that's fair as you look at politics being local.
8:53 am
we're talking about a big national look at this now. people are hurting when they go to the grocery store. i didn't want to make it all about that but i know it's something that democrats are trying to keep the women in the fold based on that one issue. it may not be enough. let's talk about some reactions that the speaker of the house got when she went recently reportedly at a new york music festival yesterday getting some boos. let's look. >> nancy pelosi. we know that climate change is a global crisis. but we can start addressing it. >> harris: david, maybe they wanted a little intro of a song from her. not expecting a political speech. >> i have to be frank about this. no matter what you do, a lot of people go to these festivals
8:54 am
don't want to hear from politicians. they're waiting for the next act to come up on stage. central park is a beautiful place. the weather was nice. the last thing you want to hear from is an 80-year-old amoral elitist to lecture you on something you're not there for. they may want to use the stage on climate change. a lot of people are there for the music and they don't care about nancy pelosi. but it also shows you the failure of the democrats and the tone deafness on what matters to voters. leslie talked about the cocktail parties. but then she deflects to the local races rather than the national view of a country that's in turmoil because of democrat policies that have harmed the economy and people drive to the grocery stores more often than they drive to the abortion centers. >> harris: quickly because we only have 20 seconds. leslie, why do you bring a california politician who is also speaker of the house twice to a music festival in new york?
8:55 am
>> accept for the disparaging remarks about her personal and the people in my party and legislation. if you're there to see metallica you want to rock on. you don't want to see a politician, democrat or republican. the guy that first tweeted the boos has a lot of charlie kirk following and hating president biden on his twitter page that i checked out. >> harris: thanks. try vicks sinex. unlike most sinus treatments it provides instant relief that lasts up to 12 hours. vicks sinex contains a powerful decongestant that targets congestion at the source. it relieves nasal congestion and soothes sinus pressure by reducing swelling in the sinuses. for instant relief that lasts up to 12 hours try vicks sinex. from vicks trusted relief for over 125 years. [sfx: relief breath] at newday usa we give veterans the va cash out loan
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♪ ♪ >> harris: hello, everybody, this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner here with my cohost, emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. also joining us today, sharon osbourne is here for the very first time. also excited to see sean duffy. it's going to be a great hour beer the president and the democrats are facing strong headwinds.


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