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tv   America Reports  FOX News  September 26, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> oh, kayleigh. >> she will be spectacular. she's a great artist, i adore her, and i think that everyone will love it. >> wow, everybody had an opinion on that one. oh, wow. this has been a fun hour, well come at your inaugural visit, loved having you sharon osbourne. thank you, "america reports" now. >> john: harris, thank you, we have so much we have to be on the air until wednesday to tell it to you all. 43 days to go to the midterms and focusing on two races gaining national attention. ramping up involvement in connecticut most competitive house district as democrats look to hang on to the slim majority in the house. republican house candidate in that district, george logan, will join us to discuss how he plans to flip that critical seat. >> jacqui: plus, we are continuing the focus on the three-way race for the oregon next candidate as betsy johnson,
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and why she's resonating with voters there. and glenn youngkin will talk about how he was propelled into the governor's mansion last year. >> this has developed into a big storm, that means the impacts will be far and wide. it will bring heavy rain, strong winds, flash flooding, storm surge, along with isolated tornado activity along florida's gulf coast. there is going to be an interruption of power, plan on that. understand that will happen. >> florida governor desantis warning people to prepare for the worst as hurricane ian inches closer toward the gulf coast of florida. hello, i'm john roberts, good monday to you. >> jacqui: good monday to you, john. i'm jacqui heinrich in for sandra smith. the hurricane's exact path is uncertain but what's clear is the storm is rapidly intensifying as forecasters warn it could strengthen into a
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category 4 system by the time it reaches florida. >> john: churning west of jamaica and south of cuba, expecting catastrophic damage. this as the national hurricane center says massive risk of a dangerous storm surge, strong winds and heavy rainfall along the florida west coast and on up into the panhandle. >> jacqui: governor desantis urging people to load up on fuel, medicine, groceries, as long lines are in the state. >> john: an area near st. petersburg, coastal flooding, as is most of florida, how are they preparing there? >> some are still soaking up the last few moments of good weather before things start to deteriorate. we are starting to see some evacuation orders go into effect. now, where we are in pinellas
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county, we are expecting those in the afternoon area. but in tampa, mandatory evacuations in places near the water, as well as some voluntary evacuations in other areas as well. preparations are underway, florida governor desantis has called up 5,000 florida national guard troops, 2,000 others called in from other parts of the country. reports of empty shelves in supermarkets and hardware stores, fuel shortages are a big concern, but governor desantis says stations are constantly being resupplied, no need to panic buy. restoring power and fuel supplies will be a top priority after the storm. schools here will be closed starting tomorrow, and some will be used as shelter as the storm bears down, taking boats out of the water, filling up sandbags and boarding up windows. one couple are applying protective sheets ahead of the storm, they have lived in the house for decades but never had a hurricane hit before. they don't know where they are going yet but told us they will likely be getting out.
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>> where are we going to go and what are we going to do, big question, ma -- mark. i'm a planner, i taught 38 years, so i plan. >> emergency officials say it's important to heed those evacuation orders, even first responders have to get out at some time. that means folks left behind who chose to ride out the storm will have no help if they need it. back to you. >> looks nice now, max. but that's going to change. thanks for the update, appreciate it. we'll get back to you. >> for continuing coverage, download the fox weather app or stream fox weather on any connected television device. >> president biden facing new signs of doubt from his own party. brand-new polling from abc news and the washington post showing just 35% of democrats favor biden for the 2024 nomination. fox team coverage starts right
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now. guy benson standing by to react, but begin with peter doocy live on the north lawn. what are you expecting from today's briefing? >> jacqui, it will be interesting to see how they explain something like this. the president -- the person who was the president's voice for a year and a half says the president may soon be a liability for his own party. >> i think that democrats, if the election is about who is the most extreme, as we saw, you know, kevin mccarthy touch on there with marjorie taylor green, i'll say her name, on the left side they will win, a referendum on the president they will lose, they know that. >> to that end, new poll finds 35% of democrats want president biden on their side of the ballot for 2024. white house officials are hoping to help biden out by making the midterms about women's rights as womens bet instead people will
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care more about the economy, immigration and education with some bold predictions from republicans about flipping both houses. >> send every bit of legislation that we promised to the president's desk and it's up to joe biden whether he works with us or whether he will play politics and veto those important bills to rein inflation, to ensure we have a safe country and secure the border, which is in freefall under biden's amnesty policies. >> the dynamics of shifting, both sides are trying to give voters a clear choice ahead of the midterms and we expect to hear more about the white house option, option d here in about ten minutes when karine jean-pierre briefs. jacqui. >> jacqui: incredible to hear that from jen psaki, for so long she was the biggest defender of the president. all right, thank you. >> john: guy benson, host of the guy benson show on fox radio, and jacqui's point, now that
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she's not spinning for the white house, jen psaki has some reasoned analysis. heard what she said whether or not it's a referendum of the president and what the democrats chances are. listen what she said about the vulnerability on crime. >> they also know crime is a huge vulnerability for democrats. one of the biggest vulnerabilities and if you look at pennsylvania, for example, what's interesting to me is it's always, you follow the money and where are people spending money. in pennsylvania, republicans have been spending millions against fetterman on crime ads, they see his vulnerability. >> striking candor from a woman who used to admit there is nothing to see her, there are no problems, guy. >> striking is the right word. she's right. sound analysis. but given what her role was for that long period of time as peter was mentioning, it is sort of eyebrow raising. she is admitting on national television that if the midterm
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election is a referendum on the president of the united states for whom she spoke and worked for a year and a half, if that's what the voters are deciding on, her party will lose. i can't argue with that, but to hear that coming from that source is definitely of interest, i would say. and it's one of the problems that the democrats really have facing november, what, a couple weeks from now, we'll have the election. i mean -- she talked about marjorie taylor green and the republicans and extremism. i don't think the democrats will be able to turn it into a referendum from back bencher from georgia very few have heard of, it's about the president, his policies, about his failures and that's why republicans are favorites to win the house at least in six or so weeks. >> john: you know, abc news washington post poll has some interesting insight in terms of who leads on the various issues. economy, republicans are way ahead.
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same thing with inflation, democrats are leading on abortion, crime, republicans way out in front. it's close on education in schools. climate change goes to the democrats. immigration is pretty much neck and neck. so guy, when you take a look at it, it looks like it's advantage republicans when you think about what's important to voters. >> sure, and there are people who care about any one or all of the above when we looked at all the issues. but poll after poll after poll, when the american people are asked what is the number one issue or top three issue for you, economy, inflation, crime, those are top tier issues, and the gop leading by double digits on all three of them. in that same poll among likely voters, republicans up five points on the generic ballot. in swing district, up almost 20 points, it's a small sample size, but it was a pretty devastating set of data for the democrats yesterday and see if the washington post poll turns
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out to be an outlier or too rosy for republicans or a building red wave, seemed to ebb over the summer maybe it's coming back. >> john: democrats are pushing crime and the economy right now. the president tried to get ahead of the crime issue, he knew it was a problem, and this speech at the end of august, listen to what he said. >> i'm opposed to defunding the police and also defunding the fbi. look, there's no greater responsibility for government than ensuring the safety of our people. >> john: he tried to throw the left overboard as hard as he could there, but are people going to buy it. >> no, the problem is the defund the police movement is squarely in his party. they are a growing and very vocal part of that party and he and his running mate indulged some of the insanity in 2020 when the political winds were blowing a different way. he said he, this is biden as a candidate saying he would be willing to transfer and redirect some police funds to other
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things. kamala harris urged her supporters to go and give money to bail out rioters from jail. now they are sprinting away from that like it never happened. but i think voters have a slightly longer memory than that. and incumbent on the opposition party to remind them, and weird agreeing with jen psaki this much, she's right, a big vulnerability of the democrats on the issue of crime in pennsylvania and elsewhere. >> john: just because it was so unbelievable and striking call four number four, play it one more time. >> if it is a referendum on the president, they will lose and they know that. >> guy, always great to see you. thanks for kicking us off today, appreciate it. some other amazing findings, the president's approval rating 39% and 56% of democrats say they want somebody else to run for president, not him in 2024. >> jacqui: that polling has been in the gutter for a year now, but just hearing that from jen
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psaki what strikes me is if democrats are aware crime is such an issue for them, why aren't they doing more about it. they should be bearing down on congress to get something done and you saw last week the progressives nearly tanked the police funding bill, you would think they would be having a hand in pushing them across. >> jacqui: the progressives hold a lot of sway and they are still for defunding the police. the abc poll, the advantage on crime, 52 to 38% in favor of republicans. that's not going to change. >> even if they have not been acknowledging the issues are real, the fact they know what they are is what's really impressive to me and stuff like education, pretended it's not an issue, saw what it did in virginia with glenn youngkin's race. >> john: we will put these questions to the governor of virginia as well as byron work in the next hour. >> jacqui: afghan evacuees were
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let into the u.s. without proper screening. now some republicans are accusing the fbi of hiding intelligence information to save face. florida congressman mike waltz with reaction. >> john: a wild chase at the southern border as cops stop another human smuggling attempt. how dangerous is it as hundreds of thousands get away from border patrol. >> since joe biden became president, over 900,000 got-aways. and here is a problem. a lot of the countries don't have criminal checks like the united states does. that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage... choose safelite. we can come to you and replace your windshield. >> grandkid: here you go! >> tech: wow, thank you! >> customer and grandkids: bye! >> tech: bye!
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>> john: u.s. lawmakers are concerned about possible terror threats due to a poor screening process during last year's chaotic withdrawal from
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afghanistan. iowa senator chuck grassley accusing the fbi of hiding mistakes, he writes the vetting is insufficient. >> jacqui: the white house is going with previous claims by saying no one was let in without being fully screened. mike waltz is joining us, congressman thanks for being with us. on the allegation the fbi is hiding things with the classification, any legitimate reason why they would need to classify it the way they did? >> hiding behind classification is one of the oldest games in washington. but i think it is one more piece of evidence that speaks to the total and utter and complete lack of a plan that the biden administration had when they made the withdrawal announcements. not only did we get the absolute debacle that was that withdrawal and the stain on many veterans, many veterans' consciousness and
10:19 am
veteran suicide and just moral injury through the roof as a result of it, but look, it's -- we got the wrong people out in terms, we don't know really all of these folks that we got out and then we left 75,000 of the right people behind. and i think the biggest thing, and that we are pointing to with the fbi is there's a fingerprint database. every bomb, every ied, every weapon that we knew were in bad guys' hands we pulled the fingerprints off. we were fingerprinting many taliban. was that compared appropriately with all of these people jumping on planes and that seems to be what they are sitting this classification piece on. >> john: i remember a little more than a year ago suggesting the people might not have been vetted properly because they were pouring on the tarmac. >> no planning. >> john: and i got a nasty email back from the white house how
10:20 am
dare you say that and the dhs inspector general on the 6th of this month said we determined some information used to vet evacuees through databases, name, date of birth, travel document data was inaccurate, incomplete or missing. also determined cbp admitted or paroled evacuees not fully vetted into the united states. and appendix to the report, they basically ripped the inspector general saying you don't know what you're talking about. >> and then oh, by the way, we are not going to explain, but put behind classification rules. at the end of the day, a lot of maneuvering and smoke and mirrors for the utter failure that this withdrawal was. >> john: so what's the real threat that we are facing? can we quantify it? >> i don't think we really know. and that's what's so alarming,
10:21 am
that's what we have to get to bottom of. and a lot of people should be concerned, i am as well, but we still have to get the people that stood with us and stood with our values for so many years out. right? and we can't let one cloud the issue for the other. >> jacqui: i want to turn to the protests in tehran and the president said they need to deal decisively with the protests, it's a strong threat coming. any situation you would see the u.s. intervene in something like that and do you think our language around what we are seeing in iran is at all tempered because of these nuclear talks we have been trying to get -- >> absolutely. the rhetoric right now matters. what we can't have is a repeat of 2009 when the obama administration basically said and did nothing with the revolution then and the protests in iran were subsequently crushed. i think the administration should be loud and forceful
10:22 am
where women are thriving in these societies and girls are educated, you don't have an extremist problem and as malala said, the thing they fear the most is a girl with a book. i think joe biden has the worst human rights record of any modern american president. look at afghan girls and women, what's hang there. look at uyghur women, over a million in concentration camps. the southern border, human trafficking, and cuba, two uprisings, 0 silence from the white house. with he cannot have that again in iran. >> john: not too long ago, a 22-year-old woman was beaten to death in the custody of the morality police in iran because she was not properly wearing the hijab, the head scarf. the suggestion is the united states should dramatically change its policy toward iran over this, and do everything it can to support the protests there because if nothing happens it's going to get crushed again.
10:23 am
>> sanction the hell out of those responsible john, and open the internet and keep it open. elon musk is trying to put star link in place, he needs help from the state department and sanctions to get the terminals in. we should be opening the internet, sanctioning the hell out of the regime, and the last thing we should be doing is pouring billions in because of we are just desperate to get back to this iran deal and oh, by the way, they are still holding americans hostage as we speak and trying to assassinate american officials. what's it going to take for this administration to say enough and start going back to maximum pressure? >> the treasury department did announce some loosening of the sanctions to help with the internet issues. they don't crack down on communications there, protestors are organized. >> we have to get the terminals in, what we did in ukraine. >> jacqui: we'll be watching. overnight drone strike in the southern ukrainian city of odesa
10:24 am
is parking massive fire and explosion. president zelenskyy says the ukrainian forces have shot down several iranian drones that russia is using to launch recent attacks. trey yingst is live, what is the latest on the protests inside russia now? >> good afternoon, pressure is increasing on vladimir putin as the anti-mobilization protests sweep across his country. on the battlefield, ukrainian forces are making significant territorial gains but the war is intensifying. and the russians are throwing more soldiers into the fight. >> uri digs through the rubble of his home, looking for photos of his child. homeless, we became homeless, the 44-year-old farmer said. the destruction across eastern ukraine is mounting as new scenes of devastation are uncovered. russian troops have lost more than 17,000 square miles of
10:25 am
territory they captured since the end of march. and russian president vladimir putin is forcing more untrained soldiers into the fight. under his new partial mobilization orders. though with low morale and experience, they are expected to be used as cannon fodder. the ukrainian president encouraging the new soldiers this weekend to flee, surrender, or die. if you come to take the lives of our children, zelenskyy says, i will tell you as a father, we will not let you go alive. in occupied areas of ukraine, voting is still underway, a sham referendum about joining russia. polling is expected to finish by tomorrow, though even some of russian's closest allies, including serbia, have refused to recognize the results. amid the referendums about annexation, tensions remains high. over the weekend, ukrainian president zelenskyy said he
10:26 am
takes p utin's nuclear threats very seriously, he sees no prospects for peace on the horizon. jacqui. >> jacqui: thanks so much. >> john: wild video showing a human smuggler veering off the side of the road trying to get away from the police. a sight border patrol officials say is far too common. live from the border in moments. >> jacqui: just weeks to go to the midterms, both sides are focussing spending on tight house races, including a seat in connecticut. george logan will join us on how he is centering his campaign on tackling inflation. >> americans face crime in the street, they face crisis at the gas station, the grocery store and start facing layoffs. i think in the end they say this ain't working and they vote against the democrats. problem.
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>> john: florida deputy is dead after being hit by -- sorry, sorry, ad libbing, yeah, there -- wake up, john. dow down 339 at the moment. you know what it probably was, looking at everybody's 401(k), speechless, could not talk. minus 341, close to the 29,000 mark which is a shock to anybody who would keep anybody speechless, no question about that. >> jacqui: a florida deputy dead after being hit by a front loader while working traffic at a construction site and an illegal immigrant operating the piece of equipment is being charged in his death. all this as we are seeing more large crossings at the southern border in texas where human smuggling is becoming a growing crisis. alexis mcadams is in eagle pass
10:32 am
for us. what are you seeing there? >> we saw another group moving through again this morning and they were taken in by officials out here from border patrol, but going back to that migrant who is now arrested and charged in connection with the sheriff deputy's death, he's been in the united states at least two times, crossing one time here in eagle pass, texas. take a look on the screen, now behind bars and this is his mug shot from florida, now held on $500,000 bond and charged with leaving the scene of the fatal crash. this after investigators say he ran over a sheriff's deputy with a front loader truck and took off. deputy hartwick was killed, a 19 year veteran of the sheriff's department. police are trying to find out why molinas salas was there without the proper i.d. and he was there to make sure the crew was safe.
10:33 am
he got out of the car, investigators say the man ran him over, then hid in the bushes for nine hours before he was arrested. >> he told the other construction worker he had just killed a deputy and took off his hat and his vest, traffic vest, handed it to him, told him to hide it, get rid of it. >> police found him and he was arrested. this comes as smuggling cases are surging, jacqui. new dash cam video by texas dps, shows a smuggler riding until his wheels fell off and then crashing into the fence. in the back of the truck, seven migrants, each one jumping out as the troopers chased them down. >> you have i.d.? no? not with you? >> once the migrants get into the united states, some are being smuggled around the country and on these private planes just on friday, texas dps found 19 migrants on a private plane. they were from central america and in the you state for a few
10:34 am
weeks at a stash house. this is the fourth bust at a private airport in texas just this month. back live, jacqui, who is chartering the planes n we are told by dps it's the cartel, even though the illegal activities in the united states, they have contacts here they have do their dirty work, depending how much the migrants are willing to pay. >> jacqui: incredible. thanks, alexis. >> john: political groups from both sides of the aisle are ramping up spending in connecticut, a slight edge to joanna hayes, but the republicans believe it's the best chance to flip a house seat in new england. we have invited logan on, and she has not responded to a request. george, good to talk to you. in your first ad you were standing beside a box saying you don't fit into the box of the
10:35 am
"typical republican." expand on that. >> sure. the democrat leadership in connecticut is trying to put me in a box in terms of trying to shape the way that folks view republicans in the state and put me in the box. i don't fit that box. what i'm doing here, looking to lower costs and to make our community safer. i'm focused on those items and the democrat leadership in connecticut, they are stooping to racist tactics to try to win the election, it's terrible. >> john: this happened back in may, connecticut democrats launched an attack on you, written in the former of a curious george story, seen as racially insensitive at best, straight up racist at worst. what was your take on it? >> no, absolutely. they used the same cadence and they, you know, actually would not take down the social media post until democrats and republicans throughout the state decried it and they were forced
10:36 am
to take it down. they are willing to do anything to remain in power and to keep the seat. that's why it's so important we raise the resources that we have to get our message out and to win this seat back and flip the house of representatives and get rid of nancy pelosi as speaker once and for all. >> john: just so we are clear on that, do you believe it was a racist attack? because it's always the democratic party that's the first to pull the racism card. >> the democratic party is only concerned about maintaining power and staying in power, and use whatever tactics are necessary, including racist tactics, and clearly this is a racist tactic that they were using it backfired on them. and they said folks would only vote from me because i'm black. that came from my opponent, her surrogates throughout the state, they are worried, they are hammering me with negative false attack ads and we have to have enough to get our message out to win this seat back. >> john: in terms of issues, which are very important to people, take a look at where the democratic party and the
10:37 am
republican party fare, according to a new abc news washington post poll, republicans leading on the economy, inflation, democrats on abortion, republicans leading on crime, fairly close in education and schools. democrats lead on climate change and then immigration is pretty much neck and neck there. your opponent, jahannah hayes, won with more than 50% of the vote. you have an uphill battle, but according to polling a lot on your side. >> affordability, cost of goods and services are high. my opponent has supported the massive spending packages. look at crime, we need to secure our southern borders. my opponent has been mum on that. increase in crime in the district and fentanyl as well, coming across the border. it has only led to disastrous results to families and seniors in connecticut. >> the strongest issue for democrats is the abortion issue,
10:38 am
and you oppose a federal ban on abortion. lindsey graham came out with the 15-week bill, now being used by democrats to say see what's going to happen, if republicans take control. so you would rather leave it to the states. so my question to you is a lot of these states will have certain restrictions, a lot will have bans on abortion, but some will have no restrictions. are you comfortable with letting the states decide? >> look, my role as a congressman will be to follow the laws of the land and the supreme court are the ones who decide and they chose to leave it up for that decision. >> are you, george, comfortable with the state allowing the state that has no restriction on abortion right up to the moment of birth to go ahead and do whatever it wants? >> i am comfortable with running for congress to represent the fifth congressional district in connecticut. and i believe a woman should have the right to choose as long as it's safe, legal and rare.
10:39 am
i do not support late term abortions, do not support abortions up to the day before birth and also believe in parental notifications and those are what i'm going to support in washington. >> john: george logan, good to spend some time with you. we'll keep watching the race closely, appreciate your time. >> remember, george logan for i need the support in order to win the seat back. >> john: see you soon, good luck in the race. one of the big arguments, if you are not for a federal ban on abortion, and 15 weeks, what does. >> jacqui: and democrats are painting republicans who support a limit as being extreme, and warning that this could mean a ban. but they are dodging every question over well, are you comfortable supporting no limits? because 39 weeks, i mean, that's extreme, and they don't want to touch that. so it's just very interesting. >> john: it's a good question to ask every candidate who comes
10:40 am
on. >> jacqui: a major hurdle in the way of president biden's biggest push for more electric vehicles on the road. that's in addition to the challenges that many e.v. drivers are facing. >> john: and the plan to save the planet from future asteroids from hitting the earth. nasa's first test tonight. >> if we find an asteroid to hit on earth that we can move it and avoid the fate of the dinosaurs. 12 irresistible new subs... like #11 subway club. piled with turkey, ham and roast beef. this sub isn't slowing down time any time soon. i'll give it a run for its money. my money's on the sub. it's subway's biggest refresh yet. i just always thought, “dog food is dog food” i didn't really piece together that dogs eat food. as soon as we brought the farmer's dog in, her skin was better, she was more active. if i can invest in her health and be proactive, i think it's worth it. visit
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♪♪ >> john: hey, i'm a pat benatar fan, but here is even a picture of me and pat benatar from back in the day, but shouldn't that be aerosmith music?
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nasa hours away from an attempt to change an asteroid course, a spacecraft will collide with a harmless target, they say, hoping to adjust the asteroids flight path and flying through space about 7 million miles away from earth, hopefully it will stay out there, and not pose any threat. but you know, these things sometimes have a habit of going wrong. it's like the asteroid was not on a collision course with earth until we knocked it out of its orbit. >> jacqui: i hope they get the kinks worked out, you would like for them to have all of this sort of figured out if there is one that is headed our way. it's never been done before. >> john: good luck tonight, hope you hit it. >> jacqui: the department of
10:46 am
energy is warning there might not be enough charging stations for the green energy push, and electric car r owners could face long lines. kelly, what other problems might come out of this? >> good to see you, jacqui. a number of issues, and around charging causing a lot of the consumer skepticism. 61% of drivers not committed to getting an e.v., how long do you have to wait when you find a station, and long lines across the country even in green strong holds like california. not everyone can charge at home, so public stations fill up quickly. most ports offer an l2 charges, on average 4 to 6 hours for a full charge, different than a quick stop to get gas. beyond that time needed to charge an e.v., there are not enough stations. currently there are roughly 51,000 charging stations. the biden administration is targeting 500,000 by 2030.
10:47 am
that means we are about 450,000 short right now. finally, you have the lines because of charger reliability, and talking to drivers it can be common to discover the chargers are broken, credit card machines are not working or a part is unavailable with little explanation. in the san francisco bay area of all places, a recent study found 23% of fast chargers were not functioning and 5% did not have a ca i belble to reach an e.v. tesla is reliable, but others are unclear, is it the charging company, the shopping center, the apartment building responsible for it. 900 million to 35 states, but it does not inspire confidence and time equals money. if you don't have the ability to charge at home, don't bother, the feeling right now. >> jacqui: thanks so much.
10:48 am
john. >> john: just about six weeks to go until this year's midterms, virginia governor glenn youngkin is not on the ballot, he is on the campaign trail with his fellow republicans, he joins he at the top of the hour what he thinks is most on voter's minds. >> jacqui: and hurricane ian is intensifying and could reach category 4 strength by the time it makes landfall in the state. the latest on the storm's track coming up. all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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>> jacqui: a court hearing held in fiji for a tennessee man accused of killing his wife on their honeymoon. he allegedly bludgeoned her to death in july. he pled guilty but changed his plea to not guilty. let's bring in criminal defense attorney, thank you for your time today. a fascinating case because he has not only changed his guilty plea, but also alleging his constitutional rights have been violated. tell us about that. >> yeah, it's really interesting. he's crying about his rights being violated. what he's not crying about is who killed his wife, if it's not him. this is a really fascinating case and i'm not one to
10:53 am
typically rush to judgment but even at this early stage the facts are stacked against bradley dawson. i mean, the crime itself took place in a very remote, fiji is remote, but a resort inside fiji, he's not the one with found her or contacted the authorities and in fact, after this incident happened he put himself in a kayak with his passport and 1,000 bucks and headed to who knows where. so the hearing is whether he should be granted bill, and one of the criteria is, is he a flight risk. and if i were the judge in the case, resounding yes and deny bail for the second time for bradley dawson. >> jacqui: the last hearing he had the judge in fiji rejected three character witnesses he brought about to try to say you know, i should be out on bail. he was pretty strongly worded in his rejection saying one of them is out on bail, one of these
10:54 am
character witnesses is out on bail himself on sexual assault allegations, and the other two don't even know how they got to the island. talk about that and whether the judge's last rejection is any indication of how this might go today. >> it absolutely is an indication how it might go today. nothing has changed and one of the points the judge brought up, like again here in the united states, if you are going to be out on bail and you need somebody to sponsor you, that person or people should be responsible law abiding citizens to help ensure that you remain law abiding. but in bradley dawson's case, one of his so-called sponsors is currently on bail for some sort of felony sex offense. that's like the fox guarding the hen house and no wonder the judge says sorry, that's not going to fly. another thing the judge rejected, he's claiming he's the sole financial support for his mother, his mother needs him, how is he going to earn money on
10:55 am
bail in fiji, that is a mystery and that he needs medication. and i'm sure he can be helped with that. unless something comes up in the hearing, it should be another floot out rejection of his bail argument. >> and the law is not even really working in his favor. in fiji, the presumption in favor of bail is void if there were domestic violence allegations. you would not think he would stand any chance. >> and let's not forget this woman was brutally bludgeoned to death and he's right now the only potential suspect. so, he's going to remain behind bars in fiji if i were a betting woman, that's what i would say. >> jacqui: thanks so much, we'll be watching. >> john: coming up new at 2:00, chaos in portland from the homelessness crisis to rampant crime. talk to an oregon governor candidate who says she had to leave the democratic party over of the soft on crime policies.
10:56 am
plus, your money and your kids. republican governor glenn youngkin says it comes down to those two issues. he will be here in moment. plus, byron york pushing europe and retired general keith kellogg on putin's nuclear threats. what should the u.s. do. all of that and more as "america reports" rolls on. at newday usa we give veterans the va cash out loan with no upfront costs for an appraisal or termite inspection. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank.
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>> john: flew at 2:00. >> new at 2:00 this monday, pressure mounting, one of the most sought-out politicians not even on the ballot. glenn youngkin is helping fellow republicans and will join us live in just moments. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. john roberts, good to spend monday with you. >> jacqui: thanks for having me, john. i'm jacqui heinrich in for sandra smith. about this time last year youngkin made it a point to listen to parents and eventually took their concerns to the governor's mansion and


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