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tv   America Reports  FOX News  September 26, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> john: flew at 2:00. >> new at 2:00 this monday, pressure mounting, one of the most sought-out politicians not even on the ballot. glenn youngkin is helping fellow republicans and will join us live in just moments. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. john roberts, good to spend monday with you. >> jacqui: thanks for having me, john. i'm jacqui heinrich in for sandra smith. about this time last year youngkin made it a point to listen to parents and eventually took their concerns to the governor's mansion and many of
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the same issues are clearly on voter's minds. >> the economy definitely is the issue. >> between inflation with every, like prices of everything going up, especially rent and gas. >> reproductive rights is like my top issue. >> the big thing is the border policy, that's awful. >> i think there needs to be a crackdown on crime. >> our educational system, with the kind of education problems we are having, the focus, seems to be on far more than what it should be, it's not on the usual reading, writing, arithmetic. >> even more worried about the young families. how can they have the gas what it is and the price of meet. >> the food is expensive, everything is going crazy, and stressed out. >> john: an issue across america. virginia governor glenn youngkin. start off by saying democrats had been closing the gap in the generic preference poll but republicans seem to have found some new momentum in recent
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days. this new commitment to america that kevin mccarthy unveiled last week, do you believe that is the prescription for victory for the republicans in november? >> i do believe that we need to focus on common sense solutions to these kitchen table issues that voters across america are expressing as you just shared, we saw it in virginia last year, of course the democrats want to talk about things that really aren't what is affecting people every day. and it is, inflation, and cost of living, it's crime, education, it's the reality that the border is a national security crisis that's impacting all states. virginia is a border state because of the fentanyl overdoses we are dealing with. these are the most important issues that i think the republican candidates are showing that we have common sense solutions to and as i've traveled around the nation and had a chance to visit with
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republican governor candidates, what we are also able to demonstrate is that states run by republican governors have outperformed states run by democrat governors in an extraordinary rate. economic development, outcomes in schools, small business growth. the reality, of course, is that even a state like virginia, where under the previous democrat leadership there were 47th in the nation in job recovery coming out of the pandemic and in the last eight months, we have rocketed up to a top 20 state in job recovery. common sense solutions to the most important issues. >> john: you said what's important are issues that people deal with on the day-to-day basis. the democrats would argue abortion is an issue that many women in america deal with on a day-to-day basis and incredibly important for them. put up on the screen the latest poll how republicans and democrats are against each other. economy, republicans clear read. inflation, republicans lead.
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abortion flips around. democrats have about the same percentage and then on down through crime, education, schools, climate change and immigration. republicans need to make this election about bread and butter issues. because the abortion issue from the democrats is what closed the gap over the long summer holiday. what can the republicans do in the next six weeks to try to stretch that lead back out again? it was a blood bath for the republicans against the democrats until that dobbs decision came out. >> let me begin with the fact that even in my election last year, my opponent tried to make the entire election about abortion. and of course, it's not something that i shied away from, i mean -- virginians elected a pro life governor. of course the reality is that my opponent and the left liberal democrats are the ones with the extreme views. it is extreme to promote abortion all the way up through
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and including birth, paid for with taxpayer money and in virginia, they expressed fewer abortions as opposed to more and up through birth is radical, and i think americans believe that as well and that's the message that republican candidates need to carry clearly. you are 100% right. as we head into the november 8th election, and by the way, in virginia, we are in early voting, voters are focussing on the issues they care most about, and pocket book issues and run away inflation that really represents the failed biden presidency when it comes to managing our economy, crime, which represents the fundamental belief from progressive libels that you bring fewer resources as opposed to more resources and guess what, crime goes up, and education, education as everyone is back in school, taking its place as a top issue. we saw it in virginia, and let be clear.
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parents matter. it's not a republican versus democrat issue, this is a parent issue, and we will see education play a huge role in the outcome of this election. >> john: come back to crime you mentioned a moment ago, my colleague, katie pavlich, she goes on the next door app and what's happening in her neighborhood and then -- >> defunding the police has to happen, we need to defund the police. >> yes, i support the defund movement. >> talking about the reduction of our nypd budget. >> not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle. >> john: that was the far left of the left, no question about that. president biden has tried to say no, i'm not for defunding the police, i'm for funding the police, but do they basically own what the members of the squad said? >> i think they have to, and the reality, when we speak with community leaders in communities
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that are really suffering a dramatic escalation in violent crimes, they want more police on the street, more prosecutors in order to keep people in jail, and oh, by the way, they would like more activities for their children so their kids have positive things to do, and those are the kinds of things we are pressing for forward with in virginia. we see a dramatic gap between full staffing and current staffing in almost every police agency, and this has to be the primary goal is to reestablish full staffing and full funding for training and equipment and personnel and that's got to be our first step in making communities safer, that's what we are doing in virginia. >> john: like all polls, the abc washington post poll, a popularity contest as well. biden as approval rating is 39%, disapproval is 53%, and biden has in the past linked himself
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to the democratic party. listen how he put it. >> i am the democratic party right now. the platform of the democratic party. >> not according to harris. >> what i in fact approved of. >> john: given the poll numbers, that's the thing republicans could put on a loop. >> and i think republicans are. i mean, the reality is that we are going to see joe biden's perception from voters, reflected in how they vote and let's just be real. inflation is at a 40-year high, we are seeing the economy all of a sudden be forcibly stalled in order to combat it, we have challenges in our schools where we have had dramatic learning losses and kids have suffered because of unforced shuttering of schools by democrats, all over the nation, we are seeing high crime, and oh, by the way, voters are asking one basic question, which is why would i support any of that? when in fact there are common sense solutions to all of these
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issues and that's what republican governors have demonstrated they are doing, and that's where the republican congressional candidates and senate candidates are promising that they are going to stand up and press forward with. >> john: so the former press secretary for president biden, jen psaki, has become remarkably candid since she left the white house. she was on "meet the press" yesterday saying here is the choice that voters have and here is what it means for democrats. how she put it. >> if the election is about who is the most extreme as we saw, you know, kevin mccarthy touch on there with marjorie taylor green, i'll say her name, they will win. if it's a referendum on the president they will lose. >> you are known as a trump candidate, tacked hard toward the middle to mange sure you did not alienate all the moderate voters, and -- what do you say
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so some candidates in the republican party who do many people do look like they are on the extreme end of things? >> i first say that candidates need to recognize that they have to stay true to who they are, and that's one of the things i was able to do last year is establish a platform and run consistently on it for the entire campaign and then oh, by the way, deliver on it when i was elected. i also think it's really important for candidates to recognize this is not an or moment, it's an and moment. we brought together forever trumpers, and not because we said anything different but fully engaged with the common sense solutions to these critical issues. people want candidates and
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elected officials who represent getting things done and the success in virginia and translating a campaign platform into real success i think only furthers the idea that common sense solutions are ones people can believe in and that's what republicans are running on this year. >> john: governor, you are at g3 community services, a charity which works toward strengthening the family. you have made it a point as virginia governor, you don't need to take your gubernatorial salary, you have been donating your salary to various causes in the first quarter, you donated to first responders counseling, donated to a veterans group, why did you choose this to donate to? >> g cube is what we think the future of education needs to reflect. the ability to have nonprofits and along with business
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interests working with the public school system to provide alternative tracks and what of course g cube does is provide computer science training and coaching and oh, by the way, credentials, in everything from core coding, all the way through to virtual reality, and here we have public school kids across the entire school district able to participate and chart a different path and maybe they will go to work right away, maybe they won't need to go to college and incur 70, $80,000 in debt, maybe they can stack their education along the way with the great employer, but this is the future of virginia's education, multiple pathways for kids, computer science an important one. >> john: governor glenn youngkin, appreciate it. >> always great to be with you and appreciate you letting me join you. >> john: see you again soon. so really is going to be a battle here between ideas, you
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know, it's about protecting democracy as they say, and abortion on the democratic side and all the bread and butter issues, education, crime on the republican side. >> jacqui: what's interesting to me, get into the guts of the poll, biden gets some points on people believing he's effective getting things done, even though he has low numbers, but giving him some credit for getting stuff done and the fact the campaigns are not using that to their advantage, they are not campaigning on these issues, makes me wonder what the reason is and my only guess, people cannot feel the climate spending, not bringing down the cost of cars or food at the grocery store, they can't feel -- >> john: decreasing. >> can't feel -- the factories will not be out for a few years, will not bring down the costs of cars for a few years and leaning on what people can feel, the threat their reproductive rights are compromised and that kind of thing. >> john: effective so far, see
11:14 am
how long they can make it effective. crime across the country, will it make the difference in voters' minds. >> jacqui: so much of a focus on congress, don't discount the governor's races. a long time democrat got so fed up with her party she's running as independent. >> john: our nation's top diplomat pushing back on vladimir putin and his threats to go nuclear. meowners, need ca? with the newday 100 loan, there are no upfront costs for appraisal or termite inspections. no upfront costs at all to get the cash you need. veterans get more at newday. >> tech: at safelite, we take care of vehicles with the latest technology. we can replace your windshield ...and recalibrate your safety system. >> customer: and they recycled my old glass. >> tech: don't wait. schedule today. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ i'm ben affleck and i want to thank you for joining me and supporting paralyzed veterans of america. i joined the navy to serve my country as a navy seal.
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>> jacqui: hurricane ian rapidly intensifying as it heads toward the florida coast. it could be a category 4 by the time it hits the tampa area, the worst in a century. kelly, what is the latest on
11:20 am
ian's path? >> you are right. ian is going to become a category 4, but here is the kicker. it is not all about the category of the storm. the real story for tampa is instead going to be the storm surge. 58 mile per hour winds, moving to the northwest around 13 miles per hour, central pressure 976. currently undergoing the rapid intensification. western cuba, 120 mile per hour winds and then yes, near tampa as a major hurricane. that's wednesday morning. this line here with 140 mile per hour winds. but, the closest it's going to get to tampa, it will eventually not become a major hurricane anymore. in fact, closer to a category 2. but it's not all about the category of a hurricane. that only accounts for the wind. does not take into account the storm surge, and the risk of
11:21 am
flooding and tornado risk. after that, we will see some rapid weakening as it starts nearing areas like georgia. here is the fox model thshgs is exclusive to us here at fox weather, showing the wind field. notice, look how giant the windshield is. so much larger than the forecast cone we are just showing you, wednesday at 3:00 in the morning. you can see the hurricane strength winds moving along the west coast, but i also want you to focus inland. folks, it's not just a coastal event. all of florida will be impacted by this. a lot of florida seeing those 40 to 50 mile per hour wind gusts. we are talking widespread power outages. peak storm surge will be the worst for tampa. some areas seeing up to ten feet. back to you. >> jacqui: for continuing coverage of hurricane ian, download the fox weather app or stream fox weather on any connected tv device. >> john: our nation's top
11:22 am
diplomat says the united states has told russia to stop the loose talk about using nuclear weapons. >> it's very important that moscow hear from us and know from us that the consequences would be horrific and we have made that very clear. >> jacqui: retired lieutenant general keith kellogg, former national security advisor to vice president mike pence, and appreciate your time. we have been hearing about the nuclear rhetoric from the kremlin for months now and we have been hearing from the biden administration that if they do something there is going to be a response, the president used the language in kind at one point. is it reasonable to assume if russia uses nukes, the u.s. would respond in kind militarily. >> no, if the russians use a nuclear weapon, it's a low yield, not a mega ton weapon,
11:23 am
and my advise is different than jake sullivan, you don't respond. because the condemnation of the world and even the chinese will not buy into it, and the fallout would be massive. a chance if he does something like that, i can the world will rebel and i think you reset for the next generation what nuclear warfare looks like and also in the military. but i think you almost have to drive him to that point and that is almost sounds counter intuitive. but i think we have to push putin to a point where he has to make that decision, and what i mean by that, is when you look at what's happening in europe with what's and the war in ukraine, the largest war since 1945, thousands killed, billions spent, he's had to go back and mobilize his reserves, 300,000 he has brought in there. war is a province of risk and opportunity, tempered by personal -- you drive him to a
11:24 am
nuclear exchange, the opportunity is massive. and i would tell the president, this is the time you go for the throat. you basically say we are going to, and you tell putin, we are going to kill, help ukraine kill the russian army in ukraine and that includes crimea, drive them out. shatter the russian army. it puts him in position, ok, are you going to do something or not and accept the fact he may shoot a low yield nuclear weapon into ukraine at some time. i think the entire world, and the chinese are not really happy right now, would respond toit, his generals would respond toit, and changes the nature of everything we are talking b it has to be forced. >> john: it's russian military doctrine to use the low yield nuke, what's to stop him from firing off another or another or another, and it could be world war iii. it might even be with one.
11:25 am
>> you are looking at that, anybody who is reasonable, and i mean that in the military, and that includes the russian military, chinese military, u.s. military, we understand the damage mega -- >> john: he's under so much pressure globally. why would upping the pressure any more back him down? >> i believe internal pressures of russia would force a change out there before they go to a global nuclear exchange, and that's what you are talking about. you put a nuclear weapon of the mega ton range, you are using counter force, cities, and brought the whole world into a nuclear war. i don't think he's going to do that. i think he realizes you can only go so far, but call his bluff. i don't think he's got it. i think we keep responding to him to his comments, and it's almost like it's a bluff. you keep responding, you are never going to solve the problem
11:26 am
with russia, never solve it with ukraine and you can reset the whole battlefield for the future. is it risky, like i said before, of course it's risky and takes a lot of personal courage to do it. i'm not sure we have it but he is that the attitude right now. >> jacqui: you see it as president biden is in position he has to choose between the cuban missile approach and hiroshima approach. >> you look at how john kennedy did and krushchev during potential nuclear exchange with cuba. he backed up a bit, he had an interlockutore with his younger brother, and we don't have anybody at the table to talk to the russians, but he knew if we went to thermal nuclear war it was really bad and said let's try to avoid it as best we can. >> john: always a thing best avoided. >> i agree. >> john: see how it plays out. always good to get your take on
11:27 am
it, thanks. >> jacqui: crime and midterms, what impact on scenes like this for voters. >> john: talk to a long time democrat who says her party has gone way too soft on crime. so, she is running for governor as an independent. times in amery - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira, and silver brochure. with rosland, there are no gimmicks, no hassles... and they have fast, reliable shipping.
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>> john: breaking out of chicago, at least two people rushed to the hospital after shots were fired inside a police station, a suspect in custody. one person was critically wounded and a police officer is in stable condition. just moments ago, peter doocy asked the white house at the briefing about crime in u.s. cities. listen here. >> does president biden think america's big cities are safe? >> it is not a yes or no question. it is very much a question of what has he done, that's how we see the question, is what has he done to make sure that cities, does not matter if it's a big
11:33 am
city or small city, a red state or a blue state. what matters is that we have the funding and we have done the work, put the policy forward to make sure that these cities, whether it's big or small, have what they need to protect their community and that's what this president has done. again, without the help of republicans. >> sandra: crime, of course, on many voters minds as the midterms near. laura has more from the new york city newsroom, hi, laura. >> hi, jacqui. a new poll sunday shows crime is a more urgent issue as we get closer to the midterms, every day brings a new list of crimes in major cities, including here in new york where police are on the lookout for two individuals who yanked a $35,000 watch right off of a man's wrist last month. the nypd working a brazen shooting on the lower east side, a 35-year-old smoke shop clerk was shot in the torso and arm
11:34 am
last night after confronting three robbers. then in chicago, an attack on the city's red line so brutal that local activists say it is one of the reasons they are preparing to start patrolling on their own due to the lack of policing on public transportation, and will start using ex-military and people with experience in martial arts. philadelphia, in another example of rampant crime, roughly 100 teenagers swarmed a local philadelphia store and trashed it. some observers have said progressive prosecutors like larry krasner in philadelphia are to blame for the upparticular in violence. and the washington post poll shows 52% surveyed favored democrats to handle issues like abortion and climate change, 52% of those surveyed said they trust republicans better to handle crime. something one political advisor calls a post labor day pivot. >> republicans here are gaining in their midterm model, they
11:35 am
have the republicans winning by i think 4 or 5, and these issues here, the economy, you know, abortion, crime, mostly breaking now in the republican way. >> and asked if the election for the house were held today, 47% of voters said they would choose the republican candidate compared to 46% who opted for the democrats, still more to go, back to you. >> jacqui: thanks, laura. john. >> john: crime is a big factor for folks in cities and states across the country, and with all of the talk in congress, easy to overlook there are three dozen gubernatorial races this year. look at the touch screen here, more states having gubernatorial contests than are not. the ones that are either solid gop or solid democrat in the darker colors, and then lighter as we go toward the gold color, which is all the toss-up races. put it on the screen to see. one lean republican race, that is the race in georgia, we have
11:36 am
three lean democratic races, and then seven toss-ups, including this one right here we are going to take a closer look at, kate brown leaving the office, the seat in oregon is wide open. so let's bring in betsy johnson, a long time democrat who served in oregon's house and senate but is running for governor and running as independent betsy, good to spend time with you. last time an independent or unaffiliated candidate won in oregon, it was julius meyer, in 1931. you've got a lot of history running against you. how do you become the giant killer this year? >> well, the theme of your story has hit on it, crime. i'm a native person in oregon and my state is going to hell. the democrat in this race voted to enable tent cities, tent cities, and it's so woke that she sided with the rioters over the police. the republican is so partisan
11:37 am
that she has vowed to veto any women's reproductive healthcare legislation. i'm offering a middle ground. i've been a republican, i've been a democrat, and i'm running unaffiliated now because i think people in oregon need another choice rather than this partisanship that has driven oregon to the brink. >> let me put up the results of a new abc news works post poll, asked about the issues and which party they trust most. crime, republicans outpace democrats, 58 to 32%. when you look back at the situation in oregon, what's your opinion how t ed wheeler and kate brown handled that. >> badly. governor brown has gone through a series of communtations have released thousands back on the streets, rapists, murderers and
11:38 am
robbers, and she believed they had not formed as juveniles the requisite intent to be bad guys. i think that's a complete load. ted wheeler has been paralyzed by downtown rioting that has been lawless, vandalism, when the first amendment is breaking the windows out of saks fifth avenue to steal gucci bags, it has gone too far. the prosecutor will not prosecute, legislature has died the hands of the police, not with my help, but dealing with violent rioters. our beautiful city of roses is going to hell. and that's the whole premise of my candidacy. at my age and with 20 years of legislation tailing along behind me like a crocodile tail i am an unlikely candidate for big bold change but that's exactly what i am and that's exactly who i am.
11:39 am
i'm not running for miss congeniality, i want to fix stuff and i think i'm the candidate do that, untethered by a partisan ideology or agenda. >> you have a lot of people who agree with you, endorsed with a number of major police unions, district attorneys, phil knight, one of the co-founders of nike has thrown money into your campaign, you have outraised the other two on the republican and democratic side, where are you ten points behind him? >> last night, herman bearsugar endorsed me, so the former head of the democratic party, and the former head of the republicans behind me. also former democratic governor and republican gordon smith. all of them have said we are going to stay in our party, but we are going to put our partisanship and our partisan alliances and allegiance aside for the good of oregon. >> john: i'm sorry to interrupt,
11:40 am
but the question is why are you ten points behind when so many people are jumping on the band wagon with you. >> sure. we are doing this the hard way. we don't have the infrastructure of the partisan republicans and democrats. there are a cohort of voters expensive and hard to reach, i think when they hear our message they will break our way. people in oregon are fed up with the status quo. elect tina, status quo in spades. and christina will get nothing done. i believe i can bring the best ideas for both parties. i don't care what the zip code is, or the registration is, we have to get working together or we will lose the state we love. >> john: i spent a lot of time on the oregon coast, an interesting race to watch. no question about that. betsy johnson, great to spend
11:41 am
time with you. thank you. >> john: she's a pistol. >> jacqui: not running for miss congeniality, running to fix stuff. love it. more democrats are running away from president biden, but can they get enough distance before the midterms? byron york moments away. a home, and need cash? you need to know about the va cash out loan from newday usa. it's called the newday 100 because it lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's value. not just 80% like some typical loans. that extra cash can make a huge difference in these times of skyrocketing prices. here's more good news: home values have skyrocketed too. that means even more cash! take out an average of $60,000 to pay down your high-rate credit card debt, consolidate your second mortgage, personal loans, and car loans, and lower your payments by $600 every month. best of all, there are absolutely no upfront out-of-pocket costs with this loan. and even if you have credit concerns, give us a call. the va has granted newday automatic authority
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>> john: a new report showing several progressive groups are trying to disguise themselves as local and unbiased news websites in several battleground states. gillian turner has been following this and joins us with the details. gillian. >> gillian: john, five websites launched this april, may appear to be local news outlets, probably even at second glance but in reality, part of a political effort to steer voters toward democrats in some major battleground states. arizona independent, michigan independent, ohio, pennsylvania, and wisconsin independent. all part of a network connected to a national progressive political organization first uncovered by news guard that publish articles slamming republican candidates. then create facebook ads for democratic campaigns based on this content. republican strategists say there are thousands of propaganda sites like these all masterminded by a group called the american independent
11:47 am
masquerading as news. >> journalism is supposed to be fact-based, fact-forward, so the idea the dark money left wing groups would be able to pour money into websites and put up information planted against republicans is very worrisome. >> gillian: democrats say everyone in washington complains about negative political ads but the reality is they work. take a listen. >> the republicans do it, democrats do it, they have been doing it for the last couple of cycles in terms of spinning up websites, posing as real news sites and really are filled with just attack pieces. obviously if it was not an effective campaign strategy, i don't think you would see it anymore. >> gillian: republicans agree. >> the more you hear something, the more you carry and understand that message and can affect the outcome of election. >> gillian: sources tell us we should expect dark money
11:48 am
political operators to ramp up. we are not just going to see fake ads like these around elections but instead all year around. you have that to look forward to, john. >> john: something else to look forward to, gillian, we look forward to the next time we see you. >> jacqui: new polling from abc news and the washington post show 56% of democrats want someone else at the top 2024. byron york, byron, you know, the president's numbers have been in the gutter for a year now. this is obviously bad news this close to the midterm elections, but also a lot of reporting on whether or not people can actually trust the polls. so when you read this, what do you take away? >> well, i think in a national sense the numbers are probably pretty accurate, not in a, you'll see several polls in individual states that turn out to have been a big problem, but you have to remember, a number of our presidential polls in the
11:49 am
last few elections nationally have actually been fairly close to where the vote turned out. the terrible number for joe biden in this poll is that his job approval rating is 39%, which is really low. he had been having a little bump lately, appears that might be over and you are right, when they asked democrats, would you like to see joe biden or somebody else be the party's nominee in 2024, only 35% said joe biden. >> jacqui: do you think the president's language in that "60 minutes" interview a couple weeks ago, just an intention to run again and whether it happens or not is yet to be seen, do you think that helps or hurts him and democrats? >> well, there's not much he can say right now. look, i think a lot of americans just think he's too old to be president. he's going to be 80 in november, and they think that's too old to serve another term as president
11:50 am
until he's 86 years old. so really nothing you can do about that. and this is actually bad news for biden, and 2024, but it's also bad news for democrats right now with the 39% job approval rating, dragging his party down in midterm races. >> jacqui: as we have been watching voters in the u.s. sort of pull away from democrats and lean more toward republicans on issues that are really motivating them, crime, inflation, immigration, and the southern border, watching a similar wave happening in europe and you just had georgia maloney become the first woman from a far right party to assume her position in italy poised to be the first prime minister there from this party in a coalition government, and this is on the heels of in sweden a similar
11:51 am
situation where a far right leader there was elected. and so i want to ask, you know, what do you see in terms of the common thread that's not just impacting american politics, but watching it play out abroad also. >> it is a really striking result in italy and it is in part the result of just a lot of unhappiness with economic conditions there. emergency prices have just gone through the roof in ways we are not seeing at all, fortunately, in the you state. it's also due to a situation one happiness with the european government in brussels, the european parliament, the whole european union structure, and it's sort of the way it covers up national sovereignty, and then you have, if you listen to some of maloney's speeches, you have a real unhappiness with a lot of cultural trends that have
11:52 am
gone on, and anti-elite theme to it. so some similarities to what we have seen since the rise of trump in the united states, but other things are very, very different and unique to europe right now. >> jacqui: a lot of leaders in europe watching this and wondering what her rise is going to mean. as you mentioned, she's criticized brussels bureaucrats in the past and when we are heading into the winter months, you know, the russian war in ukraine is continuing to bear down, folks are wondering if she's going to maybe throw some sort of a wrench into support for continuing aid for ukraine, but also you are going to the winter months where energy costs are going to even get worse, you know, the sanctions that are coming out in december against russian oil to take, i think it's double the amount out of the market that's out right now, and then you've got the strategic oil reserves in the u.s. coming to an end in october, you'll see gas prices rising. what do you think that all means with her ascending to this position? in terms of what we might see
11:53 am
with ukraine. >> yeah, we'll have to see whether she can form an effective government and govern. governments in italy last an average of about 400 days. a lot more turnover there. but this whole situation with the coming winter and the energy situation, obviously the war in ukraine is part of that, but the reason they have such a different time dealing with the disruptions caused by the war in ukraine is because of european energy policy because the german, for example, closed all of their nuclear generating power plants and they are going to be burning coal to try to heat themselves and light themselves this winter. so it's causing a lot of discontent, actually, with progressive energy policies that have put so much emphasis on renewable resources that they don't have enough to heat and keep themselves in the light. >> jacqui: it will be interesting to watch as the energy issues are what has
11:54 am
propelled her into her position in large part, see how she responds to it. byron york for us, always appreciate your time, sir. thanks for talking with us. >> thank you. >> john: you can have the policy but if the infrastructure is not fully formed and the rubber hits the road or you know what hits the fan, it becomes a different world out there. >> jacqui: it really does and we talk about needing to be energy independent from all the way over here, imagine what it feels like to be right next door. >> john: a place that doesn't have any discernable source of fossil fuels. >> jacqui: exactly. >> john: big changes coming to the nfl, we will tell you about them coming up next. can you say flag football? we all need cash in the bank to stay ahead. well here's great news for veterans who own a home. home values have climbed to near all-time highs, too. that means the cash you need is right there in your home. newday can unlock it with the newday 100 va cash out loan.
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>> john: ready for some flag football? the nfl announcing they're ditching the traditional game. instead, this is for the pro bowl, fans will be treated to a week's worth of skills
12:00 pm
competition. it's the pro bowl. only the pro bowl. >> having a near heart attack. >> john: by the way, the nfl is doing -- >> end the show on that note. >> john: people are complaining they're getting hurt. they're not going to do it anymore. great to spent today with you. >> thanks, john. >> john: i'll be back again tomorrow. aishah hasnie will be here. i'm john roberts. >> martha: i'm jacqui heinrich. "the story" starts now. >> martha: thanks very much, john and jackie. i'm martha maccallum. this hour on "the story," we're going to hear from law enforcement in philadelphia. did you see this video? unbelievable over the weekend. a horrific assault by dozens and dozens of criminals, many teenagers at a wawa. they ransacked the whole thing. we expect an update from law enforcement about these individuals and the investigation into this. we'll bring that to you moments away. also, over to the white house


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