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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 26, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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competition. it's the pro bowl. only the pro bowl. >> having a near heart attack. >> john: by the way, the nfl is doing -- >> end the show on that note. >> john: people are complaining they're getting hurt. they're not going to do it anymore. great to spent today with you. >> thanks, john. >> john: i'll be back again tomorrow. aishah hasnie will be here. i'm john roberts. >> martha: i'm jacqui heinrich. "the story" starts now. >> martha: thanks very much, john and jackie. i'm martha maccallum. this hour on "the story," we're going to hear from law enforcement in philadelphia. did you see this video? unbelievable over the weekend. a horrific assault by dozens and dozens of criminals, many teenagers at a wawa. they ransacked the whole thing. we expect an update from law enforcement about these individuals and the investigation into this. we'll bring that to you moments away. also, over to the white house this hour.
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reportedly turning their ire on the head of the world bank. and it may have something to do with his refusal to bend to john kerry on climate change. we'll tell you the back story there. first, as you know, we are getting very close to the mid-terms as we get inside six weeks. very tight in these races. once again, it could come down to that number of places but could come down to georgia where herschel walker is gaining on the incumbent, raphael warnock with this sort of straightforward approach making headlines. he said this at an event over the weekend. this is sort of the new, you know what we're hearing from him right now. he's saying i'm not a politician. i'm not the smartest guy in the world. what i do know, i know how to protect my family and all of you are my family. i know how to budget. you don't spend money you don't have. they're spending all the money they don't have.
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he talked about student loans. very interesting. getting a lot of attention today for herschel walker. we'll have more in moments with the georgia race. first, to national correspondent rich edson. hi, rich. >> good afternoon, martha. that georgia senate polling that you just showed there, that is among the closest polling in the country for the u.s. senate. senator rafael warnock is a democrat. he's trying to hold his seat against republican herschel walker. if neither secures 50% of the vote, this race goes to a run-off. early last year both georgia senate elections needed a run-off. democrats swept delivering them control of the u.s. senate. after arguing over format, the candidates will debate in savannah october 14th. war knack is pressing walker to a second debate. warnock is trying to call walker a supporter of donald trump.
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abortion has also played a significant role in this race. walker says he wants a total ban and supports lindsey graham's proposal to outlaw abortions after 15 weeks. warnock says he supports access to abortion. abortion is playing to the governor's race in georgia. brian kemp signed a law that bans most apportions after heart activity is detected as early as six weeks. stacey abrams says the heart is not mature enough at six weeks. >> there is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. it's a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body. >> polls are showing governor kemp has widened his lead. the race is within single digits. kemp and abrams agree to two debates next month. four years ago, kemp beat abrams
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by fewer than 55,000 votes. martha? >> martha: georgia is a great place to watch. let's bring in marc thiessen, former speechwriter for gorge w. bush. fox news contributor. juan williams, fox news political analyst. for a while, what we were hearing is herschel walker had no chance. he was the trump-supported candidate. that, you know, he was sort of the candidate quality was questioned about no one specifically by senator mcconnell. walker fell into the group that people assumed he was talking about. so marc, now he's out there and he's just saying look, this is who i am. i'm a regular guy, former nfl football player, as much as you can be regular with that background. he said this about is the student loan issue. i have people in my town that wanted to go to college. they couldn't go and stayed home and worked. now our government is saying i'm going to take your money and pay
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for someone else to which the crowd responded very favorably to that, marc. your thoughts and then we'll hear what marc thinks. >> he's 100% right. that decision by biden will be a key issue in a lot of races. i don't think a lot of working class people who the democrats claim to represent want to be paying for the graduate school degree of wall street executives and doctors and the rest of it. this is a race where candidate quality is an issue. the polls are tightening everywhere. there was a marist poll that showed brian kemp ahead by 11 points. in the same poll, walker was trailing by five. that's a big gap between kemp and walker. this is another race where this idea that abortion will be the tipping point for this race. these -- democrats have given
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up on stacey abrams winning. georgia -- a lot of the myths about this election could come crashing down. >> martha: juan, what is your take on walker after he spoke over the weekend? >> i think, you know, it's very intriguing race to me. you have someone in the person of herschel walker who a third of his supporters say we wish that the republican party had nominated someone else. but right now he's holding on. he's strong among republican voters. the question is, how strong can he get in terms of reaching beyond that right now. that most recent poll that you cited from cbs has him leading among independents. he's also battling -- he's had a rough go of it. it's been a surprise. i mean, he's had to -- he admitted to having mental health
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issues. he's had the argument about the abusive behavior towards the wives, the numbers of children, deceptive about the number of children he has. even lately about, you know what he did with money raised for a foundation. so he's holding on despite all of that because i think republicans in a purple state are voting republican, even voting against biden more so than i think voting for him. >> martha: it's one of those things, you wonder because warnock is a preacher. it seems like what walker decided to do is diffuse that. he's going to debate. he's just saying flat out, you know, there's stuff i don't know about policy. you know, i'm basically getting up to speed. i'm a regular person. i wonder, marc, if that resonates with georgia voters? it's very interesting to see what could potentially be a split ticket when people go to the polls in georgia given the
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dynamics of both of the governor's race and the senate race here. >> yeah, it's a risky strategy to say the words i'm not that smart which he's said. if you hold your own in the debate, people becomes sort of humble brag. if you don't do well, you confirm it in people's eyes. so those are words that most candidates shouldn't say. you can lower expectations and say he's a great debater, he's a preacher and the rest of it. i'm a football player and a ordinary american. you should never say i'm not smart. that's a risky strategy. so that marist poll, kemp has 50% of the vote. walker has 42% of the vote in that poll. so there's eight points where people say i support kemp but i don't support walker. the question is will you have that many split tickets in georgia, almost one in ten voters will vote for a democrat
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senator and republican governor? that's unlikely. kemp's strength may pull walker over the edge at the end when people use split tickets in the polling booth and the national trends going in favor of the republicans. the enthusiasm gap which had closed is now tightening. there was a ugov poll showing the republicans have a 11-point advantage. all of those things could pull walker over the top. >> martha: thanks, gentlemen. marc, great to have you with us. lots to talk about in the next several weeks. so the heavy hand of the green energy mob as some might call it is coming down on the former trump appointee that runs the world bank. and the somewhat creepy connection that is now uncovered between some of these green groups and china. david asman breaks it down for us next. at ameriprise financial, our advice is personalized.
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>> martha: take a look at these numbers. there's no doubt that the economy and david was here the other day and would argue that inflation and the economy ought to be in the same category. they are two sides of the same coin for people in families across the country. anyway, it's the most important issue for voters according to new polling. nothing has changed there. inflation, a huge drag on american's paychecks. democrats and the biden administration continue to say one of the solutions is a huge green energy agenda that they're backing, including 370 billion in climate and clean energy investments that make up the lion's share of what was called the inflation reduction act. it's a $370 billion subsidy for
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green energy. so those same groups are now pressuring companies and banks to get on board with that plan. now threatening world bank president over comments that he made about climate science. in moments, david asman will explain in a straightforward way. first to edward lawrence live at the white house. hi, edward. >> hi, martha. let's cut through the noise here. the president of the world bank said that climate -- the greenhouse gasses did affect climate change. he said he wouldn't go further than that because he's not a sign tis, which he's not. he's an economist. what the scientists wanted him to say is the world bank would give money to more poor counties to abandon fossil fuels. the problem is the cost of green energy and the lack of supplies. still here's the pressure campaign. >> so we disagree with the comments made by the.
12:16 pm
of the world bank. we expect the world bank to be a global leader of mobilization and of significantly more climate finance for developing countries as is the business of the world bank. >> so then the white house kicked in over the treasury department. the treasury spokesperson said they expect the world bank to be a leader of climate finance for developing countries. now malpas says he has no plans to resign but pushing the world bank helps china more. china makes most of the solar panels. so fox news digital found that the national resources defense council, it's a climate change group, a big one, that has influenced white house decision making, has deep ties to the chinese. a number of members of the beijing office either worked for
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the communist party or left to work with the communist party after. now comments from the white house and state department have not come yet. there's a connection there. back to you. >> thanks, edward. joining me now, david asman. so david, we see through the inflation reduction act, we see through the heavy hand on the world bank. there's a climate agenda in promoting green energy, which has a lot of links to chinese business. put this all together for us. >> first of all, you should understand this is what happens when you have government-controlled industrial policy. rather than leaving to it the marketplace. when the government is in control of something, there's all kinds of political influence. everybody and their grandmother wants a little piece of the pie. because the government can put together more capital than any individual company, whether it's the united states government or france or china or whatever. so what is happening here, let me just take one little bit of
12:18 pm
this story, which edward talked about. david malpas, the head of the world bank. the world bank's job is to help people people like in africa and latin american. i followed latin american. the biggest crisis for poor people in the world is energy and food insecurity. and they're connected, of course. if you know anything about fertilizer, it comes from natural gas. if you cut natural gas because of a green agenda, you're hurting fertilizer, which hurts poor people more than anything else. it's more in fashion to talk about doing it naturally, but try to do it in a tropical country. my sister-in-law tried that with a farm in nicaragua. it doesn't work easily. you need fertilizer. it's very hard. so the problem with the green energy plans is they are making the situation worse for the world's poor. that is what david malpas was trying to get through to people. his main job is to do what the
12:19 pm
world bank is supposed to do. help the poor people. by following the green agenda that might be fine for rich countries in the west, it's not fine for the people in africa, for the people in latin america or elsewhere. that's just a piece of it. again, it gets to the point that for all of the talk about we're doing it for humanity, this, that, a lot of them are talking their book. al gore, for example, who some people talk about is a possible replacement for david malpas if a find a way of firing him. he's making a fortune by talking his book. he's convincing governments to go into the green agenda even if they cause shortages in foot, shortages in energy because it helps some of the companies that he's involved in. that's true. you follow the money. the old line in journalism. follow the money. those projects that are pushed most by these people -- let's face it. china has some very sweet deals in all of this.
12:20 pm
edward referred to one regarding the national resources defense council, which has close ties with china. the president of that council, gina mccarthy was biden's first energy czar. so they're all connected. we know about the biden's families ties to china. one has to wonder, while the american -- >> the chinese energy company. >> exactly. the american consumer is not doing too well by the green en programs. that's causing inflation. it's causing energy problems, et cetera. china is doing very well. again, because they produce the batteries, they have the rare earth products that are involved in batteries and everything else. that's one of the few areas that hasn't been hit much by the pandemic in china. a lot of these places where these rare materials are mined. so again, industrial policy, sounds great. they claim that they're doing it for the peoples of the world. the peoples of the world are getting screwed by government industrial policies because
12:21 pm
there's as many self-interested people in government as the private sector. >> i'd say two quick things. if you're starving in an underdeveloped nation in the world right now, you don't want to hear the world bank is focused on green energy. you need help now. you need a solution right now. >> you need food. >> martha: china played this beautifully. they're playing both sides of the energy coin. they have not cut back on fossil fuels at all. >> 60% of their energy comes from coal. >> martha: they're building the lithium batteries and the solar panels. they're seeing what we're doing. they want to be the main supplier of our energy dreams and they're doing nothing to cut their own fossil fuels. >> i don't want to flood you here, but china accounts for 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the world. that's three times the number of greenhouse gasses that we emit. so i my, they're getting a free ride from the natural resources defense council, which is tied in to the biden administration.
12:22 pm
again, industrial policy, government controlled industry policy is bad news for the american consumer. >> martha: thanks, david. >> good to see you. >> martha: breaking details from philadelphia from the police there about this insane robbery that happened at a wawa convenient store. they say easily 100 people swarmed in. we'll tell you what the police are telling us about that next. (vo) at viking, we are proud to have been named the world's number one for both rivers and oceans by travel and leisure, as well as condé nast traveler. but it is now time for us to work even harder, searching for meaningful experiences and new adventures for you to embark upon. they say when you reach the top, there's only one way to go. we say, that way is onwards. viking. exploring the world in comfort.
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>> martha: police in philadelphia asking for help identifying the people in this video. literally dozens and dozens of people trashing a wawa over the weekend. listen to some of this. >> large group of mostly juveniles descended on the wawa. probably mostly coming from the roller skating rink adjacent. it was approximately 50 to 100 people. the wawa was completely sacked by the kids coming inside and destroying things. >> martha: so the police asking parents to come forward and identify their children. they say that luckily nobody was hurt. but clearly people need to be held accountable for the damage and the theft of this store or else it will just keep happening again and again and again. so speaking of that, more than
12:27 pm
half of small businesses say that they have been victim to shoplifting over the past year and to make up for those losses, 46% of retailers have been forced to raise their prices to cover the cost of theft essentially. that's when the u.s. chamber of commerce. the recent crime wave forcing businesses to rethink their futures in some of america's cities. geraldo rivera is standing by with his thoughts on that. first to madison alworth in new york. hi, madison. >> hi, martha. not only have a majority of small businesses seen shoplifting, 50% have seen an increase. at roccos, they have someone once a week swipes pastries off of counters. i want to bring in the manager. mary, you guys had an incident with a shoplifter. he confronted your chef with a knife. you shared the video with us. we'll share that with you.
12:28 pm
what exactly happened? >> we had someone come in. he made his way around the counter. we have an office section. he stole one of the manager's bags off of the counter. there was money in there the previous evening. my chef confronted him and he proceeded to attack him with a knife. >> when things like this happen, you make adjustments. 46% of businesses having to raise prices. what have you done? >> we've raised some prices but also cut down on hours. we just shortened the day. makes it easier for us just to manage it that way. >> martha: right. we talked about your employees. you have a lot of female staffers. you don't feel safe sending them home at night. we've seen crime go up in the neighborhood and in new york city in general. how does that impact your operations? >> because of the crime, less people are coming in. they're not coming in to the
12:29 pm
city. it has affected us. it's hard to find people to work at night because of crime. we can't send our female staff too late at night. they get on the subway. we're concerned for their well-being. >> thanks so much. you know, we've talked a lot about how staffing has been an issue within hospitality. when you think about a store front like, this not only are you trying to help customers but the heightened awareness of the crime that could be happening any given day. martha. >> martha: a lot of challenges. geraldo rivera, fox news correspondent at large and host of "the five." good to see you. this is from peter doocy and karine jean-pierre. he was asking her about this issue. watch this. >> doesn't biden think america's big cities are safe? >> it's not a yes or no question. what matters is that we have the funding and we have done the work, put the policy forward to
12:30 pm
make sure that these cities, whether it's big or small, have what they need to protect their community. that's what this. has done. again, without the help of republicans. >> martha: okay. geraldo, you think they've done a good job with that? >> i think the record speaks for itself, martha. when you have the situation with more than half of all retail establishments, reporting that they have been the victim of shoplifting, it's horrible. so not only have they dealt with the pandemic and supply chain shortages and labor problems, now they have to deal with theft. and as you indicated there with that wawa story, now they also have to deal with large scale looting where you have massive numbers of mostly young people who the more progressive or liberal das in philadelphia have lowered the age of criminal responsibility below 18.
12:31 pm
the amount that they can steal and not be prosecuted haas gone up close to $1,000. so you have a situation where, you know -- i think this has to be mentioned also. when you have a situation where the thieves, you know, particularly in louis vuitton or the nordstroms or those big high-end retail, you have no doubt about it, these kids have been put together by older -- many of them gang members going in to steal with impunity and putting it on e-bay. putting it on amazon and facebook for resale. it's no longer used to be you open your jacket, hey, guy, you want to buy stolen watches? now you go to one of the internet retailers and you can put your stolen merchandise on this. the critics argue they don't do nearly enough work in finding out in terms of where these items came from. so you have a toxic mix where
12:32 pm
liberal das and very permissive attitude by many of the internet stores leading to this mess. >> martha: there's zero account ability. that's a problem. the people that they catch from this wawa thing, they should have their picture and be arrested. should know who they are. they're asking for the parents to turn them in. i hope they have the wherewithal to do that. you've got companies leaving left and right, boeing, c caterpillar leaving chicago. here's the ceo of mcdonald's. watch. >> everywhere i go, i'm confronted by the same question these days. what is going on in chicago? while it may wound our civic pride to hear it, there's a general sense out there that our city is in crisis. >> martha: so many cities are, geraldo. we have to leave it there. great to have you with us today. see you soon. criminal is a big issue in one
12:33 pm
of the contests that could decide control of the united states senate. dr. mehmet oz getting backing from police today in his race against the pennsylvania lieutenant governor, john fetter mile an hour. gop trying to hang on to this seat, which is pat toomey's senate seat. he's retiring. nate foy joining us with more on this story on the pennsylvania race. >> a new poll has fetterman up by five points. dr. oz is trying to close that gap by campaigning on crime. oz received the endorsement of the largest police union. he says fetterman's policies will make the people of pennsylvania less safe. >> we have normalited an occurrence that is impermissible in civic society and yet it's happening. the lawlessness that all of us are witnessing across philadelphia, but actually the entire commonwealth is affected by this now is like a cancer. >> you saw that lawlessness at
12:34 pm
the what you what. dr. oz getting support from the d.a. he said that pennsylvania needs a u.s. senator that supports police and prosecutors. dr. oz uses if citizens are unsafe, nothing else matters. he has my full support. oz is calling felterman a pro murderer candidate. he's criticizing fetterman for wanting to release over 1,000 second degree murderers in the state. fetterman said it would go to people that didn't take a life. that applies to two brothers that were let go. they maintain their innocence and that led fetterman to take this shot at dr. oz. >> what does it say about a person's character if they will fight to make sure that innocence men will die in prison versus a man that will fight to make sure that they're able to get back with their families.
12:35 pm
that's the choice. >> you can bet crime will be a big issue. the debate is october 25, two weeks before election day. early voting started a week ago. dr. oz pushing as hard as he can for a debate as soon as possible, martha. >> martha: he wants to have a couple of debates. as you say, early voting started in pennsylvania, a lot of focus on that when it comes up. thanks, nate. good to see you. the white house is facing questions today on what a u.s. response would look like as russia's vladimir putin threatens to put the world on the brink of nuclear war. general jack keane joins me next. . >> can we assume these are sanctions? some sort of military response? >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, let safelite come to you. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: my customer enjoys time with her family. so when her windshield got a crack...
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>> martha: direct language from the white house to vladimir putin telling him to cool off on the talk of using nuclear weapons. watch. >> let me say it plainly, if russia crosses this line, there will be catastrophic consequences for russia. >> it's important from moscow hear from us and know from us the consequences would be horrific. >> so the white house today refused to say exactly what those consequences would look like only russia understands what they are. putin's recent nuclear threats come as his forces lose ground in ukraine and as tensions mount in russia over his efforts to mobilize the people. you're seeing people dragged out of the streets at these protests. people trying to get out. hundreds were arrested. military aged men have been trying to escape to neighboring country. there were 48-hour backups to
12:41 pm
cross over to georgia to avoid this draft. so with that, we bring in four-star general jack keane, chairman of the institute for the study of war and fox news senior strategic analyst. general, good to have you with us. we know from history that a humiliated vladimir putin is a bad situation. he's suffering quite a bit of humiliation right now. the question is what do you believe he will do, what is he capable of and what do you see happening next here? >> i think you kind of look at it as motivation. what he's attempting to do is what he's done before. he's brandishing the use of nuclear weapons that injects fear not only in people, in terms of what the implications of that are and also in policy makers. i think he knew full well before he began this conflict, he thought he could take advantage of the biden administration and the early indications are that he was right. more than up with time the
12:42 pm
president said i'm not doing this action. this is prior to the invasion, provide them this additional equipment because i don't want to provoke putin. he made statements. when they brandished nuclear weapons under discussion at the time is the request. putin concluded that he was brandishing the use of nuclear weapons and injecting fear in policy makers. so listen, he's losing this war. he's back here again. i think trying one more time because it worked. and possibly he's aware of what has been a public discourse that the united states is considering sending advanced fighter aircraft, f-16 and others, tanks, fighting vehicles, more artillery and more air defense to assist the ukrainians in a spring offensive to be able to
12:43 pm
take back the well-defended areas of the donbas region, which would favor this kind of conventional offensive operation. so he's trying to stop and delay that. i think that is largely the motivation behind what he's doing. >> martha: yeah. this is jake sullivan this weekend asked about whether or not we're seeing the beginning of the collapse of russia's army. watch this. >> are we seeing the beginning of the collapse of the russian army? >> i think it's too soon to make predictions like that. i think what we're seeing are signs of unbelievable struggle among the russians. you have low morale where the soldiers don't want to fight. >> martha: you have a piece in the hill saying putin will rely on murderers and thieves to accomplish what his professional soldiers and generals can't do, which is win. general? >> yeah, let me finish up the
12:44 pm
previous question by saying i think the probability of putin using nuclear weapons is low. but you have to take it seriously. i agree with jake sullivan. these are horrific weapons and you cannot be dismissive about it. but putin is losing this war. he has serious systemic problems. it's hard to see even with additional people, although quantity always has a quality of its own. even with those additional people, joining with the systemic failures that he has, it's hard to see that it would be decisive. it may help them to some degree but in terms of taking additional territory and ejecting the ukrainians out of the successful territory that they just have retaken, i think that is highly skeptical ant doubtful. >> general jack keane. thanks very much, sir. always good to see you. >> great talking to you, martha. >> martha: so the issue that is pulling higher than crime,
12:45 pm
abortion and immigration with just 43 days to the mid-terms in the united states, that's next. at newday usa we give veterans the va cash out loan with no upfront costs for an appraisal or termite inspection. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank.
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12:50 pm
florida. hi, marks. >> while the weather is nice now, things are about to change. the effects will be felt 36 hours before it makes landfall. a lot of mandatory evacuations are in place including this hotel we've been staying. we've been told to get out and find a different play to stay. a lot of people put in a difficult situation. florida governor ron desantis says he called up 5,000 national guard troops with 2,000 national guard troops called in from other parts of the country. the governor says restoring power and fuel supplies will be a top priority after the storm. schools here in pinellas county will be closed starting tomorrow. some schools will be used as shelters. folks are boarding up windows, trimming trees. we went to a nearby marina where
12:51 pm
people were preparing their boats for the storm. >> a lot of guys have taken their boats out. i don't have a trailer. i'm stuck. it's going to happen. i'll do as much as i can. i don't have a trailer. it will stay on the lift. >> emergency officials are saying that folks need to heed the evacuation orders. even first responders will have to get at it at some point in time that means for people are going to hunker down and wait out the storm there might not be any help. martha, back to you. >> martha: thanks, max. we'll catch this one. the key issue that could prove to be pivotal in deciding who gets control of the united states congress next november, that comes next. psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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12:56 pm
ballots this mid-term election. the issue of education is ranking high, a new poll finds 77% of americans view education and school as either the single most important issue or very important issue for them this mid-term cycle. that's behind only the economy and inflation. here now bill bennett, former education secretary, host of the bill bennett show and fox news contributor. bill, always good to see you. i wonder when i look at the numbers, bill, how this plays out. what is the choice that republicans are going to be offering for people that are concerned about the status quo in education? how well articulated do you believe the candidates are making that? >> well, i think we had a start the other day with kevin mccarthy's meeting. i think some of it is quite obvious. the republican party, republican candidates, will not be beholden to the teacher's unions. part of the reason education is
12:57 pm
a big issue is during covid, we lifted the curtain of the school room and saw what was going on. we saw the teacher's unions were steadfastly belligerently even keeping schools closed long after any evidence that that was doing any good. martha, as you know, the kids that remained in schools, who opened schools, did a lot better from what we can tell during covid. so that was an insight into the soul of the nation's largest teacher union. republicans are not going to go with that. they will make that second. they're calling themselves the parent party. fair enough. that's right. this network did a wonderful job talking about things going on in loudoun county, virginia. parents meetings with the school board. a father, i will never forget, i know you won't, dragged out of a school board meeting because he was complaining bitterly about the rape of his daughter by a boy in an all-sex bathroom. these are the kinds of things
12:58 pm
again that republicans don't stand for. i think the single mark out there as the political people are looking at it is glenn youngkin. here was a guy that came in, running for governor of investor investor. a purple state at best for republicans. he won. education was the dominant issue. now he's trying to carry forward and delivering on those promises. a lot of republicans noticed that. >> martha: he was on earlier. let's play this from verge georgia glenn youngkin. >> education as everyone is now back in school is taking its rightful place as a top issue. we saw it in virginia. let's be clear. parents matter. this is not a republican versus democrat issue, this is a parent issue. we'll continue to see education play a huge role in the outcome of this election. >> martha: we know joe lombardo, running for governor in nevada. he's had glenn youngkin out there. he's trying to be the education governor. i just -- i guess i wonder what
12:59 pm
exactly is being presented? we know that most conservatives want to see an increase in choice. now kids are back to school. i think the fact that there hasn't been a constructive catch-up nationwide for our kids program across this nation, which should have come from the department of education. they sent out hundreds of millions of dollars. they don't know where it went in terms of summer programs. we don't hear that much about this, bill. >> you're absolutely right. republicans need to do more and say more. give them a little room because of unfamiliarity 20 the issue, you know, i've been pushing on this for about 50 years. but still, it's not home turf for a lot of republicans. they'll get there. ale though governor youngkin says it's not republican versus democrat, it pretty neatly divides as republican and democrat. whether you're talking about choice, power to parents, both in terms of choice and selection of curriculum and these values
1:00 pm
issues which are increasingly important. critical race theory, gender selection and so on. >> martha: we saw a bunch of parents that left new york and moved to florida that were democrats that wanted more choice in school. thanks, bill. that's "the story" for this monday, september 26. the story goes on. thanks nor being with us this afternoon. look forward to see you tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" starts right now. >> this is really developed into a big storm. that means just the impacts will be far and wide. >> listen to the people who have been around. mother nature wins every time. >> we expect to experience a significant storm surge. some estimates up to 15 feet. >> please, heed the warning. heed the warning and find a safe place for you and your families. >> prote


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