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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 26, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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principal 108 out of 108 and 78,000 students took the test a perfect score. change your life. ing. >> ainsley: tonight forget a live signing of a this show. ainsley i love you and see you all in the morning. thanks for having me on. >> judge jeanine: we love having you on. >> greg: "special report" up next. >> bret: ainsley, congrats on the book. jesse we are called the commanders now. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight while conservatives try to retake control of congress in the november midterms here in the u.s. the right leaning political movement in europe is gaining attraction. italian prime minister georgia maloni right wing party latest in a group of like-minded politicians there gaining power across the continent dealing with rampant inflation and energy crisis in the wake of ukraine war. senior foreign affairs
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correspondent amy kellogg takes a look at the surge tonight from millan, italy, good evening, amy. >> it's being called far right government since mussolini and georgia mel lonnie looks said. it is already making history and some waves across the continent. >> a great day for europe say the continent's other far right leaders, a dark day for italy say center left attracters. georgia meloni says she will do her best to make everyone happy. >> it's important to understand that if we will be called to lead this country we will do that for all. we will do that for all italians. we will do that with the aim to unify its people. to say underline what unifies it rather than what divides it. >> m meloni garnered more votes
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than any other party. meloni will have to form a coalition. she plans to do that with the parties of four time prime minister and fire brand far right lead party leader. the victory of the right comes on heels of swedish voters overturning longstanding center left tradition and france's marine le pen winning more votes in last summer's legislative elections. some say the right is on the ascendant because in times of crises, like war, soaring energy prices and the conservative message is more appealing to voters but that these far right parties will need to rein in their outer fringes. >> in the french and italian case you clearly see that they need to go to gain power. they need to undertake some of the moderate right agenda brit,
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there was concern since italy's right has traditionally been very friendly with vladimir putin, if it were to come into power that could undermine nato's cohesiveness. meloni has said repeatedly that italy stands solidly with ukraine. bret in. >> bret: interesting to watch a from from afar. back here in the west we are six weeks away from crucial midterm elections that will determine control of congress for the next two years. the leader of the democrat party president biden is going the wrong way in the latest polls. the latest survey has the president's approval rating dipping below 40% again with fellow democrats distancing themselves from his leadership. white house correspondent peter doocy takes a look tonight live from the north lawn, good evening, peter. >> peter: good evening bret. the president has been bragging how the inflation reduction act is going to get the economy back on track. it's been a few weeks since he signed it and as turns out
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voters aren't buying it. >> his focus is not on himself. >> polls focused on the president are down. 39% approval rating. even the white house white house officials insist their policies are winning people over. >> think about the pieces of, of legislation that we have passed they are very popular with the american people, with republicans and democrats. ing. >> as president biden hosted the atlanta braves to celebrate their world series win. >> i know in georgia you show up when it counts. >> just 35% of democrats say they want biden on the ballot in 2024. 5 #% say they favor someone else. >> should he take another stab at winning the white house? >> so, it -- jim, i would love to say yes or no. but, truly, it is not my call. >> the former white house press secretary now warns this
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president could be a liability in the midterms. >> if it is a referendum on the president, they will lose. and they know that. >> the top four highly important issues per this "the washington post" abc poll are the economy, education and crime. something white house officials are apparently aware of. >> they also know that crime is a huge vulnerability for democrats. i would say one of the biggest vulnerabilities. >> white house officials dispute that. >> crime is complicated and multifaceted. look, this is a president who has secured historic funding to make sure that law enforcement has what it needs. >> but the impact of this president's policies are to be determined. >> does president biden think america's biggest cities are safe. >> it is not a -- it is not a yes or no question. >> peter: it is a no by the numbers. like the 20% increase in thefts and robberies in the first half of this year in america's major cities according to the counsel
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on criminal justice. president biden is not one of these democrats calling to defund the police but that doesn't mean his plans are working. bret? >> bret: well, president biden continues to say his plan to tap into the strategic working. he said it three times in a row. >> he said in a few states it's below 3 bucks. in the low 3s most places. well, we took five sec seconds o to gas prices and if you scroll through just alaska all the way through wyoming, there are no states where the national average is below $3 and that national average remains 3.75 -- 3.725 cents. not below three. >> bret: he continues to say it. >> peter: he says it allot. >> bret: peter doocy on the
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north lawn, thanks. stocks today tumbled on inflation hike. bear market territory after dropping 330. the s&p 500 fell 38. the nasdaq lost 65. opposition to a deal senate majority leader chuck schumer made with democratic senator joe manchin over energy permits could mean the federal government runs out of money this week. another fiscal cliff. we talk about it a lot. congressional correspondent chad pergram tells us how it all works tonight. senate majority leaderboard chuck schumer promised manchin he would wedge his demand for energy permits pipeline government funding bill in exchange for voting yes on the inflation reduction act. manchin isn't budging. >> well, then they have to explain why they agreed to shut the government down than have secured independence as far as energy. >> liberals and conservatives balked. progressives worry about the environment. democrats say republicans characterize manchin's deal as a
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payback scheme. >> they don't want to give any reward to joe manchin. >> manchin banked g.o.p. help since liberals dismissed his deal. >> i never expected bernie sanders and the far extreme left to ever be for any permitting. what we are dealing with a fox sick political atmosphere. >> democrats need 10 republicans to break a filibuster. shelley moore capito will vote yes but other republicans are skeptical. >> i don't think they have 60 votes in the senate. all about one pipeline for him but not about permitting for the rest of the country. >> democrat tim kaine says it's unfair to green light a specific pipeline without proper reviews. >> i'm not opposed toed the mountain valley part-time line. i don't think congress should be in the bills of approving pipelines or rejecting them. >> conservatives want a spending bill with no extras. they worry bipartisan leaders could jam through something through they last nittany lion avoid a shutdown. >> may have extraneous things
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attached to the funding resolution. they will say because we are there close to the deadline we have to pass it this time. >> manchin's deal gets a test vote tuesday. if it fails to score 60 yeas. chuck schumer could take manchin's deal out of the bill or face a weekend shut down. >> bret: here we go again. the congressional budget office says joe biden's cancellation of student loans they are saying it's pretty expensive. >> that's right. it's not a freebie. canceling $10,000 in loans actually increases the cost of debt by about $400 billion. there is tens of billions in other costs on on top of that also wipes out deficit savings from the ira. the committee for a responsible budget called the san sell labor relation, quote, the most costly executive action in history. bret? >> bret: chad pergram live on the hill. chad, thank you. be with of the view democrats go is defending kyrsten sinema
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telling an audience in kentucky today members of congress face intense senator sinema says most americans don't think that way and she credits the top republican in the senate. >> despite our apparent dincheses senator mcconnell and i have forged a friendship. one rooted in our commonalities including pragmatic approach to legislating. our respect for the senate as an institution. our love for our home states. and a dogged determination on behalf of our constituents. >> bret: we invite senator sinema on common ground. sinema has opposed democratic efforts to eliminate the filibuster drawing the ire of many in her party. let's bring in fox news senior political analyst brit hume. brit, good evening. i wanted to talk about the environment that we're looking at as we close in on the midterms here we have seen polls
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shift back and forth they're do you look at getting close to november. >> change the atmosphere so they would have a significant chance of holding not just the senate but the house as well. the current situation the polling we are seeing. with the news coming out i think has seen the polls begin to stabilize in the production' favor once again. the top four issues in that poll you mentioned earlier all are issues that favor the republicans. so their chance chances, i think improved. if you are a person who wanted to be able to predict the democrats were going to have a good day on election day, this might not be the day you would want to make the prediction. >> yeah, exactly we just heard back and forth with peter president biden continues to bring up gas prices across the country. he says a lot of places are below $3. the state average zero place
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below $3. he also says inflation is not a problem as he says prices are -- salaries are going up. it doesn't track with what people are feeling and seeing but he keeps saying it. >> brit: everything we know wages have gone up in some industries and maybe generally. all the data indicate that those wage gains have been owe -- more than overtaken by inflation. the gas price stuff he is saying is nonsense and people -- this is not the kind of thing can you fool people. not some obtuse statistic where people can't see what's going on. they go to the gas pump every week or maybe more than that. they can see what the prices are it doesn't help biden to spout this nonsense people know is not true. also adds to the perception he is not up to the job which further drags his approval ratings down which in turn drags his party down. it's a bad way to govern and it's bad politics but he keeps doing it. that's biden. >> bret: we are watching the
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approval ratings. and democrats looking at those and how they react to them. i also want to ask you really quickly about the markets and how that plays ahead of an election. a lot of people are tied to it 401(k) or ira. if the markets are tanking it's a bad sign. >> the markets are tanking. it is the case that the stock market and the economy are not the same thing. but when you have the fed intent by stamping out inflation by curbing economic activity which is what interest rates, high interest rates do, two things may go together. bear situation on wall street and people's retirement programs and you have the economy dipping into recession. you have a bad environment not just for this midterm but for the 2024 election to come once a
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recession gets underway they usually aren't brief. in a situation like this they tend to be durable and very painful. >> bret: brit, as always, thank you. >> brit: you bet. >> bret: coming up shortly take a look at intense races in the state of georgia. up next, we talk international affairs with pakistan's foreign minister and later why nasa is crashing a perfectly good spacecraft into an asteroid on purpose. and it's not a movie. plus, we will check in with fox weather. will nunley in clearwater, florida. preparations there you see hurricane ian underway in that unwanted arrival in florida. ♪
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>> bret: president vladimir putin granting russian citizenship to security contractor edward snowden. one of 75 foreign nationals listed on the decrease signed by the russian leader. snowden has been living in russia since 2013 to he is indicate prosecution in the u.s. after leaking classified documents government surveillance programs. russian men are leaving that country while others are protesting five days after vladimir putin signed a partial mobilization calling up hundreds of thousands of reservists to
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fight in ukraine. long lines of carbs are clogging russia's border, kazakhstan, mondamongolia. also similar problems at airport. a semi official news agency in iran says the powerful revolutionary guard has used drone strikes and a artillery to target what tehran says are basis of iranian kurdish separatists in northern iraq. second such cross border assault since the weekend. it comes as iran is convulsing with protests over the death of a 22-year-old iranian kurdish woman detained by the nation's more rattle police. the agency says the guard's attacks are in response to the support the separatist have allegedly provided for the protest. the unrest inside iran as well as their attempts to smuggle in weapons. we are going to talk now about the region. joining us tonight pack stanley foreign minister beauty toe is a dari. mr. prime minister thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me.
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>> bret: i want to start with the tragedy of the floods and devastation in pakistan secretary of state earlier today almost blick oproportions. >> we all heard the story of noah's floods and how it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. monsoon in pakistan started in mid june and endeds at the end of august. and by the time the rains stopped, 100-kilometer lake formed in the middle of my country and it's still making its way to the ocean leaving devastation. >> bret: you and i were just looking at satellite images of different towns that are completely under water. >> completely, completely submerged. this is a compounding tragedy. we have the effects of the catastrophes of the flooding itself. then we are also looking at a potential health catastrophe with an epidemic of water born diseases on top of that we are looking at food insecurity with millions of acres of crops
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destroyed. and the top it all off we just entered into an agreement with the imf and all those terms and all those estimates and all those figures are now based on old realities. >> the u.s. is offering help. the associated press you mentioned hunger rights farmers and officials warn that pakistan could now face serious food shortages at a time when the forecast is strapped for cash and world food prices are high. that's a big concern of yours? >> absolutely. i mean, look. the scale of this tragedy, just to put it in perspective, 33 million people, bigger than the population of the state of new york. bigger than the population of new zealand, australia and 950% of the population of canada affected. by these devastating climate streafl u.s. is offering help you just met with the secretary of state. enough in your mind? what is the world doing very
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grateful. coming climate. we are incredibly grateful to the u.s. government now total of $60 million that have been pledged overall u.s. samantha powell visit congressional delegation came and visit. but no matter what we do and what we manage to gather given the scale of the tragedy it's a drop in the ocean of what is required. >> bret: in the meantime as that tragedy is unfolding we are dealing with what is happening in ukraine and russia's aggression. there are some people inside the u.s. that wonder why india is buying so much oil from russia. >> i mean, you would have to ask india. i think they have their relationships with russia that have historical context but also relations with you here in the united states. >> bret: let me ask you about this how are the neighbors in afghanistan now after the u.s.
3:24 pm
has left? >> the situation in afghanistan is difficult trted in the security of your country. fortunately certain commitments that have been made with the international community. women's education whether it's about terrorism in afghanistan whether it's about inclusive government and i think us along with the international community still waiting for that to be clifford in full by the new interim government in afghanistan. >> do you think afghanistan's terrorism own country has developed. >> i think we have made incredible progress on this front. we sort of pride ourselves despite what is happening in pakistan, as far as our own geography and country is concerned, we went through a period where we would have a
3:25 pm
terrorist attack every other week. we lost 80,000 of our citizens to terrorism within pakistan. but it is a result of some decisive action over time, including initial military operation in south waziristan and north waziristan and national consensus. we brought that number came back to a position of peace and stability and people are coming to invest and life has gone back to normal. we have since the fall of kabul the terrorist incidents but it's not to the level where we once were. we feel a lot more sort of confident about that if we have peace and stability in all our region which is important not only for our security with you our neighbors as well. >> bret: celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relations with the u.s. i covered the pentagon during the time when they were really hunting for usama bin laden. there was a doctor on the ground shaquille afridi who helped the u.s. hunt down bin laden why is
3:26 pm
he still in jail. >> i don't have an update. >> bret: i don't want to pin you down but that is still a concern for people who went after bin laden. >> whatever the legal process is i'm sure that will be followed. i unfortunately don't have the latest details for you. >> when the relationship between the u.s. and pakistan, how would you describe it now? >> i think we are reengaged look to broaden our relationship pakistan u.s. relationship as you mentioned 75-year-old relationship. a lot of that time has been colored by the events in afghanistan so after kabul, i think now we have an opportunity to broaden that scope and that's exactly what we were doing before the floods and we were talking about business-to-business cooperation, opportunities for american entrepreneurs, and pakistani entrepreneurs agriculture and health and energy. now with the floods we have to in pakistan going forward work on rehabilitation and reconstruction. i think that, too, is an opportunity for our partnership to build climate resistant
3:27 pm
infrastructure or destruction devastation resistant infrastructure turn a new page in our relationship. >> bret: mr. prime minister wish you all the best. >> thank you so much. such a pleasure. >> bret: thank you. coming up spotlight race. plus, tracking hurricane ian. we will have a live report from florida. ♪ . ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: my customer enjoys time with her family. so when her windshield got a crack... she scheduled with safelite in just a few clicks. we came to her house... ...replaced the windshield... and installed new wipers. that's service on her time. >> grandkid: here you go! >> tech: wow, thank you! >> customer and grandkids: bye! >> tech: bye! don't wait, schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ (vo) give your business an advantage right now, with nationwide 5g from t-mobile for business.
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>> bret: hurricane alert. florida is preparing for what they say may be the most powerful hurricanes in recent history. ian could be a category 4 storm by the time it makes landfall. right now it's a category 2. forecasters expected to slow as it nears florida's west coast wednesday and thursday. and that means it sucks up the water and becomes more powerful. fox weather correspondent will nunley is in clearwater, florida tonight. good evening, will. >> good evening, bret. as we talk to people here, it's
3:33 pm
a greater sense of urgency. a big change in tone compared to what we have been witnessing here throughout the state for the past couple of days. it's been where might it go? sure i'm going to buy some extra bottled water and get some gasoline. today has been a day of action. we are seeing sights all of a sudden around us. we are in an area under evacuation order kicked in clearwater beach. behind me is clearwater itself also under evacuation order. people are trying to secure their homes, their cars, even their boats. i spoke to a gentleman did you know eaten down the road from here. is he going to put his boat in the hands of will motor nature and insurance company. take a listen. >> it looks like we are preparing for maybe up to 75 mile-per-hour winds, that changes the whole game, man. now we are taking down things that will fly like bottom did i tops and covering up for water intrusion as much as possible. >> with a storm surge impact possible of 5 to 10 feet, that's incredible amount of water that could be in the area where i'm
3:34 pm
standing right now. so we have thousands of people moving on this massive evacuation effort. they are trying to move people from hospitals, nursing homes, critical care and facilities and everyone else out of their homes. big evacuation effort to cover. we are covering every moment on fox weather, bret. >> bret: okay. will nunley, thanks so much. ♪ ♪ >> bret: in tonight's midterm spotlight we focus on two races including one a little controversy in michigan's newly redrawn seventh congressional district. democrat elissa slotkin is seeking a third term in congress against g.o.p. state representative tom barrett. slotkin has represented the eighth district since 201. during a televised debate the pair discussed a range of topics including inflation. our fox news power rankings and you can read them here have that race as one in the yellow there of the 30 toss-ups in the house. over in south carolina, state representative crystal matthews is trying to oust incumbent
3:35 pm
republican senator tim scott. he won re-election in 2016 by more than 20 points. matthews has been facing calls from democrats to end her campaign after she was heard in a leaked audio making disparaging comments about white voters in her state. to the south, again, georgia is emerging as a key battleground for november. republican governor brian kemp is trying to defeat progressive favorite stacey abrams for a second time and former football star herschel walker taking on incumbent democratic senator raphael warnock. senior national correspondent rich edson takes a look at what is at stake tonight. [chanting] >> a reverend and retired football star are locked in one of the closest senate races in the country. senator raphael warnock, a democrat, is trying to hold his seat against republican herschel walker. >> i'm looking forward to the debate because i have to show up and be prepared. >> candidates are scheduled to debate october 14th.
3:36 pm
warnock is pressing walker to agree to a second debate. walker down played his expected performance calling himself a country boy and not that smart. his campaign says those comments were sarcastic. abortion has also played a significant role in this race. walker has said he wants a total ban. warnock says he supports access to abortion. >> i have a profound reverence for life and i also have a deep respect for choice i just happen it think that a patient's room is too narrow and cramped for a woman and doctor and the united states government. too many people in the room. >> abortion playing into georgia's governor's race. governor brian kemp signed a law in 2019 that bans most abortions after heart activity is detected. that's as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. democratic challenger stacey abrams says the heart isn't mature enough at six weeks. >> there is no such thing as a heart beat at six weeks. it a manufactured sound designed
3:37 pm
to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body. >> abrams and kemp have agreed to two debates next month. polls have showed governor kemp widened his lead lately though the race largely remains within single digits. >> the atlanta bras at the white house today. the white house press secretary said it was important to have a conversation about potentially changing the name of the team. shortly after herschel walker's campaign came out with a statement that called the idea ridiculous and now the governor of the state, brian kemp tweeted out, braves should always be the atlanta braves. go braves and keep chomping, bret. >> bret: i'm not sure the democrats in that race are happy the white house went down that road today. not sure. possibly not. baseball politics in georgia again. >> bret: there we go. rich, thank you. up next an idea straight out of the movies trying to prevent an asteroid from crashing into the planet. we will show you how nasa is getting ready to do it. first what some of the fox
3:38 pm
affiliates are covering. fox 11 in los angeles as governor gavin newsom signs a law allowing residents to acquire a state identification card regardless of immigration status. supporter allow access to banking services, government benefits and healthcare. fox 32 in chicago where a person shot by police after using a fire escape to gain entry to a police facility. the suspect grabbed a gun and aimed it at officers. the gunman has non life-threatening injuries. and this is a live look at las vegas. one of the big stories there tonight from fox 5 our affiliate. the nfl is replacing the pro bowl with weak long skills competitions and a flag football game. the 2023 games will be held in las vegas. also tonight, the league says rihanna will head the super bowl halftime show. the game will be played februar, arizona. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will leave you with some rihanna. ♪ shine bright
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>> bret: police say a group of about 100 teenagers ransacked a
3:44 pm
convenience store in philadelphia saturday night. authorities believe the teens came from nearby skating rink. they say the group created chaos for workers and customers. no injuries were reported there but police are using the video to try to identify the perpetrators. new data from customs and border protection states that there have been at least 266,925 encounters with unaccompanied migrant children and minors at the southern border since president biden took office. that's enough to fill approximately three rose bowls to capacity. there have been 140,186 so far this fiscal year with one month remaining. the highest month since the president took office was july of 2021 with 18,954. in about a half an hour, nasa will conduct an experiment that could literally be a life and death proposition for this planet. that's what they say. scientist also see if they can alter the course of an asteroid
3:45 pm
by slamming a spacecraft into it. tonight correspondent jonathan serrie tells us why this is so important. >> and liftoff of the falcon 9 and dart on nasa's first planetary defense test to intentionally crash into an asteroid. >> in a scene straight out of science fiction, nasa plans to crash an unmanned spacecraft into an asteroid on purpose. >> it is a tiny asteroid. we have never seen it upclose. we don't know what it looks like. we don't know what the shape is. and that's just one of the things that leads to the technical challenges of dart. >> dart spacecrafting heading on its way to the system. >> after a 10 month journey through state dart which stands for double asteroid redirection test is scheduled to drik 125-foot asteroid at exactly 7:14 p.m. eastern time. sending point of view images on the way while a smaller companion spacecraft photographs
3:46 pm
the aftermath. >> point the camera and take the most amazing pictures of this asteroid that we are going to see for the first time and we don't know what the shape is and then impact will say lost of signal and we will celebrate. >> scientists expect the impact to change the orbit around a larger asteroid. neither poses a threat to earth but tonight's crash test may provide nasa a strategy to protect earth from an asteroid impact like the one believed to have caused the extinction of dinosaurs. >> as a scientist, i fully hope to be surprised by the results of the experiment although as a planetary defender i don't want to be too surprised. >> in hollywood films scientists blow up killer asteroids with nuclear weapons. in the real world believe that would create a field of debris that gravity would eventually pull back together with tonight's experiment. they hope to demonstrate a little nudge is all you need. brett? >> bret: jonathan, thank you.
3:47 pm
coming up, harold ford jr., trey gowdy and ben domenech right's rise in the poll in europe when we come back. ♪ all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work helping them achieve financial freedom. we're proud to serve people everywhere, in investing for the retirement they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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>> most democrats don't want to see joe biden run for re-election. they don't support him. you know, the ratings that he is getting nationally, once you are
3:52 pm
below 40 is really difficult rating to sustain through the midterms. >> we are going to see joe biden's perception from voters reflected in how they vote. >> where are we going on the offense every single day. they are winning right now. the democratic party has to assert itself much more aggressively. >> i understand what you are saying about the poll and i understand what you are saying about the president's numbers but what we are going to focus on is how we are going to continue to deliver for the american people. >> bret: the question is whether democrats believe that president biden can deliver and should deliver in 2024 and it's factoring in now. newest abc-"the washington post" poll out has democrats preference for 2024 and you list president biden as one of those 35% of democrats believe that he should run again. we will put up this poll. 56% choose other in this poll. significant.
3:53 pm
which party also in this poll does better on the issues of the economy, republicans at 53%. abortion, you can see the other way for democrats. crime, republicans at 52%. and immigration interestingly in this poll is about tied. let's bring in our panel harold ford jr. former tennessee congressman and co-host of "the five." trey gowdy former congressman for from south carolina and ben domenech. will gentlemen, while i have this moment let's take a shot of capitol hill great sun set as i'm talking to you guys. ben, what about this and the president's approval here and how does that affect the midterms, do you think? >> well, i certainly think it's a historical guy the president's approval rating is an indication how his party will perform in the midterms. that's not a good i observed indication for democrats right now. unfortunately for them when it comes to 2024. >> they cannot nominate other. you have to actually select a person who run for president.
3:54 pm
but i do think that in this case the president has not done his party any favors in terms of the decisions he has made in the past couple of months. particularly i think the student loan forgiveness which is something that i think is playing against his party more than they might have expected. but, ultimately, i believe, this is a party that is trying to flail around for their argument about how to proceed forward. they have a negative argument when it comes to republicans on the life issue, on the issue of abortion. but, other than that, i really don't believe that they have much going for them when it comes these midterms. >> bret: it's interesting that the white house, trey, pipes up on a day, for example, the atlanta braves was at the white house today. they were asked a question and said that they consider -- should consider changing the name of the atlanta braves. and that was coming from the white house press secretary. quickly, herschel walker and governor kemp jumped on that. it seemed like it created a moment where there wasn't one. >> yeah, i'm having a hard -- i
3:55 pm
didn't see the entire poll. i don't know where what the atlanta braves baseball team is called falls, crime, inflation, gas prices, foreign policy. my guess is it's not in the top five. look, the left has created -- i'm not talking about my friend harold but others on the left have created a little bit of this bass they focus so much on it. i haven't had a person in my life ask me about the name of the atlanta baseball team. not one. >> bret: harold? >> harold: well, if trey and i were still in congress, we may not agree on everything, or every aspect of everything, but we would be part of a group that try to go to the white house every single week to try to solve problems. i think the polling and i would agree with trey, i have not heard any democrat or republican speak to the atlanta braves name-changing. but most americans don't have the luxury of living their lives where they they can be
3:56 pm
ideological. they want practical solutions and problem-solving. i think republicans are presenting a face of that in this election. what's interesting to me though as much 24 nominee it appears at least to some of the pollings because democrats are tightened or closed some of these races, republicans still enjoy advantage it looks like by 1 or 2 points. democrats are still inclined to vote democrat in some of these congressional races. we in the last weeks of are a this race it's come done to the very end. you don't want enforcedders like today. you want message to be tight and about the future and talking about the atlanta braves and name change is not how i would want to end the day. >> bret: all right. let's turn overseas and what's happening in italy and really across europe. if you look at the headlines of this italian election where the far right candidate, meloni has taken it and will likely become the prime minister there, if you look at the headlines, atlantic, the return of fascism in italy,
3:57 pm
a far right nationalist looks likely to become illustration's first female prime minister. meloni is a danger. the most far right prime minister since mussolini. those are the headlines. she campaigned fighting inflation, speaking out against the european union and bureaucracy. what about the reaction to this and what it says about where europe is as we get ready for our own elections? >> you know the "new york times" used the word fascist 28 times in referring to georgia meloni in advance of her electoral win. but, they had to really work to make that stick. you know, obviously, she supports ukraine over vladimir putin. she supports continuance in the eu for italy. she supports free and fair elections. and she has distanced herself from marine le pen and victor or boca raton. >> in other words, she doesn't work as analogue for fascism.
3:58 pm
the "new york times" had to lord of the rings. by the way can you find that streaming on amazon prime. the thing i think that is so interesting about this she represents a kind of social conservatism. a center right social conservatism that is taking hold in europe in various ways and interesting ways and in a way that challenges, i think, a lot of american social conservatives to say what are you going to do next when it comes to providing support for the kind of women on the other side of the dobbs decision. the women considering abortion for instance? i think she is a very interesting figure. but, italy is rife with a lot of different political foes. and a lot of per people in her coalition have long knives. >> bret: different system, definitely. trey, some of those organizations may have said first female prime minister for italy. but they chose the other way to describe this. >> you know, bret, if you had
3:59 pm
two hours and could read to the bottom of the "new york times" story about her election, you would see that she was historic. but, you would have to get through more hard right and far right references and, guess what i'm wondering is if you are winning elections. if you are what the people want, at what point does that become the center? who gets to say what is far right or what is hard right? and, further to same, look, kamala harris is historic. she is every bit as to the left as the new italian leader is to the right. but she is never called hard left or far left, ever. and i think the election or the looming election is in part explained by the reaction to her ascendancy. people are just tired of that. >> bret: harold, i will catch you next time. thanks, panel. ♪ ♪
4:00 pm
>> bret: finally tonight a special salute army veteran walking across america for service members battling mental health issues. jake served two tours in afghanistan and struggled with ptsd. he hopes to get to maine next may. he calls the amount of kindness he has been shown on his journey overwhelming. we talk to steve case about entrepreneurship, his new book. that's it for us, fair, balanced and unafraid. here is jesse. >> jesse: thanks, bret. >> bret: you bet. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: we all remember what high school was like and a lot of us thought we were as cool as ferris bueller. >> well, is he very popular, ed. motor heads, geeks, sluts, bloods, dweebies. they all adore him. they think is he a righteous dude. >> jesse: every once in a while the cool kid realizes they are not a righteous dude. >> they ar