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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  September 26, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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walking across america for service members battling mental health issues. jake served two tours in afghanistan and struggled with ptsd. he hopes to get to maine next may. he calls the amount of kindness he has been shown on his journey overwhelming. we talk to steve case about entrepreneurship, his new book. that's it for us, fair, balanced and unafraid. here is jesse. >> jesse: thanks, bret. >> bret: you bet. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: we all remember what high school was like and a lot of us thought we were as cool as ferris bueller. >> well, is he very popular, ed. motor heads, geeks, sluts, bloods, dweebies. they all adore him. they think is he a righteous dude. >> jesse: every once in a while the cool kid realizes they are not a righteous dude. >> they are not popular and they
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are not as adorable as they think they are. that's what happened to no spin zone this weekend. on saturday, thousands of young libs were getting drunk at a music festival here in manhattan. it was a concert called global citizen and it to raise money for climate change, poverty, i don't really know. nancy decided to make a little cam know to talk about global warming. paulie p. was even there. this was supposed to be a really cool moment. but nancy got booed like a villain. listen. >> of the house. [crowd boos] nancy pelosi. why is everybody booing? >> jesse: nancy pelosi showered with boos in deep blue new york city. this wasn't cpac. this was a climate change crowd of 20-year-olds and democrat strong hold. i witnessed something like this firsthand last week. joe biden's motorcade was cruising across sixth avenue,
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hundreds of people waiting for it to pass because the street was blocked off. and as the beast drove by and biden waved out the window, nobody clapped. nobody cheered. it was this like the president of yugoslavia had driven by. nobody cared. again, this is midtown manhattan, they voted for biden over trump 90% to 10%. this is telling. think about it. when is the last time you saw someone excited and pumped up at a biden rally. well, we pulled some footage and this is what we found. people just sitting there. looking bored. not even listening to what he has to say. but, hey, i mean at least these people showed up. the white house can't even get anybody to show up at a biden rally. these are the pictures they don't want you to see. on tv the cameras shoot the event to make it look packed. when you pull out there is nobody there and it's free. money people aren't showing up
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because it's creepy. >> got to say hi to me. [laughter] >> we go back a long way. >> she was 12. i was 30. but anyway. >> everybody under 15, come here. what's your name? >> jesse: would have you rather have the president hug a flag or hug your child? [laughter] no one wants to be near joe biden. children democrats running for re-election, nobody. not even die hard liberals. >> where are you on biden 24? >> well, you know, when he. >> suddenly you have nothing to say. [laughter] >> no, i for him. i don't want to pick on him because he is old. but he told us when he was running that he may only -- he may only be a one-term
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president. >> jesse: this is getting pretty awkward. over the weekend jen psaki said biden is a total failure who doesn't have a record to run on. i think democrats if the election is about who is the most extreme they will win. they know that democrats have been in charge for two years. and their midterm message is that the republicans are extreme? and now jen is saying that the biden agenda is failing? this certainly isn't what we have been hearing the last two years. in fact, when jen psaki was in the white house she made it look like everything was great. so is it just me or have they just been feeding us one lie after another. the economy things aren't going well. mortgage rates are skyrocketing. your 401(k) is down. the stock market is down since biden was inaugurated. we are poorer as a country. in fact, the average american
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lost over # thousand dollars due to inflation. now, i know what you are thinking. this seems a lot like a recession but you would be wrong. joe biden sells we are not in a recession. things are just hard right now and that's why we need the inflation reduction act. which he says will lower costs which is another lie. it's just a handout for their green donors. you see, democrats want us to change all of our lives to save the planet, they want us to drive an electric car, install solar panels, drink out of paper straws. here's the thick. they aren't doing these things no one in the white house has an electric car. biden doesn't have electric car. there is no solar panels. pushback across the country we have noticed. "wall street journal" reporting people in rural ohio are fighting back against windmill projects. they are saying it's going to
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damage their property value. it's going to eat up all their farmland and put wildlife at risk. these are just regular blue collar people. they don't want windmills. and they don't want solar panels. but, guess what? democrats don't care. biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill is funding all this stuff. he did sidewalks and bridges. which by the way is a little bit of a touchy subject for joe biden. >> there is a lot more republicans out there taking credit for the new bridges and those -- than actually voted for it. i love going by and this is a great thing i voted against it but this is a great thing. >> jesse: biden wants credit for all the bridges he built? do you know how many bridges joe biden built with all the infrastructure money? one. and it's not even a real bridge that cars drive on. it's a foot bridge. it's probably an anti racist foot bridge. but, hey, here at "primetime," we want to give credit where
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credit is due. so, yes, biden is responsible for the anti-racist foot bridge in phoenix. but none of this compares to the crisis that's unfolding on the border. every month the new record is broken when it comes to illegals crossing. it's not just women and children like they lie to you and say who is coming. criminals are coming, cartels are coming. the drugs are pouring in. and biden is not doing a thing about it. they say the border is secure. but they won't even visit it. >> candidate biden didn't spend a dime or a day in the rio grande valley or really anywhere in texas for that matter once we got down the homestretch of the general election. you got to be locking eyeballs with the people that you want to fight for and serve and whose vote that you want to win. >> jesse: jen he psaki, mike bloomberg, beto o'rourke now are saying biden is shot. he doesn't do anything. biden tells us the economy is fine. crime isn't that bad and the border is secure.
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all disinformation. this entire administration is based on disinformation. and now america is in a place that we haven't been in a long time. oddly enough, al gore predicted this 30 years ago. >> fear is up. hope is down. everything that should be down is up, everything that should be up is down. >> jesse: give it to al, that is one thing he predicted that actually came true. tulsi gabbard is a former presidential candidate and former hawaii congresswoman. tulsi, it is amazing when you look at the facts, when you take away all the disinformation that the left and the media throws at you, this is a real problem in this country. i believe that people are seeing through the noise, do you believe that? >> i too. i think all these different examples you are showing, jesse, just point to a few things number one how grossly out of touch they are with the relates
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and struggles of everyday americans across this country. they are exposing how directly they are lying to us. trying to paint these rosy pictures that are blatantly false. and thinking that we are too stupid to see through their lies. and, therefore, exposing their arrogance. they see themselves as the rulers of this empire. we are their subjects. they know what's best. and we just got to -- we just got to go along. we just got to comply. the reality is the american people are living what's true. which is not this rosy fantasy picture they are painting. you know, i just spent a few days with service members in south florida, jesse. and they are struggling not only with inflation but with incredibly high cost of living there housing, food nearest walmart or costco 6 hour drive. i spoke with a sergeant first class wife and five kids.
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paying almost $5,000 for on base apartment essentially that is in atrocious and unsafe conditions. there is limited on base housing. in order to move into it they have to sign a waiver saying they are okay with living with asbestos and mold and lady paint and families at risk. so many examples biden saying here is how many billions of dollars we are going to dish out to countries all around the world. meanwhile we have the american people and servicemen and women and their families struggling and suffering right here at home. this is a president and commander-in-chief who is not only out of touch with reality but frankly doesn't care about the american people and our well-being and that is whereas we head toward the polls in just a few weeks here, what i want to see coming out of that is on election day the american people win. because, regardless of party, we need leaders who will put the well-being and the interest of the american people first and unfortunately, that's what we
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have been missing here for a really long time and especially missing it from this administration. >> jesse: well said. when you say you want to put the american people first, they say that's fascist. that's the kind of thing you are dealing with here. it's gobble have a real conversation. thank you so much. >> absolutely maddening. >> jesse: tulsi gabbard. >> thank you. >> jesse: move over eric swalwell, hunter biden has a fang fang too. and later johnny finds out what real americans think about sending migrants to martha's vineyard. ♪ ♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: have you ever'ed to ed to see a spy movie don't go to
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the theater. go to washington, d.c. spies hook gullible people in power. sometimes all it takes is a hone honey trap we saw it with eric swalwell slept with fang fang the spy who stole his heart. swalwell wasn't the only person to have a fang fang in d.c. turns out hunter biden may have dabbled with a chinese spy, too. her name is jackie bough. assigned to be hunter's flirty assistant and she played that gig pretty were well. she used to tell hunter he was the most amazing boss ever and told him she would, quote, do anything and everything to make him happy. according to emails, hunter even left his quote doggy tags over her apartment, doggy tags. deserve in the military? but it wasn't all just fun and games in hunter's office when jackie bough wasn't doing busy work like scheduling his flights and helping do research according to whistleblowers she was running point in a giant
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deal to sell american natural gas to china in 2017 and using the bidens to seal the deal. hunter's honey pot even gave him a map of exactly where the chinese wanted their natural gas to come from. and hunter was trying to drain gas out of louisiana to send to the chinese. the media says this deal fell through, didn't happen. but maybe that's just disinformation because just a couple months ago, while we were all suffering with record high gas prices, the biden white house sent a billion barrels of oil from our stockpile from a chinese energy company linked to hunter biden. is that a coincidence? i doubt it. the whistleblowers said joe biden was very much involved in the initial deals. and they were even promising any companies who helped would, quote: reap the benefits once joe became president. congressman james comer is a
4:19 pm
ranking member of the oversight committee who dropped this bombshell and he joins us now for more. so the chinese gave the bidens a map of where they wanted the energy from in the united states and then what do you know? a couple years later, joe's white house sends them oil? what's going on here, congressman? >> yeah. nothing sounds good here. and we have confirmed a lot of what it looks like in the emails with one whistleblower who is a former hunter biden associate. and hunter was trying to negotiate a deal to sell the chinese natural gas but what we also learned from the whistleblower was that their ultimate goal, this chinese company was to buy an interest in the drillers so they could start getting their foot in the door to start taking over the infrastructure of the american energy industry. so this is a national security concern. not only do we have proof that hunter biden was directly involved from it, the emails and
4:20 pm
text messages also show that hunter was asking for office space and he needed extra keys for both joe and jill biden. so this links the president to hunter biden's shady business deal with china. this is just a national security nightmare and it kind of puts into perspective maybe why joe biden has made some terrible decisions that have been at the best interest of china at the expense of the american consumer. >> jesse: just odd that they were going to open up drilling because that's not very green. i don't know why the biden family would want to do it. tell us a little bit about this chinese spy. this new fang fang that hunter fell for. >> well, when we saw the map, you know, looking through the hard drive you saw the powerpoint presentation which was a map of america in chinese. and you saw that this was something that was given to hunter for a presentation to the chinese. we traced it back and it was submitted by his assistant. well, i looked at a picture -- googled a picture of his
4:21 pm
assistant, she is a very attractive girl. so i started looking even more. we discussed with the whistleblower and according to the whistleblower, they were more than just business associates if you know what i mean, jesse. >> jesse: i know what you mean. >> this is another potential eric swalwell situation. another national security nightmare that hunter biden is involved. in. >> jesse: oh, man, i mean, it's so easy to corrupt these politicians, isn't it? throw a little nice attractive chinese spy in the mix. next thing you know they are selling you gas at a discount. congressman, thank you so much and keep us posted on what else the whistleblower had. >> well, we are not going to let up. >> jesse: when an illegal alien murders a police officer, what do democrats do? we are wondering what do they do? and we caught barack obama breaking the law. ♪ new salonpas lidocaine flex. a super thin, flexible patch with maximum otc strength lidocaine
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>> jesse: you can't believe anything the democrats say especially before an election. suddenly the democrats are fiscally responsible. patriotic freedom-loving americans who love the police tim ryan knows defunding the police is ridiculous. brought 60 to bring cops back. >> in the senate protect bad ideas like defunding the police. that's just crazy. >> i work side by side with the police, showed up at the crime scenes. we did whatever it took to fund our police. >> jesse: that's right. democrats are now the party of law and order. so when the sheriff's deputy was murdered last week in florida, we expected to see democrats sprint to the mics to condemn this atrocious attacks on cops. but there was an eerie silence and "primetime" wondered why. turns out the sheriff's deputy was killed by illegal immigrant. not just illegal immigrant an
4:28 pm
illegal immigrant who previously been deported and snuck right back through joe biden's open border. wouldn't this be a great political opportunity for democrats to put their money where their mouth is to honor a heroic police officer and tout their strong border policies? not even thoughts and prayers? what does val demings have to say, the democratic, the former orlando police chief running against rubio for the senate. a former colleague of hers was murdered by an illegal and there is no record of her saying anything about this. we reached out to her office for a statement. silence. democrats want the borders open because their donors want the borders open democrats off the books to keep profits flat and plow those profit back into the campaign war chest. this keeps wages down. but so what? police died, so what?
4:29 pm
plus these illegals have babies that vote 2-1 democrat so win-win. "the view" says if you are hispanic and you don't vote democrat, then you ain't hispanic. >> that's what is so interesting to me that there are so many latinos that vote republican because they vote against their own self-interest. if you really are interested in these types of issues, then you are a democrat. >> jesse: so if you are a white guy or woman who votes republican you are a racist. and if you are not white and vote republican, you are a racial traitor. what a wonderful message. by the way, what's the white house's position on this crime wave? we know that deaths and robberies are up 20% in the first half of this year. i'm wondering if he thinks america's big cities are safe. >> look, this is a president who has secured historic funding to make sure that law enforcement has what it needs, especially -- and he was able to in the face of opposition from republicans.
4:30 pm
>> jesse: yeah, republicans want to defund the police, exactly. republicans are beating democrats by hefty 20-point margins on crime and immigration. no one is buying their lies anymore. border is secure, they love the police. for the first time in a very long time and no matter how hard the media tries, this country isn't buying what they are selling. dana loesch is a nationally syndicated radio host and she joins me now. i can't believe no one said anything about this murdered law enforcement official in florida. >> i think you raise a really good point, jesse democrats are for law enforcement until it is time to be for. and sanctuary city until it comes time fulfill sanctuary city. the things you were mentioning, i guess that's messaging going into midterms to take everything they were against and re-purpose it and pretend that time starts right now and no one can use
4:31 pm
this tool called the internet and go back and see where all of these people were, all of these years as neighborhoods were burning and people were getting assaulted and killed? they were screaming for defunding the police. in fact, the vice president of the united states was supporting and promoting a bail fund for people who were rioting in minneapolis and milwaukee and elsewhere. nobody believes these people, except maybe only their base. but, to your point, with law enforcement, border is part of that border agents and security is all part of law enforcement. if they really and truly support law enforcement support all aspects of that and that includes, jesse, at the border. cress jess when you hear the french woman as press secretary explain that republicans are really against police funding do you think she believes american people are that stupid to buy that? >> i think they are too desperate to focus group it.
4:32 pm
i think they are incredibly desperate right now. anything they can use to get america's eyes off the economy and focus on anything else polll with democrats in terms of a necessity as an issue going to the polls as democrats would have thought that they would. but, no, i mean maybe they say it enough and they will believe it. it's kind of hard to lie to people especially after the last couple of years. we have all witnessed the carnage in america's city streets and we have, you know, you can't lie to us. our eyes don't lie. rest jess easy to lie about the weather. about global warming, that's easy. but when people and you are looking at video of people pouring across and showing tv people getting deported from the vineyard and every day turn on the local news leads with someone getting shot in the back of the head. no, you can't lie to the american people about that. >> and real quick to your point,
4:33 pm
when you have karine jean-pierre as you mentioned when she was stating she told peter doocy people just don't walk over the border. oh my gosh. your own bill melugin has so much video of them literally walking across the border. >> jesse: they don't like bill melugin. >> it's time for them to put up or shut up. >> jesse: it is. dana, thank you as always. >> good to see you, jesse. >> jesse: now hypocrisy is nothing when it comes it democrats and no one does it better than barack obama. back when barry was in the white house he never missed a chance to tell us he was captain planet. >> in my first inaugural address i committed this country to the tireless task of combating climate change and protecting this planet for future generations. what matters is that today we can be more confident that this planet is going to be in better shape for the next generation and that's what i care about. >> jesse: just more hot air from barack because he couldn't care less about the environment. this weekend the former president was in l.a. grabbing a
4:34 pm
bite to eat with his daughters and obviously very trendy restaurant. while the obamas dined on $20 sushi rolls their suv sat idling outside just spewing pollution into the air. ilgding for hours. check out the video from the daily mail showing barry casually strolling out of the restaurant not a care in the world before jumping into the suv. what happened? i thought barry loved the environment that doesn't look like a guy who cares about his footprint too much. and it certainly doesn't look like the guy who supports the disabled. barey's suv backed right into a handicapped spot. forcing any old lady with a bad hip to walk from the back of the parking lot. if you got a wheelchair, forget it. barry's is being that brazen. what other woke commandments did he break? did he step on endangered snail on the way out? did he misgender a waiter while he was ordering some beers? perhaps. the obamas took a table meant
4:35 pm
for indigenous family, those colonizers. i guess it's obama's world and we are just living in it. >> jesse: coming up, white women are paying thousands of dollars to be humiliated. ♪ >> i want to a show of hands of everyone at this table who is racist.
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>> jesse: america is under attack tonight across wars waged by northern neighbors. first, they went after the dairy farmers, then the truckers and now canada's black faced prime minister has waged a war on white women and much like pearl harbor, it's an attack we did not see coming. the canadian broadcasting company paid for and aired a new documentary called deconstructing karen. it's about two american race hucksters named regina jackson and -- who charge self-hating
4:41 pm
white women thousands of dollars for the privilege of being called a racist over dinner. since 2019 these two ladies have been traveling the country scooping up white women, 10 at a time and berating them for their complicit in upholding white supremacy quote unquote. like a supper club. instead of getting slitsed on chardonnay and complaining about kits. white women dinner event get asked questions like this. >> i want a show of hands of everyone at this table who is racist. [suspenseful music] >> i want to cry. i can't sit here? >> no. you got to go. sorry, sis. >> jesse: that's right, sis. there is no crying at
4:42 pm
anti-racism. there is a lot of yelling. you see these white women come to dinner with empathy and love for all people regardless of race. and that is completely unacceptable. >> i understand it's a struggle for you now. i get that. and i empathize with that. but, do i love you less because you are a different color? absolutely not. >> but do you realize that everything you are saying is taking away everything they just said. >> i'm not trying to [bleep] >> it is. >> you literally erased everything this woman just said. >> jesse: that's rough stuff. but our new friend know the truth if you treat someone like dirt they will stick to you like mud. the meaner they are to these women the more they want to impress them. i think this is c cathartic for the founders too. they are angry because apparently they have been abused by every white woman who has ever existed. >> imagine if your husband beats you and you confront him. would you go and massage his back while you are confronting
4:43 pm
him or would you actually be really angry and hurt that he has been beating you? when you have been a victim of abuse and white women have abused us our whole lice, why do we have to hold your hand? can't we just tell you hey, you guys have hurt us. this is what have you done. now, make it right. >> jesse: make it right. apologize for your whiteness. come to my seminars. this is shocking racism but it you are white, you are not allowed to be shocked. >> i want to ask also to stop acting shocked so part of white family michelle is acting so surprised when we tell you. >> this is surprise. >> why are you telling us not to act the way we act. it is surprising. to say me that is surprising. >> upholds white supremacy. because when you express shock, it pushes you away from the blame. you know what i expect of white women, not a damn thing. nothing. i expect nothing of you. because you have never given me anything. >> jesse: actually they are giving you $2,500. that's not enough.
4:44 pm
you have got buy their book, too. you are irredeemable racist. you might get better if you preorder now. >> i just got my advanced copy of my book white women, everything you already know about your own racism and how to be better. super excited. presales are important to a book's success. quad dupreably hard for black authors to break out. so grateful if you ordered a copy today. >> jesse: that's what this is all about. buy a book come to dinner and spend thousands in order to clns your soul. you will never be fully clean not to them. can you never give them enough money to make them like you. they are like personal trainers who want you to be fat forever. joining me now is horace cooper. author co-chair of project 21. at first i thought horace said no white woman would ever do this. it just seems humiliating and degrading and unnecessary. but now that i see, this i'm
4:45 pm
thinking in this country today, i wouldn't be surprised if thousands of women paid for these people to be just lecturing them about how awful they are. it's a psychological issue. >> well, you know, jesse, w.c. phils says there is a sucker born every day. the real challenge from my perspective is to use the evil racism as a huckster, money making scheme. we have already seen this kind of behavior by the so-called black lives matter foundation using the genuine concerns that all americans feel making sure that all americans are able to partake of the american dream. blm and now these dinners try to money make off of that and they
4:46 pm
don't care actually after they are done if things are worse off. they get the mansions. they get the new infinity, they get the trip to aspen. >> jesse: what do you think is more profitable, racism or white guilt? you can't get profitable racism without guilt. i'm the founding members of project 21. precisely because i want people to remember this is the most amazing, exceptional country on the planet. and to be black in this country is to be advantaged more than to be black anywhere else on the planet. these women browbeat people in to thinking that their very living undermines black people. i would love to hear not some
4:47 pm
blanket condemnation. what specifically has a person done to you? we have laws on the books at both the federal and the state level and if you have a legally discriminated, you have to show it or you get to defend against it. no blanket condemnations. >> jesse: all right. kind of reminds me of people who pay other people to whip them because they have been bad and it kind of turns them on. go for it. i don't know. thank you so much horace cooper. >> thanks for having me. >> jesse: actor alec baldwin may now be facing charges for the fatal shooting on the set of his movie rest last year. fox news breaking correspondent and anchor of fox news at night trace gallagher is here with the latest. trace? >> jesse, the big headline is santa fe new mexico district attorney mary carmack has confirmed she could file criminal charges against four
4:48 pm
people including actor alec baldwin. she goes on to say she is considering homicide charges as well as various gun charges. while no decision on charges has been made, it's interesting the d.a. has already requested $635,000 to cover the cost of four separate trials as well as a special investigator. and it's notable that almost one year after the fatal shooting of halyna hutchins the sheriff of santa fe still has not submitted the final report on the shooting. alec baldwin has blamed everyone else for the shooting but the fbi report submitted last month included an analysis of the weapon and concluded that the pistol, quoting here, functioned normally when tested in the laboratory. the report also stated that in order for the gun to be fired, the trigger needed to be pulled. baldwin said this to abc news last december. watch. >> it wasn't in the script for the trigger to be pulled. >> well, the trigger wasn't pulled.
4:49 pm
i didn't pull the trigger. >> so you never pulled the trigger. >> no, no, no. i would never point a gun and pull a trigger ever. that's the training i have had you never pull a gun and pull the trigger. >> alec baldwin has listed his compound in the hamptons for $29 million. it's unclear if selling the property is an effort to get red for what could be a long legal fight but baldwin could be facing just that jesse. >> jesse: see those signs as well. thank you so much, trace. >> you bet. >> jesse: yjohnny, has an exclusive interview with illegal alien. >> where are you from? so you are an illegal alien, i guess? ♪ ♪ that ain't right ♪ new science shows it gets in between teeth to destroy 5x more plaque above the gumline than floss. for a cleaner, healthier mouth.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> jesse: joe biden is telling you the border is secure as he
4:55 pm
cha cha charityoo shatters 2 years in a row of border crossing records. what do you think about the border crisis? >> i spend more time to tiktok than watching the news. >> migrants are breaking into our country in record numbers. why isn't biden stopping this? >> the migrants will vote diameters. >> you have this guy's numbers? >> i am just a thinking person. >> some of the most successful people were not born in america. they found the american dream. >> legally. >> you are a little controversial. it's illegal. >> migrants are crossing the border and being fhow do you fe?
4:56 pm
>> i assume they pay fore payin? >> yes. >> where else would you send them. >> they could be bringing drugs. >> some i assume are good people. >> the texas governor is bussing migrants to new york city. do you think we can fit them here? >> of course. >> we can't house the homeless but we will house the migrants? >> that's true. >> that's a good point. >> we have a lot of victim housing. >> where is the housing? >> not something i am informed on. >> will you take migrants in? >> i already have roommates. >> the florida governor is flying migrants to martha's vineyard. aren't they lucky? >> they are lucky in this country. >> i want a free flight to martha's vineyard. >> do you know who martha is?
4:57 pm
>> martha stewart. >> you are an illegal alien. why should the border states have to deal with the migrant crisis? >> if you don't go to them, they come to you. >> have you been paying attention. kamala harris is the border czar. >> what the [bleep] is a czar? i could not tell you. >> i don't think she could tell you either. >> come on, man! >> what do you want to tell jesse watters? >> i never like cameras. but they are everywhere. >> jesse: here's a little advice on how to get to know a town. find out if the deli is open on a sunday. if it's not, the town is no
4:58 pm
good. go to a restaurant and see how they treat you. who is there. what kind of people are there eating? lunch on the weekend? then you look at who is jogging or doing any power walking? do they look like they for good shape? maybe no one even outside? are people in their yards? do they have other people in their yards doing the work for them. this tells you a lot about a town. that's just a start. let's do text messages. >> [laughing]. >> jesse: you are right. that's probably what nancy told them. jimmie johnson: -- james: >> jesse: you are right.
4:59 pm
america is a tear down property start fresh. but the pandemic is over. this person says: i think you are right. that is infrastructure that we need. john from texas: i didn't catch that. the fashion police. they got him goo missouri. i need to switch professions. $2500 a pop. 10 women. do the math. laura:
5:00 pm
[laughing] tony from new york: you want to know why? because of this current job i don't have to do any math. math is very important if you are handling million dollars of other people's money. tucker is next. i am watters and this is my world. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. not a lot of americans pay attention to european politics. that's understandable. it's a shame. if you look at what is happening in europe you can more than about what is happening here. despite the castles and funny accent and smelly cheese, europe is not that different in the united states. european leaders run their countries


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