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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 26, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> sean: as always they you for being with us and thank you for missing this show possible. we hope that you will set your dvr so you never, ever miss an episode of "hannity." in the meantime you can let not your heart be troubled. ms. laura ingraham at the "the ingraham angle." she has a killer show tonight. >> laura: i missed you for the last few days. you been a mar-a-lago, you are in that crawl space for some of the documents were i saw that was i supposed to say that? i'm sorry. >> sean: i'm in trouble now. >> laura: i apologize it's good that they had you there to craft the say finally. [laughs] [laughs] >> sean: source has it there was nothing in the safe. they should buy you a new one. >> laura: i was gonna make a joke but someone would've got mad at me for that you know famous open safe i'm not gonna make. [laughs]
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[laughs] >> sean: we all know who you're talking about. you k know i love about geraldo. you know he's wrong sometime. >> laura: he never ages he looks i was back then. >> sean: i was on his daytime program years ago. >> laura: you work? >> sean: we didn't have a fistfight or anything. >> laura: oh, my gosh, i thought you needed at least a chair over your head. all right hannity i'll take off or you left off. i'm laura ingraham this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. thanks much for being with us. gruesome newsom comes after fox prime time host including yours truly. i will respond so stay tune for that. but first, wave elections that is the focus of tonight angle. ♪ ♪ >> laura: now it's not just the arrival of crist fall weather whether there's other change in the air as well. i could tell us a lot about how things will play out here in
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november midterms. >> the exit polls says they are hard right to score another stunning success at the ballot box. >> you could think that in sweden a party with right wing neofascist roots would now be dominant in parliament. in france, the right-wing parties have such a strong showing. >> laura: it turns out the regular working people are growing increasingly fed up with astonishment politicians not just here but abroad as well. italy's new prime minister is in first as she is the first woman ever to be elected prime minister there. if you think about our press is usually over the moon when the first is a liberal woman. or a minority or a. but not in this case. >> italy has elected its first prime minister note this though, she is said to lead the most far right government in the country
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since mussolini. >> since the first time since benito mussolini they will have a far right government. >> with roots in the far fas fascism. >> they are comfortable with some of the italian fascism like this motto. god, fatherland, and family. >> laura: three things that the media despise god, father's of nuclear family. i mean this is just ridiculous. if any group today comes close to mussolini and his brutal and for misuse of big business and big government together it's the modern left but nice try kids. of course the reason this verse in italy does not count is because she is employed the globalist game she refuses to. she has been bought off and that she calls out the failures of the majority parties and refuses to submit to their local crusade against national identity, national culture.
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this is her back in 2019. >> wise the family an enemy? why is the family so frightening? because defines us, because it defines our identity. as though they take a national identity. the attack religious identity. the attack gender identity. the attack family identity. i cannot do for myself as italian i'm a christian, woman, mother, i must be citizen exit. it gender acts, parent one, parent too. i must be a number. because when i'm only a number on it longer have identity that i will be the perfect at the mercy of financial speculators. the perfect consumer. >> laura: i suggest you watch your entire speech it is fantastic. on a posted tonight now the fact is europe is facing a largely self-inflicted energy crisis this winter it's can be horrific. although it's easier just to blame lat vladimir putin of cou.
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in europe has struggled with a stampede of migrants from the northeast in africa. this was forced on them by the e.u. years ago especially in seat sweden the burden on social services schools, and law enforcement has been a nightmarish. no crimes unlike anything the police have reported before in sweden including bombings have become commonplace. >> these humiliation crimes they have increased the last few years also called domination violence were a young person can be at gunpoint, torture for hours, just because he is a swede and there is such resentment among some people. >> laura: this is overwhelmed the once very classic country. but how can anybody blame the py voting to stop this madness? cannot do so would be insane.
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something of a national death wish. and as the passage of breck sick as a bellwether for 2016 for donald trump. could the recent populace victories across europe showed different g.o.p. midterm successes? the grim faces on the faux intellectual class seems to indicate yes. >> the victory of a party that has its roots in italian fascism [laughs] planet simper is concerned and everybody. it accompanies as as you said this move in europe that there is this populace rage that is sweeping across europe that swept across america. in 26 election. >> laura: there is no curiosity and no effort whatsoever i will reporting h here. suppose people who are serenely tucked away on their save enclaves of their own that should be dismissed these two elements out of hand. their analysis of wikipedia search. it is lazy.
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the same dynamic is playing out there while the populace candidates in america first policies the workaround from or roundly ridiculed and resisted that really any substantive argument by the same people. there is literally nothing when you look at it, nothing that the bipartisan establishment and especially now the democrats. nothing that they have touched that they haven't screwed up. the energy sector, now are facing the sky record energy prices just in time for the great freeze here in the united states and in europe. of course foreign affairs, they through russia into the arms of china with their idiotic handling of ukraine. and of course the climate change obsession, chileans borrowed, chileans printed and eventually will be spent on green marxist policies that would just rob us of our freedom and our prosperity and we are all watching the financial markets down, down, down all of this is
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dragging us into a global recession. >> president biden: the past few years have strained and tested our transatlantic relationship. the united states is determined, determined to reengage with europe. to consult with you, earn back our position of trust and leadership. >> laura: they love is america first policies and they were thrilled to hear those kinds of words from joe biden when he w won. how are things feeling now boys and girls? the thing about radical globalist means never having to say you're sorry or frankly never having to change her mind about anything. i perform policy disasters at the afghanistan pullout. our domestic policy with the covert school closures. >> still feel comfortable that school districts even in your home state handled the pandemic? >> i think we were under unprecedented times at that point were people really were struggling to figure out what
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was the best weight to make sure that their kids, families, children were safe. number people were dying. >> laura: i didn't recognize her. she was he to be in washington state. so look, listening to her she can't offend her paymaster the teachers unions. even when the teachers unions it truly satisfies their children's learning for their own convenience and their own power. so there's only so long even the bluest of blue estates like washington state, oregon, even new england. there were law-abiding americans. to tolerate ghoulish scenes like this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [bleep] >> laura: look when you aren't safe, you aren't f free. again the party in power doesn't
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believe it bears any responsibility. so here is reality. the press can try to keep spinning away this populace awakening happening here in europe. it is not can help them. the assessment here like over there, it's out of ideas, they can't fix the economy, the can't stop crime. you can't see the nuclear danger in ukraine. they can't or won't stop the border invasion. and americans don't like that. over time it will turn to officials who can actually deliver positive results. the future i think belongs to places like texas, florida, virginia, tennessee, iowa. in other parts of america state governments are actually working to improve the lives of the people. what a novel concept? so the question that every american has to ask is this. do you want to be on the winning side, or do you want to go down with the sourpuss is like liz
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cheney and nancy pelosi? you want to feel safe again? would you want to worry about crime? do i make money? or do you want to watch your 401(k) disappear? there is a way of coming and it is never too late to take up surfing. and that is the angle. joining us now is nevada state candidate adam laxalt. what lessons adam can republicans take here from the simple message from the newly elected italian prime minister of god, family, and country? >> look what we see in the last few years or at least have filled us all of the world and apparently in italy they feel the same way, the radical green new deal, open border policy. all of this reckless rhetoric that continues to destroy our roots, our culture, our foundations, they clearly are rejecting that.
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we are seeing that massively here and my state in my home state of nevada. and across the country. people understand that the left is destroying our traditions, or institutions. they are attacking a family comedy are attacking our constitutional system. which is why laura don't believe any of the height. we are living in a red wave, people are absolutely going to send a message to joe biden him alive pundit said it cortez. and the left, they are fed up we want our country back. >> laura: sheet i think she thought she was good be comfortable in this contest get you for her senate seat. she is incumbent thing a lot of the elites are just used to being reelected for that much of a fight. i do the people of nevada saying that use and care of the border just never cared about the border it's want to ride this thing out i don't think it's working. >> look she didn't anticipate a candidate was able to run a my
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record attorney general. we actually defended our constitutional system, we held then president obama accountable law-enforcement understands that they need a champion like myself to stay with them. we live through blm and las vegas just like many cities across america. she was nowhere to be found laura. she didn't stand with our law enforcement when they needed her which is why they are endorsing 95% of the badges in the state of nevada. they are with me, not the incumbent senator. as for the border, i have been to the border. my opponent has gone to the border, in fact she says that there is no such thing as an open border. she and kamala harris were ages together and they both lied to the public about the border and again we are seeing all-time highs in the legal, fennel overdoses, these things are killing our state and she is pretending that she is a moderate and nevada. has all this money from california, new york, propping her up. we have been up for five
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straight -- despite unprecedented spending. >> laura: it's looking good. >> people can help us. >> laura: adam, things are looking good but everyone has to get out and vote and nevada go vote for change in common sense this is even about left or right at this point. it does about the survival of the state of nevada and you're right march of 2021 your opponent the incumbent senator from nevada said that the border is not open. that's what she said she lied directly to the people of nevada she should be sent packing just for that line. adam we will be watching us close things so much. now in the lead up to yesterday's elections in italy the unelected head of the e.u. commission seem to fire a warning shot to italy. >> of things going the difficult direction i spoke about. ♪ ♪ >> laura: joining us now is victor davis hanson and
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stephen miller former senior advisor to president donald trump founder of america first legal stephen so the unelected bureaucrats in brussels apparently want to dictate how governments are elected, how the people i guess vote and choose and how they are run and this of the crowd correct? >> the are the stealth self style pro-democracy crowd but in truth they hate and loathe democracy. that's the reason why they are so outraged that a patriotic pro-family prime minister who was won in italy and thus the reason why the unelected and deep state in the unelected prosecutors and doj vesta gators has spent six years going after president donald trump because with a hate the most is when voters are in charge of their own destiny they believe, the elites they see the media, our
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financial system, our law enforcement system wisconsin doj, whether to talk about the e.u. in brussels. they believe that they know better than the everyday ordinary working people who believe in borders, families, and god. >> laura: i think when you look back victor eddie declarations of the death of populism you when i victor were talking about this on the radio years ago this is how long the upper pretty team the demise of populism. i think we have to remind people of what the smart were saying watch. >> the republican party want to continue to be a major party they need to reject the white nationalism, the populism. >> how the wages elections move ahead if you're trying to push people out for rejecting populism? [laughs] i thought that's what political parties do? >> laura: i forgot about him victor, but it looks like populism is gonna stick around as long as it keeps going up on the establishment side.
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>> or mainly they brought about may be most radical shift in minority voting in recent history especially in the case of mexican americans are invoked conservatively. everything we forget was very calm and by 2019 we and have this problem these were delivered they threw stones until comp on laura you're not gonna flow backup by magic for the midterms the rebels are still going. we don't have a border and is nonexistent. we saw in philadelphia is good to continue because there's no police deterrence anymore. we say the same thing about energy, the prices of gas are not going down. i just paid $7 a gallon for diesel fuel yesterday in california. i would look abroad and will be lost deterrence in afghanistan is very hard to reclaim that empower going to empower china so these consequences were ideological they weren't doing a play they did deliberately
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what's ironic is are waiting for the republicans to graphs that i know they are nationalizing god. 468 some seeds are asked these candidates you voted for the border. you voted for the crime, you voted for the energy. you voted for the inflation, you voted for the recession. are you still for that or not? i want to know, yes or no? and they are knocking a play by the markers of these variables there to run tough ads. they broke up the cycle of media narrative of january 6th, then the donald trump rate in januare awful. simile desantis said we are going to direct attention to a real issue immigration which is really what he did with martha's vineyard and thus disrupted them and overlook looking at the issues again. that is a lose-lose situation and he won't change. when i talked about that that one adapt to reality or the ideologues and fossilized in our time is come and gone.
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>> laura: stephen, we noted in the angle about the medias session with comparing the victory to the lies of muss mussolini. the ap writes how a of neofascist roots won big in italy and the atlantic road the return of fascism in italy. stephen, if anyone is approaching fascias it is the left today. they want to shut down all thoughtful thinking about these very difficult problems. yet they did the same thing to donald trump to been not? they called him an autocrat and he was a mini dictator and he was can start world war iii the same playbook against donald trump are using against these new populist leaders in europe. >> yes, it's the only playbook they have which is the demonize their opponents as fascias and bigots, and racist. and the american people and friends across europe, they are buying the lies in the smears anymore. look at, as you said was really
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fascias here? joe biden's doj they sent a s.w.a.t. team the sent 30 federal agents will pro-life pastor's house. real commoners, violent thugs, gang numbers are on the streets shooting people, beating them, assaulting them, undisturbed, unmolested, no one is even touching them. this administration is the administration that is trampling on our basic rights and freedoms when you talk about maloney, donald trump, or any other single house member running out of the republican banner this year. they are going to label all of them as fascias and you know what? the more they like, the more the american people are gonna rise up and say no. >> laura: i think is victor pointed out on the thing is working anymore i think reality is crashing in on the party deterrence even thank you. now larry will be here he is in response to joe biden's remarkably out of touch economic today. plus is the fbi once again trying to conspire with facebook to sounds agency whistle
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whistle-blowers? miranda devine has some breaking details and that in moments. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> president biden: because of their resilience.
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resilience. >> laura: okay we to put words on the screen for the president of united states of america this disturbing. so the question if you could even make that out what exactly does that stronger position look like he just reference? i count the ways here as you can tell friday night americans of loss of $4200 in income under joe biden wiping out all the gains under donald trump, 20% of u.s. households have missed or made a late payment on the utility bill and last month as soaring prices have crushed low income americans and today the dow closed down 20.5% of its recent peak on january 4th meaning we are officially in a bear market. if that is a strong position i hate to see week one joe. and i was larry kudlow host on
7:27 pm
fox business former director of the economic council. while you and i talked about this about a year plus ago whether we were in and enter a recession, larry summers was warning of it with inflation, flashing they did nothing and now here we are. your take on these latest gyrations? >> will truly worldwide. all of this woke, progressive keynesian economics has just failed. dismally, and you should add to that the war against fossil fuels every country, u.s., great britain, european union, they have all fallen into the same trap now. there is some hope with the new prime ministers in britain and italy we could talk about that is also some hope here with the contract with america new commitment to america which is i think really some hope that
7:28 pm
they do pull you probably saw it wbc "washington post" 21% of this swing districts are going republican. let me rephrase that. republicans are ahead 21% over democrats in swing districts around the country. so, people see right through what mr. joe biden is saying and his fraudulent resurgence, but unfortunately in the short run we are pretty much all of us come all these countries in recession, going into a recession in the recession as you get deeper as interest rates rise in the central banks collectively fight inflation so to be a tough story in the short run, very tough story. >> laura: larry, you know i love debating you on the idea that is global can be a global problems obviously come up the donald trump a administration and a joe biden a great scenario. right? we were poised to have growth if
7:29 pm
joe biden had done nothing else except open up and not shut don all the oil and gas that he did, america would've continued to eclipse europe we were number one in gdp as compared to all the g7 nations. an hour about number four i believe the last time i checked so. [laughs] he had the wind at his back and he squandered it. >> think of it is not an easy thing in about 15 months to take a booming economy with no inflation which would donald trump gave joe biden and then turn it into a bust recession, high inflation economy. that is not easy to do. it takes remarkable incompetence and again saw this big government, socialism progressivism, and the fight against fossil fuels. it's completely backfired and all your earlier guests said you're right people see right
7:30 pm
through it and i think it could be a middle-class populace against it. that's why i'm so happy to see this "washington post" abc poll that the liberal poll as a general rule and republicans are caring swing districts all over the country. over 20%. also i'm saying until the stress comes on the scene, until george maloney comes on the scene, those two are supply centers. they want to cut taxes, they want to deregulate, and they want to open up energy fossil fuels. okay? that's very important. the european union and other countries their hair is probably on fire right now. [laughs] their brains are probably exploding because you have these conservatives and pro-people finally coming in. the middle class is six to death of paying the bills that they don't have to pay including a might add canceling student loans. so yeah, donald trump showed the way the same policies basically that ronald reagan did 40 years
7:31 pm
ago when i worked, joe biden rejected it, he insulted it, all of these european countries until recently followed this kantian left-wing playbook and now they are in some deep hurt. china also and deep hurt. >> laura: they want to joe biden and wall street and they got joe biden on wall street so i hope that they are happy over there in wall street. larry, it is so good to see you as always. now our facebook in the joe biden a administration conspiring to silence and fbi whistle-blower? last week fbi special agent steve fren came forward to accuse the fbi deliberately manipulating the way case files are logged in order to create false or misleading narratives about a rise of violent domestic extremists. now mostly cases later january 6th, but the fbi is kicking them to the field offices across the country creating an illusion of some widespread.
7:32 pm
he was then suspended by the fia last week for a free refusing to participate in what he regarded as an unnecessarily heavy-handed rate over a january 6 misdemeanor. and then yesterday the near post ran a report that his wife sent a private facebook message to the group homes for liberty who expressively to help. 30 minutes later her account was suspended. for violating facebook's community standards? wow, miranda devine is now. aranda you think that the fbi demanded that face would this? >> will i don't know whether the fbi demanded it with her facebook is voluntarily decided that it would start censoring any communications with a private or public about this fbi hero whistle-blower stephen friend. facebook has shown itself to be
7:33 pm
a little bit all too eager to do the government and the fbi's dirty business when it comes to censorship in your post knows that better than anyone. in this case is a very sinister and what appears to be is at the fbi's spying on the private messages of either. moms for liberty, or they have some kind of algorithm is going through and censoring any content that mentions stephen friend, the fbi whistle-blower. now i asked facebook, you know that i asked him last night i got no response until 5:00 this afternoon. i still have no response. >> laura: we have one miranda we reached out, we reached out to the parent company of facebook. they told us the suggestion that we seek out people's private messages for antigovernment language is plainly inaccurate and there is zero evidence to support it.
7:34 pm
that was their statement to us tonight. your reaction to that? >> yes, they are always denying this and they always know nothing. when actually give them specifics about his wife and the moms for liberty, and pointed out to them it's very easy for them to check on sunday at about 11:00 a.m., half an hour after she sent this private facebook message to moms for liberty. her account was suspended and moms for liberty never got the message or they saw message but have been blocked. it's very easy for facebook for the sleuths to figure that out come up there playing dumb and they tell me that they need specific material about her and i do want to give that give them her name it's pretty obvious who she is. did they know. they don't need anymore information for me and mom not
7:35 pm
giving them any more because frankly i don't trust them. and this is just one example of the retaliation that is coming against stephen including from inside the fbi this is caused very high ranking senators for their public inside your ranking members of two powerful senate committees today had to send a letter to attorney general merrick garland in the fbi director basically demanding that he protect stephen friend they shouldn't have to do that. the fbi hierarchy is retaliating against him. >> laura: yeah, they care about whistle-blowers when they're working against president donald trump that's about it other than that they don't care about whistle-blowers aranda thank you they chose allegra trey closely they said it's inaccurate. they didn't complete say it wasn't true see if the part that leg which that statement, but we appreciate it speak about the fbi, 30 agents raided a pro-life activist home for no reason yet
7:36 pm
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>> laura: the stories behind the headlines we turn fox news contributor and author of the forthcoming wiseman who found christmas raymond arroyo. all right the democrats seem to be appearing a lot of concerts at odd moments of late. >> look this is all huge distraction laura for what's really happening for people with no discernible singing talent these politicians have done more venues than live nation. he held the big elton john concert at the white house even gave the other rocket man a medal. it was this bizarre moment that i think that even took elton john by surprise. like the singer's place. >> president biden: by the way it's all his fault that were
7:42 pm
suspending $6 billion in taxpayers money this month to help help fight hiv/aids. [laughs] [laughs] >> it was all his fault? what is he saying? the man is totally out of control literally has lost in the fray. >> laura: there's so many elton john songs jokes that there's so obvious i'm not gonna say them, suffices to say that elton john at that moment looked like he would rather be somewhere else. >> the blunders are bl to back. on a bill that included mariah carey that chart topping artists nancy pelosi took the stage laura the reception was little chilly. ♪ ♪ >> i'm here to thank you. [boos] 's because they are blowing her now that is new york city if
7:43 pm
that is any indication of the public mood, nancy pelosi should consider being a roadie for elton john. that might be a better alternative. >> laura: she might be looking pretty good there new york. the president and joe biden also appeared as a global citizen event and for crowd love them. >> a special message from president joe biden. >> president biden: it's good to be joining thing for help in this movement making big things happen. [laughs] >> do you hear the booze? nobody is buying this, the big things happening is mostly troubling and what we see is the razzle-dazzle. you mention the inflation woes and crime spiking everywhere in my hometown of new orleans now the mortal capital of the country, the police department is down 900 cops. they are turning to civilians for detective work. >> we've been able to identify
7:44 pm
as many as 50 new civilian positions. we want to have investigators, civilian investigator to go out else i'm go out there and collect that evidence. >> laura: what? >> that is the superintendent of police he's inviting people who failed to get into the police force to just come on in they will train them. this is because that consent agree that the obama administration imposed on the city. there more cops filling out paper than on the b tonight because of that it's outrage. >> laura: want to have to get rid i consent. it's outrage they have to get people when necessary do the right thing i'm not saying not kids, but hold people accountable for the new commit crimes and rowan was fantastic awesome city. all right at the same time you know we see the justice department targeting a pro-life activist and pennsylvania? this is unreal tell us about it. >> he has a father of seven and up catholic who praise outside
7:45 pm
of a catholic to abortion clinic. he was attacked by a squad of fbi attic that agents. were an important supporter or bully attacked him and his son said horrible things to them intervene allegedly shove the man. he later tried to sue him the case was thrown out of court, will now the joe biden justice department said that he has violated the freedom of access to clinic entrances act. a federal offense with an 11 year prison term. his terrorizing, people who are far from violent criminals and violent criminals who been throwing cocktails in a pro-life centers long investigation at all. none. this is really -- >> laura: what are these tactics? this would all dictators do with her political opposition. terrifies them an attempt to into submission without a sign
7:46 pm
to work here. raymond thank you for that story it was truly i would say shocking, but another shocking piece in your times documents how one doctor is using tiktok for getting transgender surgeries the disturbing details you will not believe these in a moment. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> laura: last week when a republican from virginia democrat lawmakers have their monthly meeting will. abigail spanberger unleashed on g.o.p. commerce when bob good of a surrounding transgender students. alcorn to "the washington post," they mention that some kids were being forced to what the left calls gender affirming surgeries. that's when they cursed them out saying that is not having true. so what is it dear abby standing up for here? will a "new york times" piece that he describes it all in horrifying detail. one doctor in miami is even using tiktok to lure teens into getting their removed. doctor said that gallagher she has performed 13 top surgeries on minors just last year. from a handful a few years ago.
7:52 pm
she told "the new york times" the younger patients are usually at when they have their removed she is operated on 113-year-old, and 114-year-old. joining me now is the challenger the g.o.p. candidate from virginia 7th congressional district. it's good to see you tonight that we reached out to the office who responded in part she will always stand up against she went on conspiracy theories that harm or attack virginia stu students. she has tried to pass herself off as a moderate to virginia voters, a moderate? with this type of mutilation going on? for kids under the age of 16 question marks some as young as 13? >> high laura it's good to be on with you tonight for me as a mother of two, listening to the things that are happening across
7:53 pm
our nation is just absolutely horrifying. we have somebody and my opponent who is so radical that she wants to prevent parents from knowing what is happening in their children's lives. i can think of something more horrifying than not knowing what's happening in my child's life whether be in the classroom, whether it be outside of the classroom, this is who my opponent is. somebody who can look at you in the face, i do you, tell you that you are a moderate but behind closed doors she throws temper tantrums, curses that people she disagrees with all because why? piercing their parents matter and that we absolutely have a right to know. what is going on with the children's life? there's nothing controversial about this new policy the governor young kid has put forth its common sense for every child is to be treated with dignity and with respect, but most importantly laura were parents have a voice in deciding what happens with her child. this should not be partisan, it should not be political, but that is exactly what is happening today with the radical left. they politicize everything to
7:54 pm
include our children's classrooms. >> laura: this is a horrifying action makes me if i can finish the sentence it make me sick to my senate stomach. spam burger tries to play this moderate card she is what would joe biden 100% of the time. so it is so moderate about that? real quick. >> there is nothing moderate about that as a woman is going to pivot and flip whichever direction she has to because this is the election season abigail spanberger that were seeing somebody who is gonna do whatever she needs to and/or say because for her laura it's about self-preservation it's about power, it's not about being a two representative of the pe people. >> laura: everyone has to get out there in virginia and vote yes. thank you so much come up next my reaction. ♪ ♪
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>> they dominate the most important thing in american politics today and is a narrative. facts become secondary to narrative. they dominate with illusion and we are getting crushed. [laughs] >> laura: the only illusion is that california is improving under his leadership. "gutfeld!" next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] [cheers and applause] >> greg: yes, all right. excellent. nice clapping, good clapping. stop the clapping. happy monday i'm getting it's a bunch of trees with dead leaves. if i want to see things they're both living and dead to start a jesse watter


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