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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 27, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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brandon. tulsa, ok. [laughter] >> brian: newark new jersey with the fox all stars december 2nd. >> jesse: how does it feel that ainsley has a book out, doocy has a book out and you don't have a book out? >> dana: he always has a book out "special report" is up next with the bret baier. >> bret: you haven't seen brian's cookbook? good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we begin in florida, bracing what could be a catastrophic category 4 hurricane ian. the storm is due to make landfall tomorrow but rain from the outer bands of ian is already coming down in many places. two and a half million people are under evacuation orders. the storm has already pounded cuba as a category 3. sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. we have fox team coverage tonight. men any hicks is in tallahassee where residents are hoping they
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hit the worst of ian. will tampa could be ground zero but we begin with chief meteorologist adam klotz weather center in new york with the latest track. good evening, adam. >> storm continuing to update in the models maybe moving just a little bit. a powerful storm currently a category 3 lifting up into the gulf of mexico, approaching florida and actually some of those outer bands as you said now stretching across all of the florida keys getting up into the sunshine state. that red polygon that is a toned warned storm typically see on the east side of the storm. tornado watch linger and lift its way up to the north see some of these more isolated tornadoes pop up. we have got plenty of advisories now stretching across the entire state and just in the last hour, the hurricane warnings have been updated now stretching all the way up into orlando as this track has slightly shifted maybe just a little bit to the south and little bit to the east. i will show you that here and we are really looking at a time
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frame of tomorrow evening, tomorrow afternoon into evening hours. maybe into tuesday morning. but by thursday morning, by thursday evening this storm is going to be in the center of the state. winds very wide with this. this is a forecast model. this particular one bringing it just to the south of tampa between fort myers and tampa and lifting up towards orlando by the time you get going into thursday. that's a lot of time for window, for rain, and for storm surge. now, in these systems the storm surge is always the worse just on the southern edge of where this storm will hit or on the southeastern edge to be precise. so where does that leave us here? well, if this storm just tracks a little bit further to the south, suddenly everything we are looking at here in the red getting close to naples, including fort myers stretching to the north areas of 10 feet of storm surge which would be absolutely devastating on top of that at least a foot of rain in a lot of these areas. water is going to be a major concern across a large portion of the state, bret. >> bret: adam, quickly, once it
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comes to landfall, do we have a sense of where it is going after that? >> adam: well, we are thinking it's going to lift up towards orlando. we just saw an extension getting all the way up into the center of state up towards orlando where you are going to see probably gusts of hurricane force winds. it loses some of that moisture but it is still going to be a very strong storm in the center of the state by thursday. >> bret: okay. adam klotz, thank you. >> bret: the tampa st. petersburg area appears to be the banzai as you just saw for hurricane ian at this time. officials are urging people to get out of its way citing what could be a potentially deadly storm surge. correspondent phil keating is in that area tonight. good evening, phil. >> bret, this is exactly what state and local leaders want to see. a beach town nearly empty now a ghost town from here on out. showing that many, if not most of the 3 million floridians up and down the coast ordered to evacuate are following that. and heading inland to higher
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ground and potentially saving their lives. >> hurricane ian made landfall early this morning in western cuba as a category 3. pump ming the island with heavy rain and winds causing damage. pass a grill. protective shutters and plywood is today. >> trying to do what we can do. do you know what i'm saying? get stuff in here to protect our building and go from there. only god is in control with what happens with request this storm. >> last-minute grocery store runs for food and water? good luck. shelves have been depleteds in many cases as floridians fully expect to lose power poor days. governor ron desantis activated 5,000 national guard troops. some on loan from out of state and predeploying search and rescue teams as a 10 to 15-foot storm surge and flooding is forecast. is he dedicating special attention to the state's significant elderly population. >> we do have emergency refills
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of maintenance prescriptions. those are authorized for another 30 days. we do report today 100 percent of operating long term care facilities do have a generator on site. >> this could be the worst storm to slam tampa bay in 100 years. fema administrator deanne criticizewell magnified the seriousness of the threat today from the white house. >> by the time it reaches the shores of florida, the storm is going to slow down to approximately 5 miles per hour. and this is significant because what this means is that floridians are going to experience the impacts from this storm for a very long time. >> and as of one hour ago, tampa international airport shut down for the rest of the storm and in the morning the same thing is happening over in orlando. bret? >> bret: hey, phil, a lot of people getting out of the way of this thing? >> yeah. absolutely. i mean, look at it. ghost town. people are definitely making the preparations. that's certainly a positive.
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>> bret: all right, phil. thank you. president biden meantime says he and his administration are doing everything they can to help the areas that will be affected by hurricane ian when of america, the president and his team are not talking too much about the crime crisis. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich has our report tonight live from the north lawn. good evening, jacqui. >> good evening to you, bret. yeah, the last time president biden addressed crime at all was almost a month ago and the house passed a police funding bill last week but there is no vote scheduled in the senate and the president is not out here calling for it. instead, he spent today talking about last month's bill lowering healthcare costs plus a few words on the hurricane. >> i told each one of them my conversation separately, whatever they need. i mean this sincerely, whatever they need, contact me directly. and they know how to do that. >> president biden called two democrat mayors and a moderate republican mayor who are in hurricane ian's path but not
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florida governor ron desantis who has openly feuded with the administration on issues from covid to immigration. instead, biden had his fema administrator pick up the phone. >> we do not bring politics into our ability to respond to these disasters. we are going to support whatever governor desantis asks of us. my regional administrator is with the governor right now making sure that we are understanding what the needs are. >> the storm's impact may spread well beyond the florida coast. the nation's strategic oil reserves intended for use in emergencies like hurricanes are already at their lowest level since 1984 since biden began selling them to bring down the cost of gas. officials now don't know if there's enough supply to cover the rest of hurricane season. >> it all depends on what the impacts of this storm might bring. so we need to do those assessments after the storm passes. >> energy vulnerabilities playing out in europe. the white house offering support after investigators.
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russia. i. sabotage amid russia's war in ukraine. white house officials use the moment to push a green agenda. >> this drives home alternative gas and supplies to europe and to support efforts to reduce gas consumption, accelerate true energy independence by moving to clean energy economy. >> so not on the white house agenda any new mention of crime even as republicans lean in to new polling that show voters trust them more to handle it by 14 points. last word from the white house on this yesterday blamed the trump administration for the rise in crime that biden inherited, bret. >> bret: jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn. thank you. a libertarian group in california is filing a legal challenge to president biden's plan for student debt cancellation. the pacific legal foundation calls the proposal an illegal overreach that would increase state tax burdens for some
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americans who get their debt forgiven. it's believed to be the first lawsuit targeting the plan. it was filed in indiana, one of several states planning attacks any student debt canceled by the president. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost 126, the s&p 500 fell 8. the nasdaq gained 27. >> breaking tonight, a very fluid situation right now on capitol hill. senate democrats have just withdrawn a key energy provision in legislation designed to keep the government open past friday. that could cost them the support of a major player. so, let's see where things stand right now. congressional correspondented cd proximate result gram is up on capitol hill. >> good evening, joe manchin just requested chuck schumer remove streamline permitting revision from the government funding bill it. lacked the votes to clear a filibuster and threatened a
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government shutdown. >> senator manchin, myself, and others who continue to have conversations about the best way to ensure responsible permitting reform is passed before the end of the year. >> chuck schumer insisted for weeks that the interim spending bill would include manchin's demand. >> are you surprised by the potential problem about the manchin agreement here with progressives and liberals concerned about the environment? >> the bottom line is very simple, and the permitting agreement is part of the ira agreement. i'm going to add it to the cr and it will pass. yes. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell urged a no vote. >> this extraneous poison pill is not related to keeping the government open. what our democratic colleagues have produceside a phony fig leaf that would actually set back the cause of real permitting reform. >> manchin has little goodwill among republicans. g.o.p. members have a beef with manchin since he voted yes on
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the democrats' tax, health and climate bill. that's the so-called inflation reduction act. schumer wanted to reward manchin for supporting the bill. manchin faced opposition from the right and left. >> so we're going to let putin or bernie sanders decide what the energy policy is. and now we have mitch mcconnell and, if he is whipping or whatever is he doing with the republican colleagues. that's pretty strange bed fellows and i'm hoping that's not the case. >> the senate is now taking a procedural vote on the bill. the legislation includes $12 billion for ukraine and help jackson, mississippi. but no money for hurricanes in puerto rico and florida. it funds the government through mid december. bret? >> bret: chad, quickly. are we close to a government shutdown or not? >> a little less now. this needs 60 votes. we will probably get 60 votes on this procedural vote later tonight. move it through the senate later this week and then the house probably friday. >> bret: chad pergram live on the hill. up next, why ukraine is accusing
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russia of a terrorist attack aimed at destabilizing european energy security. and later, buildings the american dream through entrepreneurship. >> all it takes is an idea, some hard work, a lot of sacrifice, but that's what it is all about. and when things end up, you know, being fruitful, that's the american dream. >> bret: we will talk with author and entrepreneur steve case about his new book the rise of the rest. first, here is what some of our fox affiliate around fox 5 in new york where a homeless career criminal faces charges in connection with an attack on a woman at a queen's subway station september 20th. police arrested the 41-year-old suspect last week. the victim suffered a severe eye energy. fox 5 in las vegas as police respond to six overdose deaths in the last 36 hours. they say at least four of the overdoses were fentanyl-related. authorities believe the victims
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unknowingly took fentanyl. and this is a live look at indianapolis from fox 59, our affiliate there. one of the big stories there tonight. indiana lottery officials say five winning power ball tickets worth more than $3.1 million collectively were sold in the state. they say a $2 million ticket was purchased in new albany. and a million dollars ticket was bought in laurel. so, if you are in indiana, check your numbers. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: u.s. navy nuclear engineer and his wife have entered a new guilty plea in a case involving an alleged plot to sell secrets about nuclear powered warships. the plea is by jonathan and diana toby came a month after their previous agreements that had called for specific sentencing guidelines were rejected. the couple now face a maximum sentence of life in prison and a $100,000 fine. ♪ while russian troops continue
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to fight and lose on the battlefields of ukraine, the russian government is dealing with a major conflict at home. huge numbers of people are fleeing the country to avoid military service. this comes as a new problem develops for all sides deep inside a major body of water. correspondent trey yingst has the latest tonight from kyiv. >> gas bubbles penetrate the surface of the baltic sea. under the water, three gas leaks within 24 hours have been detected from the nord stream one and two. pipelines that russia and european partners spent billions to build. >> it's definitely something that begs a question is this actually sabotage or some kind of hydro warfare we are witnessing here. >> neither line was operating when the leaks began. european officials are investigating what caused the pipes to rupture. poland's prime minister blames sabotage for the leaks. ukrainian leadership is already blaming russia calling the event a tears attack aimed at
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destabilizing european energy security. russian officials did not take responsibility saying the kremlin is extremely concerned about the leaks. russian president vladimir putin faces growing pressure over his war in ukraine after partially mobilizing 300,000 new soldiers. this week lines of cars wait to exit russia through the country's borders. reports indicate more than a quarter million men have fled to avoid fight. >> we like many others fear against our will they could draft us to go and kill peaceful people in another country in ukraine. we are completely against this war. >> meantime mobilization protests are continuing as recruitment officers round up middle aged men. many are receiving no training before being sent into ukraine. [gunfire] >> ukraine continues to take territory in the donbas region. specifically focusing on the city of lemon russian supply hub.
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>> further east, voting on value referendums wrapped up today pro-moscow officials say all four occupied areas of ukraine have voted to join russia. shortly after those results were announced a senior defense official telling fox news the u.s. is preparing a $1.1 billion arms package for ukraine. those weapons will be used to liberate this territory. bret? >> bret: trey yingst live in kyiv. trey, thank you. the company that owns facebook and instagram says a sprawling disinformation network originating in russia sought to use hundreds of fake social media accounts and dozens of sham news web sites to spread kremlin talking points about the invasion in ukraine. meta says it identified and disabled the operation before it was able to gain a large audience. but the company says it was the largest and most complex russian propaganda effort that it has found since the invasion began. coming up: the risks and sacrifices business starters
3:22 pm
make. >> best thing you can do is mo back in with your parents. one is low. and too highly motivated for you to get get your business off the ground. >> bret: we will talk live with steve case to boost america's next generation of entrepreneurs and his new book. plus, tracking hurricane ian: we will have another live report from florida. first beyond our borders tonight. more than a dozen people injured in a school shooting in central russia will receive treatment in moscow. this comes one day after a gunman killed 17 people, wounded # 4 others it. happened about 600 miles east of most cow. the 34-year-old gunman who was a graduate of that school killed himself. rescuers in a helicopter bring additional survivors of an avalanche hospital in katmandu. lower elevation on mount monosla
3:23 pm
swept several climbers killing a guide and injuring others. famed u.s. ski climber hillary nelson fell off neither peek at the world's eighth highest mountain. this is a live look at tokyo, one of the big stories there tonight vice president kamala harris emphasizes the u.s. commitment to regional security during a meeting with asian leaders in tokyo. she says she will visit the demilitarized zone divight north and south korea, the dmz thursday at the end of her trip to asia. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ (driver 1) it's all you. (driver 2) no, i insist. (driver 1) it's your turn. (burke) get farmers and you could save money with the safe driver discount just by having a clean driving record for three years. get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (driver 3) come on!
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winds and storm surge to the west coast of florida tomorrow night we just received word a few minutes ago that disney is closing its florida theme parks tomorrow and thursday. eastern florida may escape the most intense fury from the hurricane. region is under tropical storm watches and warnings. fox weather correspondent mitty hicks is in tallahassee tonight with the latest from there. good evening. mitti. >> good evening, bret. just because we are 200 miles north of where we expect to see the biggest impact, i can tell you that state and local leaders are tell folks in tallahassee now is not the time to let your guard down. now, we are here at the emergency operation center where state and local leaders are watching the conditions closely across the sunshine state. many of the folks who are evacuating from the south are coming here and tallahassee is playing a critical role when it comes to those resources. take a listen. >> we have a partial activation
3:30 pm
in our emergency operation center. again, we are in close communication with all of our hotels. got our finger to the pulse on what they are seeing. the red cross is here. there is a lot of utility trucks and insurance adjustors. so we are as they are kind of waiting to sees a they move further south into the peninsula. >> now, here in tallahassee, we are expecting to see some damaging window gusts and, of course, there are some concerns for flooding. again, the message from state and local leaders is now is not the time to let your guard down. live in tallahassee, back to you. >> bret: mitti, thank you. >> how do you manage a remote and growing workforce? how do you think about all the different social issues and prioritize those while also prioritizing growing your own company? i think it's a hard time to fund raise as a founder and i think it's also a hard time to think about how to keep your employees happy and healthy.
3:31 pm
>> bret: tonight, we are going that talk about entrepreneurship with a man who help found america online aol when the internet was in its infancy. steve case is the author of the new book "the rise of the rest" how entrepreneurs in surprising places are building the new american dream. steve. >> thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you, bret. >> bret: why did you do this book? >> it's a story that had to be told. i spent most of the past decade traveling around the country by bus. traveled to dozens and dozens of cities and pretty hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs. most people don't know what these entrepreneurs are building and don't know cities are thriving start up communities. if you look at the data over the last decade, 75% of venture capital investment dollars going to new companies just goes to three states, california, new york, and massachusetts. so 47 states have 25%. and so we are trying to get more capital to states like florida and ohio and wisconsin and colorado and texas and all over the country. and that's what rise of the
3:32 pm
rest. promising ideas and providing capital and momentum and create jobs. new companies create most of the jobs. >> bret: it's amazing story. we have been playing some. >> sound bites from entrepreneurs have you been talking to. you went to a bus tour in 43 cities. your fund has invested in more than 175 companies across 08 cities during this time. i want to read from one section of this about the undermining america. people around the world are still largely envious and respectful of america. but that admiration is not a birth right. it must be earned continually, if we lose our way it probably won't be because of rising power like china undermines us, although that is, of course, a risk. more likely it will be because we undermine ourselves. we can't rely solely on government to fix something that's wrong in the marrow of our communities. you know, steve, this is not a political book but we are in a political time.
3:33 pm
how do you interpret that to what we are seeing now and what government can or can't do in this space? >> well, i think part of the divide we have in this country is an opportunity gap. there are some people in some places like silicon valley that are doing really well and a lot of people a lot of places that are struggling. feel left out. feel left behind. the new jobs the new companies and industries are happening some place else. that leads understandably to frustration even resentment. so we have to be backing entrepreneurs everywhere. we need make sure they, anybody who has an idea can start a company. i remember one company we backed in a suburb of indianapolis, a mom with a concern about clean water after the flint water crisis. she started a company there. got scaled up in providing services all across, you know, the country. another company in richmond, virginia is providing sustainable packaging solutions. raised $140 million from goldman sachs. they almost didn't get started because most of the venturist capitalists are focusing on
3:34 pm
places like new york, california and massachusetts. we have to level the playing field. we have to create opportunity for everybody. we have to give everybody access to the american dream. we have to recognize these new companies are the big job creators. so, if we don't back them everywhere, we are not going to have strong communities. we are not going to have a strong nation. >> bret: got three questions here about the potential for startups. you say why me? why now? who cares? >> yeah. i think that a lot of people see something in their lice and say that's a problem. i think somebody should solve it. but the entrepreneur is going go the extra step and build a company to actually take action to make that happen. but, sometimes people in some parts of the country feel like they can't really be entrepreneurs because all the action is in places like silicon valley. that's where all the money and people are. part of the message of the book is anybody can start a company anywhere. you see something that could be done better. it could be in the healthcare sector it. could be education. it could be many different things. you know, do something about it. two of the people we backed in st. louis started a company.
3:35 pm
it's hard for women to find swim suits that fit them and are stylish and they started in company in st. louis. now they have $100 million in revenue. this really is possible everywhere. that's really the message of the book. hopefully we have dozens of stories of entrepreneurs. dozens of stories of cities that are really helping to drive the next wave of success for those entrepreneurs. it really is clear to me after traveling around the country everywhere in the country you can be an entrepreneur. every community can rise up. create new jobs. we just have to be more intentional about it. and that's why i wrote the book. >> bret: the book is really fantastic. it talks about the american dream. it talks about you can do it. but, there is also a money element to this, right, steve? you are in the money-making business and this fund is making money. >> yeah. no. absolutely. we have done a number of things through the case foundation, which my wife jean leads are trying to support a lot of fill tropic causes the rise of the rest backing and generating returns. put together a great group of
3:36 pm
investors, entrepreneurships like jeff bezos and howard schultz and families like the coke family and the walton family and private equity investors like henry crabis and reuben stein. sara blakely and tori birch. people all around the country joined us in backing these companies. the best thing we can do for these companies and cities and for america is prove to investors who generally are sitting on the coast that money can be made backing entrepreneurs in the middle of the country. that's what rise of the rest is all about. if launch the fund. wrote the book. optimistic story of america and so many negative aspects that we focus on. anybody reading this book will feel better about the future of america. better about the america's ability to continue to lead and what is now a global competition around innovation. >> bret: it is about optimism. in the pages of the rise to rest. if you had one thing to say to somebody who is starting a company, what would you say? >> do it now and wherever you
3:37 pm
are. don't put it off until tomorrow. don't feel like you have to be somewhere else. if you see something that can be done better, as this book shows you, it's sort of a road map to take that idea and turn it into a reality. you too can be an entrepreneur. you too can create companies and jobs. you too can help renew your community you too collectively can help make sure we have a strong america. >> bret: america win something a pretty good message. steve case, thanks so much. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: up next our midterm spotlight focuses on unusual race in utah and plus the panel on how the november elections are shaping up right now. ♪ for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs.
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♪ >> bret: it will be a couple of months before we know if nasa's experiment to try to nudge an asteroid off course was successful. last night a nasa spacecraft slammed into the rock at 14,000 miles per hour. the hope is that such a move would effect an asteroid's path enough to avoid a potential collision with earth in the future. ♪ ♪ >> bret: we are now six weeks from election day, six weeks. tonight, midterm spotlight shines on the utah senate race.
3:43 pm
former 2016 independent candidate mullen tries to oust republican senator mike lee. incumbent once a staunch critic of donald trump voted for mullen in the presidential contest when trump won the presidency. he and lee made peace eventually. senator lee became a trump defender and con if i can't can't on supreme court nominees. now mcmullen is turning lee's close ties to former president trump into a campaign focal point promising to become a one-man caucus if elected. heading into their debate october 17th, lee has almost a double the amount of cash on hand. that's according to the federal election commission. the latest fox news power ranking lists the utah senate seat as likely to stay in the republicans' column. abortion is a major issue in neighboring arizona where there is much uncertainty about what exactly what is legal and what
3:44 pm
is not now situation is emboldening democrats, senior correspondent alicia acuna was the latest tonight from phoenix. >> confusion over two abortion laws on the books in arizona has created an opportunity for democrats running in this hotly contested state. >> they know this is going to hurt them at the ballot box. >> in the neck in neck race for governor democrat katie hbos is promising to bring back pro-choice protections. this past weekend, two competing statutes went into effect as a result of the u.s. supreme court overturning roe v. wade. one dates back to 1901 and bans the procedure except to save the life of the mother. the other allows abortion up to 15 weeks. >> the safest bet for a provider is not to do anything and wait until there is further legal guidance from the court ♪ chanting my body my choice] >> uncertainty brought abortion back into the headlines ahead of the midterms. >> as a woman in the state of
3:45 pm
arizona i am terrified for how this is going to play out. >> i'm hoping they keep it pro-life. it shows the dignity of people every life is precious. >> and th thrown a religion into the g.o.p. strategy to keep the message on the economy, crime and the border. g.o.p. gubernatorial candidate kari lake was asked by maria bartiromo her thoughts on the state attorney general potentially enforcing a near total ban. >> i'm pro-life i have never backed away from that and neverly. >> even before the dust-up an august fox news poll found abortion is among the top issues for arizona voters behind inflation and the border. in the senate race, democrat incumbent mark kelly who is leading in the polls, tweeted he will defend abortion access. republican candidate blake masters did not respond to a request for comment. >> and in a little more than two weeks, early voting begins for both in person and mail-in ballot. bret?
3:46 pm
>> bret: alicia, thank you. student activists held school walkouts across virginia today. they were protesting republican governor glenn youngkin proposed changes to the state's guidance on transgender student policies. defenders of the governor's policies say they give greater respect to the role of parents in their children's lives. massachusetts based drug maker biogen is agreeing to pay $900 million to resolve allegations it violated federal law by paying kickbacks to doctors to persuade them to prescribe its multiple sclerosis drugs. the agreement settles a whistleblower lawsuit brought by a form are biogen employee. up next the panel on what president biden is not saying about the crime crisis. the effort to avoid a government shutdown and the latest on the midterms. plus "tuesday tweets." yours could be on tonight's show. you never snow ♪ ♪ er future. so we're hard at work,
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helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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>> does president biden think america's big cities are safe? >> it is not -- it is not a -- it is not a yes or no question. what matters is that is that we have the funding and done the work, put the policy forward and that's what this president has done. again, without the help of republicans. >> of course crime is surging because there's no protections in place to keep people safe and secure. who is going to keep our community safe? who is going to keep our kids
3:52 pm
safe and we are looking for alternative and that's really what it is going to come down to on the ballot is who is going to actually talk about and commit to these issues. >> well, crime is one of those issues that's actually ticking up as we get closer to the election and people deal with what is happening different cities. not just big cities but across the country. if you look at our latest fox news poll about issues that republicans are succeeding at, g.o.p. handling better than democrats. border security plus 22 crime plus 13. there you see inflation and foreign policy. with that, let's bring in our panel guy benson political editor of town l reporter for politico and matthew continetti, fellow at the american enterprise institute. matthew, it seems like crime is having an impact we don't are have a sense.
3:53 pm
>> absolutely, for 30 years crime gave the advantage to republicans in a national political context. of course, crime's impacts are felt will he local and municipal level. politically had has big national consequences. and so what we are seeing is crime surges as violent crime surges, republicans are reaping the benefits. now, we also say, too. of course it's liberal policies creating this crime surge whether it's on incarceration, whether it's on policing. whether it's on addiction, on homelessness. all of this is creating a crisis in the cities. and even though there aren't many republicans in the cities republican also benefit nationally. >> bret: you know, olivia, there was this effort for legislation on crime up on capitol hill. it seemed like an effort for politically democrats to solve their problems. it seemed clunky though as it kind of moved forward. >> right. and while we are in the midterms and right then you see that democrats are trying to make a push but right now they are actually just trying to not mess up anything as they head into the midterms after they were
3:54 pm
able to pass a series of legislations that they think is helpful. but, when democrats are talking about crime as you pointed out in the polling. they know it's a problem. they are trying to pivot and say republicans don't care about crime because look how they handled january 6th. or crime is a problem because of the way that there is enough not control about access to guns. they are pivoting. when you talk to some of the swing state democrats, they are saying it's a problem. whether or not they are going to get the legislation done in time for the, you know, midterms it, doesn't appear so. >> bret: guy? >> i found it very interesting. i believe it was yesterday that karine jean-pierre was confronted by colleague peter doocy with the words of her predecessor jen psaki who now has a new role competitor of ours. she was making the completely correct point crime is a problem for democrats and a big vulnerability. and peter asked the easy question which is why would she say that if it weren't true and jean-pierre's only response was to at least try to pretend that
3:55 pm
peter had taken psaki out of context or mischaracterized her words when i believe the exact quote was crime is a major vulnerability for democrats. you can't really get around it and so we got some talking at the edges. but, when it comes down to it, they know it's making an impact nationally and in certain specific races as well. the senate race in pennsylvania comes to mind, specifically. >> bret: matthew, do you think that things are baked in the cake now are there can be a lot of variabilities before november. >> structurally, bret, this election favors republicans when you look at the president's job approval. assessments of the economy. look at historical precedent. usually the first midterm does he have poorly for the president's party. but, you know, we are still about six weeks out which means there are always room for one of those candidates to mess it up act. or you can always count on one or two of them to do exactly that. >> bret: exactly. shoot themself in the foot. here is senate minority leader mitch mcconnell talking about permitting reform and back and
3:56 pm
forth with senator manchin. >> it is much too difficult to build things in america and up leash american energy. liberal and red tape are a huge, huge part of the problem. >> i think there will be a time looks back if he really evaluates this now that we never had this opportunity to take a major step forward that we are all in sync tonight. >> bret: just tonight pulled permitting out of this bill for funding the government. manchin said failed vote on something as critical as comprehensive permitting reform only serves to boost leaders like putin to irish to see america held. my affirmative belief government shut down over politics i have asked majority schumer to remove the permitting language from the continuing resolution we will vote on this evening. it just seems like he got rolled. >> he was deal with two different factors playing against him. one he had republicans like
3:57 pm
mcconnell who my colleagues reported was whipping against. this and mcconnell, leader mcconnell puts his mind to something in terms of working against it, he usually is pretty successful. the other one is there was some progressive democrats in the senate who didn't like it for energy pursuances. you saw bernie sanders. >> bret: that was always going to happen. >> coming out against it. but he had a very hard time getting to 60, especially after that vote for the inflation reduction act that put republicans -- pitted them against him. >> bret: manchin's point though, guy, is that if you don't do it now, and you have got this deal. push it through, even if it's just republicans, why not do it for the good of america. republicans saying we don't like the deal that you made. we're going to wait for senator capito's permitting bill when we control congress? >> yeah. they have more leverage here. the democrats don't have their own ducks in a row on this. so why help them on this. and if it's an opportunity to maybe force manchin to twist in the window a little bit because of the deal he made with schumer and the democrats when they said
3:58 pm
don't worry this is going to happen and now it might not. manchin say a few more bites of the apple down the line before the year is over. maybe in a lame duck session. i remember he was interviewed by you on "fox news sunday" and he was confident that the democrats were going to keep their word on this. he said if not there would be consequences. here is the first swing and a miss by the democrats. we will see if they swing and miss a few more times. what are those consequences? >> bret: we don't know and i think that's a great question for him to ena. lastly, matthew, the energy question as we see europe dealing with what looks like an energy armageddon coming this winter, how much do you think that factors in? >> it may break the alliance against putin. i hope not. i think europe has done a good job with the reserves. to say guy's point the consequences that manchin promised with us inflation thanks to the vote so-called inflation reduction act. bottom line we need to open the spigot of american energy. biden has taken us from energy independence to energy dependence in less than two
3:59 pm
years things need to change. >> bret: panel, thank you very much. ♪ tuesday time for "tuesday tweets." john cats, what's driving the recent european kilt towards conservative leadership. well, basically inflation, also the energy crisis, those are two big things. but we are seeing a lot of changes in politics in europe right now. italy and others. next chicago what was your first concert and what was your favorite band. i see you on rapper's delight mic. first concert was billy joel i was a big rush guy. a rush fan when i was growing up and i had the big poster. the whole thing. up next greg mullens wants to know what's your over under on the days after the election to know which party controls 2023 u.s. senate? i actually think we will know
4:00 pm
that night that's my guess. i was wrong last time. lastly laura asks who is your favorite panelists? that's tough. i want to say charles krauthammer. that's it for us. that's it for us, fair, balanced and unafraid. thanks for watching "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. who is your favorite panelist? >> jesse: guy benson. no question. [laughter] >> bret: playing to the crowd. >> jesse: that's right. have a good one. ♪ >> jesse: as a kid, the school yard is a great proving ground. >> you grab a ball, hit the court, put up or shut up. no matter how good you are, sometimes you are just overmatched. >> jesse: now, some of us can take a loss ot