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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  September 27, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that night that's my guess. i was wrong last time. lastly laura asks who is your favorite panelists? that's tough. i want to say charles krauthammer. that's it for us. that's it for us, fair, balanced and unafraid. thanks for watching "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. who is your favorite panelist? >> jesse: guy benson. no question. [laughter] >> bret: playing to the crowd. >> jesse: that's right. have a good one. ♪ >> jesse: as a kid, the school yard is a great proving ground. >> you grab a ball, hit the court, put up or shut up. no matter how good you are, sometimes you are just overmatched. >> jesse: now, some of us can take a loss others turn into
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sore losers. >> you bob for apples in the toilet and you like it. you play ball like a girl! >> jesse: when kids don't get their way they turn to name-calling. right now the democrats are acting like children. after democrats failed to contain the border crisis. a few republican governors decided to step in and help alleviate the problem. they shipped some migrants to a few sanctuary cities and the libs lost it. it didn't take long for obama to start calling republicans racist. >> but i will say that right now the biggest fuel behind the republican agenda is related to immigration and the fear that somehow america's character is going to be changed if people of darker shades, there are too many of them here.
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>> jesse: anybody who want a secure border a racist? barry might want to look in the mirror. remember this. >> this administration, the bush administration has done nothing to control the problem that we have. we have had five million undocumented workers come over the borders since george bush took office it. has become an extraordinary problem and the reason the american people are concerned is because they are seeing their own economic positions slip away. >> jesse: did the news media call obama a racist for that? of course not. barry is always going to get a pass for being a hypocrite because i don't remember obama throwing up the doors to his martha's vineyard manchin last week when 50 illegals. jill called them tacos could be messy. if there is nothing to fear from darker shaded migrants why did obama's neighbors deport them
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from the island. obama never said a word about the 50 illegals at his vacation spot. liberals moved them to a military base and that makes republicans racist? i'm not as smart as the former president but someone is going to have to explain that one to me. does martha's vineyard have a racial quota we don't know about. was the character of martha's vineyard perfect but 50 additional darker skinned people that was going to change the. didn't want to see poor people. don't worry, mr. president, they will probably bring your continue wear mask on their face so you won't have to notice them. same thing is happening in new york. mayor eric adams is blaming greg abbott for the problems joe biden caused. >> what is happening is wrong. and i said it over and over again. we need help. and the national government has a responsibility and assisted in its national problems. but also those local governments like governor abbott has a responsibility to coordinate
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what we're doing. we should not attack another state because they are angry about what is happening in the country. >> jesse: adams slapping aviators on to look like joe? is that a thing? here are the facts. only one in five illegals wandering the streets of new york were sent there by abbott. one in five. what's eric adams' solution to the crisis? he is going to build a tent city. new york is in the process of building as massive tent city intended to house 1,000 migrants right in the middle of a working class neighborhood and new yorkers aren't too happy about it. >> what do you think about the tent city being built in the park? >> i'm retired. i walk around every single day. this is, you know, this is kind of shocking. >> i'm concerned with my safety. >> i thought it was some type of a joke. why would they do this? why not house them elsewhere? they take our money and do whatever they want with it. >> what do you think about the
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tent city going up in the park. >> my feeling this is humanitarian crisis. >> they didn't think about this. >> my concern is whatever the 30,000 veterans we have living in the street that are homeless. >> what do you think eric adams is doing here? >> as little as possible. >> do you know what? i wish i knew. he wish he gave us more information about that. >> why don't they put it in gracy mansion by his house. put it by the mayor's house. do you know what i mean? >> did you vote for this. >> no, i did not vote for it. >> absolutely not. i wouldn't do that. >> did you vote for this. >> absolutely not. >> did you vote for joe biden? >> i did. it's unfortunate. i was deceived like a lot of other people were deceived by joe biden. >> where did all those tax dollars go for affordable housing? >> i don't know. >> that's a million dollars question. i wish i knew because nothing that they are doing makes no sense to me. >> so much help other people but
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not for the people who live in this country. >> do you think this will raise some safety concerns with this being in the park? >> people that are here are they know how to take care of themselves. >> kids play in the park, from what i understand it's mostly all single and i'm hearing it's going to be mostly male. so, that worries me. >> are they men? are they women? are they combined? we don't know. i don't know. if they are all men, you know, and people that frequent the beach, you just never know what can happen. you think this ruinsthe park? >> yes, absolutely. > doesn't ruin the park but it ruins the lives of people who come here. >> what is your message to joe biden? >> joe, we got to get control of this border issue. >> there is one way to end all of this is to tell biden to close the borders. by right, they don't belong here. they are illegals. >> joe biden is a [inaudible]
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president. maybe he should look at this situation in new york city. >> you deceived us. you should be ashamed of yourself and you should do better for us. >> jesse: i would be mad, too. do you want to live next to a tent syria? what is this syria? do you want to walk through a tent city to go a yankee game? new yorkers paid nearly $70 billion in taxes last year. $70 billion. every year they raise our taxes because they say they are going to pay for government services, affordable housing. but had when we need affordable housing because joe opened the borders, their solution is a bunch of tents in your neighborhood? over 300,000 people left the city during covid. there's no room for a few migrants? the democrats pride themselves on big government. big spenders, for big safety net, right? they are going to take care of all the needy. and after all these years and all these taxes we paid? they are putting illegals in tents and army bases? texas is overflowing.
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the shelters are full. the morgues are stuffed. they can't even fit any more kids into the classrooms. and they didn't even vote for open borders. it's not a sanctuary state. so migrants come to blue states who voted for this. and liberals tell them no mas in republicans are racist? who is the real racist? there are more hispanics in texas than new york, massachusetts, d.c. combined. and has anybody heard from aoc? >> this tent city is going up in aoc's district. and her own constituents aren't happy about it. has she said a word about it? no. but she went on and on for a week about this little incident. >> you look very beautiful that dress. you look very sexy. look at that booty on aoc. that's my favorite big booty latina. i love it. my favorite aoc. nice to see you aoc. look how sexy she looks in that dress. >> jesse: if it doesn't affect aoc personally, she doesn't care.
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that's how all these democrats are democrats clearly have no plan to stop illegal immigration. they play the race card and sling disinformation to distract attention. cnn's little fact checker, who apparently has been in a coma since biden was inaugurated just woke up. >> one common republican claim is that the u.s. has a, quote, open border under joe biden. that is just not true. in right around half of the biden era cases where the authorities are encountered a migrant at the southern border, this migrant has been rapidly expelled from the country, sent away under the pandemic era policy known as title 42. >> jesse: i'm going to have to check this little fact checker, all right? cnn thinks biden letting half of the illegals they catch stay in the country is good? that's like a bouncer who lets in 100 people into the bar and half of them are under age. does cnn think that bar is secure from underaged drinking? does cnn even know how many got got-aways there are on the
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border? it's like a million. that's just a guess. and biden is using a trump era policy to send people back which they are actually trying to get rid of in court. does cnn even know that? if biden had his way he wouldn't have anybody sent back. the guy is such an idiot. but, please, cnn, go on. people encounter still face court proceedings eventual deportation. some migrants evade detention and sneak into the country. some manage to stay despite deportation order. nevertheless, open border is inaccurate. >> jesse: of the 200,000 border encounters last month, only 50,000 given a notice to appear in court. so the vast majority just got of oand roaming around the country free to do whatever they want. i'm pretty sure we call that an open border. so the democrats erase the border they think it will win them the latino vote and they can't even do that right.
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>> why are we suddenly seeing a republican having so much momentum? what do you all think. >> we were already conservatives. we are already with conservative values. it's just that nobody noticed. they took us for granted. the party the democratic party left me. >> we are not to be taken advantage of. we are not to be assumed that because we are hispanic we are naturally going to vote democratic. >> it's not that people aren't compassionate. we are. it's just that we know what happens when you have an open unchecked border. what do you think it does to the schools? what do you think it does to housing prices, our wages, not to mention the drugs and crime? i wish democrats would just stop calling people names and actually do something to fix the problem. >> let's turn to texas senator ted cruz. so, senator, barack obama he has some nerve. >> what utter garbage.
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i know the democrats are one card in their entire deck and it's the race card and they scream racist, racist, racist. you know what president obama, do you know what president biden do you know what's racist when joe biden sits by and lets 4 and a half million people cross into this country illegally and doesn't care. when joe biden can't be bothered to go down to the border to see the little girls and little boys being sexually assaulted by international cartels. do you know what's racist when joe biden doesn't care about the hispanic women being raped by the cartels. do you know what's racist? when biden doesn't care about the dead bodies that the cartels leave on texas farms and ranches across the border. do you know what's racist? that biden will do nothing to stop the 100,000 fentanyl overdoses that happened last year. that is grotesque, and do you know what's racist? when all the lilly white folks on martha's vineyard sit back and say no, are no, are no. we don't want any illegal immigrants here. send them to south texas.
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they can deal with it. that is grotesque. it's offensive. and even to this day, joe biden doesn't give a damn. >> jesse: i haven't seen you this fired up, senator, in a very, very long time. this must be really getting to you. >> you know, listen, i have been down to the border over and over and over again. when i talk about the kids who have been assaulted. i have seen those children. i have seen them in the joe biden cages. i have seen little girls suffering from gang rapes. i have seen picture after picture after picture of dead bodies on texas farms and ranches. and to see the utter contempt democrats have. listen, why is it that martha's vineyard matters so much? because it shows the complete and total hypocrisy of the left. aoc tweeted out shout out to the people of martha's vineyard for demonstrating american values. well, you any what? i actually ironically agree. they deported them within 24 hours. they removed them and sent them to a military base.
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great. can texas do the same thing? the four and a half million people that have come across the southern border. can we do the same thing? can we send them back? oh, no, no, no. that's just for rich, billionaire leftists who the only time they are willing to see an immigrant is if they want someone to mow their damn lawn. listen, it is inhumane. it is barbaric what is happening under joe biden and the reason it gets away with it, jesse, is the corporate media is so utterly corrupt that they just ignore it. they turn a blind eye. that's the reason joe biden has been to our southern border zero times as president. that's the reason kamala harris has been to the rio grande valley zero times as vice president. even though she is ostensibly border czar because they know if they come, the tv cameras will have to come with them. the tv cameras will have to cover the misery and -- i will tell you, jesse, that's why south texas is turning red in november because nobody can see
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this human suffering and defend it. >> jesse: i think you are absolutely right about everything and i can feel the passion. i think the audience can feel it, too. thank you so much, senator. >> thank you. >> jesse: the media now says it's racist to talk about crime. while women get their eye sockets shattered. ♪
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>> 42 days away from the midterms. >> democrats are scram bling to make it look like they care about crime. they say they care about justice and public safety. every time someone is robbed murdered or beaten within an inch of their life they clam up. recent point brian hart wick was killed in the line of duty by a
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drunk driving illegal alien, we noticed that democrat val demings, a florida congresswoman and former cop who is running for senate hadn't said anything about his death. when they returned our comment boiler plate wishing the family well and they misspelled deputy hart wick's name hart wick with a t not a d. shows how much she really cared. maybe they have nothing to say because they know their report is indefense cybil. in new york this week a 41-year-old career criminal, homeless guy out on parole savagely beat a woman at the subway station. stomping a woman so viciously she might lose her eye. why? because she wouldn't look the guy in the eye. this monster had a nasty rap sheet. beat his own grandmother to death 14. stabbed a woman in a mental institution in 2010 and attacked another woman with a screwdriver. why was this guy out on the secret?
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whatever happened to women standing up for other women? where is aoc? where is the me too movement? where is hillary? women being thrown around like rag dolls and don't hear a word out of any of these women. my hometown filly mom and teen daughter got car scrakd? her own driveway. [screams] take behalf you want. >> jesse: over in delaware biden's home state a jewelry store owner was pistol whipped and beat within a hammer by some ruthless robber who stole over 100,000 bucks in diamonds. but, if you think there is a crime wave, the left is going to call you a racist. yesterday the "new york times" wrote the republicans who focus on crime in public safety have, quote: swiftly drawn criticism
4:23 pm
as a return to sometimes deceptive or racially racially divisive. you know what in the "new york times" is right. we should ignore crime. we don't want to offender the guy who shattered the woman's eye socket. we don't want to hurt the carjacker's feelings. my white privilege protects me from having to pistol whip somebody. of the "new york times" is more worried about divisive messaging from republicans than blacks getting raped, murdered and rocked. remember that thinking during the war on terror? can't call it radical islam. might offend the terrorists it leads to more atrocities. serial killer jeffrey dahmer got no term in jail for exposing himself in front of kids multiple times and only a year for drugging and assaulting a 1-year-old? do you know what happened next? he went out and he viciously murdered 13 people. john wayne gacy served his 18 month for sexually assaulting a minor when he got out, do you know what he did?
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he went on to rape and kill 33 boys and men. it's not just serial killers who take advantage of a weak criminal justice system. new york city's poster boy for bail reform has just been charged with attempted murder. when pedro hernandez, which is 17 years old, he shot a guy during an armed robbery. some liberal group posted $100,000 bail and made him their poster child for restorative justice and bail reform. since then he has been arrested a bunch of times. he is back behind bars after trying to kill two guys who took his gold chain in a game of three card monty. you know how this happens. this kid pulled a gun and started shooting right in front of saint patrick's cathedral right here in midtown and then chased his victim down in a mercedes. after a month on the run, pedro was caught by a police officer after trying to flee to panama. why do democrats poster boys always let you down? remember michael avenatti became the poster child for the resist
4:25 pm
movement? after he took on trump and now he is in prison for extortion and fraud? remember jussie smollett, he was the left's poster boy for rate crimes? well, we know what happened there. who could forget about black lives matter. the left's poster child for racial justice until we found out they stole all their donations. don't you just hate when that happens? senator john kennedy is a judiciary committee member who joins us now. you could just punch a whole through a woman's face broad daylight here in midtown after stabbing a woman with a screwdriver and murdering your grandmother and it's like oops, how c did that happen, senator? i wonder why. >> jesse, it's always been a mystery to knee how some people made it to the top of the food chain. i'm talking about our woke
4:26 pm
leaders. here in d.c. and in some of our major cities who persist in advocating defunding and disrespecting the police and other such dumb assery. i think most americans understand that there are some people in this world -- i don't know why. if i make it to heaven i'm going to ask. there are some people in this world who aren't sick. they aren't mixed up. they are not confused. it's not that their mother or father didn't love them enough. they are just antisocial. they hurt other people. and they take other people's stuff. and we need cops to stop them. now, if we want to get control of this crime problem that we have we are going to have to do a couple of things. number one, we are going to have to hire more cops. new orleans, in my state, needs 2,000 cops on the street.
4:27 pm
we have got less than 1,000. number two, we are going to have to pay our cops. you are not going to get cops to work in this woke environment without paying them. number three, our -- and this might be the most important. our political leaders need to stand behind our cops. law enforcement cops have about 60 million encounters every year with the american people. do some of them go bad? sure. are there cases of police brutality? a handful. and they are almost always prosecuted. the truth is that most cops will leave you alone unless you do illegal stuff. and our political leadership has got to stand behind them. number four, we have got to get rid of these prosecutors. whose mantra is see no evil, hear no evil, prosecute no evil. and, number 5, i would tell people if you care to, avail
4:28 pm
yourself of your privileges under the second amendment. now, i have said this before, and i mean it. i believe love is the answer. i do but i also own a handgun just in case. most americans underunderstand. our woke leader don't. that what you allow is what will continue. >> can i add just one? we have to tell the truth, senator. i don't know about you. i didn't see any guys wearing maga hats breaking the woman's face. pistol whipping the small business owner and carjacking that family in their driveway. i could be wrong. maybe i missed the red hat, but all i hear about is this maga crime wave and i haven't seen it. have you? >> no. and it's not a maga crime wave. it is a crime wave that has been caused -- let me say it again by
4:29 pm
this -- we have got to defund and disrespect the police we have got political leader in this country who think cops are a bigger problem than criminals. >> jesse: you are right. >> they do. they think cops are guilty until proven innocent. what you allow is what will continue. >> jesse: when you think the prisons and the police are wrong, that's. >> can i say one more thing jesse, real quickly? if you like what have you heard tonight, would you go it my website, john and try to help me out? if you don't like what you have heard me say tonight, i hope you will keep it to yourself. >> jesse: that's good advice. thank you very much, senator kennedy. hunter biden slept with a chinese spy. she was his assistant. so he asked the fbi what they did about it. you are not going to believe what they told us. ♪ ♪
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>> do you guys remember china gate in the 90. the clinton campaign, the dnc all got caught with coffers full of illegal chinese cash. chinese spies are funneling millions to swindle trade on big tech and it worked. made chinese realize how easy it was to corrupt democrat politicians. and not too long after they put a chinese spy on senator dianne feinstein's payroll. paid them to drive her around washington for 20 years where he was just listening in on the senator's top secret phone calls. it wasn't just cars the chinese were getting into. soon after they were crawling into bed with high profile democrats. we all saw it with fang fang the honey trapped spy who swept eric swalwell off his feet. as "primetime" reported last week fang fang wasn't the only chinese honey trap in washington. hunter biden had his own fang fang. her name jaiqi bao. unlike fang fang jackie actually
4:36 pm
worked in hunter's office as his flirty assistant. when hunter wasn't leaving his doggy tags over her apartment. giant deal to send u.s. natural gas to china. she even gave hunter a map telling him exactly where she wanted the energy to come from. but her primary mission seems to have been getting joe biden to run in 2020. new emails reveal she pestered hunter to convince his dad to run. tell him this: you need to help uncle joe run for president. he will be one of the best presidents in our country's history. we can't stand trump anymore. and she even compared joe biden to winston churchill. so we have a chinese spy working for joe biden's son convincing him to cut natural gas deals to ship home and get their puppet, joe biden to run for president. does this not southbound like a national security risk to you? but we asked the fbi what they think, you know, and they
4:37 pm
actually got back to us. telling us the fbi has no comment. they investigated trump over a hoax in a hotel room. but when a chinese spy actually infiltrates the biden family, the fbi has no comment. is jaiqi bao sleeping with fbi director also? not even fang fang had this much pull over eric swalwell. "primetime" actually checked in with eric swalwell today and we asked him if he felt vindicated there is one person in d.c. sloppier with a chinese spy than he was or he found a new found sense of kinship with hunter over their shared experience. we got no response. but we will keep you posted. it makes you wonder if no one is investigating a chinese spy in the first family, is anyone doing anything about all the other fang fangs swarming around washington? let's ask lee smith the author of the permanent coup. so what do they do to trump?
4:38 pm
tried to throw him in prison because one russian said they wanted him to win and beat hillary? but now you have a chinese spy working for hunter biden trying to cut gas deals and get uncle joe elected and no one cares? that's crazy. >> yeah. i mean, remember what joe biden has been saying for years that he knows xi jinping better than any other world leader and that turns out to be true. it's not surprising that the chinese communist party would have that -- that they would be familiar with then vice president biden. and that they would want him to go for number one. and it's not surprising that they would send an operative after son hunter. >> jesse: let me ask you a serious question, lee. what's worse? the fbi not knowing the chinese had infiltrated the biden family or knowing about it and not doing anything about it? >> yeah.
4:39 pm
jesse, i imagine that they have known about hunter biden's corruption for a long time. if you remember, the fbi is supposed to run counterintelligence domestic counterintelligence in the united states. and part of their job then is to know what foreign officials know about our officials. and hunter biden's corruption -- trail of corruption goes back many, many years. so, i imagine the fbi knows exactly what's going on with the biden family, i think that's one way to understand biden family corruption that the fbi has been covering for them for many, many years. and that would explain things like the 50 -- more than 50 intelligence officers saying hunter biden's laptop was russian disinformation. it would explain a whole bunch of things, including why -- why the biden justice department put an end to trump's china initiative, which was meant to root out chinese espionage like hunter biden's assistant here in the united states.
4:40 pm
>> jesse: is it too crazy to ask if chinese spies are sleeping with multiple fbi agents at this point? is the whole government compromised by china? is this what we are dealing with? >> absolutely. the whole government has been compromised by china. actually, the political elite as well as the corporate establishment has been compromised by the chinese communist party for decades now. >> jesse: i want to know who hasn't slept with chinese spies. that's the kind of thing we are dealing with all right, lee, thank you so much as always. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: things are already getting hairy in florida as hurricane ian category 3 gets closer. we will bring you a live report next and it's getting political.
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>> jesse: florida is in a state of emergency tonight as it frantically hunkers down before hurricane ian makes landfall. the storm is a big deal. did joe biden call ron desantis to get on the same page. >> we have made conversations with the mayors so, is there any
4:46 pm
reason why not the governor? >> again, we have a strong team that's in place supporting the governor right now working side by side with him and his staff. we will stay engaged with him. >> jesse: maybe the reason joe isn't talking with the leader of the state that's about to be devastated by this natural disaster is because he has already got the whole thing covered with the inflation reduction act. senator amy klobuchar laid it out for us clearly. there is no need to worry, people, because the inflation reduction act and voting for democrats is going to stop hurricanes. listen. >> we just did something about climate change for the first time in decades. that's why we have got to win this as that hurricane bears down on florida. we have got win in the midterms. we understand that. >> jesse: is this just me or is amy saying if you vote democrat he shoe will drive the florida and nuke the hurricane herself? just asking. we're keeping a watch on hurricane ian which is set to strengthen to a cat 4 storm as it makes landfall in florida.
4:47 pm
it's supposed to hit especially hard sarasota area where a lot of residents don't want to leave and the award-winning storm chaser jeff is here with us. how bad is this sucker going to be. >> category 3. forecast to make landfall as a cat 4 about midday tomorrow. winds gusting from 130 to 156 miles per hour. extreme catastrophic storm surge of 10 to 15 feet in the port here and also just up here in fort myers. expect extreme storm surge and catastrophic winds and also the bigger issue as we get into the day wednesday, thursday and friday from the southwest coast on up to tampa, we expect 15 to 25 inches of rain from the southwest coast as the eye lifts the hurricane lifts to the north-northeast across central florida, it's going to produce a lot of tremendous amount of instate flooding rains and going
4:48 pm
to cause a lot of bad problems across the state. >> jesse: are people not evacuating and what would you tell them if they decide to just bear it down there? >> well, the problem jesse, last night we all thought it was going up to tampa on the forecast and the track. what actually ended up happening is the tornado, the hurricane actually moved -- kept moving to the right. kept moving to the east and it tracks even farther south. this morning up near sarasota and as we got into this afternoon 5:00 the line kept moving southward. the is southwest part of the state thought tampa. as i came south across the western part of the state sarasota and dropped south to venice and on southward down here to cape coral and this area what happened was more and more people were caught off guard because they didn't expect this big hurricane to be here. that is the situation here. so, people are this morning late this morning early this afternoon were caught off guard in southwest florida that the hurricane is now coming here and now a cat 4.
4:49 pm
caught people off guard. >> put this into perspective for us. >> when the last time that we have looked at something this big approaching florida? >> last time we looked at something like this. erma was close. charlie this was like charlie 2 again where charlie was forecasted to go up to tampa and it turned right and came in here actually right here where i'm after the right now here at charlotte bay in this area. so, it's been a few years. but, this has potential to be one of the most destructive hurricanes on the west coast florida has ever seen and date all the way back to 1921. really pay attention to this. not just the storm surge, not just the catastrophic damage and winds coming ashore. also the inwand tremendous flash flooding we are going to have over the next two to three days. >> jesse: thank you so much. appreciate it. stay safe down there. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: peta wants you to choose meat or sex. you cannot have both. ♪ ♪ r mouth.
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>> we can't get enough. whether it's a big fat cheeseburger or a juicy steak >> but animal rights group peta is making us choose. eating meat is a symptom of toxic masculinity? there urging women to go on a strike to save the world? all right ashley, walk us through this. you will not have intercourse with
4:56 pm
>> so in order for men to have intercourse, they have to stop eating meat. you're on a strike currently push mark >> only with men who eat meat. >> so you will only sleep with vegetarians? >> it's all about personal responsibility. the fact is that people who eat large amounts of meat have a much larger carbon footprint. plus they're contributing to the suffering of animals who are living miserable lives and being slaughtered... >> tucker: is not for pleasure? because where on the top of the food chain. >> we can make choices. we have so many choices at our
4:57 pm
disposal. with you talking about a fancy steak house or your local mom-and-pop burger joint, they'll have vegan options on the menu now. >> what concerns me is that if women turn the lights out on this, you don't know the power you have. [laughs] >> [laughs] >> take your time, slow it down, and will do the best we can. we know what you're doing and we don't like it. [laughs] ♪ ♪ >> prime time gets results as usual. literally seconds, minutes, after i said joe biden had not called ron desantis. then he called. it's almost like the big guy is watching prime time.
4:58 pm
chinese spy and the fbi? glad you called ron. hopefully you too can work together to make sure florida has prepared for this big storm. let's do some text messages. ronnie from new jersey, how are tents going to work in january and february? >> working to put a bunch of space heaters in the tents and hope nothing catches on fire. obama calling the republicans racist? wasn't his nickname that the porter and chief? you remember turning things. they don't want you to know what happened yesterday. it's all just about the now. hank from pennsylvania, wearing the same shades as biden? is that a conspiracy? >> i can't argue with it but i think it makes them blind also.
4:59 pm
>> i was standing too close to a guy on the long island railroad and he came after me. that's the best thing you could happen. you're lucky you just got yelled. danny from mansfield, ohio, hunter would be a great name for a song. are producers of prime time i go to work up something like that, fang fang and hunter. we'll get back to you next week. what's wrong with hunter sleeping with a chinese spy? doesn't that make him eligible for promotion? >> yes it does. go scott from salt lake city, why can't you just fix the system? come on man. you know what? you're right. i'm just can have to read another book. and i'm looking to promote it
5:00 pm
like last time. i'm in a promoted even more. because of is what you guys want. and that's what everybody wants. they want me to write another book in the oneness to stop eating meat. but were not going to do that. i don't care how long the strike is. that's all for tonight, tucker is up next. always remember, i'm watterson this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." one of the environmental catastrophes of our time is unfolding tonight off the coast of denmark. the northern stream pipelines, russian own conduits to transfer gasp, have been breached. they're pourin


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