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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 28, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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unfortunately, that is all the time we have left thishave f evening. as always, thank you forse set y joining us and making the show possible. please setr dv dvr so you never, ever miss an episode of hannity . don't forget for news any time." fox news, .com hannity .com. e u and in the meantime, let notweri your heart be trouble because laura ingrahamng, the ingram angle already to take it frome e here and they goadt a killer kick . it's not going to be an adame aa schiff show, i'll tell youda tht . oh. my gosh sean. first of all, our heartsflorid and our prayers go out ta.o the people of florida. >> this is going to be a brutal storm and there are a lot of elderl y people who don't wants. to leave their homes, but s if must leave their home they haven't left them. we have tor sayth prayers fori- them. this is going to be really bad.p we're going to have a press conference, it looks like from. chec, from arounconferend the ss coming up. >> but thank you syoo much. and we will check back with you and we'll see you tomorrow. we'll be watching. have a great show. right.ngraha i'm laura ingram .m very this is ingram angle from to it. busy washington tonight. so let's get right to it.e trut the true extremist threat
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that's the focus of tonight's angle. at the end of his speech today, i don't know if you sathw it at the white house. biden ended on a note that wase. it was sweet. >> iitt was u itni wasfy unifying or simply nothing, nothing beyondg our capacitybeyond get done if o it together. so god bless god bless you all t that we can figureo out how to come together better than we deve so far , because a lot of people's lives and futures depend upon it.ou act >>ua if you actually believe that, then you're juste th as ne as one of those poor rejectedthe girls on the bachelor. r never stop fighting for you, don't you?yo u.and rachel, i know you don't mean you're going to put me in this. all right. well, i could be is i promise you, it's the truth about this administration and the democrat party in general. the demoparty init's not funny .
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>> i in fact, it's dark and it's sinister. while they've been busy destroying our prosperity, our borderrder, an and our safeo they've also been working overtime to sellve sell a a lio the american people.reside >> donald trump in the maigant republicdona represented extremm that threatens the very foundations of our republic. >> every single american shouldo stand in opposition against these radican t l maga republican views. >> this maga republi republicans is an effort t ao disrupt our democracy. it is sort of a big reveal of the right and frankly, the danger of the modern gop. now, this toxic mantra, it'siona all silly. it's drilled into the national conversation day afterl day, and it pits americans againster americans solelyicans. based on political differences. now, sickeningly cynicalnow, ho is that how transparent the argument that conservativedr republicans are the most dangerous threat facing us today? today, not tt a crippling recest
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fat. no, coming frofrm china,om not s energy costs, not skyrocketing murder rates, but those people who supported trump, they're the real menacree. >> now, this is why biden can'tt quit charlottesville . >> they're vais bulgy. the veins bulging as they were screaming . they're coming out of his carrying torches. wasswareaming. carrying to keep those folkss. coming out of left field down in virginia carrying i swastikas wad torches, chanting the same anti semitic bile that waste chanted in germany in the early thirties, chanting the same anti semitic bile heard across europe in the 30s and then n there's the insurrection that wasn't whenever the news getotse bad politically for biden,mo the democrats in the media try to save the party by going bac back to jan 6th. to jand we will be presenting new information, new evidence
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to the american people because the investigation goes on , youemise you, it will b interesting for peoplel who have followed it up untinoln now and hey, in a democracy,e pp the people have the right tole knowledge about what's takinn gt place with their government. >> i think it'll. but be potentiallymore s more sweeping than some of the other hearings. so i think iwe of tht will be ,o others hearing, worth watching.. >> okay, you want to the new information today, the dow dropped for the sixth straight t . trillions of dollars of wealth have been wiped away and it increasingly looks bad fors in the democrats in the midterms. now, sunday's washington postc s abc news poll shows that o democrats are getting killed on the issues that the voters care most t about the economy and crime among registered voters. republicans have a 17 point advantage on trust on how to handle the economy, an eighteen point advantage on inflation and a twenty two point advantage on handling crime. it's not enough, though, thatmot
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they've whipped themselves, the democrats, into a panis int they're now whipping their activism, their activistsr ,into true c violent extremism is over cultural issues like abortion. yeah, i'm talkin sg about the same people who insist that president trump incited the capital riot with his words on january six . they now sound pretty close to incitement themselves.e to the insi dewe are at war with these. people. >> these folks are evil. they have allowed evil into their house with donald >> the maga movement is a threat. this is an outright attacken inh on women in this country.. this is a literally call to arms in our country. now i >> maybe now it is all about the violence. it a it all is about an insurrection at all.ll is is ant? ivil >> is mind about a civil war now? wtheir message is being receiv. loud and clear. stop the pro-life movement
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by any means necessary.y trop the parentsmeans necessarye outraged about trans propaganda at schoolsanols by by any means necessary. and our vice president , shevicp seemres to think that people who pray outside of abortion wh atcs or who volunteer crisis pregnancy centers, thatev they're evil incarnateil, so-called extremist leaders arel passing laws tizo criminalize these folks, passing laws to punish women. i met with many of you in my office at the white house diu and we discussedss the innovatie strategies that you have used to defend women's reproductive freedom. you arn rie taking on , rightly, the crisis pregnancy centers, n taking them on .he >> is that what you said, the how tone deaf commonly gave those inflammatory remarks just withek after yet another crisiys pregnancy center was vandalized with threatening messages.
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it was the second attack on that same center they're trying to do to pro-lifeteers volunteers. i think whati what they've trieo do with brad kavanaugh and amy barrett, they're trying toimidae intimidate them and scare them.e they have zero respect for the decorum or even the houses of worship where people go pray ,because yesterday thesetype o same type of activists tookork their vile rants to new york's st. patrick's cathedrast. pal c on sunday. and even the fbi is getting in on the act, charging a pro-life volunteer and a father od f seven coke with a federal crime. now, for what?nothin a nothing skirmish outside anirh abortion o clinic that was entirely provoked by a left wing activist. now, this s is perhaps the most fbspicable action taken by the fbi next of the vindictive, disproportionate prosecutiono t
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some of the january six defendants. and it speaks bot to the politicized nature of our own doj and the desperatio n of the democrats. democrats. now, the angle saw this coming with the left's role in encouraging and even rewardingde the depraved behavior ofmb the summer of 2020. the democrats message to their base at the time was keepe it up,rg hold on to that energy, because they wanted to harnessta that emotion toward a political victory over trump and the republicans. e dozens for democrats, the dozens of lives lost, the police officers unfairly targeted, and the property losses incurreder by citietyses incus across the that was all collateral damager for the greater good. ph it was also a power grab. but now democrats see that that power is threatened. of the voters didn't bargain foruf any of what they're suffering through right now. feringthrougand rather than reag their policies, maybe tacking to the middle a little bit, liberals i, lin the democrat pay
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are growing more vicious by the minute. min they're even attacking one of their own. on up toe chany joe manchin for the climate change deal . the next they trasget that th. and now they're doing the same thing with kirsten sinema. hitting her for the crime of c occasionally thinking for herself. inand actually, once in a while n. king to a republica the only person who seems to like her is mitch mcconnell. h mccoand mitch mcconnell likesh because she works with him to h obstructim the democrats. she does not helpon't the democrats. we don't need he neer. we need a strong democrat in arizona like commander mark kelly . >> joy, why don't you move there and run? belie >>ve and we're supposed toing ts believe after listening to stuff like that, that they actually care about women, not women, who dare question their twisted orthodoxy. they don't count. t the gals on the view, i think they are good. gd fo for one thing, for reminding
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us that today's feminists are the real male chauvinists.chauvi yeah, your witnessing a full fledged democrat meltdown happenin democrag. they don't care about preventing violence. they never hav. e. he they don't care about saving democracy and they never did or preservingpreser respect for our government institutions. >> they are so consumed by hatred for the seventy four million americans who voted for donald trump that they're willing to compromise all thatih they once believe in, including the right to free speech and impartial justice in order e same trumprs. supporters. well, that, ladies and gentlemen,well, that cat g l dangerous extremism.m. but democrats, they are the ones but democrats, they're the onesh who will be punished less thanev six weeks from now when the voters finally have their say. and that's the angle. joining me now is horace cooper, co-chair of project 21 ,author of the forthcoming
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book, put yo u all back in chains. also with me, charlie kirk, founder and president of turninesident g point usa and af the college scam. charlie, the democrats are out of ideas. i mean, their bag of tricks nowt is spenthe and so now they're the ones who are with a wink clasa nod, kind of egging the activist class on , pushingy them toward violence.l and they they call the gopth the dangerous ones here. >> that's exactly right,ha laura . great. openis, by the way. so, look, they're trying tovokei provoke, i think, conservatives and republicans to do somethingt that we shouldn't do. and that's uncharacterized. we have to remember, we have to weay peaceful in these next six weeks for the midterms. because their languageare the democrats are using seemsus to almost triny tos get republicans and get grassroots activists just to saassroots y i'm mad as heck and i'm not going to take it any longer. you se e what happened in north dakota just a week and a half ago where a forty one year old man ran over an 18 year old
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because of political views. kaylor, ellingsen and we have to be lectured by joe biden on domestic violent extremism. meanwhile, over 60 pregnancy crisis centers were tererai by antifa and far left wing groups. laura , your spot on . if you look at some of the polling and it happened gradually and then suddenly over the last week, almost every single one of these democrat senate races are flipping the direction of republicans, whether it be laxalt, nevada walker and georgia. blake masters in arizona is looking very good. pennsylvania and ohio, you're starting to see the democrats really act as if it's the last gasp of a dying regime. we have to remember that the more that we focus on these issues, the more we organize, the more they're going to be threatened. and their language, i'm afraid, is only get more outrageous. now to the midterms. horace, i think they've tried and they've had a lot of help in the media to spin away the economic news focus on january six or charlottesville or the dov's
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station. but in the end, people know what their accounts look like or their lack of a bank account. after what happened to this economy. you can't spin that. it is what it is . and they screwed it all up royally. >> not only did they screwed up royally, they did it in such a quick period that people couldn't see what it was like just a couple of years ago and what it is like now. you know, if you took the little frog, put them in a pan, turn the water up just a little bit, you might be able to cook the frog until it's dead. but if you put a lot of heat on it, like this administration has, bringing crime to unprecedented levels all over the country inflame passion, gasoline prices, every single not not to mention the council culture it is making a frog jump out. and guess what? we have an election coming. and the greatest way for people
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on the right to exercise power, to exercise control is to punish the very people that have caused the problems that this country faces. >> well stated in charlie eugene robinson, his columnist, liberal for "the washington post", decided to double down on hurling smears against republicans today. watch this. they have no plan for governing and they have no interest really in governing. it will all be about revenge. that's what's happened to the republican party. it is . it is shocking. a shocking example, devolution into, you know, again, what's essentially a criminal slash authoritarian organization. criminals slash authoritarian organization, charlie, from the democrats who can't tolerate one or two of their own questioning trillions
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of dollars in spending, which is what cinema and mansion did, at least for a few minutes. >> he actually used to be really interesting about a decade and a half ago. i don't know what's happened actually happened is they've run out of words, honestly. i mean, what else besides despot, despotic, authoritarian dictator? they just have to keep on repeating and recycling these words. they're accusing republicans of going on a revenge campaign after, i don't know, the forty fifth forty ninth impeachment attempt of donald trump. with the january six committee . we're the ones that are doing the revenge campaign when they go after anyone in trump's orbit for just the idea that they were associated with the president that wasn't supposed to win in sixteen . look, if that's their message, good luck. i'm telling you, these next six weeks, i think you're going to see momentum like we've never seen before. you said it perfectly, laura . they're losing on every issue voters care about. their narrative is collapsing and all they have left are these outrageous, hyperbolic insults that are falling flat with voters. >> horus, a question i think
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is going to be when will new england and when will california and washington state and minnesota and oregon ,when will those states finally say, you know, we've tried this for decades. it just isn't working? that will be the watershed moment for this country. >> well, i keep my eye out on those places. >> connecticut is a race that i'm watching both for the governor's race as well. >> as the senate race, the washington state governor's race, the washington state senate race. trafalgar has been putting out numbers showing surprisingly close in dark blue states like that. let me tell you what the problem as i see it is . >> when i was younger, there was a playbook that the left used. >> they lied. they pretended i'm for you americans. i'm for building the economy. i love the american flag. i'm doing everything i can
12:17 am
because i support you just as you are. and i love you. and then they get elected and they do exactly whatever it was that they wanted. this time around, they've thrown that playbook out and they're doing every crazy thing and saying, elect us and we'll do more of it. >> well, guess what? i predict you're going to see this fall the biggest repudiation that we have seen in a generation. >> horace and charlie, great to see it tonight. thank you. now, what if we told you that the polls are not wildly off again, but that some polling outlets are suppressing that information? well, especially the tidbits that matter most are going to explain it in moments. and it's violent crime skyrockets in philly. emenwe speak to one of the only republican council membersfrom h about where the city goeers from here. >> stay there.
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the talk, which is now taking a hiatus and co-host sharon osborne defended piers morgan over meghan markle. sharon osborne was fired from the talk. her exit from the talk made headlines around the world. >> growing up, my father's family went absolutely penniless. >> it was a new format for television. she takes her stuff off the stage. she collapses. no one should have ever gone through what she went through. why are you doing this? they've really made her 85% shoes stabbing me in the back. it was so unfair that she was labeled something that she wasn't. >> the punishment doesn't fit the crime because there was no crime. >> we don't know anything about me. i say not. then.
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>> hi, i'm attorney down. mccary, proud veteran who's been helping marines and their families for decades. but now i'm sure you've heard the news about camper's in the new law, which allows victims to file for compensation. this is different than your veteran's disability does . a lot of confusing information out there. so i've put together dedicated team to answer your questions and to take your calls. call 800 820 eighty eight . that's 800 820. eighty eight . call right now. i wanted to create a dial to stay on top. we had to be ruthless. we have to stick together no matter what. >> minor tuesdays on fox and watch any time on hulu is washington doubts. how much pressure is there on dallas city land? michael parsons. they have the pieces and there's a lot on the line for both these teams. the nfl sunday on fox four,
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friends. remember its friends without the best. >> a headline in politico today caught our eye. pollsters fear they're blowing it again in 2020 two. >> okay, they're right. taw take the most recent abc washington post poll. we were talking about earlier.
12:23 am
it found that among registered voters, republicans only hold a one point lead in the generic ballotth. soun a that doesn't really sound like , a red wave, right? right?but debut deep inside this was this finding among those living in congressional districts that are rated somewhat competitive by abc's five . thirty eight registered voters favor republican candidates by twenty one points. sically so let me explain this. basically, the only reason the generic ballot is thisne close. one point is because the democrats are running up huge margins in these very deepe blue districts. ue distrjoining us now is arie o fleischer, former white housey d press secretary and fox news contributor already. ari, it's pretty important as a data point, is it not? about those deep blue districts and pretty important not to include prominently in these write ups, don't you think?k? it's just an amazinglyis distraught way to present news
12:24 am
to people who want to knowape in what's what's the shape of november looking like? it doesn't matter what happense. in the cities. it doesn't matter what happensih . some of the more rurall districts or republicans are diing to win 80 blicans , 20 . it matters in those battleground districts. that's where control of the house e is at stake. and so the only polling weg at e should be looking at are in dis the battleground districts, the battleground states in the senatethe ba sta and one ot, laura , you talked about that washington post poll was of registered voters. registered voters don't vote , voters vote . and so you need to switch to likely voters. likely voters alwaysha more republican than registered voters. and right now, the mediaregister voters and w are still using an overbroad pool of people called register voters when that is not indicative of who is actually going to show up in november. this is why the polls right now have a democrat bias to them. now, ari, the new york times is reporting tonight, finally this headline, our political winde thiss blowing in republics
12:25 am
favor. again, there are some signs of drift toward issues where the party has an advantage like the economliy and immigration. they're reporting now. where did i hear that? about six weeks ago, ari, the same democrat operatives masquerading as journalists are doing the same thing. they've always done. they try to sell democrat failures as wins, but americans aren't buying it. you have to go back to jimmy carter, to his approval numbers lower than biden to say at the same point in his presidency. so only in liberal la la land would any of this qualify as joementum. so they were trying to sell this momentum thing all summer. long. ari, but you and i talked about this before. the numbers are what the numbers are and the failure is not going away. joe biden's job approval in august, a thirty seven percent, which is just dismal. >> he's improved. he's up to poor.
12:26 am
his job approval rating is at about 43%, up from thirty seven from dismal. >> the poor. the problem with having a forty three percent job approval or is that is exactly what donald trump had in 2018. he was 44% when republicans lost the house and lost the senate. it's the same thing as barack obama had when his party lost the house. it is a poor number for a president to have. the last time you had a president gain seats in a midterm election was george w. bush. his job approval was around 70%. so it doesn't matter what this mini bounce is that joe biden has had, it's not going to rescue the democrats and or focus on abortion. now, i think that's helpful to democrats in some places. i do think it's going to create some more of an interest in the election by women who previously may have just thought there's no point in churning out. i'm just sick of joe biden. even though i don't like republicans, but i don't like biden. it's going to create a little more of a turnout for the democrats. >> but not enough. and that's the big picture. republicans, laura , are still going to win the house.
12:27 am
and i think they have a fifty five forty five chance of winning the senate, probably fifty one . >> forty nine . wow. ari, this is so exciting. >> can't wait to see how it plays out. thanks so much. so what's the end result of stoking division and anger as the left did, which we referenced earlier that summer of love will suddenly street protests, even those ending in violence, became almost like a virtue. it got a magazine covers. it meant the soon to be vice president will ask for donations to bail you out of jail. and you were heralded as the new generation of activists. so should it really come as a surprise that teens now think they can do whatever the heck they want, take whatever they want, hurt whomever they want, all without consequences? you can see this, can't you, in cities like philly, where over the weekend one hundred kids ransacked a wawa convenience store, even jumping on cars and the parking lot.
12:28 am
it's this searing contempt for your city and your fellow citizens that produces this heinous level of violence. and last week, a mother and her teenage daughter in philadelphia were ambushed outside their home just after 6:00 in the morning. the suspect threatened them with a gun, then drove off in the family car . police say that he was lying in wait for them. and then on saturday night, a two year old was shot in the back twice. that boy is in critical condition yesterday. a 19 year old died after being shot. get this, twenty one times. and just a few hours ago, five members of the high school football team were shot after a scrimmage. now, a 14 year old is dead. >> so how much longer will residents from the city of brotherly love put up with this ? joining us now is david o. republican philadelphia city councilman. david , it's good to see you
12:29 am
tonight. are philadelphia residents just numb to this or are they finally going to demand change? >> they are demanding change, but i don't think this is ended. i think it will continue to get worse because the leadership of our city is not recognize that the policies that they've installed have produced this type of wanton violence in every which direction we can see what you said is true and we hear about it all the time. innocent children, seniors, people just going about their own business, being shot multiple times, and people who really have nothing to do with any criminal situation. sometimes they're just in social media photograph with someone that other people
12:30 am
are looking for. they can't find that person. so they take it out on someone who simply in a photograph and all of this has resulted from just a lack of law enforcement, a disrespect of the law and a failure to hold people accountable. and so this is what is leading to this type of crime and violence in our city. >> now, there's no consequences. there's no consequences. and when you rip down a bunch of statues and a rampage of the city claiming that everything that ever came before was awful rotten and racist, guess what? nothing happened. you you were celebrated. that's where we are. when we didn't take families out of the equation. >> and then you're really screwed, right? we can we can look at six years ago where the murders in this city was about two hundred and eighty or exactly two hundred and eighty and last year it was five hundred and sixty one as of right now we're at four hundred and one murders. >> ten continues.
12:31 am
>> and you know, the thing is that we need to reverse a lot of these policies that were put in place in our city, in our universities, in our public transportation system and in our schools. very permissive, very lenient on people committing violent crimes. our prosecutor does not believe that prosecuting people with illegal weapons will reduce the crime rate. >> and that's where there is . yeah, there's as many examples of the failure accounts. >> and we know people. you are you are doing yeoman's work. we know what needs to be done. there needs to be consequences for criminals. they've got to be locked up and there's got to be a total change in leadership. otherwise, what you see happening tonight in philadelphia last week, the week before the month before, is going to keep happening. a lot of people are going to be dead as a result. councilman, thank you for joining. now, the census tried to silence this show during covid, but now some of those very
12:32 am
same outlets are admitting that the angle was right all along. we name names in moments. plus, a live report from southwest florida as hurricane ian barrels toward the coast. >> stay with us. for five star backyard's yellowwood, fran drescher. >> the pie doesn't have this yellow tag. you you don't want it. >> hi, i'm attorney tom mccarthy. proud veteran who's been helping reason their families for decades. but now i'm sure you've heard the news about camper's in the new law, which allows victims to file for compensation. this is different than your veterans disability claim
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i don't know why you don't just make a fresh start. there's no fresh start for us . the cleaning lady mondays on fox and watch any time on hulu hurricane and is hurling itself toward the eastis coast and it's expected tocatego become a category four before making landfall in florida.y is fox weathers will nunnelee is standing by in fort myers tonight. >>bill will laura, even though e are not expected to have that landfall of this powerful hurricane until tomorrow night, we have been in the rain now for hours. as a matter of fact, as i speak, there's a tornado warning about a county away. let me tell you some of the logistics happening right now. you have thousands of people evacuating, trying to get to central florida, heeding those evacuation orders from the coast all along the coast, from tampa on down. and you also have power crews trying to get into the hotel rooms as well. we have the national guard, of course, that has been mobilized to deal with this emergency
12:38 am
as well. so that's leading to a shortage of hotel rooms around here. gas is still in short supply and there are still lines or some of those last minute supplies. but it's really now the crucial hours before this storm . this is going to be a statewide emergency, okay? this is going to be a statewide event, even if you're not in the path of this storm when it makes landfall, which is expected here around fort myers, you have the entire state that is has several major airports closed down, including tampa, including orlando and southwest florida as well. yossef, disney world shutting down for a couple of days and so many people on the move. this is going to be a critical 48 hours, a dangerous 48 hours ahead for the state of florida. we're going stay on top of it for you here on fox weather. >> well, thanks so much. >> all right. conspiracy theorists, dangerous conspiracy theorists, dangerous grandma killers. well, they were just a few of the things at this show and any others that raise skeptical voices to covid group think we're called. but now some of those
12:39 am
same censorious voices are suddenly feeling more comfortable. here's a recent piece in the atlantic that a famous doctors covid shot make his cancer worse. if this article was written just last year, it would have been flagged as dangerous disinformation. or this new study published in the pediatric edition of the journal of the american medical association. the vaccine can be detected in breast milk. they say caution is warranted when breastfeeding infants younger than six months. >> now, what makes this all the more enraging is that voices like ours were threatened when we asked questions in 2020 one when the medical bureaucracy was urging pregnant women to get the vaccine, we invited some of the most respected epidemiologists in the world to share their thoughts. >> now we've started to see the irs database, 15 year old children getting heart attacks, two year olds dying from
12:40 am
the day after the vaccination, a six month old dying from the child's mother's vaccination through getting it through breast milk so children have no reason to die from vaccination. now, voices like dr. rush and other medical professionals were brave enough to speak out when they saw their careers threatened. and their reputations, in some cases, trashed. and sadly, after all of the walk backs, the censors are still out there. a piece published today in the influential medical website stat news reads doctors who knowingly spread covid 19 lies should be held accountable. author juliana morris has nothing to say about the lies surrounding masks or social distancing or the one about vaccines stopping you from spreading are getting covered , but rather, she wants to target anyone who raised a contrarian note about the vaccine. so given what we keep learning, it's vital that we never kowtow
12:41 am
to these medical bullies, but rather keep speaking, speaking the truth and seeking the truth . >> no matter the cost. and it wasn't just doctors who paid the price. nba superstar kyrie irving famously refused to get the vaccine and cost him dearly. not only was he barred from playing in brooklyn nets home games due to the city's tax mandate, he also said it cost a contract. >> i gave him four years, one hundred and something million deciding to be vaccinated and that was a decision whose contract get vaccinated or vaccinated. and there's a level of uncertainty of your future, whether you're going to be in this league, whether you're going to be on this team. >> here now is clay travis out founder and fox news contributor. clay, he was a role model for young athletes who didn't want to risk myocarditis or other ill effects of the vaccine. >> so why isn't he held up the same way colin kaepernick was? he was standing for conscience.
12:42 am
oh, yeah. it's a fantastic point, laura , and thanks for having me on . well, kyrie irving did what everybody in the sports media and everybody in the larger media claims they want celebrities to do, which is stand up and say exactly what they think, even if there are potentially severe consequences. now, exactly how much money kyrie irving lost, we don't know. he says potentially one hundred million dollars. certainly it's in the tens of millions and more. if you contrast that for instance, with colin kaepernick, who actually has made tens of millions of dollars based on his left wing protests. what you see is that when you do something and speak out and you are not on the far left wing woke agenda, there are actually consequences. but none of the praise. megan rapino, colin kaepernick, lebron james , all of them are super woke. they get tons of praise and
12:43 am
more money for their political opinions. whereas you guys you have guys like kyrie irving and don't forget novak djokovic, who wasn't even allowed into our country to play in the u.s. open, which he would have been favored to win, and their stories just get completely ignored. or they continue to be ridiculed, even though laura , the data reflects that they are correct. dr. marty makary was tweeting about this great work he's done during this whole covid era, saying guys like kyrie irving, who already had covid and our young healthy athletes are actually at greater risk when they get the covid shot because then they have a risk of myocarditis based on the data and they have zero risk statistically because they already have the antibodies from their natural immunity. now, the whole reason for the vax mandate was that they didn't want people to spread the virus, but that's obviously completely out
12:44 am
the window. so the vaccine mandate should have gone away a long time to go . and yet they cling to it like a security blanket, right? i mean, they're just not dropping it. yeah. and what i said, i think on your show last week remains true. what people are actually doing in their own private lives outside the blue checkmarks on twitter who are still saying everybody's killing grandma is i think, only two percent of children. now, five , six months to five years old are fully vaccinated in this country. forty nine out of 50 parents, based on the most recent data, again, are making the choice not to get their kids these covid shots. and most people are not getting whatever the latest version of this booster is either a very tiny minority of people are going out and getting these two. so the vast majority of the american public is agreeing with kyrie irving, even if a lot of them are still not saying it publicly. great to see you tonight. thanks so much. and biden's unconstitutional student loan debt relief bill finally getting a challenge.
12:45 am
gallagher is going to break it all down before the lead attorney in the case joins us exclusively. >> stay there. j.p. morgan, ceo warns of an economic hurricane is coming. goldman sachs warns of unprecedented economic shocks. and billionaire jim rogers says worst crash in our lifetime is coming since the start of the year. the s&p is down 22%. nasdaq down 30%, bitcoin down 58%. and now the housing market has hit a wall. are we on the verge of a historic recession? find out. paul lear capital for your wealth protection survival guide. and precious metals already roll over to see how easy it is to hold physical gold and silver in your ira. don't worry, the experts warned time is running out to save your retirement. so, paul , now get your wealth
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call your doctor because even one attack is one too many. r lr now,ni just a day after learning biden student loan forgiveness plan would cost four hundredcos0 billion dollars, we're finally
12:50 am
seeing a major legal challenge to it here with all the details. >> this trace gallagher, fox chief breaking newsbran correspondent and brand new anchord-ne of fox news at night. so excited about that treis. congratst again on the new gig. what can you tell us so for now about this lawsuit. >> .laura , thank you first of>> all, the lawsuit itself is pretty cut and dried. the pacific legal foundation, the liberty law firm, saysn's pn president biden's plan to forgive a half trillioe n in student loan debt is flagrantly illegal because quoting here, s only congress has the power to buss laws and spend money under the constitution. g becaus but it's interesting becauseth the plaintiff in the lawsuit i is a man named frank he's a lawyer foorr pacifically legal foundation, or plf. and it turns out mr. garrison took out federal student loans and ay for law school. and after paying down those loans for ten years, he is now getting debt relief under public service, loan forgiveness. now, that's a program for
12:51 am
borrowers who work in publicpubs service for nonprofits. but in three states, including indiana, where frank garrisonri lives,son the biden debt relief plan would subject him to state taxes, which would make him worse off than simply repayingtr hials federal loan. and because ofpl those damages,a plf argues that garrison has legal standing to sue the department of educatio suen you see the map there, by thed n way. we should note, four otherow fo states are considered alsoet imposing state taxes on those who get biden's debt relief. today, the white house was asked about the lawsuit. meydan harris, an administration student, plan oro trying to stop it becauseovide they know it will provide muchm, needed again, relief for working families. anyone who does not want to to s give that debt relief and can choose to ope t out.>> trace: tt >> garrison and plf say there is no way for him to opt out of the tax. we should noted know the congressional budget theet e
12:52 am
you referred to this estimates the relief plan will cost four hundred, 30 billion dollars.iesu other studiet s put the numbera >>few hundred billion dollars higher. >> laura my goodness. trac l: ohe, thank you. and we're going to be tuning in. i cannot wait on october 3rd.. >> congrats again. thank you. thank you very much.n -- all right. joining me now is the leadrk attorney on the case, caleb eichenberg of the pacifie c legl foundation. caleb, we've been waiting for a lawsuit like this now, the response to your critics saying that your suit has no standing because you're not an aggrieved party. what are the damages to you?aget in the pacific legal foundation? >> well, the question is notwele what's the damages to me ortion the pacific legal foundation? it's it'its to the people that are getting this student loan cancelation forced upon them. and for michael frank garrison, who happens to be one of my colleagues, i mean,
12:53 am
the damages are pretty clear . he is going toe be stuck with a tax bill that he didn't ask for for this cancela and that he doesn't want. that's going to put him inoing o worse position than if ifd. nothing happened. and to the extent that the white house just said, you know, we heard the clip, they said, well, nobody's goingi to get this if they don't want it, that's just not ste the department of education still on their website today says that as many as eighton million people in the u.s. are going to get automatic cancelation, at least starting this week, potentially nowpo, calev larry tribe tweeted abouty the lawsuit saying t a big weakness of it is the strength the statutory ground, which by this plan stands both under the heroes act and undertion the health and education act. caleb went on to say thatsing o the lawsuit was a stretch. so, again, focusing those two acts, the president is supposedloy findingapprop
12:54 am
the ability to appropriate essentially hundreds of billions of dollars. >> well, i think. just take think a step back and and think about how absurd that is , that it's even an argument that the president can all by himself just appropriate. five hundred billion dollars or i mean, we'll take the conservateta estimate. four hundred billion dollars.ati i mean, that is a ridiculouss amount of money. but if you look at the heroes act and that's really the statute that the department of education is relying on , the president is relying on that was that was a bil l that was passed in 2003 in reaction to the iraq war. poin. we got to go back.n go we we to that point, you can't go back to iraq. and that's y g to spend four hundred billion dollars. i think tribe is wrong. i think you're right. >> we'll see. caleb, thanks. stay with us. so musty in here about a damp,
12:55 am
damp damper. the tracks excess moisture, eliminating the source of musty odors. >> it did when i saw elvis's pipe. >> yup, we have elvis's bible, along with bibles from a number of other kings. i will bless those who bless you of other kings. >> but
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opportunity propoliticize everything, including a hurricane. >> how much is the climate crisis to blame for any of this? >> a lot. one word you mentioned, intensification, warm water is steroids to a hurricane. >> it's been the least active start to the hurricane in years. >> todd: hurricane ian moves closer to the coastline. the hurricane is packing 120 mile per hour winds and is expected to continue gaining power until it plows into florida this afternoon. >> carley: two tornados in -- western cuba yesterday, completely knocking out power to the entire country i


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