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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 28, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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impacting the country 234 a big way. >> the left has aadopted a marxing philosophy, the victim has no rights and it is killing this nation. we need to get back to law and order and that only happens if you elect the right people to represent you. >> carley: sheriff, thank you for joining us. next hour of "fox and friends first" starts right now. accused residence >> carley: we begin with new york weather authority, mike woods, hurricane ian intensifying to a category four storm, 2-1/2 million floridians are being told to leave their county now.
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>> todd: hurricane ian plowing through western cuba yesterday knocking out power to the entire country and devastating the most important tobacco farms in the country used to produce cuba's iconic cigars. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus, our reporters are live across florida this morning, we begin with senior meteorologist, janice dean who is tracking it from our studio. >> janice: they just upped the winds, that is a strong category four storm, the pressure has dropped by 10 millibars. it is strengthen as it approaches the coast, we r expecting landfall this afternoon. heightened awareness to the storm surge and for hours it will batter the coast and
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interior sections of florida. rain and wind and storm surge will impact coast of florida and inland will flood two-story homes at the coast. you don't have time, you can hide from the wind, you have to run from the storm surge. wind gusts in excess of 100 mile per hour for duration of hours it will be a potentially catastrophic event, the storm is strengthening as it moves to the coastline. we are about 90 miles away from florida. you see the strongest core 90 miles from the center of circulation, this is a very large storm, it will impact much of florida and that is why we have a state of emergency for the whole state. tornado watch in central areas of florida good until 5 p.m.,
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weaker tornados, but could produce structural damage and that will make things more fragile as wind and rain moves in. threat toward east coast, incl including orlando, hurricane conditions will last for hours think loo the coast and inland. flooding threat on top of that, 12 to 18 inches in some areas, some spots could get over 24 inches because we're talking about slower duration event. this is a category four storm, we are expecting weakening, but the storm surge threat will be ongoing and perhaps most dangerous along the coastline and we expect dip into the atlantic thursday and moving up toward the southeast on friday and saturday. slow down here is a prolonged event of heavy wind and rainfall and that is going to be
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significant for the inland area. we are pretty sure we will get movement inland, we think around sarasota and fort myers area, vulnerable coastline, as well. along the coast toward the panhandle, you will feel the effects of the storm and we'll potentially see this storm linger across georgia and the southeast for the next several days. right now, we are most concerned for vulnerable coastline from sarasota to naples, up to 12 feet of storm surge and timing of high tide in your area could mean even higher storm surge, you have high tide and storm surge on top and winds andin ra, most significant. we were talking aboutism ta, you are out of the woods, could see a storm surge of six feet and looking at fort myers and naples
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and inlets can't handle it. people will be under water, we are concerned and talk about vulnerable areas. fort myers is prone to floods, storm surge and upward of 12 feet on top of high tide, this is potentially deadly and catastrophic. >> todd: we're focused on the storm surge, all hurricanes have wind, is it common to have this many tornados associated with it? >> janice: absolutely, storms in the past, i think charlie brought dozens of tornados. again, weaker tornados, but talking about potential for heavy rainfall and winds, so tornado on top of that is not good news. we can see weaker tornados, dozens in some cases, we will watch that today and throughout the duration of the storm.
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you have counter clock wise motion and rotation, that is why we see the spin-offs of tropical tornados. >> carley: there are pictures on social media that show like 15 or a guilty over dozen i weras destroyed at north perry airplane because of suspected tornados, so the damage is being felt in florida. >> janice: widespread throughout the state of florida. >> carley: let's go to phil phil keating, what are you seeing right now? >> it is finally raining steadily here, not quite yet the deluge issue but as janice was pointing out, last three hours have seen massive intenseification, it went from cat three 120 mile per hour
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winds to category four, that can be catastrophic. take a look at live radar, the center of the storm, 75 miles southwest of naples, florida, still offshore, marching north and trackers believe the eye of the storm will come and make landfall a little south of tampa bay, maybe in sarasota county, that could mean less storm surge, but 10 mile per hour rate of speed of this monster storm could mean bad news as in a lot and a lot of rain all day long rain. that is what is anticipated for most of the state of florida, especially south and central florida as the day progresss. in perry airplane, a private airplane in broward county, not
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far from miami, between fort lauderdale, sirens went off and warnings out last night and two tornados did touchdown at the perry airplane, flipping over a couple of private planes. a colleague of mine lives nearby in pembroke pines, they were terrified, the wife and daughter hid in the bathroom to ride it out until they felt it was over and they were safe. really things are very hairy and scary in south florida and central florida throughout the day. the governor, he's pre-positioned 5000 national guard troops, 2000 coming in from out of state. he feels with the search and rescue teams on standby and emergency response crews there with at least 100 ambulances ready to deploy, the state is as prepared as it could be, here is
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what he said about florida power and light, the state's largest utility. >> 30,000 personnel stationed and standing by to help with power restoration across all utill itss, electric co-ops. >> everybody in florida hardened by hurricanes year after year, everybody very well aware that power is going to go out somewhere, maybe your neighborhood, maybe just across the street, it could be days and it could be even weeks, no power, over the past several days residents have been flooding grocery stores, stocking up on shall iss, food that won't spoil, cases of bottled water, everything to ride the storm out. in tampa, nothing is open, everything is closed, everyone is advised not to drive around today, just stay home and hope your structure is as safe as it
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should be. back to you in new york. >> todd: phil, thank you, stay safe. talking all morning long, warning about it for days, hurricane ian impact will be catastrophic and potentially life-threatening when it makes landfall. >> carley: category four, 140 mile per hour wind speeds. keep it right here for the very latest. to finally lose 80 pounds and keep it off with golo is amazing. i've been maintaining. the weight is gone and it's never coming back. with golo, i've not only kept off the weight but i'm happier, i'm healthier, and i have a new lease on life. golo is the only thing that will let you lose weight
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>> todd: hurricane ian inching toward florida as massive category four storm packing 140 mile per hour winds. parts of the state sustaining damage as 2.5 million residents are ordered to evacuate immediately. >> carley: anna, how are you preparing for this storm? >> we had notification early on, a lot of people in my community have evacuated, boarding windows issue getting water and securing assets at home, it's been a wild time. >> todd: what is feeling among the people there, your neighbors, family and friends? >> a lot of people, i had many
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reaching out, a lot of people are looking to the governor for direction. this is projected to be one of the costliest hurricanes in a really long time, estimating it will bring $70 billion in damage. if there is a way you can help your neighbors, do so, if you can leave, police take the warning seriously. it is projected to be costly and potentially deadly. >> carley: governor ron desantis did a press conference yesterday and said get out now, you can't unring, about the. there are a lot of elderly folks in florida, how concerning is that for you? >> we are stageing and projected if need be go out, once winds hit 40 miles per hour, they shut down emergency responses.
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it is important, if you know someone that is elderly nearby, you are right, we do have an older population and a lot of times people may not reach out for help, we need to ensure people are working together as a community. one of the most frustrating things for someone running for office and a floridian first off, biden administration refused to call governor desantis and governor desantis is leading the fight. this is not partisan. >> carley: i heard they actually did speak and then governor desantis said that he is thankful that the president approved an emergency declaration in florida and said federal aid will be made available, how much will that help florida? this is supposed to be a once in a lifetime storm. >> i am glad they finally reached out, when we saw the article from bloomberg, we were
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upset. open line to communication is important. these hurricanes can move quickly, i think we will likely need national help with recovery efforts. right now our entire community is locked down, you can go down the street and see people who have businesss and residents boarded up. we are concerned for our neighbors, prayers are appreciated right now. >> todd: please stay safe, best of luke to the constituents you hope to represent. >> carley: a 14-year-old boy is dead and severalen toos hurt after they were ambushed by a gunman at their high school football scrimmage.
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details on that next. >> todd: hurricane ian now a category four hurricane expecting to bring catastrophic flooding across the state of florida. for the latest where you live, keep it right here. research shows that people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. look what i brought! liberty mutual! they customize your home insurance... so you only pay for what you need! ♪young people having a good time with insurance.♪ ♪young people.♪ ♪good times.♪ ♪insurance!♪ only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty. liberty. liberty.♪
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>> carley: back with your headlines, starting with this. a philadelphia teen is dead and four others hurt in an ambush shooting as they walked off the field after a high school football scrimmage. two gunmen opened fire from a green ford explorer, the victims were taken to a local hospital and are in stable condition. no arrests have been made. the deadly shooting came just as philadelphia reached 400th homicide of the year and el paso gearing up to spend additioning $4 million on bussing.
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immigrants are being released to the border town everyday. footing the bill for 150 hotel rooms to shelter 300 migrants each night. democratic mayor says he expectss biden administration to reimburse the city. carley and todd. >> carley: politico claims governor desantis hasn't faced one of the toughest challenges a leader can encounter, a hurricane. hurricane sally hit pensacola in 2020, here is ron desantis committing to keep tolls lifted after our main bridge was destroyed. >> todd: joe concha, author of "come on man," talking about president biden's presidency. is this political by politico or
2:24 am
just an error that a journalist shouldn't make because you can look it up in two seconds on your phone, look up hurricanes under desantis. >> carley: governor. >> joe: i just looked you up in the google machine. >> todd: that was a set up. >> joe: my book should be called "come on, politico," this is easy, it gives preview of what we are going to see here. this will be a cataa strophic hurricane, people will lose everything in some situations, including their lives. this is a serious time for serious journalism. you know some folks in the industry are licking their chops waiting to turn this particular hurricane into ron desantis's
2:25 am
katrina. in this case, the storm is so big and the governor quite frankly has been out in front of this for many days now in terms of evacuations, whether voluntary, that have become mandatory in many situations. if we start blaming governors when hurricanes hit when they appear to be doing everything they can to prepare their citizens, you know it is a midterm year and quite frankly you know 2024 is ahead and as we've seen time and again with ron desantis, they see him as a true threat in terms of winning the presidency and will take any shot, even cheap shots and shots that don't exist like hurricanes that they say hit states even when it didn't. >> carley: people appreciate bipartisanship, especially in a time of crisis, and governor desantis made it clear he spoke to the president, the president has declared his emergency
2:26 am
declaration for money and that the president does want to help out. you also have a book, todd said the title well. >> todd: "come on man," the truth about president biden's presidency, it is how now. >> carley: how is the book tour going? >> joe: it is exhausting, i don't think you have written a book, do it after you have the baby. i did 17 interviews yesterday. the book is doing quite well, number one in many categories like u.s. government and political commentary, number four overall, on amazon anyway, people appear to be embracing the book and i think the reason why, there are 15 books coming out on donald trump over next few weeks, the guy not inure po, and one book coming out on the current guy in power and that is
2:27 am
the one that is over my shoulder of sorts. there you go. there appears to be an appetite about biden and his life leading up to presidency. there is an entire chapter on corn pop and that alleged confrontation between then david hasselhof. >> todd: when the audio version is produced, i would like to play the role of corn pop if possible. >> joe: it is done and carley can play the role of -- i don't know, jen psaki, make you red, your hair is flexible, we can do it. >> carley: thank you for joining us. >> todd: we appreciate you taking time with us this morning.
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hurricane ian miles from making landfall. miami suspended public transportation, orlando about to close their state. >> carley: nicole valdez and jimmy petronas will join us with life-saving information if you're in the storm zone. ♪ dry skin is sensitive skin, too.
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>> carley: you see it there, ian intensifying to a category four hurricane. rain rocking the sunshine state. >> todd: nicole valdez on the ground in tampa, what are you seeing now? >> the hurricane hunters are describing this as an extremely dangerous storm as we see hurricane ian move to the state of florida, over the state of florida. we are seeing rain and winds, the strength of the winds pick up here. hurricane ian is expected to cause life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic flooding across the peninsula, down and
2:33 am
into southwest florida. this is not the time to think it is safe to go home despite hurricane ian's path switching a little bit going further down south, taking more aim at the fort myers area. this is not the time to let your guard down. we are sees catastrophic effects here, take a look at this map, anywhere shaded in red, this is time to evaluate that evacuation plan. there are mandatory evacuations for 12 counts across the state and in key west, we are seeing intense flooding and people there are doing one thing we stress not to do, getting out and taking photos. it is dangerous knowing the potential for storm surge and fresh water flooding as hurricane ian slows down, we could see this become a several
2:34 am
day event with anywhere from 15 to 20 inches of rain in the next 24 to 36 hours. >> carley: thank you so much. florida officials are in a race against time, making final preparations. hurricane ian is expected to strike florida later today. 14,000 emergency workers are gearing up for the category four storm. jimmy petronas, state fire marshal, joins us now. what do people in florida who decided to stay behind, need to know about the storm as it inches toward the florida coast? >> so i'm very concerned about those who have decided to hunker down, this storm is a life taker. panama city, florida, i saw what hurricane michael did with a cat five storm, this just became a
2:35 am
cat four. it breaks my heart we'll put our first responders at risk because of people's stupidity and reluctance to seek higher ground or safety. >> carley: that is happening in florida, tell us about that. >> sure, whether utility workers, urban search and rescue, my office will deploy 60's0 urban search and rescue members, five teams are the same team that responded to hurricane michael and the surfside building clans. there will be trauma surgeons, engineers, dogs and boats. as soon as it is safe, they gallon from door to door to start saving lives on their life-saving missions. >> carley: the president did speak with governor desantis, do you know when that took place and how it went? >> i was with the governor
2:36 am
yesterday afternoon, the call had not taken place yet. you pointed out, i was watching fox, and i saw biden called three of our mayors. i'm sitting with the governor, he can call the mayors, but can't call the governor. the governor said, i will talk with the president, i have no problem talking to him and sometime after 3:00 that call took place. >> carley: oh, good. you are chief financial officer, there will be a major cleanup effort, and the president approved federal funding, how important is that? >> there is damage that happens after the storm. what gets me concerned, work through the debrew, the predators will come into the market and take advantage of vulnerable individuals and floridians, we have a lot of new people in the state of florida and i plead with all citizens,
2:37 am
do not sign anything. there will be aggressive tactics used and none of which in your best interest. call my office, call your insurance agent or carrier if you have a claim. >> carley: the price gouging hotline was activated, if you try to increase prices on essentials, you could face punishment in florida, is that right? >> correct. it goes into effect once disaster declaration is in place and it has been in place several days now as the governor put it in. if you see a case of water for $40, that is problem a tell-tale sign, we are talking now, that is hews discouragement for anybody trying to game the system when you are in need. >> carley: what does your day look like? what still needs to be done? >> we're going to go, we've got
2:38 am
over 14,000 linemen staged around the state and first priority is making sure as soon as it is safe, we will roll out resources to stage pre-event stage to restore life saving electricity and power and then our teams will have coordinated missions as we're going, we will go door to door. florida forestry will cut the paths our men and women will go to home by home checking on neighborhoods four times over next few days. >> carley: thank you for joining us, we are thinking about you and everybody else in florida, we appreciate it. >> carley: all right, several of the state's major airplanes are grounding flights as the storm approaches the florida coast. >> todd: cheryl casone is here next.
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>> carley: florida bracing for impact with hurricane ian swelling to category four overnight. the coastline battered by heavy rain and orlando airplane expected to shut down just hours from now as much of the state remains in the direct path of 140 mile per hour
2:43 am
winds. cheryl casone from fox business is here. >> cheryl: the economic impact of this storm will be felt for weeks, the entire island of cuba without power, orlando bracing for ian. power outages already reported in the florida keys. orlando international airport latest to cease operations this morning at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. tampa international airport shut down tuesday. >> we want to provide safe environment with the airlines and looking at national weather service tracking of the storm, we coordinated with them. >> cheryl: american, delta, spirit, southwest announcing fliers can change their flights without penalty. residents there and the ones you
2:44 am
are listening to say they have been through this before and they say they are ready. >> i grew up in florida, it doesn't really bother me, could be fun experience for her. my wife is not a fan, hurricane is not on her agenda. >> cheryl: he was speaking from the airplane, airline apps are the best way to manage customer service agents, it is not just florida, this is a travel system across the country, flighting willing impacted in several states today. >> carley: connector flights run through florida, it will impact florida travel. what about the norad stream pipeline? >> cheryl: the war in ukraine continuing to threaten energy supplies to western europe. reaching out to officials in denmark amid report of sabotage
2:45 am
of two natural pipelines running from russia to germany, anthony blinken part of those discussions. >> initial reports indicating this may be result of an attack or sabotage, these are initial reports we have not confirmed yet. if confirmed, that is in no one's interest. >> cheryl: seismic station in the baltic city point to norad stream one and norad stream two. >> carley: very interesting, more to come on that for sure. thank you so much. todd, over to you. >> todd: president biden's student loan bailout plan facing its first lawsuit. >> the damages are pretty clear, he will be stuck with a tax bill he didn't ask for for cancellation he didn't want that
2:46 am
will put him in worst position than if nothing happened. >> todd: bren /* brian brenberg joins me now. states will tax debt forgive think, indiana, north carolina and mississippi will tax will bailout. how did the white house not anticipate the debt forgiveness plan could hurt borrowers come tack time? >> brian: there are unintended consequences, they don't think about any of that, they think about the impact they thought would be good. i love that there is a lawsuit here, somebody is challenging this and saying this is a bad idea, i will have to pay more. may we have more lawsuits? we have administration that refuses to think through the
2:47 am
consequences of actions, especially on the economy, which is why we're stuck with issues we're stuck with now. >> todd: here is word salad from the white house. >> proponentss are trying to stop it because they know it will provide much needed relief for working families, anyone who does not want to give that debt relief can choose toopt out. >> todd: that makes no sense. lawsuit we started with is specific tax related lawsuit. shouldn't the suits succeed because the president cannot unilaterally with the stroke of a pen via executive action do this? >> brian: i'm not a constitutional lawyer, but there is no way the president of the united states can make a half trillion dollar decision about somebody else's debt, it is ridiculous. the president has admitted in
2:48 am
the past, he can't do it. close to midterm, he says forget about the constitution, do it, i need help. it is insane issue the economic policy we get in this country, not in any way attached to reality. it is only made in respect of the president's sense of what he needs to do. >> todd: i get fired up, i run out of breath. >> brian: breathe, todd. >> todd: feds war on inflation could cost the economy one million jobs. isn't that what the fed wants? lower employment to lower inflation? >> brian: the fed messed this up royally and have to move fast, when you move fast, you break things, that is why you don't let inflation get out of control, because you start talking about big rate hikes. they know they have to raise
2:49 am
rates, they don't know how much damage it will cause, it will cause damage issue but they don't know the future. could be a million jobs or multiple times that depending how businesses react to it. >> todd: nobody knows what will happen. >> brian: they put out projections and say unemployment will go to 4.4%, how do they know that? if they knew that well, they wouldn't have let inflation get out of control. stop trusting bureaucrats in government to get this right, they did not do their job, they were playing politics with the administration and weren't doing their job as the fed. >> todd: brian brenberg, thank you. >> carley: hurricane ian now dangerous category four storm, if you are one of the millions of americans in the evacuation zones, now is the time to leave, if you haven't already.
2:50 am
florida congress greg steube is urging everyone in ian's path to get to safety right now. we'll hear from him next
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♪ >> carley: a fox news alert. hurricane ian intensifying to an extremely category 4 hurricane overnight. as it closes in on florida's shores, window gusts maxing out at 140 miles per hour. florida governor ron desantis is set to give an update at 7:30 a.m. this morning. he is urging more than 2.5 million floridians to leave their homes now. florida congressman greg steube is directly in the storm's path and he is bracing for impact just hours from now. congressman, good morning to you. what is your biggest concern right now? >> the biggest concern not a lot of people are talking about this. here in southwest florida we had weeks prior to this with rainfall almost every single
2:55 am
day. so the ground is already saturated you drop the last few days with the feeder bands leading up to this you look at some of the estimates online it's 15 inches of rain. you drop that on an already sat temperature rated ground here in southwest, florida. we recall going to have extensive flooding. i'm sure we have it already day breaks and start to get rainfall. that is the biggest concern on top of the window and on top of the other it rain. people don't realize the rain we already have and dropping 15 inches on top of that pretty catastrophic when it comes to flooding. >> carley: that's a great point. influx of new residents tampa's mayor told the new residents to listen to the old timers. listen to the old timers, listen to the people who have been around mother nature wins every time.
2:56 am
we have not seen a category 4 storm at least in my lifetime from what my parents can remember. we had erma a couple years ago that was only a category 2. this is a category 4. that is going to direct hit sarasota, south of sarasota. a little south of north port will heart land of my district through the heartland of florida. we have not seen a storm with this power and strentd and added on top of that is the storm surge. when erma came we didn't experience that in southwest florida. we are going to see 8 to 10 feet of storm surge. those coastal communities evacuation orders yesterday and the day before. hopefully those people heeded those evacuation orders and got out because 10-foot of storm surge is going to take out the first floor of any of those buildings that are on the coast line and in those barrier islands. hopefully we don't have rescuers who are going to have to go out there after the storm goes past people have heeded the calls of local government to evacuate. >> carley: a lot of times in the days leading up to headquarter especially when there is a storm
2:57 am
in florida. you see people still on the beach and reporters ask some questions. are you leaving? are you staying? you know we have ridden this out before. we are going to do again. do you think people are taking this one more seriously? >> i hope they are. the challenge with this one is we did have early warning. but a lot of those spaghetti models had it going panhandle up farther north than here. in the last 24 hours. it made a significant turn to the right pretty dramatically where suddenly my district is right in the middle of the eye of this. previously it was north of tampa. hopefully people were watching that change over the last 24 hours. i know people that i have talked to tried to get out of town yesterday. hopefully the people that are living in an area that doesn't have hurricane shutters, that is on the coastal community got out as soon as they realized that this was coming directly for us. >> you know, congressman, just trying to put myself into your shoes right now, you are an elected leader and the constituents in your area are definitely in crisis.
2:58 am
but you are also, you have a family and i'm sure you are concerned about them. so how are you personally handling this? >> yeah. i was at the eoc when the governor came down yesterday here in sarasota county and literally came back to my house and cut down four dead pine trees i knew if they went a certain direction would take out a fence and power pole. i made preps. my family is good. we have prepared over the years since erma. we have a backup generator. we have hurricane windows and shutters. there are a lot of people that don't have that. hurricane windows are not inexpensive. a lot of people, if they an older home haven't done that helped neighbors board up windows with plywood. fuel has been an issue i have seen. the state is saying it's not an issue. when i have gone the last couple of days you haven't been able to get anything. at this point 40 mile-per-hour window gusts outside, 25, 26 mile-per-hour sustained winds. you are not going out in this. if you are where you are, you are going to be shut in for the rest of the day.
2:59 am
>> carley: wow, you know what? that's a scary prospect because some people may wake up and say now is the time to leave. but, it's already getting very dangerous. and then you think about who lives in florida and there are a lot of elderly folks in florida. folks less mobile. what should they do? >> yeah. my new district is the most elderly district in the entire nation. sarasota, charlotte, and northern lee county. they should, if they are having problems now or still at home. they need to get to a shelter. sarasota county alone has 1 shelters. seller of them are medical ready shelters. if you need oxygen tanks, if you need all of these things, they are prepared. there is one near my house at tatum ridge that is fully prepared for those type of scenarios for especially the elderly and those that need medical needs. so they need go online on their phone, however they can get online if their power is out and make sure they get to a shelter immediately. >> when do you expect the worst to be? >> the worst is late this
3:00 am
afternoon, kind of early evening. like 3:00 to 7:00 i think is going to be the worst as the eye wall comes over. look at the size of the eye north port down to cape coral. significant breath. we are witching you and everyone else in florida the very best. thank you very much for joining us this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> brian: all right. here we go. fox weather is tracking hurricane ian. the powerful now category 4 storm, set to make landfall, florida's west coast just hours from now. >> your time to evacuate is coming to an end. you need to evacuate now. >> overnight the first impact of ian being felt in key west extreme flooding. the water rising. no end in sight. >> ainsley: down in south florida, tornadoes spinning. they are spinning all around. they are tossing even these small planes as


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