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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 28, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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evening. like 3:00 to 7:00 i think is going to be the worst as the eye wall comes over. look at the size of the eye north port down to cape coral. significant breath. we are witching you and everyone else in florida the very best. thank you very much for joining us this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> brian: all right. here we go. fox weather is tracking hurricane ian. the powerful now category 4 storm, set to make landfall, florida's west coast just hours from now. >> your time to evacuate is coming to an end. you need to evacuate now. >> overnight the first impact of ian being felt in key west extreme flooding. the water rising. no end in sight. >> ainsley: down in south florida, tornadoes spinning. they are spinning all around. they are tossing even these small planes as we come on the
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air we are looking at key west. this is a live look you the entire state is bracing for potentially catastrophic the say's response 90 minutes from now. >> pete: we have live fox team coverage janice dean standing by with the latest storm track. nicole valdez live in florida. we start with multi media journalist robert ray live in fort myers. robert? >> good morning to you here in fort myers beach. a key inlet to the gulf of mexico and, guys, the storm is starting to come in. we are seeing the deterioration of this island. take a look. if rick can look up here into the palm trees and you see they are starting to sway. we get these heavy rain bands that come in from time to time. i have to say the big issue here is the storm surge. where i'm standing right now
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here later this morning, expected potentially 8 to 12 feet of storm surge. we need to get out of here at some point. and we are monitoring that. the gulf of mexico just a football field away. we're monitoring those waves coming in. and the bridge that goes across this inlet here to the mainland. fort myers right there. literally so we are positioned when we start to feel that surge. will in the interim hunker down here and wait as roll in the this part of southwest florida and make land at some point later today to the north of us. we don't know exactly where that is but i can't stress enough about the impacts. category 4 winds. storm surge and the energy is going to cause really bad situations up and down this entire pocket. there are power workers that are
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staged thousands of them, power will go down. the question is will the winds cause structural dang and when these rain bands start to come, in how bad is that surge going to be as it's pushed in from the gulf of mexico. this island, fort myers beach, is evacuated in most parts. there are officials here this morning and as soon as the surge comes in, they are going to have to go. there's no high ground in this -- on fort myers beach. there is nowhere to put a vehicle. no second or third floor. you will have to go if you want to be safe. otherwise, potentially lose vehicles. and the power will go out at some point here when those winds begin to come in. we are waiting. we are reporting. and we are ready to leave this key as soon as that surge comes in and it will be deadly if one is here in it. guys, back to you. >> brian: is anybody still around? have you seen any signs that people are sticking this out? >> last night, there was people, business owners, as a matter of fact i will show you this. this is a bar/restaurant here,
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guys. you see the sandbags. clearly this is not enough to stop the surge that's going to be way up as expected. and there are business owners moving perishables out of all these restaurants. this is a tourism town, obviously. there are some residents who have hunkered down in some of these high rises. but, if they have vehicles, those vehicles are likely in jeopardy. and, of course, officials are here but they are in the same position that on that with my recover from and his crew. if the surge does come, in it's time to go. and that's exactly why we are having the safety lesson here of being right next to the bridge in the gulf of mexico monitoring it all so we can go. here comes another rain band. ebb and flow. start to really kick in in the next few hours especially when the light comes up here. >> ainsley: yesterday we were reporting that it was going to hit tampa, as it's got closer woke up and realizing it's heading towards fort myers and naples area. did people rush out to get out
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yesterday yesterday afternoon when they started seeing it changing? >> that's a great question. indeed, they did. and here we go with the rain gust. this is it. this is the way hurricanes work, guys, especially when they're making approach to land and when they are this strong, only the beginning but great question, yes. as a matter of fact, we were in orlando. that's where we started. made our way down the coast line, and, you know, the amount of traffic heading away from the coast from tampa on i-4 tremendous bumper to bumper. even on i-75 here just north in port charlotte people heading north and obviously cut to the center or even out of the state. so absolutely, yeah. that's what you saw and, you know, naples, too, just to the south of us. they're actually hundred kerring down right now as well. a lot of people probably stayed in the naples area. so hopefully that great city is doing well here this morning and people are listening and not going outside at all. as a matter of fact, i'm looking at sheriff's department beyond
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the camera right now. monitoring. they are looking for storm surge as well as we will start to see that probably in the next few hours. back to you. >> todd: this storm has definitely been a moving target as they so often are. robert ray, thank you, sir. >> ainsley: thanks, robert. nicole valdez continues our coverage. >> this is just the beginning as you start to see the rainfall behind me and the winds pick up. unfortunately, things are going to get a lot more dangerous pretty quickly over the next few hours for the tampa bay area but all the way down towards that south florida area. southwest florida area i shall say where we are expecting to see a really big chunks of that storm surge threat the hurricane hunters calling hurricane ian life-threatening and extremely dangerous storm as it makes his
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way over the coast of florida. over the day talking about threats of flesh water flooding. as the storm slows down all that rain is going to be falling here for 24 to 36 hours. that's why we are talking about the chance of seeing anywhere from 15 to 20 inches of rain. let me show you a map here. if you live anywhere in the areas shaded in red, you should have either already evacuated your home or be doing that as of right now. officials hone thattible who needed to evacuate, those under those mandatory evacuations would have left by last night. if you have not done so at this point, there is nothing more to wait for. unfortunately, it's getting too little, too late, you got to get out before things get bad here. we have already seen so much traffic as robert mentioned people trying to get out of think cities. tornadoes all across even down to south florida. broward county. as you mentioned the flooding already catastrophic. already the third highest storm
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surge in key west so far. so this is a situation that needs to be taken seriously now if it has not been already. gather your things. gather your valuables. gather your loved ones. get in that car, and, if you can, get to higher ground. unfortunately things here are only going to start to get worse, guys. >> brian: all right. nicole, thanks so much. when you go over those bridges in tampa the water is right there anyway. so tight. i'm wondering how much surge it has. also on a side note. earnest hemmingway's house his granddaughter is extremely nervous because his historic home there where he lived with his -- one of his wives and her grandmother. they said it's extreme danger. they never remember a storm that presented such a challenge as this storm and that house was about 50 years old before earnest hemmingway moved in. >> ainsley: he lived in key west. along at key west. a lot of people have gone to
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orlando moved inland dawmp area or fort myers area. disney world and universal orlando closed today and closed tomorrow. the hotels are still open. disney is going to stop accepting new guest tomorrow and universal, the hotels there are at full capacity. laying go land, busch gardens and tampa bay they closed yesterday. if you have tickets, planning a trip counsel there, really sorry, but your life is more important than going to disney. there will stillable other chances. disney say that the guests partially used multi-day park tickets can be redeemed used next september. working with guests to reschedule. >> brian: not a good time to use legos. >> todd: for more on the track of the forecast. janice dean has the very latest. where is it headed? >> headed towards the coast of florida, about 90 miles off the coast of fort myers. and the 5:00 a.m. advisory team in and you see words like catastrophic from the national
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hurricane center. you know this is going to be historic storm and some of these vulnerable coast lines will be, you know, changed forever. this is a big deal. we are also looking at the potential for the storm to slow down. so, it's going to take 24 to 36 hours for the storm to actually cross over to the state. you mentioned orlando. orlando is under a hurricane warning. so they are going to feel hurricane conditions for duration of hours. the threat for tornadoes certainly, the storm surge will kill people along the coast here if you have not evacuated because we could see storm surge 10 to 12 feet in vulnerable areas. if you house can't withstand that you need to move to higher grounds immediately. we are talking about a landfall this afternoon category 4 storm. it underwent something we call an eye wall replacement cycle overnight last night. and that just means a restructuring of the hurricane. it is stronger. it is gapping strength and going to be a strengthening storm as it makes impact with land in the
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next several hours and that is even more dangerous. so, we are going to see catastrophic damage of some of these most beautiful beaches alongs west coast of florida. and we'll be talking about the storm for years to come. tornado watch in effect until 5:00 p.m. we will see that extend up toward the northern part of florida and even parts of the southeast. weak tornadoes that could cause structural damage. as i mentioned hurricane warnings stretch from naples all the way up towards tampa and the orlando area. hurricane force winds for duration of hours it will take at least a day for this storm to cross over into the atlantic portion of florida and then up towards the southeast. peak storm surge. these are the really vulnerable areas where we could get 10 to 12-foot storm surge and then high tide this afternoon which is the tide, the high tide plus the storm surge, again, this is some of the most beautiful beaches in 'florida and we are going to see, unfortunately,
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catastrophic damage in these areas. the flash floofingd, anywhere from 12 to 24 inches of rainfall. this is very big deal and i really hope that people heeded all of those warnings from the governor. we will have a state and of course he will have a press conference at 7:30 today. steve, ainsley, brian, this is a big one and going to be, very, very damaging. >> todd: j.d., thank you very much. for more upto the minute coverage download and stream fox weather. >> brian: still coming up on this show going to get an update from polk county florida sheriff grady judd. his warning to residents. ♪
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brian live look at tampa. hurricane expected just hours from now. hurricane warning in effect for all of polk county. sheriff grady judd is the person to call to find out what we should do and where we should go. sheriff, you have seen a lot. what stands out about this storm and the message to the people of your area? >> first and foremost, it's going to be a catastrophic hit on the southwest coast. it is a massive storm in size. it's going to move slow. there's going to be high winds a lot of rain. the lord is sending us a hard blow and a lot of water. pay attention to what the experts tell you. otherwise, if you stay where you are, understand if you get scared, we don't come get you in the middle of a storm we're on
3:18 am
missions to save lives at that moment in time. that's what our deputies will be doing. be on a mission to save lives. but not pull people out of flood zones. you will just have to hunker down in the house and do the best that you can. >> brian: sheriff a lot of people move there famously over the last two years. they only read about hurricanes like this. they don't live it. have you found that a lot of people are not as savvy as you would think from florida? >> woe spend a great t deal of time educating in advance. in advance of hurricane season. we have seen an orderly process this time. you know, i'm sad to say that we're very experienced at hurricanes in florida. and those that are been here know what to do. some defy the orders is that's their position. we had 58,000 new people move in this county alone. they are paying attention.
3:19 am
they are heeding the warnings. they are doing what they should. so, we feel that we are as prepared as is possible. you understand mother nature wins every time. >> brian: yep. >> here is what i know about the people of the state of florida and the people of this community. when the storm is over, those who don't need help will help those who do need help. and there is going to be a lot of people that need help this time. >> brian: some people need help new yorkers we pivot to this thing you do full time full time and that's fight crime. i was with you many times you have been on before and spending a day with governor desantis first stop to you to a law enforcement event. do you have the support of your local government. the law enforcement here is not getting the support of theirs. and elizabeth gomes role the video. in if you haven't seen it. if there is a monitor, check it out. this woman happened to be coming out of subway. this guy wanted to come on to her. she want nothing to do with him.
3:20 am
so he literally beats the hell out of her. she is about to lose an eye. broken ribs, bruised from head to toe. when she spoke out yesterday. she said our city needs help. we are going through a lot here. i remember hearing that we would have cops posted on platforms. they are nowhere to be found. a lot of people feel like elizabeth. we're on our own. not because the cops don't want to do anything. it's because they are not empowered to take the criminals off the streets and keep them in jail. what's your message? >> my message is the mayor is out of touch with reality. the governing bodies are out of touch with reality. if you don't keep the predatory criminal in custody if you don't keep the predator in custody, they will continue to do what you saw in that video clip. my question to the mayor, what if that was your mother. it was someone's mother that got beat down while she is on the way to work. it didn't need to be. he was out on parole. that is a symptom of bad policy
3:21 am
bad criminal justice policy when you are more interested in hugging thugs and letting criminals, violent, dangerous criminals run free. you are going to get a lot more people had hurt. a and new york city is a prime example of how not to run a criminal justice system. >> brian: it really hurts cops when they know if they mak arrest the man will not stay in jail. that you will see him again, doesn't it? >> that's absolutely correct. no bail jail doesn't work. i can tell you one thing, it doesn't happen like that in florida in florida we put bad guys in jail, we locker them up. we don't have parole. you do 85% of your sentence. and do you know what? that guy would have been locked up in florida and he wouldn't have been beaten down anybody's momma. >> brian: hey, sheriff, he murdered his grandmother when he was a teenager and now he is still creating hell for the rest of society. sheriff, stay safe stay in
3:22 am
charge. >> we need prayers in florida. >> brian: disturbing news coming out of north korea. >> carley: exactly right, brian. we will begin with a fox news alert. north korea firing two ballistic missiles off of its east coast. this, according to south korea's military and the japanese coast guard. reported launch comes as vice president kamala harris heads to south korea later today to meet with officials exactly several allied east asian countries. harris is planning to visit the demilitarized zone between north and south korea. catholic pro-life activists mark howell pleads not guilty to assault charges after an incident involving a planned parenthood escort last year. his arrest sparking national outrage as 22 members of congress demand answers from attorney general merrick garland. those lawmakers writing a letter to the a.g. that reads in part
3:23 am
there is much to learn about the extent of the fbi's operation in this case. apparently since state level dismissed by local. if convicted how much faces 11 years in prison. in baseball, the st. louis cardinals facing the division yesterday. they secure their spot in the playoff with a 6 to 2 win. albert pull holz and molina gearing up one final post season run as both have announced they are retiring at the end of the season. new york yankees outfielder harrison celebrates the al east championship by channeling inner stone cold steve austin with this epic chug. despite the division title aaron judge still 60 home runs as he chases roger marist al record. >> brian: i don't want to get in your territory. i know you do sports.
3:24 am
did he take over the batting league. on the trust of a triple crown. 8 games to get 61 and 62. >> very exciting. going olive on twitter. >> brian: meanwhile. thank you so much, carley. hurricane ian is florida. we are going to hear from ron desantis florida governor coming up 7:30 eastern time. republicans are hoping to reclaim control of congress when voters head to the polls in less than six weeks from now lawrence jones has been informed of all of this he is talking to voters in the all important state of ohio. he will join us live. ♪ >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, let safelite come to you. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: my customer enjoys time with her family. so when her windshield got a crack... she scheduled with safelite in just a few clicks. we came to her house... ...replaced the windshield... and installed new wipers. that's service on her time. >> grandkid: here you go!
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with mcafee plus, you can enjoy life online confidently because safety has a feeling all its own. millions floridaens expected to make landfall later today. very close to florida now. >> going to stick around for a long time. governor ron antioxidant has he set to give update on the current situation in an hour. >> todd: ashley webster joins us live with the very latest. ashley? >> yeah, good morning to you guys. clearly already feeling the effects now of hurricane ian. heavy bands of rain with gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour already. just to give you an idea of the storm. ian is already 75 miles southwest of my location. expected to make landfall about 100 miles south of here sometime this afternoon good news tore
3:29 am
tampa bay area. this looked like it was going to take a direct hit storm surge 6 to 10 feet which frankly would have been catastrophic come down to 3 feet that is good news. the weather will have an impact here. expecting winds to 50, 60 miles per hour next 12 to 18 hours. gusts to 75 miles per hour. and with the ground so saturated, another foot of rain expected. those trees here that have some very shallow roots, it won't take much to push them down in those strong winds. and that can lead to power problems. i have seen convoys of utility guys and trucks driving around waiting once this storm really starts to ramp up. governor ron desantis saying, look, no matter what, we are ready to deal with all the power outages. take a listen to this. >> there's now over 30,000
3:30 am
personnel stationed and standing by to help with power restoration. and that's across all of our utilities. our electric co-ops. >> now, in addition to the winds and the heavy rains, there is a threat of tornadoes. we already saw that in broward county earlier, which turned over a couple of small planes at an airport there. that is ongoing threat. for the meantime, i think the story here is the fact that we are missing what could have been a catastrophic event for hurricane ian in the pawb area. certainly area south of here and now going to bear the full force of the storm. by the way, we have some -- we are on the north shore of tampa bay. all the bridges that lead out to the barrier islands have now been closed. for people who didn't decide to get out of here, they will have to hunker down and ride this storm out, which will carry out, i think certainly through a good part of tomorrow. guys, back to you.
3:31 am
>> brian: all right, ashley, thanks so much. here it through your rain jacket, starting to pick up. >> ainsley: thanks, ashley. for up to the minute of this hurricane, hurricane ian, you can download and stream fox weather. you can see it right there on your screen fox >> todd: meantime we are less than six weeks away midterms and ohio senate's race is in a dead heat. >> brian: how did that happen. the latest poll show republican j.d. vance just one point ahead of democrat tim ryan. >> ainsley: this morning lawrence jones is having breakfast with friends in bowling green, ohio, to see where they stand on the issues. lawrence, what's most important to them? >> hey, good morning, family. so, we know this is a swing state. so we are going to be hitting all the swing states. that's why we are in ohio today. i have got ian with me right here. you say education is the big issue in the next election. >> as a retired teacher with grandkids in elementary school, i see where we are going and we got to get back to basics. >> lawrence: who are you going to vote for in this senate race?
3:32 am
>> j.d. vance. >> we got more right here. laura, you say that crime is a major issue. and there was a reason why you decided to just sell your business. >> correct. we were a small business owner for 25 years. and just could not keep up with the crime in the area that was happening. and it was hard decision but we decided that the best thing for us was to sell. so crime is very important in this area to us. >> lawrence: we know ohio is a swing state. do the democrats have any shot in this state, this election term? >> i do not believe so. i hope not. everyone needs to get out and vote. >> lawrence: thank you so much. guys, we continue to hear that right now from the voters is that, you know, their motto is they will go either direction but right now they are not comfortable with this. i have got another friend right here. ma'am, you say that the issue for you is inflation. >> inflation is a very big issue. it's going to effect everybody.
3:33 am
our children coming up so yes, it is. >> lawrence: that's the number one issue. you say you are undecided in the senate race? >> pretty much. so i am kind of leading toward dewine. i haven't made up my mind yet still researching and doing studies on that. thinking about it. >> lawrence: thank you so much, ma'am. you say issue for you and it may surprise people. is immigration. even though that you are in ohio? >> yes. my brother lives on the border in arizona. and i get news from him every day it's pretty scary. >> you say the fentanyl that's coming across the border terrifies you? >> yes, it does. it's so deadly. and our young kids, you know. it's sad. i have grandchildren i'm concerned about. and i pray a lot. >> lawrence: we are all praying now. thank you so much. the last people i want you to talk to. it's really important. we have seen a shift in the spending in ohio.
3:34 am
you got ryan saying now he is some sort of moderate when you look at the voting record 90% of the time he voted with joe biden. this last family that i want you guys to hear from. y'all say that you guys really saved up a lot of money to help pay for your kids' education. and right now it's all about the economy. >> correct. >> absolutely. >> it's just a matter of, you know, now we are starting -- we have been fortunate. but now we have to start making decisions and now we have to start giving up certain things. and so that we can keep our kids going to college. >> lawrence: one of the things y'all communicated with me you are reasonable people. you go for the candidate. not the party. but you are uncomfortable with some of the decisions that are being made. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> lawrence: guys, thank you all so much. i will send it back to you guys in new york. this is what we are hearing from the people of ohio. it is about the issues. about the economy. it's about the border. it's about crime.
3:35 am
it's not about the candidates. of the candidates that represent them on those issues are going to get their vote. i will send it back to you guys. >> brian: thank you so much, lawrence. the bigger question why tim ryan is portraying himself as something he hasn't voted and acted like. >> ainsley: a moderate. >> brian: change my opinion more believable than i told you i would be ad no democrat. he votes with senator schumer every step of the way. how many people in ohio would elect senator schumer. >> ainsley: what's interesting too in ohio about this storm, governor ron desantis has been working with ohio. they are sending an incident management team from ohio en route to florida to help with the support and recovery effort all working together. >> todd: democrats masters of gas lighting. literally the most successful thick they do they lie and keep you on your toes. >> ainsley: when you go to the polls you want to believe these candidates. look at joe biden we all thought he was going to be a moderate anything but. >> brian: we were all wrong. fox weather is tracking
3:36 am
hurricane ian. the monster storm is intense fiving to a category 4 this morning. and now taking aim at fort myers. we have the very latest as ian could make landfall in just hours. these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. report fever, confusion, stiff or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be life threatening or permanent. these aren't all the serious side effects. now i'm back where i belong.
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3:41 am
seven days. we have deployed over hundreds of red cross volunteers down in the state of florida. we have moved enough shelter supplies to take care of 60,000 individuals should they need sheltering before the storm and after the storm. and so as we do this, we continue to work with local emergency management and county officials to support all of these evacuation shelters that are currently being opened to provide a safe place to the residents of florida to ride out this storm. >> there is a lot to worry about this storm. it's a big one. it has a lot of energy attached to it. what is your greatest area of concern when it comes to ian? >> so, here's what we tell people and what we really want folks to focus on. it's planned for the cone not on the line. people tend to focus on the line in the center of the storm. watch the cone for the last several days, most of the folks impacted in that cone three to four days ago. this storm has four separate threats. it has the window. because a category 4 hurricane is going to cause considerable
3:42 am
amount of damage to people's homes, businesses and infrastructure. of there is storm surge, if you are on the coast, storm surge is something you must take seriously it. could result in significant loss of life if people haven't evacuated. then there is two more. there is tornadoes. we have seen them up overnight makes landfall, tornadoes are distinct possibility and threat that happens inland and not just on the coast. the fourth one for this storm is as it flows down and drops immense amount of rain. he would will have inland flash flooding. it isn't just to be weather aware on the coast for this storm. it's folks in the interior sections of florida that need to attention and make sure that they are taking emergency actions now so that they and their families are prepared for the storm as it comes across the state. >> todd: what will people need and red cross provide in the storm's aftermath? >> after the storm has passed. we will work with local emergency management officials to open shelters to provide a
3:43 am
safe place for people to stay. to provide power and information. to provide hot meals. and then as we get an understanding of the impact and the scope within the scale of this disaster. weave will begin going out into the communities. we will be distributes emergency supply like gloves and tarps and rakes and trash bags and then we'll also be out providing hot meals and information. and then as the storm moves on, we will continue to work with a local emergency management and state officials to help those folks start to begin their recovery process. >> todd: jennifer pippa from the american red cross. this is going to be a big one. stay safe best of luck as you try to help out our fellow americans. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> todd: with that go over to carley shimkus for headlines. >> carley: philadelphia teen is dead and four others are hurt in ambush shooting as they walked off the field after a high school football scrimmage. police say two gunmen opened fire from a green ford explorer. >> the wounded victims were taken to a local hospital and are in stable condition.
3:44 am
no arrests have been made. the deadly shooting comes just a day after philadelphia reached its 400th homicide of the calendar year. texas police busting a human trafficking attempt when 6 illegal immigrants tried to board a plane one of them previous deported felon wanted in wisconsin for sexually assaulting a child. texas officials are still searching for this suspect. this major bust comes as el paso is gearing up to send an additional $4 million on migrant busing. more than 800 illegal immigrants are being released from federal custody into the town every day. and teachers in san francisco warning young adults not to get into teaching in the golden state. >> encourage any young people to go into teaching right now. i do not feel that california faces a premium on their teachers. >> california is getting more expensive. median home price is so high.
3:45 am
it's hard to live. >> carley: well, some teachers do say they do feel appreciated by parents and administrators. they also feel the state does not value them. those are your headlines. todd, over to you. >> todd: it's been like that for a while. when i was out there teachers got paid nothing. tough to be a teacher out there. >> carley: only getting worse. >> todd: joe biden's student loan handout faces legal challenges. the pricy move is flagrantly illegal. joif we an know caldwell weighsn next. hurricane ian now packing 155 mile-per-hour winds taking aim at fort myers. florida governor ron desantis give an update around 7:30 this morning. we will bring that to you live. don't go anywhere. ♪ shingles doesn't care. i go to spin classes with my coworkers.
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>> janice: good morning everyone. we have devastating news right now. hurricane sean almost a category 5 storm. hurricane hunters were out investigating the winds and they upped them to 155 miles per hour. 157 miles per hour will make it a category 5 catastrophic is the language that the national hurricane center is using.
3:50 am
we are going to be dealing with incredible storm surge along the coast. heavy rainfall on order of a foot or more. and then those battering hurricane force winds for hours as the storm crosses over the state. i know we have live video of marco island which is where erma hit several years ago. and just devastated that part of florida. if we could go to that video if we have it right now. if we don't, that's fine. i am going to show you graphics here. category 4 right now. catastrophic damage. 157 makes it a category 5. and live marco island a video. that is where our last hurricane in 2018 hit and then went up to the west coast. so that was several years ago. a lot of folks have just moved to the florida area. they have never felt a hurricane and this will be the one for the history books. we are almost at a category 5. the damage is going to be devastating for this area. i hope that people heeded those
3:51 am
warnings because this will damage the coast line most definitely. and when you look at the storm window timeline we went from 100 mile-per-hour on monday to 155 miles per hour again just shy of a cat 5. we have an advisory coming up at 7:00 a.m. and there is the chance that they will upgrade this to a category 5 just hours before it makes landfall. somewhere between tampa and fort myers. naples is in this punta gorda hit by charlie in 2004. this will be one of the worst storms to hit the coast of florida. in their history. and it's really just hours away from making landfall. tornado watch is also one of the emergencies we are going to be dealing with throughout the day today. weak tornadoes that are going to cause structural damage on top of the heavy winds and the heavy rainfall, the flooding rainfall. the storm surge is going to be the most deadliest part of this storm and we could be talking about upwards of 10 to 12-foot storm surge.
3:52 am
around high tide will make it even worse. so, if you have a high tide of 1 to 2 feet. 14, we could be talking 14, 15, feet of storm surge that will overtop some of these homes. hurricane warnings for all of these areas for millions of folks including the orlando area. it's going to take at least 24 hours for this hurricane to move across the state. it's so powerful it's going to take time to start to weaken and strengthening hurricane making landfall is probably one of the most dangerous things mother nature can throw at you. so this is a big deal. probably historic what we're talking about right now. all right. we are going over to ainsley. >> ainsley: it is a big deal. thank you so much, janice. we will hear from the governor, ron desantis in about 30, 35 minutes. president biden's $400 billion student loan handout facing its first major legal challenge. a lawsuit filed in indiana calling it flagrantly illegal with a tax penalty that will
3:53 am
leave americans worse off. >> the president cannot do it. unilaterally and without congressional authorization. if we let that go as a precedent, it really demonstrates that the president of the united states can act on a political whim and spend half a trillion dollars. that has to be something that a court weighs in on. >> ainsley: fox news political analyst gee an know caldwell joins us now. >> i'm happy that you are alive, ainsley. >> i'm glad you were born. >> great children's book. will a lady came over here on vacation. she became a citizen. she went six years without seeing her family down in brazil. because she wanted to do it the right way. >> right. >> ainsley: she raised her daughter. she was cleaning houses. she worked for four families to put her daughter through college. now they are making me or talking about making me pay for other people's colleges? >> a lot of folks are quite
3:54 am
frankly up1e9. and they should be when you think about the numbers 65% of americans don't have a college degree. almost 40 million americans went to college but didn't get a degree. you figure out hey, this is happening right around the midterm election. something fishy about this to get votes? if you remember progressives when joe biden was first elected. they said they were going to push him further to the left. this number we are seeing from the cbo is just a start. i think this is a midterm number. i believe when he runs again is he probably going to try to do this another time when he runs for president i'm reminded by the name of someone nina turner. did a lot with bernie sanders when she was state senator. canceling $10,000 student debt when the average white borrower is 12 now, dollars in debt while black women hold an average of 52,000 isn't just structural it's racism. that's what nina turner has
3:55 am
said. progressives have echoed what she has said. what do you think will happen after the midterms. that wasn't enough. look what we were able to do. we need to do this again. >> ainsley: this guy suing frank garrison, he is lead plaintiff and also an attorney biden's dan sell labor relation plan will not benefit him and penalize him financially because of a state tax. here is what the white house says. >> ponies of the biden harris student loan plan are trying to stop it because they know it will provide much needed, again, relief for working families. anyone who does not want to give that debt relief can choose to opt out. >> ainsley: it will provide relief for people that are getting $10,000 forgiven. what about the millions of people in america that paid for their college? they have to fork out money. that's not relief for those families. >> that's right. what about the entrepreneurs. and then when you think about who she says may have wanted to stop the plan. nancy pelosi was one of the first to said that he couldn't do it.
3:56 am
just imagine this is one of the first lawsuits. but we are going to see, many, many more because americans don't want to be on the hook of someone else's dream or if you are one of those 39, almost 4 o0 million americans who went to college and didn't finish. almost like a hobby at that point. you want to be on the hook for someone's hobby? absolutely not. this is going to have a long tail end to this story, i believe. >> ainsley: gianno, thank you for being of here. everyone pray for his family as you know he lost his brother in chicago. >> thank you so much. >> ainsley: category 4 storm set to make landfall just hours from now. waiting on remarks from the governor down there coming up in 30 minutes. we will have a live report from florida at the top of the hour, too. ♪ ♪ ♪ you see that? that's when i realized i'm ready to start my own place. yeah, i'm really excited.
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4:00 am
category 4 storm almost a 5 expected to make landfall catastrophic 155 miles per hour winds. the cat 5 is 157. in south florida, tornadoes spinning. they are spinning all around. they are causing devastating damage. >> oh my god! >> brian: key west, wate


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