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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 29, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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another week at school. >> carley: if she can't, listen, consider this interview the notice onto both of your boss might not be at work on monday. understandable situation. casey, cheney, thank you so much for joining us. best of luck in orlando, florida. we appreciate it. >> stay safe. >> thank you. >> todd: with that "fox & friends" takes our coverage from here they begin right now. >> brian: all right. here we go. fox weather is tracking ian a tropical storm now and a live look at cocoa beach as we wait for the sun to come up. the state of florida waking up to catastrophic damage. >> ainsley: category 5 hitting more than 2 million left in the
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dark. the governor clown ron desantis is set to speak at 8:45 this morning after this chilling assessment of ian's wrath. >> it's going to rank as one of the top five hurricanes to ever hit the florida peninsula. >> pete: flash flood warnings are in effect. we're live across the state with a firsthand look at the devastation. senior meteorologist janice dean is standing by. fox team weather starts with robert ray in fort myers right where the hurricane hit. robert? >> good morning guys. look at the devastation on the streets of fort myers. this was completely under water yesterday evening as the surge came in you could see some of that video will remnants of what was published in and around downtown here. there is just debris everywhere. the window field here yesterday
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was just tremendous we could barely stand by. this vehicle coming through. it's an active scene here this morning as believe it or not, there is some power that has come back at least in this part of fort myers, shockingly enough, the water system is totally out, of course at this point. but my gosh, fort myers just took it on the chin yesterday yesterday evening at 6:00 p.m. as the water was rushing through the streets literally creating white caps and the window pushing in so hard that the water from the river just a block away was coming in. we could make our exit. as we left to try to safe ground away from flooding surge water. zigzagging through the streets.
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unsafe condition this morning as we still have breezes coming this south of fort myers ian is tracking through the central area of the peninsula and even north. over 2 million people out of power in florida. and we have not even had our sun advise yet. >> so the devastation, the scope is not even clear at this point. under water yesterday. those scenes we saw on social media were just devastating. we can only hope that search and rescue can get out there when the sun comes up this morning and that everyone is okay. many people did evacuate so the hope is that folks will be all right there. but the devastation structurally intense. we don't know how much is going to be the power outages and the scenes of window, rain, and the power of the energy that came in from sean remarkable. historic storm here in the state
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of florida. as it's not over at all. we have to remember that there are states to the north, georgia, and the carolinas. that should be bracing for the remnants of tropical storm ian as it moves to the north, guys. >> ainsley: robert, what do the roads look like now. i don't know if if you have had a chance to drive around. the governor said massive standing water in lee collier. half of the street are not even passable. they have to get these roads open, rick scott was saying in order to get the power trucks in there obviously to restore power. >> yeah. a huge problem. and, i will tell you this. where we are at in downtown fort myers, we were surprised to see that the water has receded already. you see the debris field here. i can tell you there are some areas where that water is going to stand here for some time today. eventually, as the sun comes up, today will go away. but, yes, i mean, in naples, there are pockets right now that
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are -- you can't get around. certainly up in cape coral, which is north of where we are at right now. i have to think that, if the fort myers beach area received anywhere between 12 and 18 feet of surge, that there is still standing water in those areas also. it's just -- the width, the swath of this devastation is yet to be seen at this point. i think, you know, that's why we will see national guard today on the ground and helicopters in the air. trying to traverse and make sure and put emergency officials in certain spots. i do know i can tell you, this even right out here on the bay, on the river here, there is a gentleman we were talking to just about a half an hour ago said that a guy was on his boat yesterday. he was tied up. and he was trying to make sure it was okay. and he got unraveled and floated away. he has been basically sosing all night. when the sun comes up they will go out there and see if he is okay. we will see a lot of that going on today, unfortunately.
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>> pete: robert, what's your sense of how many people evacuated and how many road it out right there in that location as the sun comes up? >> yeah. i think, you know, there are probably -- there is a gentleman standing over here to my left that did ride it out for sure. i mean, in fact, last night, as i was standing in these waters, trying to get out as it was coming in. he was in a high rise and waving at me trying to tell me to go. clearly i was. so i think there are people in this pocket that did ride it out. though i really, i mean, yesterday, being here on the ground there was not many folks we saw. i do think that a lot of people listen to the warnings from governor antioxidant and other officials and did go more to the center of the state to try to get hotels or even to the eastern side, miami lauderdale and that whole pocket. i feel that most people probably left. i know that that was the case on the beach yesterday morning. it was desolate.
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of course with high rises i'm sure some people stayed. but, if they had vehicles down on the ground. i bet they are waking up to a loss on those. just no high ground for any vehicles on fort myers beach. >> brian: the governor said you don't have to leave the state. where did he tell them to go? >> the thing is i think his messaging was pretty good. he helped with the fact that people did get out of these zones that were going to be hit. the smartest thing, if i were a resident here, and i was in a low lying area that i knew was going to flood. i gold to the east side of florida, the peninsula. 90, 100 miles right across. take alligator alley where those winds begin and get yourself a hotel from miami maybe even all the way up to west palm. that was sort of the safety zone. i know they were under tornado watches and warnings and they did see effect, if we look at the silver lining, that would have been the place to go because if you went to orlando,
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we know they are seeing blackouts as far as power right now goes and then jason, about to get it as well. so, the tough really tough, if you are a florida resident. i think about all the folks that have moved down here the beginning of the pandemic and left other states for better life. and sure enough, this is their first experience with a system, and it is an historic system at best. just we are days of looking at this. i hope people were say. hope we don't see fatalities we just don't know yet. >> brian: check in orlando and see what's going on there. >> ainsley: first, check in with janice our senior meteorologist. she has been tracking ian's path. good morningian january good morning. you heard ron desantis say, the governor, that this was one of the most powerful hurricanes that has ever hit the state of florida. it is cat 4. take a look at the graphic.
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history labor day 1935, 185 mile-per-hour sustained winds. look at ian. that is the fourth, fourth in their history. take days to get into some of these areas and assess the damage and that's what always happens. the day after we don't know the scope of the damage and then the sun comes out and emergency crews are allowed to go in and then we will finally be -- i think the southwest coast of florida is going to be completely changed from yesterday. you are going to see before and after pictures. it's now a tropical storm. it was downgraded as of the 5:00 a.m. advisory. people are urged do not let your guard down. this is going to dump upwards of a 18 inches of rainfall. still storm surge alerts all up and down not only the west coast of florida but the east coast now georgia and carolinas and we have got over 10 million people that are at risk. and i always say it doesn't take a tropical system to cause a lot
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of damage when you are talking about over a foot of rainfall in the forecast in and around these heavily populated areas of orlando, daytona beach, jacksonville a flash flood emergency in effect. seeing inches of rain in a very short period of time. the area of low pressure what's left of ian actually could strengthen as it moves into the atlantic and impact georgia and the carolinas. expecting another friday. peak storm surge what do your beaches look like. can they withstand 3 to 5 feet of storm surge because that's on the way. isolated amounts of higher totals. >> tropical storm warnings in effect again for central florida up towards north florida. and then in towards the carolinas. we are not done yet. that's the bottom line. and we are still going to see the potential for storm surge warnings. the storm surge high for southwestern florida and northeastern florida in towards the southeast. we will keep you up to date, of course. back to you pete and brian and
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ainsley. >> ainsley: thank you, janice. >> brian: state emergency virginia. governor youngkin said that yesterday on the couch that they know is going to be heading to them shortly. right now it's about northeast florida where the focus is going to be. we are going to get it all revealed in about an hour when the sun comes up. >> ainsley: my sister-in-law south carolina i was writing her. how are high rise condo on the beach. they were sending us pictures of the tennis courts down below. and you could could see some water on the tennis court they said gosh the waves on our tennis court. a few hours later, here it is. this is the first picture they sent me. and then they sent me the next picture, the water suspect and covers the net. and then they sent us more pictures throughout the day and the whole place looked like a swimming pool. you couldn't tell that these are. so pictures that people were sending us. and then they filled their bathtub up with water and you
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could see because the building was swaying. you could see the water swaying. thankfully the building was built recently so it can withstand this. but it's very scary. i said, you know did, they ever think about evacuating. she said they thought the storm was going to hit tampa and then the storm moved at the last minute and hit fort myers. >> pete: that's the thing the water is the most dangerous aspect of all of this. as the sun comes up and get pictures that's the most devastating part. lingers the longest of any of the effects the water damage. i thought about this yesterday, guys, if i had recently moved to florida how unprepared i would have been i would have been like everybody else. home deep toe, gas, water? could i get plywood. could i try to hunker down, leave? do i not? and then the information changes. you was going to hit tampa and now it's going to hit here. do i move? do i not move? i think governor desantis has done a nice job pushing information out to people so they can make the best decision
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for themselves whether it's stay in place. >> ainsley: you can rely you have all been here for a long time. as a northerner whether a do i do. >> brian: 7,000 national guard standing by. about 40,000 different workers are going to surge in different areas. going to get those cell phone towers back up and find a way to get the power back on. that's when the rubber hits the road for these leaders. they're going to need money from the federal government. important, too, that a lot of people didn't leave. i saw the "new york times" story why haven't you left? number one, i never leave and number two is i don't have the money to leave. i have to go pay for a hotel room and tell me to reimburse, i don't have the money. this is all i have. i would rather die than lose everything that i worked for. so you realize. >> ainsley: governor did say number one when they get from rescue people.
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number two stabilize. 4, get fuel from number 45 make sure people with communicate. >> pete: imagine that a leader with a plan. good to see. >> ainsley: 13 minutes after the hour. fox weather is tracking tropical storm ian as it deficit states florida. we are going to have live team coverage across the state. >> brian: cajun navy is standing by to help with water rescues. the group's founder joins us next. ♪
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>> ainsley: tropical storm ian eyeing central florida as its next target while residents are preparing for the severe
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flooding. >> pete: the storm is socking disney world theme park and resorts. disney closures are slated to last at least until today as power outages rise and extreme winds rip through orlando. from our orlando affiliate on the ground right now with this morning's coverage. hey, dave. >> hey, good morning. how are you? we are down here in downtown, orlando where hurricane now tropical storm ian has been downgraded. you wouldn't be able to tell that by where we are out down here in the streets in downtown orlando. earlier we saw blackouts across the city which has been an issue everywhere. there are 2.5 million floridans without power right now. although i can tell you being down here downtown the power has been restored for most of downtown orlando. haven't seen many power outages here. but in addition, disney world has some experience with flooding. which has been another main key with this storm flooding
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everywhere from streets to homes to businesses. an issue here in florida is there isn't a lot of place for water to go. because of that, just the amount of rain we have been receiving which is causing flooding. you can see some of that flooding here in downtown orlando and also with the strength of the window. this is right next to the courthouse downtown. you can see that the window has bent this street lamp out here. the window and rain is just like waves going through the streets. emergency vehicle ambulance buried in the water up to 5 feet. all the rescue crews had to come and pull them out. one thing is for sure, no matter what happens with this storm, revealed and president joe biden said he will help. >> as the storm passes the federal government is going to be there to help you recover. we will be there to help you
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clean up and rebuild to help get -- florida get moving again. and we'll be there at every step of the way. that's my absolute commitment to the people of the state of florida. >> now, governor desantis said he would accept that and any other support from anyone who wants to help south florida and the rest of the state during this time. that's the latest in orlando, fox 35 news, back to you. >> ainsley: all right. thank you so much. get inside. hopefully you can get out of that rain for a little bit. fox weather is tracking tropical storm ian as devastating storms are ripping across florida. the once category 4 hurricane. almost a 5. remember? now lingering over orlando where we just saw bringing flash floods. nest next guest arrived yesterday. help with water rescues. is he with the cajun navy. he actually founded this organization. and he joins us now. hey, rob. >> good morning. good morning.
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you all are amazing. you heard this was hitting get in a car or a flight and get down to help these people. what will the next few days look like. >> they will consist of search and rescue and just helping people that stayed behind we will do route. there is a lot of debris scattered throughout the region and clearing roads to help people is really important. how many volunteers did you bring with you as far as supplies are concerned? some of these roads still have water on them. >> we brought 12 to 15 volunteers. we have boats and rescue here evan time there is a hurricane wait until the winds die down a little bit. they are here itching to go. they have already done 20 rescues. they went in behind the storm when it was actually safe to get out there. they are down right now near
3:23 am
venice. i'm in tampa right now. up here in tampa around 1:00 a.m. took off and already been helping people. i was reading this morning the winds have to be less than 45 miles per hour for the rescue crews to go in and save people tell us about. so rescues have they gone in and had to rescue anyone yet? >> yeah, honestly i have only been able to get texts with them and just before the program rescued 20 to 40 people as well. >> wow. even before the sun comes up. >> how long do you all expect to be there? >> wow. well, we stay. we are an organization that seeks to bring stability to a community. you know, we can't help the whole state. but we will go in to a community and embed and stay and start helping people. we stayed for hurricane laura almost 10 months. we stayed after hurricane ida
3:24 am
for six months. i anticipate we will be here for a long duration. >> ainsley: oh, gosh. okay. rob. thank you so much. if you all aren't able to go many of you have jobs and kids you can't get in school. if you can't go down there can you give. give to the wonderful organization, go cajun thank you so much, rob, for what you do for the american people. >> thank you for having me on your program. >> ainsley: you are welcome. well, for up-to-the-minute coverage of this storm, look at that go to fox you can download that app. and get all the updates. hand it over to carley for headlines. >> carley: i certainly do. political news to get to including this situation that happened yesterday. did you see this? republicans are demanding an apology after president biden called out for maybe of congress who died nearly two months ago. >> jackie, are you here? where is jackie? she must not be here. to help make this a reality.
3:25 am
>> indiana congresswoman jackie with a larr ski died in a car accident along with two others. white house press secretary says she was quote top of mind for the president who was set to meet with her family tomorrow. rapper coalio died yesterday at the age of 59. ♪ i walked through the shadow of death ♪ see her right there as well. started in the video. leading the tributes online saying i remember him being nothing but gracious. 30 years later, i still get chills when i hear the song. the cause much coolio's death wasn't immediately known american league home run record. ♪ >> and the 3-2.
3:26 am
left field. this could be it. he has done it. number 61. 61 home runs. >> carley: look at that aaron's mother seeing the historic moment standing with roger marist jr. made a few headlines. his home run should be the mlb should be the single season record. the yankee slugger has seven games left to break the al home run record. those are your headlines. that's the moment a lot of baseball fans are waiting for. >> ainsley: that is so cool how many games left you say six? >> ainsley: he can do it. >> ainsley: he can do it. you know he will. still ahead fox weather is tracking ian as the massive storm slammed central florida. we have a live report from tampa where residents are being warned to shelter in place still this morning. plus, florida congressman greg
3:27 am
steube and michael waltz and florida congresswoman kat cammack all join us live next. ♪
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storm ian no longer a hurricane as it rips right through the florida peninsula. 20 and a half million at least without power after the unprecedented storm surge on the west coast. and residents are sheltering in place. the worst is yet to come in the north and the east. fox weather correspondent nicole valdes is on the ground in tampa. nicole, what do you see? >> brian, good morning. well, the worst of then hurricane ian now tropical storm ian has really moved out of tampa. there is still a lot of work to be done as crews work to try to get the lights back on for about 600,000 in hillsborough county alone. the state of florida looking at more than 2.5 million customers still in the dark as we see just devastating images, especially in the southwest florida area that unfortunately saw the worst of hurricane ian as it made landfall as that category 4 storm here. and really, there are still counties around that area.
3:32 am
we are talking desoto, charlotte, and lee counties that are in complete power outages, complete blackouts today. seeing just catastrophic storm surge. flooding of homes that is just are incredible images. now, i want to say that the it tampa bay area has been mostly spared from the wrath of that massive storm because of just the way that track ended up shifting more to the east. some trees and power lines of course across hillsborough county did come down. that's why we are seeing some of the power outages here. and one other point here to make about tampa bay. the buccaneers game actually now going to be played in minnesota even though they are taking on the chiefs. all this as they work to make sure they can get the help for floridians who are very much going to need it, brian. >> brian: practicing in miami which seems to have miss it and tampa seems to have not gotten as bad as we thought. we will check in again, nicole. doing a great job as usual. next guests represent districts
3:33 am
impacted joining us right now national guard colonel congressman michael waltz himself and congresswoman kat cammack whose husband is a firefighter over in gainesville. what's gainesville like? it's somewhat protected but you are worried about the st. john's river, right? >> yeah. good morning to you, brian, and on behalf of all first responders across the state, thank you for what you are doing and please be safe out there. gainesville has largely been unaffected. but parts of our district up into the jacksonville suburbs, we are seeing the storm surge up the st. john's river. one of one river in the world that flows north. so we are already seeing the flooding. and our area both rutherford, waltz and i are completely saturated. really nowhere for this water to go. about to take on 24 inches of rain in a 24-hour period. so the flooding and the standing water issues are going to be extraordinarily dangerous as we
3:34 am
try to get people back to normal and back online. >> brian: congressman waltz, your area is getting hit right now. and you have the ocean and upon that vedra, rivers, coastal. what's your greatest concern. flooding rivers, flooding intercoastal waterway. the storm pushing all that water from south to north and then like a big right hook the window swinging around counterclockwise and pound from the east as well. and we were already completely, completely, brian, saturated, so i'm worried about people that are stranded. if anyone out there knows of someone that's stranded, the state of florida has a website. florida where you can actually put that family member or that person that you know is stranded information in so look, brian,
3:35 am
i'm dreading this sunrise. we love florida sunrises but i'm dreading this one. but our first responders our national guard men and women 1200 of whom just got back from overseas will be out there to do whatever they can along with the coast guard, the border patrol, everybody that can will be out there to help people. >> brian: right. may fork right there in northern florida. that's certainly a concern but also an asset. congresswoman cammack, rumor worried about the window or the rain? >> definitely for our area we are looking at the rain being a real threat and a hazard. you know, i can't emphasize this enough. the rain that we have taken on this year alone we're already breaking records. now, you add in almost 2 feet or more of rain, just isolated, that's going to have flash flooding. there's nowhere for it to go. you are going to have a lot of trees. the root systems are not able to hold on. you got trees coming down. those are major hazards that take downtown power line, block
3:36 am
roads and prevent people from rescue operations. so we are very, very cognizant of the flooding and the standing water. >> brian: congressman walton, jacksonville for the most part doesn't really get hit that much. erma changed things. did the area become a little bit more hurricane savvy in the interim years leading to today? >> yes and no, brian. matthew, you know, scraped up the coast as well. the internal flooding is really the problem. they are trying to become more resilient. we also have a thousand people a day moving into the state who have never been in any of these types of storms. and the thing is we tend to lose more people in the aftermath of a storm through downed power lines, affixiating themselves with running generators improperly and what have you. the entire florida delegation, republican and democrat have joined in supporting governor desantis and requests 100 percent reimbursement for all of the types of disaster aid
3:37 am
individual and public. brian, my hats off once again to our military. those bases you have mentioned cape canaveral, mayport. the military members stay there to keep it operating. their families, once again, are alone without their loved one to try to also handle this storm. so we can't salute them enough. >> brian: interesting. 40,000 ready to help. 7,000 national guard ready for action. you have got to wait for the rain and window to stop in order to do that while first responders go in, if they can right in the middle of it. so we will check in with both of you again. it's going to be gainesville certainly going to be challenged but, right now, jacksonville. and that's where you represent. thanks so much, guys. appreciate it. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: check back and get pictures orlando and tampa. and last night but soon we are going to get as the sun comes up where the eye is now. for up-to-the-minute coverage of
3:38 am
the ian download and stream fox weather, getting bigger by the day. meanwhile fox weather is tracking ian as the now tropical storm rips through florida devastating winds and rains. devastating updates as it happens right here. you don't have to go anywhere else. plus, in the eye of a storm. air force pilot joins us live after flying right through the category 4 hurricane yesterday. he says it was the worst flight he has ever experienced. and he taped it. ♪
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>> janice: good morning, everyone. this time yesterday we were talking about a near category 5 hurricane moving in southwest florida. your prayers are needed because the coast line is forever changed as the sun comes up. take a look at the statistics. top window reports as it made
3:43 am
landfall 140 miles per hour at cape coral punta gorda 135 miles per hour. it was hit hard by charli in 2004 this storm ian was 7-foot storm surge which inundated all of these beautiful homes and we had storm surge upwards of 12 feet in some of these areas. it's going to take some time for the weather experts to go down and assess the damage. but, again, this is going to be certainly top three for some of these vulnerable coast lines. here is the storm right now. tropical storm ian, 55 miles per hour sustained window. but don't let your guard down. but we are into a flash flood emergency in parts of central florida, including the orlando area. up towards daytona beach where we are seeing several inches of rain in a short period of time. we could see upwards of 2 feed of rain and of course power outages. over 2 million people right now
3:44 am
without power. and as the storm continues to move north and west. out into the atlantic, could strengthen a little bit. making a second landfall over coastal georgia and then in towards the carolinas and we will continue to keep you up to date of course here on "fox & friends." brian, pete, and ainsley, over to you. >> janice, what he was the likelihood it actually intensifies significantly? >> it won't intensify significantly. we could go up to a hurricane again once it gets out into the warm waters of the atlantic. the rules are still going to be the same which is heavy rainfall, flooding rainfall and we still have storm surge advisories all up and down the southeast coast and hurricane watches as well. so hurricane conditions for northeastern portions of florida and the carolinas so we are not done yet. i always say it doesn't take a tropical system to cause a lot of damage. the ground is saturated it can't take any more water in parts of florida up towards the carolinas. that's going to be a tremendous issue going forward. >> ainsley: janice, how about
3:45 am
people that live in georgia charleston floods with a minor. >> janice: you have to know your geography. some of these areas could get upwards of 5-foot stowrgets. are you prepared for that? prepared to move inland? these are things you need to know if you live in low lying areas. >> brian: thank you so much. to this view of the story. hurricane hunter flew directly into the eye of ian yesterday to collect data and better track the storm's path. >> ainsley: our next guest who piloted that dangerous flight says it was the roughest of his career. >> pete: no thank you. major kevin dunn joins us now. major, thanks so much for being here as one who does not like even plight disruptions on turbulence. describe what it was like to fly in the eye of this storm? >> so, yeah. i appreciate it. good morning to you all. thanks for having me. you know, people talk to us all the time it's going to terrible, worst thing ever. we do it all the time.
3:46 am
guys will say boredom with moments of shear terror. yesterday's flight was a little -- it was a little crazy. we were flying through the storm the next thing you know we were hitting updrafts and down drafts faster than you can imagine. it was out of control big time. >> ainsley: what is that like inside? >> i'm sorry -- >> ainsley: diet coke on the windshield. everything on the plane you have to hold it all down? looks like we lost him. >> brian: probably able to pop back up. yeah, to go in there and then also scientifically what does it do to be able to talk about the size and exact width of it and then they knew -- well, let's ask him. so, what -- how do you. >> go ahead. >> brian: how do we benefit, how does the coverage benefit and how do we benefit from you doing this? >> so, basically, this data we
3:47 am
get is invaluable. i talk to some people i have made friends with over the years, national hurricane center. they were ready it just to put out a generic not a generic message cat 3 hurricane. this, that, and the other. i talk to them and they said because we made it through that strong eye wall noah another type aircraft that flies through. they made it through. and when we reported turbulence. basically the national hurricane center to get out and updated a message that was like hey, this thing is big time. please heed the warnings. this is not a joke. so it validated the reasons for us being there yesterday. >> ainsley: do you say a lot of prayers? what does your family think about this? >> it's kind of funny you say that. we had about 20 folks on board. about 8 media. and i was talking to somebody go through it. i was saying my prayers yesterday i said yeah he too. it was pretty interesting. >> pete: is it like a roller
3:48 am
coaster your stomach just drops. >> i will be honest with you i have been on scary flights in my life but not that bad. i went to the top of my seat belt and shot back down. it was elevated drop disney world type thing. the elevator drops. we had that multiple times and it would not end. it continued for about five minutes. i told the crew hey, nobody is talking. it's just the pilot flying right now, please. >> brian: let me ask something. did you make a mistake when you were in there or just indicative of the strength of the storm? >> the storm was intensifying as we were getting close. there were no mistakes. we try to pick out the least amount of turbulence our radar can see turbulence, what happens so much water in the air and it just condenses on you and you can't see it and next thing you know hey we are here, we are going for the ride. just do what you do at that point. >> ainsley: how do they choose you are going to be one of the pilots? you have to be top of your class, i assume. >> well, i'm not sure about that. maybe not the smartest in your
3:49 am
class to go through a hurricane. [laughter] we are all reservists. we are reservists. some guys are airlines guys and do other stuff. it's not always our full-time job. we apply to the unit and we want to be pilots. i started the army did black hawks and came here. the pilot i was flying with forest hanks he come up through the ranks of just being a local pilot and went off to school and became a pilot. he did a great job. i was backing him up. he was the main guy on the controls. and it was lot going on. i'm going it tell you right now. when we got done, when the crew actually hugs you when you land, you know it was a bad day. >> brian: they didn't just miss you. they are glad you. >> ainsley: glad you are alive. thank you for what you do, it is interesting. and we do enjoy seeing these pictures of civilians but i know they use this for science, too. thanks for being a reservist. >> i need make a quick point. the guys you are showing noaa
3:50 am
hurricane hunters. we have 10 of these aircraft. our missions are a little dinner. guess what? they got rocked just like we did. we talked on the radio. none of you was wanted to be there. i appreciate y'all. y'all have a good one. >> pete: thank you very much. major kendall dunn. thank you. >> ainsley: storm's latest path and other states that could see severe weather later today and tomorrow. we will talk about it when we come back. ♪
3:51 am
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> carley: we are back with your headlines starting with the crisis at the southern border. another migrant bus arriving in new york city earlier this hour. the new influx comes as fentanyl pours into the u.s. from across the border devastating communities across america. customs and border patrol seizing a record amount more than 12,000 pounds of the deadly opioid crossing the border this year. meanwhile, a new poll shows that a majority of likely texas voters support governor abbott's policy of busing migrants to sanctuary cities. those numbers come as new york mayor eric adams announces the
3:55 am
opening of new shelters to accommodate the influx. a dozen republican senators are demanding answers from the doj following that shocking arrest of catholic pro-life activist mark hauck. hauck's wife recounting the horrifying experience in when she says more than 20 fbi pounding on her door. >> it's hard to express how traumatized we all are. >> carley: if convicted, houck faces up to 11 years in prison. now to the midterm elections. pennsylvania g.o.p. senate hopeful dr. mehmet oz gets an endorsement from the u.s. chamber of commerce. this comes as his democratic opponent lieutenant governor john fetterman, listen to this, scrubs the are black lives matter section of his official campaign website. his site used to point out how
3:56 am
fetterman championed the idea that black lives matter long before it wayman hashtag. that no longer there. those are your headlines. >> ainsley: why would he remove it? he doesn't want to be affiliated? >> brian: obviously he sees a negative to anything bad about cops. anything bad about black lives matter clearly having problems financially and organizationally. is anyone buying that? aren't the people of pennsylvania smarter than that? >> pete: crime is becoming even more of a big topic. he realizes that cuts against him. hoping no one will realize. >> ainsley: such a close race. trying to figure out whatever they can do to appeal to the voter. >> pete: tropical storm slams florida this morning. we have live team coverage at the top of the hour. ♪
3:57 am
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♪ >> ainsley: fox weather is tracking ian now a tropical storm as it is hitting central florida this morning. you are looking live at daytona beach, florida would are seeing incredible video from when ian made landfall as a powerful cat 4 hurricane, almost a 5. it brought record storm surge leaving houses and businesses under water and at this hour more than 2 million people are still without power. >> pete: flash flood warnings are in effect right now as millions more brace for ian's wrath. florida governor ron desantis se


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