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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 29, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> i don't have confirmed numbers, i know fatalities are in the hundreds, there are thousands of people waiting to be rescued and again, cannot give a true assessment until we're on scene and we can't access people, that is the problem. we're accessing bridges. this will be life-changing event for the men and women responding. >> no kidding, search and rescue efforts beginning now, the sun
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is up. we see contrast from before and after pictures. for example, fort myers, where the hurricane first hit last. 2.5 million people are without power. >> i can tell you specifically for florida power and light, we have just over 1.1 million customers across the state at the moment, that said, we've been out and about throughout the storm, it's been safe to do so restoring power to our customers and we've already restored power to 500,000 customers, but majority of lines are still above the ground and that will take time to assess. we'll use drones to figure out where biggest damage is and that will allow us to get power back on as quickly as possible. >> ainsley: ian is hitting central florida and we expect to hear from governor ron desantis 8:45 and will bring as it happens, meanwhile, live across
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the state. senior meteorologist janice dean is standing by and brandy campbell is back in orlando and fox weather correspondent robert ray is live. we are learning the sheriff in the area is saying he's confirming hundreds have died. >> that is just the worst news we could possibly hear this morning here in southwestern florida and that is what we've been talking about this morning is that when the sun comes up, assessments will begin and what that surge created on the shoreline devastating and anyone that didn't evacuate as we've been reporting likely in harm's way and peril. i just can't tell you how hard that is to hear, going through all this yesterday and the people that hunk erred down,
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trying to save their prpts perhaps and now this devastation. look at this around me right now, this is the marina in fort myers, these boats, big vessels ush approximated around as if they were nothing and they were on top of each other, guys. try to make my way up here as all this debris and down here, there is wood, there are people's clothing, there is diesel fuel, the smell of it and also coming out of the boats. right now, there are alarms from inside of these vessels and giant slabs of concrete like you see here pushed around as if they are nothing by mother nature. the winds, hurricane-forced winds that came afort myers and hurricane ian west northwest making landfall yesterday at 3:37 p.m. as it came in, the winds
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continue to push and fire and create this violence and the energy and this scene is literally up and down all this area on the marina right now with boats. there are owners that are showing up on the phones right now, i have to think, with loved ones and perhaps insurance at this point and the violence -- i hate, i want to say yesterday we saw people on these vessels trying to shore them up and i hope they got off before ian became too intense yesterday. if they didn't, i can't imagine the outcome. to see pieces of machinery like this so large and to be able to be mangled and pushed and twisted that easily by the force of this surge and the flooded streets last night in downtown fort myers, now the water receding, the aftermath is as bad as it gets as far as a
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hurricane in the united states and certainly historic and the search and rescue is going to go into full effect here this morning on the shoreline and any other areas where they are feeling there are people, i have to say this is about the worst case scenario we could see and hear this morning from officials, guys. as i stand here amid a scene that takes your a eyes away and your senses. >> stirring images and you describe it up and down the coastline, what do we know about first responders and their ability to get out? the sheriff said potentially hundreds of fatalities and hundreds stranded? when will they get going? >> i think they are in action right now, i believe it, just experiencing the wrath of this yesterday, i believe it, if
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there are people left on the coastline yesterday trying to go through all of this, there was no way out when the surge came in anywhere between 12 to 18 feet and by the way issue the winds and the debris being flown around in the air as rick pans the area here at fort myers and takes a look, i have to think in full force they will be on the ground and in the air, we're likely going to see helicopters and drones going into areas to try to monitor and see whether people are stranded. we will see boats and likely see the cajun navy come in, if they are not already on their way, everything possible, united states coast guard, all the administration from the federal government and state and groups that come in and volunteer to help, i can tell you this morning, at this dock, with the boats, i have seen some locals walk around with dogs that are smelling dogs that can try to
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sniff out whether there is an issue with a person, those are people, volunteers and boat owners are coming in, i see another gentleman on the phone right now shaking his head at the whole scene. i just -- bad as it gets and been on a lot of these. >> in our area with four seasons, you pull your boat outcome fall. for the most part in fort myers, you're boating 24 -- 365 days a year, if you want, is there a sense people had an option to pull their boats out? are there boat yards? >> robert: that's a great question, as you note, that is not a normal scenario for folks here, this is paradise, where if you live here, you have a boat, if you live somewhere else and have a home here, you come down here, so i think there was.
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you have to understand that a lot of people were in a predicament, the track of this storm was not supposed to come in here, we were trending toward tampa and the panhandle of florida, so time to gather and get a vessel like this out, perhaps for many was not enough and that is the reality of these situations. i feel for all these people, i think at this point, if no one was injured in this area here then i think that is a great thing. i think we have to think about all these people that are stranded potentially and according to officials, as they say, maybe hundreds have lost their lives. that's the headline, i think, right now. we see in the aftermath of these disasters and even people that lose homes and vessels and property will tell you, it
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doesn't matter in the understand as long as they are standing here breathing. our heartss and prayers go out to the people and families and the first responders going out to hopefully save lives today. we can't lose more people in this situation. >> ainsley: thank you, i wonder what insurance does? if you didn't get it out of the water, will they still cover it? if you explain it changed course, those look like very expensive boats. >> if you tie them too tight, they sink, too loose, you lose them. it's tough. those images when you realize those are on the ground, they pan to the right, the large boats were on dry land. amazing. >> ainsley: one was wedged under the concrete. he was talking about recovery
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efforts, the disaster relief nonprofit from durrell, florida sending 18-wheelers in this morning, will be delivering supplies like food and toiletrys and tarps issue cajun navy is there right now, i think he said like 30 rescues when we interviewed him this morning, they have 12 or 15 men that have come in to help with the area, you'll hear stories like this a. >> north on the east coast to st. augustine, first settled village, port in america, and longest standing fort, predated the declaration of independence, big tourist attraction, seems to be the eye of the storm now as it works up toward jacksonville. >> this is naples, right next to
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fort myers. >> you see that shot with robert, cars going across the bridge on top and to me, when you hear the number from the lee county sheriff of hundreds of fatalities, it makes your mind think rush of storm surge in the middle of the night is so dangerous. >> look at that, are they rescuing the lady with the hat? >> that is naples, not the eye of the storm, although very, very close. >> ainsley: you saw the picture in the fire house, did they lose that fire truck? can your car sustain that much water? it was up to the past the tires. look at this. >> great question. >> that is our reporter out there covering the news on wednesday. >> makes landfall, mid-afternoon into the evening and the storm surge they are saying in double digits. >> look at that, holding on, hoping that one-way sign doesn't collapse. >> yeah. >> 11 after the hour, continue
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to cover the state, multi media journalist brandy campbell continues coverage next on the ground in orlando and it was teaming this morning when we went out there, how is it now, brandy? >> right now we're getting gusts of wind coming and going, getting light rain in the area and it is really been a restless night here, lots of howling winds, alarms going off on our phones warning of flooding in this area. that is what a lot of people are seeing online, people saying it is floodings on my road, maybe in apartments, cars are flooding, extreme flooding in ki kissimmee. reports of water rescues happening because of hurricane ian, when it passed through overnight, it was a hurricane at a category one, we saw what happened on the coast, still continued inland and still made
5:13 am
an impactful change here in orlando, even when i spoke to some folks, they were not too concerned because they were inland, but you can't let that catch you offguard. downtown where i'm located, our forecaster said we received a foot of rain and metro area of orlando, about six. we will go to kissamme soon, they are being impacted with a lot of flooding, water rescues happening there. we will make our way there. guys. >> we'll keep an eye on atlanta, central florida not usually an issue, but orlando it is. >> ainsley: it is moving slowly. check in with janice dean tracking the path, is it slow-moving? you would think it would be out
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of florida by now? >> janice: we knew it would take about 24 hours to get out of the state of florida scomb it will move to the atlantic ocean and could make another landfall across georgia. take a look at statistics making landfall yesterday at 3:05 eastern time, one of the strongest hurricanes to ever make landfall, category four, 940 millibar pressure. i have a producer in my ear talking right now, if -- standby. strongest storm to landfall, labor day hurricane in 1935 and ian down to the fourth hurricane, the strongest to make landfall across florida. then when we talk about storm surge, which is the number one killer when it comes to landfall in hurricanes, this broke records in fort myers, where we are hearing reports of hundreds perished and thousands waiting to be rescued. tropical storm ian, 65 mile per
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hour sustained winds, formidable storm bringing incredible achls of rain from orlando to daytona beach, several inches of rain will cause emergency flooding, which is what is happening in northeastern florida. by friday, 65 mile per hour storm off the coast and then in the evening it could be borderline cat one hurricane, moving into portions of northeastern coast of georgia into south carolina and moves slowly into interior sections of the carolinas. we have tropical storm watches in effect inland and tropical storm warnings in effect. hurricane watch is in effect in case it becomes a her con again when it emerges into the warm water of the atlantic and could feel hurricane force gusts up toward charleston this weekend. flooding alerts ongoing and we'll be covering the storm.
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the sun is coming sxup we're starting to see the damage, the coastline is changed forever, one of the worst hurricanes to hit florida. >> on the west coast, thank you, janice. carley shimkus following the news and the border problem has not ceased because the hurricane came. >> carley: that is where we'll start now, three more migrant buses arriving in new york city earlier this morning, the influx comes as customs and border patrol seizes record amount of 12,000 pounds of fentanyl at the border this year. new poll shows a majority of likely texas voters support governor abbott policy of bussing migrants to sanctuary cities. rapper coolio died yesterday at the age of 59. ♪ >> as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i take a look at my life and realize there is not much left.
5:17 am
my momma thinks my mind is gone. >> carley: actor michelle feifer writing, i remember him being nothing but gracious, i get chills when the hear the song, the cause of death is not immediately known. >> carley: one of the greatest baseball seasons in history, aaron judge matches roger mari s's home run record. >> 3-2 to left field, this could be it, see ya, he's done it, number 61. he and roger maris are tied with 61 home runs. >> carley: look at this, this moment sweeter seeing aaron's mom witnessing that historic moment standing with maris jr. 62nd home run should be the single season record, the yankee
5:18 am
slugger has seven games left to break the al home run record. those are headlines, over to you. >> i have tried to watch for the last eight days, second longest all season and here is the thing, as you know, carley, been discussing this very, barry bonds, 73 homerings, but basically used steroids, that is why he's not in the hall of fame yet, maguire admitted it, problem is aaron judge grew up worshipping bonds. no, this is the american league record, nothing but class, and some people do postalate and that is a verb. carley, more on that next hour. >> ainsley: guy that had the record, his son was in the stands and you go hadded aaron judge's mom. >> tracking tropical storm ian, florida governor ron desantis
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>> fox weather is back with more weather, sanibel bridge, collapsed, cutting off the island from the mainland. this live look from fort myers, florida, implementing curfew after emergency response operation. we've seen a few cars in the back drop today. joining me is the sheriff that
5:24 am
has been active, what does charlotte county need, sheriff? >> charlotte county will need a lot of support and prayers. we've requested assets from the state. we have a federal search and rescue team in, combining our search and rescue teams with theirs and starting to hit the road. we've had daylight for a day and a half and starting to get visual of what is going on out there. >> thought it would hit tampa and it didn't, it hit you first, is that indicative how many people decided to stay behind? are you finding a lot of people stayed behind? >> that is my fear, i believe a lot of people did stay behind. in florida we watch hurricanes come and go every year and people become complacent, it will not hit us and this one did. we haven't had a hurricane since
5:25 am
2004 and charley was devastating and this was worse. i was here for both hurricanes. >> getting emergency calls to the sheriff's department and what are they asking for, what do they need from you? >> we have people stranded and people trapped in their homes, getting eyes on the sky to get an assessment of the county, we are working with search and rescue to get in the area, we have power lines down, a lot of flooded areas and having difficulty getting through. >> we have a report that said hundreds of fatalities, don't have exact numbers, that is what they are expecting and hearing and they have. what do you think you have? >> i don't want to speculate,
5:26 am
this was a devastating and big storm and it stayed on us for a long time, it can take lives, right now, we're only receiving reports of two potential fatalities, we valley news been able to confirm those yet. it is early, we haven't been in neighborhoods and don't have a clear picture, i don't want to speculate. >> we hope it is zero, you don't think so sadly. outside what is the weather like in charlotte county? >> right now cloudy and breezy, the storm let up on us, somewhere around 6:00 a.m. is when the storm really lightened up here, when the last of the tropical force storm went through. >> how does the federal government work with the state government? you need high water vehicles, you don't have enough, if anybody from washington is
5:27 am
listening, fema, you need high water vehicles, correct? >> that is correct. that is only way we'll get some areas of the high water vehicles and we know what is going on between florida and the federal government and i support our governor very much, but we don't need to get into pissing matches right now, i need assets. >> he said there has been nothing but cooperation so far and they are optimistic, we will find out if that is the case. thanks so much. >> so far there is and i appreciate that. >> you are saying there is cooperation? >> so far from what we're seeing, yes. >> speak out if it doesn't happen, i expect both men to put their foot forward. thank you, sheriff, best of luck. >> thank you. >> stay with this story, fox weather tracking as first responders get ready for water rescue, jacksonville navy base is preparing for the worst.
5:28 am
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5:32 am
jacksonville, florida. jacksonville naval bases forced to relocate numerous aircraft ahead of the storm. captain brian bender joins me now. captain, they werings for joining me, give us an update what you are looking at in that area? entire basic, -- -- national assets were moved
5:33 am
out on tuesday and shipped out on tuesday and we got aircraft out tuesday and wednesday morning before onset of the weather, that gave time to focus on facilities, making sure they are secure, have 84 tenant command and most importantly people, focus on people and it is after the storm. >> captain, makes sense, assets and people protected. are you part of the response when jacksonville moves out when daylight comes. >> position for that and make sure we can return forces and that is the third face, once the storm passes later tomorrow, get that base and sounding cleaned up, we can return assets and help community around us, this is impact to florida and perhaps up to south carolina area, in position to help out. from the try-base area from
5:34 am
kings bay and jacksonville and mayport, we want to be prepared on response. if i may, i understand our global reach, we have thousands of sailors deployed from mayport and from kings bay, looking back now and maybe worried about their families, rest assured, the team here has your family's best interest in mind and we will take great care of them. >> great to know when you are away. thank you for your time, god bless. coming up fox weather is tracking hurricane ian, senator rick scott joins us live with his message to floridians, we're monitoring remarkings expected soon from governor ron desantis, as soon he he takes to the podium, we will bring it to you, stay with us. honey, what's guy fieri doing at the neighbor's house?
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>> we are awaiting to hear from florida's governor ron desantis, florida sheriffs reporting multiple fatalities, possibly in the hundreds, after ian battered florida's gulf coast. authorities are saying people are trapped in cars and on roofs and need to be rescued. >> sanibel island cut off after the causeway partially collapsed due to the storm, essentially cutting off the island from the main part of the city. let's check in with robert ray who is in fort myers, florida. >> robert: yeah, guys, good morning from the devastated scene here with boats and huge pieces of concrete slabs here that were docks, piled up like toys and pushed around. the smell of diesel coming off the boats, we hear alarms in the
5:40 am
back coming out from the interior, the wind continues to kick up and make the boats move around a bit. there are wood pieces and stier foam and intertubes and clothing, it is here and destroyed and in the elements as hurricane ian wind force came in yesterday and pushed it around, some highest winds we saw yesterday evening as light was going down and just was reeking havoc with debris all over the area. the boats, some very, very large and now destroyed here as people that live in the area are starting to come over and assess, many boat owners and i hope no one was on any of the vessels while they were tied up and trying to make sure they were safe. this is a scene like no other issue as bad as it gets
5:41 am
in the aftermath of a hurricane. downtown fort myers streets turning into rushing rivers last evening, that has receded and now businesses are full of water and people trying to assess. there is some power in the downtown area, they are the same grid as hospital, good news of that pocket, my goodness, down to the shore, everyone where fort myers beach is, cape coral to the north and pockets that are barrier islands that the storm surge was 12 to 18 feet in some spots, covering homes, destroyed property, pushing vehicles away and sand up as the wind moved, that is what search will work on today. volunteer groups like the cajun
5:42 am
navy from louisiana will be there trying to see if they can rescue people who potentially are in harm's way, lee county telling us there could be hundreds of people who lost their lives and i want to caution and note that number. we heard that from officials, but in the aftermath of disasters, many times numbers seem inflated and are worst case scenario and we can only pray that the numbers come down and that it is not actually the case when it comes to fruition. but no doubt, they will be out assessing this and trying to figure that out and hopefully the silver lining is after today and the coming days is that number does not become a reality. that is the cross-your-fingers hope. there are people across this country who have ties to this region, who have moved here or have family and loved ones and
5:43 am
they want to know. there is mass devastation all over this beautiful part of america, but the numbers, we don't vo concrete evidence yet, it is cautionary, even though officials have told us that, i can't stress that enough. >> let's bring in florida senators, two-term governor rick scott. there is concern about fatalities, what can you tell us about that? >> senator scott: i talked to the sheriff this morning and i know there are rescue efforts going on. i hope and pray that is not true, that we -- any person loses their life is horrible and i know there is a lot of people not been able to reach their loved ones, i know it is hard for them, but i do know that our first responders, sheriffs, police departments, rescue teams, will get to people as quickly as they can and respond to every call, we have the storm
5:44 am
in the state. i hope everybody in northern part of the state is careful, autoa lot of rain, we'll have a lot of standing water. everybody needs to be cautious right now, let first responders do their job, help your neighbors, don't drive in standing water, don't touch powerlines, don't put a generator in your house, be careful with power tools. i was a governor, went through four hurricanes and you just don't want anybody to lose their life, just devastating. >> ainsley: what about the causeway to sanibel island? do you have any word when the causeway will be fixed? a portion collapsed, so the people on the island will not get inland? >> hopefully there is not many people trapped, i have spoken to people from sanibel and everybody i talked to of course, evacuated, hope there is not
5:45 am
many. it is going to be a lot of work. as governor, we had to accelerate a lot of things to get roads back open, so everybody will work hard, it has to be, everybody has to work hard, local, state, federal, has to work together to get this done. first thing, protect life. >> senator, you mentioned that report from lee county sheriff saying hundreds of possible, he didn't say possible, hundreds of fatalities, what do you know about that, were you able to confirm that? how soon will that be? i have to imagine that is intertwined with ongoing rescue efforts. >> senator scott: there is a lot of rescue efforts and everybody, we're hoping the number is zero, this was a deadly storm, this is storm surge that was horrible, so i hope it is zero, i know the sheriff, he has a great team, they are working hard.
5:46 am
we have rescue teams going in to help everybody. we're in this together, help each other and be safe. i hope it is zero, we'll see what happens as the day goes on, it is devastating, i can tell you that. i have talked to people and seen pictures, it is devastating, especially the fort myers area. >> i was just talking to a sheriff that said they need more high-water vehicles, they are not in washington, can you get them? >> my experience the federal government and national guard worked with me issue the way the process works, the state would ask or county ask for it and national guard from another state would say they could do it and get them as quickly as poss eryve will work together, my experience was national guard across the country, worked really well to get us resources we needed, i'm
5:47 am
sure there will be some helicopters we need, boats we'll need, a lot of resources we'll need. first thing, we have to keep everybody alive, my biggest concern, keep everybody alive. >> these are key hours right now. >> yeah, you don't know if somebody is injured and what issue they are dealing with, you got to get to them as quickly as possible. i can tell you, coast guard, rescue teams what they did in my hurricanes, unbelievable what these people do to protect life. >> ainsley: the president said he's dispatching hundreds of fema and national guard members. i watched you last night on sean's show, you were talking about getting roads open, that is how we get power back on. the priority is rescuing people, when you do talk about power, how long when you have gone
5:48 am
through hurricanes before, how long do people in florida expect to be without power? >> senator scott: they have to do an assessment. it goes like this. get roads open so they can get there. find out whattin lines are down. our utilities work well together to get things back up. i'm hoping it is days. the -- so we don't know how bad it is and how dense it is and how much water they're in, all those things impact ability to get things reopen. >> senators, after the shooting at the nightclub, you almost got no communication with president obama at the time, when will you know if this administration is working with governor desantis, what should we look for to see if there is coordination and support? >> senator scott: if the president is responsive, has been so far with prelandfall
5:49 am
declaration and with the agreement last night or this morning, first step. i talked to fema administrator and lady from the southeast, they are on the ground. everybody has to keep working together and i'm hopeful and i tell you what, if there is a problem, i will be very vocal, i know the people at fema, i will be vocal and call them and see what i can do to accelerate everything. >> i know you will, senator, thank you. >> ainsley: president said he is in constant contact with desantis and desantis said we will help with anyone. >> should be. senator marco rubio said, the sheriff marsiano told him this is not a confirmed number, hundreds dead, they fear it, highly based because of the high base conditions and how many stayed behind, they have no way to reach people and the lee county radio system is down.
5:50 am
>> first-hand information. someone who will know and we are waiting for governor ron desantis to take the podium any minute with first-hand knowledge. we pray for people right now. check in with chief meteorologist janice dean. >> janice: the storm is not over, central florida, take a look at satellite imagery, strong storm system, 65 mile per hour sustained winds, it has potential once it gets into the atlantic to strengthen to minimal hurricane again and we have flash flood warnings in and around orlando toward daytona beach, two million people without power, some cases will take days, if not weeks for power to come back on and we're dealing with another potential landfall on friday afternoon, at the northeast corner of georgia toward south carolina and it will move slow and bring
5:51 am
tremendous amount of rain to vulnerable areas that received a lot of rain already this summer. there is the forecast model for today and the weekend, heavy rainfall and two feet of rain in some areas, so flood watches in effect. flooding emergency in northeast florida, we are seeing extreme flash flood threat and potential for tropical tornados that could cause structural damage, we're not out of the woods in any of the areas. we are getting into regions hard hit, we have to worry about carolinas and mid-atlantic and we have storm surge, hurricane watch is in effect for parts of northeast florida toward georgia and carolinas as we can expect hurricane-force wind, storm surge three to six feet, can you withstand that? do you have to move inland? these are things you have to worry about with your family and listen to officials and
5:52 am
forecasters. fox weather will keep you up-to-date, power outages will be extreme next several days and weeks in some cases and we want to be sure emergency vehicles can get in and do their work. prayers of course with florida today. i will tell you this, two days in advance lee county was supposed to evacuate. we had that cone of uncertainty, lee county was in the cone, it is up to families to decide what is best for them and if you are urged to evacuate, it is important to listen to local officials. we will learn from this event going forward. >> everybody had plenty of lead time, well-forecasted event. what is happening in the northeast was forecasted, too, you have seen for at least 24 hours what was happening in orlando, fort myers, and a little bit with --
5:53 am
>> janice: tampa bay is always the most vulnerable place to get a storm surge, we were focused on that, we always say the storm can move north and south of this, when you live in florida, many storms we predict to move into one area and day or two before that, the forecast changes, we have to learn from this, when officials say you have to evacuates, you have to do so. >> go ahead. >> that storm surge, from governor ron desantis is taking to the podium and we'll take his remarks right now. >> they have been so, so good in terms of what's happened. as soon as that storm passed in the very wee hours of the morning, first responders from local, state and federal level descended on southwest florida. coast guard has been performing
5:54 am
rescue mission on barrier island since wee hours of the morning. we have florida guard assets on the ground participating in efforts and we have the usarteams, they 79 wanted to get across alligator island. they are performing escue efforts starting with barrier islands and looking at places with most inland flooding with these operations are ongoing. in total 28 large mostly chinooks and blackhawk helicopters between national guard and coast guard performing active rescue mission and more assets will be brought in as the day goes on. we've been working with hospitals overnight who have been on generator power, we're in the process of evacuating two healthcare facilities to safer
5:55 am
locations north and surging more medical personnel into the area. as of 6:00 a.m. this morning, 2.02 million reported power outages, but outside of southwest florida, we may have additional outages from central and northeast florida impact and people should anticipate that. if you look, there is 1.5 million outages in seven southwest florida counties, lee and charlotte are basically off the grid at this point. sarasota has quarter million without power, hillsborough, 222,000, pinellas, and manatee, 151,000. the charlotte and lee reconnects are going to likely have to be rebuilding of that infrastructure, so there are linemen and crews on their way down right now and that will be more than just connecting a
5:56 am
power line back to a pole. other counties will not require structural rebuild, but that will be assessed as the day goes on. we have huge amount of resources en route and going to work to get people's power on as quickly as possible. we've had interruption in communication as result of the storm, particularly southwest florida, we have portable cell towers being deployed into the area and those will be put up once it is fully safe to do so. f-dot is on the ground making sure roads and sdrat interstates are hope. traffic is flowing, i-75 south through charlotte county is open and flowing. portions of lee county, they're still looking at, as you know, some areas, cape coral, city of fort myers, they got really,
5:57 am
really inundated. it gives us what we need to be able to move supplies into the area. we have 100 engineers on site to do bridge inspections and they work in teams of two, as they assess the damage and can ensure safety, bridges can be safely reopened. we have reports of structural damage to bridges such as the bridge going to sanibel island and i anticipate other bridges that have suffered damage. once bridges are inspectd and determined to be safe, they will be reopened as soon as possible, we know sanibel causeway and we also know pine island bridge, those two are not passable and will require structural
5:58 am
rebuilds. right now, if you look in central florida, you're looking at potential major flooding in orange and seminole counties, st. john's river up potentially into northeast florida and jacksonville, the amount of water rising and will likely continue to rise today even as the storm is passing, is basically a 500-year flood event and i know seminole county has done evacuations and opened shelters. we'll see images about destruction in southeast florida and we have massive assets there. this storm is having broad impacts across the state and some of the flooding you will see in areas hundreds of miles from where this made landfall are going to set records and that will obviously be things that will need to be responded to. we have massive amount of food and water in the area, we will
5:59 am
have probably close to 300 truck loads of food and water in the area today. fortunately, most school districts will reopen on friday or monday. lee county is in a difficult situation, charlotte. we will work with them and see when they can get back on their feet, the damage has been so extensive, it is a difficult situation. we have received major emergency declaration for nine counties, i do expect more. i spoke with the president this morning, he offered supports, i told him thanks for this, because the storm moved inland and caused damage in center part of the state, we will be asking for those counties to be expanded and included, charlotte, collier, hillsborough, lee, manatee, and sarasota, allowing individuals to seek individual assistance
6:00 am
from fema. you have people displaced due to catastrophic impact of hurricane ian, that will be something that is necessary, we have been granted 100% federal assistance, category a and b for 30 days to ensure we move quickly forward into this respons fema has activated assistance to those who qualify. go to or call 1-800. make sure you take a picture of the waterline in your home. if you can show that we're able to get assistance to you faster. as people have emerged this morning, particularly in the areas that were hard hit just understand this is still a hazardous situation. those folks that were in there in the


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