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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 29, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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evening, thank you for being with us and thank you for making the show possible. we hope your set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." for news any time our thoughts, our prayers, a lot of work and a lot of disruption for our friends in florida. let not your heart be troubled, stay tuned to. "the ingraham angle," laura is here. >> laura: we are going to pick it up where you left off, with a florida report and a lot more. we'll try to keep people's spirits up, difficult time for our friends in florida. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. after dumping records amounts of rain across england florida, it's now back to hurricane strength. at this moment is directly off the coast of jacksonville where residents have been warned to stay off the roads as coastal flooding is now basically assured. it's nothing compared to what
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southwest florida woke up to today, you've seen houses shredded, others carried away by brutal storm surge including cars ending up in bays in some circumstances. steve harrigan by the grace of god rode out of this storm close to the impact his own as anyone else and tonight we find him right across a causeway connecting the barrier islands. you have seen some horrific destruction, what can you tell us about how the search and rescue attempts are unfolding in the dark? >> they are going on, they have carried out more than 700 rescues and they got started just after 1:00 in the morning. as soon as the wind died down more than 40 miles per hour they were out there risking their lives to try to save people who were trapped, some of those
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people on rooftops, both by helicopter and on land. talk about destruction, it is remarkable in the daylight hours to go around and see the level of destruction. i'm standing in front of a destroyed house in a destroyed neighborhood. it's a sad sight to see along parts of southwest florida the destruction is so intense, so catastrophic -- not just houses, infrastructure, real questions as to whether some areas will be rebuilt or not. the governor has said this is 8500 year flood, some areas getting 2 feet of rain and of course an aging population here too. 40 nursing homes had to be evacuated, there are challenges moving around. we are not seeing people go through the wreckage now because they simply can't get here. roads are down, bridges are down from the communications are down. 3 million people without power.
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as you mentioned, this storm is not through yet, it is actually gaining steam, gaining energy as it moves north. it's expected on the coast of south carolina midday friday yet again as a category one hurricane. back to you. >> laura: this is unbelievable, a massive storm. thank you so much. we will check in with another devastated part of the state later in the hour. but now. decline is their policy, that is the focus of tonight's angle. it's been 20 months with democrats in charge of congress and the white house. we thought tonight we would ask this question: how are things looking? let's do a quick inventory, shall we? first, the economy is collapsing. >> we begin with our talk of the tape and it's this ugly markets down again today and shortly after a one day reprieve and fresh concerns about what lies ahead for your money. >> laura: we appear to be drifting into war with russia.
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>> russian president vladimir putin told his people that the u.s. is bent on destroying the russian homeland. on wednesday he drafted 300,000 reservists and threatened nuclear war. this is not a bluff, he said. >> laura: china is threatening the united states. >> [screaming] [bleep] obviously that is crime rising across the country. our schools are failing from our people are being poisoned by fentanyl. >> the greatest threat facing our communities, our families, our children, is the cartels. the two cartels in mexico that are responsible for the vast amounts of fentanyl. >> laura: and our borders are undefended.
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>> this is a planned disaster by the biden administration. >> laura: faced with all of these facts, the biden regime has decided to focus on three priorities. find a way to indict donald trump for everything. number 2, find a way to blame ron desantis from a harm resulting from a hurricane. number 3, try to get the midterm voters to choose more abortions over restoring prosperity and safety. no wonder populism is blooming everywhere. no wonder most of the watched races that were closer leaning democrat just a few weeks ago are now either toss-ups or leaning republican. i want you to look at wisconsin where incumbent senator ron johnson who was supposedly in a weak position a few weeks back is now up 5 against mandela barnes. or tim mitchell who is an essentially a dead heat with
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incumbent liberal tony evers and the governor's race there. then dr. oz -- she's closing in on mr. hoodie without a clue john fetterman, he is only down by four. people are waking up, not just to the wreckage that the democrats and their policies have left behind but i think now more of you are starting to ask: is all of this intentional? or as texas ag ken paxton called a planned disaster. even before biden's inauguration, they began to flash the green light to central americans. we knew how to restore the border, how to restore order there and close it down because trump did it, but biden did the opposite. he ditched the remade in mexico policy and put kamala harris in charge -- is there ever a sign that the white house never intended to enforce our border, that was it.
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another clue this was intentional, biden and his crew have made it abundantly clear they think america has a terrible past that informs our present. >> racism gets reflected in discrimination in housing and employment and the justice system. >> racism is real in america two and it has always been. xenophobia is real in america, and always has been. sexism too. >> the original sin of slavery two believed white supremacy into our founding documents and principles. >> laura: if america is truly systemically racist, after brown versus board of education after the civil rights movement, after the election of the first black president, two times -- how can this system that is that corrupt after all of that be saved at all? the answer from the left is it can't be saved. they hate our constitution, they
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hate our judeo-christian tradition, they hate capitalism, and they now believe it needs to be reset, courtesy of george soros. the reset which they have discussed and nausea him on college champions and that davos requires a complete reordering of all of society but especially american society. that means things like no more employment, no more jobs based on objective criteria or merit. >> in the 232 year history of the u.s., hold that position. >> she's making history, the first black woman. >> the first openly trans assistant secretary for health. >> laura: you get the point, the cabinet, the top staff, they are presiding over one nightmare after another. they offer no solutions, only actions that make matters worse but they are first so we should gforget about the failures.
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administration focused on truly serve in the american people, truly serving their standard of living and safety they would have canned janet yellen at treasury, alejandra mallorca my arcus, graham at energy, pete buttigieg transportation, they would've it fired months ago. it leads us to the only sensible conclusion. their goal is our decline. inflation that janet yellen ignored has the markets down to its lowest point since nove november 2020. >> i believe there is a path through this that can succeed in bringing down inflation while also maintaining what i think all of us would regard as a strong labor market. >> laura: how was she even employed? the supply chain that mayor pete was supposed to address? it's still messed up. >> over $1.5 billion are going
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into awards ac across the county announced today to build that world leading transportation system. strength and supply chains, create jobs, advance equity and improve economic opportunity. >> laura: china is on the move in south and central america. even funding russia's war in ukraine. john kerry, the climate czar is left begging china to keep focusing on climate change. >> what can be done about china? there is reluctance to participate in affairs of climate control that other nations -- >> interestingly enough, china has a plan. more electric vehicles, then all the rest the world put together. >> you get the drift here. america is humiliated, that clip from john kerry is an example of our humiliation.
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they want as many wards of the state as they can from as many people dependent on the government as they can. what you think left-wing governors to open during covert when it was obvious they could to. they care more about families and young people? please pick out they didn't care about the families and the young people. this is all about setting the stage for the new normal. a new normal where you would have less freedom, less travel, lower standard of living. would global elites are in power they will always find an excuse to take away your freedom. under bush, it was 9/11 and the patriot act. of course the pandemic, lockdown and big tech censorship. than it was january 6th at doj's domestic terror focus. they will ban gas powered cars,
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and because energy prices to skyrocket. to them, we are the real threat and they feel they need to read strain us. the italian prime minister's warning for citizens not to fall for this domination play of the left. she wants italian schools to teach not to turn students against their parents or their culture. what really unnerves them is she actually quotes gk chesterton. [speaking italian] [speaking italian] >> laura: she's fearless, she's forthright, and she's well-spoken.
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a triple threat. like her, we almost refuse to live in the left liberal dictatorship of ideas. we have to realize, none of what we are seeing happen around you, the bad stuff is happening by accident. the left is busy, they got busy creating the america that they want, one that is run by a small sliver of rich people who float above it all, then poor people who depend on government services. and just a tiny middle-class who never really get ahead. this election coming up is our chance to say no to these devious plans and heck yeah to our plan to leave no state behind. that is the angle. joining me now is arkansas senator tom cotton, author of the upcoming book only the strong, reversing the left's plot to sabotage american power. the theme of your book is that they are sabotaging us. this is not being done by
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accident, your reaction tonight. >> what you see is declined by design. the left has a 100 year plan to try to weaken the sources of american power. it goes back to woodrow wilson and the progressive's attack on our declaration, constitution and the moral foundation of our country. it's not a very far slide to the 1960s and 70s when you had the radical blame america first democrats and the today's left is acting in their shadow. this is exactly what the democrats wanted your cal why is inflation up 13%, why does gas cost so high, why are your food bills so high? at joe biden and democrats promised to a limited fossil fuels the source of so much of our prosperity. it literally powers our economy. why do we have 5 million illegal aliens in our country in the last two years? because joe biden, kamala harris
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and ellis of the democrats promised open our border. why do democrats consistently from carter to clinton to obama to bite and weaken our military, constrain us with crazy international treaties and bureaucracies -- it's because they don't want a strong, sovereign america leading the free world. these are not accidents, not mishaps, bad luck or misfortune, this is their deliberate choices, they want to weaken the source of american power because they think a strong america is bad for our country and more importantly bad for the world. >> laura: we have a huge problem in our military that receives the largest share of our budget for spending and we can't seem to recruit people to the extent we need to keep our military strong because we decided to go woke. it's part of their plan to break the military to? it seems like it. >> no question that has been the consistent theme you've seen
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with democrats going back to the beginning of the cold war, even so-called hawk democrats like harry truman or jfk consistently cut military spending. it gets worse over time with carter and clinton, especially obama and his understudy joe biden. it's not just the devastating budget cuts as well, it's the misplaced focus, that's one reason why we have this recruiting crisis. i read a story the other day that joe biden and his administration are trying to identify the causes of this recruiting crisis, that's kind of like o.j. searching for the real killer. all you have to do is look at the debacle in afghanistan. the foolish vaccine mandates, the radical gender ideology indoctrination sessions, the hunt for supposedly white nationalist extremists that turned up none. these are the reasons why we are struggling to recruit young americans into our military. can still join the military to learn how to use the right pronouns, they learn how to kill the bad guys and they don't think that's going to happen right now. >> laura: we have to defund
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these programs otherwise we are going to lose our military. today we learned the army's first transgender officer, major jamie lee hendry and his wife and marilyn dr. were indicted on conspiracy charges for allegedly attempting to transfer confidential military medical info to russia. quickly, your reaction. >> it's a very disturbing case, we want to get to the bottom of what happened and even jim mattis when he was secretary of defense not exactly an ultra republican said there were a real challenge is trying to integrate transgender persons into our military, they get down to basic medical science and physiology. one more example of how democrats put their political ideology ahead of the readiness of the troops and the safety of our nation. >> laura: can't wait for your book, thank you so much. wind is a body count of the border start moni mattering?
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we have a live report from eagle pass that will shock you coming up.
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>> laura: it's time to start keeping strack of the mounting
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death toll at the border. it's a week since we learned of a new record, 782 migrants have died at trying to illegally cross so far this fiscal year. this week the number is cli climbing. another body was found earlier this week, this morning in laredo, texas, border patrol found another dead body in the brush after the group crossed the rio grande without food and water. officials there have been forced to bring in refrigeration tr trucks. >> we see somebody, transport him put them here and we will take over. >> laura: eagle pass is also where we find jorge ventura, he said that some of these bodies
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include children, pregnant wo women, it's getting very little attention, why is that? >> officials for the past six months are trying to sound the alarm on the amount of migrant deaths, officials told me they are averaging between one to mecca two deaths per day, getting to the point where they are starting to bury some of these migrants at the local cemetery. the majority of the migrants buried at the local cemetery have not been i deed. it's heartbreaking, one of the pcp pipes made for the crosses, you can see a baby john doe, this includes babies, actually drowned on august 13th, forcing the sheriffs to request refrigerator trailers to store the bodies in because webb county medical examiner office told maverick county they have reached capacity. they are also receiving way too many bodies not only from maverick county but eight different counties. it's become the new normal the
7:25 pm
amount of deaths they are seeing per day. >> laura: maverick county deputy constable frank bowles was forced to make this admission, watch this. >> we are going to have to open up another plot here in the cemetery at some point, open up another section because some days we are receiving 1 to 2 deceased per day. it's gotten to the point where our local mortuary is no longer taking the deceased. >> laura: that was i guess a drone footage of that cemetery? i see that and i see this is what an open border brings. that's what it brings, death. >> one thing the sheriff tells me, it has mentally taken a toll on the men and women here after dealing with the deaths every single day, they were telling me
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before biden came in one or two deaths per year, that has become the new daily occurrence. right after the interview an hour later another migrant drowned, our cameraman thomas cooper was on the scene. that body is now stored in the refrigerator trailer. they don't know what to do next, they're scrambling to find room they might have to contact the state of texas and request more refrigerator trailers as they are getting no answer from the bite administration on this issue at all. it's a true humanitarian crisis in a new normal. >> laura: may be the department of homeland security might start paying attention to this issue or maybe we can call kamala harris' office, she can leave the dmc and come to our border two thank you for reporting on this, very tough stuff. speaking of the border, remember this from trump's presidency? >> significant story the government may not want you to see. the trump administration secretly moving hundreds of migrant children at the tent
7:27 pm
cities, this is all happening in the middle of the night. >> the trump administration is stowing these kids they are taking. >> if they would release the children in a timely and safe matter there wouldn't be this build up or need for this horrific tent city. >> laura: who could forget the oscar-worthy performance outside the texas facility that housed migrant children, where are those tears now? hhs expect dear general just released a report detailing how biden's policies are jeopardizing the safety of children in these facilities. this is because of the overwhelming number of migrant children, a lack of staff, some go months without even talking to a sponsor. in one such instance a young girl began to hit and caught herself in front of a group of children after learning that her mother had not yet been contacted by a case manager. here now is congressman jim banks who serves on the chair of the republican study committee -- whether it's the
7:28 pm
cemetery, the unidentified bodies of migrants crossing the rio grande or the hot desert or these stories, i keep wondering where are all the cries of concern from the left that is happy to have this border wide open? >> if you read this ig report it talks about these migrants long waits, anxiety, panic attacks but what the administration never talks about is the effect of the open border on the american people, 300 americans a day dying of fentanyl poisoning because of the open border that joe biden has put in place, one more american will die of a fentanyl overdose by your next commercial break because of joe biden and the democrats leading the border wide open -- that is the humanitarian crisis unlike anything we have ever seen before in american history. it's hitting americans worse than anybody.
7:29 pm
that is what should outrage every single american heading into this midterm election. >> china is poisoning us through the border with mexico and our government is allowing it with the open border. i want to move to another topic, last night president biden warned democrats not to be complacent, saying you just saw what happened in italy in that election, you're seeing what's happening around the world you can't be sanguine about what's happening here either. why does giorgia meloni scare biden so much? why are they so worried about her? >> he's exactly right, the democrats should be afraid, this is a worldwide example of what's coming to america on nove november 8th. you have giorgia meloni talking about god, country, and family, just like it's a winning recipe for elections in november as
7:30 pm
biden puts god, country, and families last in the policies is put in place over the last couple of years. he talks about fascism because the new prime minister in italy is talking about that, that tells you everything you need to know. if republicans focus on god, country, and family, we aren't just going to win the majority, we are going to win solid majorities for a long time to come up with focus on that recipe. >> laura: i need to get to one more thing. in a house oversight committee, planned parenthood had a medical director for primary trans care. >> and biological men become pregnant and give birth? >> men can have pregnancies especially trans men. >> laura: if you vote for
7:31 pm
democrats, this is what you are supporting. >> well put. this is so wacky, so crazy and the american people see it for what it is. it's not just the rhetoric, it's the policies that these democrats have put in place that will be rejected in the midterm election on november 8th. the choice is very clear. vote for democrats in your voting for that, vote for republicans and our commitment to america that we rolled out last week, we talked about advancing policies that protect girls sports for girls. those the types of fights we are going to take up in the next congress and i intended to be leading the way. >> laura: we really appreciate it, great seeing you tonight. up next the president's new speech protocol and diplomatic blooms in d.c. thursday edition of seen and unseen, very special -- stay right there.
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>> laura: time for a special seen and unseen segment, we turn to fox news contributor author of the forthcoming the wise men who found christmas. you notice that joe biden has established a new pattern. >> a new public pattern, at almost every address i guess due to his weakened voice the president reaches for a hand mike like he's frank sinatra and he begins as he did the fema address it today with a cough. >> the fema administrator who is become the the past few days, that's what we're doing as we focus on delivering help to the people directly impacted by hurricane ian. i signed into law the bipartisan crew act championed in the senate by gary peters and
7:38 pm
rob portman and in the house by dena titus. thank year. >> that brings us to the second new biden protocol. no matter where the man is the exit is always confused. he wanders away or doesn't know where he is. this is from yesterday. [cheers and applause] >> for a minute i thought he was going to climb through the rose bushes, he didn't know what he was going to do. >> laura: i'm not getting the hand mike, i thought he was going to start singing my way. he usually goes, does he go left usually? was he going left it there or
7:39 pm
write to? >> he always goes opposite the actual exits. the secret service is standing somewhere else. when fema can't rescue you and help redirect the disaster you know he's in trouble. whenever he has is apparently catching. this is d dhs secretary ella hunter mallorca's. so long as we are speaking about the biden officials the president named a new one this week one that makes a lot of sense when you think about it, there is a vocal and growing part of america that needs someone to represent their interests. ♪ ♪ >> audrey two can rest easy, president biden has heard the plants -- i wish i were joking
7:40 pm
he just appointed a new state department ambassador of plants and animals. this is not a joke. >> laura: is not april fools, these guys are plunking me there is no way that's true. >> it's totally true. >> laura: she's not just any appointee, right? monica medina is the wife of white house chief of staff ron klain. >> her present job i looked this up, he is now the assistant secretary of oceans and international environmental and scientific affairs. now she's the new green deal lobbyist at the international level. it's amazing we now have a diplomat of plants and animals. >> laura: where are the fish in this? tell us how lizzo ended up
7:41 pm
playing a historic flute in d.c. >> can't make this up, when the library of congress carla hayden heard that lizzo who often uses foods in her performance was coming to d.c. she invited her to the library of congress to see the largest collection of flutes in the world. lizzo came to the library of congress. >> i can play it or no? >> she later played a crystal flute created for president james madison that dates back to 1833 but they didn't do this in madison's day.
7:42 pm
she also played the crystal flute at her concert, it's not exactly james galway but i guess if the pied piper can pull a few rats on the other side of the potomac to let her the crystal. >> laura: she's a pretty good flautist, she's pretty good. >> classically trained. you have to give big points to the library of congress carla hayden who tweeted to lizzo to invite her to the library and she got a lot of publicity off of that incredible collection that she curates. >> laura: i will focus on the sound of the flute not the shaking, but the flute i thought was amazing. thank you, i still don't believe the other story. and moments the lab report from one of the worst hit areas in florida plus the rampant crime in portland. oregon is firmly in play for the republicans and of course the next one trying to become governor.
7:43 pm
christine drazen joins is next.
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>> laura: lee health which has hospitals in cape coral and fort myers, florida, is evacuating 400 patience after hurricane ian knocked out local
7:48 pm
water and power. cape coral is where we find fox weathers will nunley who brings us details from one of the hardest hit areas of the storm. >> when we last spoke people were trying to get to the chaos of the moment and tonight they had come face-to-face with a truly remarkable damage left behind from this powerful storm. you can see an example behind me i'm happy to report the man who owned this home did make it out okay i was able to speak with him this afternoon. our crews have been out surveying some of the damage. on the tip of cape coral right next to ft. myers, this is one of the hardest hit areas of the entire region, we have heard the buzz of coast guard helicopters throughout the day performing rescues here. you have to get some of these areas by boat because the bridges and roads have been washed away. as a matter of fact i'm standing next to a canal that was created under the storm surge and the force here making waterways where before there were none, washing away people's homes completely. they had the diligent and very
7:49 pm
dangerous work of trying to go into what's left of some of these structures to check for survivors. unfortunately tonight that fatality account continues to rise. they are still working on an overall number of fatalities to report to you at this hour. we understand tonight that more than 700 rescues have been attributed to this storm so far. that number continues to grow as the search and rescue operation is a very active at this point. it's a chaotic scene around fort myers as well, so much of the area without electricity people try to navigate the roads when gas stations are not open. there is no fuel provided to them even if they have electricity, no hotel rooms to be found. still some delicate hours ahead to. what's left of this system, word is it's strengthening tonight. could be upgraded once again we have another update coming from the national hurricane center shortly, we'll keep you posted. >> laura: thank you so much. in tonight's retaking america segment we turn to oregon where
7:50 pm
the state could get a republican governor for the first time since 1982. this shocking new poll shows g.o.p. candidate christine drazen leading democrat gina kotak by 1 and that's not a surprise to see why. in 2020 oregon became the first state to decriminalize the use of hard drugs including things like heroin and meth. what has happened? oregon has the highest drug addiction rate of any state in the nation and once the crown jewel of the state, portland, has been flattened by progressivism. the number of homeless in portland has spiked by 50% from 2192 maca 2022 and portland's police force is now the smallest in modern times due to the defund effort. as a result, this city hasn't hn a 200% increase in homicides from 2019 through 2021.
7:51 pm
of the republican candidate looks to change it all and she's joining us now. given what we have laid out, it is a wonder why you really have anyone wanting to stick with the status quo in what is such a beautiful state with wonderful people in it. >> it really is an incredible place. oregonians themselves are the ones demanding change. we have a historic opportunity in this race because oregonians are tired of the status quo. we need change here and as you mentioned it's a beautiful state. it really has hardworking people who live here who love their home state and they are demanding better. you ran through some of the stats and it really is a tale of woe, we are a petri dish for progressive policies that have harmed oregonians and they are
7:52 pm
ready for change. >> laura: as i had noted, the opioid crisis is the state's biggest problem and your democratic opponent wants to keep the same failed policies in place -- watch this from the debate. >> let me get this right. we have people dying, and addiction epidemic in our state and we are good to spend time repealing it? do you know how much time that takes? how about we dig in, make sure dollars are getting out the door. we can talk about accountability, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. get recovery services out there, make sure folks are accountable and get people healthy. >> laura: is that it? move your hands and say get people healthy, is she for real? that can't be what oregon chooses. >> thankfully we are winning and we are winning in large part because my opponent in this race is completely oblivious to the
7:53 pm
reality -- what is happening in the streets is not good enough, not good enough for people addicted to drugs, not good enough for people who need mental health supports, certainly not good enough for the neighborhoods and the community being impacted by this. they know what to put my opponent is completely missing it. she's oblivious to what our state needs moving forward, that is change. >> laura: at some point, leftist policies break estate. they are breaking oregon, they are also breaking washington state. i would submit at some point they are going to break california. >> oregon is past the breaking point. >> laura: it's of the drugs, the homelessness, high energy prices, which is the number one issue driving people to vote for you? >> for oregonians it's homelessness, the process they have experienced here. my opponent passed legislation that legalized tent cities. if you see and experience
7:54 pm
homelessness in any other place across the nation it's different here because of the failed and misguided approach that my opponent has taken. oregonians are standing up and saying this is an emergency crisis and they know i will declare a homelessness state of emergency and i will solve this problem. >> laura: common sense. it's not right or left, this is common sense. we are going to be watching this race very closely, maybe we will have you back but good luck. one of the cringe es to view moments you will ever see. the last bite, we will tell you about it.
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>> laura: the giant puppet is supposed to represent syrian refugees journey across europe. here's what happened when she showed up at the view. >> i wish i had a cookie for her. because i know she likes cookies i didn't bring anything i didn't have one i couldn't get it in the car. it's a phenomenal.
8:00 pm
>> laura: okay, awkward. are you one of those people who are afraid of puppets? i think i have that phobia i don't know what it is. thanks for watching please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of the ingraham angle, continuing coverage of hurricane ian on fox news. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: that makes sense. happy thursday everyone. when i was a kid we had a few things we were scared of. the british army, tuberc tuberculosis -- i kid, i'm not that old. we all had the


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