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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  September 30, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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you just can't rebuild your life. >> when we experience these situations as floridians we do all poll together and we are on the same team. >> we got rocked, i like to say, like a boxer. the aircraft was basically overmatched at one point. >> i have lost my only home. >> have you gotten any help yet? >> no. but that's okay i'm strong. >> bret: you are strong. fair balanced and unafraid. send it over to jesse. >> jesse: have a great weekend, bret. >> bret: you too. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: every day we hear about violent crime in liberal cities across the country. and every day we sit and wait for democrats to respond. but, guess what, america, they are not responding. because there is really no problem here. aside from the murders, beatings and robberies, everything is totally under control. here is philadelphia the reality
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is we have been more effective. >> up formed district attorney everybody in the country knows that. maybe it's not working. >> it is working. the reality is that -- >> there is 1,000 people people killed in 20 months. >> it is working. the reality is when you look at all these different jurisdictions we have had a devastating blow from the pandemic and there is absolutely no correlation between being progressive or traditional and the rate of crime. >> jesse: if their policies are supposed to get a bunch of people killed yeah, they are working out great. in philly, shootings, robberies and carjackings are at all-time highs. can you get carjacked in your own driveway now. americans are going to have to start strapping up and exercising their second amendment rights because police can't be everywhere all at once. but everything starts in the home. >> i play -- gets like that. >> switchy.
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>> three switches right here. >> jesse: these are kids in chicago flexing off their guns to other kids. one of them is in a cap and gown. he must be fresh off of graduation ceremony. here is a diploma and a glock. go make us proud, sun. the gangs make the kids hold the heat because the judges just send them to juvi for a second. wipe their records and they will be back on the streets in no time. these kids are either going to die young or live a life behind bars. and if it's not the criminals. it's the mentally ill. 50 years ago, these guys right here, that dude, be in a straight jacket in a psychiatric institution. now they sleep on the streets and play home run derby with an nypd car. >> be. >> jesse: the problem now is that the violence is random. and that drives the fear factor
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way up. so how are new yorkers processing this? well our producer hit the streets to ask them just that. >> is new york city safe? >> not in no regard is it. >> in the daytime. >> absolutely not. >> there's no police force. you don't see any cops around here anymore. >> it seems a little more dangerous. >> is new york city safe? >> is anywhere safe? like america? >> it's like wild, wild west again. >> do you feel safe ridings the subways. >> no. >> i don't trust the trains buses or nothing right now. >> i don't like riding the subway recommendation it's just like not really well protected. not that i want cops to be like protecting me. >> what do you do to protect yourself? >> i'm an athlete so i took kick boxing jujitsu and whatnot. >> i have pepper spray. >> i don't understand to be out hanging out in the streets.
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>> what do you think democrats are doing to reduce crime? >> i don't know. >> i think they are trying. i just don't think they fight hard enough. >> i see it unfair that somebody could come up and rob me with a gun. but me, i can't go purchase a gun for my own safety. >> what do you think about the criminals that keep getting bailed out of jail? >> yeah. i'm not fond of that it needed to be bail reform. but it's not exactly -- it needs to be reformed a little more a little tweaked. >> i think the bail is an issue. >> do a crime. i be in the hospital and they be out before i get out of the hospital. >> i mean, you commit a crime and you are out the next day. >> what is your message to joe biden? >> what about us here? make this safe again. >> biden and the democrats haven't done a thing about crime. if anything they triggered it and made it worse. there is a lot less respect for law enforcement these days. here's a great example. watcher.
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>> can we just sit down for a second and talk about what's going on? drop the back. drop the bag. [inaudible] on a police officer. >> i want to kill you, bro. >> jesse: what an animal. if he swings and connects to the head that could kill an officer. the liberals want to send a social worker to calls like that. it's going to look like batting practice. take a look at this one and we want to warn you the footage is graphic. swat officers in arizona shoot apted crook an an arrest after he ran them, pulled a gun and pointed it at the deputy's k-9. >> he is out. >> take him here. take him here. >> get down!
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get down! >> runner, runner, runner. go. [shots] >> jesse: you could lose your life at any time. anyone is a target. a teenager, small business owner, a police officer, even paramedics, whose job is literally to save your life getting stopped stabbed to death. a beloved paramedic brutally stabbed to death. she was a mother, a grandmother, and a 9/11 hero. she survived 9/11 but lost her life on a random thursday in queens. the victim, 61-year-old lieutenant allison russo-elling. russo served the city over 0 years and months away from retirement whether she was attacked by a 34-year-old peter, it was unprovoked. we can't even show you the video because it's too gruesome. russo was stabbed over 20 times and left on the sidewalk to bleed out.
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her own paramedic squad took the killer to the hospital afterwards for evaluation. how sick is that? the locals in the neighborhood into the loon lurking on the street raising red flags. >> every time i left my apartment to go for a walk or go somewhere to go to a store. i noticed this man who was always walking around by himself. and he seemed odd. >> jesse: that creep lived in an apartment building near the crime scene and police say after of the stabbing he was chased by two witnesses back to the apartment where he barricaded himself inside. eventually he was talked out of the apartment by a hostage team and now being charged with murder. that's not good enough. this should have never happened. this woman gave her life to protect new york city. new york city didn't protect her. here is what was said at russo's memorial. >> we need this city to stand up for allison susso.
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we need this city to stand up for e.m.s. we need this city to stand up for all of our first responders. we come to work as first responders for the city to help the city and it's unfortunate we have to go through this. again. it won't be the last time either. >> so what's it going to take? at what point do these people say okay, enough is enough? how many more people have to die? how many more grizzly murders need to take place before the mayors and the governors and the president take action? stop talking about it and do something about it. vin sent is a colleague of lieutenant alison russo-elling and retirement officers union. tell us about russo. >> good evening, yes. what more could i say? she was a wonderful human being. a great person.
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she risked her life every day to help and save others. she always looked out for her e.m.s. family and own family. she was a sweet kind person and committed doing her job. >> jesse: what's the feeling right now among the crew of paramedics in knox? >> well, obviously we are all grieving. all coming together and remembering the times we had with her. and we are also angry about the crime and the attacks on e.m.s. members. you know, we are unarmed, first responders, rushing to help and save lives all new yorkers to be attacked. it's unreal. nobody understands why. we are not here to hurt anybody. we are not here to enforce anything. we are just here to help and save lives. e.m.s. members should never be
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attacked. unfortunately, the assault rates keep going up and the attacks keep going on the rise. >> jesse: you have seen everything firsthand. your colleagues know what it's like to be out there on the streets. you have come face to face with some really evil stuff. every day. what specifically needs to change in new york and in other cities? well, i mean, the crime will obviously have to be addressed and i believe this mayor is trying to do that but unfortunately, it's got to come quicker so we can squash it before it gets really bad far worse than what it is this element seems to want to attack those in uniform whether they look at them as a form of authority. what whatever it is. if you are in uniform you are a target. e.m.s. certainly is. police officers certainly are we
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got to change that the e.m.s. walked in first responders to every single door that needed our help to save somebody's life. people wanted us. they loved us. we were heroes. now it seems that people want to hurt us nor than anything else and it's got to stop. >> i remember when people would come out in the evenings and just applaud you guys for all the work you were doing during the pandemic and now you are getting stabbed in broad daylight in the back. vincent, thank you so much for joining us. please send our best to rousseau's family and all our best to all of you guys that save lives every day here in new york. >> thank you. >> jesse: fox news alert. 48 hours after hurricane ian slammed into florida, catastrophic floods and deadly storm surges still threaten the lives of stranded americans. so far, more than 20 people have been reported dead. criminals are using this disaster to target businesses and homes. this group of people was arrested for looting in fort
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myers beach. the city issued a curfew to try to stop others. the good guys out number the crooks. as soon as the hurricane hit, heros from every corner of america came rushing. in rescue teams are working day and night to bring their fellow americans and pets to safety. so far they have saved over 3,000 people. >> jesse: bravo. millions without power and the amount of property damage done will take months to figure out. some people who were lucky enough to escape with their lives lost just about everything
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else. >> that's our pool. that's our deck. that was my house. of my house is gone. >> jesse: make no mistake the people of florida are going to need help from the federal government. vice president kamala harris has an idea about how those funds should be distributed. white floridians get federal aid last? >> it is our lowest income communities and our communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions and impacted by issues that are not of their own making. absolutely. and so we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity. >> jesse: joining me now is fort myers resident she lost her home in a hurricane and joins me now. what does the home look like. is there a trace of it left?
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there are very, very small traces but not very much. >> so what did you have in there. pretty much everything? it's all gone. >> a pair of shoes. i have been borrowing clothes and getting donations as much as i can. >> jesse: what kind of donations are you getting. are you getting cash donations i know they say they are going to be doing that what's the latest? >> personally so far. some family friends have started go fund me and donations and that's where i have been getting it from mostly. >> is there anything we can do? is there anything the audience can do for you? i know if you go onto the florida state website, that you can make a donation. i'm sure the red cross is accepting donations. is there anything you would like to he will it the audience right now? >> i would just say come, we are setting up relief as much as we
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can we are going back on island tomorrow morning to bring relief to as many people as we can and i would just say pray for us and just with with us in your thoughts. >> we are praying for you. and we are thinking about you. when you heard the vice president say that relief money is going to be based on race. how did that make you feel? >> i'm just happy relief is coming. i walked home what used to be my home yesterday morning i walked hand in hand i didn't know who they were or where they were from. i hope it comes. >> jesse: i hope it comes and to the people who need it the most. that's what's most important. thank you so much. we love you. and thinking about you and mal, hang in there. you will get back up on your feet. >> thank you. >> jesse: coming up, joe biden treated migrant children at the
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border so badly. ♪
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>> jesse: joe biden has bungled the border so badly even bill clinton says enough is enough. >> there is a limit to how many migrants any society can take without disruption and assistance. and our system is based much more on an assumption that things would be more normal. >> jesse: this is not normal. is he right. things have gotten so crazy on the left that bill clinton is now the voice of reason. not all democrats feel that way. nancy pelosi loves open borders.
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after all, without them who would pick her grapes? >> we have a shortage of workers in our country and you see even in florida some of the farmers and the growers say why are you shipping these immigrants up north? we need them to pick the crops down here. >> jesse: you hear that, migrants? shut up and pick my grapes. there is not even a vineyard in martha's vineyard. get out of there and fly down south. historically democrats have always been concerned about who is picking their crops and haven't really seen them as people. but they are biden and pelosi, they are. but they don't care. the death martha they take doesn't matter to them. they are servants and if they lose a few on the way, eh, they will get more servants. this is eagle pass, texas, directly across the rio grande river from mexico. it's the full-time resting place for nameless migrants who drown or die from heat exhaustion in
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the texas dessert. the daily caller jorge ventura went there and saw firsthand the makeshift head stone many of them children who will never live the american dream. the democrats dreamers are 6 feet under and they don't even bat an eye. what about the migrant kids who make it to america. joe biden has lost track of 20,000 of them. they processed them. shipped them off with strangers and never heard from them again. biden has trafficked so many children he would make jeffrey epstein proud. what about the ones biden doesn't lose track of. a new watchdog report released by the inspector general found that migrant children who say they are suffering horrific conditions at fort bliss, biden stuffed thousands of migrant children in the military base. the processes way too many kids and they haven't been allowed to shower. couldn't get clean clothes. and they tried to kill themselves. kid were placed on suicide
4:24 pm
walch. one girl dried to kill herself. she sliced open her wrists in front of her case worker and other children. what if this happened under trump? kids trying to escape. the report went public this week and aoc didn't say anything about it. she didn't throw on a white pant suit and weep outside the base. so joe biden can treat migrants like dirt. people on death row get treated better than this. if desantis flies them to martha's vineyard somehow that's a crime against humanity. stephen miller america first legal. he knows all too well about the conditions on the southern border. these seem like atrocities, can't shower, can't get clean clothes. people are trying to commit suicide these migrant kids that biden is keeping in a military base against the law.
4:25 pm
why hasn't aoc said a thing about it? if because the position of the democratic party any atrocity, any amount of suffering any amount of anguish, human misery, fatalities, even slavery is tolerable as long as the democratic party gets open borders. as long as they get appear unfettered supply of servant class labor for their donors bank roll the democratic party and every life is disposable. that's what we are talking about here. that comment you played from nancy pelosi was so perfect. you have people dying on the border from record numbers. numbers you have never seen before. bodies stuck in refrigerator trucks. you have a waste land of drug deaths all throughout this country. and what is nancy pelosi's concern?
4:26 pm
enough migrant hands to pick grapes in vineyards in napa valley? first of all, let's be very clear, these migrant workers are not coming here to pick grapes in nancy pelosi's vineyard. they are coming here for blue collar and middle class jobs. whether it be in the service industry. whether it be in the construction industry, whether it be working at a local office taking phone calls. complete mythology that they're even doing these jobs in the first place. democrats want cheap labor by any means necessary. even if it means stuffing tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors in horrific conditions in a shelter where they are trying to kill themselves sees them as disposable lies. sex traffic. human traffic, to keep the bottom line flowing to the democrat party. that's what this is about. and that's what is on the ballot pick grapes in vineyards on napa
4:27 pm
valley. paul pelosi is going to mow you down with his porch. that's something else they have to look out for. not just the coyotes. it's paul in his porsche. >> nobody is safe with paul pelosi on the road. just to put this in numerical context, jesse. 300,000 children, 17 and under smuggled or trafficked across the border under joe biden's presidency. 300,000. that makes joe biden the largest smuggler and trafficker of children in human history. not just american history. in human history. and it's because he made a decision to reverse trump's policy in country reunification president trump in 2020 successfully executed a policy getting minors back to their home countries with their families and the flow shut down and it was done, it was over and
4:28 pm
so low border patrol couldn't believe it. joe biden said no i'm resettling them throughout the u.s.a. a blood trail of tears and death have followed in this the wake of that decision. >> jesse: joe biden is de facto in business with the drug cartels. no one is talking about it. there need to be an investigation after november. steven michelle have great weekend. >> amen. fbi. thank you. >> jesse: a major development in the case of a guy who killed the teen for being a maga extremist. plus, aoc is obsessed with pregnancy these days and we will try to make some sense of it. ♪
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>> jesse: seems like aoc has baby fever and can't get it out of her mind. first she told us americans weren't having babies because of climate change and then she told us how great it is that there is all these migrants here since
4:34 pm
they will have the babies that others won't. now, she has got some new thoughts about having kids or not having them, rather. apparently conservatives want to ban abortions because they need more workers. >> forcing poor and working class people to give birth against their will, against their consent, against their ability to provide for themselves or a child is a profound economic issue and it is certainly a way to keep a workforce basically conscripted to large scale employers and to employers to be -- to work more against their will. >> >> jesse: i'm not sure about that with you i am noticing a glaring lack of books in her book shelves behind her. i guess those are just kind of decorative. rachel campos-duffy is the co-host of "fox & friends weekend." rachel, i believe we talked to
4:35 pm
you about this last week or a week before. does this make any more sense to you this week than it did last time? >> yeah. i think that book shelf says it all. do not take advice from someone who doesn't read books and apparently she doesn't based on that book shelf. it makes no sense. look, corporations want women to not have kids. having kids for them makes things more complicated, more expensive. and that's why so many of them have stepped up in the most disgusting form of virtue signaling right after roe v. wade and said don't worry, we will pay for your abortion. tons of corporations came forward with that. look, here's the deal. aoc and joe biden are the two people who are most responsible for the devastating economic conditions that people are living in right now in america and across the world and in america we have bread lines, we have record inflation in the third world famine is coming in and all because of the green new deal. and she is responsible for that
4:36 pm
and her answer to people, you know, not being able to afford to have kids isn't to reverse these devastating policies, the green new deal which she injected into so many things including a reduction bill the transportation bill and of course joe biden getting rid of, you know, america's energy independence, her answer isn't to make life better, her answer is abortion. she is willing to sacrifice the children of america particularly the working poor, the poor, the working poor, the middle class it's absolutely disgusting. jesse. >> i'm going to send some books over to aoc. what would be a good book, perhaps how i saved the world? maybe 10 or 20 of them because there is a lot of room on that shelf. thank you so much. >> maybe a little bit of milton freidman she is a socialist. she has to learn that has never
4:37 pm
worked anywhere we have attempted to input it in the world. it never worked. capitalism, free markets have liberated more people. sadly we are following president biden piper. whole world. including what's happening in ukraine. that's the green new deal war. these policies are impoverishing on purpose. answer is abortion. if anybody in the audience. send aoc please text me. thank you, rachel, have great weekend. >> good idea. >> jesse: fox news alert. charges have just been upgraded for 41-year-old shannon brandt that north dakota man who ran over and killed a teenager over a so-called political dispute france now facing a felony murder charge which could put him away for life. state attorney carrie
4:38 pm
brethrenster initially undercharged brandt after he called the victim extreme republican. found no evidence that he was ever part of an extremist group. now we have a transcript partially of the 9 # 1 call from the night of the incident that blows up brandt's initial story. brandt asked the 9/11 operator am i going to prison? and then went on to say i hit him. i didn't mean to and he said subdued. i was scared to death but you subdued. he can't do anything to me now. he didn't just hit him. he ran him over. that means the impact wasn't on the coalition. he ran him over. over and over again. and brandt admitted it was no accident. telling the operator i almost just ran away but i thought gee it obviously was a total accident i wouldn't be scared. but i know it was more than that and that is brandt is telling the truth. this was much more than a total
4:39 pm
accident. it's murder. and "primetime" is glad that brandt is finally going to get charged accord aringly and probably a lot to do with this audience. up next, move over nancy, anthony is the new wolf of washington. ♪
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is. >> jesse: money isn't everything but it sure does change the way you think of someone. >> 9 money was unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> highest paying job i ever had. >> how much? >> i would rather. >> oh, come on, just show me your check. come on. >> all right. fine. you want to see it? >> i want to see it. >> okay. check that out. [laughter] this is unbelievable. >> i told you. >> my god, you're rich. >> jesse: believe it or not, in washington, the highest paying job isn't the speaker of the house or the president. it's actually being dr. anthony fauci. he makes almost like the old saying goes it's not the pay that matters most.
4:45 pm
it's benefit. the good doctor really started to benefit once covid hit. not only did all the tv hits boost his ego. it boosted his bank account, too. after all with stardom comes cash. according to a watchdog group opened the books, fauci's net worth soared, are you ready? from 7 million in 2019 to over 12 million in 2021. up over 70% in just two years. you may be asking how did fauci do that? aside from the salary it turns out people were just handing the guy cash. one nonprofit awarded him a million dollars for, quote. speaking truth to power defending science. i speak truth to power every day can somebody give me a million dollars. when he wasn't telling you to triple mask he was like the wolf of wall street. in 2021 he raked in a million dollars off the market. on top of the $800,000 profit he
4:46 pm
pocketed in 2020. blacked out all the royalties he is getting from big pharma. we can't see it. maybe we should start calling tony the wolf of washington. speaking of nancy, remember that bill to ban stock trading for members of congress? well, our friends at unusual whales it's already dying on the vine. nancy can't just seem to get the votes for it. and her fellow democrats are upset. nancy was asked about that earlier today. >> what she is saying she is criticizing your failure to bring it up. >> you have to have the votes to bring it up. >> you don't have the votes. >> we will see. we don't go from one day to the next. but you i think we should have legislation there are others who have spoken out against the bill. and, again, this is the legislative process. >> jesse: she must not be ready to let fauci become the new wolf of washington. you think fauci is rich now wait until he retires and gets hands
4:47 pm
on nice fat pension pay him another million dollars the next three years and take his golden parachute out of washington and maybe if he is lucky, he will land in hollywood. clay travis is the host of the buck sexton and clay travis show and he joins me now. he out performed nancy pelosi in the market. that is very hard to do. >> we are not even factoring in the millions of dollars is he going to get for a book either, jesse. >> jesse: huge. >> you know they are going to make him the paragon of virtue. save ever. one of the publisher houses 5 or $10 million to write a book filled with lies. >> i will take 7 million. >> i don't think that's a doubt at all. can we talk about it again. i don't think we discuss it enough. he is the highest paid taxpayer funded salary in the entire country he won't tell us jesse all of the money he is making from the pharmaceutical companies to shell for the covid
4:48 pm
shot. this is by itself, jesse. this is why everyone should vote republican in a little over five weeks, right? because we need the house, we need the senate to be asking all of these questions. not a question that fauci is running out of town. retiring at the end of the year. he let it be known. we need drag him under oath in front of the entire country and grill him like the january 6th hearings have within going on now for nine, 10 months, whatever the heck it is. we need have fauci hearings that go on for all of 2023. i want this guy crying on the stand and i can't wait to see it. >> jesse: what do you think the chances are that he cashed out his equity holdings before the market tanked. >> i bet he sold pfizer and no concernna. they can't get anybody to take the shots anymore. >> jesse: no one want to take any booster shots. trying to gte give them to kids. my doctor says something maybe i will take it. i know you are not taking a shot. >> yeah. >> jesse: you will take something else though. no one wants it anymore.
4:49 pm
even if you get the shot you can still catch covid. >> that's right. i think when you have under discussed, you know, 6 months old to 5-year-olds it% of all the parents getting a shot. blue checks out there lecturing getting the shot. they are not getting it for their kid and it tells you a lot. >> jesse: i will be looking at that book deal. i will be talking to my agent. >> high number. >> jesse: help the market. >> appreciate it. >> what's on this lady's microphone? carley shimkus is here to tell us. moving forward with node- positive breast cancer is overwhelming. but i never just found my way; i made it. and did all i could to prevent recurrence. verzenio reduces the risk of recurrence of hr-positive, her2-negative, node-positive, early breast cancer with a high chance of returning,... as determined by your doctor when added to hormone therapy. hormone therapy works outside the cell... ...while verzenio works inside to help stop the growth of cancer cells.
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innovation electrified. with apple music seamlessly integrated. the all-new, all-electric eqs suv from mercedes-benz. >> jesse: a little water cooler time. let's bring in "fox and friends" cohost for the water cooler women's edition. >> ooh. >> jesse: first up, roger at a hurricane is dangerous, not just
4:55 pm
for the journalist, but their equipment as well. one nbc reporter has a hack on how to protect your mike. >> this is a condom to protect the gear. we can't get the mikes wet. there's a lot of wind and rain. we got to do what we got to do, and that is put a condom on the microphone. >> jesse: have you ever done this? >> do you have to do that, though? when i was in college, i was told the number one rule of journalism is to never make yourself the story. >> jesse: she sure did. >> when you do that during a hurricane, you become the story. she's getting a lot of attention. not a lot about it is the reporting of the storm. >> jesse: carly, i hear inside the industry, this is something that's done. >> toba does audio for "fox and friends," and a lot of other shows. he goes, usually we just use one of those sponge foam microphone
4:56 pm
heads. >> jesse: the sponge? >> the microphone foam heads. jesse, your brain works much faster than most people. it's dirty. >> jesse: stop yourself. pop star lizzo got to play james madison's crystal flute, not played in over 200 years. she even took it to her concert, where she gave a special performance. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> okay. i love this. i love lizzo. her songs are great. she has a great positive attitude. she plays a classical instrument.
4:57 pm
she learned how to play the flute when she was a kid. she was in the marching band in high school. she said, thank you to the library of congress for preserving history and making it cool. all the others are saying cancel jamison. i think it's great. >> jesse: i played the plot to when i was a -- the fl flute whi was a child. i did not twerk. >> twerking wasn't a thing when you were a kid. would you have twerked when you were a kid? >> jesse: during my recital, with my parents there. life can be hard times, you have to work long hours, your car gets stuck on the road, but something else can be hard, too, pumping gas. >> honey, that's not going to reach. >> what is she doing? >> no, she's not. >> why is she so afraid to get some clothes.
4:58 pm
>> she got on the right side this time. >> where i guess she going? >> i grew up in jersey, you don't pump your gas in jersey. >> jesse: they pump it for you in jersey. >> i learned how to pump my gas in college. it was a daunting task. >> jesse: you learned a lot in college, how not to make your part of the story, and how to pump your gas. >> quinnipiac, it was worth the money. >> jesse: would you like to say anything on behalf of your gender, defend women? >> i was told the future is female. >> jesse: who said that?
4:59 pm
lizzo? >> probably. >> jesse: you guys are tight. thank you. >> all right. >> jesse: here's the window. fox corporation has devoted a million dollar to the american red cross to support their hurricane ian efforts, the red cross is on the ground providing shelters, meals, medical supplies and more for people impacted by the storm. if you'd like to donate to the red cross, do so. it is a fantastic organization. thanks to all of our fox weather, our fox news channel, and our fox news stations across the country. thank you. some text messages. the only border pelosi cares about is the one around her vineyard. lydia says, jesse, do you think fauci's financial advisor could be pauly p? i think it could be. a year in the market, better
5:00 pm
than buffet. care from iowa. i think she should read "the art of the deal." i think she'd love it. that's it for us tonight. please dvr the show. i don't know how to do it. "tucker carlson" is up next. always remember, i'm watters, and this is my world. >> hurricane ian made landfall again today in south carolina today. we're continuing to follow that storm and its aftermath. live reports throughout the hour. good evening. welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight. i'm will tu cain in for tucker. the reconnaissance division, o


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